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Tuesday, i Januar. — On Sunday, about 10 at night, the duke 
of Marlborough, the duke of Shrewsbury and his dutchesse, the 
earls of Sunderland and Rochfort, the marquesse D' Allegro, a 
French general, and some other officers, with 36 colours and 
standards taken last campagne in Flanders by forceing the 
lines, as also monsieur Buys, the Dutch envoy, arrived here : 
they bring account that the ratification of the treaty with the 
elector palatine for sending 7000 of his troops for Italy was 
concluded ; as also that with the king of Prussia for continuing 
8000 of his men one year longer in Italy. That the French 
have agreed to the treaty for exchange of 8000 prisoners with 
the Dutch ; and that the states have sent monsieiu* Gelder- 
malson to the princes of the empire to be ready with their 
quotas early in the feild next spring, that the English general 
may not meet with any more disappointments ; which if they 
doe, Germany must defend it self. 

A commissioner of the navy is gone for Portsmouth to pay 
off the seamen of capt. Price's squadron, designed to convoy 
our regiments to Lisbon. 

Cloaths for 20,000 men are making here by order of the 
king of Portugal for his army; and accoutrements for 1000 
horse are abo getting ready to be sent our forces in Catalonia. 



This being the first of January, the lord keeper has refused 
taking new years gifts from the officers in Chancery and coun- 
cellors at law, which has been usual for them to present his 
lordship with on this day^ amounting to at least 1500Z., his 
lordship looking upon it to be an ill custome. 

Thursday^ 3 Januar. — ^Yesterday' the duke of Marlborough 
ordered coll. Durell to carry 4 French generals and as many 
colonels taken in forcing the lines in Flanders to Nottingham , 
and the colours to be put up in Westminster hall. 

The other 12 prisoners have leave nto come on shore a days, 
but at night to return on shipboard, until a place for their im- 
prisonment shall be appointed by the queen. 

Same day our Jamaica merchants received letters from 
thence, that one of our men of war had taken a French ship 
coming from the Havana worth 40,000/. 

A great fleet of ships are lading corn to be carried to Spain 
and Portugal, and will take the benefit of capt. Price's squadron 
for their convoy. 

The queen has given to the officers and soldiers who lost their 
horses last campagne by mortality, 30,000/. to recruit them. 

The battle reported to be fought in Italy is contradicted. 

The merchants of Geneva have wrote to their correspondents 
here to forbear sending them any commodities from hence, 
the emperor having resolved to cause the same to be stopt^ 
passing thro the empire as contraband goods, by reason of the 
late treaty between the duke of Anjou and the Switzers; of 
which last the republick of Geneva is an allie : but application 
is made to our court to remove that obstruction to our trade 
with that citty, which contributes very much to the exportation 
of our woollen manufacture. 

Saturday t 5 Januar. — The duke of Shrewsbury since his 
arrival hath been to wait on her majestic and kindly received ; 
the lord treasurer and most of the court have been to visit 
him and his dutchesse, who have taken a house in St. James's 
street, and some say he will be made lord chamberlain. 

Yesterday the lords Rochester, Somers, and Hallifax, satt as 
a committee to take care of the publick records of the king- 
dom ; had before them the trustees of the Cotton library and 
officers of the rolls, and have given orders for better keeping 
of the same, and all publick hbraryes in the nation. 

Jan. io.] STATE AFFAIRS. 8 

Some days since seyeral of the western coaches were robbed 
near Bagshott heath, in them above 30 passengers, by 2 »en 
on horseback, one of them in a livery pretending to be the 
others servant. 

This day they began to embark horses at Deptford to re- 
cruit onr cavalry in Flanders. 

A treaty of marriage is on foot between the duke of Beau' 
fort and the lady Rachel Noell, daughter to the late earl of 
Gainsborough ; her fortune above 60,000/. 

They write from Plymouth that a Dutch fleet of merchant 
ships past by there from Bourdeaux and other ports of France, 
laden with wine, brandy, &c., and that a Flushing privateer had 
brought in 5 French prizes laden with provisions. 

Tuesday f 8 Januar. — ^Yesterday the commons ordered doctor 
Rennet to preach before them the 30th of January ; and unani- 
mously voted thanks to the duke of Marlborough for his great 
services performed to her majestic and the nation last cam- 
pagne,and for his prudent negotiations with her majesties allies ; 
and a committee was appointed to wait on him with it. 

And afterwards, in a committee on ways and means, resolved, 
That the duties on malt, mum syder, mead and perry, be con- 
tinned from 23d June 1706 to 24 June 1707. 

As also the additional duties upon spirits and low wines. 

This day the duke of Marlborough's answer to yesterday's 
resolution was reported, viz. I am sensible of the great honour 
done me by this message, that I cannot have the least concern 
at the reflections of any private malice, while I have the 
satisfaction of finding my faithfuU endeavours to serve the 
queen and kingdom so favourably accepted by the house of 

Her majestie has ordered that end of the privy garden 
where the fountidn stands to be walled in and laid to the house 
belonging to the secretary's of Scotland. 

Thomas Mansell, esq., member for Cardiff, is dead. 

Next Saturday a draft is to be made of 14 men out of each 
company in the two regiments of foot guards for Spain. 

We have yet no foreign post. 

Thursday, 10 Januar. — ^Yesterday came in 3 Dutch posts, 
which say that on the 29th and 30th past a violent storm 
happ'ned on the coast of France, wherein about 1 20 merchant 

B 2 


ships and 6 fngats were cast away, abundance of seamen drowned, 
and a great many houses blown down. 

That the czar and king Augustus have offered the command 
of their forces to general Slangenburgh. 

The French give out their armies will consist next campagne 
of 195,000, besides those who act against the Portugeeze and 
in garisons, viz. 60,000 in Flanders, 40,000 on the Upper 
Rhine, 15,000 on the Moselle, 32,000 in Piedmont, 20,000 in 
Lombardy, and 28,000 in Catalonia. 

From Madrid, that Valentia has declared for Charles the 3d; 
that there has been a tumult at Saragosa between the French 
garison and the inhabitants, in which 60 were killed on both 
sides: and some letters mention that the islands of Majorca, 
Minorca, and Ivica, have also declared for king Charles. And 
that the castle of Nice still holds out, having received by an 
English vessel a small reinforcement of men, money, and some 
barrclls of powder. 

Yesterday the lords ordered the bishop of St. Asaph to 
preach before them the 30th instant. 

The commons gave leave to sir Clowdesly Shovell, admiral 
Churchil, sir George Bing, sir John Jennings, and sir Stafford 
Fairborne, to attend a committee of lords, to consider how to 
man our fleet. 

This day in a committee went thro' several clauses of the re- 
gency bill, and to proceed farther on Saturday. 

Last night a fire happened in Thredneedle street, which burnt 
Mr. Beadles, a scrivener, and 2 other houses. 

Saturday, 1 2 Januar. — Yesterday the lords were in a com- 
mittee, considering of ways for regulating the courts of justice, 
especially the chancery, and preventing long and expensive 
tryalls, that no suit shal exceed 3 years : the judges attended 
and gave their opinions about the same. 

The commons read, and ordered a 2d reading, a bill for 
the more free and impartial proceedings in parliament, by pre- 
venting too great a number of officers sitting in parliament. 

Afterwards in a committee on wayes and means, resolved, 
That the further duty on low wines be 2d per gallon for 5 

That the additional subsidy of tonnage and poundage granted 
in the 2d year of her majesties reign be continued to perpe- 

Jax.15.] state affairs. 5 

taitj, redeemable by parliament after a certain term of years ; 
which, 'tis said, will be a fimd to raise i,5CX5,ooo?. by way of 

In the evemng the committee of elections voted Nicholas 
Fedley, esq., the peticioner, and not sir John Cotton, the sitting 
member duly elected for Huntington. 

This day the commons past the bill for the ease of sherifs. 

A motion was made and the question putt, that it be an in- 
struction to the committee, to whom the regency bill is com- 
mitted, to receive a clause for effectual securing the act of 1 2 
and 13 king William for further limitation of the crown, which 
past in the negative, 156 against 151. 

After which resolved. That it be an instruction to the said 
committee to receive a clause for explaining, regulating, and 
altering the clause in the said act for further Umitation of the 
crown, and better securing the rights and liberty of the sub- 
ject, relating to officers not being members of the house of 

Mr. Nutting, treasurer of the transports, is gone off with a 
great summ of the pubUck money. 

This week sayled from Spithead 180 English and Dutch 
merchant ships for Lisbon, under convoy of 7 Dutch men of 

Tuesduy^ i^Januar. — ^Yesterday was published a proclama- 
tion by her majestic, requiring all seamen and seafaring men, 
absent from their ships with or without leave, to repair on board 
their respective ships that lie at Portsmouth forthwith, and on 
those otherwhere by the last of this month. 

Yesterday the lords read a ist time the bill for more easy 
passing sherifs accounts. 

After which a committee (the lord Torrington chsdrman) had 
before them sir Clowdesly Shovell, sir Stafford Fairborn, &c., 
in order to find out a better way for manning our fleet ; and 
several other persons are to attend their lordships next Fryday. 

The commons read a 2d time and committed the malt bill. 

Ordered a bill to be brought in for a ftirther duty of id per 
gallon on all low wines, &c. to continue for 5 years. 

As also another for continueing for 98 years from 17 March, 
1706, the additional subsidies of tonnage and poundage granted 
by an act ad year of her majesties reign, which brings in about 


100,000/. per ann., and will be a fund for 1,500,000/. at 6 per 
cent, interest, to such who shall advance the same. 

This day in a committee made a farther progresse on the 
regency bill, debated whither after decease of her majestie 
(whom God long preserve), the parliament which had last satt 
should immediately meet^ or a certain number of dayes fix't, that 
all the members may have time to come up; and after several 
hours pro and con, they divided and carried it for immediately, 
195 against 160. 

Our homeward bound Jamaica fleet some time since seperated 
in a storm, and several ships, feared to be lost, are safe arrived 
in the ports of England and Ireland, haveing on board great 
quantities of silver. 

On Saturday Mr. Harvey, jun., of Comb, was married to 
Mrs. Luttrell, worth 20,000/.; and to morrow sir George Rooke 
is to be married to Mrs. EnatchbuU. 

Thursday J 1 7 Jarmar. — Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee on wayes and means, resolved that the 5^. per chaldron 
on coals, culm, &c. be fiirther continued from the 14th of May, 
1708, to 30 Sept. 1710. 

To morrow it's expected they'l resolve that the addicional 
9(/. excise per barrel on beer and ale, &c. shal be continued 
for 98 years, which, with th' addicional tonnage and pound- 
age already voted, will be a sufficient fund for raising 2 mil- 
lions 500,000/., which will compleat the summ required this 

In the evening the committee of priviledges heard the peti- 
tion of Lawrence Carter esq. against sir George Beaumont 
and Mr. Winstanley's election for Leicester; w^ent through part 
of it, and to proceed farther to morrow. 

This day the house agreed with the committee that briga- 
deer Webb and Mr. Kent are duly elected for Ludgershall, 
Charles Mason for Montgomery, col. Kendal for Lostwithiel, 
and sir Hardolph Wastneys and Robert Molesworth esq. for 
East Retford. 

The lords agreed with the committee touching sliortning law- 
suits, and ordered a bill to be brought in for the same. 

The colonells of the 5 new regiments to be raised are, the 
lords Lovelace, lord Tunbridge, lord Townsends brother, sir 
Roger Bradshaw, and coll. Stanwix. 

Jak.19.] state affairs. 7 

Charles Mason, esq., is made treasurer of the transports in 
the room of Mr. Nutting, lately gone off. 

Mr. Steevens, minister of Sutton near Epsom, it's said, will 
be prosecuted for reflecting on the duke of Marlborough and 
secretary Harley, in his letter to the author of the Memorial. 

Yesterdays foreign post brings advice of the surrender of the 
castle of Nice. 

The sessions of peace for citty of London and county of Mid- 
dlesex began at the Old Baily the i6th, and held the 17, 
where several criminals were tryed ; of which one woman re- 
oeiyed sentence of death, i burnt in the hand and 5 in the left 
cheek, 2 ordered to be whipt, and i fined ; and the next ses- 
sions ordered to begin the 20th of next month. 

Saturday, 19 Januar. — This day came in a Dutch post, 
which says that some thousands of persons have been drowned 
in Lower Brittany by the late floods. 

That the Bavarian rebels have been forced to surrender 
Schardingen and 2 other places to the imperialists. 

From Paris, that the troops imploycd against Montmelian, 
with 2 batallions that served against Nice, are marching for 
Catalonia, which with 6000 arrived in Rousillon, 2cxx> more in 
Arragon, and j 0,000 coming from the frontiers of Portugal, 
will make a body of 18,000 French. 

And that a battle is hourly expected in Poland, the Sweeds 
being in full march against the Saxons, Poles, and Muscovites. 

On Tuesday capt. Lawrence, with his lieutenant and master, 
were tryed by a council of war for loosing the Coventry man 
of war ; the first sentenc'd to 7 years imprisonment, the others 
to forfeit their pay and never to be imployed again. 

Last night dyed capt. Hill, a commissioner of the navy, and 
father in law to sir Clowdesly Shovell, to whom it's said he 
has left near ioo,ooo{. 

Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven is also dead. 

Yesterday the commons in a committee fimsh'd wayes and 
m%ans for this session. 

Mr. secretary Harly acquainted them, that by the depositions 
of Edwards, the printer of the Memorial of the Church of Eng- 
land, some members of this house are mentioned, and her ma- 
jesties tendernesse for any thing which hath the appearance of 
the priviledge of the house hath inclined her to conunand him 


to acquaint them with it, before she directs any further pro- 
ceedings in the examination : upon which they Toted the queen 
thanks, and desired her to give orders for further examining 
into the authors of the said libell. 

This day they ordered the committee of elections to hear no 
more elections this sessions then Newcastle under line, Bewdly, 
Abingdon, and Bishops Castle. 

After which went upon the lords regency bill, and debated 
several hours to this effect, Whither the regal power after her 
majestic, till the next successor arrives, shal be in the 7 Great 

and carried for the first, 202 against no. 

Tv>€sdat/, 22 Janwir. — Yesterday the commons agreed to 
the several resolutions of the committee for wayes and means, 
and ordered bills to be brought in accordingly. 

And ordered that no more private bills be admitted this ses- 
sion after Thursday. 

Then in a committee went thro' the lords regency bill, in- 
serted a clause for explaining the limitation act, which act ex- 
cludes all officers from being members after the queens death ; 
but by this clause, which is to this effect, the following persons 
may sitt : officers of inheritance or for life, absolute, or quam 
diu se bene gesserint, justices of peace, officers of corporations, 
trained bands or miUtia, treasurer, comptroller, cofferer, vice 
chamberlain of the household, chancellor and vnder treasurer 
of the exchequer, two secretaries of state, king or queens first 
Serjeant at law, attorney or soUicitor generalls, commissioners 
of the treasury not exceeding 5, secretary of the treasury, 
commissioners of the admiralty not exceeding 5, treasurer of 
the navy, comptroller of the navy, secretary of war, chancellor 
of the dutchy of Lancaster, Ueutenant general of the ordnance, 
general officers of the army, being natives, not exceeding 5, 
flag officers of the navy not exceeding 5, to be allowed accord- 
ing to their precedency ; and other officers, being sworn mem- 
bers of the privy council, not exceeding 10 : the first sworn t# 
be first preferred; and all other officers, who shal within lo 
dayes after the meeting of such parliament resign his office to 
the succeeding king or queen, under his hand and seal, and 
deUver it to one of the secretaries of state, and shal at his 
comeing into the house of commons declare that he lias made 

Jan. 24.] STATE AFFAIRS. 9 

such resignation, such person shal not be excluded sitting in 
parliament ; by which 'tis computed about 47 officers may sitt. 

This day they agreed with the committee that Mr. Pedley, 
and not sir John Gotten, was duly elected for Huntington. 

After which the house was oUled over, and 23 defaulters 
ordered to attend Thursday 7night, or be taken into custody. 

Yesterdays Dutch post says the rebellion in Bavaria is 

Queen dowager dyed at Lisbon the 31st past, by which this 
nation will save 40,000/. per ann. 

Tkuar^day^ 74 Januar. — A subscription is opened at the 
royal exchange for the voluntary advancing of 250,000/. at 
8 per cent, interest, upon the quicksilver mines in Silesia, a 
proyinoe in Germany : Breslaw, the capital citty thereof, be- 
comes security for it, and the queen gives the broad seal for 
repayment. It's said the duke of Marlborough has subscribed 
20,000/., the duke of Newcastle la^ooo/., lord treasurer 
12,000/.; sir Gilbert Heatchcot 12,000/., sir Henry Furneee 
7000/. Several others of the nobihty and citizens have also 
subscribed largely, and 'tis beleived will be full in a short time; 
which money is to be remitted to prince Eugene for support of 
the emperors army in Italy. 

The Dutch likewise lend 150,000/. to the emperor. 

The lord Howard of Effingham is made guidon of the first 
troop of guards, in room of the lord Lovelace, who has a 

Tis said the niarquesse of Mirimont has orders to raise 4 
regiments of French refugees. 

Count Noyelles is arrived here from Holland in order for 

It's reported that one of our pacquet boats from Lisbon is 
taken and carried into St. Haloes, on board of which were 4 
general officers, and 5000/. in peices of eight. 

This day the commons heard the report of the malt bill, and 
ordered it to be engrost. 

After which the lords regency bill was reported, and the 
hoi]fie debated till past 8* at night, whither the clause mentioned 
in the last about officers sitting in parliament after the queens 
death should be part of the bill, and carried by 23 in the 

10 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

Saturday, 26 Januar. — Yesterday, being the conversion of 
St. Paul, was a very great snow the whole day. 

Yesterday the lords read a bill brought in by the judges for 
preventing long and expensive suits at law, which was read the 
ist time; that no cause shal last above 4 terms in the ordinary 
courts of justice, and but 5 in chancery, unlesse the persons 
concerned be beyond sea. 

The commons past and sent back to the lords the regency 
bill with some amendments. 

And this day they past the malt bill and sent it to the lords, 
whereby 5^. per cent, is allowed to those who shal advance 
money upon it. 

Mr. Conyers brought in a bill for continueing the additional 
subsidy of tonnage and poundage, the duty upon coals, and 
the additional <)d, excise upon beer and ale, which was ordered 
to be read on Monday. 

Last night the committee of priviledges satt the 4th time on 
the Leicester election, and not yet finished. 

Tis expected the parliament will rise by the end of Fe- 

Yesterday dyed sir Francis Russel of Worcestershire, and 
the earl of Dorset is given over by his physitians. 

Last Tuesday the lord keeper and other lords of the council 
satt at secretary Hedges office till 1 2 at night, examining Ed- 
wards the printer, and several booksellers, &c. in order to dis- 
cover the members of parliament said to be authors of the 
Memorial of the Church of England, but as yet we don't hear 
that matter is fix't. 

The wind being westwardly, a general embarkation of horses 
and recruits is making at Harwich for Holland. 

Tuesday, 29 January. — ^Yesterday the lords read the malt 
bill a 2d time. 

And the commons read, and ordered a 2d reading, a bill for 
better recruiting the army and marines, as also that for punish- 
ing mutineers and deserters, and better payment of the army 
and quarters: and likewise the bill for continueing an addi- 
tional subsidy of tonnage and poundage, the duty on coals, and 
the additional duties of excise for payment of annuities, to raise 
a supply for the year 1706. 

In the evening the committee of priviledges finish't that 

Jax.3i0 state affairs. 11 

for Leicester, and voted Mr. Carter the petitioner, and not Mr. 
Winstanley the sitting member, duely elected: 113 against 107. 

This day the lords took into consideration the commons 
amendments to the regency bill, made a progresse therein, and 
to proceed further on Thursday, when all the lords are ordered 
to attend. And in a committee went thro the bill to prevent 
long and expensive suits at law. 

The commons only read some private bills. 

On Saturday a quarrel happned between John Manley and 
Thomas Dodson, esqs., both Cornish members of parliament ; 
the first was wounded in the arm, the other run through the 
body, but like to recover. 

Yesterday was a long hearing in chancery between the lord 
Mobun and sir Charles Orby, for 2000/. per ann. of the late 
lord Macclesfeilds estate ; the first claims by will, the other as 
heir at law : both the lord chief justices satt as assistants to 
the lord keeper, and are to be again upon it on Thursday. 

The duke of Marlborough has ordered that no officer stay 
behind his regiment, which embarks for Spain or Portugal, on 
pain of being casheered. 

Thursday^ 3 1 Januar. — The admiralty have advice that the 
transport ships, with clothes, ammunition, and a train of artil- 
lery, which are to take on board the forces for Spain, are ar- 
ri?ed at Spithead, where and at Plymouth part of them are to 
embarque, and the rest to be shipt off from Eingsale under 
convoy of 7 men of war. 

Count Noyelles, general of the forces in Catalonia, and bri- 
gadeer Stanhope, have taken their leaves of her majestie in 
order to their voyage thither. 

The Rye frigat is put into Portsmouth, having left some 
leagues behind him the homeward bound Lisbon fleet of mer- 
chant ships, under convoy of sir Wm. Jumper. 

The earl of Dorset is dead at the Bath, whose estate and 
honour descends to his only son, the lord Buckhurst, aged 19 
years, now beyond sea. 

Queen dowagers servants have orders to remove out of So- 
merset house ; 'tis said, her majestie designs that pallace for 
entertaining foreign ambassadors, till they have had their pub- 
lick audience. 

This day the lords were upon the regency bill, and carried 

12 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

it by 43 to repeal that clause in the act for limitation of the 
crown, which sayes, no officer shal sitt in parliament after the 
queens death ; 68 against 25 : also another clause in the said 
act, which says, all privy counsellors shal put their hands to 
what they advise. 

Afterwards debated the commons amendments to the said 
regency bill, disagreed to some of them, and resolved^ That no 
commissioner of the prize office, nor any new office that shal 
be erected, shal sitt in the house after the dissolution of this 

The commons read the annuity bill a 2d time, and putt off 
Abington election till this day month. 

Saturday, 2 Febr. — Yesterday the commons in a committee 
went thro part of the annuity bill; ordered them to be 15 
years and a halfe's purchace for 99 years, a.nd that a clause be 
added for lessening the fees of the exchequer. 

Appointed Monday next to take into consideration the lords 
amendments to the regency bill. 

This day in a committee went thro' part of the bill for better 
recruiting the army and marines. 

One Dr. Brown, who formerly wrote a tract against the cir- 
culation of the blood, is committed to Newgate for writing a 
half sheet called the Country Parsons Advice to the Lord 
Keeper, wherein, by way of irony, he abuses those who were 
instrumental in promoting his lordship to that post. 

Michael Terry, esq., is dead, and Mr.Pagett is made cursitor 
of Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire in his room ; but 
the cursitor's place of Somersetshire and Lincolnshire are fallen 
to the lord keeper, who is offered 1300Z. for it. 

Sir Wm. Jumper, with the fleet of ships under his convoy, is 
come into the Downs from Portugal : they bring advice, that 
sir John Leake, with 7 men of war and a rich French prize, 
arrived the 27th past at Lisbon, having been in want of pro- 
visions, but not so much as the Dutch squadron, who were 
seperatcd from him in the Streights, and that he had sent 2 
men of war with victualls to meet them : they confirm our suc- 
cesses in Catalonia, &c.; that the earl of Galloway is recovered 
and preparing to invade Spain; and that if king Charles be 
timely assisted with recruits, he will be soon proclaimed at 

Feb. 7.] STATE AFFAIRS. 18 

No Dutch post. 

Tt»eaday, 5 Febr. — ^Testerday the lords pa«t and sent to the 
oonunons the bill to prevent long and expensive lawsuits, and 
adjourned till Thursday. 

The commons read a 2d time and committed the bill for con- 
tinuing the duty on lew wines. 

Then went upon the lords amendments to the regency bill, 
some of which they agreed to, but divided upon that to repeal 
the clause in the act for limitation of the crown, which saith 
no officer shal sitt in parliament after the queens death, and 
carried it by 22 against concurring with their lordships, 205 
^iDst 1 83 ; and ordered a committee to draw up reasons to 
be offered at a conference on the same. 

This day the commons were only upon private bills. 

Sunday and yesterday came in 4 Dutch posts, which say 
that the French king having given orders to his general in 
Italy to burn Nice and Montmelian and other towns in Savoy, 
the emperor sent him word, that if he did it, he would do the 
like to Munich and other cities in Bavaria. 

Paris letters own that Alicant is blockt up by the allies, and 
that king Phillip has deferred taking the feild till the latter 
end of this month ; and that Cifuentes, one of the grandees, is 
gone over to king Charles. 

That 30 men of war with &c. were to sail from Thoulon the 
12th instant to bombard Barcelona, while the English and 
Dutch fleet was refitting at Lisbon. 

From Vienna, that Air. Stepney and the Dutch envoy were 
goeing to conferr with the malecontents in Hungary. 

To morrow, being Ashwensday and the queen's birth day, 
the same was kept this day at St James. 

Thursday, 7 Febr, — Last night the committee of priviledges 
examined witnesses on both sides, between sir Humfrey Mack- 
worth and sir Edward Mansell, and voted the servants of the 
latter guilty of 8 breaches of priviledge against the first. 

This day the commons took the report of the annuity bill, 
and went thro' it, and ordered it to be engrost : those who ad- 
vance the money are to pay it in at 4 several times, and the 
profits to begin from Lady day. 

After which read, and ordered a 2d reading, the bill from 
the lords for regulating the law. 

14 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

Then went to a conference with the lords, and gave reasons 
against agreeing to their amendments to the regency bill, 
which the lords having considered resolved to insist, and or- 
dered another conference. 

Her majestie has made brigadeer Stanhope a major general, 
and envoy extraordinary to king Charles of Spain ; and coUonel 
Richards to be chief engineer at Barcelona; as also Paul Meth- 
win, esq., her envoy extraordinary to the duke of Savoy. 

Sir John Aubrey is chose member for Cardif, in room of 
Mr. Mansel deceased. 

The last foreign letters say, that the French king is resolved 
to do his utmost to reduce the duke of Savoy before the suc- 
cours promised him can arrive. 

That prince Eugene has declare[d] he will not return to 
Italy, unlesse he has 10,000 recruits to enable him to act 

That the treaty between the elector of Hanover and duke of 
Wolfembuttle is concluded, by which the former gives the latter 
200,000 crowns for all his pretensions to the succession of Sax 

Saturday^ 9 Februar. — ^Yesterday the lords read a bill for 
altering the penalty of burning on the cheek to burning in the 
hand for felons. 

The commons heard the election for Leicester, reported from 
the committee, aftd disagreed thereto, carrying it by 40 that 
Mr. Winstanley the sitting member, and not Mr. Carter the 
petitioner, was duly elected: 190 against 150. 

Ordered the agents of taxes to give an account of the debts 
oweing by receivers generall, and upon the land taxes and 
commissioners of the customs, what is due to the queen upon 
merchants bonds. 

This day read, and ordered a 2d reading, the bill for en- 
couragement of the increase of seamen, and making provision 
for the widdows and orphans of those slain or drowned. 

On Thursday last the lord Bruce, son to the earl of Aylis- 
bury, was married to the lady Ann Savil, daughter to the late 
William marquesse of Hallifax, by sir Samuel Qrimston's daugh- 
ter ; her fortune about 60,000/. 

The lord Grandison is likewise married to Mrs. Cary, sister 
to the lord Falkland. 


The prince waa very much indisposed on Thursday night, 
but being blooded, is somewhat better. 

Bobert Dormer, esq., knight of the shire for Bucks, and 
chancellor of Durham, haying kist the queens hand for the 
judges place in the common pleas, vacant by the death of sir 
Edward Nevill, was this day sworn a Serjeant, and on Monday 
takes his place as judge. 

From the Hague, that the French in a council of warr had 
resolved during the frost to surprize Hulst, but the thaw pre- 
rented them. 

The states have given a commission to Cavalier to raise a 
regiment of 700 French refugees to serve in Catalonia. 

And that the emperor has declared he'le command his troops 
next campagne on the Rhine, unlesse any thing extraordinary 

Tuesday 9 12 Febr. — Yesterday the lords heard the duke of 
Somerset report the reasons in answer to the commons about 
amending the regency bill, which were delivered at a confer- 
ence, and containing several sheets of paper; the commons putt 
off the consideration of them till Fryday. 

Afterwards in a committee went thro' the bill for better re- 
cruiting the army and marines. 

This day past and sent up to the lords the annuity bill. 

Agreed to the resolutions of the committee about the 
Newfoundland trade, and ordered an addresse to the queen 
to encourage that fishery, it being very profitable to this 

Yesterday a proclamation was pubUshM for a general £Eist, 
the 20th of March, for successe of our arms next campagne. 

Same day dyed John Morton Pledwell esq., member for 
Wootton Basset. 

This day Mr. serjeant Dormer took his seat as judge in the 
court of common pleas, and goes the JNforfolk circuit along with 
the lord chief baron Ward. 

An information was read at the queens bench bar against 
parson Stevens of Sutton, for writing the letter to the author of 
the Memorial of the State; as also against Dr. Brown, for 
¥rriting the Country Parsons advice to the Lord Keeper. 

This day came in a Dutch post, which sayes, king Augustus 
of Poland, with his army, arrived the 5th at Warsaw. 

16 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

That the imperialists have taken Davia, the only castJIe the 
malecontents had in Transilvania. 

That the emperor has forbid all commerce with the popish 
Swisse cantons, upon their owning the duke of Anjou. 

That the troops of Sax Gotha are in fall march for Italy, to 
join those of prince Eugene ; and 'twas reported the earl of 
Peterborough had beat count Tesse, but not much credited. 

Thursday, 14 Febr, — ^Yesterday the commons ordered the 
bill for recruiting the army and marines to be engrost. 

This day read and committed the bill for shortning law- 

Ordered a bill for preventing the goods of the growth of 
Turky, which are imported from thence to the Mediterranean 
by French shipping, or on account of the French, from being 
brought into England. 

As also another for better regulation of charter and proprie- 
tory government in America, and the incouraging of the trade 
of this kingdom and her majesties plantations. 

And ordered a new writt to be issued out for a new election 
in Buckinghamshire, in the room of Mr. Dormer, made a judge. 

The lords past the annuity bill, and to morrow it is expected 
the queen will come and give the royal assent to that and such 
other bills as are ready. 

This day Dr. Drake was tried for writing Mercurius Politi- 
cus, num. 29 : 'twas proved he was the author of it, but a flaw 
being in the information, the jury found it specially. 

Count Maffey, envoy extraordinary from the duke of Savoy, 
is arrived here. 

From Genoa, that orders were come thither from England 
to remit a great sum of money to Barcelona, and that 3 English 
frigats were there waiting for the same. 

From Lisbon, that Mr. Mead was gone thence with large 
remittances for our forces in Catalonia ; and that sir John Leak 
had taken a French ship bound from Cadiz to Dunkirk, worth 

Saturday y 16 Fehr. — Yesterday the lords receiving several 
private bills from the commons, ordered the judges to peruse 
them before they passe. 

The commons took into consideration the lords reasons why 
they disagreed to their amendments to the regency bill, and 


the questioii being put to postpone the first clause about officers 
sitting in parliament after the queens death, (which occasions 
the dispute,) 'twas carried bj 23 in the affirmative : 220 against 

And on Monday are to be upon it again, and 'tis beleived the 
bill will passe this session. 

This day the queen came to the house of peers, sent for the 
commons, and past the annuity bill, with what other bills were 
ready: thankt them for their early supplyes, and desired 
them to be y&tj expeditious in finishing the other bills before 
them, particularly that for recruiting the army, &c., for that 
she design'^d them speedily a recesse. 

After which the commons retum'd to their house, and upon 
a division ordered Bewdley election to be heard before the 
committee of elections Tuesday night, and Newcastle under 
lyne Thursday evening. 

Sunday last dyed Dr. Beaw, bishop of Landaffe, aged 88. 

On Thursday Mr. NeviU, member of parUament for Abmg- 
toD, was married to Mr. Butier's sister of Hartfordshire, her 
fortune 8000Z. 

Sir George Booke haveing brought an action of 10,000/. 
damage against Mr. Wm. Colepeper for scandal, the jury this 
day gave him 20 mark. 

Yesterdays foreign letters say, there has been a bloody fight 
between 18,000 Sweedes and 16,000 Saxons and Muscovites, 
who were marching for Poland from Saxony, the latter lost 
8000, with their cannon and baggage. 

And from Paris, that their troops have retaken several places 
in Catalonia, and that there had been an engagement between 
the earl of Peterborough and count Tesse ; the first said to be 
taken prisoner, but made his escape after; but mention no more 
of the action. 

Tuesday, 19 Febr. — Yesterday the commons ordered the 
bill for rebuilding the light house on the Ediston rock, near 
Plymouth, to be rebuilt ; 

Afterwards, upon a division, carried it by 1 2, 208 against 196, 
to add to the lords amendments to the regency bill, that the 
following persons be excluded from sitting in the house after 
this parliament, viz. secretary of the prizes, comptrollers of the 
army, commissioners of transports, commissioners of sick and 


18 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

wounded^ agents of regiments, oommissioners of wine licences, 
goyemours and deputy gOYeraero of plantationBy oommissioners 
of the navy in the out ports, all persons having pensions dnring 

A provision that the numbers of comnussioners in the reqpec- 
tive commissions be not increased beyond what they are at 
present or have been. 

A proviso that after the determination of this present par- 
liament, if any member of the house of commons shal accept of 
any office, a new writ shal issue, but that he may be chose 
again, if the people will, and then sitt. 

And this day they sent it up to the lords, who have agreed 

Mr. secretary Hedges acquainted the house that her majestie 
gave the following answer to the addresse about Newfoundland, 
viz. that she is fully sensible of the great importance of the 
trade and fishery in those parts, and will be very careful to 
encourage and protect the same. 

Sir Charles Haro, with the forces for Spain, are embarked 
at Plymouth. 

Coll. Luttrell has resigned his regiment to lieutenant coll. 
Churchil of Evans regiment. 

Tis expected by Saturday night the first payment of the 
annuity granted this sessions will be brought into the ex- 

A Dutch post arrived this day, and there are some letters 
which say Badajox is in the hands of the lord Gallway . 

Thursday f %i Fehr. — ^The lords have made an order, that 
after this sessions of parliament no private bill shal be read in 
their house, unlesse first ugned by two of the judges. 

Yesterday the commons read, and ordered a second reading, 
the bill to prevent the goods of the growth of Turky being 
brought into England by the ports of the Mediterranean in 
French shipping. 

Afterwards in a committee went thro the bill for a duty on low 
wines, and added a borrowing clause at j2. per cent, interest. 

In the evening the committee of elections heard that for 
Bewdley, and about i % at night carried it by 26, that Salway 
Winnington esq. the sitting member, and not Henry Herbert 
esq. the petitioner, was duly elected; 159 against 133. 

Pro. 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 19 

Above 5oo,ocx)21 is paid into the exchequer upon the malt 
act, at 52. p^ cent* interest 

Mr. Rider Philixer, for Hampalure and Wilta, is dead, and 
his place, worth iooo2., in the disposal of the lord chief justice 

The goyemour of Newfoundland is sent for over, and capt. 
Moodj to serve in his absence; and a detachment of land forces 
from hence is ordered thither to dislodg the FrenclL 

Gapt Carlton, formerly a justice of peace for Middlesex, is 
committed to New^;ate for running a marshals man thro' the 
bodj, who endeavoured to arrest him upon the parade by the 
horse guard in St. James's park, of which wound 'tis thought 
he will die. 

Saturday, 23 Febr, — Thursday night the committee of pri- 
viledges satt till past i% upon the election of Newcastle under 
Ijne, and carried it by 25, for Crew Offley and John Lawton 
esqs., petitioners against sir Thomas Bellot and Mr. Cotton, 
the sitting members; 129 against 104. 

Yesterday the commons ordered the bill (or a duty on low 
wines to be engrost. 

They paat also this resolution, That it appears to them that 
the publick revenues granted since her majesties accession to 
the crown have been duly applyed to the publick vses, under a 
prudent management, to the advancement of the publick credit, 
and for the advantage and honour of the nation. 

This day the commons heard the Bewdley election ; reported 
and agreed with the committee that Mr.Winnington the sitting 
member, and not Mr. Herbert, was duly elected ; 186 against 

Afterwards were upon the often riotous proceedings in the 
mint in Southwark, and resolved, That there ought to be some 
immediate remedy found to redresse those extraordinary riots 
for the future. That it appears to them that traytors, mur- 
derers, felons, debtors, &c. associate themselves in great num- 
bers, and are protected there by force in defiance of justice. 
And that an addresse be presented her majestie to give di- 
rections to prosecute them to the utmost rigour of the law. 

James Hooper esq., one of the late trustees for the Irish for- 
feitures, is dead. 

Yesterday we had letters from Fahnouth, that Capt. Clyes, 


so BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 


commander of the Lisbon pacquet boat, was come thither in 9 
dayes from thence ; had thrown the mail overboard for fear of 
being taken, being boarded by a French man of war, and 20 
men killed and wounded, but gott off: he reports that the lord 
Galloway the 8th instant began his march with 20,000 men 
towards Spain, and that sir John Leake was hastning out his 
squadron for Cadiz in hopes of a revolt. 

The sessions of peace for the citty of London and county of 
Middlesex began at the Old Baily the 20th instant, and held 
the 2 1st, where several criminals were tryed, of which 4 women 
received sentence of death, 12 were burnt in the left cheek, 
4 ordered to be whipt, and i fined ; and the next sessions or- 
dered to begin the 3d of Aprill next. 

Tuesdaj/, 26 Febr, — Yesterday the commons in a committee 
heard Mr. Dodd and Mr. Phipps as council for the exchequer, 
and Serjeant Pratt and Mr. Page as council for the chancery, 
against the bill for amendment of the law, which takes away 
great part of the fees belonging to the officers of those courts ; 
after which went thro' part of the bill. 

This day made a further progresse therein, and Thursday 
they are to be upon it again. 

And past and sent up to the lords the bill for recruiting the 
army, as also that for a duty upon low wines. 

Mr. secretary Hedges reported the queen's answer to their 
addresse about the riotous proceedings of the minters in South- 
wark, viz. that shee'l forthwith give directions for prosecuting 
the offenders in the mint as desired. 

The admiralty have received an account of the safe arrival 
of the horses and recruits which lately went for Holland. 

Her majestic has given 500^. towards building the episcopal 
church at Rotterdam. 

Yesterday's Dutch post says, the malecontents in Hungary, 
not being satisfied with the emperors last declaration, now de- 
mand Sueden and Poland to be guarantees with England and 

Some letters say there has been an action between the king 
of Sueden and Muscovites near Grodno, and the latter routed. 

That the earl of Peterborough had past the Ebro with 14 
squadrons of horse and dragoons, 3 English and Dutch batal- 
lions, and 5000 miquelets, obliging the French to quit several 

Fbb. a8 J STATE AFFAIRS. 21 

passes^ and count Torres to retire from Valentia, into which he 
had pntt 4000 men : in his way thither took Moriedro, wherein 
were 400 dragoons under brigadeer general Mahoni, an Irish- 
man, and had detach't coll. Nebott, with his regim^it of horse 
and 2000 Miqnelets, to fight the bishop of Murcia, &c. 

This night the dnke of Beauford was married to the lady 
Rachell Noell, daughter to the late earl of Gainesborough ; her 
fortaie upwards of 6o^coo/. 

Thir9dayy 28 Feibr. — Yesterday the lords read a first time 
the bill for laying a further duty on low wines ; and that for 
recruiting the army, as also that for better collecting of charity 
money by briefs. 

The commons read a third time and past the bill for natural- 
iringrmcent Laymeire, and about 200 others: there was a 
division whither they should have a right to Tote for parliament 
mcB, and carried H by 43 in the affirmative. 

A petition of the gentry and clergy of Lancashire was pre- 
sented to the house, complaining of several greivances they 
labour under from Romish priests and popish emissaries; upon 
which an addresse was ordered to the queen to publish a pro- 
clamation to put the laws in execution against such who endea- 
Tour to pervert her subject to the popish religion. 

After which agreed with the committee, carrying it by 23 » 
that Crew 0£9ey and John Lawton, esqs., and not sir Thomas 
Bellot and Mr. Cotton, were duly elected for Newcastle under 

And resolved, That Mr. Burslen, receiver general of Staf- 
fordshire, is guilty of bribery in endeavouring to procure the 
two last to be chose ; and that an addresse be presented to her 
majestie to turn him out of his imployment. 

This day the commons in a committee went through the bill 
for amendment of the law ; and read, and ordered a 2d read- 
ing to morrow, the bill for making more effectual an act of the 
nth of king William, for further preventing the growth of 

The lords had a conference with the commons about the in- 
solence of the Lancashire papists, and ordered an addresse to 
the queen to lay before them the justices of peace'^s accounts 
of the number and qualities of the papists in every county of 

22 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

Coll. Egerton is chose knight of the shire for Backs, in the 
room of judge Dormer. 

Saturday^ 2 March. — Yesterday the lords on complaint of 
the bish(q> of Chester of the insolence of the papists in his dio- 
cesse, and ordered a bill to be brought in for further preventing 
the growth of popery. 

The commons in a committee went thro* their ImII against 

Aa also that for amendment of the law» which last was re- 
ported, agreed to, and ordered to be read the 3d time on 

This day their bill against popery was reported ; the duke 
of Norfdk had leave to be heard by his council touching the 
same, but they not being in the way the bill was ordered to be 

The bill for better regulating of charter and proprietary go* 
vemment in America was read and rejected. 

Yesterday her majestic sent a letter to the convocation to 
further adjourn till Thursday next, which the bishop of Nor- 
wich, in absence of the archbishop, (who is ill of the gout,) 
called for the lower house to come up, and beginning to read 
the letter most of them went out ; but being told they ought 
to have regard to the queen, if not to the archbishop, then 
Dr. Binoks the prolocutor, with some others, returned, but im- 
mediately after went to their own house, and stayed above 2 
hours ; which some think to be a premunire. 

Munday last sayled from Plymouth 8 men of war, with 200 
merchants ships, haveing 2 regiments on board bound for Por- 
tugal, Barcelona, West Indies, &c. 

Yesterdays Lisbon mail sayes sir John Leake was ready- 
to sayl, only wanted provisions ; and that earl of Galloway 
was gone to the army near Elvas, to give the Spaniards a 

Tuesday, 5 March. — ^Yesterday the lords read a 2d time 
their bill against popery. 

And the commons theirs a 3d time ; and the question being 
putt whither it should passe, and carrycd in the negative; 1 19 
against 43 : several speeches were made that 'twas too severe, 
being to take away the estates of such who at the age of 18 
did not turn to the church of England, and given to the next 

Mabch 7.] STATE APFAIES. 88 

proiestant heir ; that it would disoblidge our allieB, and look 
like penecotioii. 

The bill for amendment of the law, with several alterations, 
was past, and sent back to the Icnrds. 

This daj ordered the bills about bankrupts, nulitia, and mu- 
tineers, to be engrost. 

The lords in a committee went thro' thmi^ bill against 
popeiy, but appointed no tiiae for reporting it; so thought 
'twill drop. 

And to morrow are to hear council for lord Granyill, one 
of the chief proprietors of Carolina, against a petition from 
those people, wherein they pray that the new laws, contrary to 
the charter of thor plantation, in which dissenters are excluded 
from being in the goyernment, may be repealed. 

Sunday, a draft of 350 men was made out of the foot guards 
for Spain, and shipt off for Portsmouth. 

This days letters from Dover say, that 30 Dutch ships with 
recnuts, and 7 men of war, were past by there for Spithead to 
joyn &r Qeorge Bing, who will sail the ist wind for Lisbon. 

All the officers here who have commands in Fland^^ are to 
be at thdr several posts the ist week in April, or casheered. 

H^ majestie has ordered 6 of her chaplains to preach by 
turns at Somersett house, instead of the popish worship. 

Thursday^ 7 March. — ^Yesterday the lords putt off hearing 
council for the lord Granvill about the Carolina petition till 
Saturday, when all the lords are to attend. 

The commons read a second time and committed the bill for 
enlarging the time for registring debentures upon the for*- 
felted estates in Ireland, and sent up to the lords what other 
IhUs they had before them, and adjourned their house till 

Sir Clowdesly Shovell's bill for better manning the fleet is 
deferred till next session; and on Tuesday 'tis expected the 
parliament will rise. 

Lord Scudamore is married to Mrs. Digby, daughter to the 
last lord Digby ; her fortune io,ooo2. 

Her mi^estie has named the Scotch commissioners, (about 
30,) who are to come for England, and treat concerning an 
union between the two kingdoms. 

This day the lords considered the commons amendments to 

24 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-6. 

the law bill, and disagreed to most of them, and ordered a com- 
mittee to draw up reasons to be offered at a conference. 

The Rumney galley, which came in 31 dayes from Leghorn, 
says king Charles's affairs goe on successfully in Spain. 

The subscriptions for lending the emperor 250,000/. at 8/. 
per cent, upon the province of Silesia, for prince Eugene, was 
not begun till this day, when books were opened for the same 
at Mercers chappel, and 58 trustees appointed by the queen, 
of which 5 to be a quorum, are to take the loan and return it 
to prince Eugene : there was this night ] 60,000/. underwritt, 
of which the prince 20,000/., duke of Marlborough 10,000/., 
lord treasurer 5000/., lord Portland 4000/., sir Gilbert Heath- 
cot 40C0/., sir Wm. Scawen 4000/., sir James Bateman 4000/., 
sir Henry Furnese 4000/.^ lord Sunderland 2500/., lord Hal- 
lifax 2500/., duke of Newcastle 2000/., Mr. Godolphin and 
Mr. Boyle 2000/. each^ general Hompesch and Mr. Southwell 
1000/. each. 

Saturday^ 9 March. — Yesterday coll. Walpool complained 
to the house of commons of a printed pamphlet, entituled, A 
Letter from sir Rowland Gwynn to the earl of Stamford, which 
being read, they resolved. That 'twas a scandalous, false, and 
malicious libell, tending to create misunderstandings between 
her majestie and the princesse Sophia ; and upon the proceed- 
ings of both houses of parliament, that an addresse be pre- 
sented to the queen, to give orders for discovery and prose- 
cuting the author, printer, and publisher thereof, and that the 
said resolution be communicated to the lords at a conference ; 
which was done this day at a conference by Mr. Boyl, and 
their lordships agreed to the same: and they satt till 6 this 
evening upon the Carolina petition, about two new laws im- 
posed upon them by some of the proprietors of that plantation, 
contrary to their charter; one for excluding dissenters from 
being in the government there. 

Afterwards heard council on the behalf of the lord Granvill 
against the petition. 

Ordered that the whole proceedings by way of addresse be 
laid before her majestie, that she may give directions for pro- 
secuting the promoters thereof. 

The commons have past and sent up to the lords the bill for 
enlarging the time for Irish debentures: the mutineers and 

AIabch 12.] STATE AFFAIRS. 85 

deserters bill is ready for the royal assent ; and on Monday 
both houses are to ha?e a conference on the militia bill. 

There is above 210,000/. subscribed for prince Eugene, of 
which madam Hugeton a French widdow. 

Gapt Kerr, with 6 men of war, is goeing for the West Indies 
to rcheve admiral Whetstone, who is coming home with several 
French prizes. 

No foreign post. 

Tuesday 9 1 2 March, — ^The house of peers have ordered all the 
lords heutenants and custos rotulorum's of the several counties 
of England to send to their deputy lieutenants and justices of 
the peace to noake returns under their hands of all Roman 
cathoUcks, and so reputed, in their several divisions, to be laid 
before her majestie and the council ; and the bishops to give 
the same directions to their clergy; and if any are negligent in 
informing thereof, that they return their names to the queen. 

Yesterday both houses had a conference upon the law bill, 
and the lords gave their reasons why they could not agree to 
some of the commons amendments. 

Sir Clowdesly Shovell acquainted the house of commons that 
there were 17,000 seamen wanting of the 40,000 allowed for 
the fleet ; 6,000 of them they could have having protections 
from the admiralty, and the whole fleet could not be fitted out 
without greatest part of the rest. 

This day the commons were in a committee of the whole 
house upon better manning of the fleet, and are to be upon it 
again to morrow. 

Smith, who some time since was half hanged and cut down, 
having accused about 350 pickpockets, housebreakers, &c. who 
gott to be soldiers in the guards, the better to hide their 
roguery, were last week upon mustering the regiments drawn 
out and immediately shipt off for Catalonia ; and about 60 wo- 
men, who lay under condemnation for such crimes, were like- 
wise sent away to follow the camp. 

The 250,0002. is compleat for prince Eugene. 

The Martha, Howland, and Ann, from India, and the Eagle 
galley, with 2 others from Barcelona, are arrived in the 

Yesterday's Lisbon post of the .5th instant (N. S.) says, sir 
John Leake, with 1 8 men of war, &c. fell down the river that 

86 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-^. 

day, and 'twas thought designed for Cadiz, or to intercept the 
galleons goeing from thence to the West Indies, and that the 
lord Oallway was at Elvas ready to march. 

Thursday y 14 March ^Her majesties answer to the addresse 

of both houses about sir Rowland Gwynns letter : Nothing can 
be more acceptable than so seasonable an instance of your con- 
cern to preserve a good understanding between me and the 
princesse of Sophia, and of your care to defeat the artifices of 
designing and malitious men : I am fully sensible of the very 
ill designs of the paper which you have so justly censured, and 
will not fail to give the necessary directions for complying in 
the most effectual manner with all you desire in your addresse. 

This day the commons, in a committee upon better manning 
the fleet, resolved. That the justices of peace, and other civil 
magistrates thro out England, be impowred forthwith to make 
strict search for all such seamen as lye hid, and not in her 
majesties service ; that they take up and cause to be conveyed 
all such to be delivered to persons appointed to receive them. 

That a penalty be inflicted on all who shal harbour or con- 
ceal them. 

That a reward be given to those who shal discover and take 
up such seamen, and paid out of the money given for service 
of the navy. 

That for encouragement of the said service, every seaman 
who shal be turned over from one ship to another, shal be 
paid his wages due to him in the ship from which he was turned 
over, before such ship to which he shal be turned over do goe 
to sea ; and that such able bodied landmen lyable to be rused 
for recruiting the land forces and marines be raised for the said 
sea service : to which resolution the house agreed. 

This day we had 4 Dutch posts and one Lisbon mail from 
Bayonne, that the earl of Peterborough, with 8000 horse and 
foot, was marching from Yalentia to attack count Torres, about 
4000 strong ; the latter retired^ leaving behind his own and 
ofllcers baggage; and that count Tesse was marching to join 

From the Hague, that they had letters of the nth instant 
from Paris, which say, a courier was arrived there with advice, 
that the duke of Anjou went the S3d past from Madrid for 
Catalonia, whither count l^olouse, with 13 men of war, &c. 

Mabch i6.] state affairs. «7 

from Thoulon, sayled the 3d ; and 'twas expected BellefontaiiiB 
aqoadroa was come brfore Barcelona, which place the French 
and Spaniards resolve to beseige : the same courier adds, that 
the earl of Peterborough, with 3ocx> men, bad surprized and 
took prisoners 6 Spaniidi batallions near Valentia, and after- 
wards intercepted some artillery, sending firom Alicant to count 
Torres. There has been a great fire at Briancon, which de- 
stroyed the Frendi 60 cannon, 150 cariages, 12,000 fusees, 
with great store of ammunition, which may retard the seige of 
Turin. And that sir John Leake was sayled the 9th instant 
with the English and Dutch squadron from Lisbon. 

Saturdajfy 1 6 March. — ^Yesterday the lords heard the report 
of the state and condition of the publick records in the 
Tower, at the rolls, and the sereral libraries of the kingdom ; 
and ordered an addresse to her majestie, to desire her to 
purchase Cotton house, library, and gaA*dens, which will be for 
the ben^t of the publick, and the good of the crown, and 
particularly senriceable to both houses of parliament, as joyn- 
ing theretoo. 

The commons in a committee went thro the bill for speedier 
manning the fleet, making several amendments theretoo, which 
was this day reported and ordered to be ingrost ; a clause be- 
ing added to discharge ail able bodied debtors^ who shal swear 
themselreB not worth 5Z., provided they enter themselves on 
ship board. 

The amendments to the law bill to be considered to morrow. 

The controva*sy about the nulitia bill is, the commons hav- 
ing put in a clause, that an account should be given of the 
trophy money raised since the revolution, the lords made an 
amendment, that they should be accountable only from the 
year 1696. 

Mr* Smith (son to the speaker) is sworn clerk of the council 

Irish letters advise that the forces are sayled from Cork to 

The earl of Essex is made constable of the Tower, but has 
not yet received his warrant. 

This morning about 4 a fire broke out at Mr. Toulson's house 
in Shore lane, near little Lincolns Inn feilds, which burnt that, 
Mr. Foley's, and about 14 others on both sides the way, and 

28 BRIEF RELATION OF [1705-^. 

6 were very much damaged before the fire coald be extin* 
guished : a pastry cook was killed and some others wounded 
by blowing up a house. 

Tuesday y 19 March. — This afternoon the queen came to the 
house of peers, and sent for the commons, and past the follow- 
ing bills : viz. for a further duty on low wines ; regency bill ; 
rebuilding Edistone lighthouse ; better ordering the watermen 
on the Thames ; enlarging the harbour and pier of Parton in 
Cumberland ; payeing the regiments of Stewart, Hill, and Holt, 
and supplying the defects in the muster roll ; better collecting 
charity money on briefs ; preservation of salmon, &c. in South- 
ampton and Wilts rivers ; recruiting the army and marines ; 
impowering the lord treasurer to issue out moneys arising by 
the coinage duty for use of the mint; mutineers and deserters; 
militia; enlarging the time for registring unsatisfyed deben- 
tures on the Irish forfeitures ; encouraging the increase of sea- 
men and better manning the fleet; to prevent frauds com- 
mitted by bankrupts, and that for amendment of the law : with 
53 private bills. 

After which her majestic made a speech to this effect: 
thank't them for their supplyes, and bringing this session to so 
speedy and good a conclusion, and the provision made for se- 
curing the protestant succession here, and the great advances 
on their part towards the same in Scotland, and union of both 
nations ; will be careful, the moneys given shal be applyed in 
the most effectual manner for the common interest; is well 
pleas'd with the steps made for amendment of the law, and 
with their unanimity and zeal throughout this session against 
every thing towards sedition, which she hopes will be a good 
example to the whole kingdom. 

After which the lord keeper prorogued them to the 2iBt of 

The duke of Buckingham is married to the lady Anglesea, 
natural daughter to king James by the countess of Dorchester. 

Thursday y 2 1 March, — Yesterday the 7 managers appointed 
to remit the 250,000/. to prince Eugene in Italy were declared, 
viz. sir Gilbert Heathcot, sir Henry Furnese, sir Wm. Scawen, 
Samuel Shephard, Francis Eyles, James Craggs, and George 
Dodington, esqs. 

A general couiicil is expected next Sunday in the afternoon, 

Mabch 33.] STATE AFFAIRS. «9 

when 'tis beleived the English commissioners to treat for a union 
with Scotland will be named. 

The prince has spit blood for 2 or 3 days, which hinders the 
court from goeing to Newmarket. 

Tis said commissions will be speedily given out for raising 6 
French regiments, which are designed for Piedmont. 

This being Passion week, there was a new opera acted last 
Monday at the old playhouse, which her majestie being in- 
formed of resented the same, and ordered the lord chamberlain 
to suffer no more till after Easter Sunday. 

Tuesday the house of peers presented an addresse to the 
qaeen, containing in substance, that it became so difficult to 
famish the navy with sufficient number of seamen, that there 
is a necessity of having recourse to extraordinary assistance, 
that they had given their consent to the bill for increase of 
seamen, and humbly beseeched her to appoint such persons as 
she thinks most proper to consider of the best method for 
manning the fleet, and preserving the discipline of the navy, in 
order that the same may be laid before the parliament next 
session. To which her majestie answered : I thank your lord- 
ships for this instance of your care of the fleets and shal give 
the orders necessary for complying with every thing desired in 
your addresse. 

Saturday, 23 March. — We hear commissions for the officers 
of the 6 French regiments to be raised lye ready at the secre- 
tarys office; the coUonels are, the lord Lesford (son to the 
late count d' Roy), the count d' Pawlin (lieutenant coUonel of 
col. Windsors regiment of horse, who has that place continued 
to him), Mr. Sibourg (natural son to the late duke Schonberg), 
colL La Bartlie, coU. Montargis, and coll. Blesset, who have 
orders to be ready with their subalterns, Serjeants, corporalls, 
and drummers, to embark by the beginning of May for Cata- 
lonia, where the said regiments are to be compleated. 

The wagerers give 25/. to receive 100/., if the French are 
masters of Barcelona by the last of June. 

The captain of a ship arrived from Leghorn advises that he 
mett sir John Leake goeing into the Streights with 25 men of 
war, and was resolved to give the French squadron battle that 
designed to bombard Barcelona. 

The envoy of the elector palatine has signifyed to her ma- 


jestie, that his master has restored to the protestants in the 
palatinate their churches and former privileges, and that they 
shal enjoj the same without molestation. 

We want 3 Dutch posts, but the wind being now fair, we 
hourly expect them. 

Robert Loyd, esq., knight of the shire for Salop, is given 
over by his physitians. 

Tuesday, 26 March. — On Sunday night came in three Dutch 
mails, and this morning another, with advice from Vienna, that 
the emperor had consented to two months cessation of arms 
with the malecontentSj but in the interim to supply his fortresses 
with provisions, &c., which they have refused to comply with. 

From Venice, that the prince of Elbeuf, of the house of Lor- 
rain, and general Langalberrie, have quitted the French service, 
and arrived there in order to serve the emperor. 

From Paris, that the lord Gallway had beseiged Badajox, 
and that the duke of Barwick was drawing the miUtia together 
to oppose him. 

That count Thoulouze's squadron had been seperated in a 
storm, but all except two ships were come agtun to Roses, and 
preparing for Barcelona, before which place lieth monsieur 
Bellefontain with several men of war. 

And that there had been a fight between count Thesse and 
the allies in Spain, but mention not who had the better. 

And from Dunkirk, that a ship was arrived there from 
Cadiz, which saith the galleons sailed thence the 10th instant 
for New Spain, the whole fleet consisting of 36 ships. 

A general council was held last night at Kensington, and I 
am told the mimsters of state of England were named to be 
some of the commissioners for the union with Scotland. 

Yesterday morning sir George Bing with his squadron, as 
also the recruits, &c. lately arrived from Holland, and a fleet 
of merchant ships, in all above 150, sailed from Spithead for 

And this morning the queen and prince went for Windsor. 

Thursday, 28 March. — Some Paris letters advise from 
Spain, that the French and Spaniards have past the river 
Segar, in order to form the seige of Barcelona, tho with great 

The Dutch letters by way of Italy say they were twice re- 


poised, and that the allies did not doubt bat to hinder their 
paasing it tiU recruita came. 

That the English and Dutch in Barcelona have undertaken 
to defend Fort Monjoui, and the burghers and Catalans the 

That the priests and monks there are the feiroest enemy the 
French haye, and d^y mount the guards. 

That engineer Lapara, who is to command that seige, pro- 
xniaes to reduce it in 12 dayes after the opening the trenches. 

Letters firom the Hague mention that monsieur Alegree, a 
French prisoner there, had produced letters of credence from 
monaieur Torcy, the French secretary, to make OYortures for a 
peace ; but he was told they would see this campagne first oyer, 
before they would hearken to any such proposalls. 

The Venetians are forming a camp of 2O9OCX) men, some of 
them hired in Switzerland, which gives great umbrage to the 

When sir George Bing joins air John Leake^ he will have 50 
men of war in the line of battle. 

Yesterday past by Dover for Portsmouth 1 1 sayl of Dutch 
ships, 7 of them men of war. 

This day came out a proclamation for putting in execution the 
act of parliament for encouragement and increase of seamen. 

Saturday, 30 March. — From Edinburgh of the ^ist they 
write, that the queen haveing appointed the marquesse of 
Montroese president of the council there, his lordship had 
taken the usual oaths ; that the earl of Weems was made lord 
high admiral of Scotland, and the earl of Leven commander in 
cheif of her majesties forces in that kingdom, vacant by the 
death of general Bamsey ; which two last, with several other 
noblemen, &c. are coming hither to assist at the treaty of a 

It's said the receivors general of Staffordshire, Cambridge, 
Wilts, and Surry are displaced, and others put in their room. 

Monaeur Allegro, taken the last year in forcing the lines in 
Flaoders, and mentioned in my last to have produced letters of 
credence at the Hague from the French secretary of state, to 
make some overtures towards a peace, is brought over from 
Holland, and yesterday sent prisoner to Nottingham to keep 
his countrymen company. 


Yesterdays letters from Falmouth advise, that sir George 
Bing was seen off the lands end on Tuesday morning making 
for Portugal. 

This days letters from Dover say, that the 11 ships men- 
tioned in my last to have past by there for Portsmouth were 
not Dutch, but beleived to be the Dunkirk squadron ; and that 
the transport vessel which carryed over some French prisoners 
is returned, but was not sufferd to goe into the harbour of 
Calais, the reason not known; at other times used to lye a 
fortnight at the wharfe, and the master on shore all the while, 
but this time had a guard upon him. 

The queen came to Kensington this afternoon from 

The earl of Orrery is married to the lady Elizabeth Cecill, 
sister to the earl of Exeter. 

No Dutch post yet. 

Tuesday y % April. — ^Yesterdays foreign letters say, the allies, 
having advice that the duke of Anjou and count Thesse were 
to goe from Caspe towards Catalonia, laid 4 ambuscades, and 
had taken them, but that a pesant gave notice thereof. 

That a cartel is agreed on between the earl of Peterborough 
and count de Torres for the exchange of prisoners. 

From Paris, that the count de Tholouze was not sailed the 
24th past from Roses, where 40 barks of the 1 80 which sailed 
from Thoulon were arrived with %6 peices of cannon : that 
Barcelona was to be invested the 3rd instant both by land and 
sea; and that 22 bataUions designed for Italy are counter- 
manded, and gone for Catalonia. 

From Vienna, that an expresse was arrived there from Con- 
stantinople, with an account that the Turks, tho' they have 
lost near 200,000 persons by the plague, are making great 
warlike preparations; and seem concerned that the emperor 
hath not at this time notified to the grand seignior his acces- 
sion to the throne, who is now hast'ning a minister thither for 
that purpose. 

That the grand vizier is dead, which pleases the French, who 
hope the next will favour their interest. 

That prince Eugene was preparing for Italy, the emperor 
having assured him that nothing shal be wanting on his part 
to enable him to act offensively. 

Apeil 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 38 

The lord Harry Scot (son to the late duke of Monmouth) is 
made earl of Lorrain in Scotland. 

Sir Walter Clarges is lately dead. 

Tb said the b^inning of next week the duke of Marl- 
boroogh wiU sett forward for HoUand, and also the duke of 
Argyle, who will make the campagne with his grace. 

Thursday, 4 April. — This day was held a chapter of the 
order of the garter at Kensington, where the electoral prince 
of Hanover was chose a knight companion thereof, in the room 
of the late duke of Zell. 

Mr. Poultney, son to John Poultney, esq., is appointed to 
goe her majesties envoy to Denmark, in room of Mr. Vernon, 
jnn., who desires to be recalled. 

Yesterday's Lisbon mail of the 26th past brought by the 
Lime frigat advises, that captain Price, with 6 English men of 
irar and several transports, having 2 regiments on board, and 
a great fleet of merchant ships, was arrived there ; that the 
lord Gallway was at Elvas, and expected his artillery the 24th, 
and next day design'd for the army encamp't on the river 
Guaya, and advances into Spain, where they fear no opposition, 
onlesse the forces draw off from Catalonia and Arragon. 

That sir John Leake being stopt sailing 24 hours by the 
duke of Cadavals laying an embargo at Lisbon on all shipping, 
he came too late, otherwise had intercepted the galleons ; and 
a council of war being called whither to pursue them, 'twas 
carried against it; after which, sir John sailed towards Cadiz 
and Gibralter. 

From VaJentia, that the earl of Peterborough goes through 
great £a.tigue8 for securing that country; has hitherto had 
good successe, and the king of Spain has made him captain 
general of all his forces, and given a commission in his absence 
to appoint and remove governors of places as his lordship 
thinks fitt. 

The Lime in her way home was attack't by 3 French pri- 
vateers, and captain Doleman, commander, with several of his 
men killed; and after which the lieutenant Roberts fought 
bravely, and brought her into Portsmouth, for which has a 6th 
rate frigate given him. 

Saturday f 6 ApriL — Yesterdays letters from Falmouth say 
the Prince pacquet boat is arrived there in 20 dayes from Lis- 



bon, and brought over about 30 officers of the lord Barrimores 
regiment, out of which the earl of Peterborough had formed 
a regiment of dragoons, with the horse he took from the 
Spaniards near Valentia^ and gave the command thereof to 
coll. Peirce, and these officers are come over to raise another 
regiment of foot. 

From Harwich, that Wensday morning general Hompesch, 
brigadeer general Cadogan, &c. with the transports aAd re- 
cruits, sailed from Owsley bay under a strong convoy for 

From Dublin^ that the a6th past, 5 men of wu*, with about 
30 merchant ships and transports, on board of which were 3 
regiments bound for Catalonia, sailed from Cork and Kingsale 
with a fair wind for Lisbon. 

Last night the sessions ended at the Old Baily. 

The queen hath appointed the lord Hallifax, auditor of the 
exchequer, to goe to the princesse Sophia with the naturaliza- 
tion, regency, and other acts past last session relating to the 
court of Hanover, and his brother, Christopher Mountague, offi- 
ciates as auditor during his lordships absence. 

It's said her majestie hath reserved to herself the nomination 
of half the officers of the 3 regiments which are to be raised in 
Ireland, and the other the duke of Ormond to name. 

This morning died Charles Twitty, esq., cheif derk to the 
auditor of the exchequer, having been in it many years: he has 
lefib to the value of 20,ocx)/. 

The sessions for London and Middlesex began at the Old 
Baily the 3d instant, and held the 4th and 5th ; where several 
criminalls were tryed, of which three received sentence of 
death, 1 1 were burnt in the cheek, 4 ordered to be whipt, and 
one fined and sett in the pillory ; and the next sessions ordered 
to begin on Wensday the eight day of May. 

Tuesday, 9 AprilL — ^Yesterday morning came an expresse 
from Harwich, that sir Edward Whitaker, with the men of war 
that convoyed the last week the transports with horses and 
recruits to Holland, was come back into that harbour, in order 
to attend the duke of Marlborough thither, who will be goeing 
next Fryday, accompanyed by his son in law the marquesse of 
Monthermer, &c. 

The same day a great many imprest men taken out of the 

Apbilii.] state affairs. 35 

Ssfoj and other places were brought before the lord major at 
Onildhal^ and after examination most of them were sent on 
board the queens ships. 

The following 7 French prisoners of war are come hither 
from Nottingham, having obtained her majesties leave to goe 
for fVance on their parole of honour, to return in 6 months, 
▼ii. the chevallier de Ligonday, marquesse de St. Second, 
marqaesse de Marivaux, marquesse de la Masselir, marquesse 
de Armigny, marquis de Valsene, and the count de Oallard. 

I am told a commission is passing the seals, naming the per- 
sons foUowing to be commissioners to treat with the Scotch 
about the union, vis* the two archbishops, lord keeper, lord 
treasurer^ lord president, lord privy seal, lord steward, duke of 
Somerset, duke of Bolton, earl of Carlisle, earl of Sunderland, 
lords Wharton, Pawlet, Townsend, Orford, Kingston, Hallifax, 
Qrej, and Sommers, marquesse of Hartington, and marquesse 
of Granby, chancellor of the exchequer, the two lord chief jus- 
tices, speaker of the house of commons, 2 secretaries of state, 
sir John Cook judge advocate, attorney and sollicitor general, 
and Dr. Walker the civillian. 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 

This day several convicted criminalla were brought to the bar 
at the Old Baily , and upon their knees pleaded her majesties 
pardon for their several crimes ; 7 of them to have a free par- 
don; 13 to. be pardoned conditionally on listing themselves into 
her majesties service during the war; 3 to be pardoned on 
condition of transportation to the plantations for 7 years, of 
which the man Hsjrris that robb'd on the black mare was one ; 
aad 21 women to be sent to Bridewell, and put to hard labour 
for a year and day. 

Th^sday, 11 April. — The commission is past the seals, 
constituting all those mentioned in my last to be commissioners 
to treat about the union with Scotland, of which 7 to be a 
quorum; they are to meet the i6th instant the commissioners 
of Scotland in the council chamber at the cockpitt, who are, 
the earl of Seaford, lord chancellor; duke of Queensbury, lord 
privy seal ; earls of Marr and Lowden, secretaries of state ; 
saris of Southerland, Morton, Weems, Leven, Stair, Glascow, 
and Roseberry; lords Rosse and Duplin, lord Archibald Camp- 
bell ; Adam Cockbum; lord justice Clerk ; sir Robert Dundass, 

D 2 


sir Hugh Dalrymple, sir David Dalrymple, sir Alexander 
Ogilyy, sir James Smallet, sir Patrick Jonstoun, Francis Mont- 
gomery, Alexander Grant, Wm. Morrison^ (Jeorge Lockhart, 
Robert Stewart, John Clark, Wm. Seaton, Hugh Montgomery, 
Daniel Stewart, and Daniel Campbell. 

The officers of the 6 French regiments of foot, which are to 
be new raised, have received their levy money; and orders are 
sent to Ireland for coming over of the French officers there, 
in order to form a regiment of dragoons, to be commanded bj 
the marquesse of Guiscard, who came from the Cevennes ; which 
regiment, 'tis said, are to serve in Spain. 

Saturday, an envoy arrived here from Morocco, and brought 
several presents to her majestic; his errand, about a treaty for 
assisting our troops in Spain, and for setting at Uberty all Eng- 
lish captives. 

The same day, being the first of the term. Dr. Brown, Dr. 
Drake, one Ward, and others, for writing reflecting pamphlets 
on several ministers of state, had their appearances recorded in 
the queens bench court. 

No Dutch post. 

This night came in a Lisbon mail, which says capt. Price 
had join'd sir John Leake^ and that the earl of Oallway has 
broke up from Elvas and marcht to Alcantara. 

Saturday, 13 ApriU. — Our last Lisbon mail advised, that 
the lord Gallway march'd with 14,000 foot and 4000 horse 
for Alcantara, leaveing 8000 men to observe the garrison of 

That sir John Leake had received orders from the lord 
Peterborough, that so soon as the English recruits, &c. were 
come and joyned him, to sail for Altea, there to land them, and 
afterwards goe in quest of count Tholouze, who with 14 men 
of war had appeared off Barcelona; and that count Thesse 
commits great ravages. 

Yesterday's West India mail from Antego says, that about 
20 sail of French frigats and privateers are upon that coasti 
and the island in arms to prevent their landing. 

From Jamaica, that our ships have lately taken 3 rich French 
prizes ; that admiral Whetstone was careening there ; and that 
the Barbadoes packet boat (so long missing) was cast away near 
St. Domingo, and the French seized the effects, worth 1 7,000^ 

April i6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 87 

Sir John Elways, member of parliament for Sudbury, is dead. 

Hr. Braham and Mr. Tirrel^ (both gentlemen of Suffolk,) 
who married each of them a daughter of sir John-Duke, 
quarrelled last week and fought ; the first was killed, and the 
latter made his escape. 

Last night about 9, the duke of Marlborough embarkt at 
Greenwich for Holland, a squadron of men of war being ready 
to convoy him, the lord Hallifax, &c. thither. 

This afternoon a proclamation came out for putting the laws 
in execution against such as have or shal endeavour to pervert 
her majesties subjects to the popish religion, pursuant to the 
addresse of the house of commons. 

Tuesday 9 16 Aprill. — ^Yesterday the lord keeper, assisted 
by the two chief justices, gave judgment in the cause between 
the lord Mohun and the lady Henrietta Orby, relating to some 
part of the late earl of Macclesfeild's estate : the lord cheif 
justice Holt was of opinion against the lord Mohun, and the 
lord chief justice Trevor for him ; so the lord keeper decreed 
it in favour of his lordship. 

Last week dyed the earl of Berkshire, upwards of 90 years 
of age, at his seat in Wiltshire, and is succeeded in honour and 
estate by the son of the late Craven Howard, esq., aged 20. 

Her majestic has ordered 5000/. for the purchase of Cotton 
house and library, to be paid sir John Cotton ; and sir Chris- 
topher Wren is to fitt up the library for the use of the publick. 

A new commission is preparing for continueing the duke of 
Ormond lord lieutenant of L*eland. 

Sir Stafford Fairborn is gone for Chattham and Portsmouth 
to hasten out the fleet. 

A rich coach of state and liveries are making, to be sent the 
earl of Peterborough, to whom her majestic has given 20,000/. 
for his great services in Catalonia, and charges he has been at 
in treating the king of Spain : and his son, the lord Mordant, 
is made a brigadeer general, and will embark on board the 
fleet with sir Clowdsly Shovell, who will sail for the Streights 
the beginning of May. 

I am told the duke of Marlborough designs to goe with a 
strong body of horse to make a diversion in favour of the duke 
of Savoy, and that count Slangenburgh, in his absence, is to 
command the army on the Maese. 


A ship arrived in 14 days from Leghorn saith, all the news 
there was that the French had beseiged Barcelona. 
Four Dutch posts wanting. 

Thursday y 1 8 ApriL — Tuesday night the commissioners for 
a union between England and Scotland mett at the codkpitt, 
and having read their commissions, the lord keeper made a 
speech, signifyeing the cause of their meetings and their sincere 
intentions to bring the treaty to a happy concluMon, took 
notice of the great advantages of settling the suoceasion upon 
the house of Hanover, as also of the good disposition of the 
queen and parliament of Kngland toward this treaty, in order 
to which they repealed several clauses made in the preceding 
parliament for making the Scots aliens, &c. 

The earl of Seafeild, lord chancellor of Scotland, answered 
in the name of their commissioners, that they came to meet 
them with the same sincere intentions, and took notice of the 
like good dispontion of their parliament to come to a union, &o.; 
aflber which they adjourned till Monday. 

Oeorge Doddington, esq. is appointed secretary to the Eng- 
lish commissioners, and sir David Nairn to the Scotch. 

Yesterday was a great tryal at the queens bench barr, upon 
a will of one Mr, Kinsman of Essex, who gave away his estate 
of 2ooo2. per ann., and 7000/. in money, to a lighterman of 
his own name, from his own son, because he married against his 
consent ; and the jury brought in a verdict for the will. 

Same day the admiralty had an account from sir Edward 
Whitaker, who convoyed the duke of Marlborough to Holland, 
that he landed there Sunday morning about 10 : tb eiaid, be- 
fore his grace went hence, measures were concerted in relation 
to a descent either upon France or Spain, and that several 
regiments of land forces will embark for that purpose on board 
the fleet commanded by »r Clowdesly Shovell. 
We want 4 Dutch mails. 

Saturday f 20 AprilL — ^Letters from Portsmouth advise, that 
on Thursday came to Spithead the Tryton, having been sent 
into Brest harbour and other French ports, and says, she could 
not perceive any fleet in them ; but that a men of war came 
out of Brest to engage her, both which she would have fought, 
had she not sprung her foremast, so was forced to bear away. 
It*s said, on Monday next the Morocco ambassador makes 



April 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 89 

his publick entry thro' this cittj, and her majestic receives him 
in the council chamber at the cock pitt. 

One fltzgerald and Mackdonal are committed to the Gate- 
house for killing a watchman near Leicester feilds. 

This morning came in 5 Dutch posts. 

From Paris of the 24O11, that count Tholouze, with 30 men of 
war, was before Barcelona, with anmiunition and provisions for 
the French troops, who had besdged it by land, and open'd 
the trenches the 6th on the cdde of Montjoui ; that the garison 
was 8000 men, had made 2 vigorous sallies, wherein the be- 
seigers own they had 150 men killed : on the 13th they began 
to hatter fort Montjoui, designed to storm it in 3 or 4 dayes, and 
hope to be masters of the town the beginning of May. 

Letters from Amsterdam say the French have lost already 
above 1 200 men before it, by 2 attacks made on their army 
by the Miquilets from the mountains, who have assured king 
Charles by frequent skirmishes will soon make the enemy 
weary of the seige; that his majestie was in the town, and kept 
a (x>mmunication open with the country. 

That the earl of Qallway had obliged the duke of Barwick 
to retire, aod tiiat he was gone to beseige Alcantara. 

And from Brussells, that an expresse from Paris had brought 
news to the elector of Bavaria, that fort Montjoui had surren* 
dred to the French; but that sir John Leake had defeated 
count Tholouze. 

TkteMUM,y, 23 Aprill. — Yesterdays foreign post advises from 
Paris, that an expresse was arrived there from Italy, that the 
duke de Vendosme, with 58 batallions and 5000 horse, fell upon 
1 2,000 Germans under the Danish general Reventlaw in the 
Bressian, and after an obstinate fight defeated them, killing 
about 3000, and took 800 prisoners, 10 cannon, 20 standards, 
and was in pursuit of the rest ; but we hope the next letters 
will bring a more favourable account of this action. 

That the French army before Barcelona is 20,000 strong, 
and were preparing to batter it with 100 cannon besides 

That the earl of Peterborough was drawing his troops out 
of Valentia, Lmda, Tortosa, &c., and assembling his whole 
force about Terragona, in order, as supposed, to attempt raising 
the aeige. 


And that Alcantara has surrendred to the lord Oallway, and 
the garison made prisoners of warr. 

There are several letters which mention a fight between sir 
John Leake and count Tholouze ; some say the latter taken 
prisoner, his ship burn't, 3 sunk, 6 taken, and the rest retired 
towards Thoulon : but we give little credit theretoo. 

The Danes have evacuated the bishoprick of Lubeck. 

Yesterday the commissioners for a union met : the lord 
keeper acquainted the Scotch with the demands we make, and 
they are to answer to morrow. 

This day the Venetian ambassador made his publick entry 
in great state, havoing 3 very rich coaches of his own, and 26 
men in liveries, attended by 30 other coaches with 6 horses 

Thursday y 25 AprilL — ^Yesterday came in a Lisbon mail of 
the 19th, which confirms the surrender of Alcantara after 3 
dayes attack ; the garrison of 4000 foot and 300 horse (all new 
oloath'd and arm'd) were made prisoners of war, but the cap- 
tains and their superiour officers to have their liberty at 6 
months end: in the place was 18 brasse cannon, with great 
quantities of ammunition and provisions ; on our march thither 
a sharp action happ'ned between part of our army and the rear 
of the duke of Barwicks horse, of which he had near 300 
killed, and several taken prisoners, and himself dangerously 
wounded, with little losse on our side. 

That the earl of Galloway designs for Placentia with all speed, 
and from thence to Madrid, the enemy not being able to oppose 

That the governors of Badajox and Merida sent a strong 
detachment to surprize our garison in Elvas, who made a 
vigorous salley and put them to flight, killing 400; took several 
prisoners, with 1 2 cannon and mortars. 

And that 5 men of war and transports, with the 3 regiments 
on board from Ireland, arrived the 1 7th at Lisbon, and 2 dayes 
after sayled for the Streights to join sir John Leake ; for which 
good news the guns at the Tower were last night discharged. 

Captain Kerr, with lo men of war and several merchant 
ships, sayled from St. Hellcns for the West Indies. 

This day the Morocco ambassador had his publick audience 
of her majestic. 

Apbil 30.] STATE AFFAIRS. 41 

The court of queens bench have fined Mr. Pittis 100 mark 
and pillory 3 thnes, for writing the Memorial Answered Para- 
graph by Paragraph ; and Mr. Sawbridge, the bookseller, 200L 
for publishing it. 

Satwrdayy %'j ApriU. — ^Yesterdays Dutch post sayes, that in 
a conference between the duke of Marlborough and the states 
'twas proposed to beseige Namur, but not approved of, it re- 
quiring a great army to carry it on, and another to cover the 

That his grace had sent brigadeer general Cadogan to the 
elector of Hanover, desiring his forces in the pay of England 
and Holland may be employed as her majestie and the Dutch 
think fitt, without waiting for new orders from him ; and wrote 
to some other princes on the same subject. 

That admiral AUemond was putting to sea with his squadron, 
and has orders to make the best of his way for the Streights, 
without stopping at England. 

From Paris, that since their advantage over the imperialists 
in Italy, they talk again of beseiging Turin, and are making 
great preparations for the same. 

From Paris, that their last accounts from Barcelona were 
kept priyate, but own their chief engineer Lapara was killed, 
and succeeded by brigadeer Villars. That the beseiged in a 
sally had cut off the regiment of Maine, and that provisions 
were dear in the camp, the Miquilets intercepting their foragers, 
and that they had taken the covert way of fort Montjoui, and 
erected a battery thereon. 

Thursday night the commissioners for England and Scotland 

That both kingdoms be united into one by the name of the 

kingdom of Great Brittain. 
To be represented by one parliament, which is to sitt here. 
To have the same successor to the crown. 
Equal communication of trade^ and all other priviledges. 

And on Monday are to be upon taxes and impositions. 

TuMday^ 30 Aprill. — Yesterdays Lisbon mail advises, that 
there was found in Alcantara 47 brasse and 1 7 iron cannon, 
5000 muskets, 1 a,cxx> new deaths for the Spanish army, great 
stores of ammunition of all sorts, and provisions for 15,000 
men for 60 dayes; since which the bishop of Coria and his 


diocesse have declared for king Charles, and have furnished our 
army with 20 days provisions, 5CX3 horses and mules for their 
train, and 18,000 crowns in money. 

That sir John Leake was joined at Gibralter by commodore 
Price, making 30 men of war, and sailed thence the 19th for 
Barcelona, having taken on board the troops oat of the trans- 
ports for greater expedition. 

That the same day captain Walker, with 5 men of war and 

3 regiments from Ireland, sailed from Lisbon for the Streights, 
as also did the 25th sir George Bing, with 16 men (^ warr and 
his recruits. 

Mr. England, aid de camp to the earl of Peterborough, is 
arrived here in 21 days from Barcelona, who says, that count 
Tholouze has but 25 men of war before that citty, and 15,000 
land men ; that they had made 3 attacks on fort Montjony, and 

4 on fort Angelo, but repulsed with great losse. 

That the lord Peterborough, with a strong body of horse 
and the prince of Hesse, were on their march to raise the seige, 
and that sir John Leake was seen beyond Malaga: 'tis said 
count Tholouze has weighed anchor, but whither to fight sir 
John or retire, is not known. 

Sir Wm. St. Quintin is made one of the commissioners of 
the revenue in Ireland, in room of sir John Bland. 

Thursday y 2 May. — Yesterday the commissioners for the 
union debated the number of members the kingdom of Soot- 
land should send to our parliament, whither 40 or 50, but came 
to no resolution. 

Mr. Hill, her majesties envoy, is arrived here from Savoy, 
and enjoys his place as one of the council to the prince as lord 
high admiral. 

Tis said. Dr. Tyler, dean' of Hereford, has kist the queens 
hand for the bishoprick of Landaff, with a dispensation to hold 
his deanry. 

Richard Rigby, esq., member of parliament for Plreston in 
Lancashire, is dead. 

The lord Barrimore, who lately arrived here from Lisbon, 
and whose regiment of foot the lord Peterborough made dra- 
goons in Catalonia, will speedily have a commission to raise, a 
new regiment upon the Irish establishment. 

On Sunday next the court goes into mourning for the prin- 

May;.] state AFFAIRS. 4S 

cesse of Newburgh, electoresse dowager palatine, sister to prince 

Us still talkt that about 10,000 men are to embark on board 
the fleet, and to be commanded by the earl of Rivers. 

No newB firom Barcelona since my last, more than what the 
Paris letters have mentioned, viz. that the French, after a 
sharp fight, took one of the forts of Mon^oui, in which was 
900 men.9 500 of them killed, amcmg them ooU. Russell, of the 
English guards, and 300 taken prisoners, with the lord Done- 
gall ; but with great losse on their side. 

Saturday y 4 May. — Dr. Drake tryed some time since before 
the lord chief justice Holt for several passages in his Mercurius 
Politicus ; one of them for sayeing the revolution put an end 
to the English constitution ; but his coundl taking exceptions 
to some errors in the information, the jury found it speciall ; 
which were this week argued at the queens bench barr, and the 
court deferred judgment till next term. 

Mr. Thurston, judge advocate, is goeing to Portsmouth to 
hold a court martial for tryemg several marines for mutiny, 
belcmjpng to coll. Wills regiment, where coll. Churchill is to be 

Hie duke of Argyle being general of the Scotch forces in 
Holland, her majestie has declared the duke of Queensbury to 
be high commissioner of Scotland, who, 'tis said, is to dissolve 
that parliament and call another. 

Yesterday the earl of Rivers took the oaths in chancery for 
qualifyeing him to command the land forces designed to goe on 
board the fleet. 

A ship from the Canaries is arrived at Plymouth, the master 
of which reports that he spoke vdth an English vessel, which 
told him, be mett sir John lieake the 17th past off the island 
Mi^rca; and that the Frendi fleet, having taken their marines 
on board at Barodona, sailed the J5th for Thoulon. 

Mr. Hill has brought from Savoy that duke's picture, sett 
with diamonds, as a present to the queen. 

Dr. Brown, who was committed to Newgate for publishing in 
print Advice to the Lord Keeper, is convicted thereof. 

No foreign post. 

Tuesday^ 7 May. — Sundays letters from Lisbon of the 6th 
of May (S.N.) say, that Placentia surrendred to the earl of 


Galloway on the 28tb past, where the inhabitants exprest great 
joj, and proclaimed Charles the 3d their lawful king. 

On the I St instant our troops attackt 'the duke of Barwick, 
intrench't with about 3000 horse and 10 batallions he drew 
out of Badajoz, &c. besides militia^ on the bank of Massagona, 
wading the river up to their middles, and charged him so furi- 
ously that he retired with losse, and left our forces in posses- 
sion of his camp 5 leagues from Placentia in the road to Madrid ; 
but supposM they will first march for Toledo. 

That the king of Portugal had ordered 33 batallions and 15 
squadrons of his regular troops and militia out of the provinces 
of Beyra and Alentejo to block up Badajox and Merida, which 
the duke of Barwick has left very weak. 

Yesterday the court of queens bench sentenced Mr. Stephens, 
parson of Sutton, to stand twice in the pillory, and pay 100 
marks, for writing the letter to the author of the Memorial^ 
reflecting on the duke of Marlborough and Mr. secretary 

Same day our merchants had an account that the Mediter- 
ranean galley, laden with silks and coffee from Scandaroon, to 
the value of 60,000/., was sunk by a French privateer off Cape 
St. Vincent, after 4 hours fight ; the captain with 30 of his 
men drowned, and only 13 saved. 

Some persons examined this day before the commissioners of 
trade, taken in a French vessell which came from Calais the 
2d instant, say, they had no account there of the taking Bar- 

Thursday J 9 May, — ^This morning came in two Dutch posts, 
which advise. 

From Paris, that they had letters from Barcelona, that the 
French entred fort Montjoui the 26th past, the garrison having 
quitted it for fear of a general assault ; that they were prepar- 
ing their attacks against the town, which still makes a stout 
defence ; that conde de Cifuentes, with some troops from Gi- 
rone, was gott into it, at which time the garrison made a vigor- 
ous sally, 'tis said, commanded by the earl of Peterborough, 
who is likewise gott in ; that Charles the 3d had quitted the 
same, and sir John Leake was in sight of their fleet. 

From Vienna, that the emperor had declared the electors of 
Bavaria and Cologne rebolls, their titles and estates taken from 

Math.] state affairs. 45 

them, and the heralds to proclaim the same in all the imperial 
cities; that the cessation in Hmigary is prolongued to the 5th 
of May ; that the Germans have quitted all their posts in the 
Bressian, and their troops encamp't on the Adige, near Verona. 

That the French, endeavouring to post themselves near 
Montebaldo, prince Eugene fell upon them, and killed and 
woonded about 600. 

From Frankfurt, that the French appearing with a great 
army near the lines of Haguenaw, prince Lewis quitted them, 
as also those at Lauterburgh, with all other posts in Alsace, 
except Landau and Haguenaw, which last they have beseiged, 
and releived fort Lewis, and threaten to enter Swabia thro' the 
black forest. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough went the 
9th for Maestricht ; that the garrison of 1600 men in Haguenaw 
had surrendred at discretion. 

And that the bishop of Munster was dead. 

Her majestie has pardoned parson Stephens standing in the 

Saturday, 1 1 May, — Yesterday we had a Dutch post, which 
brought letters from the duke of Marlborough to the lord 
treasurer, as also several other letters, advising that the French 
king had an account from Barcelona of the 4th of May, N. S., 
which say that count Tholouze, having taken on board the 
marines, sailed from before that place the 23d of April, old 
style, towards Thoulon, upon sir John Leake's making up to 

Some letters say he fell upon the French fleet, sunk and 
burnt several of them, but Uttle credit given to it ; and that 
count Tesse at the same time drew off his army by land; but 
whither the duke of Anjoy went with them on board the fleet, 
18 uncertain. 

The French general Marsm, with 15,000 men, is returning 
from the Rhine to the ^Netherlands, to prevent the duke of 
Marlborough's passing the Dyle and attacking their camp near 

Haguenaw still holds out, and not surrendred, as mentioned 
in my last. 

The regiments to embark on board the fleet, are ordered to 
be ready by the end of this month. 


Mrs. Barbara Howard, daughter of the late lord Lonsdale, 
is perverted to the Romish religion ; as also is Mrs. Skelton, 
daughter to Madam Orfeur. 

Sir Thomas Clarges is married to Mrs. Katherine Berkley, 
youngest daughter to the lord Fitzharding. 

The dutchesse of Cleeveland is given over by her physitians. 

The sessions for London and Middlesex began at the Old 
Baily the 8th instant, and held the next day, where several 
criminals were tryed, of which 5 received sentence of death, 
2 were burnt in the hand, 6 burnt in the lefib cheek, 2 ordered 
to be whipt, and 3 fined ; and the next sesmons ordered to be- 
gin on Wensday the 3d of July next. 

Tuesday y 14 May, — ^The duke of Rutland is made lord lieu- 
tenant of Leicestershire, in the room of the earl of Denbigh ; 
the earl of Kingston, custos rotulorum of Wilts, in the room of 
the lord Weymouth ; and the lord Wharton, lord lieutenant of 
Westmorland, in the room of the earl of Thanet 

Patents are past for Mr. Serjeant Hook and Stephen Harvey, 
esq., to be Welsh judges, in the room of serjeant Neeve and 
Mr. Peesley, who have their quietus's. 

The lord Gower is dismbt from being chanoeUor of the 
dutchy of Lancaster, and, 'tis said, will be succeeded by the earl 
of Derby. 

The lord Carrington, a Romanist, is dead, and his title 

Last night came in a Dutch post ; Paris letters of the 1 7th 
say, that on the 15th a courier came thither from count Tho- 
louze, who arrived the nth with his fleet at the isle of Hieres; 
his men being so very sickly that he was not able to make head 
against the confederate fleet, who were near jo men of war 
upon the coast of Catalonia ; but that he had left behind him 
provisions sufficient for count Thesse's army two months, who 
was resolved to storm the counterscarp the 9th. 

That monsieur Hiberville has taken that part of the island 
of St. Christophers belonging to the English, with several ships, 
6000 negroes, &c. 

That Haguenaw had surrendred to the French. 

And from the duke of Marlborough's camp at Borchloen, the 
20th of May, that the Danish troops were to join him the 22d; 
after which his grace designs to attack the French, (who have 

Mat i8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 47 

dram'd all their garrittons, paas'd the Dyle, and encamp't near 
Tirlemont) unlesae they retire; and some letters from the 
Hague say they have advice from Paris that the lord Gallway 
was arrived at Madrid. 

ThiT9day^ \6 May. — Yesterday one man, of those con- 
demned lately at the Old Baily, was execnted at Tyburn for 
fekmy and burglary. 

Orders are sent to Scotland to prorogue the parliaoMiit 
(which was to have mett the 24th instant) to the 20th of June, 
by which time 'tis expected the commissioners for both king- 
doms will have agreed upon an union ; those of Scotland have 
demanded an account of the English revenue, with the debts 
we have contracted, the charge and expence of the nation 
yearly, &c.; which the treasury has orders to lay before them. 

The duke of Rutland is not made lord lieutenant of Leices- 
tershire, as was reported, but custos rotulorum ; and the lord 
Wharton custos rotulorum of Westmoreland. 

The regiment of lord Lyfford, who laid down his commission, 
not being vrilling the [to] serve under the marquesse of Guis- 
card, is given to coll. Vyner, lately made a brigadeer. 

A conge d'elire is gone down to elect Dr. Tyler, dean of 
Hereford, bishop of I^andaff. 

Yesterday the lord treasurer sent a letter to the lady Peter- 
borough, which he received from France, advising that her 
husband bad so harassed the French camp, that they were 
forced to quitt the seige of Barcelona by sea and land ; and 
that our fleet were landing their troops, and our rear pursuing 
the rear of the French. 

The earl of Anglesea is married to the lady Stanley, daugh- 
ter to the late earl of Derby. 

This night coll. Richards came expresse from the duke of 
Marlborough, that on Sunday last he engaged and routed the 
French army, 15,000 stronger than ours; took their baggage 
and cannon, 6000 prisoners, and 400 officers ; the duke had 
his horse sbott under him, and the prince of Hesse was killed : 
the bells are now ringing, and bonefires for the same. 

ScOurday, iH May. — Yesterdays Dutch post brings little 
more concerning the battle in Flanders than what was writt in 
my last ; it says, that Marsin's horse had join'd the French 
before the fight began, and the Danes the duke of Marlbo' 


rough, who on Monday night last was within 2 leagues of 
Louvain, and by break of day next morning designed to pos- 
sesse himself of the passe of Neder Ische, in order to improve 
his victory. 

That general Auverquerg during the fight having given 
quarter to a Bavarian captain, he had afterwards the villany 
to level a carbine at him, with intention to shoot him; and had 
done it, but a footman of the generalls, seeing the same, run 
him through and killed him. 

The duke of Argyles, lord Mordants, and general Churchills 
regiments, which attack't with the foreigners, suffered most, 
which obliged the duke of Marlborough to come to their relief; 
who being known was shott at by the enemy, and by the fall- 
ing of his horse was like to have been taken or killed, but that 
general Murray, a Scotch officer, prevented it ; after which the 
duke had another escape, a cannon ball kilUng coll. Bringfcild 
as he was holding his stirrup to remount his grace : the prince 
of Hesse Cassell was not killed, as mentioned in my last, but 
prince Lewis of Hesse : by next Dutch post we expect the par- 
ticulars at large of this great action. 

This evening a collect was publish 't, to be read to morrow in 
all churches about this citty for the said victory, and our suc- 
cesses in Spain. 

French letters say, that after the taking of St. Christophers 
the French made a descent upon Nevis, took 30 ships, besides 
their negroes and other booty. 

Tuesday f ai May, — This morning captain Pitt arrived here 
expresse from the duke of Marlborough, that the 13th instant 
(0. S.) in the night his grace had advice that the French had 
quitted Louvain, and their lines along the Dyle, and retireing 
towards Brussells. Next morning early our army past the 
Dyle, leaving 500 men in Louvain: the 15th march'd to 
Dieghem, where his grace received a letter from the govemour 
of Brussells, that he and the states of Brabant desired to wait 
on him, and they came at 4 in the afternoon, and compli- 
mented him on his wonderfull successe ; he received them with 
great civility, and recommended them to submit to their lawful 
king, Charles the 3d, if not, might blame themselves for what 
followed, and some hours after declared for him : the towns of 
Malines and Antwerp have done the same. 

May 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 40 

The 1 6th our army past the canal of Brussels, (of which 
eittj general Churchill, with 4 batallions and 2 squadrons, took 
possession,) stayed that night at Grimberg, and will march, 
without losse of time, to pursue the enemy. 

The garrisons in Holland being dreining to reinforce him. 

Villeroy and Bayaria, with about 2o,ocx:> scattered troops, 
are gone towards Ghent, with very little baggage, no artillery 
or ammunition. 

A Dutch post this afternoon sayes, we killed in the battle, 
made prisoners, and deserted since to us, about 18,000 men, 
took 56 cannon, all their baggage and ammunition, abundance 
of colours and standards, with losse of about 3000 men on our side. 

We hourly expect an expresse of raising the seige of Barce- 
lona, and routing count Tesse's army. 

This day the guns at the Tower were discharged, bonefirea 
at night, for the good news from Flanders. 

This day the parliament mett, and were farther prorogued 
to the 17 th of September next. 

Thursday 9 23 May. — ^Tuesday the queen came to the cock- 
pit, where she heard the proceedings of the commissioners for 
the union read; testifyed her satisfaction in what they had done, 
and recommended dispatch of what remained. 

This day her majestic, with the court, went for Windsor, where 
she designs to reside most part of the summer. 

A proclamation is publi^t for a general thanksgiving to be 
kept the a7th of June thro*out England, for the late glorious 
Tietory oyer the French in Brabant, and the wonderful pro* 
gresse of her miyesties arms, and those of her allies in Catalonia 
and other parts of Spain. 

And another is comeing out for opening a free trade between 
England and the subjects of king Charles 3d in Spain, Flan- 
ders, &c. 

Fryday last the dutchesse of Marlborough went and condoled 
coll. Brii^eilds widdow upon the losse of her husband, who was 
killed in remounting the duke in the late battle, and assured 
her from her majestic a pention for life. 

Tins morning came advice that a merchant ship was arrived 
at Pool from lisbon ; the master reports, as he was comeing 
<Nit of that river, Mr. Meihwin sent him a packet for the secre- 
tiiries of state, with orders to throw it over board if att^k'd, 



whicli he was by a French privateer ; but before taken sunk 
the pacquet, and afterwards ransomed himself: he can giro no 
account of the news there, but in general 'twas good. 

George Morley and Edward Brereton, esqs., are removed 
from being commissioners of prizes ; but 'tis said the latter is 
made a commissioner of the salt office. 

Saturday^ 25 May, — Colls. Carpenter and Bajnes are made 
brigadeer generals ; Fleetwood Dormer, esq., member for Wick- 
ham, and Nich. Pollexfen, esq., member for Great Bedwyn, 
succeed George Morley and Edward Brereton, esqs. in the 
prize office ; Paul Burrard and John Sandys are made sub- 
commissioners of the prizes at Portsmouth, in room of sir 
George Parker and Dr. Goreing. Mr. Brereton, before men- 
tioned, and Thomas Hopkins, esq., are appointed commissioners 
of the salt office, in the room of John Winnive and Ashburn- 
ham ToU^ esqs. ; and Thomas Broderick, esq. succeeds Mr. 
Hopkins as comptroller of the salt. Christopher Montague, 
esq. is made a commissioner of the excise, in the room of Mr. 
Boyce; and John Molesworth, esq. a commissioner of the 
Stamp office, in the place of Mr, Vrthwait. 

Several alterations are expected in the customs, victualling 
office, &c. 

Richard Freeman, esq., of the Middle Temple^ is made lord 
chief baron of Ireland, in the room of — Doneland, deceased. 

This days letters from the duke of Marlboroughs camp at 
Marlebeck, near Ghent, of Monday, say, upon his march thi- 
ther the French retired towards Courtray, leaving but one 
batallion in Ghent, the governer of which wrote to acquaint 
the duke of their readinesse to submit, which we were to take 
possession of the next day, and a detachment ordered to receive 
the submission of Bruges. 

That the French had summoned a great number of pioneers 
to repair their old lines between the Scheld and the Lyss, be- 
hind which they intend to post themselves, expecting great 
reinforcements from Germany; but his grace is resolved to pur- 
sue them^ and appointed a thanksgiving last Tuesday through- 
out his army for the late victory. 

From the Hague, that all the letters from France confirm 
the raising the seige of Barcelona, and the duke of Anjou's re-^ 
tiring to Perpignan. r :. . 

Mat 30.] STATE AFFAIRS. 51 

That Turin is not yet beseiged, and tliat the duke of Sayoy 
had surprized and cut off 3 French regiments of horse. 

Tuesday, aS May, — This day's letters from the duke of 
Marlborough's camp, near Ghent, of the 24th (0. S.), say, that 
count Nassau, with 2 batallions, being march't into that citty, 
the castle surrendred, and the marquesse de Ryos's regiment 
made prisoners of war ; that upon lieutenant general Scolten's 
appearing with 7 batallions, &c. before Oudenard, it surren- 
dred ; that major general Ross^ with 600 horse, coming before 
Bruges, the French there retired, and the town declared for 
kiog Charles ; and that brigadeer Cadogan, who was detacht 
with 6 squadrons to Antwerp, had acquainted the duke that 
there was 10 batallions in the castle inclinable to surrender 
upon honourable terms ; whereupon his grace sent them an 
authority to treat with them ; the French have also quitted 
Dam, and several more of the Flanders garrisons are ready to 
doe the like ; upon which the duke sent coll. Durel with 150 
horse, and a letter to the governor of Dendermond ; as also 
major general Rosse with a letter to the governer of Ostend, 
to summon them to declare for king Charles ; and that bridges 
being laid over the Scheld and the Lysse, our army, who have 
taken the advantageous post of Pont Esperies, was to march 
on Saturday to Deinse : the French endeavoured to put 5 ba- 
tallions into the castle of Namur, but the Spanish governer 
refused it: they are retired behind Menin, where Marsin is 
near joining them with 18 batallions and 9 squadrons: most of 
the Walloons and Spaniards have deserted them. 

From the Hague, that there is a treaty On foot between us 
and Holland for securing the succession of the crown of England 
to the house of Hanover. 

From Paris, that the duke of Anjou arrived the 2 2d at Per- 
pignan, resolving to attempt returning to Spain by the way of 
Navarr, in order to which the duke of Fevillade, with the best 
part of his army, waa drawing from Turin to assist. 

This day our lord mayor, aldermen, and common council, 
presented an addresse to the queen, congratulating her upon 
successe of her arms. 

Thursday, 30 May. — Sir Mathew Dudley is made a com- 
missioner of the customs, in the room of Richard Bretton, esq. 

E 2 


A yessell putt into Cows says, she left 4 English and 16 
Dutch East India ships at the Cape of Good Hope homeward 
bound, and that the French have taken 2 of our ships. 

Testerdaj came in 2 Lisbon mails with advice, that the lord 
Callaway could not prevail with the Portugeeze generalls to 
march for Madrid, pretending they might want provisions, tho 
had 6 dayes before hand, and within 7 dayes of that citty, and 
3 of the bishoprick of Toledo, the most plentiful country in all 
Spain ; but retum'd to Flacentia, (leaving 4 cities, who had 
declared for king Charles the 3d, to the mercy of the duke of 
Berwick, who before retired as our army advanced,) and are 
now beseiging Ciudad Rodrigo, which s^ter reduced, it's ex- 
pected they will march for Si^amanca, and thence to Madrid. 

This morning captain Delavall came expresse from the earl 
of Peterborough, with a letter dated the 12th, N. S., which 
says, sir George Bing joined sir John Leak the ist, and com- 
modore Walker the 3d, making 50 sail of men of war in the 
line of battle ; that they arrived the 8th at Barcelona, and put 
their land forces into it, count Tholouze being gone off the day 
before, notwithstanding which count Thesse carried on the 
seige by land : he made a breach, and gave out he designed to 
storm the storm [town?]; but on the 12th, at i in the morn- 
ing, he retired towards their own frontiers, pursued hy the 
Miquelets, leaving behind 175 brasse cannon, 30 mortars, 3000 
barrels of powder, 10,000 sacks of meal, vast quantities of shott, 
and most of their baggage ; and the lord Peterborough is pre- 
paring to improve this good suocesse; for which news the Tower 
guns were discharged. 

Dr. Brown is sentenced to pay 40 mark, and to stand in the 
pillory, for writing the Country Parsons Advice to the Lord 

Tis said the Portugal ambassador is forbid the court. 

Saturday y i June. — Yesterday came letters from the captain 
of her majesties ship the Centurion in the Downs, that he and 
two frigats coming out of the Goree, with 14 of the Rotterdam 
fleet bound for England, mett the Dunkirk squadron of 11 
sayl, and not being able to fight them, made the best of his 
way; saw 6 taken, but knows not what became of the rest: 
they were Dutch vessells, but the cargo ours : the losse com- 
puted at above 50,00c/. 

June 4.] STATE AFFAIRS. 58 

Same day orders were sent to the fleet, and the soldiers de- 
signed for the descent to be ready with all expedition. 

Sir Stafford Fairbom, with 10 men of war, 2 fireships, and 
2 bombyessells, is sayled to bombard Ostend, in case they don't 
comply with the doke of Marlborough's letter. 

The queen has sent a letter to the king of Portugal, that he 
has not performed his treaty, and expects back the money she 
has paid him ; which gave ground to the report that his am- 
bassador was forbid our court. 

By a ship arrived from the West Indies we have advice, 
that captain Dampier has taken in the South Seas a booty 
worth 3 millions sterling; and having now 4 ships is sayled 
for Battavia, in hopes to find a Dutch convoy and return to 

I am told the matter about Darien, which has occasioned 
several debates among the conunissioners for an union, is now 
settled ; her majestie being to give the revenue of her antient 
kingdom of Scotland to be collected by commissioners appointed 
for that purpose, who are to pay all such losses and demands 
which those of that nation suffered in that expedition. 

We want a Duch post. 

Tuesday, 4. June, — ^Yesterday part of the 6 French regiments 
of foot began to march for Portsmouth, and all the other regi- 
ments designed for the descent are to be there and in the Isle 
of Weight by the i8th instant. 

Sunday several coaches were robbed upon Hounslow Heath 
goeing to Windsor, by 3 highway men, particularly the lord 
Sherrards, sir Charles Cotterells, and the secretaries to the 
Venetian ambassador. 

The earl of Derby is sworn chancellor of the dutchy of Lan- 
caster, in the place of the lord Gower. 

And the lord Stawell is removed from being one of the lords 
of the bedchamber to the prince, and succeeded by the lord 
Howard of Effingham. 

A letter this day from Mr. Methwin at Lisbon says, that the 
lord Galloway and marquesse de Minas were before Ciudad 
Rodrigo, which could not hold out above 3 days, and then, as 
the Portugueeze ^ve out, would march for Madrid ; and that 
the whole province of Arragon had declared for Charles 3d. 
Some letters advise that the earl of Peterborough was embark- 


ing the forces at Barcelona od board the fleets in order to land 
them in Valentia, being the nearest way to Madrid. 

Serjeant Neve is not remoyed from being a Welsh judge, as 
formerly mentioned, but Serjeant Wynne. 

Part of the duke of Northumberland's regiment of horse are 
ordered for Flanders. 

Two Dutch posts arriyed say the garrison of Landau has 
taken all Villars's baggage, papers, &c. ; that Villeroy has put 
his foot into Tournay, Lisle, Menin, Ipres, and Dunkirk, for 
security of those places, as well as to prevent desertion. 

That the elector of Bavaria, with his troops, was gone to- 
wards Mens. 

That Antwerp has surrendred, and that the duke of Marl- 
borough came the 9th to the Hague to confer with the states, 
and returned the nth to his army, which was preparing, as said, 
to beseige Ipres and Ostend. 

Thursday J 6 Jwne. — As the lord Hallifax past thro Amster- 
dam to Hanover, the Portugeeze Jews there invited him to see 
their synagogue^ and to shew their great esteem for the queen 
of England, and good wishes for the successe of her majesties 
arms ; made a prayer on purpose for the same, a coppy whereof 
they delivered to his lordship, and which is inserted in this days 

A new commission is come to the victualling office ; 3 of the 
commissioners are left out, viz. Henry Lee, Abraham Tilgham, 
and Samuel Hunter, esq.; and succeeded by Denzil Onslow, 
esq., member for Guilford, Thomas Beer, esq., member for 
Tiverton, and one Mr. Reghnolds. 

Mr. Roberts, clerk to Mr. secretary Hedges, is removed, as 
also is Dr. Morley, one of the commissioners for the sick and 
wounded^ and succeeded by James Chase, esq., member for 

John Hoblyn, esq., member for Bodmyn, is dead ; and Fran- 
cis Norris, esq., member for Oxford, is also dead. 

This day sir John Hawles argued at the queens bench bar 
for Dr. Drake, and sir James Montague for the queen in an- 
swer to him ; and the court took time to consider thereof. 

Great number of palisadoes, and other instruments of war to 
be used in the intended expedition, are ship't off at the Tower 
-for Portsmouth. 


To morrow we expect a Dutch post, till the arrival of 
which we know not what place the duke of Marlborough will 

Saturday^ 8 June. — Yesterdays Dutch post advises from 
Paris, that count Tesse was ordered to cotae to court to ^ve 
an account of titie miscarriage of the seige of Barcelona ; that 
Ciudad Rodrigo surrendered to the Portugueeze 4 dayes after 
op^ng tiie trenches ; the garrison to be sent to Castile, and 
not to bear arms against king Charles for one year. 

Thai the duke of Anjou arrived the 2d at Pampelona, and 
designed next day to sett out for Madrid by way of Estella 
and fiurgos. 

That their gallies have brought into Dunkirk an English 
vessdl of I a guns, as she was carrying off 3 fisher boats : the 
prisoners report they were sent to take them in order for 

From the Hague, that the 13 th lord Overkirk march't with 
30 squadrons and some foot to make up the regiments under 
general Fagell 40 bataUions, which are to beseige Newport and 

That brigadeer Meredith was detach't with 1400 foot and icx> 
horse to block up Dendermond, which refuses to surrender. 

That a great magazine is ordered to be made at Bruges, and 
400 vessells taken up for carrying ammunition of war to the 

That the duke of Marlborough told the states, the queen 
did not design to put garrisons of her own into any places in 
the Netherlands, being contented to procure a good barrier 
for them. 

That his army will be reinforced vrith 42 batallions and 34 
squadrons, which will make his foot X15 batallions, and his 
horse 157 squadrons ; to bo divided into two bodies, one to be* 
seige towns, the other to cover them. 

And that the French expect a reinforcement of 62, bataUions, 
and 54 squadrons. 

The allies had killed in the late battle 1066, and 2567 

Some letters say Turin is invested, and the trenches to be 
opened the 4th. 
Several French vessells laden with ammunition and provisions 


for Ostend were sayling thither, but understanding admiral 
Fairborn was before it they retired. 

Tuesday, 1 1 June. — ^Yesterdays Dutch post brings letters 
from duke of Marlborough's camp of the 6th (O. S.), which 
say a battering train of 140 guns and mortars were disembark- 
ing at Sas van Ghent for the seiges of Newport and Ostend. 

That when the Hesi^ans, Hanoyerians, and Lunenburghers, 
with the forces daily expected from Holland, are arriyed, the 
army will be 35,000 stronger than when they fought. 

Some letters say we are to form a camp at Gemblours, in 
order to beseige Charleroy and block up Namur, where the 
Spanish goyerner of that citadell has twice preyented the 
French, who endeayoured to possesse themselves thereof. 

That general FageU has taken fort Plassendale sword in 
hand, which will facilitate the reducing of Ostend, in which is 
a garrison of 2 Spanish and 5 French batallions, under com- 
mand of Le Motte, a French man ; the 1st with the inhabitants 
are inclinable to surrender, but the latter haye unpayed the 
streets, and seem resolyed to hold it out. 

That when the French king heard of the defeat of his army, 
sent to duke Feyillade to offer duke of Sayoy the goyemment 
of the Milaneze, and the same subsidies the allies giye him to 
quitt their interest, which he refused. 

From Venice 'tis reported that general Toralba, with a body 
of Spaniards in the Cremoneze, haye declared for king Charles. 

From Paris, that the duke of Anjou arriyed the 6th at 

The earl of Peterboroughs fine coach and equipage is put on 
board for Spain, and his lordship is declared her majesties am- 
bassador extraordinary to that king. 

Thursday^ 13 June, — ^Yesterday the earl of Derby satt the 
1st time as chancellor of the dutchy of Lancaster, and has 
made Edward Loyd, esq. (one of the commissioners of the stamp 
office) his secretary. 

Same day the Venetian ambassador, it's said, declared, if the 
French attack Verona, as they threatnen, that 22,000 Venetians 
will join prince Eugene to defend it. 

The lady Catherine Stanhope, daughter to the earl of Ches- 
terfeild, is married to Godfrey Gierke, of Darbyshire, esq. 

Mrs. Frowd, maid of honour to the queen, is dead. 

Jdm 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 57 

Her majesiie has giyen to the oollonels of the 6 French 
r^ments of refdgees which are raising, 300Z. each for bounty 
jDoaey, as a reoompence for the profits coUonels usually make 
m clothing their regiments ; she haying given orders for mak- 
ing them. 

Yesterday Dr. Drake, Hr. Gildon, &c. appeared upon their 
reoognixances at the queens bench court, and were continued 
on the same till next term. 

Mr. Shippings tryal (who sometime since pleaded to an in- 
formation for bantering Mr. secretary Harley about discorering 
the authors of the Memorial) is put off till next term. 

Mr. Ward, indicted for writing Hudibras Rediyivus, pleaded 
guilty to the information. 

This day one captain Newell (whose shipp was some time 
nnce carryed into Dunkirk) arrived here, being exchanged, 
and says the French have hud the country about Newport 
under water, and that our army was to invest Ostend as Thurs- 
day last. 

To morrow we expect a Dutch post. 

Saturday t 15 June. — Yesterdays Dutch post advis'd that 
the king of Pruaua arrived the i6th at Hanover, and the next 
day the marrif^ concluded between the prince royal and 
prinoesse of Hanover was publickly declared, to the great joy 
of both courts. 

From Paris, that the trenches before Turin were advanced 
within 50 paces of the outworks ; but the beseigers, being in- 
formed that the duke of Savoy had undermined all the works, 
were obliged to proceed by sapping and countermining, which 
will take up much time. 

That Villars had orders to make a 3d detachment from his 
camp to the Netherlands; and the militia marching towards 
the sea coasts, where the people are in great consternation upon 
the news of a descent from England. 

That prince Eugene had received several reinforcements, and 
was preparing to passe the Adige. 

From the Hague, that 30 transports were taking on board 
%^QO foot, and 900 dragoons, for the descent. 

That they had letters from Berlin and other places, which 
mention an action between the king of Sueden and the Musco- 


vites, near Kiow, in which the former had 5000 killed and 

From duke of Marlborough's camp at Rousalaer of 21st, 
that his grace had received adyice from the blockade of Den- 
dermond, that the burghers had taken armes to force the gari- 
son to surrender, and the cannon being ready to play, 'twas 
beleived, would soon submit ; and that the country about New- 
port being drowned, monsieur Overkirk invested Ostend on 

A private letter from Paris says Salamanca had declared for 
king Charles, and that Garet taking no notice of the Portu- 
gueeze army, it^s beleived they are marcht for Madrid. 

The dutchesse of Marlborough had lately an apoplectick fitt, 
but well again. 

The lord Mordaunt is made a brigadeer generall. 

Tuesday, [8 June. — Yesterdays Dutch post says from the 
Rhine, that Mr. Villars is strongly entrench't within his lines, 
being reduced to 10,000 men, the rest gone to Flanders, where 
18,000 Prussians and Lunenburghers have join'd duke Marl- 
borough, who has sent 300 men to take possession of Courtray 
for king Charles, the French haveing quitted it after [they] had 
exacted vast contributions from the inhabitants. 

The enemy, with a strong body of horse and foot from Mens, 
put 500 men into Dendermond, but lost 700 by desertion in 
that expedition, notwithstanding which 'twas ordered to be 

It's said the French in Namur have made themselves masters 
of the castle. 

Fryday was a general thanksgiving in Holland for the late 

A plot has been discovered at Turin to blow up the magazine 
of powder, and the chief concerned hanged. 

An expresse from sir Stafford Fairborn says that his seamen 
have made a battery on the shore near Ostend, and that they 
had furnish'd the lord Overkirk with good store of cannon, 
and the trenches to be opened last Saturday. 

Last night Mr. Mawgridge, first kettle drummer, killed capt. 
Cope (son to sir John Cope) in the guard room at the Tower, 
and is committed to Newgate. 


Mrs. Smithy daughter to the speaker, succeeds Mrs. Frowd 
as miud of honour to the queen. 

It's said the commissioners for the union have agreed 
that 1 6 Scotch lords and 45 commoners shall sitt in our par« 

Three Lisbon mails just arriyed confirm the taking of Sala- 
maoca, and sajs the Portugueese are marching for Madrid. 

Thuradayy 20 June. — Dr. Woodroffe is made a prebend of 
Winchester, in room of Dr. Ellis, now bishop of Kildare. 

The duke of Northumberland's regiment of horse is new 
clothed, who with the guards are to attend her majestie on the 
thanksgiring day to St. Pauls, where Dr. Stanhope, dean of 
Canterbury, is to preach. 

Testerday the dukes of Somerset, Richmond, and Bolton, 
earl of Sunderland^ lord Sommers, with seyeral other peers, &c« 
were nobly entertained at Drapers hail by our two sheriffs. 

The same day the colonells of the regiments who are to be 
employed in the descent sent their tents, equipage^ and bag- 
gage to Portsmouth. 

Monday 9 transport ships sailed from Deal for Holland, to 
bring oyer some forces for that expedition. 

Testerday 150 Switzers, taken in the late fight in Flanders^ 
march't thro' this citty to list in the French regiments that are 
raising here. 

This day the lord Grey of Wark died of the gout in his head, 
and the honour extinct. 

Tuesday night's letters from Portugall adyise, that the sepe* 
rate body of their troops near Badajoz haye taken Xeres de 
les Cayelleros, and the garrison of 900 men made prisoners of 

A letter from the lord Gallway by those pacquets seems to 
doubt whither he shal be able to preyayl with the marques de 
Minas to proceed for Madrid, tho letters of the last date from 
other hands say they were on their march thither. 

Saturday, 22 June. — ^The EngUsh and Scotch commissioners 
haye finish'd all the points before them relating to the union, 
which are next Wensday to be read to her majestie, and after- 
wards engrost in order to be laid befoi'e the parliaments of both 

Last night an expresse arriyed from admiral Fairborn before 


Ostend, advising that the trenches were open'd last Monday, 
and carried within pistoll shot of the outworks, with the losse 
of icx) men killed and wounded; and that after fixing the 
batteries and planting the cannon our men threw a bomb, 
which fell upon the town house, where the burghers were as- 
sembled, which put them into such a consternation, that they 
sent a message to the lord Overkirk to forbear that practice, 
and they would use their endeavours with the governour to 
surrender ; but was answered, if had nothing else to say might 
return from whence he came. 

The expresse brought an account that Dendermond had 
agreed to capitulate, if not releived in 24 hours. 

This morning a gentleman was seized near Whitehall by one 
of the queens messengers with a warrant from the secretary 
of state ; he drew his sword and defended himself some time, 
but being taken was committed to the Gatehouse for treasonable 

Yesterdays Dutch post is wanting. 

Tuesday, 25 June. — Yesterdays Holland mail advises from 
Paris, that the duke de Fevillade having past the Po had pos- 
sest himself of several posts on the hills by Turin, and that the 
duke of Savoy not being able to oppose him was retired with 
3CX)o horse and all his court towards Coni, leaving his infantry 
and 5cx> horse in Turin, with orders to defend themselves to the 
last extremity. 

That the French king has chang'd his general officers^ no- 
minated the duke of Vendosme to command in Flanders, the 
duke of Orleans in Italy and Villars under him, and Marsin in 

That after king Philip arrived at Madrid he ordered all the 
French there, except the ambassador, to depart that city. 

From Dantzick that 12,000 Swedes attackt 16,000 Musco- 
vites near Lackozin, but during the action 8000 more came up 
and forced the Swedes to retire, with losse of 6000 men, and 
the Muscovites 9000. 

From Genoua that the Medway and Mary arrived there the 
8th in 8 dayes from Barcelona, and say that sir John Lake 
was sidled for Denia, having 10,000 foot on board, and king 
Charles with 4000 horse marching for Valentia, where they 
were to join, and afterwards proceed for Madrid. 

JusB 29.] STATE AFFAIRS. 61 

From the Hague, that the lord Overkirk hopes to be master 
of Ostend in a fortnight's time. 

The Scotch parliament is further prorogued to the 8th of 

Yesterday, being midsummer day, John Ward and Francis 
Eyles, esqs. were chose sherifs of this citty for the year ensue- 
ing ; and this morning they attended upon the court of alder- 
men at Ouildhall ; the first, being a member of parliament, ac« 
quainted them that he insisted upon his priviledge, and would 
Dot serre ; and the last paid his fine, so there will be a new 

Thursday, 27 June. — This morning about 9 all the horse 
and foot guards new doathed went to St. James^ as did the 
peers and peeresses in their coaches and 6 horses, aU richly 
attired, with the officers of state, in order to attend the queen 
to return thanks at St. Pauls for the great victory obtained in 
Flanders ; there was a greater number of the nobility attended 
than ever was known upon such an occasion, the dutchesse of 
Marlborough and countesse of Burlington were in the coach 
with her majestic, the prince not there^ being unable to endure 
the fatigue ; the guns in the park were discharged when she 
left St. James's, the streets lined by the train'd bands and the 
several companies of this citty in their livery gowns, and the 
houses crowded with spectators : about noon the Tower guns 
were discharged : at Temple Bar her majestic was received by 
the lord mayor, aldermen, and sherifs on horseback, who con- 
ducted her to church, where was a very fine anthem sung, and 
a sermon preacht by the dean of Canterbury ; after which she 
retum'd to St. James's, and the whole ceremony was performed 
with great decency : all the foreign ambassadors also attended, 
and at night bonefires, illuminations, &c. 

The lord keeper has sent a new commission to the justices 
of peace for Middlesex, wherein ten are left out and 19 new 
ones putt in ; the like reform is made in several other counties. 

Her majestie has presented the earl of Peterborough with a 
ulver service weighing io,cxx> ounces, which was sent by the 
ship that sailed last week from Portsmouth with his rich coach 
and equipage. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Saturday, 29 June. — Commissions are to be given out on 


Tuesday next for levjing the 5 new regiments of foot, viz. the 
lord Lovelace, the lord Tunbridge, sir Roger Bradshaw, coll. 
Stanwix, and Mr. Townsend. 

As her majestie past by the new exchange in her procession 
to St. Pauls, a bull dog fastned upon the horse of Wm. Feild- 
ing, esq., brother to the earl of Denbigh, near the queens 
coach, upon which he threw himself off, and the dog was killed 
by one of the yeomen of the guard. 

Thomas Conyers, esq., member for Durrham, is removed from 
being querry to the prince, and succeeded by one Mr. Hall. 

Wensday evening her majestie went to the commissioners of 
the union at the cock pitt, and heard an account of their pro- 
ceedings since she was last with them read ; after which she 
recommended dispatch in what remained to be done, (which 
are only some points of smaU consequence.) the presence of 
those who are here from Scotland upon account of the treaty 
being required at home. 

The Mary galley, arrived at Bristol in 5 weeks from Barba- 
does, sayes the French were retired to Martineco with the 
plunder and effects they gott at St. Christophers and Nevis, 
not daring to stay any longer there, or attempt any thing fur- 
ther on the other islands, upon news of capt. Kerrs squadron 
being near at hand. 

This morning Mr. Bolitho and Mr. Grove, the first a grocer, 
the other a merchant, were chosen sherifs of this citty, having 
been both drunk to by the lord mayor, and it*s thought will 

Handsome Fielding, who married the dutchcsse of Cleove- 
land, died yesterday. 

We want 3 Lisbon and 2 Holland mails. 

Tuesday, 2 July, — Mr. Caesar, member of parliament for 
Hertford, who last session was committed by the house of 
commons to the Tower for words spoke which they judged to 
be dishonourable to the queens person and government, at- 
tended on Thursday at St. James's with an addresse from the 
town of Hartford ; which the earl of Kent, lord chamberlain, 
acquainting her majestie of« she sent word that she should be 
glad to receive an addresse from that town, but not by the 
hands of Mr. Csasar ; and he is since ordered to be put out of 
the lieutenancy and conunission of the peace. . 


Saturday night late came in a Lisbon mail of the 25th, N. S., 
which says they had pubhck rejoycings there for 3 days for 
the Tictory in Flanders. That on the 23d an expresse arrived 
firom the lord Gallway with letters of the 16th, that he was 
with the Portugueze army at Ayila, within 18 leagues of 
Madrid, where he hop'd to be on the 24th ; that in their march 
all the country declared for king Charles, and supplied their 
army with provisions^ and that the duke of Barwick retired 
before them. 

They hare nothing certain where the duke of Aujou is, nor 
the confederate fleet, or where the lord Peterborough and king 
Charles are ; tho some letters say they arrived at Saragosa^ 
where the latter was proclaimed and crowned king of Arragon. 

The letters add, that admiral AUemond with several Dutch, 
men of war and victuallers were arrived at the mouth of the 
river Lisbon. 

The Speedwell and Shoreham have taken 5 out of 10 French 
ships with provisions bound for Martineco, and brought them 
into Ireland. 

Dr. Tyler, bishop of Landaff, was consecrated last Sunday at 

Beau Feilding is not dead, as reported. 

This day Mr. Bolitho paid his fine for sherif of London, and 
Mr. Grove sign'd bonds to hold that office. 

We want 3 Dutch posts. 

Thursday, 4 July. — ^Yesterday capt. Stanhope arrived here 
expresse, that the 22d past (0. S.) our batteries of cannon and 
mortars by sea and land began to fire on Ostend, and so con- 
tinued till the 25th, which destroyed most of the houses, and 
the beseigers preparing to storm the place, the governor beat 
a parley, a capitulation agreed upon, and next morning the 
lord Overkirks troops took possession thereof; the garrison 
consisted of about 25CO men, who are not to serve against the 
allies for 6 months ; two thirds of them were French, and are 
to march with their swords only for Dunkirk, and the 
Spaniards to Mens, but most of the latter have declared for 
king Charles : we found in the harbour two men of war, one 
ef 80 guns, and another of 50, with out 45 merchant ships and 
privateers : during the seige we had about 500 men killed and 


The 27th, part of our cannon was drawn off and sent to- 
wards Newport ; for all which good news the Tower guns were 
fired and bonefires at night. 

Dendermond, tho ahnost reduced to rubbish, has not yet sur- 

It^s said the dutchesse of Marlborough had a letter brought 
by capt. Stanhope, that kmg Charles was declared at Madrid 
28th past, N. S. 

This day Mr. Mawgridg, the kettle drummer, was tried at 
the Old Baily for killing capt. Cope in the guard room at the 
Tower, and the jury brought in a special verdict. 

Mr. Jet (son in law to Mr. Lowndes of the treasury) is made 
auditor of several counties in the room of Mr. Shales, some time 
since deceased. 

To morrow will be due four Dutch posts. 

Saturday, 6 July. — Four Dutch mails are arrived, as also 
a flying pacquet from the Hague of the I3ih, which say, that 
morning they had advice from good hands at Brussells, that 
the elector of Bavaria (who was dangerously ill at Mons) had 
an account that the duke of Vendosme, haveing notice that 
prince Eugene designed to possesse himself of an important 
post some distance from him, went with 25,000 men to prevent 
it; whereupon prince Eugene past the Adige, and general 
Toralba, who commanded 7 Spanish regiments, taking the 
opportunity of Yendosme's absence, joyned Prince Eugene, 
fell upon the French, and routed them; after which they 
marched towards the Millanese, in order to join the duke of 
Savoy, as likewise did Vendosm with the remains of his army 
to join Fevillade. 

Letters also from the Hague say they have an account from 
Madrid, that the duke and dutchesse of Anjou left that citty 
the 1 8th ult. (N. S.), retired to Pampelona, and king Charles 
and earl of Peterborough arrived there the 26th. 

Dendermond resolved to hold out to the last, orders are 
given to block it up till our troops are more at leasure to attack 
it in form. 

The lord Overkirk with the troops from Ostend marcht the 
1 2th to join the duke of Marlborough, who is encamp't at HeU 
chin on the Scheld, over which he has laid 4 bridges; but his 
designe's a secret. 


Next week the earl of Rivarsi and aU the offioers who com- 
Biand in the deaoent goe for Portsmouth, and the wind being 
fiur we hourly expect the regiments from Holland to oompleat 
the number of those troops, siud to be 15,000. 

This day the Tower guns were discharged for the good news 
from abroad. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 3d instant, and held the 4th and 5th, where 
several criminalls were tryed, of which 6 received sentence of 
death, i was bum't in the hand, 10 bum't in the left cheek, 
1 1 ordered to be whip% and 3 were fined ; and the next ses- 
sions ordered to begin on Wensday the aSth of August next. 

Tuesday, 9 Jtdy. — ^Testerdajrs letters from Holland say that 
the emperor, authorized by his brother, king Charles, has sent 
the duke of Marlborough a commission constituting him for 
the present governour general of the Spanish Nedierhmds : as 
also another to count Goes, the imperial envoy at the Hague, 
to be administrator general of all ecdesiastick affairs. 

That upon brigadeer general Cadogans marking out a camp 
near Oramont, the elector of Bavaria retired from Mons to 

The prince of Holstein Beck has entred Courtray with 8 ba* 

Four forts are raised about Dendermond, the closer to block 
it op. 

It's ssdd the forces that took Ostend will beseige Menin, and 
the grand army Toumay, tho some are of opinion they will 
march into France. 

FVom Vienna, that the cessation with the Hungarians is pro- 
longed to the 24th instant. 

That the garrison of Turin had in a sally killed 400 French, 
took 100 prisoners, most of them officers. 

From Paris* that the duke of Anjou's gentleman of his cham- 
ber was arrived there from Madrid, and said brought with him 
the Jewells belonging to the Spanish crown. 

That several regiments are sent to Normandy, upon informa- 
tion that the earl of Rivers designs to land there. 

We have yet no confirmation of prince Eugene's victory; 
the French owne he has past the Adige and obliged them to 
retire ov«r the Minoio. 



Testerday we bad an account by tbe Alborougb man of war, 
tbat upon taking Ostend, tbe garison of Newport in tbe night 
quitted tbe same, and retired to Dunkirk, but tbe trutb tbereof 
is questioned. 

Thursday 9 1 1 July. — Tuesday last Mr. Nicbolas, wbo was 
cbose sberif in tbe room of Mr. Belitbo, also paid bis fine, and 
anotber is to be elected on Saturday. 

Our lord mayor and aldermen baving obtain'd a grant from 
tbe queen, tbat tbe standards and colours taken at Rameilly, 
wbicb fell to our sbare, sbould be putt up in Guildball, they 
are repairing and beautifyeing tbat place, and have ordered 
1200Z. for tbe charge tbereof. 

This morning about 400 Switz and Walloons, wbo deserted 
tbe French in tbat action, were reviewed in St. James park by 
tbe lord Overkirk's youngest son, he being their collonel, and 
were ordered immediately to tbe Isle of Wight for tbe descent, 
where the forces from Holland are expected tbe first wind. 

Lieutenant general Earl serves in that expedition under tbe 
earl of Rivers, as also the earl of Essex. 

On Monday 3 French privateers with English colours came 
into the Downs to view our shipping, and took tbe Squirrel of 
24 guns. 

Col. Godfrey, jun. is made groom of the bedchamber to the 
prince, in tbe room of Henry Graham, esq. removed. 

There was a letter last post from an English lord in Holland, 
tbat they had certain account from Paris that upon draining 
the French garison at Cadiz to reinforce tbe duke of Barwick, 
that citty declared for king Charles. 

The commissioners for the union are expected this night to 
finish the same, and those absent are summoned to attend next 
Tuesday, when they are all to sign it. 

Saturday, 13 July. — 'Tis said the emperor's envoy hwe has 
presented to tbe queen a copy of bis masters patent, constitut- 
ing the duke of Marlborough for the present governor generall 
of the Spanish Netherlands ; with a letter desiring her majestic 
to permit bis higbnesse to accept of it : 'tis not known what 
answer she returned, but some of the last letters from Holland 
say'd be bad refused it, and tbat 6 Spaniards of note are chose 
to be tbe council of state for Brabant to reside at Brussells, 
being invested with the same power that council antiently bad; 

July 17.] STATE AFFAIRS. 67 

which was agreed between his grace, the deputies of the states 
generall, and those of Brabant. 

A commission is ugned appointing Mathew Tongue, esq.» 
dq)at7 muster master of the marines who goe upon the descent, 
with an allowance of io«. per diem. 

This daj Mr. George iVohock, founder, was chose sherif of 
London^ in the room of Mr. Nicholas, who paid his fine. 

A pacqiiet boat is now setled to goe twice a week fi*om Mar- 
gate to Ostend. 

Twas expected the commissioners for the umon would have 
finish'd last Thursday, but did not ; and that 'twould be Mon- 
day 7night before theyl be ready to sign the treaty. 

The earl of Peterborough, our ambassador extraordinary to 
king Charles ^d, has 1500^. allowed him for his equipage, and 
100/. per week for his table. 

A Dutch post arrived at 10 this night, the letters not yet 
dehvered out, except those to Whitehall, which bring nothing 
of moment. 

Ihieaday^ 17 Jufy. — ^Testerday sir Stafford Fairborn came 
into the Downs with his squadron and several transports from 
Ostend, having on board 3 English regiments for the descent, 
who are to sail to Spithead and to goe on shore in the Isle of 
Wight till the Dutch arrive. 

Same day Thomas Gierke, esq., member of parliament ^or 
Hertford, presented their addresse to the queen, who conferred 
the honour of knighthood upon him. 

Four coaches with several French officers were robbed last 
Fryday goeing for Portsmouth by 8 highway men, who took 
from them their watches and Jewells, but left their money. 

This day 100,000/. was sent thither for our forces ; and two 
months provisions are put on board the fleet more than ordered 
at first. 

The last Dutch post advised that the duke of Marlborough 
had drawn out his army for the prince of Prussia to view, and 
is preparing to beseige some place. 

His grace having refused the government of the Spanish 
Netherlands, the administration is given to the new council of 
state, and the revenue thereof to goe towards the charge of 
the warr. 

That the garison of Turin in several sallyes have killed 

p a 


above 2000 French, and nayled up several of their cannon; 
but Fevillade has taken Mondovi by surprize. 

This day's Lisbon mail does not confirm king Charles bdng 
at Madrid, the letters being of an old date, 21st of June, 0. 8., 
•about a month since. 

The Dutch have open'd a trade with the Spanish Nether- 
lands, and we shal doe the like next Fryday. 

Thursday, 18 July. — Last night captain Montague, aid de 
camp to the earl of Galloway, arrived here with an expresse 
from his lordship, that the '24th past (N. S.) his lordship came 
to Torres within 3 leagues of Madrid ; that next day 4 deputies 
came from that citty to own king Charles, where great pre- 
parations were making to proclaim him, and several couriers 
sent to hasten his oomeing thither^ where he is expected with 
great impatience. 

The 29th the duke de Medina Celi, with 3 other grandees, 
came to our camp to conferr with our generalls. 

The duke of Anjou before he quitted Madrid burnt aod de- 
stroyed all the rich hangings, pictures, glasses, and other things 
of value which he could not carry away ; besides hamstringing 
the horses to make them un8ei:riceable. 

The cities of Seville, Toledo, and Badajox have also declared 
for king Charles ; and the council at Madrid have issued out 
orders to proclaim him in all parts of Spain. 

Letters from sir John Leake of the 19th (O. S.) say, that 
upon his comeing before Carthagena the 12th and summoning 
it to declare for Charles the 3d, the next day submitted and 
received a garrison of 600 marines under major Hedges. 

That two gallies belonging to that citty, having money on 
board for the garrison of Oran, being at anchor near Altea, 
upon approach of two of our ships, declared for king Charles; 
and that he was proceeding to Alicant. 

This days Dutch post confirms prince Eugene's passing the 
Adige, and that our army last Fryday had invested Menin. 

Saturday, 20 July. — Yesterday two men, lately condemned 
at the Old Baily for robbery and murther, were executed at 

The forces that gee upon the descent consist of 9448 foot 
and 9CX) horse and dragoons, without including the officers, 
which together will make a body of 12 or 13,000 men; these 


troops will no sooner land at the place designed, but the trans- 
ports will be sq>erated and sayl, part for Ireland and the others 
for Engl an d and Holland, where several other regiments are to 
goe on board to support them. 

Forty pdces for battery have been embark'd, and 40,000 
barrdls of powder: the ehief engineer desired 50 cannon and 
60,000 barrells of powder, but was answered, if that was not 
sufficient he might take what he thought fitt from on board the 
men c^ war. 

This day came an expresse from Portsmouth, that our great 
fleet of merchant ships with 4 men of war are arrived there 
from Lisbon. 

Last night's Dutdi post confirms prince Eugene passing the 
Adige, and the French quitting the advantageous post they 
have been so long fortifyeing, and retired with great precipi- 
tation, their cavalry ruoning away without taking time to 
saddle or bridle their horses; and their infantry did the like, 
leaving their tents, ammunition, and provisions behind them^ 
with some peices of cannon. 

That prince Eugene had laid a bridge over the Fo, and was 
pressing forward to releive Turin. 

And that i j Dutch and 7 English homeward bound East 
India ships are safe arrived in the TexelL 

William Benson and Ambrose Crowley, esqs^ are chose sherifs 
of this citty for the year ensueing. 

Tuesd<Mff, 33 July. — ^Yesterday the Lisbon fleet came into 
the river, being above 100 sayl, besides 40 more put into odier 
ports; th^ are laden with wines, raisons, oranges, lemmons, 
sugars, &c., the customes of which will amount to a consider- 
able summ. 

The same day the conunissioners of both kingdoms signed 
the union, which they this day presented to the queen at the 
cockpitt, where the lord keeper of the great seal of England 
and the lord chanc^or .of Scotland made speeches to her ma- 
jestie on that occasion, who tbank't them for their unanimous 
concurrence in a thing so necessary and advantageous to the 
two nations, and hop^d the friends of both would distinguish 
themselves by being for or against it, when laid before the par- 
liament of both kin^omes at their next meeting. 

Sir Thomas Hardy with 4 men of war came mto Plymouth 


Sound the 1 7th instant^ who mett at sea a Dutch vessell from 
Bourdeaux, and the master reported that the French had 
10,000 militia in arms thereabouts; that upon sight of any 
strange sayl^ they were under apprehensions of the English 
fleets visiting them. 

Admiral Allemond is come in the late fleet from Lisbon, upon 
sir Cloudesly Shovel's not commanding this year in the Medi- 
terranean, being unwilling to serve under an inferiour flagg. 

Yesterday's Dutch post seems to hint that the French will 
turn the seige of Turin into a blockade. 

Thursday, 25 Jvily. — ^Yesterday the lord cheif justice Holt 
committed to Newgate handsom Feilding, who marryed the 
dutchosse of Cleeveland, she having sworn the peace against 

The same day the marquesse of Guiscard, a French officer, 
accompanied by Henry St. John, esq., secretary of war, went 
hence with a guard of horse granadeers for Portsmouth, upon 
apprehension that some French emissaries might way lay him : 
he has a commission of lieutenant general both from her ma- 
jestic and the emperor, but not to be acknowledged as such till 
the fleet is at sea. 

And this morning the earb of Rivers and Essex, &c. went 
also for Portsmouth. 

Monsieur Casselope, a French pilot, is on board the Britannia 
with sir Glowdesly Shovel, being well acquainted with the ports 
and harbours of France. 

Several thousand declarations in French are printed, to be 
dispers'd among the inhabitants where the descent is to be 

This days letters from Deal say that the Dutch men of war 
and transports, with their troops on board, sayled yesterday by 
the Goodwin Sands to join our fleet at Spithead, which is in a 
sayling posture. 

There are letters this afternoon at the post office brought by 
the Gibralter frigat from Lisbon, dated 16th instant, N. S., 
which say, that our ambassador there, Mr. Methwin, dyed the 
13 th of the gout and rheumatism : he was member of parlia- 
ment for the Devizes and a master in chancery. 

Mr. Benson and Mr. Crowley, our two new sherifs, have given 
bond to hold. 


Saturday J 27 Ju/y.—Testerday Mr. Feilding was bay led out 
of Newgate, himself in 1000/., and his two sureties^ the duke of 
Devon and earl of Denbigh, 500/. each. 

This days letters from Portsmouth say, that on Thursday the 
forces which wwe encamp't in the Isle of Wight embark't, and 
ready to sail so soon as the Dutch join them, who were drove 
back the 25th by contrary winds into the Downs ; but letters 
from Deal say they are again sayled. 

A Dutch mail arriyed this afternoon advises from Paris of 
the 30th instant, N. S., that prince Eugene had surprized and 
secured their bridges and pontons over the Po, past that river, 
and surrounded 4 of their batallions, killing and taking pri- 
soners most of them ; whereupon the duke of Orleans sent a 
courier to the duke de Fevillade for a detachment of his troops 
to reinf(Nrce him, who returned answer, that he could not doe 
it without raising the seige of Turin : however, sent to the 
French king to know his pleasure therein, upon which a great 
council was called, but the result not known. 

That prince Eugene was advanc'd to Carpi in the Modenese; 
some letters say he has past the Panuro, and that prince Vau- 
demont, governer of the MiUanesCy has received orders from 
the royal eoundl at Madrid to obey none but king Charles for 
the future. 

It's said the batteries before Menin would be ready to fire as 
Wensday last. 

Tnefdaiyt 30 Jidy. — This days Dutch mail advises, from 
prince Eugene's army at Final d' Modena of the 24th, that 
upon their preparing to attack the French, they abandoned 
the river Panaro, over which the Germans past and took 2C0 
of their rear prisoners, and are now masters of the most diffi^ 
cult passes in their way to Piedmont, as also of Modena and 
Mesola, and made the garisons prisoners of war. 

From Paris, Aug. 2d, that the duke of Yendosm was come 
toYersaaUes, and received with uncommon marks of favour^ 
and that the day before an expresse arrived from Italy with 
advice from the duke of Orleans, that prince Eugene being re* 
solved to enter Piedmont, there was no way to prevent him but 
by battle. 

From the confederate army at Menin, that the trenches are 
opened before that place, that we have plenty of provisions in 


our camp, and that 2000 men were ordered to reinforce the 
blockade of Dendermond. 

From Brussells, that since king Charles has been proclaimed 
at Madrid, they have received orders for soiling the council of 
state in Brussells, which has been done ahnost in the same 
manner as was by the duke of Marlborough in the queen of 
England's name, and by the states general. 

The states of Brabant and Flanders have takeo off all impo- 
sitions laid on English manufactures mnce 1682. 

Letters from Portsmouth say that all the troops for the de- 
scent received 3 weeks pay before they embark't ; that the fleet 
was sailed to St. Hellens and the Dutch within sight of them. 

Hmraday, i Aug. — The last accounts from Paris advise, 
that they had letters from Burgos of the 21st past, which say, 
king Charles with 3000 men arrived the 14th at Madrid, and 
that 5 men of war have been sent from Thonlon to Naples, 
and more to follow, upon apprehension of that kingdoms revolt- 
ing to king Charles. 

The armies in Flanders continue much in the same posts ; 
Villeroy is gone for Versailles ; the fVench are assembling their 
troops in all hast, which they give out are 50,000, and to be 
joined by more in order to attempt the relief of Menin. 

The English and Dutch ministers are returned to Vienna 
from Hungary, not being able to accomodate matters between 
the emperor and the malecontents, which latter would have 
had the cessation prolonged, and then a peace might have en- 
sued, but the Oermans opposed it, so both parties are now 
hastning to attack each other with great fury ; for which pur- 
pose the emperor has recalled some regiments from the Upper 
RhinOf which the states of Holland have wrote to him about, 
complaining thereof. 

Charles Seymor, esq., 3d son to sir Edward by his last 
lady, is removed from being one of the gentlemen of the bed 
chamber to the prince. 

There is a dispute between the queen and the dnke of Or- 
mond, chancellor of the university of Oxford, about chusing a 
vice chancellor in the room of Dr. Wm. Delaune, deceased, both 
claiming it as their right. 

Monsieur Cavalier, one of the chief of the camisars, arrived 
here yesterday, and was this morning with the lord treasurer. 

Atoott 6.] ' STATE AFFAIRS. 78 

and is flboe gone for St.Helleii8, being to command a regiment 
in the descent. 

SSotftarday, 3 Aug. — ^The duke of Qoeensbury has putt off 
his joomey to Seotland, upon account of the parliament of that 
kii^;dom being farther prorogued to the middle df September. 

This day's letters from the Hague say the duke of Ven- 
doBDie's army is now superior to ihe duke of Mariboroughs, by 
reason a great part of his troops are imf^oyed in the seige of 
Manin, which place on the 9th instant they began to batter . 
with 60 cannon and 44 mortars; that the beeeiged made 
seTcral GBallies the 5th and 6th, and a continual fire with their 
cannon and mortarB and small arms, but were repulsed with 
the losse of some hundred of men, among them an engineer 
of note and a French oollonel ; and to proTont any de^gn the 
enemy may have to disturb the seige, the duke of Marlborough 
has ordered lieutenant general Fagell to march with 1 2 batal- 
lions of foot» and post himself between ihe right of our army 
and Menin, near Lawwe, to be ready to asrist the beseigers if 
occasion ; and a great number of peasants are summoned to 
letel the ways between his grace aiMl that town, that they may 
march thither with greater speed upon any emergency. 

From Paris, Aat they haye nothmg new from Italy. 

That the duke of Anjou has resolred to 4gfat the earl of 
Galloway and the FortugueesB, before the troops under the earl 
of Peterlwrongh had joyned ihem. 

And that the French king had ordered the duke of Vendosm 
to attempt the relief of Menin, cost what 'twill. 

The wind being contrary, our fleet for the descent is not 
sayled from St. HeUens. 

Tuesday, 6 August. — Monday's letters from Portsmouth say 
that 4m Sonday ear-fleet for the descent was under sayl ; but 
this day's letters from ihence mention there being but little 
wind and not very fair, were obliged to come back, and they 
with the Dutch were yesterday within sight of Portsmouth. 

Coll. Massam (son to sir Frauds) succeeds Mr. Seymor as gen- 
tleman of the bedduHuber to the prince. 

Last night's Dutch post advises from Paris, that on the ist 
the two junnies in Spam, under the didce of Anjoy and the lord 
fialiway, were wstfain a league (^ eadi other, parted by a small 
rirer, and a battle was expected the next day. 


That king Charles was on the 23d past at Saragossa, and 
designed to be at Madrid in 8 dayes. 

From Genoa, that the duke of Sayoj, being assisted by the 
Vaudois, was come out of the yallies of Lucerne with his cayahy 
into the plains to harasse the French before Turin, who are 
much weakned by detachments sent to the duke of Orleans ; 
and that 10,000 Hessians were come to Verona, and the prince 
of Hesse their general gone to conferr with prince Eugene. 

From the camp before Menin, that they were adyanoed 
within 16 paces of the counterscarp, and hop'd to be masters 
of it in a fortnight ; there being 10 batteries pUying upon H 
of 80 great cannon, 26 demy culyerins, 40 mortars, &c. which 
haye fired the town in many places. 

That the elector of Bayaria with 25,000 men is march't to 
the Sambre to make a diyersion, but the garisons of Maestricht 
and Leige are gone to Huy to obserye him* 

And that the duke of Marlborough was adyanced nearer 
Menin to fight Yendosm if he attempts to releiye it. 

Thursday, 8 August. — Mr. secretary Harley haying writt 
to the chief of the French ministers here of the coolnesse of the 
refugees in listing themselyes for the descent, they haye re- 
tumM an answer, with a copy of their charge lately deliyered 
from the pulpit to them, wherein they make great professions 
of their z^ for and affection to her majesties goyemment. 

It appears scyeral French papists haye been yery industrious 
in censuring our affiiirs, and crying up the designs of France, 
which in some measure has giyen occasion to the complaints 
against the refugees. 

One of our spy boats return'^d from the French coasts brings 
adyice that they were all up in arms and the beacons sett on 
fire, upon notice of our fleets sailing last Sunday from St. Hel- 
lens, which, 'tis said, are still ?Find bound. 

Baron Spanheim, the Prussian ambassador, being recall'd, 
his excellency goes next Sunday to Windsor, to take his audi* 
ence of leaye of the queen and prince. 

The lord keeper has sworn James Medlicot, of the AGddle 
Temple, esq. a master of chancery, in the room of Mr.Methwin, 
deceased ; and a warrant is signed for Mr. Methwin, junior, 
now enyoy in Sayoy, to succeed his father as ambassador in 


Benjamin Mildmay, esq. brother to the lord fltzwalter, is 
made querry to the prince in the room of coll. Masham, lately 
made one of the grooms of the bedchamber. 

Some letters from France by the last post say the French 
hare raised the sdge of Turin. 

Saturday f 10 August. — Sunday last the lord Wharton lust 
the queen's hand for the place of chief justice in eyre of all her 
miyesties forests, parks, chases, &c. on the south side Trent, 
whidi he enjoyed at the death of king William, and vacant ever 
fflnee ; his lordship has made Alexander Denton, esq., one of the 
council to the Aylisbury men, his secretary. 

It's said a patent is passing the scales, constituting the lord 
Gallway captain general of her majesties forces in Spain and 
Portngall, in consideration of his great sendees. 

The regiment of the lord DonegaU, kiUed at fort Monjoui, is 
^yen to lieutenant coQ. Allen of the lord Montjovi's regiment; 
and that of coll. Bivers, who dyed at Barcelona, to coll. Wm. 

The French privateers continue very much to infest our 
coast ; the earl of Hartford, and Mr. Yemon, our late envoy 
in Denmark, who came last Monday from Holland, narrowly 
escaped them. 

This day arrived a Lisbon mail of the a7th July, N. S., which 
oonjfirms king Charles being proclaimed at Madrid. 

That 2 grandees had taken commissions from the earl of 
Gallway for raising two re^ments of horse. 

That the Portugeeze army was march't to meet king Charles, 
and that there had been a mutiny at Salamanca in favour of the 
duke of Anjou, but soon quelled. 

The lady Heriot Berkley, who was to have been married to 
ar John Germain, is dead at Tunbridge. 

The wind last night coming easterly, and so continueing, 
we hourly expect an account of our fleets being sayled for the 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday y 13 August. — Since my last came in a Dutch miuls: 

From Italy, that prince Eugene past the Secchia the 29th 
past, and came before Carpi the ist, and the garison, consist- 
ing of 400 men, surrendred at discretion ; after which Corregio 
did the like to save themselves fr^m being plundered, and was 


marching to fight the duke of Orleans encamp't near Guastalla; 
and that the French general, coant Medavi, had quitted the 
Mindo and all their posts in the Brescian : some letters men* 
tion that the duke of Fevillade has made himself master of the 
covered way before Turin, with the losse of 20 officers of note, 
300 men killed, and 400 wounded. 

From Paris, that the duke of Anjoy, upon lord GaUwaj's 
retiring with the Portugeeze to Guadalaxara, had agdn took 
possession of Madrid and several other places, and march't to 
attack him; but finding his lordship strongly intrench't, durst 
not attempt it : and that on the 5th instant (N. S.) king Charles 
with 30cx> men from Saragosa, and lord Peterborough with 
6000 from YaJentia, joyn'd the lord Galway, who is now supe- 
riour to duke de Anjou. 

^ From Flanders, that we have taken the counterscarp of 
Menin after an obstinate fight, in which we had about 1000 
killed and wounded ; and 'tis feared the duke of Argyle is 
among the former, and that brigadeer Cadogan being a forag- 
ing and returning bringing up the rear of his party, was 
taken prisoner by the garison of Tournay, but since at liberty 
on his parol. 

Mr. now in Savoy, is appointed her majesties envoy 

to that duke, in the room of Mr. Methwin goeing for Lisbon. 

Some are of opinion that for [thef] fleet for the descent are 
sail'd for the Bay of Biscay. 

Thursday^ 15 Aug. — Our East India company have received 
an account from Holland that the Dunkirk squadron is out, 
and there being but 4 small men (^ war to convoy their 7 
homeward bound ships for England, they will not put to sea 
without a stronger guard. 

Orders are sent for Ireland to get ready the 3000 men with 
lUl expedition that are to second the descent, who are to be 
commanded by brigadeer Sankey. 

The lord Barrimore is married to the carl of Rivers's only 
daughter, unknown to her father. 

Some days since the oountesse dowager of Plymouth (daugh- 
ter to the duke of Leeds) married Dr. Bisse, her chaplain. 

Yesterday Wm. Grimston, esq., a gentleman of 6000I, per 
ann., and grandson to the late sir Harbottle Grimston, was mar« 
ried to one Mrs. Cook ; her fortune !ZO,ooo^ 

Atoust 17.] STATE AFFAIRS. 77 

Tis said the parliaiiieat of Scotland is further prorogued to 
the 15 of Sept 

Sunday last her majestie was pleased to honour the earls of 
Harr atid Louthian (secretaries of state for that kingdom) with 
St Andrew's garter, since which th^ sett out for Edenburgh. 

Charles Nicholas Evre, and Richard Steel, esqs. are made 
gentlemen waiters to the prince, in the room of coll. Durell 
and Mr. Beverly; the first being made querry in the room of 
eoIL Bringfeild, killed at Ramellies, and the latter gent, usher 
to bis royal highnesse in the room of coll. Webb, sen., deceased; 
aad Mr. Chudley made page of honour to the prince in the 
place of Mr. Hawley, lately advanced to be a querry. 

The earl of Hartford is made lord lieutenant of Sussex. 

S(Uurday, 17 August. — ^Yesterday the Elisabeth, a new third 
rate man of war of 70 guns, was launched at Woolwich ; and 
the same day another third rate, called the Restauration, was 
laoDched at Deptford. 

It's said her majestie has given very rich presents to baron 
Spanheim, the Prussian ambassador, who embarks next week 
for Holland ; and that the reason of his being recalled is, that 
his master wants, his assistance in his counciUs, of which he is 
made president. 

The earl of Gharlemont has disposed of his regiment to coll. 

Three men of war are sailed from h^nce to Holland to join 
the 4 others, which are to convoy over our 7 East India ships. 

Dr. D'avenant's son, her majesties resident at Ratisbon, is 
recalled, and Mr. Cresoet named to succeed him. 

Testerday's letters from Plimouth advise that sir Clowdesly 
Shovell past by there Monday noon, and in the evening the 
Dutch transports were in sight of them. 

The occasion of Mr. Tudway bemg turned out of his places 
at Cambridge, mentioned in Monday's Gazett, was, some body 
there saying the queen had refused to admit Mr. Ciesar Bur- 
gease, for Hertford, to present the addresse of that corpora- 
tion, he made a punn upon the word Burgesse, and said did 
not doubt but she would have admitted Daniel Burghesse; 
thereby insinuating that the presbyterians are more in favour 
at court than the church men» 

We want a Dutch mail. 


Tuesday, 20 Auff. — Our last accounts from lisbon say that 
their letters to Madrid are stopt at Ciudad Rodrigo by the 
commotions at Salamanca, which place has rerdted from it's 
obedience ; but the troops of the king of Portugall in Alenteio 
and Abiro, being about 1 0,000, are marching to reduce them, to 
preserre a communication with our grand army. 

That the Spanish grandees continue at their country seats, 
and not expected to declare for king Charles the 3d till his ar- 
rival at Madrid ; in the mean time several have privately wrote 
to our generalls to make their submissions, and among them, 
it's said, cardinal Portocarero. 

That the castle of Alicant (1500 strong) commanded by Ma- 
honi, an Irish man, still holds out. 

That the governor of Carthagena is gone with some troops 
to reduce Murcia. 

That the garrison of Gibralter in a sally kill'd several Span- 
iards, who block't them up, and took many prisoners; after 
which 100 horse came over to them. 

And that sir John Jennings, with a squadron of men of war 
and some marines on board, was gone to attack Minorca. 

It^s said the lord Charlemont, lately returned from Spain, 
threatnens to exhibit articles against the lord Peterborough. 

The wind being now northerly, we expect to hear that our 
fleet, which was forced back to Torbay, is again sailed. 

On Sunday the lord Hallifax arrived here from Hanover, 
convoyed by the men of war which brought over our 7 East 
India ships from Holland. 

Mr. Poultney is preparing to goe envoy to Denmark, in the 
room of Mr. Vernon. 

No Dutch post 

Thursday, 22 August. — Capt. Dampier has had good suc- 
cesse in taking of prizes in the South Seas, and sent over hither 
considerable summs of money. 

On Tuesday some persons were taken up for reporting that 
Vendosme had beat our army, and the duke of Marlborough 
and lord Overkirk were killed. 

Dr. Bailey, president of Magdalen colledge in Oxford, is dead. 

The duke of Norfolk, hereditary earl marshal of England, 
being a papist, has appointed the lord Walden to execute that 
office^ and her majestie has approved of the same. 

Auorar 24.] STATE AFFAIRS, 79 

They write from Ireland that 2 regiments of horse and 5 of 
foot are marching from their quarters to Cork, to be ready to 
embark on the 2d expedition. 

The lord Hallifax had a fine present of gold plate made him 
at Hanover by the princesse Sophia. 

We hourly expect to hear of our fleet's being sailed from 

It's said the states general, haying sent no men of war upon 
the descent, have agreed with the queen that their ships shal 
goard the coasts of England, and convoy all vessells to and 
from Holland. 

Sir Cloudsley Shovell's fleet oonmsts of 1 9 large English men 
of war, 10 frigats, lao transports, and 28 Dutch transports, 
besides fireships, bomb vessells, tenders, &c. 

To morrow will be due 3 Holland mails. 

Saturday, 24 August. — Yesterdays letters from Ostend of 
the 27th, N. S., advise that the govemer of Menin beat a par- 
ley the 22d, and the 25th the garrison (which from 4000 men 
was reduced to 1700) roarch't out for Dovay with their arms, 
baggage, colours flying, 6 cannon, 2 mortars, 40 waggons, 
whereof 6 covered ; the taking of which place (which opens a 
way into France,) it^s said, has cost the allies above 1000 men 
killed, and 2000 wounded. 

That great number of pioneers were imployed in levelling 
the works and repairing the fortifications. 

That general Fagell^ with 25,000 men, was detach't to in- 
vest Ipres, the reducing whereof will facilitate the attacking of 

That brigadeer general Cadogan was exchanged for brigadeer 
general Pallavicini, taken at Ramellies. 

That the French are retiring towards Labasse, not able to 
make a stand against the duke of Marlborough ; and some let- 
ters say Yendosm has putt all his troops into fortified towns, 
and gone post to Versailles. 

From Paris of the 23d, that a general fast is appointed there 
the 27th, to implore a blessing over the French kings arms. 

That the seige of Turin is carried on with vigour. 

And that it's confirmed from Spain that king Charles and 
the earl of Peterborough have joined the earl of Galloway ; 
that the two armies were in sight, and king Charles was pre* 


paring to attack the dake of Anjou, who was intrenching him- 
self at Marchinello. 

Phillip Hungate, esq., convinced of the orors of the church 
of Rome, in which he was bred, and renoancing the same the 
nth instant before the archbishop and clergy at York, was at 
the minster received into the communion of the chnrch of Eng- 
land, and took the sacrament from the archbishops hands. 

We want 3 Dutch posts. 

Tuesday, 27 Aug, — On Sunday came in 3 Dutch posts^ which 
advise that in Menin we found 118 brasse caimon, (4 of them, 
with English arms, taken at the battle of Landen, and ordered 
to be sent hither,) 59 mortars, 4668 musquets, and abundance 
of swords, ammunition, and provisions ; letters say 'twas the 
strongest and best fortified place in the French kings do- 
minions : one great advantage of its surrendring so soon is, 
that we have saved the works, which otherwise must have been 

That our troops detach't, supposed to invest Ipres, march't 
and set down before Dendermond; which seige is to be com* 
manded by general Churchill. 

Duke of Marlborough continues near Menin tiU the breaches 
are repaired. 

The lord John Hay, collonel of the royal Scotch dragoons, 
b dead at Courtray of a feavor. 

The report of Vendosme's retiring is not so, his army being 
strongly intrench't behind the Deul, where he pretends to cover 
Lisle, Ipres, and Tournay. 

There is advice from France, that prince Eugene had gained 
2 days march of the duke of Orleans, and was hastoing, with 
30,000 men, to join the duke of Savoy; and letters from Genoa 
of the 14th say, Feuillade was wounded as leading on his men 
to retake the covered way of the oittadell of Torin, and beat off 
with the losse of 2000 men killed and wounded. 

Serjeant Monday, judge of the sherifs court, is dead; as also 
is Mr. Nelson, philaser for Devon, his place worth 25002I, in 
the disposal of the lord chief justice Trevor. 

Our fleet continues in Torbay, and the xst and ad rates are 
ordered to be laid up, except the Barfleur and Associalaon, 
and their men put on board the other ships derign'd for the 

Auoust 31.] STATE AFFAIRS. 81 

Thursday^ 29 Aitg. — Foreign letters say that prince Ragotzi 
has wrote to the states general, entreating them to asnst again 
widi their good offices to procure a peace for the malecontents; 
it's said he has also wrote upon the same subject to our queen^ 
and the king of Prussia, and the Dutch minister at Vienna ; 
haying likewise assured them that the chiefs of the Hungarians 
and the whole nation were desirous for an accomodation ; but 
die imperial generals haying disswaded their master from pro- 
longing the cessation was the reason of the negotiation being 
broke off: the states have sent to the emperor pressing that 
the treaty may be again renewed, military operations sus- 
pended, and that he withdraw no more troops on any pre- 
tence from the Rhine, but return those recalled ; from whence 
Villars has sent another detachment to join Vendosme in 

Our homeward bound Barbadoes fleet, 45 sail, are come into 
the Downs. 

This day's Dutch post advises from Paris, that the duke of 
Savoy had got a party of horse, with ammunition, &c., into 
Turin, and t^t Feuillade was march't with a great detachment 
to Stradella, to dispute that passe with prince Eugene. 

From Switzerland, that the latter is at Tortona, within 4 days 
of Turin. 

From Venice, that a body of Germans have invested Modena, 
and another gone towards Mantua, expecting that duke will 
declare for us. 

And from the Hague, that the bishop of Paderborn is chose 
bishop of Munster. 

And that the king of Sueden is marching with his troops into 

Mr. Pierpoint, member for Nottingham ; the late lord chief 
baron Montague, aged 89 ; and Mr. Atkins, a commissioner of 
the navy, are dead. 

Sir John Leake has taken the town of Alicant by storm, kiti- 
ng 300, but the cittadell still holds out. 

A patent is passing for creating the lord Waldeu a baron of 
• Our fleet continues still wind bound in Torbay. 

Saturday y 3 1 Augu$L — The last letters from the Hague ad- 
vised they had an expresse from Munster, that of 35 cannons 



of that caihedrall, 20 had chose the bishop of Paderboni for 
their bishop^ the other 15 absenting, which had caused great 
joy in Holland : but we are since told 'twas abated, by letters 
which came by the ordinary post, giving an account that the 
cannons, who had made the election, afterwards had the weak* 
nesse to publish a placard importing that they referred it to 
the pope to decide the yalidity of their proceedings ; and in the 
interim all things to remain in statu qua 

And that after the reducing of Dendermond, 'twas expected 
our army would beseige Aeth, the taking of which will in a 
great measure cover the Spanish proYinces. 

Our fleet at Torbay continues in a sailing posture ; sereral 
hoys with provisions and stores are come to them from Ply- 

The 6 first and 2d rate men of war are returned to St. Hel- 
lens; and yesterday the admiralty ordered 6 lesser to sail 
and join the fleet, which it's generally said is designed towards 

Her majestie intends for Newmarket the 25th Sept., and to 
stay a fortnight there. 

Sir Richard Blackham, formerly a merchant, was at the ses- 
sions house in the Old Baily this week found guilty of mis- 
prision of treason, for melting down the coin of England, and 
making foreign coins of it. 

Our outward bound Russia fleet, upwards of 60 sail, are by 
contrary winds forced back to Sheilds, and being now late in 
the year, it^s beleived they will not sail again this season. 

The Ormond galley, capt. Smith commander, is taken by the' 
French off Algiers. 

It's said a complaint is made to her majestie against the East 
India company, several of their ships breaking bulk in Holland, 
which lessens the customs here. 

Sir John Key, knight of the shire for York, is lately dead. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 3 Sept. — ^The Fox frigat of 28 guns, capt Roch 
commander, which usually cruiz'd between England and Ire- 
land, having Wensday last landed 40 passengers, was afterwards 
drove from her anchors off Holyhead and cast away ; the cap- 
tain, lieutenant, with 35 men drown'd. 

The bench of justices at Hicks hall have granted a warrant 

Sbpt. j.] STATE AFFAIRS. 88 

against Handsome Feilding for beating a person since he was 
bound orer. 

The conntesae dowager of Dorset is dead. 

We hear tiie king of Poland having written to the queen, 
dgmf jdng diat his country of Saxony lay exposed to the king 
of Sueden, whose troops were marching that way; her majestie 
has thereupon sent to the kings of Denmark and Prussia, 
elector of Hanover, &c. representing to them the danger, and 
assuring that she will assist them powerfully to stop that ambi- 
tions prince ; and that the states of Holland have done the like« 

Sir John Stonehouse, knight of the shire for Berks, is mar- 
ried to a daughter of sir Robert Dashwood. 

Our fleet lies still in Torbay waiting for a wind to proceed 
on the expedition : their delay has occasioned great alterations 
in our designs^ as well as in the 6 French regiments of foot ; 
that of count Nassau being compleat is kept up, but the other 
5 being very weak are incorporated into the regiments of bri- 
gadeer Veymar and Syboargh, which are to be but one regi- 
ment double officer'd, commanded by Veymar as first coUonel, 
and Syburgh as the second; the officers of the other three are 
set on shore ; the marquesse de Guiscards re^ment of dragoons 
being near full is kept standing, but he has left the fleet and 
come to Windsor. 

No Dutch post. 

The 28th past the sessions began at the Old Baily, and held 
the 29th for the citty of London and county of Middlesex, 
where several criminals were tryed, of which 2 received sen- 
tence of death, 4 were burnt in the left cheek, 4 ordered to be 
whipt, 3 fined ; and the next sessions ordered to begin on the 
16th of October next. 

Thuradayt 5 Septemb. — ^Yesterday the duke of Queensbury, 
her majesties high commissioner for Scotland, went hence for 
that kingdom ; letters from thence give great hopes of their 
parliament (which are to sitt in October) agreeing to the union 
with England ; the temper of the people there being much al- 
tered since the return home of their commissioners. 

Mr. Hart in a sermon lately preacht at Oxford spoke against 
the union^ of which the duke of Ormond, chancellor of that uni- 
teraty, being informed, sent to the vicechancellor to examine 
into it| who has since expelled him for the same. 

o 2 


Yesterday Mr. secretary Hedges had a letter by a ship from 
Ostend, that Denderuond was capitulating; same day came 
letters from Bristol!, which say that a merchant ship, arrived 
there from Bilboa, gives account that at their coming away 
from thence 'twas reported that there had been a fight between 
king Charles and the duke of Anjou, and the latter routed. 

It's said the queen has sent orders to the lord Raby, her 
ambassador in Prussia, to go to the emperor's court with the 
character of envoy extraordinary, in room of Mr. Stepney 
comeing home ; and that her majestie has given leave to the 
marquesse Croissy, one of the French prisoners at Nottingham, 
who is to be exchanged, to carry over with him 8 fine English 

The archbishop of Canterbury has ordered a prosecution to 
be made against Dr. Tindall, author of a book called the 
Rights of the Christian Church asserted, which reflects upon 
the clergy. 

The earl of Rivers is speedily expected here ; lieutenant ge- 
neral Earl being to command our forces on board the fleet, 
which are now ordered for Spain. 

No foreign post. 

Saturday^ 7 Sept. — Captain Cannon of the Worcester has 
brought into Plymouth a French privateer of. 16 guns and 80 
men, which he took after a sharp fight on the coast of France. 

The report of the earl of Rivers leaving the fleet proves a 

Count Ouiscard whilst he was here received a considerable 
sum of money out of the treasury for the use of the expedition, 
and return'd again yesterday to Torbay ; which in some mea- 
sure makes us think the first project of a descent upon France 
may still goe on. 

Two more French general officers^ prisoners at Nottingham, 
are to be exchanged for 2 German officers that were under the 
command of prince Eugene, token some time since in Italy. 

Thursday next her majestie comes to Kensington, where a 
great council will be held. 

Dr. Harwer is chose president of Magdalen coUedge in Ox- 
ford, in the room of Dr. Bailey deceased. 

George Dashwood^ esq., lieutenant collonel to Soame's regi- 
ment^ is dead on board the fleet at Torbay. 

Skpt. 12.] STATE AFFAIRS. 86 

A patent is passing the seals to create the electoral prince 
of Hanorer (aged about 22) earl of Kendal and duke of 

It^s said the earl of Manchester is to goe her majesties am- 
bassador to the republick of Venice. 

This day the dutchesse of Marlborough went hence for Wood- 
stock, where her grace will continue the next week to see the 
horse races. 

We have yet no foreign post. 

Tuesdcufy 10 Septemb. — Sunday came in 4 Lisbon mails, but 
bring no news from the army in Spain, the passes being stopt 
by the parties of the duke of Anjou; the last letters were 
dated the 7th instant, which say they had advice that day by 
a Danish ship, which left Cadiz the 28th past, the master 
whereof reported that the goyernor of Cadiz had received an 
account from the marquesse de ViUadarias, commander of the 
duke of Anjou's forces in Andalousia, that there had been a 
battle between the 2 armies near Madrid, and the French en- 
tirely routed. 

That there were letters from Albuquerke with the same ad- 
vice, and these further particulars, that the horse of the French 
gave way and abandoned their foot, who were most of them 
cutt off, their cannon and baggage taken, and the duke of Anjou 
retired with a party of horse towards Navarre. 

A warrant from the treasury has been sent to the jewell 
office, for making a new sett of plate for the earl of Manchester's 
embassy to Venice. 

ColL Soame, who has a regiment on board the fleet, is dead 
at Torbay. 

This day Mr. Eyre (a considerable merchant here) received 
a letter firom a friend at CaUis, brought yesterday to Dover 
by tiie Jersey transport vessell with ezchang'd prisoners; 
which says all the news there was, that prince Eugene, having 
joinM the duke of Savoy, fell upon the French army in Italy 
and routed them, taking their baggage and cannon ; the duke 
of Orleans wounded, marshal Marsin killed, with 7000 men, 
upon which the French drew off from before Turin. 

We want 4 Dutch posts. 

Thursday, 1 2 Sept. — ^The foreign posts are not yet arrived, 
winch we impatiently expect^ in hopes they'l confirm the ac- 


counts we have lately had of king Charles beating the duke of 
Anjou in Spain, and prince Eugene the duke of Orleans in 
Italy; which latter the exchanged prisoners, who came to 
Dover on Monday, and seyeral of them since come hitho*, 
affirm was the current news at Calais the day before they 
embark't on board the Jersey transport: they likewise say 
they were informed that Dendermond had surrendred, and 
Aeth was beseiged. 

The Scotch parliament are to sitt the 19th. 

Capt. Vernon, who lately came hither from the Streights, is 
returning with fresh instructions to sir John Leak, and letters 
to king Charles. 

The lord treasurer has given orders for remitting 150,000/. 
to.Portugall for paying our troops. 

Wm. Bull, esq. is nominated the English consul to Smyrna, 
and is preparing to goe with speed. 

The earl of Rivers is come on shore to Mr. Blount's house 
near Torbay till the wind be fair ; his lordship has given the 
regiment of coll. Soame, deceased, to lieutenant coll. Watkins, 
of Faringdon's regiment ; and a reinforcement of 3C0 men out 
of the lord Paston^s regiment is ordered from Plymouth on 
board the fleet. 

Yesterday her majestie came to Kensington, and this day 
declared in council our parliament should be farther prorogued 
from the 17th instant to the 22d of October, and to morrow 
returns again to Windsor. 

Our common council have chose Mr. Lightfoot judge of the 
sherifs court, in the room of serjt. Monday deceased. 

Saturday^ 14 Sq[>t — Major Keymish of Hill's regiment suc- 
ceeds lieutenant coU. Dashwood of Soame's, (but now Wat- 
kins's ;) and major Monday is made major to Hills, in room of 

Upon enquiry I don't find the report true of the archbishop 
ordering a prosecution against Dr. Tindall for being author of 
the Rights of the Christian Church asserted. 

Yesterday morning a fire broke out in the pallace of Wind- 
sor, which burnt the queens side kitchen, lord treasurers, and 

Last night came a mtui from the West Indies, which brought 
advice that commodore Kerr, with 10 men of warr and two 

Sbpt. 17.] STATE AFFAIRS. 87 

fireships, was anired there, and haveiog j(»ned admiral Whet- 
stone were g<me to intercept the French Bquadron, who have 
attempted nothing since they were at St. Christophers. 

Lord Manchester intends for Venice by the way of Holland, 
and de^;ns to take the advantage of the convoy which goes for 
the duke of Marlborough. 

We want j Dutch posts ; but this day arrived an expresse 
with a confirmation of the victory in Italy the 7th instant 
(N. S.), that great numbers of the French were killed and 
taken, (among the latter marshal Marsin, mortally wounded,) 
with their baggage and cannon: the duke of Savoy joined 
prince Eugene before the fight ; after which the enemy quitted 
the mge of Turin : upon the receit of this news at Versailles, 
Gatinat was immediately sent to command in Marsin's room ; 
the 9th, count Medavi surprized the prince of Hesse, and took 
6 cannon. 

Dendermond snrrendred the .5th, and Aeth beseiged. 

And from Spain, that the lord Galloway having sent away 
his heavy baggage, the two armies being near, a battle was 
expected : for this news the Tower guns were fired, and in the 
evening bonefires. 

Tuesday, 1 7 SepL — ^Yesterday came in 5 Dutch posts, which 
say that prince Eugene and the duke of Savoy attackt the 
French (much superiour) in their trenches before Turin, and 
after 3 repulses forced the lines and entirely defeated them, 
wounded the duke of Orleans, took Marsin (since dead), 2 lieu- 
tenant generalise 2 major generalls, 5 collonels, 300 other offi- 
cers, among them Paul Diack, and 5400 soldiers, 158 brasse 
<^^umon, 55 mortars^ 40 standards and colours, with all their 
pontons, baggage, tents, ammunition, and provisions, and horses 
for lo^ocx) men, which were dismounted ; the number of the 
slain not yet known : the Germans had about 2500 killed and 
wounded, and since the battle above 2000 French bad deserted 
from the remains o£ their army, which retired to PigneroU. 

That Dendermond surrendred to be prisoners of war^ and 
moat of the garrison^ except the French, listed in the sendee 
of the allies ; and brigadeer Meredith is appointed governor 

The trenches before Aeth are to be open'd the 90tli, and in 
10 days 'twas expected it would be taken. 


The king of Sueden, with 15,000 men, has enter'd Saxony, 
declares will content himself with raising contributions, if the 
inhabitants don't oppose him, and has cut in peices 2 regiments 
of horse which disputed a passe ; some letters say he demands 
the dethroning king Augustus from that electorate, but will sett 
up his son. 

There is great talk of a triple alliance between England, 
Holland, and Denmark, the two first to send a squadron of 
ships to the Baltick, and the latter to invade Schonen, belong- 
ing to the Suedes. 

We expect by the next post the particulars of the action be- 
tween prince Hesse and count Medavi. 

Coll. Stringer, member of parliament for Olithero, and phi- 
lazer of Yorkshire, a place worth 4000^., and in the gift of the 
lord chief justice Trevor, is dead in Flanders, and his regiment 
given to the duke of Argyle. 

The master of a Portugueeze vessel, arrived at Torbay, has 
tnade affidavit that the French are routed in Spain, and retired 
towards Navarr. 

Thursday, 19 Septemb. — ^Yesterday came in a Dutch post, 
which advises from Italy, that 2 dayes before the fight a party 
of imperialists took 1300 mules goeing from Susa to the French 
army, laden with ammunition and provisions ; 6 of them with 
money : that on the day of battle the Germans marcht to it 
with great eagernesse, the enemy fireing upon them from 40 
cannon, and being advanced to the foot of the intrenchment 
began the fire of musquets. Our left wing, by reason of the 
unevenesse of the scituation of the ground, sustaining wholly 
the resistance of the French, stopt a litde without giving 
ground ; but prince Eugene coming drew his sword, put him- 
self at the head of them, and in an instant forced his way into 
the enemy^s intrenchments^ as did his royal highnesse in the 
4;enter : by noon the victory was entirely on the Qerman side, 
the enemy retireing, and in the evening the duke of Savoy 
enter'd triumphantly his capital citty of Turin, where was not 
left 1000 weight of powder, and designed innnediately to attack 
Chivas and Ivrea, and then to enter the Millaneze. Paul Diack 
was not taken prisoner, but deserted, with several officers and 
70 of his hussars, to prince Eugene. 

The states of Holland have wrote to the prince of Hesse to 

Sept. 21.] STATE AFFAIRS. 89 

acquaint him how well they are satisfied with his courage and 
conduct in the battle between him (9000 strong) and count 
Medavi, double the number; the ist, it is said, had near 1800 
killed and wounded, and the cannon he lost were those he took 
at the beginning of the fight from the French, who also sus- 
tained great losse ; however, that prince's small army diverted 
Heda?i's 1 8,000 men from joining the duke of Orleans. 

Tuesday last Mr. secretary Harley and the Dutch envoy 
had a long conference about the Suedes invading Saxony, and 
it's said her majestic and the states general have resolved to 
put a stop theretoo. 

Saturday f 2 1 Septemb, — ^Yesterdays Dutch post advises from 
Genoa of the I2th^ that it was scarce possible to expresse the 
great joy the dutchesses of Savoy shewed upon the news of 
bieating the French and raising the seige of Turin ; as likewise 
that city for the delivery of an oppressed prince, who for his 
firmnesse to the common cause was so near being brought under 
the yoke of France. 

That the prince of Anhalt, detached with the F!russians to- 
wards Pignerol, had defeated 8000 of the enemy near that 
place, giving no quarter, remembring how their country men 
were served at Calcinate. 

That general Visconti with 4000 horse had surrounded 2500 
French near Casall, which in probability could not escape. 

That 'twas computed the IVench have had killed, deserted, 
and taken prisoners from the 6th of June^ when first beseiged 
Turin, to this time, near 30,000 men ; and that the horses taken 
firom them« ready bridled and sadled, had mounted the duke of 
Savoy's troops. 

The 27th, a general thanksgiving was observed in duke of 
Marlborough's camp for the said victory. 

From Hamburgh, that the king of Sueden is master of aU 
Saxony, except the fortified towns ; it's said^ letters have been 
intercepted going from him to prince Ragotzi. 

The Scotch parliament is farther prorogued to the 3d of 

Hie lord Dalrimple is made a brigadeer general. 

Letters from Torbay of the 1 7th say, the fleet was unmoor- 
ing in order to sail. 

Testerday one Mr. Lo^en, a German merchant, having in- 


vited to dinner at Turnham Qreen Mr. Richard Lloyd, an at- 
torney in the office of pleas in the exchequer kept at Lincolns 
Inn, basely murdered him, by running a sword thro' his back; 
for which he is committed to Newgate. 

Tuesday, 24 Sept — ^Letters from Brussells say that the states 
of Brabant have resolved to raise 20 battallions and 30 squa- 
drons for defence of the Spanish Netherlands, which levies will 
be made this winter, a sufficient number of officers having 
quitted the French service. 

From Hamburgh, that the regency of Saxony, before the 
Swedes invaded that electorate, caused above 300 soldiers to 
be executed, and 400 to run the gantlope, for not doeing their 
duty the beginning of this campagne in the battle against the 
Swedes at Frawstadt ; 

And that the king of Sueden seems to reject all proposab for 
an accomodation with the king of Poland, designing to winter 
quarter in Saxony, to deprive the latter from receiving any 
further succours from that country, to enable him to carry on 
the war in Poland against Stanislaus. 

The Amsterdam and Rotterdam fleets are come into the river 
Thames, and report that Aeth surrendred last Thursday. 

Lord Hatton, governor of Guernsey, and custos rotulorum of 
Northamptonshire, is dead. 

Our fleet remains still in Torbay. 

Mr. Chetwind, our envoy in Savoy, writes hither that the 
difference between the French general officers before Turin 
was one cause of their losing the battle, which was not made 
up till the Germans were upon them. 

It's said, her majestic has ordered a sum of money to be sent 
to the poor Yaudois in that country. 

Silesia stock, upon which fund the 250,000/. was lent to 
prince Eugene, is fallen 5/. per cent, since the irruption of the 
Suedes into Saxony. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday, 26 Septenyb. — The last Dutch letters advised, 
that the states have sent orders to their deputies at the army 
to concurr with the duke of Marlborough, if he thinks fitt, to 
goe upon any other enterprize after the taking of Aeth. 

That 25,000 of the allies are to winter quarter in Brabant, 
and .36,000 m Flanders, to be ready upon occasion. 


And that Yendosm is not to hazard a battle^ but take ail 
possible care to secure Mens and Namur. 

Mr. Tempest, son to the late Prothonotarjr, has purchased 
the pbilazer's place for Yorkshire. 

This days letters from Spithead say that the Fowey Pink 
was arriTed there, sent expresse from sir John Leak, whose 
8q[aadron he left in Altea bay homeward bound; he reports 
that the castle of Ahcant surrendred 14 dayes after tlie taking 
of the town ; and that sir John Jennings, with 12 men of war, 
is sailed for the West Indies to reinforce admiral Whetstone. 

The Scotch regiment, which the duke of Argyle lately com- 
manded, is given to the lord Tullibardin, son to the duke of 

The lord Arundel of Trerice is lately dead ; as also is Mr. 
White, coroner for Westminster, hareing enjoyed it in 7 reigns, 
being about 100 years old. 

Yesterday the East India company held a general court upon 
a difference about their stock, and the general sale is put off 
till the 8th of October. 

This afternoon the queen came from Windsor to Kensington, 
and goes on Wensday to Newmarket. * 

One of our outward bound Russia ships, venturing to siul 
without a convoy, was 3 days after taken by the French. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 28 Sq^iemb. — ^Letters which came by the Fowey 
Fink from Alicant confirm that the castle had surrendred, and 
the garrison, 6co men, conducted to Cadiz; that 13 men of 
war were sailed for the West Indies, 10 to remain at Lisbon, 
17 coming home under sir John Leak, and 6 to attend the 
orders of the earl of Peterborough, whom they left at Ahcant, 
said to be goeing for Genoa. 

They also add, that the armies in Castile are in their former 
camps, striving which should subsist longest; the duke of 
Anjou is superiour in horse, but we in foot ; the peasants in 
Castile are most in his interest, but all the rest of Spain are 
generally on the other side. 

That all the mismanagement in Spain is owing to king 
Cl\arles and his German council, who lost 30 days by taking 
a different rout for Madrid, by way of Saragosa, and stayeing 
there to be crown*d king of Aragon, contrary to the rout by 


way of Valencia, before agreed upon in 3 several councils with 
the earl of Peterborough ; which obliged the lord Gallwaj to 
make a movement to favour king Charles his joyning, which 
occasioned the losse of Madrid, and the lives of several persons 
who had declared for bim. 

It's said> after all our troops had join*d, the earl of Peter- 
borough was present in 2 councils, and delivered in writing the 
methods he thought best to pursue, which were compljed with; 
and in his passage back towards Alicant threatned the inha- 
bitants of Requena with fire for embezelling his baggage, to 
prevent which they offer'd him 10,000 pistolls, which he re- 
fused, but obliged them to bring double the value in provisions, 
which his lordship conducted to the earl of Gallway's camp. 
' Sir Robert Beddinfeild is chose lord mayor of London. 

A warrant is past for Mitford Grow, esq. to be governor of 
Barbadoes, in the room of sir Bevil Granville recalled. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, i Octob. — From Edinburgh they write, that the 
clergy of the Idrk of Scotland have lately held a general as- 
sembly, wherein duke Hamilton's chaplain moved, that they 
should associate against the union for better preservation of 
the church of Christ established there; and upon a division 
carried against it. After which he moved again, that they 
should appoint a day to seek the Lord by prayer and fasting, 
to know his will in this important affair ; but rejected. 

Yesterdays lisbon mail advised that they had letters of the 
26 Aug. (N. S.) from the lord Gallway at Colmener, that the 
duke of Anjou's army, being so advantagiously posted, could 
not be attack'^t with any hopes of successe, therfore he was 
putting his troops into quarters of refreshment near Valentia ; 
and that a body of Portugueze had retook l^lamanca, (who 
after their submission to king Charles had revolted to duke of 
Anjou,) with all the horses, mules, arms, ammunition, and pro^ 
visions there, making the garison prisoners at discretion, and 
the inhabitants to pay aoo,ooo peices of eight, to prevent being 
plundered and bum't. 

This afternoon came in a Dutch post, but the letters being 
of an old date say Uttle more than from the duke of Orleaqs's 
camp of the 20th past (N. S.), that prince Vaudemont was put- 
ting Medavi's troops into the strongest places of the Millanez. 


Thi^ the duke of Sayoy had beseiged ChiTazo, and prince 
Eugene marched towards the Millanez to attack Pavia, having 
left a detachment to beseige Ivrea. 

Another Dutch poet arriyed since says, that prince Vaude- 
mont retired from Millain the 18th, and prince Eugene took 
possession of it the 25th ; and that Cazall, with seyeral other 
places, have also submitted. 

That Aeth, in which were 2100 men, surrendred the 4th 
prisoners at war ; before which count Maurice, son to the lord 
Oyerkirk, was kiUed. 

Thursday, 3 Octob. — ^The last foreign posts brought an ac- 
count^ besides the taking of Casal and Millain by the troops of 
prince Eugene and duke of Sayoy, that Chiyas, (in which were 
1300 men,) Trino, Crescentino, Noyarre, Mortare, lyrea, &c. 
had submitted, and 'twas expected the whole Millaneze wUl in 
few dayes follow their example ; monsieur St. Remy haying 
possest himself of the yalley of Aosta, which cuts off all com- 
munication between them and the French. * 

From Paris, that 1000 mules are ordered with all expedition 
to carry money, ammunition, proyisions, &c. to the duke of 
Orleans, who has put his shatterd troops into quarters on the 
borders of Dauphiny, whither 8ocx> tents are also sending. 

That a cessation of arms for 10 weeks is agreed upon in 
Saxony between the kings of Sueden and Poland. 

And that there was another election at Munster the 30th ; 
where the bbhop of Osnaburgh's party, being 15, chose him ; 
and the bishop of Paderborns party, being 19, elected him again 
bishop of Munster, and both proclaimed. 

Mr. Stepney, our late enyoy at Vienna, is daily expected at 
the Hague, being to succeed Mr. Stanhope there, who is coming 

This day a gentleman arrived here from Rumford in Essex, 
who sayes the duke of Marlborough had forced the French 
Unes and defeated Vendosm ; and that coll. Moor, who came 
with the expresse, being informed there her majestie was gone 
to Newmarket, went directly thither. 

Saturday, 5 Octob, — The report of coll. Moor's comeing, 
with an expresse of our forcing the French lines in Flanders, 
proyes false; but letters from Brussells, dated Monday last, say 
the duke of Marlborough was advanced with his army to Cam- 


bron, within 2 leagues of Mons ; that great numbers of pioneers 
were summon'd in, and bread baking night and day for the 
army: it's said his grace is resolyed if posidble to gi?e the 
French battle ; if not, to hinder them from making any detach- 
ments to the Rhine or elsewhere. 

Baron Hohendorf, who came hither from prince Eugene 
with an account of the late victory near Turin, (to whom her 
majestie gave 1000 guineas,) design'd to have treated the 
trustees for the loan of 250,000/. to his highnesse ; but those 
gentlemen excused themselves, and 1 2 of them splendidly en- 
tertained him last Monday. 

Yesterday Handsom Fielding was taken out of his coach by 
baylifs, near Temple Bar, and carried to Newgate for debt. 

Same day we had letters from Torbay, that our grand fleet 
and transports sailed thence on Tuesday morning ; but the 
wind continueing only 2 dayes easterly, it's feared they will be 
forced back. 

An eminent merchant here has an account from his oorre- 
spondent at Lions, that they are under great consternation, 
fearing both an invasion from the duke of Savoy, and that 
mint notes will be imposed upon them for their ready money 
by the French king; which apprehension has so far ruin'd 
trade, that they give 10/. per cent, discount for a quarterly 
payment, which amounts to 40/. per cent, per ann. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 8 Octob, — Last night came in two Dutch posts, 
which say, the duke of Savoy and prince Eugene made their 
publick entry into the citty of Millain the 26th past : the cit- 
tadel next day submitted, and the garrison made prisoners of 
war: since which prince Eugene was gone to attack Pavia, and 
after reducing it design'd to march towards Cremona, where 
count Medavi's troops are posted; that the prince of Hesse 
Cassel had block't up Mantua, whither prince Vaudemont was 
retired, so that he and Medavi are in danger of being made 

Marshal Catinat having excused himself by reason of his age 
from serving any more in the army, lieutenant general Bezon 
is arrived in the duke of Orleans's camp, to command in chief 
during the absence or indisposition of his highnesse. 

From Paris, that the Catalans have taken the town of 

Oct. io.] STATE AFFAIRS. 95 

Jaoca, being the only place in Arragon that held out for king 

And that the Camisars beginning to appear in arms again in 
Languedocky two batallions are sent from Dauphiny to reinforce 
the French troops there, to suppresse them. 

From the Hague, that our forces were fortifyeing Courtray, 
and the season being too far spent for another seige, 'twas ex- 
pected the armies would soon goe into quarters. 

This morning arrived a Lisbon mail, with letters of the ist 
inslant (N. S.), which say they had adyice from Spiun of the 
15th past, which say that our army was got safe upon the 
frontiers of Valentia, that Guenca and Requena are to be their 
head quarters, and that sir John Leake, with his squadron, was 
sailed towards the islands of Ivica and Miuorca. 

Sir Clowdesly Shovel, with our grand fleet, past by Falmouth 
cm Thursday last. 

Thursday, 10 Octob. — ^They write from Edingburgh of the 
3d, that their parliament met that day ; when the queens letter 
was read, the lord high commissioner and lord chancellor made 
speeches, setting forth the advantages of the union, and her 
majesties zeal in that matter : particular notice was taken of 
an expression in the letter, signifying that she will look upon 
it as her chief happinesse, and above all her victories, to accom- 
plish this union. 

After which the treaty was read, and ordered to be printed, 
together with the whole minutes relating theretoo, and the ar- 
ticles of the union, to sett matters in a clear light, and then 
adjourned to the 10th. 

The 19 th past, the Blackamoor gaily bound for Venice, Sea 
Nymph for Genoa, Fame and Pembrook galley for Lisbon, 
newly sayled out of the Downs, were by stresse of weather 
forced upon the coast of France, cast away, and most of the 
men drowned ; some others in their company rid out the storm 
and come into our western ports to refitt. 

Faknonth letters of the 5th say nothing of our grand fleet, 
80 we suppose they are gone clear off upon the expedition. 

The last foreign letters advised that the French bad aban- 
doned Pignerol, but don't confirm CazaJ being in the duke of 
Savoy's hands. 

Yesterday the Edgar man of war arrived at Portsmouth, as 


did the Bedford and Ranelagh in the Downs, with an hospital 
ship and 30 transports from sir John Leake, who, they say, is 
gone to reduce the isles of Minorca and Majorca to the obedi- 
ence of king Charles. 

On Saturday her majestie is expected at Ken^ngton from 

Saturday, 12 Octob. — ^Yesterday we had letters from Dart- 
mouth and Plymouth, that several ships were come in there, 
which mett the grand fleet last Sunday, under sir Clowdesly 
Shovell, 40 leagues south west of the Lizard, steering for the 
Bay of Biscay. 

The bank of England is now making a dividend, viz. 4/. 5^. 
principal money on the capital fund, and 3Z. io«. for interest 
and profits for 6 months due at Michaelmas. 

The lord Granville's horse won the queens plate at Newmar- 
ket ; sir John Parsons the princes plate, and the earl of Kent 
the town plate ; and this night her majestie retum'd from thence 
to St. James's. 

A Dutch post arrived this day, but brings nothing material ; 
from Paris, that that king is resolved to raise this winter 
ioo,oco men, viz. 40,000 to recruit his army in Flanders, 
30,000 for the duke of Orleans, 18,000 for the Upper Rhine, 
and 12,000 for king Phillip. 

That the duke of Savoy is raising 15,000 men; and that the 
duke of Barwick, for want of provisions, was returning from 
the frontiers of Valentia to Castile. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough is still with 
the army, which is to seperate the 25th. 

The garison of Menin is reinforced to 8000 men, as that of 
Ghent will with 12,000, most English. 

That the king of Sueden demands a monthly subsidy of 
500,000 rixdoUars from the states of Saxony. 

And that the emperor has sent orders to prince Lewis of 
Baden to detach 8000 men to Hungary. 

Tuesday, 15 Octob. — Yesterday our lord mayor and alder- 
men presented sir Robert Bedingfeild, lord mayor elect, to the 
lord keeper, who highly approved of their choice. 

Last week baron Spanheim, who resided here some time as 
ambassador from the kmg of Prussia, embarked at Green- 
wich, in order to return home; but before he sett siul, he 

Oct. 17.] STATE AFFAIRS. 97 

recaved orders from his master to continue here, tbo' without 
aoj character^ and his lordship is accordingly come back to 

Tis said the lord Raby, ambassador to the king of Prussia, 
is to goe enyoy extraorcUnary to Vienna ; that Mr. Poultney, 
enroy in Denmark^ is to succeed his lordship at Berlin ; and 
that Mr. Whitworth, envoy in Muscoyy, is appointed in Mr. 
Poultney 's room. 

Mr. Lyndsey and Mr. Bosier, who have been in Newgate 2 
years for coming from France without a passe, are pardoned. 

A roTocation of sir George Rooke*s patent for vice-admiral 
of England is passing the privy seals. 

Mr. Walpool, secretary to brigadeer Stanhope, ambassador 
extraordinary to the king of Spain, is lately arrived here with 
that kings complaints against the lord Peterborough. 

The last letters from Paris advise, that the ambassador of 
Moecovy has concluded a treaty of commerce with France, 
whereby the czar is obliged to grant a toleration to the Roman 
catholicks in his dominions. 

And that the French court being apprehensive the progressc 
of prince Eugene and duke of Savoy may have a bad influence 
on the affairs of Spain, have ordered 50 batallions and 60 
squadrons to march into Piedmont, and maintain themselves 
there till their shattered army is in a better condition to march 

Thursday^ 17 Octob. — ^Yesterdays letters from Scotland say 
their parliament met the loth, when, after a debate of 3 hours, 
''twas carried by 14 to admit sir Alexander Bruce as earl of 
Kincarden into the house. 

Mr. Fletcher complained that the magistrates of Edinburgh 
had resolved to lay a penalty of 500 marks upon aU printers 
there that should print any thing till approved of by them, 
which was look't upon as an inquisition and invasion upon the 
subjects liberty; but the lord chancellor answered, he knew 
nothing of it^ and would have it redrest : after which they ad- 
journed to the 12th, when they were to consider the union. 

The Barfleur, and 3 more men of war, arriv'd at Spithead 
on Tuesday from the grand fleet, whom they left the 10th in- 
stant 56 leagues N W of the Lands End, and report they have 
had very bad weather, wherein the Barfleur sprung a leak ; 



upon which the earl Riyers removed on board the Assoeiaiion, 
and proceeded on their voyage. 

Captain Humphreys is ordered to goe with all speed for 
Spain, with bills for considerable summs of money to buy horses, 
and for payment of our forces there. 

Yesterday Mr. Lowen, a German merchant, was found guilty 
at the Old Baily for killing his brother in law, Mr. Loyd, at 
Turnham Green. 

Saturday sir Charles Burton, barrt. was committed for rob- 
bing on the high way, near St. Albans. 

Tuesday Daniel de Foe was carried before the lord chief jus- 
tice Holt, for incerting a speech in his review relating to the 
union, pretending the same was made by a great lawyer, and 
was bound over for the same, himself in 200/. and 2 sureties in 
looL each. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 19 Octob. — ^Thursday night the sessions ended at 
the Old Baily, where 2 men and 4 women received sentence of 
death ; among them Mr. Lowen, the German, for killing Mr. 
Loyd. Mr. Parker, the astrologer, was fined 20 marks, and 
to give sureties for his good behaviour for 6 months, for. in- 
certing in his Ephemeris that James, prince of Wales, was born 
June loth, 1688. 

Yesterday the admiralty received an acbount that sir John 
Leake, with his squadron, was safe arrived at St. Hellens from 
the Streights. 

Same day came letters from Edinburgh, which say, that on 
the 12th their parliament ordered the union to be taken into 
consideration the 15th; and that a debate happened upon a 
motion by Hamilton's party, for appointing a day of fasting to 
seek the Lord in this affair; but 'twas answered, that the 
union being brought so near a conclusion, they ought to use 
all possible dispatch in finishing the same ; that instead of 
fasting, ought to have a thanksgiving for the near prospect 
they have of securing their religion and liberties ; upon which 
it dropt. 

A great council is summoned to meet to morrow, when it's 
expected the sitting of the parliament will be fixt. 

They write from Lisbon, that the Ipswich man of war was 
sailed thence to Valentia, with money, &c. for our army ; that 

Oct. 22.] STATE AFFAIRS. 99 

a forther supply would follow in a little time ; and that sir 
John Jennings, with a squadron of English men of war vie- 
toaHed for 8 months, is fallen down that river, it's beleived for 
the West Indies, to interoept the gafleoDs. 

Her mi^estie has ordered a sword set with diamonds to be 
given sbr John Leake for his good services in the Streights. 

Two Dutch posts are hourly expected* 

The sessions for the citty of London and county of Middle- 
sex began at the Old Baily the ]6ih instant, and held the 17th, 
where severed criminals were tryed, of which 6 received sen- 
tence of death, 8 were burnt in the left cheek, 2 ordered to be 
whipt, and 2 €ned ; and the next sessions ordered to begin on 
the 4th of December next. 

Tuesday, 22 Oc^.— Testerdays letters from Edinburgh of 
the 15th say, that day their parliament proceeded upon the 
nnicMi, when after many speeches pro and con^ the question 
was put, whither to proceed or delay, and carried it for the 
former by 64 ; yeas 1 16, noes 52 : then adjourned to the 1 7th, 
when they are to be on it again. 

Sunday came in two Dutch posts, and this day another, 
which advise, 

From Gl^ioa, that the lord Peterborough was arrived there 
from Spain, in his way to the Millancze to conferr with the 
duke of Savoy and prince Eugene. 

From Millain of the 6th instant, that their castle still reftises 
to surrender ; that Pavia has surrendred to general Daun, who 
is since gone to reduce Alexandria, Valencia, and Tortona; 
that the duke of Savoy has taken Fioighittone, and afterwards 
laid seige to Cremona. 

From Paris, that an expresse has brought advice of Cuenca's 
snrrendring to the duke of Barwick the 9th instant, and 2000 
men therein made prisoners, and conducted to Andalouzia. 

That orders are sent to the duke of Orleans to return into 
Kedmont with 20,000 foot and 6000 horse, cost what it will ; 
and some letters say the French court told the envoy of Man- 
tua, that they will not deceive his master, and leave him to 
make the best terms he can for himself. 

The French army in Flanders are seperated, and form a line 
from Dunkirk to Namur. 

Duke of Marlborough came to Brussells the 27th, was splen- 

H 2 


didiy received, and returns to the army the 30th, which is th^i 
to goe into quarters. 

They write from Berlin, that king Augustus was march't 
with a vast army into Great Poland, to driye the Sweeds thence 
and ruine Stanislaus estate; after which he designs for Saxony, 
to force the king of Sueden to quitt that electorate. 

This day our parliament mett, and was further prorogued to 
the 2 1st of November. 

Thursday, 24 Octob, — Letters from Edenburgh say, their 
parliament the 17 th took into consideration the union, and went 
thro' the eight first articles, and with so little opposition, that 
'twas thought they will passe the others unanimously. 

The commissioners for the general assembly addrest the 
house to secure the protestant religion as now by law esta- 
blished, and they resolved to doe every thing that was neces- 
sary for securing the same ; after which they adjourned to the 

Yesterday a proclamation was publish^ declaring the par- 
liament shal sitt to doe businesse the 21st of November, to 
which time they are prorogued. 

Same day, being the first of the term, the dutchesse of 
Cleveland appeared in the court of queens bench, and preferred 
an information against Handsome Feilding, her husband, for 
abusing her ; and this day he gave bail to answer the same. 

It's said, the grand jury at Hicks hall have found a bill 
ag£unst him for having 2 wives, for which he is to be tried next 
sessions at the Old Baily. 

We hear baron Spanheim has reassum'd his character of am- 
bassador extraordinary from the king of Prussia, and that 
orders have been sent to the lord Raby to continue in the same 
quality at BerUn till further order. 

Thomas Loyd, esq., paymaster of the queens works, is dead. 

The last letters from Italy say, the duke of Orleans is mak- 
ing vast preparations to reenter Piedmont by the way of Suza, 
but that his troops are so ill provided, and go so unwillingly, 
that it's look'd upon as a desperate attempt. 

Saturday, 26 Octoh, — ^Yesterdays letters from Scotland say^ 
their parliament the 19th went upon the union, the 9th, loth, 
nth, 1 2th, 13th, and 14th articles were read and discoursed 
on ; after which the 15th article was read twice, and a debate 

Oct, 29.] STATE AFFAIRS. 101 

arisiiig about the calculation of the 398,000/. lo^. mentioned 
therein, to be granted to Scotland as an equiyalent for coming 
into such customes and excises as are applicable to the debts 
of England, and contracted before the union, 'twas further put 
off to the 22d ; to which day they adjourned. 

Same day Mr. Lowen the German, who killed Mr. Loyd, 
was carried in a coach to Tumham Green, there executed and 
hang'd in chains; he confest that one Mr. Crusius, formerly 
minister of the Lutheran church in the Savoy, perswaded him 
that his wife was married to Mr. Loyd, which caused a jealousy, 
and occasioned him to commit that horrid fSstct. 

The Grafton, Royal Oak^ a Dutch man of war, and a fire- 
ship, part of sir John Leakes squadron, was arrived at Spit- 

Wensday last the Lynn galley, bound for Jamaica, was by 
stresse of weather lost in the Downs. 

Some days since sir John Germain was married to a daughter 
of the earl of Berkleys. 

Sir Wm. Trumball, formerly secretary of state, is also lately 
married in Scotland to the lady Judith Alexander, daughter to 
the earl of Sterling of that kingdom. 

And 'tis said a marriage is concluded between the earl of 
Giunsborough and the duke of Rutlands daughter. 

Baron Spanheim, the Prussian ambassador here, by his new 
credentialls is only limited to continue with that character as 
long as the lord Raby stayes at Berlin with the same. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 29 Octofr. — The parliament of Scotland the 22A 
reassumed the debate about the 398,085/. lo^. mentioned in 
the 15th article of the union, and ^twas agreed that a com- 
mittee of 3 persons of each state be appointed to examine and 
calculate the same, and report it to the house: the i6th and 
17th articles were read and reasoned, as was the 18th, but a 
debate arising thereupon, "'twas adjourn'd till next day. 

This day our new lord mayor, attended by the aldermen, 
sherifs, and the several companies in their barges, went by 
water to Westminster, where his lordship was sworn before the 
barons of the exchequer as usual : after which he returned to 
Blackfryars, from whence the cavalcade was made to Drapers 
hall, where a noble entertainment was prepared, to which the 


lord keeper, judges, aerjeauts, with several of the nobility, 
foreign ambassadors, &c. were invited. 

Her majestie has knighted detain Cole, commander of the 
Expedition man of war, for his good services in the Mediterra- 
nean, being recommended by king Charles. 

Sunday's Dutch post advises that prince Eugene has taken 
Tortona, and was beseiging Alexandria; and after reducing 
that, resolved to march towards Piedmont to oppose the duke 
of Orleans, whose army, they say, from Paris is in no condition 
to attempt any thing. 

And that the English fleet has been seen off the French 
coast steering for Spam. 

Thursday, 31 Octob. — Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh 
say, that on the 23d, at night, the mob got together, and pre- 
tending that sir Patrick Johnston, one of the conunissioners of 
the union, had not acted as he ought, they assaulted his house, 
but by the great care of the magistrates and the lord high 
commissioner^ who ordered the guards into the citty, they were 
timely supprest, and several of them committed; by which 
means it^s hoped the authors thereof will be discovered. 

Next day the council satt, and issued out a proclamation, 
whereby the guards are allowed to fire upon all such persons 
as they shal see in a tumultuous manner. 

A West India mail brings advice that conunodore Kerr, with 
his squadron, was gone to make an attempt upon Petit Guaves, , 
and that the Spanish galleons are laid up at Carthagena ; the 
packet boat 3 weeks since mett the Virginia fleet of 200 sail, 
with 4 men of war, making for England. 

The earl of Derby, chancellor of the dutchy of Lancaster, 
has made Mr. 3tarkey vice-chancellor thereof. 

The society for reformation of manners have brought an in- 
dictment against 24 actors in the Playhouse for immorality and 
prophanesse, upon which they are to be tried this term. 

The last advices from Piedmont say, that the Vaudois make 
frequent excursions into Dauphiny, wherein they have made 
great booties of cattle, &c. ; and that the French, both officers 
and soldiers, desert apace from the duke of Orleans his army. 

The pope's internuncio at Cologne has assured the states 
resident there, that his master will have all possible regard to 
the satisfaction of the states general in the bishop of Pader- 

Nov. 5.] STATE AFFAIBS. 108 

bom's election, and take care to appoint impartial judges to 
examine the yalidity thereof. 

ScOurday^ % Nauemb. — ^Letters from Jamaica say, that ad- 
miral Whetstone, with a squadron of men of war, had been in 
the West Indies, in order to try the Spaniards affections for 
king Charles, hut without any effect ; they were rery civil, and 
offered to supply our ships with what necessaries they wanted. 
The Nassau, a 3d rato man of war, is lost upon the sands 
near Portsmouth ; all the men except one were saved. 

The 45th past, in the Scoteh parliament there happned very 
warm debates upon the privy council's ordering the guards into 
Edinburgh to suppresse the mobb ; the earl marshall and high 
constable {^otested i^inst it as contrary to their rights, and 
that cities charter : the question being putt, 'twas carried by a 
great miyortty to approve what the council had done, and the 
house ordered them thanks for their care. 

Thomas Price, esq., son to the baron, and member in the last 
parliament for Weobly, is dead at Genoa ; it's said he was found 
in his bed shott into the head with 2 sluggs. 

This day came in 2 Dutch posts, which say, that on the 29th 
ult. king Augustus entirely cutt off the body of Swedes and 
Poles, (giving no quarter,) under general Mardefeld^ near Ka- 
lish in Great Poland, who was taken with all their tents, bag- 
gage, and cannon. 
That the emperor has made prince Bugene governor general 
t of the Millaneze. 

^ Alexandria surrendred to his highnesse the 21st, two French 
squadrons were allowed to march out without horses, but the 
Swisse and Spaniards therein were made prisoners. 
That the Hungarians lay wast the country near Vienna, by 
I whom the emperor narrowly mist being taken as hunting. 
- And that tine duke of Marlborough came to the Hague the 
9th from the army, which seperatod the 6th. 

Tneaday, 5 Ncvemb. — Yesterday's letters from Edinburgh 
Bay, their parliament the 28th and 29th read and debated the 
iSih, 19th, 20th, and 21st articles of the union; the 22d and 
13d articles were also read, and farther adjourned till the 30th. 
Mr. Fleteher of Salton spoke in the house, that the interest 
and hononr of that nation was betrayed by their commis- 


['>i sioiierB ; the words occasioned a great debate, but afterwards 


explained himself to this effect, That he oould find no other 
name but treachery to the actings of those gentlemen ; ownM 
the word was harsh, tho' 'twas truth, and if the house thought 
he had committed any offence, was willing to submit to their 
censure ; upon which it dropt. 

Her majestie has created lord Charles Douglas (2d son to 
the duke of Queensberry), and lord Archibald Campbdell (bro- 
ther to the duke of Argyle), earls of Scotland, the first of Solo- 
way, and the other of Isla. 

It's said, a pension of 500Z. per ann, will be setled on sir 
John Leake during life, for his good services in the Streights. 

Yesterday the judges, &c. mett in the exchequer chamber , 
and named 3 persons for each county, of whom her majestie 
one for sherif for the year ensueing. 

Mitford Crow, esq , lately appointed goyernor of Barbadoes, 
is goeing speedily for Spain to settle the accounts of our army 
there, of which he is paymaster, and carries with him all the 
money that was on board the Barfleur, who sprung a leak 
at sea. 

The master of the Leghorn gaily, arrived at Bristoll from 
the Streights, reports he mett the grand fleet under sir 
Clowdesly Shovell about a fortnight since, 60 leagues off 

The Barbadoes fleet of 20 sail are safely arrived at Plymonth. 

Thursday y 7 Novemb, — ^Testerdays Scotch letters say, that 
their parliament the 30th read and discoursed the remaining 
articles for the union ; and a fast was kept the 31st at Edin- 
burgh, to implore a blessing upon their proceedings on the 
first instant, when they were to debate whither to agree to the 
said articles or not. 

On Tuesday came in two Lisbon mailes, with advice, that the 
major part of sir Clowdesly Shovells fleet arriyed there the 
30th past (N. S.), with the earl of Essex, &c. the admiral, earl 
of Rivers, with the rest, were hourly expected, being seperated 
in a storm, but don't hear of any ship being lost ; it's said 
their general rendevouze was appointed off Lisbon, but whither 
the troops were to goe on shore, or proceed to Valentia, we 
know not. 

That sir John Jennings, with his squadron, sailed the i6th 
past for the West Indies. 

Nov. 9,] STATE AFFAIRS. 106 

This day the East India company had advice, that the Ann 
and Dover, two of their ships homeward bound, were taken by 
the French off St. Helena, which has fallen their actions 3 per 

Last week the 4th payment upon the annuities granted this 
sessions was compleated in the exchequer, and the lord treasurer 
has ordered a new office to be erected for paying the same. 

Sir Bevil Granville, late govemer of Barbadoes, as he was 
coming for England, died in his passage, and left his estate to 
his brother, George Granville, esq. 

Sir Thomas Dyke, of Sussex, is also dead. 

Yesterday all the judges of the queens bench gave their 
ofnnions in the case of Dr. Drake, (for writing Mercurius Poh- 
ticus,) upon the argument of sir John Hawles, that there was 
a manifest variance between the record and indictment ; and 
the attorney general was directed to draw a new information, 
or bring a writ of error into the house of lords. 

Saturday, 9 Novemb, — ^Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh 
of the 2d say, that the parliament had read 5 or 6 addresses 
si^ainst an incorporating union with England, and more ex- 
pected to the same effect from several parts of the kingdom : 
after which they debated whither immediately to proceed on 
the condderation of the 1st article of the union, or security of 
the church, and carried by 38 for the first, which was to be 
further argued as last Monday. 

The officers of her majesties guards yesterday drew out their 
companies in St. James's Park, which were viewed by Smith 
(some time since hang'd at Tyburn, but a reprieve coming, was 
cut down before dead) and two other persons in masks, in 
order to discover felons and housebreakers ; out of which 2 
sOTJeants with 6 soldiers were seized as criminals, and committed 
to the Marshalsea prison. 

Yesterday came in a Dutch post, and this day another, which 
confirm the entire defeat of 25,000 Suedes and Poles by king 
Augustus, and that the king of Sueden was marching from 
Saxony with 6000 horse to join Stanislaus, and make head 
against him. 

Prom Paris, that the duke of Orleans arrived there the 8th, 
not being able to enter Piedmont, so that they give the Mil- 
laneze for lost. 


The castle of Picighittone sarrendred ihe 27th to the duke 
of Savoy ; and it's said that of Millain has agreed to doe the 
hke, if not releiyed bj the 25th. 

From Frankfort, that prince Lewis of Baden died the 8th at 

The dake of Marlborough is expected here in a day or two. 

Tuesday^ 12 Novemb, — ^Yesterdays Scotch letters say, that 
the 4th inst. the parliament received several more addresses 
against an incorporating union with England; then the 1st 
article of the union was again roi«i, and after a long debate 
the question was putt. Approve or not, and carried by 34 for 

The duke of Atholl, with some others, entred their protest 
against it, as being contrary to the honour, interest, fundamental 
laws and constitution of the kingdom. 

A bill was read, that after the union it should not be in the 
power of any parliament to alter the kirk government to epi- 
scopacy, which was ordered to be printed; as also the names 
of all the members who voted for and against the 1st article. 

On Saturday died Dr. Mew, bishop of Winchester, aged 89 ; 
it's said that the bishop of Exeter, or Dr. Godolplun, brother 
to the lord treasurer, will succeed in that bishopprick, worth 
about 7000^. per ann. 

On Sunday the lady Monthermer, youngest daughter to the 
duke of Marlborough, was brought to bed of a sonn at Moun- 
tague house. 

On Fryday and Saturday sir Thomas Powy's, seijeant Weld, 
and sir John Hawles made learned arguments for and against 
the trustees for selling the Irish forfeited estates, setting forth 
the hard case of the lord whose lands were sold, tho 

not forfeited ; and the queens bench court took time to give 

This days Dutch post advises fi?om Paris, that tho duke of 
Berwick was the 28th at Murcia, preparing for the seige of 
Carthagena, into which the lord Galloway had put 5 English 
batallions ; and that 8ocx> men tiro in arms in Abruzzo for king 

That the eari of Peterborough was gone with the duke of 
Savoy to Pavia, to conferr with prince Eugene. 

Prince Lewis is not dead, as the last accounts mentioned. 

Nov. i6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 107 

Bar<m Spanheim reoeiyed a letter by this mail from 
which, he shewed to the lord treasmrer, that the kings of Sueden 
and Aogustos of Poland have made a peace, but the twms we 
don't yet hear. 

Thwradixy^ \^N4wemb. — ^Yesterday came in two Lisbon 
nuuls, which say, that all the men of war and transports under 
sir Clowdealy ShoYoll were safe arrived there, except two 
transports forced into Ireland, and a bomb ketch, supposed to 
be taken by the French, and will be ready to sail again in a 
fortnight for Valentia ; and that lieutenant col. Worsley was 
dispatcht to Alicant with letters to king Charles to give him 
notice of their comeing. 

From Edinburgh, that on the 7th their parliament reodived 
seyeraJ more addresses against an incorporating union ; read 
a irt time an act for security of the kirk government ; as also 
another for a supply for the standing forces, garrisons, and fri- 
gats ; and both mark't. 

THa said the peace between king Augustus and the king of 
Sueden was concluded the 24 of SepL (N. S.), but not ratified 
till after the battle of Kalish ; the first only to have the title 
of king of Poland^ and a pension from king Stanislaus, and re- 
instated in Saxony, and all the contributions raised by the 
Suedes in that electorate to be restored. 

Our East India company have received adrice, that the.New- 
burgh from Batavia was arrived in Holland, and 1 1 moro daily 
expected home. 

lis said Mr. Pooley is ordered for [tofj goe for Savoy to con- 
gratulate that duke upon his successes, and present him with 
her majesties picture sett with diamonds. 

This day the court of queens bench sentenc'd Dr. Joseph 
Brown to pay 40 marks, and stand t?rice in the pillory, for 
writing a scandalous pamphlet entitled A Letter to Mr. Secretary 

And Mr. Ward to stand twice in the pillory for writing Hu- 
dibras redivivus. 

The duke of Marlborough is not yet arrived. 

Saturday y 16 Nauemh. — ^Yesterdays letters from the Hague 
ad?ise, that on the 20th instant there was held an extraordi- 
nary congresse of all the ministers of the potentates in the 
grand alliance ; when the states deputies acquainted them that 


the French had made last winter some private overtures for a 
peace, which they took no notice off, nor judg'd them worth 
imparting to the allies ; the substance of which was read : aa 
also letters written last October b j the elector of Bavaria to 
the duke of Marlborough and feild deputies on the same sub- 
ject, with their answers theretoo ; after which the duke and tiie 
chief minister of the states spoke very honourably on the occa- 
sion, concluding to continue the war^ and desired the ministers 
to write to their several masters to use their best endeavours 
for carrying it on till France be disabled from disturbing her 
neighbours, and take example by England and Holland, who 
are resolved to make a vigorous campagne ; and the assembly 
were extreamly satisfied with their communicating the same. 

From Edinburgh, that their parliament had past the act for 
granting a supply, and added a clause to that for security of 
the kirk, that the universities and coUedges in that kingdom as 
now established shal continue for ever. 

Yesterdays letters from Plymouth advise, that 50 sul of the 
homeward bound Virginia fleet were past by there. 

Thursday night her majestic appointed sherifs for the year 
ensueing, for Nottinghamshire sir George Savill, baronet. 

7\i£9day, 19 Navemb, — Yesterday was a tryal at the queens 
bench bar, which lasted till 10 at night, between the corn fac- 
tors and masters of ships and the wharfingers of the citty of 
London, the latter demanding a duty for every quarter of com 
landed at Bear key, or any other wharf; and this day the jury 
gave a verdict, that they ought to have id, per quarter. 

Saturday night the duke of Marlborough landed at Margate, 
and arrived here last night ; we hear he has brought with him 
the ratification of the engagement which the states general have 
enter'd into to assist in case of need the next protestant succes- 
sor to the crown of England. 

Yesterday's flying packet from Scotiand says, that their par- 
liament had past the act of security of the kirk ; a clause was 
offered to be added, that after the union no Scotchman, who 
shal have any office in England, be obliged to take the sacra* 
mental test, which was rejected by 38 voices, and had agreed 
to sitt de die in diem upon the union. 

Major general Withers is made governour of Sheemesse, in 
room of coll. Crawford, deceased. 

Not. ai.] STATE AFFAIRS. 109 

A council is now sitting at St. James's ; 'tis said the parlia- 
ment will be further prorogued to the 3d of December, by 
which time 'tis expected the Scotch parliament will be up. 

The last foreign letters mention'd^ that monsieur Chamillard 
having summoned seyeral eminent merchants at Paris for ad- 
vice about the disorders occasioned by the mint bills, they all 
agreed that nothing but a peace could prevent the ruine of 
that nation. 

We want a Dutch post. 

ThvrBdmfj 21 Nbvemb. — ^The last foreign letters mentioned 
Uiat the envoy of the king of Prussia at Ratisbon had notified 
to the diet, if the peace between the kings of Sueden and Au- 
gustus of Poland be concluded, his master will send io,cxxd men 
more, besides the 25^000 already employed, against France. 

This morning a proclamation was publisht appointing the 
31st of December for a general thanksgiving throughout Eng- 
land for the wonderful successe of the arms of her majestic 
and allies this summer against France, and for emploring a 
continuance on the same, and for restoring and perpetuating a 
peace to us and our confederates; on which day the queen 
designs to goe to St. Pauls church attended by the lords and 

At noon both houses of parliament mett, as also the convo- 
cation, and were prorogued by commission to Tuesday the 3d 
of December. 

Sir Wm. Cowper, father to the lord keeper, was last night 
seized with an apoplexy, and given over by his physitians; and 
snr Wm. Thomas, member for Seaford, is dead. 

A ship arrived the 18th at Plymouth from Ireland advises, 
tiiat on the 12th the Oxford man of war, and 1 1 of our home- 
ward bound East India ships, put into Eingsale. 

'Tis said, general Churchil is made governor of Guernsey, in 
the room of the lord Hatton, deceased. 

Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh say, 'twas carried by 26 
to proceed upon the 2d article about the succession, before that 
of trade and taxes ; and a flying pacquet arriv'd this morning 
brings account that they have agreed theretoo, carrying it by 
58 voices. 

We hear 16 of our Virginia fleet founder'd at sea, 6 taken ; 
and coU. Nott, governor of that coUony, dead. 


No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 23 Ncvemb. — Yesterday Mr. Mawgridge, the 
kettle drummer, tryed some time since at the Old Baily for 
killing captun Ck)pe in the guard chamber at the Tower, and 
the jury giving a special verdict, was brought from Newgate 
to the queens bench barr, where telling the court that not 
having timely notice nor council, wius unprepared to make his 
defence ; whereupon they assign'd him Mr. Page, and is to be 
brought thither again next Wensday. 

Same day the East India company received an expresse from 
Ireland, which confirms the arrival there of 1 1 of their home- 
ward bound ships mentioned in my last. 

Sir Edward Manaell, of Glamorganshire^ barrt., and his 
estate of 1 0,000/. per ann. faU to his only son, Thomas Mansell, 
esq., comptroller of her majesties household. 

The countesse of Pembroke is also dead. 

Tis thought the bishop of Winchester might have lived 
longer, had it not been for the following accident ; his lordship 
being taken with a fitt of the vapours, and pointing to a cordial 
bottle, a clergyman by mistake gave him a vial of hart^om 
which stood by it, which drinking, he dyed immediately. 

Seven men of war and a great many transports are prepar- 
ing for Ireland, to take on board several regiments in order for 

Tis said, brigadeer general Cadogan will be made lieutenant 
of the Tower, in the room of general Churchil, now governor 
of Guernsey. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 26 Noveinh. — ^Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh 
of the 18th say, their parliament had agreed to the 3d article 
of the union, which is, that the united kingdom of Great Brit- 
tain be represented by one and the same parliament ; carrying 
it by 3 1 voices. 

The marquesse of Annandale and others protested against 
it ; the dukes of Hamilton and AthoU, &c. moved for a clause, 
that after the union the parliament should sitt once in 3 years 
at Edinburgh, which is to be debated when they proceed on the 
22d article. 

As the lord high commissioner was goeing from the house 
home, the mob threw stones into his coach, hurt his hand, and 

No?. 28.] STATE AFFAIRS. Ill 

hitt the duke of Argyle with him ; which beiiig complain'd off 
next day, a coaunittee was ordered to enquire into the same, 
and the lord constable ordered to prosecute those imprisoned 
for a former tumult. 

Sir Wm. Cowper, father to the lord keeper, died this morn- 
ing, leaving 25002. per ann. to his lordship ; sir Thomas Ro- 
berts, of Rent, is. also dead. 

The report of the duke of Marlboroughs returning speedily 
to Holland in relation to a peace, is altogether false ; and on 
Saturday his grace at dinner with the lord Hallifax sakl, 'twas 
raised by ill affected persons to gire jealousies to the allies, and 
make them badLward in their preparations for the next cam- 

Port letters advise that a ship is putt into Plymouth, which 
left a fleet of New England ships, laden with masts and other 
naval stores, not tar from the Lands End. 

No Dutch post. 

Thureda^, 28 Nmwmb. — Monday's West India mail advises 
that the French, who plundered the island of Nevis, went to 
Carolina with 7 ships and a consideraUe body of forces, where 
they landed in a, places; but sir Nath. Johnson, governor 
thereof, with the militia repulsed them, kUled several, took 80 
I«8oners, and afterwards one of their ships, in which were 
about 150 men. 

Tis said, 16 Spanish galleons are arrived at Porto Bello and 
Carthagena, and tak^i on board 20 millions in plate and money, 
with which they design to sail for Spain next spring. 

The lady of the lord Cornbury, governer of New York, dyed 
there the i ith of August : the states of that colony have raised 
3000/. for fortifyeing that town, mounted 100 great guns upon 
the walls, and put 1500 men in garrison. 

Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh say, that the 4th article 
of the union, which allows the Scots a iree trade to the planta- 
tions, and into our ports, past their parliament by a majority 
of4to J. 

The same day, Mawgridge, who killed captain Cope, was 
again brought to the queens bench bar, but the court putt off 
hearing his council till Saturday^ the 14th of December, when 
the spedal verdict is to be argued before all the judges at Ser- 
jeants Inn. 


The duke of Marlborough is gone for Woodstock, to see what 
progresse is made in the building of Blenheim castle. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday^ 30 Novemb. — Thursday, being the last day of the 
term, Dr. Drake was continued upon his recognizance. 

Boucher and lindsey, some time since convicted for coming 
from France without a passe, pleaded her majesties pardon, 
but were therein required to depart the kingdom in 6 weeks 
from the date thereof. 

A squadron of 3d, 4th, and 5th rate men of war are getting 
ready for Spain, upon advice that the French are fitting out a 
squadron at Thoulon; and next week coU.Walpools brother goes 
expresse with fresh instructions to the earl of Gallway. 

Our East India ships are speedily expected from Ireland, a 
strong convoy being sent to meet them. 

The earl of Derby, chancellor of the dutchy of Lancaster, has 
made Mr. Kenyon vicechancellor. 

To morrow night in council 'tis expected the earl of Sunder- 
land will be declared secretary of state, in place of sir Charles 
Hedges, who, 'tis said, will be made judge of the prerogative 
court, in the room of sir Rd. Raines, who resigns. 

Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh say, their parliament had 
past the 5th article of the union, viz. that all ships belonging 
to the subjects of Scotland, after the 1st of May, tho foreign 
built, shal be deemed as ships of Great Brittain. 

That the mobb were up at Glasco and Drumfreys, but the 
soldiers and inhabitants keep them from doeing any mischeif. 

We want 4 Dutch posts. 

Tfiesday, 3 Decemb, — Yesterday came in 5 Dutch and a 
Lisbon mails, which bring little news ; from Paris they write, 
that Carthaffena had surrendred to the duke of Barwick, and 
the garison made prisoners of war ; that an earthquake had 
happ'ned at Naples, which destroyed 15,000 persons. 

And from Lisbon, that sir Cloudesly Shovell, having refitted 
the fleet, was goeing to Valentia, and that there was a report 
that the earl of Gkdway had defeated several regiments in 

The earl of Sunderland has taken possession of sir Charles 
Hedges's office as secretary of state, and has appointed Mr. 
Hopkyns and Mr. Addison to be his under secretaries. 

Dec. 5.] STATE AFFAIRS. 113 

We hear that the earls of Kent, Lindsej, and Sangston, will 
be created marquesses ; lords Godolphin, Wharton, Cholmond- 
ley, Walden, and Paolet of Wiltshire, earles ; the lord keeper, 
and ar Thomas Pelham, barons. 

Ifr. Coke of Darbyshire, one of the tellers of the exchequer, 
has exchanged his place with Mr. Peregrine Bertie, for that of 
Ticechamberlain to the queen. 

This day the parliament mett, to whom her majestic spoke 
to this effect ; hoped they were all mett with hearts thankfull 
to God for the glorious successe of our arms, and steady reso- 
lution to prosecute those advantages, till an honourable and 
durable peace can be obtained ; that if we be not wanting to 
our selves, may hope to see such a ballance of power establish'd 
in Europe, that it shal no longer be at the pleasure of one 
prince to disturb the repose of this part of the world ; recom- 
mended the speedy granting sufficient supplyes for carrying 
on the war, which should be applyed to those euds with the 
greatest care and management ; told them the commissioners 
for the union with Scotland had concluded a treaty, which at 
present is before the parliament of that kingdom ; and hoped 
'twould not be long ere she should acquaint them with the suc- 
cesse it has mett with there. 

The lords voted an addresse of thanks to the queen for her 
speech, as also did the commons, to congratulate her upon the 
victory at Rameilles, and successes of her allies beyond the ex- 
ample of former ages ; and to assure her theyl give such sup- 
plyes as may enable her to prosecute the war, to obtayn an 
honourable peace that may be a lasting security to the domi^ 
niohs of her majestie and allies. 

Ordered thanks to the duke of Marlborough for his eminent 

And granted 9 writs for new elections in room of members 
dead, and adjourned till to morrow. 

TtmTBiayy 5 Deeemb, — Warrants are past at the secretaries 
office for promotion of the 10 peers mentioned in my last, but 
of their titles we have yet no account 

It's said the lord Cheney is out from being clerk of the 
pipe office, and succeeded by sir John Cook, doctor of the 
civiU law. 

Yesterday the commons ordered a bill to be brought in, to 



allow the same reward for apprehending houBobreakers as for 
highway men. 

Mr. Gompton reported the duke of Marlboronghs answer to 
the thanks of the house, viz. If any thing could add to my satis* 
faction in the services I have endeavoured to do the queen and 
my country, it would be the particular notice which the house 
of commons is pleased to take of them, so much to my ad- 

This day they read a petition from the 6 clerks in chancery 
against the 60, prayeing to be releived about a clause in the 
late act for am^idment of the law ; which was referred to a 
committee, who are to consider antient fees belonging to the 
courts of justice. 

Then in a committee on the motion for a supply, voted a sup- 
ply, which is to be reported to morrow. 

The lords heard the lord keeper return the thanks of their 
house to th^ duke of Marlborough for his great services ; after 
which their lordships at one a clock, and the commons at two^ 
attended her majestic at St. James's, with their addresses of 
thanks for her speech. 

Tuesday 2 highway men^ who robbed near Acton, were taken 
and committed to Newgate. 

The last Dutch letters say, the king of Sueden bad writ to 
the elector of Bavaria, that he would not quitt Germany till he 
had restored him to his dignity and electorate, and obliged the 
emperor to come to a peace. 

The Scotch parliament have referred the 6th article to a com- 
mittee, and past the 7th. 

Saturday, 7 Decemb. — Yesterday the lords ordered their 
addresse and the queens ansTver to be printed, and adjourned 
till Monday. 

The commons read a 2d time the night watch bill ; and or- 
dered estimates of the charge for next years war to be laid 
before them, which, 'tis said, will amount to about 6 millions, 
for maintaining 40,000 seamen and 50,000 hmd men, which 
were this day read and referred to the committee lor the 

Scotch letters say, the lord chancellor having acquainted the 
parliament of several irregular and tumultuous meetings by 
the mob in arms at Olasco and oHier places, where they burnt 


articles of muon, tbqr ordered a prodamatiQii to be pub^ 
lish't against them ; past an act for suspending during this ses- 
son the clause in the seouritj act for arming and exercising 
fenaiUe men ; ordered several libells against the union to be 
burnt by^ the hangman ; read the 8th article, and referred it 
to the committee to whom the 6th was remitted; and some 
troops ordered to disperse the mob, if assemble after the pro- 
clamation is out. 

The biahop of Salisbury is to preach before her majestic on 
the tfaanksgiviBg day at St. Pauls. 

Yesterday the dutchesse of Cleeyeland, at the Old Baily, 
prored that Handsome Feilding, her husband, had another wife, 
DOW lireing, before he was married to her, so that she will be 
diroreed; aad he producing her majesties pardon was admitted 
to bail. 

Chamto» and Hall, two notorious highway men, are con- 

The lower house of couTocaiaon have now agreed to join with 
the bishops in an addresse to congratulate the queen upon her 
glorious successes, wherein they declare the church is in a safe 
and flourishing condition. 

Has day we have an account that a ship^ arriyed at Fal- 
mouth in 14 days from Lisbon, sayes she mett a ressel goeing 
into that river with an expresse from the lord Gallway, that 
he had defeated 8 batallions of the enemy at one time, and 7 
more at another. 

The sessions at the Old Baily for the citty of London and 
county of Middlesex began the 4th instant, and held the 5th, 
6th, and 7th, where several criminals were tryed, of which 8 
recoved sentence of death, (six of them for house breaking,) 
3 were burnt in the cheek, 3 burnt in the hand, 5 ordered for 
soldiers^ and two their judgment respited ; and the next sessions 
ordered to b^;in on Wensday the 15th of January next. 

2\ce8(iajf, 10 Decemb. — ^Yesterdays Dutch post advises, that 
the earl of Peterborough was arrived at Genoa in his return to 

From Vienna, that the maleeontents declare, if they can't 
hare theb greivances redrest, they will sooner submit to the 
Turk than the emperor ; that the Ottoman Port make great 
preparations for war by sea and land ; and some say they have 

I 2 


entred into a treaty with prince Ragotzi, to restore the Hun- 
garians to their antient laws and priviledges, and oblige the em- 
peror to observe his coronation oath as king of Hungary. 

From the Hague, that the peace between the kings of Sueden 
and Poland has been pubhshed at Leipzick and Dresden by 
order of the latter, who is preparing for Saxony with all his 
forces ; and both are recruitmg their troops, which gives jea- 
lousy to their neighbours. 

Some letters say, that the Prussians in Italy have defeated 
count Medavi, detach't to releive Modena, and killed 2000, and 
taken 1000. 

From Edinburgh of the 5th, that their parliament have past 
the 9, 10, II, 12, and 13th articles of union. 

Mr. Walpool, secretary to coll. Stanhope in Spain, is gone 
with an expresse to the earl of Gallway, appointing his lord- 
ship and the earl of Rivers to command our army by turns, and 
a commission for coll. Stanly to settle trade and commerce. 

The duke of Northumberlands regiment of horse, with 6 
troops of dragoons and a detachment of the foot guards, are 
ordered towards Barwick, to be ready to quell any tumults that 
may happen in Scotland. 

Sir Phillip Meadows, jun. is appointed to goe envoy extraor- 
dinary to the emperor. 

The lord Huntingtour, only son of the earl of Dysert, is mar- 
ried to Mrs. Henneage, natural daughter of the duke of Devon. 

Lieutenant general Windham is dead in Spun. 

This day the commons, in a committee on ways and means, 
voted 48. in the £ upon land. 

And that the malt tax be continued. 

Thursday, 1 2 Decemb, — ^Yesterday the commons read a 2d 
time, and committed to a committee of the whole house, a bill 
for better relief, imployment, and maintenance of the poor. 

In the evening the committee of priviledges satt, and chose 
Mr. Compton their chairman, and appointed days for hearing 
petitions ag^st undue elections, viz. that of Rye on 13 Jan., 
Horsham the 15th, Bath the 20th, Coventry the 22d, Steyning 
the 24th, Chester the 27th, and Colchester the 29th. 

This day the commons read the ist time the land tax and 
malt bills^ which 'tis beleived will passe the royal assent before 

Dbc.14.] state affairs. 117 

Our lord mayor and court of aldermen have invited the duke 
of Marlborough and the general officers lately come from Flan- 
ders to an entertainment in the citty this day 7night. 

The admiralty have advice that a French homeward bound 
Martineco ship, which bad on board barrs of silver plate, &c., 
was cast away between Ostend and Dunkirk. 

It's said, sir Phillip Meadows desires to be excused from goe- 
ing envoy to Vienna. 

Coals and Grimes, 2 highway men, lately committed to New- 
gate, make large discoveries of their gang, pursuant to which 
several warrants are issued out for apprehending them. 

The old East India company pressing the new to an entire 
immediate union, which by a former agreement was not to be 
for 3 years to come, and also that the new would divide out 
6oL pw cent that is in trade, has occasioned a difference be- 
twixt them, which they could not determine, so both agreed to 
leave it to the lord treasurer to decide, and tis now before him. 

Saturday y 14 Decemb. — ^Yesterday six persons, lately con- 
demned at the sessions house for felony and burglary, were 
executed at Tyburn. 

This day the lords ordered an addresse to her majestie, to 
desire her to consider of some method, in case the duke of 
Marlborough dyes without issue male, that his titles may de- 
scend to the next heir male of his daughters. 

The commons in a committee of the whole house this day 
went thro' the land tax bill, filled up the blanks, and added a 
borrowing clause at 5/. per cent., and ordered it to be reported 
on Monday. 

They have also made some progresse in the bill for better 
releif of the poor, and are to be upon it again next Thursday. 

Sir John Walters is chose member for Oxford citty, in room 
of Mr. Norreys, deceased ; and Mr. Diston, a Blackwell hall 
factor, for the Devizes, in the room of Mr. Methwin, deceased. 

Sir John Damal, one of her majesties Serjeants at law, is 

The convocation is adjourned to the 7th of February next. 

Yesterdays Scotch letters say, their parliament had past the 
14th article of the union; and that of the ringleaders of the 
mobb at Glasco, formerly officers of the army, were brought 
prisoners to Edinburgh. 


The same day ike queen had an expresse from lisban, that 
the king of Portugal dyed the 28th past of an apoplexy, and 
succeeded by his eldest son, the prince of BranU, aged 17 ; 
upon which the eat*l of Biyers held a council of war, all the 
cottonelfi under him commanded to their posts, and to be ready 
to land on the first orders : his death has occasioned no alter- 
ations as yet : the French party seem to rejoyce, but the ooBunon 
people are well inclined to king Charles. 

This day was the argument upon the special verdict found 
lipon the tryal of Maugridge, for kiHing capt. Cope, bdbre all 
the judges at Serjeants Inn, who will gi?e their opinions the ^ 
day of next term : serjeant Parker was council tof the queen, 
and Mr. Page for the prisoner. 

Tueadap, 1 7 Decemb. — ^Yesterday her majestie sent messages 
to both bouses of parliament, that she intended to goe to St. 
Pauls churdi the 31st instant, being the thanksfflving day, and 
had ordered convenient places for Aem there; upon which tfaey 
returned thanks, and resolred to attend her thither. 

In the house of lords the duke of Bolton reported the ad- 
dresse to the queen for perpetuating the titles and honour of 
the duke of Marlborough to his issue for ever ; to which they 
agreed, and ordered him to wait on her majestie therewith. 

The commons ordered the land tax bill to be engrost. 

And this day in a committee went thro tiie malt bill, debated 
to repeal a clause which hinders the comeing in of French wines, 
but carryed in the n^atire without dividing. 

George Naylor, esq. is chose member of parliament for Sea- 
ford, in room of sir Wm. Thomas, deceased. 

Yesterday and this morning came in 2 Dutch posts, which 
say that the castle of Cazal surrendred to the duke of Savoy 
the 6th at discretion^ after which his highnesse went to beseage 

That the castle of Tortona was taken by storm, and the go- 
vemer, with 6 companies of French, were putt to the sword ; 
upon which they quitted several towns, particularly Guastalla, 
&c. retiring to Mantua, Ostiglia, ftc 

Some letters mention that the king of Sueden has ordered 
]0,ooo of his men to quarter in Bohemia, to be ready on some 
secret design. 

And from the Hague^ that his minister there has presented a 

J>mc.2j.] STATE AFFAIRS. 119 

letter to the atatos from king Stanifdaus, notifyeing the peace, 
and hk aoeeaaKm to the crown of Poland. 

And that the Dutch squadron, with recruits for their regi- 
awnia, were ready to sayl for Spain. 

Thursday, 19 Decmnib. — ^Yesterday the commons read a 3d 
time the land tax bill, and sent it to tibe lords ; who read a bill 
fiyr aeiling and continueing the duke of Marlborough's titles 
and honours to his posterity ; his grace, on Tuesday, requested 
of their lordships, that the estate of Woodstock and Blenheim 
house, seiled as a joynture on his dutchesse, may after her de- 
cease be limitted to goe always with the honour. 

This day the lords read a ist time the land tax and malt 
bills; in the former is a rider for easing those counties that have 
been rated aboye 4^. in the pound. 

Th^ also read a bill for taking off the punishment of burning 
felons in the dieek. 

This afternoon %6 standards and 63 colours, taken at the 
battle of Ramellies, were carried in great state from St. James 
to Guild hall, to be hung up there, being attended by a detach- 
meat of the 3 troops of guards, and a bataUion of foot. 

After which the duke of Marlborough, with many of the no- 
bility and general o£5cers, &c., went thro' this citty to Vintners 
hall, where a splendid entertainment was provided for them by 
the lord mayor and court of aldermen. 

Letters from Jamaica say, that admiral Whetstone, with se- 
y^snl men of war and a fleet of merchant ships, sailed thence 
the 8th instant for England ; and that one of our frigats had 
brought thither a ship of 22 guns and 140 men, bound from 
Garthagena to France, laden with gold, silver, &c. said to be 
worth T^oOyOooL 

Last night^s Lisbon mail says the prince of Brazil has taken 
upon him the governm^it of the kingdom of Portugal ; and all 
things quiet there ; where the earl of Rivers and sir Clowdesly 
ShoveU still continue with our fleet and forces. 

This evening Mr. Monstevens, member of parliament for 
Westiow in Cornwall, cutt his throat. 

Saturday t %i Dec* — ^Tbis day her majestic, being come to 
tiie house of peers, sent for the commons, where Mr. speaker 
presented her with the bills for a land tax, and the malt act, 
both which she past ; as also that for perpetuating the memory 


of the duke of Marlborough, and that for natnralizmg the lady 
North and Gray, and spoke to this effect ; That as the duke 
of Marlborough had gained the victory at Ramellies before 'twas 
well known he was got into the feild, so her faitbfiil commons 
had given the supplies when scarce known abroad the sesiuons 
was begun. 

And after, her majestie made a speech to this effect ; Re- 
peated her satisfaction in their addresses presented the begin- 
ning of this session ; told them their zeal to the common cause 
would be a great encouragement to our allies ; that their par- 
ticular notice of the duke of Marlborough's services was very 
agreable to her; thank't the commons for their more than 
usual dispatch of the supplies, which would enable her to put 
all necessary preparations for next year into a great forward- 
nesse, and must needs have a very good effect for improveing 
the advantages of the last campagne ; that the zeal and unani- 
mity they have shewn were sufficient assurances to her that 
they will return in the same good temper and disposition to 
dispatch what remains of the publick supplyes. 

After which both houses adjourned to the 31st instant, the 
thanksgiving day, in order to attend her majestie to St. Pauls 
cathedral, when it's expected they will adjourn for a week 

Tuesday, 24 Decemb. — ^Yesterdays foreign letters bring 

From Vienna, that an Aga was arrived at Temeswaer with 
Turkish troops, feared to assist the malecontents, tho some let- 
ters from Venice mention that the grand vizier was strangled 
for receiving presents from Ragotszi, and advising the grand 
seignior to break with the emperor. 

From Poland, that the cardinal primate and the crown ge- 
neral, with the whole party of king Augustus, resolve to join 
the Muscovites against Stanislaus, and chuse another king. 

From the Hague, that the states, finding the French intend 
to be very powerful in the spring, resolve to increase every 
troop of horse with 8 men, and every company of foot with 12 ; 
and have wrote to the princes of the empire to hasten their se- 
veral quota's to the Rhine, to act offensively against France. 

From Rotterdam, that a Martineco ship was come to Mar- 
seilles, which says she csane thence with 15 more, but sir John 
Jennings, falling in with them, took the rest 

Dbc. a8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 121 

Last Fryday the oountesse of Peterborough treated the duke 
of Marlborough and seyeral other general officers. 

This day came ad?ice that admiral Whetstone, with 4 men 
of war and the homeward bound Jamaica fleet, were arriyed in 
our western ports. 

A commisfflon is past the seales for a new lieutenancy of this 
dtfy, and about 70 more added. 

The Scotch parliament has agreed to the 6th article of 

Mr. Bromley's house at Bagginton, in Warwickshire, is burnt 

Ttmrnday, 26 Decemb. — Letters from the Hague advise, 
that notwithstanding the Swedish ministers protestations that 
his master will do nothing i^ainst the common cause, yet the 
states are very uneasy about the preparations which are mak- 
ing in Saxony. 

From Dantzick, that the Suedes give out, theyl march and 
fight the czar, dethrone him, and set up his son. 

From Genoa, that 3 English frigats had taken a French man 
of war of 44 guns, after an obstinate fight, wherein the captain 
was killed. 

If 8 said the Jamaica ships come home with admiral Whet- 
stone have on board 350,000 in silver. 

The attorney general has lodged a writ of error in the house 
of lords against Dr. Drake, for writing some passages in his 
Mercurins Politicus reflecting on the revolution, which will be 
argued soon after the holydays. 

The lord high admiral has ordered a squadron to be imme- 
diately fitted out at Portsmouth upon some secret design. 

Two Venetian ambassadors are hourly expected here from 
Holland ; and so soon as they have had audience of her ma- 
jestie, it's said the earl of Manchester will be dispatcht thither 
on his embassy. 

Saturday y 28 Decern. — Yesterdays Dutch letters advise from 
Vienna, that the Swedes have exprest some resentment against 
the elector palatine for violences committed by his troops in 
the dutchy of Deuxponts, belonging to his majestic ; but all 
possible care is taken to prevent the ill consequences thereof. 

It's said 20,000 Sweeds are marching from Saxony towards 
the Upper Bhine, which gives umbrage to the emperor. 


That the Turks on the frontiers refuse to sell the hnpernfists 
any provisions ; but suffer the maleoontents to lerjr men and 
horses in Bosnia, who are again masters of all Transylvania, 
except two fortresses. 

From Berlin, that the czar has renewed his alliances with 
the grand seignior and the Poles against Stanislaus, advising 
the latter to chuse another king, and not be eoncemed at 
Augustus's abdication, for he will stand bj them in defence of 
their liberty to the last ; and in case of a new election, 'tis 
thought twill fall upon one of the 2 crown generalls. 

From Paris, that the marquesse de Bay, with 800 foot and 
200 horse, had taken Alcantara from the Portugeeze with little 
losse, and were marching to retake Giudad Rodrigo, where he 
hopes to meet but with the like resistance. 

We hear the king of Denmark has forbid the French envoy 
his court, for several affronts put upon his envoy at Paris. 

Tuesday, 3 1 Decemb. — ^Testerday the lords satt, and read 
over the patents granted to the marquesses of Kent* Lindsey, 
and Dorchester ; the earls of Wharton, Powlet, Godolphin, 
Gholmley, and Bindon, the lords Cowper and Pelham, the 
heralds at arms attending, placed each of them in their proper 

This day they ordered the house to be called over this day 
3 weeks, and adjourned til Tuesday next. 

The commons ordered Dr. Messe to preach before them the 
30th of January ; and a new writt to be issued out for electing 
a knight of the shire for Essex, in the room of the lord Walden, 
now earl of Bindon ; and adjourned to this day 7night. 

Both houses waited upon the queen to the thanksgiving at 
St. Pauls ; the commons in their coaches goeing first, then the 
judges, with the lords spiritual and temporal, in their robes ; 
immediately before her majestic, who was attended by the first 
troop of guards, and a batallion of foot; the dutchesse of 
Marlborough was with the queen in the coach, the prince not 
there, being unable to endure the fatigue. The streets were 
lined by the train'd bands, and the several companies of this 
citty in their livery gowns, and the streets crowded with spec* 

At Temple Barr her majestie was mett by the lord mayor, 
aldermen, and sherifs on horseback, who conducted her to St 

Jak.4.] state affairs. 128 

Paub diareh, wliere was a fine antbem sting, and the bishop 
of Salisbury preach! the sermon. 

Aftar which she returned to St JamesX and at night were 
bonefir^ and iUmninations, and the Tower gtma were thrice 
disehargedL vis. at her majesties first setting out, at the anthem, 
and at her return. 


Tkur^fday^ a Ja/nuar. — Orders are giyen for setting up in 
Westminster hall about 60 colours more, taken last year at 
forcing the French lines ; the citty hayeing only those taken al 
the battle <^ Ramilly. 

On Tuesday died sir Thomas Jenner, a judge in the kte king 
Jamesls reigil. 

Same day adnural Dilks sayled from Portsmouth with a 
aqoadroii of men of war, and a great fleet of merchant ships, 
bound for Lisbon, with stores and othel* necessaries fcnr our army 
and fleet in those parts. 

The commodore ^ the Yii^ia fleet latdy arrived will be 
tiyed by a eoundl of war, for crowding too many sail, and not 
stajing for the whole fleets which occasioned the losse of several 
ships, some taken by the French, and others foundred at sea. 

Tis said the king of Sueden has wrote a letter to our queen, 
assuring her that he will doe nothing to disturb the peace of 
the empire, and will employ 20^000 men for good of the com- 
mon cause. 

The regiment of horse (now in Flanders) which lieutenant 
general Windham, lately deceased, was colonel of, is given to 
brigadeer general Palmes, who has commanded the same ever 
since Windham wBnt for Spain. 

John Sparke, esq., member for Newport in Cornwall, is 

Saturday f 4 Januar. — ^Yesterdays letters from Scotland of 
the 27th say, that the lord chancellor had acquainted the par- 
liament there was information of letters sent to several parts of 
the kingdom, desiring the subscribers of the addresses against 
the union to come for Edinburgh and back them^ and know 
vhat answear the parliament will give ; upon which a procla- 
mation wae pnblish'd> forbidding any number of people coming 
thith^; and carried it ii2 against 62. 

They add, that duke Hamilton his steward and others had 

124 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

been examined about stirrmg up of the mob ; and it appeared 
divers noblemen were concerned, as well bj letters as money 
sent to several counties, and two of the prisoners confest a summ 
of money was brought from France for that purpose. 

And that the duke of Argyle and the earl of Cromeford, who 
lately differed, fought, and the last was slightly wounded. 

There is a double return for Clithero, viz. major general 
Harvey and Mr. Parker, in room of coll. Stringer, deceased ; 
and 'tis said Mr. Fleetwood is chose for Preston, in room of 
Mr. Rigby, dead. 

The wind proving contrary, all the outward bound Lisbon 
fleet are returned to Spithead. 

The August, one of her majesties ships, has taken a Frendi 
man of war of 54 guns, seperated from 6 more, which came out 
of Brest, supposed with design to intercept our East India ships 
in their passage fi^m Ireland to England. 

Tuesday, 7 Januar. — Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh 
say that their parliament, the 3 ist past, debated the i j, 16, 1 7, 
and 18 articles^ and carried them by a great majority. 

A clause being offered^ that Scotch men in offices and places 
of trust in England shal not be obliged to take the sacramental 
test, was rejected. 

This day the lords ordered the bishop of Landaff to preach 
before them the 30th instant. 

And read a bill for altering the penalty of burning fellons in 
the cheek, and adjourned tiU Fryday. 

The commons ordered thanks to the bishop of Sarum for his 
sermon on the thanksgiving day. 

Then the marquesse of Granby moved, and was seconded by 
col. Strangwayes, for a further provision for the duke of Marl- 
borough ; upon which they came to this resolution. That the 
house having taken into their consideration the eminent ser- 
vices of John duke of Marlborough, whereby the glory of her 
majesties government, the honour and safety of the kingdom, 
and the interest of the common cause, has been so highly ad- 
vanced, that an addresse be presented to her majestic, laying 
before her the just sense the house hath of the said dukes ser- 
vices, and thdr ready disposition to make a provision for the 
support of his honour and dignity in his posterity, in such man- 
ner as may be most agreeable to her majestic. 

J AS. 9.] STATE AFFAIRS. 1 26 

The lord Fairfax is chose member for Yorkshire, in the room 
of sir John Eaye, deceased. 

And Mr. Manwayrin^^ upon the scratinj, carried it bj 6 
ftgainst Mr. Fleetwood for Preston. 

The lord Petre is dead. 

The account we had of the August taking a French man of 
war is not confirmed. 

Thursday J 9 Januar. — ^Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee upon the supply, resolved, that 49,000^. be granted for 
paying another years interest upon Irish debentures. 

That io,oooZ. be allowed towards the charge for making a 
new wharfe and dock at Portsmouth. 

That i2o,cxx)2. be for the service of the office of ordnance 
for land service. 

That i44,ocx)2. be for the transport service. 

And 35CX>Z. for circulating exchequer bills. 

Afler which they waited upon her majestie with their ad- 
dr^se about the duke of Marlborough, who said she would 
consider of it, and return an answer, which she did this morn- 
ing by Mr. secretary Harley to this effect ; That for the dukes 
eminent services she had granted him during her [his] life a pen- 
don of 50002. per ann. out of the post office, and that it would be 
very acceptable to her, if they would continue and settle it by 
act of parliament to his posterity, for the more honourable sup- 
port of their dignities, in like manner as his honour and man- 
nour of Woodstock and house of Blenheim are already limited 
and setled ; which being read, they ordered a bill to be brought 
in for the same. 

Foreign letters advise from Italy, that the pope had confirm'd 
the bishop of Paderbom to be bishop of Munster. 

That a party of Germans had surprized Ostiglia, making the 
garrison prisoners of war ; and that count Medavi had sent to 
prince Eugene the terms upon which the French would evacuate 

From the Hague, that king Augustus has offered the allies 
10,000 of his Saxon troops; that prince Lewis of Baden dyed 
the 14th, N. S., at Rastadt. 

A Lisbon mail of the 6th, N. S., says the king of Portugal 
-was crown'd ; that our troops embark'd, but were not sail'd ; 
that sh* Clowdesly Shovel sending out 3 ships to cruize, the 


gOTeraouro of the fortB there fired upon them, whioh our enroy 
oomplained of; and that the lord Dunganium, who had a regi- 
ment in Spain, is dead. 

Saturday, 11 Januar. — Yesterdays foreign letters advise 
from Warsaw, that the cardinal primate luid dedared the 
throne vacant, appointed a general council to meet the 17 th 
February at Lemberg (where the czar has promised to be) to 
concert measures about assisting tiie republidk mdi all his forces 
against the Swedes. 

From Vienna, that they have an account, that in a council 
held at Constantinople it was resolved not to break with the 
emperor, though an emissary from prince Ragotzski had dis- 
persed 80,000 ducats among the grand seigniors ministers to 
engage him to assist the Hungarians. 

From the Hagne, that the French make great preparations 
in Alsace^ and are drawing troops thither from Fbmders to 
execute some designs before the imperialists can be ready to 
oppose them. 

That they have advice that the duke of Mantua has sent to 
Vienna to make terms with that court. 

The Scotch parliam«at have agreed to the 19th artide, with 

Henry Graham, esq., kn%ht of the shbe for Westmoreland, 
is dead. 

Letters from Ireland say that sir Thomas Hardy was arrived 
at Ck)rk with his squadron and 3 rich French prizes ; and tshat 
a Dutch privateer brought in there a rich French merchant 
ship worth 8o,ooo2. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee, resolved, That 
445,350^. 149. 2d. be granted for muntaining 20,502 men in 
Spain and Portugal; and that 186,492/. 14^. 4d. be given for 
maintenance of 8833 men, additional forces in Spain and Poriu- 
gal; which were this day reported and agreed to by the house. 

After which, in a committee, went thro' the poor's bill ; and 
ord^ed the treaties for the Prussian and Hessian troops to be 
brought in. 

This day, the lord Nottingham acquainting the house of peers 
that he had something of moment to communicate to them, they 
appointed next Wednesday to hear him, and all the lords are 
af^inted to attend. 

Jas. i6.] state affairs. 187 

Q^taiB Jam^ Morroj, aooused for robbing on the hi^way, 
against whom a prodamation is out offering 50Z. reward, is 
taken at Morpeth in Cumberland. 

Tue^dojf, 14 Jan, — Laat night the committee of priyiledges 
Toted Mr. Guybon and Mr. Fagg duely dected for Bye, againat 
Mr. Southwell and Mr. Herbert, ^e sittii:^ members. 

The Scotch parliament have past the 20 and 2i articles 
of the union, and the ist and ad pamgraj^ of the 23d, which 
limits the number of their members, tIs. 16 lords and 45 com- 
monersy to sitt in our parliament^ carrying the same by 40 

The earl of Stairs, one of the commissioners, and a zealous 
pomoter of the union, dyed the 8th at Edinburgh of an apo- 
plexy, and is succeeded in honour and estate by his son, the 
l(»d Dalrimple. 

Four French priyate^rs have lately taken 14 of our coasters, 
with a fifigot of 25 guns« their convoy. 

If 8 said coll. Gawfeild, brother to lord Charlemcmt^ is dead 

Seyeral Dutch men of war, and transports with forces for 
Spam, are arriyed at Deal. 

Ihis day the house of peers heard what the lord Notting- 
ham had to say in relation to his motion last Saturday : his 
lordship told them he thought so material a matter as a union 
between England and Scotland ought to be seriously consi- 
dered, and the whole nation, if possible, prepossest with it ; 
sad moyed that all the papers touching that affair may be 
fordi¥riih laid before them, was seconded by the lords Roches- 
ter, Hayersham, &c. ; lord treasurer answered, the artides were 
near finish't in Scotland, after which wou'd be soon brought 
before the parliament here ; the lords Wharton, Sommers, &c* 
spoke to the same effect, and so it dropt. 

The commons call'd oy^ their house, and the absent mem- 
bers to attend Thursday seyennight ; and read, and ordered a 
2d reading, the bill for settling ^oooL per ann. on the duke of 

Jifntgdoff, 16 Jaawaur. — Letters from Alicant of the 19th 
past say, that our xoisa of war, sent some time since from Lis- 
bon, were arriyed there, with money, clothes, &c. for our army 
in Yalentia; and that the lord Gallway was preparing to take 

1«8 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

the feild so soon as the lord Rivers shal come, in order to march 
for Madrid. 

Paris letters own that I2CX) of their men were lately drawn 
into an ambuscade by the Miquelets in Arragon, and most of 
them killed and taken. 

The Scotch parliament hay^ past the 22d article of the union, 
and 'lis expected the whole will be finish'd and sent hither next 
week to be laid before our parliament. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee, resolved, That 
50,cxx>Z. be granted the queen, in lieu of that summ she ad- 
vanced out of her own money to the duke of Savoy. 

4795002. for defraying her loan to the emperor last year ; 
63,664^. 13^. 6d. for levy money and other contingencies 
for the forces under the earl Rivers command for a descent ; 
3520/. 168. od. towards fortifyeing Gibralter; and 26,692/. 
139. lod. for her majesties share of 3000 Palatine troops. 

In the evening the committee of elections heard the double 
return for Clithero, and gave it for major general Harvey 
against Mr. Parker. 

This day the commons, in a committee, went thro' the bill 
for setling 5000Z. per ann. on the duke of Marlborough. Re- 
jected that to prevent the building glasse houses, &c. near 
Whitehall ; and debated some time the trade of the nation. 

Saturday, 18 Jamuar, — ^Yesterdays foreign post advises from 
Dresden, that the king of Sueden has communicated the elector 
of Bavarians letter to him to the emperor's minister, and it's 
beleived his majesties intensions are only to push on the war 
against the Muscovites ; that he designs to increase his army 
to 50,000 men, and king Augustus his to 25,000 ; which last 
gives out he will put his troops into the strong holds be- 
longing to his nephews, the princes of the line of Ernest, and 
reunite to his dominions all the towns former electors of Saxony 
were possessed of; and that king Stanislaus was march't with 
6000 Suedes, besides Poles, for Warsaw, to disperse those who 
pretend to a new election. 

That the citty of Dantzick has own'd him for king of Poland, 
and resolve to pay him all the rights of toll and other duties. 

From Paris the letters mention 2 French ships of 54 and 
44 guns, richly laden, bound for the South Seas, were cast away 
in September near Cape Verde. 

Jah, 21.] STATE AFFAIRS. 129 

Letters firom Barcelona say that a conspiracy had been dis- 
coyered at Girone, to betray that place into the French's hands^ 
bat timely discovered. 

From Lisbon of the 6th, that the earl of Rivers had de- 
manded of king of Portugal, that all his troops be compleat, 
the recruits for Yalentia immediately got together; and by 
reason has not ships ready to transport them, he offer'd to 
send them in oors, they paying for it ; and, to prevent all dis- 
putes, has declared he will be commanded by no body except 
the king, and expected an answer in a day or two. 

Coates, the highway man^ is condemned. 

The commons addrest the queen to lay before them the ori- 
ginal letters and papers from the emperor and duke of Savoy, 
as to what money they borrowed, and what the descent cost, 
that so the 900,000/. extraordinary last year may be made out. 

Tuesday, 21 Jantuir. — Yesterdays letters from Lisbon of 
the 1 6th, N. S., confirm the victory over 2000 French, com- 
manded by monsieur Pons, most of them killed and taken. 

And that the earl of Rivers having received pressing letters 
from king Charles to come to his assbtance, and the king of 
Portugal assuring his lordship that he will have a strong force 
to act in Estremadura and Castile, his excellency embark't the 
15th, and fell down that river with the men of war and trans- 
ports in order for Yalentia. 

Same day came an expresse from Scotland, that their par- 
liament had finish't all the articles of the union ; read the first 
time an act for ratifying them as amended, and another for 
securing the protestant religion and presbyterian church go- 
vernment in that kingdom, and were to proceed next upon the 
manner of electing their representatives to the parliament of 
Great Brittain. 

Last night Mawgridge, the kettle drummer, who killed capt. 
Cope, made his escape out of the queens bench prison. 

Yesterday the commons rejected the bill for importing Irish 
wool to Lancashire. 

In the evening the committee voted Mr. Blathwait and Mr. 
Popham^ sitting members for Bath, and not Mr. Dashwood and 
Mr. Houblon, the petitioners, duly elected. 

This day the commons were in a committee upon the trade 
of the nation, and resolved to take off the prohibition upon 


130 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

the Flanders and other lace not made in the French kings do- 

Mr. Western, an ironmonger of this citty, said to be worth 
2oo,oooZ., is dead. 

The sessions for citty of London and county of Middle- 
sex began at the Old Baily the 15th, and held the i6th and 
J 7th, where seyeral criminals were tryed ; of which one re- 
ceived sentence of death for robbing on the highway, 4 burnt 
in the cheeky 4 ordered to be whipt, 2 to goe for soldiers, and 
I fined and to stand in the pillory; and the next sessions to be- 
gin on Wensday the a6th of Febr. next. 

Thursday, 23 Januar. — Yesterdays Dutch post advises that 
the French king has declared the duke of Orleans generalissimo 
of his armies in Piedmont, and count Thesse under him. 

That the parliament of Paris have condemned prince Ema- 
nuel of Lorrain, brother to the duke of Elbeuf, the marquesse 
of Langalerie, and the marquess de Bonnevale, to be beheaded, 
and their estates confiscated, for goeing into the emperors 

Same day came an expresse from Edinburgh, with the act 
for security of the presbyterian church government there, as 
also that for approving and ratifyeing the treaty of union, which 
was carried by 41 voices. 

A ship is arrived at Weymouth with 550 exchanged prisoners 
from St. Maloes, who sent [saysf] the French have sent from 
Rochfort and other ports 20 men of war, and are fitting out 10 
more on some secret design ; that they trade much to the South 
Sea, from whence they receive considerable riches. 

Dr. Hody, Greek professor at Oxford, is dead. 

Yesterday the lords^ in a committee, went thro' the bill for 
altering the burning of felons in the cheek to hard labour and 
the workhouse. 

The commons, in a committee, resolv'd, That 1775^. be given 
to make good the losse of the Hanover troops in our pay last 
campagne ; and 150,000^. towards prosecuting the successe of 
king Charles for recovery of the Spanish monarchy. 

In the evening the committee of priviledges heard the peti- 
tions of sir Orlando Bridgman and Mr. Hopkins against the 
election for Coventry, and declared the same void; 148 against 

Jah. 25.] STATE AFFAIRS. 131 

This day the lords committed the bill for passing sherifs ac- 

The oommons this day agreed with the committee that major 
general Haryey was ddy elected for Clithero ; but disagreed 
with the committee in the election for Rye, giving it for Mr. 
Southwel and Mr. Herbert, the sitting members; 182 against 

This being the ist day of the term, the lord George Howards 
lady swore the peace against him. 

ScUurday, 25 Januar. — ^Yesterday one Mr. Coates was exe- 
cuted at Tyburn for robbing on the high way. 

The last letters from Holland advise, that the states had 
sent to their minister at Vienna to represent to that court, that 
they think themselves ill used, that notwithstanding the many 
protestations the decision on the affair at Munster should be 
entirely left to the court of Rome^ violent means are threatned 
to be used in favour of the bishop of Osnaburgh ; and 'tis said 
they have writt to the prince of Hesse Castell and prince of 
Sax Gotha, to command them not to obey the imperialists in 
case they order them to march towards the popes territories to 
intimidate the court of Rome. 

From Paris, that they are making great magazines in Savoy 
and Danphiny, and talk of beseiging Turin again. 

Sir Wm. Bowes, knight of the shire for Durrham, is dead ; 
and Thomas Middleton, esq. is chose knight of the shire for 
Essex, in the room of the lord Walden, now earl of Bindon. 

A train of artillery is preparing at the Tower to be put on 
board a squadron of men of war upon some secret expedition, 
said to be commanded by sir John Leake. 

Grimes, a notorious highway man, who robbed with Coats, 
wiQ have his pardon, having made some discoveries. 

The Lenten circuits are appointed as follow: home, lord 
chief justice Holt and Mr. justice Tracy ; Norfolk, lord chief 
justice Trevor and baron Smith; western, lord chief baron 
Ward and baron Bury ; midland, Mr. justice Powell and Mr. 
justice Gold ; northern, Mr. justice Powys and baron Price ; 
Oxford, Mr. justice Blencow and Mr. Dormer. 

Yesterday Mr. Lamb, one of the 6 clerks in chancery, and 
Mr. Robotham, upon a quarrel fought, and the latter mortally 

K 2, 


182 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

The same evening the judges gave their opinions, 1 1 of them 
that Mawgridge, who kilPd capt. Cope, and since escaped, was 
guilty of murther, and one that 'twas manslaughter. 

Tuesday, 28 Januar. — On Saturday the court of queens 
bench gave their opinions in a cause about the Irish forfeitures, 
that the trustees had sold an estate which was not forfeited ; 
upon which the latter have appeaPd to the house of lords. 

Sir John Pool is chose member for Newport in Cornwall, in 
the room of Mr. Sparkes; and brigadeer Palmes for West Low, 
in the room of Mr. Mountsteyens, deceased. 

Yesterday the commons debated the 900,0002. extraordinary 
charge last year, which upon a division was carried that 'twas 
expended for preservation of the duke of Savoy, the interest of 
king Charles in Spain, and for the safety and honour of the nar 
tion; yeas 254, noes 105. 

Foreign letters say the pope has appointed a new congrega- 
tion to reexamine the affair of the double election of Munster. 

And that all the popish princes are for prince Eugene's suc- 
ceeding prince Lewis of Baden, against the marquesse of Ba- 
reith, a protestant, who has a just claim theretoo. 

This day her majestic came to the house of peers, and sent 
for the commons, past the duke of Marlboroughs and some 
other bills, and made a speech to this effect ; That the treaty 
of union had been ratifyed in Scotland, with some alterations, 
which she had ordered to be laid before them ; hop'd 'twould 
meet with their approbation ; that they have now an opportu- 
nity of putting the last hand to the happy union of the 2 king- 
doms, which she hop'd would be a lasting blessing to the whole 
island, a great addition to its wealth and power, and a firm 
security to the protestant religion, and that she should look 
upon it as a particular happinesse, if this greak work can be 
brought to perfection in her reign. 

The commons being returned to their house voted thanks 
to the queen for her speech and communicating the articles of 
union, the act of parliament in Scotland for ratifyeing them, 
and a copy of the minute book of the proceedings of the com- 
missioners ; which they resolved to consider of next Saturday, 
and ordered them to be printed. 

Thursday^ 30 Jamiar, — Yesterday the lords called over 
their house, and some were excused, and the lord keeper or- 

Pub. I.] STATE AFFAIRS. 183 

dered to write to 17 this nighty requiring their attendance upon 
the union with Scotland; they have also ordered the arch- 
bishop of Canterbury to bring in a bill for the security of the 
protestant religion as by law establish't. 

The commons read a third time and past a bill for inrolment 
of bargains within the West Riding of Yorkshire ; read a se- 
cond time the bill for burning felons in the cheek; and ordered 
that for relief of the poor to be engrost. 

In the evening the committee of elections heard the petition 
of mr George Warburton against Mr. Booth's elections for Che- 
shire, being under age ; but not proving the same, Mr. Booth 
was voted duly elected. 

Yesterday Mr. Henry Mordaunt, son to Tangier sir John 
Mordaunty was found dead in his bed, run thro' with his own 
sword, suppos'd by himself, having been concem'd in gameing. 

Letters from Edinburgh of the 22d say that upon their par- 
liam^its debating whither the 16 peers who are to be repre- 
sentatives for Scotland in the parliament of Great Brittain 
should be sent by rotation or election, 'twas carried for the 

The Dutch men of war, transports, and merchant men, which 
sailed lately for Lisbon, having mett with bad weather, are re- 
turned to Portsmouth. 

Some ships arrived at Deal say, a Dutch caper, near the 
Streights mouth, inform'd them that sir Clowdesly Shovell was 
past by Malaga for Yalentia. 

This day Dr. Tyler, bishop of Landaffe, preacht before the 
lords. Dr. Mosse before the commons, and the bishop of Meath 
before the queen. 

Saturday, i Febr. — ^Yesterday the lords read a bill, brought 
in by the archbishop of Canterbury, for security of the true 
protestant religion as establish't in the church of England; and 
ordered it a 2d reading on Monday, and the judges to be sum- 

After which they heard an appeal from a decree of the lord 
chancellor of Ireland, and confirmed the same. 

The commons ordered a bill to be brought in for recruiting 
the land forces and marines for 1707; and another for punish- 
ing mutineers and deserters. 

Afterwards^ in a committee on ways and means, debated pro- 

134 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

longing of the bank, the farming of the excise, and a farther 
circulation of exchequer bills ; but came to no resolution, ad- 
journing the farther debate till Monday. 

This day tUe commons read a second time the bill against 

And went into a committee upon the union, Mr. Compton 
chairman ; and read the articles, and voted to consider them 
paragraph by paragraph, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa- 

Letters from Edinburgh say, that on the 24th the Scotch 
parliament debated what proportion their counties and bur- 
roughs should have of the 45 members that are to sitt in the 
house of commons of Great Brittain ; and carried it 30 for the 
shires, and 15 for the burroughs. 

This morning came in a Lisbon mail, but brings no news. 

The lord chief justice Holt has committed one Edward Baily 
to Newgate, for assisting Mawgridge in his escape. 

The officers who have commands in Flanders have orders to 
repair thither by the end of this month, the convoy being to be 
ready by that time ; and the horse bought up here for recruit- 
ing our cavalry are then to embark. 

Tuesday^ 4 JPe&r. — ^Yesterday the house of lords^ (her ma- 
jestic present^) in a committee, went thro the bill for the security 
of the church of England ; a clause was offer'd by the arch- 
bishop of York, and seconded by the earl of Nottingham, but 
rejected, 60 against 33. 

The commons, upon ways and means, refused the proposal 
for farming the excise ; had before them a fund of perpetual 
interest at 61. per cent, redeemable by parliament, and to pro- 
ceed further on Fryday. 

This day, in a committee, agreed to the 4 first articles of the 
union, and adjourned the debate of the 5th till Saturday. 

The lords read a 3d time and past the bill for the security 
of the church. 

The lord Cuts, one of the lords justices and general of her 
majesties forces in Ireland, collonel of the royal regiment of 
dragoons there, member of parliament for Newport in the Isle 
of Wight, and governour of that island, and coll. of the 2d re^- 
ment of foot guards in England, died the 26th past at Dublin. 

Lieutenant general Churchil, brother to the duke of Marl- 

Fbb. 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 136 

borough, will sncceed the lord Cuts in the command of the 2d 
regiment of foot guards. 

Y^terday's foreign letters advise from the Hague, that the 
states have greater reason than ever to fear the king of Sueden 
will enter into Germany, there being frequent couriers seen to 
passe from that king to the elector of Bavaria and prince Ra- 
gotski ; and that a party of Swedes rescued the princesse 
Ragotzski from the Germans in Bohemia, who is now in- 
cognito at Leipsick in Saxony, where, 'tis said, she had audi- 
ence of the king of Sueden, and desired him to mediate a 
peace in Hungary. 

From Lisbon^ that the marquesse de Montandre (a relation 
of the lord Gkdlway) had the regiment given him of the lord 
Dungannon, lately deceased. 

Thursday, 6 Febr. — Yesterday the conmions read and or- 
dered 2d reading of the lords bill for security of the church as 
by law establish't. 

Then debated the Coventry election, and agreed with the 
committee that the sitting members, ar Christopher Hales and 
Mr. Gery, were not duly elected, but declared the same void ; 
yeas ai i, noes 179 : and resolved. That there hath been a no- 
torious riot and tumult at the said election, and other illegal 
practices, in contempt of the civil authority, and in violation of 
the fi'eedom of elections. 

TiB said Dr. Marsh, primate of Ireland, will succeed the lord 
Cuts as one of the lords justices there. 

That lieutenant general Ingolshy will have the command of 
the forces in that kingdom ; the lord Tunbridge the royal regi- 
ment of dragoons ; and the duke of Bolton be made governor 
of the Isle of Wight. 

The emperors ambassador here has received letters from 
Vienna, that his master is much concerned at the king of Sue- 
den's raising men, not only in his own country, but in Bavaria 
and the palatinate. 

The Scotch parliament have agreed, that in order to elect 
the representatives to the house of commons of Great Brittain, 
that their several burroughs shall be divided into 15 districts, 
each of which to have a member, whereof Edinburgh to have 
one by it self. 

Yesterday the bank of England held a general court, and 

136 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

resolved to advance i,2oo^ooo2. at 5 2. per cent., provided the 
time may be lengthned out 12 years longer. 

This day commissioners satt in the exchequer room at West- 
nunster, to try whither the lord viscount Wenman, aged 19, of 
^oooL per ann. estate in Oxfordshire, be an idiot or not ; but 
his lordship not appearing, the commissioners adjourned to this 
day fortnight, and made a peremptory order for his lordships 
then attending. 

This evenmg the opera Camilla is acted at court, being her 
majesties birth day. 

Saturday, 8 Febr. — ^Yesterday the lords heard a cause of a 
young merchant that married an oyster wench, and gave for 
a bill of divorce to be brought in, and to enable him to marry 

The commons read a ad time the bill for the security of the 
church, and a debate arising whither it should be committed to 
Monday or Tuesday, carried it for the ist, 215 against 145. 

After which, in a committee upon wayes and means, heard 
the governor of the bank of Englands proposal to lend the go- 
vernment 1,200,000?. at 5Z. per cent., provided they be con- 
tinued 12 years longer beyond the time they have already, and 
will bring into the exchequer ioo,ooo2. a month till the whole 
be paid ; which was ordered to lye on the table. 

Another proposal was offered to raise 1,500,000?. by exche- 
quer bills, at 61. per cent., but came to no resolution, and they 
are to goe upon it again on Wensday next. 

This day, in a committee upon the union, agreed to all the 
articles without any amendment, and ordered them to be re- 
ported on Tuesday. 

The treasurer of the African company is gone off with their 
money and books. 

The Scotch parliament have agreed to allow the commis- 
sioners for the treaty of union their expences, viz. a nobleman 
12,000?. Scots, and each commissioner 6000?.; and that their 
commissioners for the treaty in 1702 have likewise an allow- 
ance, viz. a nobleman 500?. sterling, a baron 300?., and a bur- 
rough 20o2. 

This days mail from Lisbon of the loth, N. S., says that sir 
Clowdesly Shovell's fleet met with a storm in the Streights, 
which forced some transports back thither, but were sailed 

Feb. 13.] STATE AFFAIRS. 137 

again ; that the lord Peterborough was arrived at Barcelona ; 
and that captain Coney attacked a French man of war of 60 
guns, which was drove on shore and afterwards bom't. 

Tuesday y 1 1 Febr. — Yesterday the commons past, and sent 
back to the lords, the bill to repeal a clause in an act relating 
to felons. 

Agreed with the committee that Langham Booth, esq. was 
duly elected for Cheshire, and sir Thomas Webster for Col- 

Afterwards, in a committee, went thro' the lords bill for se* 
curity of the church ; and a great debate happened about a 
clause to insert the test act, made 25 Car. 2d, but 'twas said 
that act was included in the words wherein it mentions the act 
of uniformity, and all other acts made for the good of the 
church, and so the clause was rejected by 48 voices, 211 against 
163 ; which was this day reported, read a 3d time, past, and 
sent back to the lords without amendments. 

After which they heard the report of the articles of the 
Scotch union, agreed thereto, and ordered a bill to be brought 
in upon them. 

This day a committee of lords examined several masters of 
coffee houses and news writers, for inserting in their letters 
that the house of peers had repealed the sacramental test act; 
and some of them will be prosecuted for the same. 

The lord Howard of Effingham is married to Mrs. Went- 
worth ; a considerable fortune. 

This day we have an account that the Hastings, a small man 
of war of 32 guns, and one of the convoys to a fleet of mer- 
chantmen bound from Yarmouth to Holland, was cast away in 
a storm, and all the men but 16 lost. 

The Scotch parliament have resolved, That in their election 
of the 16 peers who are to sitt in the parliament of Great 
Brittain, all Scots lords who have taken the oaths (tho absent) 
shal have right to vote by proxy, but their proxyes to be peers 
and qualifyed ; and in case of the decease of any of the 16, the 
peers shal meet and chuse another ; and in case of the death 
or promotion of any of the 45 commoners, the district for which 
they serve shal chuse another, upon a writ directed to them for 
that purpose. 

Thursday s 13 Febr, — Yesterday the duke of Argyle (lately 

188 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

arrived from Scotland) took his seat in the house of peers, and 
has been to wait upon her majestie, who thank't him for his 
services in forwarding the union. 

Same day the commons in a committee upon ways and 
means, and satt till 5 at night, debating the raising of 
1,500,000/. by circulating exchequer bills at 5?. or 61. per 
cent., and a fund to be setled to pay the interest ; but came to 
no resolution, and are to be upon it again to morrow. 

As the convocation were sitting, the queen sent a writ under 
the great seal to prorogue them to the 5th of March. 

This day the commons read a 3d time and past the bill for 
better relief and imployment of the poor. 

Her majestie came to the house of peers^ and gave the royal 
assent to the bills for security of the church of England, 
altering the penalty of burning felons in the cheek to that of 
the hand and workhouse, and to that for importing coals into 

The lord Tunbridge having the lord Cuts regiment of dra- 
goons, lieutenant coll. Gore of the same is made collonel of the 
lord Tunbridge's regiment of foot. 

The earl of Gainsborough is married to the lady Dorothy 
Manners, daughter to the duke of Rutland; and the marquesse 
of Huntly, son to the duke of Gourdon, to the lady Henrietta 
Mordant, daughter to the earl of Peterborough. 

The duke of Marlborough designs for Holland the middle of 
March ; the recruit horses for our troops there are daily ship- 
ping off at Harwich. 

Dr. Stratford, bishop of Chester, is dead. 

The lord chief justice Holt having declared the judges 
opinions that Mawgridge, who killed captain Cope, was guilty 
of murther, the queen has granted a privy seal to sir John Cope 
to fetch him, if found in any country in alliance with her. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 15 Febr. — ^Yesterday arrived 3 foreign mails. 

Paris letters of the 19th say an expresse was come there 
from Minorca, that count Villars had defeated a body of Eng- 
lish, Dutch, and Portuguese, and retook from them the town 
of Mahon, with several other places, which some time before 
they made themselves masters of. 

That 16 large men of war, 10 frigats and fireships, were 

Fm. 1 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 189 

patting to sea from Brest, to meet the Spanish galleons from 
the West Indies. 

That another squadron of 12 men of war is fitting out at 
Dunkirk to cruize in the Channel. 

From the Ebgue, that the Prussian minister had notified 
to the states, that his master had acknowledged king Sta- 

We have advice that several Virginia ships, part of the fleet 
that came lately firom Cork, are arrived at Bristol, being sepe- 
rated from the rest last Sunday night in a storm ; so that we 
are in pain for them. 

Yesterday the commission of ideocy, brought by one Lewis 
Youley against the lord Wenman, was by her majesties order 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee upon ways and 
meanSy debated the proposals of several merchants and gold- 
smiths to raise 1,500,0002. at 5Z. per cent, upon a good fund, 
by circulating exchequer bills redeemable by parliament upon 
a years notice ; and the bank offering to doe it at 4 and i per 
cent.> the committee divided, and carried for the latter 200 
agiunst 175 ; which was this day reported and agreed to. 

The lords debated the union, (her majestie present,) and 
i^eed to the first five articles ; they divided whither to defer 
the consideration of the first till last of all ; yeas 22, noes 70. 

Tuesdaff, 18 Fd)r. — ^Yesterday the commons, in a committee 
upon wayes and means, resolved. That the vrindow tax, which 
expires in 17 10, be continued, and be a fund to pay the interest 
of 1,500,0002., which the bank are to advance at 4Z. 109. per 
cent., and that till 1710 they shall have exchequer bills to pay 
the interest amounting to 55,000/. per ann. 

This day Mr. Boyl presented to the house from the queen 
the Scots act of parliament for chusing their members ; after 
which they read the bill for an union, and ordered it a 2d read- 
ing on Thursday. 

Sunday evening the two Venetian ambassadors arrived 
here ; and on Monday the earl of Manchester, her majesties 
ambassador to Venice, goes hence for Harwich in order for 

General Churchill having the lord Cuts regiment of foot 
guards, his other regiment is given to the duke of Argile. 

140 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

Our merchants have advice that 7 of thehr East India ships 
from Ireland are put into Milford Hayen, and another into Bris- 
tol ; so that 7, are still missing. 

Three highway men are lately taken near Nottingham. 

This days foreign post adviseth, from Dresden, that the king 
of Sueden has on foot 32 regiments of foot, of 1500 men each ; 
and 18 of horse of 800 each, besides 6oco coming from Pome- 
rania to Saxony. 

From Leipsick, that the crown general Symaski is chose 
king of Poland^ and the czar has given him a million of rix- 
dollars to support him. 

That the French have surrendred the castle of Modena, and 
that of Millan has begun to fire upon the citty ; so that batteries 
are raising to reduce it by force. 

The duke of Savoy has exempted the Vaudois from paying 
the last years taxes^ as also all extraordinary impositions for this 
year, in consideration of their great services. 

Sir Cloudesly Shovell's squadron was seen off Alicant tho 
30th past. 

Thwrsday, ao Fehr. — ^Yesterday the lords (her majestic pre- 
sent) agreed to eight articles more of the union, and to proceed 
upon the rest to morrow. 

The commons, in a committee upon wayes and means, re- 
solved. That towards raising the supply, i,i20,ooo2. be granted 
for 99 years by the sale of annuities at the exchequer, to com- 
mence from lady day next. 

That the several impositions granted by an act first made in 
the 4th year of their late majesties king William and Q. Mary 
upon several goods and merchantdizes ; and that the duties 
upon velom, paper, and parchment, granted in the 5th year of 
their said majesties, both which expire in Aug. 1710, be further 
continued for 99 years, to make good the fund for payment of 
the said annuities. 

Which resolutions were this day reported and agreed to, and 
a bill ordered to be brought in. 

So there wants but 800,000/. more to raised this sesaons. 

The bill for the union, which was to have been read this day 
a 2d time, is put off till to morrow. 

Mr. Bridgman, of Lancashire, has given the liveing of Wig- 
gan, worth 600/. per ann., now vacant by the bishop of Ches- 

Fbb. 22.] STATE AFFAIRS. 141 

ter^s death, to Mr. Edward Knch, brother to the earl of Not- 

The Scotch parliament have made choice of i6 lords and 
45 commoners, to be their representatives in the first parliament 
of Oreat Brittain. 

Foreign letters advise, that the emperor, with the consent of 
the king of Spain^ has given the duke of Savoy Alexandria, 
Valenza, and Lummelino, with the land that lies between the 
Po and the Tanaro, for his stedfastnesse and zeal to the com- 
mon cause. 

That the French are fortifyeing all their posts in Dau- 
phmy, to prevent the duke of Savoy's invading France on 
that side. 

And that the squadron fitting out at Thoulon is to transport 
3000 men to Naples. 

Saturday^ 22 Fehr. — Yesterday the commons, in a com-' 
mittee, went thro' the bill for recruiting the army and marines. 

Read a second time the union bill, and a debate happ'ning 
whither to commit it for this day, or put it off till Hon-* 
day, upon a division 'twas carried for the first; yeas 180, 
noes 140. 

The lords agreed to the 18 first articles of the union, and 
adjourned their house till Monday. 

Samuel Trotman^ esq. is chose member of parliament for the 
dtty of Bathe, in the room of Mr. Popham, deceased. 

The duke of Marlborough has obtained leave of her majestic 
for count Horn, marquesse Seville, and 2 other French prisoners 
at Nottingham, to be exchanged, and a ship is ordered to carry 
them to France. 

This day came in a Dutch post, with advice from Italy and 
Paris, confirming that sir Cloudesly Shovell had landed the 
earl Rivers, and his troops and artillery, at Alicant, which 
caused an unexpressible joy thro' the kingdom of Yalentia, and 
the generalls were preparing to take the feild. 

That prince Eugene plays upon the castle of Millain from 2 
batteries; had dismounted 4 of the enemies guns, and beat 
down a great tower, which killed several of the French ; that 
3 other batteries were raising ; when perfected, 'twas expected 
the garrison being too weak, and not able to stand many at- 
tacks, would soon surrender. 

142 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

That the king of Prussia is guarantee of the treaty between 
the kings of Sueden and Augustus ; and that the report of the 
crown general being elected king of Poland is false. 

This day the commons, in a committee, satt upon the union 
bill till past 7 at night, and went thro' the same, and ordered 
it to be reported on Monday. 

Tuesday, 25 Febr. — Foreign letters from Saxony advise that 
the Swedes levy their contributions with great rigour, have got 
together as much hay, straw, and provisions, as will serve their 
army a whole campagne, and don't talk as yet of leaveing that 
country, except forc'd to it to oppose the Muscovites, who 
closely pursued king Stanislaus troops. 

And from the Hague, that the pope having farther putt off 
the affair of Munster to the 27 instant, the states have ordered 
14 regiments towards that bishoprick, being resolved to main- 
tain the bishop of Paderborn. 

Yesterdays letters from Ireland say, that the 2 East India 
ships seperated from the rest in the late storm, with 2 men of 
war and 30 merchant ships, were putt back to Eingsale ; at 
which place and Cork transports are providing for the lord 
Tunbridge's regiment of dragoons and 6 regiments of foot; 
two regiments of foot are to be ship't off here, and to those 
forces, 'tis said, the Dutch are to add a regiment of dragoons 
and 4 of foot, but where design'd is yet a secret, and to be con- 
Yoy'd by a squadron of men of war under sir John Leake. 

Dr. Jane, dean of Glocester and queens professor at Oxford, 
is dead ; as is also Dr. Waller, the civillian. 

Yesterday the lords debated the 7 last articles of the unions 
(the queen present,) several speeches were made, and a division 
upon the 22d, which relates to Scotch peers sitting in that 
house, and there were 71 against 22 for the same ; after which 
they agreed to all the articles without any amendments. 

The commons reported the union bill without amendments, 
and ordered it to be ingrost 

This day they read the bill for regulating the 6 clerks office 
the 1st time; and ordered the recruit bill to be engrost, wherein 
is a clause to fine any constable (not exceeding ^L) who shal be 
remisse in his duty. 

Thursday, 27 i^feftr.— Foreign letters say that lieutenant 
general Patkul, a native of Livonia, has been beheaded in 

Mail i.] STATE AFFAIRS. 14S 

Saeden for serving king Augustus, and no intercession could 
pre?^ with the king of Sueden to save him. 

The king of Denmark has sent to list seamen at Hamburgh, 
and is fitting out 2% ships of war at Copenhagen to observe 
the naval force preparing in the Swedish ports ; takes great 
umbrage at continuance of the Suedes in Saxony; ordered 
10,000 land men to Holstein, and forbad sending any horses 
oat of his territories. 

The Scotch parliament have read ist time an act for dis- 
charging musters and rendevouzes, and proroguing the suspen- 
son of the clause in the security act concerning the same till 
the 1st of January. 

The earl of Manchester has putt off his journey to Venice for 
some days. 

The lord keeper, who not long since was privately married 
to Mrs. Glavering, of the bishoprick of Durham, brought her 
home on Tuesday. 

The queen has ordered the Venetian ambassadors to be 
splendidly entertained at Somerset house for 5 days at her 
charge ; and for the future the late queen dowager's lodgings 
m that pallace will be reserved for reception of all ambassadors 
before they make their entryes. 

This day, in the house of lords, the bishop of Salisbury re- 
ported firom the committee all the articles of union^ which their 
lordships agreed to without amendments. 

The conmions read a bill for better preventing bankrupts ; 
ordered those for preserving the game, and taking off the duty 
on foreign salt, to be engrost. 

Ordered the duties on salt used in the fisheryes to be lessened, 
least the Scotch should undersell our merchants ; and a bill to 
confiscate Mr. Bishops estate to use of the African company. 

The sessions at the Old Baily for London and Middlesex be- 
gan the 26th, and held the 27, where several criminals were 
tryed, of which 5 received sentence of death, 6 to be burnt in 
the hand and put to hard labour, 6 ordered to be whipt, and 
two fined and to stand in the pillory ; and the next sessions to 
b^ on Wensday the 23d of April next. 

Saturday, i March. — Yesterday Mr. Higgens, an Irish pre- 
bend, was taken into custody of a messenger, who for some 
time past has made it his businesse in several sermons he 

144 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

preacht here to insinuate that the church was in danger, not- 
withstanding the declaration of the queen and parliament to 
the contrary. 

Captain Murray, taken lately at Morpeth for robbing on the 
high way, has offered to discover 14 of his gang, provided he 
may have his pardon. 

Sir Orlando Bridgman and Mr. Hopkins are chose members 
of parliament for Coventry, in room of sir Christopher Hales 
and Mr. Gcry. 

And sir Tristram Dillington, for Newport in the Isle of Wight, 
in room of the lord Cutts, deceased. 

Yesterday the commons read a 3d time the bill for ratifye- 
ing of the articles of the union ; several speeches were made 
for and against it ; at last the question was putt, whither it 
should passe; yeas 274, noes 116: so it was ordered to be 
carried up to the lords, who this day read it a ist time, and 
ordered it a 2d reading a Monday. 

The commons read a bill for better recovery of small tithes ; 
and a 2d time that for regulating the 6 clerks office. 

Yesterday the sessions ended at the Old Baily; 3 house- 
breakers were condemned ; and one Ward, convicted for coun- 
terfeiting a note for 660L from Moses the Jew, on sir Stephens 
Evance, was sentenc'd to pay 200L and stand 3 times in the 
pillory, and give security for 3 years ; and another was con- 
victed for counterfeiting an Irish debenture, and sentenc'd to 
pay 500Z. and stand in the pillory. 

This morning a duel was fought between coll. Wroth, mem- 
ber for Guilford, and Mr. Woodroffe, for Haslemere; the first 
slightly wounded, the latter on the ribbs and disarmed. 

Tuesday, 4 March. — We are informed that the emperor, 
at the request of the duke of Savoy and prince Eugene, has 
consented that his troops shal remam in Italy, and intends to 
hire some forces of the elector palatine and other princes to be 
sent to Hungary. 

The parliament of Ireland, which was to have mett this day 
at Dublin, is prorogued to the 13th of May. 

Yesterday the commons read, and ordered a second reading, 
a bill for preventing delays and expences in suits at law and 
equity; and committed that for punishing mutineers and de- 

Mab. 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 145 

This day the lords past the union bill without amendments ; 
a rjder was offered to be added about the clergy, but rejected, 
54 agiunst 19; and on Thursday the queen is expected to come 
to the house and giro the royal assent theretoo. 

The earl of Bindon has sold his place of muster master ge» 
neral to Mr. Hyde, a merchant, for 4000/. ; but her majestie 
has resenred to herself the putting in of the commissaries. 

Sunday night died Dr. Drake, who was under prosecution 
for writing against the goyernment. 

All the officers and recruits designed for Flanders are 01^ 
dered to be at Harwich by the 20th instant, and sail directly 
to Ostend, being a shorter passage than by way of Holland ; 
and the duke of Marlborough will follow in a few days after. 

The Suedish envoy at our court has assured the queen that 
his master will undertake nothing against the interest of the 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday, 6 March, — Yesterday came in 3 Dutch posts, 
which advise that the Germans, haying received a reinforce- 
ment of 3000 men and iz cannon, hoped to be masters of the 
eastle of Millain in a fortnight from the 26th past. 

From Paris of the 7th, that 2 rich Spanish ships from the 
Havanna were arrived a[t] Brest, having on board peices of eight 
to the value of 1,500,000/. sterling, but give no account of the 
rest of the flota ; and that monsieur du Quesne was sailed with 
22 men of war, supposed for the West Indies. 

This days letters from Lisbon of the 26th past say, that 3 ci 
our homeward bound East India ships, viz. the Abington, Ca9- 
sar, and Westmorland, were arrived there ; and that upon our 
^oops landing at Alicant, the French quitted Murcia, Cartha- 
gena, and other places. 

This day the queen gave the royal assent to the union bill, 
at which time the Tower guns, &c. were discharged, and made 
a speech to this effect ; That it was with the greatest satisfac- 
tion that she had given her assent thereto, being a matter of 
the greatest importance to the wealth and safety to the whole 
island, and a work of so much difficulty, that till now all at- 
tempts that had been made for above 100 years past had 
proy'd ineffectual, and doubted not that 'twould be spoke of 
hereafter to the honour of those who were instrumental in 


146 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

bringing it about ; desired of all her subjects of both nations 
that they act with all kindnesse to one another, that it may 
appear they have hearts disposed to become one people, and 
could not but look upon it as a particular happinesse that in 
her reign so full a provision was made for the peace and quiet 
of her people and security of our religion, by so firm an esta- 
blishment of the protestant succession throughout Great Brit- 
tain ; recommended to them making effectual provision for pay- 
ment of the equivalent to Scotland within the time appointed 
by the act. 

Saturday, 8 March. — A Dutch post arrived this day advises 
from Valentia, that count Noyelles, with little losse on his side, 
had defeated 2000 French near Rocca^ who made an incursion 
into Arragon, killed 400, took 40 officers, and about 200 
troopers ; which action is of great consequence, for if they had 
succeeded would have cutt off the communication between Ya- 
lentia and Catalonia, where king Charles's affairs have a good 

From Paris, that the French king has given leave to his 
subjects on the sea coasts to put themselves into a posture of 
defence, in case of a descent^ tho represented to him 'twould be 
of dangerous consequence to trust them with arms. 

The castle of Millain still holds out. 

From the Hague, that the landgrave of Hesse Cassell has 
consented that his forces shal continue in Italy; as also the 
king of Prussia has his, and recruits for the latter are marching 

The duke of Marlborough has received a letter from prince 
Eugene, which gives account that he had agreed with count 
Medavi that the French should evacuate Lombardy, provided 
the emperor, our queen, and the states general consent to the 
terms; so that they give Italy for lost. 

Both houses of parliament have resolved to wait on her ma- 
jestic with an addresse of thanks for her speech last Thursday 
upon passing the union bill. 

This day the commons read a second time the I»ll for con- 
tinuing the duties on windows to be a fund for paying interest 
of 1,500,000^. advanced by the bank for <nrculating exchequer 

And a 3d time the bill for regulating servants and paying 

Mab. 1 1.] STATE AFFAIRS. 147 

th^ wages ; as also that for making the acts more effectual for 
appropriating the forfeited impropriations in Ireland for bnild- 
ing churches and augmenting poor yicaridges. 

And ordered coll. Rice to be taken into custody. 

Tuesday, ii March, — Yesterday the lords heard a cause 
upon an appeal from the queens bench, where judgment was 
giren that the trustees for selling the forfeited estates in Ire- 
land had sold an estate that they had nothing to doe with; and 
their lordships declared the judges had acted uprightly^ and 
confirmed the same. 

The commons past and sent up to the lords the bill for 
preseryation of the game; and ordered that for apprehend- 
ing housebreakers, and that for punishing mutineers to be 

This day they ordered an account to be laid before them 
how the 30 clerks came to be added to the 60 of the six clerks 
office, what consideration given for the same, and to whom. 

CoU.Rice sent a letter to the speaker that he was indispose^ , 
but would surrender himself in a day x>r two. 

After which both houses attended her majestie with their ad- 
dresse of congratulation upon the union. 

John Tempest, esq. is chose knight of the shire for Durrham 
in the room of sir Wm. Bowes, and Mr. Flemming for West- 
morland in the room of Mr. Graham, deceased. 

Sir ChriBtopher Wansford is made baron Wansford and 
Tiscount Castle Comar in Ireland. 

This days letters from Plymouth say, that on Sunday night 
2 Dutch privateers brought to Spithead a French man of war 
of 56 guns, which they took off the lizzard. 

And by 2 Lisbon mails we have an account, that on the 3d 
instant, N. S., sir Thomas Dilks arrived there in bad weather, 
his own ship lost her main mast, and 2 or 3 merchant ships 
foundred at sea; the ipth the Swiftsure and Warspight ar- 
rived there from hence; they came convoy to 18 ships bound 
for Lisbon, but in the latitude of 47 met 16 French men of 
war, who took 14 of them, 5 laden with biscuit for the aimy in 
Valentia, and another with powder and ammunition. 

The loth arrived the Dutch squadron under Yandergoes. 

Sir Thomas Dilks is sailed with 5 men of war to join sir 
Clowdesly ShoveU. 

L 2 

148 BRIEF RELATION OF [i7o^7- 

9000 sacks of meal are preparing at Lisbon to be sent to 

Upon the lord Rialton's making interest to be chose knight 
of the shire for Oxford next parliament, Mr. Dashwood has de- 
clined standing. 

Thursday, 13 March. — Tuesday last the earl of Manchester, 
our ambassador extraordinary to Vienna, Savoy, Venice, &c. 
embarkt at Harwich^ as also did many officers with recruits 
and officers for our army in Flanders, and sail'd that eyening 
for Holland under convoy of sir Wm. Wbitakcr. 

The admiralty have an account from Lisbon that the Suffolk 
storeship, which was of the greatest value, is arrived safe there, 
and that not above 7 ships were taken by the French. 

Yesterday a duel was fought in Hyde Park, between Mr. 
Annesley, one of the Irish trustees, and captain Johnson, son 
to judge Johnson of Ireland, and both wounded, but not dan- 

The duke of Argyle haveing got general Churchills late regi- 
ment, the earl of Orrery is made collonel of his grace's. 

Mr. Pettyt, keeper of the records at the Tower, being very 
infirm by reason of his age, has resigned the said place to 
Richard Topham, esq. member for Windsor. 

Her majestic designs to goe for Newmarket in Easter week, 
to see the horse races there. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee upon the supply, 
resolved. That 398,000/. be raised and paid to the Scots, as an 
equivalent, &c. upon the union; 2641 Z. for the citty of Car- 
lisle; and 5000Z. for sir Christopher Musgrave^s sons, in lieu 
of the toll which the Scotch cattle used to pay them ; which 
was this day reported and agreed to. 

And the bill for continueing the window tax was reported, 
and ordered to be engrost. 

Coll. Rice has surrendred himself to the Serjeant at arms. 

The French have offer'd new proposals of peace to the minis- 
ters of the allies at the Hague, which ^tis said are reascmable. 

And the duke of Marlborough will be goeing next week for 
Holland, in case sir Wm. Whitaker be returned to convoy hinu 

Saturday, 15 March, — ^Yesterday the lords past the bill for 
the preservation of the game, in which is a clause, that if any 
poulterer, after the ist of May next, sells hare, pheasant. 

Mab.i8.] state affairs. 149 

partridge, &c. shal forfeit ^L for every offence, unlesse he has 
a certificate from the lord of the mannor that they were not 
taken by pochers. 

The commons, in a committee upon ways and means, finished 
the same, giving fnnds for 8oo,ocx)/.y one moyety of which is 
for the Scots. 

Resolyed, That the duties on low wines of the ist extraction 
be continued further ; as also the additional excise, the duties 
on tannage and poundage, East India goods, tobacco, hawkers, 
pedlars, &c. for 96 years from 1710; which resolutions were 
this day reported and agreed to. 

A bill was ordered to be brought in for rusing the militia 
for I year. 

That about bankrupts was reported^ and the mutineers bill 
read a 3d time. 

The lords past the bill for importing Flanders lace in ex- 
change for our woollen manufactures ; and the York register 
bill without amendments. 

An expresse is come to the admiralty from sir Edward Whit- 
aker at Margate, advising that he saw the ships safe on the 
coast of Holland, which sailed on Tuesday from Harwich. 

A West India mail is come in, which says, that sir John Jen- 
nings had joined commodore Kerr, and was sailed to Cartagena, 
the galleons not being come from thence^ 

Yesterdays Flanders mail tells us that prince Eugene is ad- 
vanced to the covered way of the castle of Millain; his engineers 
discovered a mine, and took out 6 barrells of powder, ruin'd a 
homwork, and burnt a magazine of hay ; but the garrison, tho 
short of provisions, was resolute. 

Prince Eugene narrowly mist being killed by a cannon ball 

Tvesdatft 18 March. — On Sunday came in a Dutch post, and 
this day another, with advice from Millain, that pursuant to 
the treaty concluded between prince Eugene and count Me- 
davi, the garrison of that castie were to evacuate the same the 
14th instant, N. S., and on the i6th the French were to quit 
Mantoua, Cremona, I^al, Sabionetta, Yalenza, Ostiglia, Mi- 
randola, and all other places they are possest off in Lombardy, 
and be conducted to Suza. 

That the French seem to be upon the defensive every where 

150 BRIEF RELATION OF [1706-7. 

except in Spain ; they are sending i5,cxx) men from Dauphiny 
to act under the duke of Orleans in Arragon, while count N07- 
elles with the like number enters Catalonia, and the duke of 
Barwick with another army Valentia. 

That the French king has wrote to the pope, wherein he 
expresses a sincere disposition to make peace with the allies, 
and for a proof thereof declares his grandson shal agree that 
the Milaneze, Naples, Sicily, and other islands in the Mediter- 
ranean depending on Spain, be yeilded up for ever to the house 
of Austria. 

From Vienna, that the emperor had an expresse of baron 
Teige's defeating a body of maleoontents in Transylvania, 1800 
of them being killed. 

The king of Prussia not being well recoyered of his late in- 
disposition, and a relapse feared, the prince royal doth not serre 
this campagne in Flanders, as he designed. 

Some letters mention a quarrel between count Cifuentes and 
prince of Lichstentine, in the presence of king Charles the 3d, 
and the latter wounded in the brest ; and another at Vienna 
between counts Zinzindorf and Cobaldo, the first a general, the 
other of the emperors bedchamber, and both killed. 

The Dutch have provided brest, back, and head peioes for 
all their horse. 

Thursday^ 20 March. — ^Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee upon the trade of the nation, resolved. That an addresse 
be made to the queen to appoint some persons to review the 
book of rates, in order to reduce the duties payable by Eng- 
lish merchants to an equahty with what the Scots pay, that 
they may not undersell us in foreign markets ; and that after 
the present dutys upon merchantdizes be expired, no farther 
duty be laid. 

They write from the Hague, that in the congresse of the 
ministers of the allies, 'twas proposed to receive terms from 
France for a peace ; but one of the chief states said 'twas very 
unreasonable for them to receive proposalls, unlesse the French 
king had first sent the same to the queen of England, she being 
the principal ally ; and thereon 'twas carried that France should 
first offer proposalls to her majestic. 

The chief deputy of Amsterdam is tum'd out of his place for 
holding correspondence with France. 

Mab. 22.] STATE AFFAIRS. 151 

This morning the lord North and Orej, with several other 
general officers, embark'^t at Greenwich for Flanders ; and to 
morrow the doke of Marlborough goes on board at Margate ; 
he has made lieutenant Moody a capttun in the 2d regiment 
of foot goards, for his services against the French at New- 

Dr. Chetwood has kist her majesties hand for the deanery of 
Glocester, vacant by the death of Dr. Jane. 

1& said omr court, as also the Dutch, are disgusted at the 
emperors concluding the late treaty with the I^Vench king about 
evacuating of the Millaneze without their privity. 

Twas this morning reported at the duke of Marlborough's 
levy, that the duke of Savoy resolved to stop count Medavi and 
all his troops in their way to Suza, by way of reprizal for 6000 
of his men the French king caused to be arrested the last war, 
and never returned any, but what came back as deserters. 

*Ti8 expected the Scotch parliament will have finish'd their 
businesse before them by Saturday next, when they will be 

Saturday^ 22 March* — Thursday the bank of England held 
a general court, made a dividend of 3Z. 15^. for half a years 
interest, and called in lol. per cent.; and the directors have 
full power to call in what farther summs they shal think neces- 
sary towards advancing the 1,500,000/. for circulating exche- 
quer bills. 

Tis expected the parliament will rise about the loth of Aprill ; 
it's said they will sitt another sessions. 

Yesterday the commons read, and ordered a 2d reading, the 
bill for raising the militia for 1707 ; past and sent to the lords 
that for discharging small liveings from first fruits and tenths. 

Her majestie returned answer to their addresse relating to 
the baying in England all cbthes, arms, and accoutrements of 
war, that she will endeavour to give encouragement to the ma- 
nufactures of England upon all occasions, where it may consist 
with the publick service. 

The marquesse of Louthian, a near relation of the duke of 
Argyles, is to have the regiment of foot guards in Scotland, 
vacant since the death of general Ramsey ; and tis thought the 
duke's brother, the lord Isla, will have Louthians dragoons. 

The bishop of Salisbury having represented to the queen. 


how much 'twould be for her honour to have the restauration 
of the protestant churches stipulated in the treaty of general 
peace, the same was mo?'d and approved in council ; and the 
French protestants in England^ Holland, Prussia, &c. will be 
encouraged to make their apphcations in a solemn manner to 
her majestie for her protection, in order to their being taken 
care off in the said treaty. 

Yesterday the duke of Marlborough went for Margate, where 
we suppose he still is, the wind being contrary for Holland. 

It's said Dr. Freeman vnll be made bishop of Chester, in 
room of Dr. Stratford, deceased, with a dispensation to hold his 


Tuesday y 25 March. — ^Yesterday her majestie came to the 
house of peers, and gave the royal assent to the bill for conti- 
nueing the window tax to be a fund for circulating exchequer 
biUs; that for recruiting the army; punishing mutineers and 
deserters ; preserving the game ; repealing the prohibition of 
foreign lace; enrolments of deeds in the West Rideing of York- 
shire, and to 12 private bills. 

The lords sent a message to the commons that they had past 
a bill, intitled. An act for abolishing the use of the French 
tongue in all proceedings in parliament, the courts of justice^ 
&c., and desired their concurrence theretoo. 

This day the commons past the annuity bill, and heard coU. 
Rice by his council. 

And afterwards in a committee went thro"^ the bill for oblig- 
ing him to account for debentures granted him last sessions of 
parliament, and to subject his person and estate for payment of 
the same. 

Coll. Dudley, governor of New England, is to be recalled, 
and coll. Hunter succeed him. 

On Sunday and yesterday came in two Dutch post, which 

From Genoa, of the 6th, that king Charles was in motion to 
support 50 districhts of Castile that have declared for him, 
and to cover several places which had revolted to him, against 
the forces of the duke of Anjou, who had commanded the 
church plate to be brought into the mint ; and that the latter 

Mab. 27.] STATE AFFAIRS. 158 

would not goe into the feild this summer, his presence heing 
more necessary at Madrid. 

From Cadiz, of the 7th instant, that 2 galleons which came 
from Vera Cruz were arrived at St. Lucar ; and a 3d, which 
had on board a million of peices of eight for king Phillip, struck 
upon the sands comeing into that harbour, and sunk. 

Letters from Italy confirm the peace in Lombardy ; and that 
the duke of Sayoy seems concerned that upon the treaty Suza 
was not granted to him, by reason that garrison makes him 
uneasy, and whenever the French pleases opens a way into his 

Thursday^ 27 March. — ^This day the lords read, and ordered 
a 2d reading next Monday, the bills for preventing frauds fre- 
quently committed by bankrupts ; that for subjecting the estate 
of Brerewood to Pitkin^s creditors. 

The commons read a ist time the bill for continuing several 
further impositions, duties, and making other provisions therein 
mentioned to raise the remaining 8oo,oooZ. by loan for payment 
of the Scotch and other occasions. 

And ordered a writ for electing a new member for Horsham, 
in the room of Henry Cooper, esq., deceased. 

Her majestic came to the house of peers, and gave the royal 
assent to the bills for continuing the duty on low wines, 
hawkers, stamp't paper^ &c. ; for payment of the annuities ; 
encouraging the royal Lushing company ; repairing the high- 
ways in Bedfordshire, and 3 private ones. 

Before the annuity bill was past the ist payment of the 
i,i20,ooo2. was paid into the exchequer, and several thousand 
pounds tum'd back, the fund being full. 

The dutchesse of Beaufort is brought to bed of a son, his 
titie marquesse of Worcester. 

The easterly wind continuing prevents the duke of Marl- 
borough's embarking ; before his grace went hence, it is said, 
'twas resolved to raise 3 new regiments, one of them to be com- 
manded by the lord William Hay. 

Tuesday last the marquesse of Guiscard had a private audi- 
ence of the queen, in which only the lord treasurer was present, 
who afterwards told the marquesse he must prepare to goe for 
Catalonia, where 'tis thought he will command a seperate body 
to enter Languedock. 


Tis said her majestie has appointed the duke of Argyle to 
carry to Hanover the treaty of union, which settles the succes- 
sion of Scotland on the princesse Sophia, &c. 

Saturday, 29 March. — Yesterdays foreign letters brought 
adyice, that the duke of Savoy had ratified and confirmed the 
articles for the French troops quitting Lombardy ; that their 
forces are filing off from several parts for the Netherlands, 
where they design to have their veteran troops, being afraid 
the duke of Marlborough will force their lines, so that they will 
act defensively on the Rhine. 

From Paris, that the elector of Bavaria and Yandosm are to 
command in Flanders, Yillars in Germany, dukes of Orleance 
and Barwick in Spain, count Thesse in Dauphiny, monsieur 
Legall in Navarr, duke of Noailles in Rousillon ; and that mar- 
shal Yauban, the chief engineer of France, is dead. 

From Saxony, that king Augustus has given the following 
answer to the king of Sueden's demands : 

1st. That he will deliver up general Patcul, so soon as he has 
a satisfactory guarrantee that the Muscovites will make no 
reprisals on him for it. 

2. That the Muscovites on the Rhine being out of his 
country before the peace, tis not in his power to deliver 
him up. 

3. That in order to pay prince James Sobiesky what is due 
to him, he shal have 12,000 crowns yearly, with interest, 
till all be paid. 

That an expresse was past thro Leipsick, that the Musco- 
vites have invested Posen in Poland, where are 3000 Swedes in 

The Prince Eugene, a Zealand caper, has brought into Leg- 
horn the Duke of Burgundy, a French ship of 34 guns, bound 
from Constantinople to Marseilles, her cargo computed at 
100,000 pieces of eight. 

Letters from Margate say the duke of Marlborough designed 
to embark as last night, and endeavour to tide it over for Hol- 
land, where his presence is absolutely necessary. 

Tuesday, i AprilL — ^Yesterday the queen and prince went 
to Hampton Court, the physitians being of opinion that that air 
was better for his highnesse than Windsor, and if so, the court 
will be there most part pf the summer; her majestie returns on 

Apbil 3.] STATE AFFAIRS. 166 

Saturday in order to pat an end to this session of parliament 
next Tuesday. 

Same day an expresse arriy'd from Scotland, adviseing that 
the dnke of Qneensberry haying past the publick acts had ad- 
journed that parliament to the 22d of April, and that his grace 
with seyeral lords of the council were set forward for London. 

We hear the earl of Stamford and lord Herbert of Cherbury 
will be made oommisdoners of trade ; and that Dr. Beyeredge, 
bishop of St. Asaph, is dead. 

Yesterday came an expresse from the duke of Marlborough, 
with account that on Sunday he was 7 leagues at sea, bat a 
north east wind forc'd him back to Margate. 

Same day the house of peers, after haying heard council, read 
a ad time and committed the bill for subjecting Brerewood's 
estate to pay Pitkin's creditors. 

The commons past the bill against coll. Rice, and sent it to 
the lords ; and this day in a committee went thro the bill for 
continueing the additional impositions for raising the 8oo,ooo{. 
for Scotland, &c. which will be reported to morrow. 

A proclamation is publisht for a general thanksgiying, to be 
obsenred the ist of May, for the union of the 2 kingdoms, and 
'tis said her majestie will goe that day to St. Paul's cathedral. 

We hear capt. Murray, the highway man taken at Morpeth, 
is pardon'd at the intercession of some Scots noblemen. 

ThursdUiy, 3 AprilL — ^This day the lords read a 3d time, 
and past without amendments, the bill for subjecting Brere- 
woods estate to pay Pitkins creditors ; as also that for better 
diacoyery of housebreakers, with an amendment. 

The commons ordered the bill for raising the militia for 
1707 to be ingrost; and also that for continueing seyeral im- 
pofiitions to pay the Scots. 

This week a great number of French refugees at the Sayoy, 
200 of the chief dgn'd an addresse to the queen, which is to be 
presented by the bishop of Salisbury and lord Lyfford, that 
they may be considered in a general peace. 

Tis said the marquesse of Dorchester is treating (with her 
nuyesties leaye) with the duke of Deyonshire for his place of 
lord high steward of the household. 

And that on Tuesday the yaoancyes in the church will be 
filled up. 


The report of Dr.Beveredge, bishop of St. Aisaph, being dead 
is false, his lordship being upon the recovery. 

The queen being informed that the chaplain to the English 
factory at Leghorn was threatned if he continued in discharg- 
ing his office, and that the English were refused burial in the 
great duke of Tuscany's territories, her majestic caused an ex- 
postulatory letter to be wrote to that prince, wherein she de- 
clared she would recall her envoy thence; but upon receit 
thereof the duke returned a very satisfactory answer. 

We have no foreign news, the pacquet boats being all on 
this side. 

This morning came an expresse that the duke of Marlborough 
sett sayl yesterday from Margate, and the wind not being fair 
for Holland, tis beleived he will make for Ostend. 

Saturday^ 5 AprilL — Yesterday the commons past the bill 
for continuing several subsidies, impositions, and other duties, 
for raising 8oo,oooZ. to pay the Scots, &c., and sent it to the 
lords ; since which the whole summ is subscribed in the exche- 
quer, and will be paid in specie so soon as the act passes ; it 
bears interest at 61. per cent, redeemable by parliament. 

Dr. Loyd is made advocate to the prize office, in the room 
of Dr. Waller, deceased. 

This day the earl of Bindon, earl marshal of England, open'd 
his commission in the painted chamber, and adjourned to the 
Heralds office. 

The queen and the whole court return this evening from 
Windsor to Kensington. 

The bank of England held a general court on Wensday, and 
chose Francis Eyles, esq. governour, and Wm. Desbovery, esq. 
deputy governour. 

The East India company has putt off their general sale to 
the 3d of May. 

Letters from Portsmouth this day give an account that our 
West India and Lisbon fleets, convoy'd by 8 men of war, suled 
from St. Hellens Thursday night last widi a fair wind. 

Wensday evening, after the duke of Marlborough was sidl'd 
from Margate, a French privateer cast anchor and lay there 
all night; but next morning being discovered, 6 boats well 
mann'd were sent in pursuit, and after a hot dispute took and 
brought her in. 

April 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 157 

This day the lords past the bankrupts biU, and the commons 
the militia bill. 

We hourly expect to have advice that the duke of Marl- 
borough is got over. 

Tue9day, 8 Aprill. — ^The new Alliance packet boat, goeing 
from Falmouth to Lisbon, was taken by two French privateers 
and carried into Brest, on board of which were several officers 
for Spain. 

Last night her majestie ordered the bishop of Oxford to 
preach before her at St. Pauls on the thanksgiving day, the ist 
of May. 

This day came in two Lisbon mails, which advise that sir 
Cloudesly Shovell with the fleet was returned thither from Ya- 
lentia ; that our afiairs in Spain have a good aspect, our army 
being marching for Castile ; and that the Turky fleet, &c. from 
England are sailed for the Streights. 

At 6 this evening the queen came to the house of peers, and 
the commons being sent for, her majestie past the following 
bills, viz. to discharge small liveings from firstfruits and tenths; 
to build churches in Ireland with forfeited impropriations; that 
agunst Brerewood; amending the bankrupts act; encourag- 
ing the apprehending house breakers ; confirming the queens 
purchase of Cotton house ; militia bill ; to oblige coll. Rice 
to account for his debentures; continueing several subsidies 
to raise 8oo,ooo2.; making allowances for salt used to white 
herrings exported; repairing highwayes in Wiltshire; con- 
tinueing the laws against vagrants, the laws relating to the 
poor, and the buying and selling cattle in Smithfeild ; with 23 
private bills. 

Ailer which the lord keeper prorogued them only to Mon- 
day next, it's said upon the account that the bill which the 
commons past yesterday to obviate the frauds relating to the 
customs by exporting tobacco, &c. in order to obtain a draw- 
back, and afterwards reland them in England without payment 
of duties, and for better payment of customs for goods im- 
ported thro' Scodand by English men, &c. ; which bill the lords 
would not this day agree to, and it being judg'd necessary the 
same should passe, occasioned this short prorogation to bring 
it about again. 

The 800,0002. at 61, per cent, is all paid in. 


Thwrsdaify 10 Aprill. — ^Friyate letters firom Lisbon advise, 
that the duke de Cadaval, general of the Portagaeeze, gives 
great assurance of his zeal to doe his utmost, if the ministers 
doe not deceive him in what they have promised, and resolved 
not to beseige Badajoz, but enter Spain to favour earl Rivers's 
march to Madrid, whose armj consists of near 30,000 men ; 
and that the soldiers of the lord Mohuns, collonels Southwell, 
Brudenel, Hans Hamilton, and Toby Cawfeilds regiments are 
incorporated into other English regiments, and the officers come- 
ing hither to make new levies. 

It's said the earl of Peterborough is gone again for Italy, in 
order for Flanders, where he will make the campagne under 
the duke of Marlborough. 

Last night a fire happened in Charles Street, Westminster, 
which burn't about 16 houses. 

A ship put into Falmouth the 5th from Bourdeaux, bound for 
Rotterdam, the master of which, and a French merchant from 
Montpelier on board thereof, report, that in Languedock, &c. 
several thousands of men are in arms against the government, 
and seized upon a strong hold ; that the marshal de Montre- 
veil promised them a pardon if they would submit and return 
to their dwellings, but they refused the same till their greiv- 
ances were redrest. 

This day our merchants had an account that 2 Leghorn 
ships, and one from Turky richly laden, were taken by the 
French off the Isle of Wight. 

And that our privateers have taken 2, French ships laden vrith 
wine bound for Scotland. 

It was observable last Tuesday that the court ladies, who at- 
tended the queen to the parliament house, wore purple ribbons, 
in token of the union betwixt England and Scotland. 

ScUurdat/y 12 Aprill. — This morning came in 4 Dutch posts, 
which advise from Turin of the 1st, that the duke of Savoy's 
troops are to assemble the 14th near the Doria, where a camp 
is mark't out for them, and will be join'd by prince Eugene, 
with 18,000 imperialists and Hessians, in order, as said, to force 
their way into Dauphiny. 

From (reneva, that several provinces in France were in arms, 
occasioned by the heavy taxes, and some regiments on their 
march to suppresse them. 

April 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 169 

IVom the Hague, that the states being informed the emperor 
designed to withdraw part of his troops from Italy, to be em- 
ployed against the Hungarians, hare in conjunction with £ng- 
huid repres^ited to his imperial majesty the great prejudiee 
twil be to the common cause, and if did not alter his resolu- 
tion, they must take other measures ; it^s said he has given his 
consent that the bishop of Paderbom shal be confirmed in the 
bishoprick of Munster. 

That king Augustus has deliyered up general Patkul to the 
Swedes ; and the Muscorites are laying a bridge over the Oder, 
to passe the same in order for Saxony. 

Paris letters say the bankers of Genoa have offered the Fr^ush 
king 5 millions of livres in gold at loL per cent, interest. 

And that a Spanish coUonel with 80 horse and 50 peasants^ 
marchii^ towards Alicant, form'd an ambuscade and surprized 
colL Taffs regiment, who thinking the numbw that attacked 
them to be much greater than 'twas, laid down their arms and 
demanded quarter. 

Lord Inchinbrook, son to the earl of Sandwich, is married 
to Mrs. Elizabeth Popham, granddaughter to the duke of 

Her majestie has declared the earl ol Pembrook lord lieu- 
tenant of Ireland, in room of the duke of Ormond ; and it*s 
said the lord Sommers will succeed the former as president of 
the council. 

There are letters by some s^ips come from Leghorn that say 
the earl of Rivers is returning for England. 

The Dutch letters, dated Tuesday night, say the duke of 
Marlborough was to sett forward the next day from the Hague 
to Leipsick, to conferr with the king of Sueden. 

Tuesday, 15 AprilL — ^Yesterday the parliament met again, 
to whom her majestie made the following speech : 

My lords and gentlemen, I was willing to give you an oppor- 
tunity of comeing together again to consider if any thing can 
properly be done to prevent the inconveniencies that may hap- 
pen to our trade by too great an interval between the riseing 
of the parliament and the 1st of May ; and I need not add, 
that whatever is to be done of that kind will require to be dis- 
patch't in a little time. 

After which the commons return'd to their house and ap- 



pointed the usual committees, and ordered those into custody 
who absconded last sessions, or did not pay their fees. 

This day, in a committee, they considered the queens speech, 
and resolved that the importation of goods and merchantdizes 
of the growth and produce of France and other foreign parts 
into Scotland, in order to be brought thence into England after 
ist of May, with intention to ayoid the payment of English 
duties ; and that the exporting of goods and merchantdizes from 
England to Scotland, that are entitled to a drawback, with in- 
tention to bring the same back again into England after the 
1st of May, are most notorious frauds, to the damage and 
mine of the fair trader, to the prejudice of the manufactui'es 
of England, a great losse to her majesties customes, and the 
detriment of the pubUck ; which were reported, agreed to, and 
a bill ordered to be brought in upon the same. 

Lord Gerard of Bromley is dead, and title extinct ; as also 
Mr. Cook of Norfolk, grandson to the duke of Leeds ; his estate 
]o,oooZ. per ann. 

Mr. Doddington, who was secretary to the union, is made 
secretary to the earl of Pembroke, lord lieutenant of Ireland. 

Yesterdays Dutch letters say the earl of Peterborough is 
come to Leghorn, and his son captain Mordant, commander of 
the Resolution of 70 guns^ after fighting a whole day 3 French 
men of war, himself wounded, and 3 more coming to their as* 
sistance, run her on ground on the coast of Genoa to prevent 
her being taken ; the crew and cargo saved, and hopes to get 
off the ship again. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough, with Mr. 
Cardonell only and 5 servants, was gone to the king of Sueden, 
who expects his grace ; 'tis said all things will be to his satis- 
faction, and he back again in 16 dayes ; and in the mean time 
the lord Overkirk is gone for Flanders to draw the army 

Thursday, 1 7 AprilL — ^Yesterday the duke of Queensbery, 
with many others of the Scotch nobility, arrived here, being 
mett some miles off by several coaches and 6 horses, and up- 
wards of 200 men on horseback with them^ and two trumpet- 
ters at the head of them ; and this morning his grace waited 
upon her majestic at Kensington. 

The last foreign letters advised that Dantzick, having re- 

April 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 161 

fbsed to disown king Stanislaus, a body of Muscovite granadeers 
had forced a passe leading theretoo ; upon which that cittj had 
sent to the king of Prussia to desire his assistance. 

From the Hague, that the taking into service the Saxon 
troops, offered by king Augustus, will be concluded by the 
duke of Marlborough ; her majestie declaring she will pay two 
thirds of the charge thereof, and advance the money that king 
desires to putt them into a condition for service ; it's said she 
does this in consideration of the states augmenting their horse, 
by adding 8 men to each troop. 

The French privateers very much infest our coasts. 

This day the commons past and sent up to the lords a bill to 
prevent dangers which may arise from bringing quantities of 
gunpowder into London. 

Read a ist time a bill to prevent abuses of persons employed 
in working up woollen, linnen, and iron manufactures of this 

The bill to prevent frauds in obtaining drawbacks for goods 
carried from England to Scotland, in order to bring back 
again ; and in carrying goods from foreign parts into Scotland, 
in order to be brought to England without paying the English 
duties, was read a 2d time and committed to a committee of 
the whole house, who presently went thro' the same, and 'tis to 
be reported to morrow. 

It's said the parliament will rise Monday or Tuesday. 

There will be no president of the council in the room of the 
earl of Pembroke. 

ScUfirday, 19 AprilL — ^This day the commons ordered the 
bill for preventing abuses of persons employed in the working 
up woollen, linnen, and iron manufactures of this kingdom, to 
be ingrost. 

And past and sent up to the lords that to prevent frauds in 
obtaining drawbacks for goods carried from England to Scot- 
land, in order to bring back again ; and in carrying goods by 
Elnglish men and foreigners from foreign parts into Scotland, 
in order to be brought to England without paying the English 

And the lords have summoned all the judges to attend on 
Monday to give their opinions touching the same. 

The vacancyes in the church are not yet disposed of. 



The French privateers have taken the Prince packet boat 
off the Lizard, coming from Lisbon, but the letters thrown 

Yesterdays foreign mail advises, from Madrid, that there has 
been an insurrection at Granada for king Charles ; but the go- 
vernor had supprest it by imprisoning several persons of note, 
favourers of the house of Austria. 

That great part of the lading of the ship, which lately came 
from New Spain and sunk goeing into St. Lucar, is fish't up ; 
and that neither of the armies can yet undertake any enter- 
prize by reason of the rains, which have made the roads unpass- 
able for cannon. 

From Turin, that the Vaudois have assur'd the duke of Sa- 
voy theyl attend him 4CX>o strong this campagne into France. 

From Leipsick, that on the 26th a considerable body of 
Sweeds are to begin their march for Poland to oppose the 
Muscovites, who destroy king Stanislauses territories with fire 
and sword. 

From the Hague, that the treaty was finish't for taking 
3000 foot and 1 100 Saxon horse into the service of England 
and Holland. 

It's reported this evening that 3 French privateers have taken 
the Swallow man of war of 50 guns off Dover. 

Tue8€laf/y %2 ApriU, — ^Yesterday the lords read a ist time 
the drawback bill, and ordered it a ad reading on Wensday, 
(to which time they adjourn'd,) when the judges are to be con- 
sulted whither it does not infringe upon the 4th article of the 

The commons mett, and having nothing of businesse before 
them, adjourned to the same day. 

It's said 5 Scotch peers will be made privy counsellors, viz. 
the duke of Queensbury^ marquesse of Montrose, earls of Marr, 
Lowden, and Seafeild. 

Yesterdays foreign post advises from Paris, that that king 
had sen[t] 40,000 Lewidores to St. Germams, to equip some Eng- 
lish gentlemen there goeing for Spain to serve under the duke 
of Orleans ; had ordered the duke de Noailles to march with 
his troops to Catalonia, and to beseige Oirone, in which are 
3000 men. 

That the French kings declaration for mint bills to be re- 

April 24.] STATE AFFAIRS. 168 

oeiTed as currant coin throughout the kingdom, except in taxes, 
occasions great discontents. 

The malecontents in Hungary hare proclsdmed Ragotzki 
•prince of Transylvania. 

The duke of Savoy is making great magazines at Coni and 
other places for the army that is to enter Dauphine, and all his 
officers are ordered to their regiments by the 10th of May. 

From Flanders, that the French army was goeing to en- 
camp ; that the lord Overkirk had been very ill at Brussells, 
but upon the recovery. 

A camp is forming of the allies between Courtray and Deinse; 
and a train of artillery ready of 160 heavy cannon and mor- 
tars : 'twas expected either Mens or Tournay will be beseiged 
on the return of the duke of Marlborough : yesterday his grace 
arrived at Hanover in his way to Leipsick. 

It^s said the king of Sueden has sent to acquaint the em- 
peror, that before he leaves Saxony he expects 2 regiments of 
Muscovites, who escaped thence to the Upper Rhine, to be de- 
livered to him. 

Charles Cotterell, esq., assistant to his father sir Charles Cot- 
t^*el, master of the ceremonies, is dead. 

The earl of Stamford, lord Herbert of Cherbury, Robert 
MoQcton, and John Pulteney, esqs. are to be commissioners of 
trade, in the room of the lord Weymouth, Mr. Blathwayt, Mr. 
PoUexfen, and Mr. Pryor. 

The report of the Swallow man of war being taken by the 
French is false. 

Thursday y 24 AprilL — Yesterday the lords, in a committee, 
debated the bill to prevent drawbacks, and bringing goods by 
the way of Scotland ; several lords said, that tho the bill would 
be a great losse to England if it did not passe, yet it would 
break in upon the union if it did passe : 8 judges were present, 
and not being fully provided, desired to be excused from give- 
ing their opinions, and so their lordships adjourned the further 
debate till this day ; when her majestie came to the house of 
peers and sent for the commons, but no bill being ready for the 
royal assent, made a speech to this effect : 

Thank't them for their great zeal shewn for her service and 
the publick good, especially that of the union, and for their 
quick dispatch in providing the supplyes, which shal be ap- 

M 2 


plyed to the uses given, and hop'd by Ood's blessing we may 
obtain advantages from them answerable to so great an expence; 
and then concluded as foUoweth : 

My lords and gentlemen, it is proper for me before we part 
to communicate to you, that I think it expedient that the lords 
of parliament of England, and commons of the present parlia- 
ment of England^ should be the members of the respective 
houses of the ist parliament of England, and therefore I in- 
tend within the time limitted to publish a proclamation for that 
purpose, pursuant to the powers given me by the acts of par- 
Uament of both kingdoms, ratifyeing the treaty of union ; and 
after we have so fully compleated this great work, I assure my 
self, that when you return to your several countries, you wiU 
omit no opportunity of making my subjects sensible of the se- 
curity, and the other great and lasting benefits they may irea- 
sonably expect from this happy union : this will conduce very 
much to make it prove so, and be a good preparation to the 
successe of our next meeting, when I hope we shal all join our 
sincere and hearty endeavours to promote the welfare and pro- 
sperity of Great Brittain. 

After which the lord keeper prorogued them to the 30th 

The earls of Rivers and Essex are returned from Spain, as 
also is sir John Jennings from the West Indies. 

An order of council is publish't for altering the Common 
Prayer, by using the word Great Brittain instead of England. 

Saturday, 26 AprilL — The king of Spain has granted a com- 
mission to the earl of Peterborough to be general of all his 
forces in the kingdom of Valentia and principality of Catalonia. 

The Muscovite envoy at Berlin has publickly declared, that 
if the king of Sueden causes general Patkul to be beheaded, 
as he did some time since his kinsman, that what. Suedish offi- 
cers his masters troops shal hereafter take shal undergoe the 
same fate. 

The grand jury at Hickshall have found a bill against Mr. 
Higgins, an Irish prebend, who in a sermon he preach't at 
Whitehall chappel on Ashwensday said, those that brought the 
royal martyr to the scaffold and the block, such as those are 
now preferred in the greatest places of trust in the kingdom. 

We hear her mtyestie has appointed Mr. Jett of the ex- 

Afril 29.] STATE AFFAIRS. 166 

eheqneTy Mr. Topham, keeper of the records, Mr. Travers and 
Mr. Taylor, oommisBioners for surveying all the lands in Eng- 
landy to know the value of them, and to begin with Berks. 

Sir Joseph Tredenham, member of parliament for StMawes, 
and one of the comptrollers of the army accounts, a place worth 
9ooL per ann., is dead. 

Sir Edward Northey, attorney general, is removed, and suc- 
ceeded by the sollicitor, sir Simon Harcourt ; and sir James 
Montague made sollidtor generall. 

Edward Nicholas, esq., treasurer to the prince, is also dis- 
placed, and succeeded by the honourable Spencer Compton, 

It's said John Pocklington, esq. is made a Welch judge, in 
the room of Charles Cox, esq. 

That the duke of Queensbury will be lord chamberlain in 
the place of the marquesse of Kent ; and a third secretary of 
state made, viz. the earl of Seafeild for the northern affairs. 

Several more alterations are talkt of. 

The marquesse of Montrose and the earl of Roxburgh are 
made dukes of Scotland. 

Tuesday, 29 Aprill. — The last letters from Lisbon advised, 
that the garrison of Gibralter had been alarmed upon intelli- 
gence that the French had a design to surprize that place, 
by sending in the night 4000 men by sea from Cadiz, and 
700 from Ceuta; but being since reinforced by a detach- 
ment sent from the lord Gallway, are out of all apprehensions 
of danger. 

Yesterdays Dutch letters say the duke of Marlborough had 
a long conference with the king of Sueden, who received him 
with great esteem, entertained him at dinner, and complied to 
his requests; and that his grace was arrived at Berlin, and 
expected yesterday at the Hague ; and that the states were so 
well satisfied with his negotiation, that they were resolved not 
only to lend the money desired by king Augustus, but also an- 
other sum to the king of Prussia, to keep his troops in Italy, 
which are to march with the duke of Savoy into Dauphiny. 

The lord Overkirk is somewhat better, but not yet out of 

They write from Ireland, that the whole town and castle of 
lisbourn in that kingdom are burn't down. 


We hear our government designs to seize upon the goods 
that have been carried from hence to Scotland, so soon as the 
merchants reimport them into this kingdom, and then try it in 
Westminster hall whither those practices are not frauds. 

Dr. Pitt having resigned his place of physitian to St. Bai*tha^ 
lomews hospital, Dr. Levett was this day chose in his room. 

Mr. Pocklington is made a Welsh judge^ in the room of sir 
Salathiel Level, recorder of London, and not Mr. Cox, as men« 
tioned in my last. 

Christopher Stockdale, esq., member for Knaresborough, is 
made a commissioner of the alienation office, in the room of 
Mr. Villiers, son to the earl of Jersey. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 23d, and held the 24th, 25th, and 26th, 
where several criminals were tryed, of which 3 received sen- 
tence of death, 9 burnt in the hand and to be put to hard la- 
bour, and 1 2 ordered to be whipt ; and the next sessions ap- 
pointed to begin on Wensday the 28th of May next. 

Thursday, i May. — ^Yesterday, being the first day of the 
term, one Mrs. Oglethorp, against whom an indictment has 
been found for perverting a young woman to the Romish faith 
and sending her to France, appeared at the queens bench court, 
and was continued upon her recognizance. 

The same day the parliament mett, and were by commission 
declared the first parliament of Qreat Brittain ; a proclamation 
is out to the same effect, and to morrow another expected for 
proroguing them to a certain day. 

The lord Windsor's regiment of horse is taken from him, and 
given to col. Massam, (son to sir Francis of Essex,) one of the 
grooms of the bedchamber to the prince. 

Capt. Dixey Windsor, brother to his lordship, and member 
of parliament for Cambridge university, who had a troop in the 
said regiment, is also displaced. 

Robert Eyre, esq., member for Salisbury, is sworn one^of the 
queens council at law. 

Dr. Wiggan is made divinity professor in the university of 
Oxford, in the room of Dr. Jane, deceased. 

This morning the English and Scotch nobility about town, 
bishops, judges, and members of the house of commons, with 
some of the foreign ambassadors, being upwards of 60 coaches 

May 3.] STATE AFFAIRS. 167 

with 6 hones, waited upon the queen to the thanksgiying at 
St. Pauls ; her majestie was attended by the 2d troop of horse 
guards and a batallion of the foot ; the dutchesses of Marlbo- 
rough uid Somerset were with her in the coach, the prince 
not there, being unable to endure the fatigue; the streets were 
lined with the train bands, and the seyeral companies of this 
citty in their livery gowns, and the houses crowded with spec- 
tators ; at Temple Bar she was mett by the lord mayor, alder- 
men, and sherifs on horseback, who conducted her to church, 
where a fine anthem was sung, and a sermon preacht by Dr. 
Talbot, bishop of Oxford, his text the J33d psahn ; after which 
h^ majestie returned to St. James's, and at night were bone- 
fires, illuminations, &c. 

Saiurday, 3 May. — This morning came in a Dutch post, 
which advises. 

From Paris of the 7th, that the marquesse de Silly was ar- 
rired there from Spain, with an account that the allies having 
besdged Villena, the duke of Berwick march 't to it's relief, and 
they drawing off mett him in the plain of Almanza, where, after 
an hours engagement, the allies had 8000 men killed, a great 
number made prisoners, and the lord Gallway shot thro the 
body ; the French and Spaniards loseing not above 800 men ; 
but we hope our next letters from Spain will give a more favour- 
able account of this action. 

It's said, the Portugal horse at the beginning of the fight gave 
way, and put our men into disorder. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough arrived 
there on Sunday, and gave the states an account of his ne- 
gotiations with the king of Sueden, &c., with which they are 
entirely satisfied; and Tuesday morning his grace went towards 
our army. 

It's confirmed that the Muscovites are retired from before 
Dantzick, but 18,000 of them, with 12^,000 Poles, are to march 
against the Suedes in Lithuania. 

This afternoon we had letters from Dover, that yesterday 
morning past by there 19 sail from Dunkirk, 15 of them men 
of war, and fell in with 50 of our merchant ships outward 
bound from the Downs off Beachy, under convoy of the Hamp- 
ton Court, Grafton, and Royal Oak ; 9 of the French were <rf 
50 and 60 guns; they took the two first, with some of the mer- 

168 BRIEF llELATION OF [1707. 

chant ships, and the Royal Oak was steering along the coast 
disabled ; and we are in pain for our homeward bound Lisbon 

Her majestie has given coll. Massam's company in the foot 
guards to capt. Molesworth, who remounted the duke of Marl- 
borough, when coU. Bringfeild was killed at Ramellies. 

Yesterday 2 men for burglary, and a woman condemned the 
last sessions for assisting one Smith in committing a rape, were 
executed at Tyburn. 

Tuesday, 6 May. — The Royal Oak, one of the convoys 
to our outward bound fleet of merchant ships, which fell in 
with the Dunkirk squadron, as my last mentionedi is arrived 
at Deal much shattered ; capt. Wild, her commander, saw the 
French take the Grafton and Hampton Court, after an obsti- 
nate fight, and beleives the latter sunk, he seeing a signal of 
distresse given, and one of the biggest of the French men of 
war, formerly taken from us, sunk dovm a stern of him ; not 
above 7 of our merchant ships are missing. 

Our homeward bound Lisbon fleet is safe arrived in Ireland, 
convoy'd by 5 men of war, and sir John Leake is ordered thi- 
ther with a squadron to bring them to England. 

Dr. Bincks, prolocutor of the lower house of convocation, 
having made his submission to the archbishop of Canterbury, 
the prosecution that was ordered against him is dropt. 

This day came in a Dutch post, which advises from Berlin, 
that the Muscovite resident there had an account that the czars 
forces in Lithuania had defeated 10,000 Swedes, killing 4000 on 
the spot. 

The Paris Gazett a la main of the 9th says, the lord Bulk- 
ley, the duke of Berwicks brother in law, was arrived there 
with the particulars of the battle fought in Spain, and reports 
that 6000 of the alUes were killed, 8000 taken prisoners, with 
24 cannon, 120 colours and standards, 14 batallions, viz. 6 
English, 5 Dutch, and 3 Portugueeze, surrendred at discretion; 
the lord Gallway is dead of his wounds, marquesse de Minas 
shott through the body, and the duke of Berwick pursaeing 
the runaways. 

When king Charles left the army to goe to Catalonia^ he took 
with him 3000 of his best troops, contrary to the lord Gallway's 

Mat 10.3 STATE AFFAIRS. 169 

TkurmJUxy^ 8 May. — ^Yesterday major general Hanrey was 
married to the lady Ann Popham. 

Her nuyestie hayeing acquainted sir Edward Northey that 
she approTed very well of his service^ tho she had occasion to 
remoye him firom the office of attorney general, therefore had 
ordered him to sitt within the bar, and hold the same priyiledges 
at those of her council; which he accepted off. 

This morning came adyioe that the Muscoyite ambassador 
was landed from Holland ; and about noon Dr. Inglish, deputy 
to the master of the ceremonies, went for Greenwich to conduct 
him hither. 

It's said Mr. Qoddard, chaplain to the last house of com- 
mons, will succeed Dr. Hern, deceased, as prebend of Windsor. 

The earl of Rivers has acquainted the queen that he will 
accept of the command of the army in Spain, if her majesties 
affedrs require it ; and it's said he will be ordered thither, and 
2000 German horse, with 4000 foot, sent from Italy to assist 

The 4 regiments in Ireland ready to embark are to goe 
along with him, and in case our army in Spidn be defeated, as 
the French accounts giye out, yet his lordship, in conjunction 
with the fleet, are to keep possession of Gibraltar, Barcelona, 
and the other sea ports, till we can send a new reinforcement 
of troops fitt to take the feild. 

The 1500 Muscovites that retired from Saxony to Germany, 
and whom the Swedes desired with much eamestnesse to be 
delivered up to them, are embarked on the Rhine, to be sent 
for Fkmders to serve in our army, whither the 4500 Saxons, 
which England and Holland have taken into their service, are 
marching with all expedition ; from whence we speedily expect 
to hear of a battle, the duke of Marlborough being resolved if 
possible to fight the French. 

Saturday i lo May. — ^Yesterdays Dutch post advises. 

From Paris, that the French king had caused Te Deum to 
be sung there for the victory in Spain ; and that the duke of 
Barwick made a Spanish grandee for his great services in that 
action, which so soon aa over, the said duke detach't all the 
French horse and dragoons to pursue our troops, and overtak- 
ing them made prisoners of war 13 batallions commanded by 
count Dhona and brigadeer Shrimpton, j of which were Eng- 


lisb, viz. Portmore'Sy Gorges, Hilk, Macarty's, and Bnttons : 
the letters mention nothing of the lord Chdlways death, so ifs 
hoped the report thereof is falsd; but some of them say the 
duke do Noailles with a body of French troops, haying form'd 
a design to surprize a strong town in Rousillon, which the go- 
verner having notice of, fell upon him and defeated him. 

From Italy, that the duke of Sayoy and prince Eugene have 
resolved to enter Dauphiny, and attempt by land (while sir 
Cloudesly Shovell blocks up by sea) to destroy the French ships 
in Toulon. 

From the Hague, that the imperial minister there had de- 
clared that his master had suspended his design of sending 
forces to Naples. 

That the loan desired by the states of Saxony from the Dutch 
is at a stand, the security not being judged sufficient. 

From Flanders, that the army of the allies was encamping at 
Hall, and the French at Cambron, and that the duke of Marl- 
borough was resolved to force the latter. 

Brigadeers How, Farrington, Mordant, Br udenel, and Shrimp- 
ton, are made majors generall. 

Orders are sent to the several ports of England to seize upon 
all foreign goods coming firom Scotland, with design to defraud 
the queen of her customes. 

The lord Euro is dead. 

Tuesday, 13 May. — Yesterday's Dutch mail advises, firom 
Vienna, that the earl of Manchester [and] other ministers of the 
allies cannot prevail with the emperor to desist sending troops 
to Naples ; and that prince Eugene has received positive orders 
to detach j2,coo men from Italy thither; which it^s feared 
will in some measure hinder the duke of Savoys entring Dau- 
phiny, not being strong enough to force the passes of the Alps, 
guarded by 30,000 French in 3 several bodies. 

Paris letters mention nothing of the lord Gallway's being 
killed or taken ; and it's probable it may be some time before 
we have a true account of the battle in Spain. 

On Sunday came in a Lisbon mail, but being of an old date 
brings nothing of that action ; says our fleet had landed 2000 
men at Alicant to join the army, and sir Cloudesly Shovel was 
preparing to sail and join sir George Bing in the Streights. 

Several merchant ships are hireing to transport forces to 

Mat 15.] STATE AFFAIRS, . 171 

Spain ; and I am told the following troops are ordered thither^ 
viz. 150 of the duke of Northumberlands regiment of horse, 
80 of the horse granadeers, a batallion of the foot guards ; 
Earls, Pastonsy Orrery's that was, and Townsends regiments 
of foot from England ; 3 batallions from Scotland ; Laugston's 
regiment of horse, Ecklin's and Tunbridge's dragoons ; Tid- 
combs, lord Harry Soots, Rooks, Inchequeens, and Lepells re- 
giments of foot firom Ireland ; from whence this days letters 
say, that Saukey's, Peirce's, Newton's, and Stanwix's regiments 
sailed the 4th instant for Lisbon. 

Major's general Webb, Wood, and Harvey, are to be made 
lieutenant's generall. 

It's said Peter Euro, of the bishoprick of Durrham, esq. suc- 
ceeds &e lord Eure in his honour and estate. 

Yesterday the Musooyite ambassador made a visit to Mr. se- 
cretary Harley. 

Thursday^ 15 May. — The last foreign letters advised, 

From Berlin, that the king of Prussia had wrote to the czar 
and the king of Sueden, exhorting them to peace; the former's 
troops from all parts are drawing to the Vistula to form a 
powerful army, where he will wait for the Suedes and venture 
a decisive battle ; and 30,000 more of his troops are encamp't 
on the frontiers of Poland to reinforce him if occasion. 

From Dantzick, that the czar vrill not deliver up the arch- 
bishop of Lemberg, but treat him as the Swedes doe general 

That the abdication of king Augustus has rather increased 
than pacifyed the troubles in Poland, and that most of the 
nobility there seem disposed to join the Muscovites against 

From Leige, that 'twas resolved to reinforce our army with 
25 batallions more than at first design'd, which will make them 
50,000 foot and 23,000 horse and dragoons, to force the 
French to a battle, who are mightily puft up with their victory 
in Spain, and give out theirs will consist of 140 bataUions and 
196 squadrons. 

Dover letters say, that on Sunday last, from 4 in the after- 
noon till night, w«*e great rejoycings on the French coast 

Same day 6 Dutch men of war and two privateers, with a 


fleet of victuallers with recruits for their army in Spain, past 
by Spithead. 

A Dutch ship from Brest reports they are getting ready 
there 15 men of war with all expedition. 

And from Plymouth, that an English gaily of 24 guns from 
Leghorn was taken comeing into that harbour by 2 French 

A new commission of lieutenancy for this citty is past the 

Last week capt. Cavanagh goeing to seize upon 3 persons in 
Essex, who deserted from coll. Townsend's regiment, the mob 
rose, and in the scuffle the captain was killed. 

Saturday, 17 May. — ^Yesterday Dutch post advises, 

From Constantinople, that the Turks shew the envoys of 
prince Ragotzi greater respect than formerly, which gives jea- 
lousy that the grand seignior under hand assists their master. 

IVom Millain it's reported, that the viceroy of Naples has 
orders from the king of France, upon approach of the German 
troops to make no opposition, but draw off his forces and quitt 
that kingdom ; and the viceroy of Sicily to doe the like. 

Paris letters advise, from Spain, that Bequena surrendred 
the 3d instant to the duke of Barwick, and the garrison of 

2 batallions made prisoners of war ; and that on the 8th the 
citty of Valentia did the same to the duke of Orleans, into 
which he putt 10 batallions and 7 squadrons, and they agreed 
to pay a million of peices of eight, to save themselves from 
being plunder'd. 

Some letters say the earl of Gallway is in Alicant slightly 
wounded, and putting that place into a posture of defence, 
having still about i6,cxx> men, including the 3000 lately landed 

From Brussells, that our army is encamp't near Hall, where 
the duke of Marlborough arrived the 21st, and resolved in 

3 or 4 dayes to march towards the enemy, who keep behind 
their lines. 

From the Hague, that the pope has confirmed the bishop of 
Paderborn's election to Munster. 

Her majestic has been to view the apartments fitted up at 
Somerset house for the Venetian ambassadors, who make their 

Mat 20.] STATE AFFAIRS. 178 

pablick en^ on Monday in great splendor ; one of their coaches 
cost 7000 pistolls at Paris. 

The states general haye signifyed to the queen that they 
have receired a letter from the emperor, taking notice of her 
gratiously receiving the addresse of the French protestants, 
which he pretends looks as if she dengn'd a religious war. 

Tuemiay, 20 May, — Sir Alexander Rigby, John Henley, and 
James Isaacson, esqs., sir Robert Dixon and Mr. Boile (brother 
to the earl of Glasco) are appointed commissioners of the cus- 
tomes in Scotland ; their salaries 400/. per ann. each. 

David Rosse, esq., general surveyor of the excise in London, 
John Witham, esq., collector of the excise in Surry, with Wm. 
Douglas, esq., Alexander Wedderbum, and John Montgomery, 
esqs. are made commissioners of the excise in Scotland ; their 
salaries 300L per ann. each. 

Her majestie has given the duke of Queensbury 3000/. per 
ann. out of the post office for 30 years to come, in consideration 
of his great services about the union. 

Prince George's patent of lord high admiral is renewing, in 
order to passe the seal of Great Brittain ; but not certain whi- 
ther his council will be continued, or the earl of Orford made 
vice-admiral, as reported. 

Benjamin Grigg, esq., one of the Serjeants at arms, is dead, 
and succeeded by Mr. Decreet. 

It's sidd the earl of Cardigan, who lately married the lady 
Elizabeth Bruce, is tum'd protestant. 

Some letters from the Hague by the last post intimate that 
there was to he an interview between the elector of Bavaria 
and the duke of Marlborough, but upon what account not 

Yesterday the Venetian ambassadors made their publick 
entry thro this ditty to Somerset house in great state and 
splendour, their coach of state embroidered with gold, and the 
richest that ever was seen in England; they had 2 with 8 
horses, and 8 with 6 horses, trimm'd very fine with ribbons, 
48 footmen in blew velvet cover'd with gold lace, 24 gentlemen 
and pages on horseback, with feathers in their hats : it is said 
he will have audience of her majestie on Thursday, and soon 
after goe for France. 

No foreign post. 


Thursday t 2% May, — The French refugee officers, who were 
designed to be employed in the last summers expedition, are 
ordered to attend the earl of Pembroke to Ireland ; they are 
to receive their conduct mony here, and their arrears in that 

The last letters from the Hague adrised, that 'twas reported 
that the king of Prussia had received it promise from the queen 
of England to support him in his pretensions to the qpunty of 
Neufchattle on death of the dutchesse of Nemours, w)io is 
very ill. 

And that the Suedish minister was urgent with the states to 
own king Stanislaus. 

Captain Delavall is gone for Lisbon with dispatches for the 
courts of Spain and Portugal, from whence he goes as her ma- 
jesties envoy to the emperor of Morocco. 

Last Monday was a horserace at Newmarket, between the 
lord Granby's Grantham and Mr.Young's^Blundel, for 30002.; 
the latter won. 

Sir John Parsons's fine horse, called Plowman, for which he 
was lately bid 500 pistolls, broke his leg in the stable, and is 
since dead. 

Tuesday the new privy council for Great Brittain was form'd, 
the duke of Montrosse, earls of Seafeild, Marr, and Loudon, 
added theretoo; the following being absent were not sworn 
thereof, viz. duke of Bucks, earls of Northampton, Peterbo- 
rough, Thanet, Nottingham, Rochester, Abington, Jersey ; 
viscount Weymouth; lords Ferrers, Granvill, Guernsey, and. 
Oower ; sir Edward Seymor, sir Nathan Wright, and sir George 

This evening the Venetian ambassadors went in state to St. 
James, where they had their first audience of the queen. 

By a runner we have advice, that our homeward bound Lis- 
bon fleet, said to be arrived in Ireland, is returned to LiiA>on 
for fear of the French. 

Saturday t 24 May. — ^Yesterday's Dutch mail advises, that 
marshal Villars had forc'd the German hues at Stolhoven with- 
out any losse, and was within 3 miles of Philipsburgh, which it's 
beleived they will beseige, and have plunder'd several places, 
and destroyed a magazine, which cost the allies 100,000 
crowns. ^ 

May a;.] STATE AFFAIRS. 176 

Duke of Wirtembergh is retired to the mountains to cover 
his country, the French threatning to invade it ; one of his 
regiments was cutt to peices in the lines, and the -enemy har^ 
ordered 5000 peasants to demolish them. 

From Vienna, that the king of Sueden still insists to have 
the 1500 MuBCoyites, who retired into the empire; that he 
haye greater satisfaction for the disgraceful words count Zobor 
spoke agunst him, and for the recruits taken from his officers 
in Silesia ; and has recalled his envoy from the imperial court. 

French letters say king Phillip has ordered the inhabitants 
of Valentia and Arragon to be disarmed, and all the walled 
towns to be dismantled ; that the earl of Ghdlway was retired 
towards Catalonia with 3CXX} horse and 6000 foot, was wounded 
in the fiuse in the late battle. 

From Flanders, that the duke of Marlborough, understand- 
ing the French were come out of their Hnes, and encampt on 
the plain of Flerus, call'd a council of war, wherein 'twas re- 
solved to march back to prevent their plundering Brussells, 
Lovain, Malines, and all Brabant, which they intended if he 
eatt down before any place ; accordingly the army retum'd to 
Hall, and on the 29th past the canal at Brussells, the 30th 
came to Beaulieu^ and next day were to move towards the Dyle 
to endeavour to engage the enemy, whose deserters say they 
are resolved to hazard a battle. 

The 16 privy counsellours mentioned in my last were not 
summoned to attend the council, but 'tis said the earl of Peter- 
borough when he arrives will be sworn thereof. 

The admiralty have this day an account that the homeward 
bound Lisbon fleet is come into the Downs. 

Stephen Eburvey, esq., a Welch judge and member for Ry- 
gate, is dead. 

Tuesday t 27 May, — Yesterday, being the last day of the 
term, three pretended French prophets pleaded in the queens 
bench court to an indictment for blasphemy printed in their 
books ; and were continued upon their recognizances, and or- 
dered to be tryed next term. 

The lady Oglethorp's daughter also appeared, and to be 
tribd. then for high treason, in sending a young gentlewoman 
into France to be bred a papist. 

Letters from Boston in New England, of the i6ih March, 


say, that they are preparing to make a descent upon Port 
Royal in Canada with 1000 men ; several ships of force lyeing 
ready for that purpose ; capt. Stewkley, in one of her majesties 
ships, being to be commodore in that expedition. 

Sundays Lisbon mail of the 19th sayes, the earl of Qallway, 
being streightned for want of provisions and fearing to have 
his communication with Yalentia cutt off, called a council of 
war, wherein 'twas resolved to fight the duke of Barwick, 
whose army daily encreas'd, and bemg superior in horse, his 
lordship mixt the foot with his horse ; the English, Dutch, and 
Portugueze infantry fought with great courage, twice broke 
the enemies centre and right wing ; but a French brigade and 
the Spanish horse rallying, attack't the Portugueeze horse, 
who gave way, which was the occasion of our being beat, and 
the infantry loosing the honour they had gott : it's computed 
the French had above 4000 killed and wounded, and we 7000 
taken, wounded, and killed ; among the latter, colls. Clayton, 
Taber, Laurence, Roper, Dormer, major Killigrew, capt. Ram- 
sey, &C. 

Several officers which came over with the mail, and were in 
the late battle, say, there were but 14 private soldiers and three 
officers left in one battallion of foot guards, and some regiments 
entirely cutt off. 

Yesterdays Dutch post says, duke of Marlborough with his 
army had past the Dyle, upon which the French march't from 
Floras to Perwys, and seem'd to decline fighting. 

Thursday, 29 May. — Lieutenant general Erie has wrote a 
letter to the government dated from Alcira, wherein he gives 
a melancholly account of the battle of Almanza, and says he's 
sorry he survives the losse of so many brave men. 

Coll. Michael Richards, governour of Alicant, is coming hither 
expresse from the earl of Gallway with the particulars of that 
action, and left his brother, major John Richards, to supply 
his place : it's said the enemy took 6 collonels, 7 lieutenant 
coUonels, 7 majors, 68 captains, 100 heutenants, 54 ensigns, 
264 Serjeants, 19 drummers, and 2825 private soldiers; their 
army was 33,000 strong, and ours but 17,000. 

Mr. Henley has refused to accept of the place of being one 
of the commissioners of the customs in Scotland, and 'tis given 
to Lyonel Norman, esq. 

Mat 31.] STATE AFFAIRS. 177 

The earl of Pembroke, lord lieutenant of Ireland, intends to 
sett forward for that kingdom Monday 7night. 

Tis said the lord cheif baron Freeman in Ireland will be 
made lord chancellor there in the room of sir Richard Cox ; 
and Allen Broderick, esq., speaker of the house of commons, 
attorney general in the room of Robert Rochfort, esq. 

Greorge Langton, esq. is made commissioner of a new office 
to be erected, called inspector of the outport collectors accounts 
within England, Wales^ and Barwick upon Tweed ; the salary 
600L per ann. 

Yesterday the attorney general enter'd a noli prosequi to 
stop proceedings against Mr. Higgins, the Irish clergyman, for 
words in a sermon lately preach't at Whitehal. 

We daily expect her majestic will declare the bishop of Exe- 
ter to be bishop of Winchester, Dr. Blackall to be bishop of 
Exeter, and sir WiUiam Dawes bishop of Chester. 

8(Uwday,2i May. — The bishop of Salisbury's lady, and his 
5 children, embarked on Thursday, with the Venetian ambas- 
sadors for Holland, to endeavour to gett their fortunes, up- 
wards of 30,000/., out of the bank at Amsterdam, and bring 
it hither. 

Last night the sessions ended at the Old Baily, where one 
Hacket, sometime since evidence against several housebreakers 
who were executed, was condemned for the like crime. 

Three persons are seized in Romney Marsh comeing from 
France, and several letters of dangerous consequence found 
about them. 

A letter from the Royal Ann before Alicant, dated the i7tb 
of April, says they had took 2 French merchant ships bound 
for Guinea, with 200 men on board. 

This day came in a mail from Portugal of the 1st of June, 
N. S., which says, the enemy have detach't ten batallions of 
foot, and 40CO horse, with orders to march towards Lisbon ; 
the garisons of Cadiz and St. Marys have entered Alenteio, and 
laid seige to Serpa, upon which the Portugueeze are marching 
from Cindad Rodrigo to defend them. 

When the letters came away the earl of Gallway was at 
Al<nra, 5 leagues from Valentia ; he was wounded in the fore- 
head by a sword, and his lordship complains of the marquesse 
de Minas not doing his duty in the late battle ; but a gentle^ 



man arrived this day from thence, says the lord Gallway was 
at Tortosa, with about 6000 horse and 30 batallioDs of foot, 
including the troops landed at Alicant, and others sent them by 
king Charles from Barcelona. 

Yesterday sir Basil f^ebrace upon some discontent nm him- 
self into the belly with his sword, but not yet dead. 

No Dutch poat. 

The sessions at the Old Baily for London and Middlesex 
began the aSth, and held the 30th past : where seyeral crimi- 
nals were tryed, of which i received sentence of death for 
burglary, 7 burnt in the hand and to be kept to hard labour, 
3 ordered to be whip*t, and one fined ; and the next sessions to 
begin on Wensday the 9th of July next. 

Tuesday^ 3 June, — Saturday last in the court of chancery, 
upon a petition of the creditors of Pitkin and Brerewood 
against the commissioners, in order for superceeding the com- 
mission of the statute of bankrupcy ; against the former it ap- 
peared there had been much bribery in the case, and upwards 
of 20002. already expended about the same; whereupon the 
lord chancellor has ordered a new commission to be granted. 

Several Dutch merchants having resolved to buy up great 
quantities of French mint bills the 9th instant, N. S., the states 
past a resolution to forbid them traficking therein. 

Dr. Simon Patrick, bishop of Ely, is dead, and succeeded by 
Dr. Moor^ bishop of Norwich. 

Mr. Dixon and Mr. Reynolds, haberdashers of hatts, whom 
our lord mayor lately drank to, have paid their fines for sherifis 
of this citty. 

Sir Jonathan Trelawney, bishop of Exeter, is declared bishop 
of Winchester. 

Dutch letters say the French army under Villars is near 
Stutgart, the capital of Wirtembergh ; that duke has ordered 
all his subjects to take arms and defend his country, but feared 
that he, with the circles of Swabia and Franconia, will be 
forced to accept a neutrality from them, who demand vast con- 
tributions, and give out will penetrate into Bavaria. The mar- 
grave of Bareith has sent to the diet^ that he is not able to 
make opposition, since the emperor has ordered him to put 
ia,ooo men into Landau, Philipsburgh, and Friburgh. The 
French took in the lines 1 74 cannon, with every thing proper- 

Jvm 7.] STATE AFFAIRS. 179 

tionaUe ; bo thftt the fruits of the victory at Blenheim were 
lest ia one night without opposition. 

fVara the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough has full 
power from the states to fight the French the ist opportunity, 
being apprehensive they'l be reinforced with detachments from 
Geraaany ; the duke of Savoys troops have taken a passe lead- 
ing into Danphiny, with 2 companies who guarded it. 

Thursday, S June, — Letters from Spain say our fleet have rein- 
forced Alicant and Denia with men and ammumtion, and that our 
troops are intrenched at Campredon on the other side the Ebro. 

From Leghorn, that 2 English frigats comeing before Piom- 
bino to take two French ships, put in there from Scandaroon 
for protection ; the castle fired at them, upon which the frigats 
battered the same and took it, with the two French ships worth 
80,000 crowns. 

Tis said the emperor sent to the duke of Marlborough to 
detach some troops to the Rhine, and his grace returned an- 
swer, he must stand on his own bottom, since he had refused to 
recall his troops marching for Naples. 

On Saturday last 5 marine soldiers were condemned to be 
shott for desertion. 

The Feversham, a rich East India ship, is arrived at Gallway 
in Ireland, and says the Union and Hampshire, two others, were 
come to St. Helena. 

Mr.Crowch is to be privy secretary to the earl of Pembroke, 
lord lieutenant of Ireland, and captain Feilding, of Langstone's 
regiment, his aid d'eamp. 

John Crookahanks, esq. is made comptroller of the customes, 
and John Parsons, esq. comptroller of excise in Scotland. 

Two envoys from Genoa are coming hither from Holland. 

This day it was resolved in council, that a proclamation be 
published for proroguing the British parliament to the 23d of 
October, when they are to mtt. 

Saturday, J June. — ^Yesterday one Hacket, condemned lately 
at the sesmons house in the Old Baily for burglary, was exe- 
cuted at Tyburn. 

The lajst foreign letters advise, 

From Rome, that prayers had been said in the churches 
there for peace and union among Christian princes for extirpa- 
tion of heresy. 

N 2 


From Frankfort, that the French commit great ravages in 
the dutchy of Wirtemberg ; that marshal Villars designs to 
raise as much contribution in Germany as will maintain his 
army this campagne, and it's said will send a body of troops to 
take possession of Bavaria. 

That the English and Dutch ministers haveing de»red the 
king of Sweden to evacuate Saxony according to his promise, 
or at least remove the jealousy the allies may conceive at his 
staying there, by declaring himself publickly; answered, he 
would doe it in a months time. 

That prince Eugene had wrote to the Hague, that most of 
the passes in the valley of Aoust were secured by the confede- 
rate troops, and did not doubt but within .8 days after the march 
of their army, they would enter some part of Dauphiny. 

The duke of Queensbury is sworn of the privy council. 

Lady Howard of Effingham is dead. 

Her majestic with the court designs next Thursday for Wind- 
sor, where she intends to spend most part of the summer. 

Yesterday orders were sent to sir John Leake to put imme- 
diately to sea with what men of war he could gett ; and admiral 
Whetstone to join him, making in all about 20 sayl, the Dun- 
kirk squadron being come into the Channel. 

One Mr. Short is made surveyor general of the customs in 
Scotland, his salary 400^. per ann. 

The queen has assured the Portugal ambassador she will send 
succours to support his master against France and Spain. 

Tuesday^ 10 June. — Lat night came in % Dutch posts, which 
advise from Paris, that the duke of Wirtembergh had agreed 
to pay the French 2^200,000 livres contribution, besides corn, 
but refused a neutrality. 

That Villars had sent to the magistrates of Ulm, threatning 
them with military execution unlesse they release all the French 
prisoners they have in their custody. 

That the duke of Barwick was preparing to passe the Ebro 
to attack Tortosa ; that Xativa was taken the 25th, those found 
in the streets were put to the sword, but the castle makes an 
obstinate defence. 

That 250 English officers taken at Almanza, were brought to 
Madrid in order for France. 

Letters from the Hague say king Charles had wrote to the 


stages general, desiring them to send him some reinforcements, 
assoring hee'l not spare his person to help reestablishing the 
affiurs of Spain. 

From doke of Marlboroughs camp at Meldert, June i6, 
N. 3^ within these few days we have taken seyeral small 
parties of the enemy, and two days ago 70 hussars came over 
to us. 

Upon their detaching 2cxx> horse to Flanders, 2 batallions 
and 800 horse are ordered to reinforce the body under lieute- 
nant general Fagell. 

The two armies are striring which shal continue longest in 
thdr camps, for which end the duke manages his forage to the 
best advantage, and the French pretend to form a seige. 

Priyate letters firom the Hague say our envoy at Turin had 
delivered the earl of Peterborough her majesties orders to re- 
call him, and at the same time declared to the ministers there, 
that she had thought fitt to take from him his commissions of 
plenipotentiary and general. 

Yesterday the earl of Pembroke went for Ireland. 

Hmradayy la, June, — ^The last foreign letters advised, that 
200 French bakers were past thro^ Strasburgh for their army 
under YiUars. 

That it had been resolved in a council of war at Turin, by 
duke of Savoy and prince Eugene, to send forces into Spain by 
way of Genoa. 

That the French intend to attack Portugal in several places, 
to put an end to the war on that side, in order to which great 
number of troops are marching towards Salamanca. 

That a Palatine regiment of foot and one of horse are gone 
from the country of Juliers to join the imperialists on the Rhine, 
and 'tis thought the Saxons will doe the like. 

That Yendosm has detacht 5 Bavarian and Spanish regiments 
from Flanders to reinforce Yillars. 

That 2 of our brigadeer generalls had been to view the camp 
of the French, to see where they might be best attackt. 

Most of the Scotch commissioners for the equivalent are gone 
for that kingdom; the English design to sett out next Monday: 
the bank of England advances ioo,ooo2. in part of the sum 
which will be sent in specie for want of exchange, under a strong 
guard, to Edinburgh. 


Tis wd Mr. WiUiam Powell is made cbanoellor of St<D»?ids» 
in the room of Mr. Falccmbridge. 

Mr. Watts, canon of Hereford, made archdeaeoD ef Landaffe, 
in the room of Mr. Bully deeeased. 

And that Dr. Stanhope, dean of Canterbury, stands fair for 
the bidiopridi of Norwich, in the place of Dr. Moor, adTaneMi 
to Ely. 

This afternoon the queen and coort went to Wisdaor. 

Sir Thomas Pendergrasse has the regiment gitoi faim whiok 
the lord Orrery lately commanded. 

Saturday 9 14 Jun& — ^Ber majestie htving receiTed informa- 
tion of sereral disorders committed by the mobb m Scotland* 
upon adTice of the drawback bill being under the oowdderatkm 
of the parliament of Engknd, orders are sent thither last week 
giving leave to import hither the wines they ha? e free firom all 

And firom Edinburgh, that the mobb rose against the exdso 
men, but supprest. 

This day sir Jonathan Trelawney was consecrated bishop of 
Winchester at Bow church. 

Yesterday's Lisbon mail of the i8tb says, thsrt; the 4 rq^ 
ments of foot, lately sailed from Ireland, arrived there the 8ih, 
and after 5 days rest wore to march and join the Pbrtiigeeze 

The same day, by her majesties order, Mrs. Oglethorp was 
discharged at the queens bench barr, from the mformation 
brought against her for perverting a gentlewoman to the Romish 
religion, and alWwards sending her to France. 

Three regiments of foot, of 700 loen each, are ordered from 
Edinburgh to embark for Portugall. 

Mr. Serjeant Broderick, an eminent lawyer, ia dead. 

The earl of Thomond is this night to be married to the lady 
Elizabeth Seymor, eldest daughter to the duke oS Somerset. 

This days Holland msul advises. 

From Paris, that the dutcbesse of Nemours is dead ; and that 
the Brest squadron of about no sail was put to sea« 

The armies in Flanders continue as they were. 

Some letters from Frad^fort say tiie French have taken Hail- 
bron, and made the garison, 600 strong, prkoners of war. 

Tuesday, 1 7 June. — Yesterday's Dutch post says the Poles 

Jotb 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 188 

hssve wrote to prinee Eugene to accept of their crown, which 
he esyill J excosed ; who, the French letters say, is inarching with 
a poweifol army towards Daaphiny. 

That the emperor has desired the king of Fhissia to send 
Us ia,ooo men in Flanders to the Upper Rhine, and has sent for 
a raiments oat of Hnngary to put a stop to the French, who 
rayage the country beyond the Danube, and have taken Schon- 
dorf by capitulation ; that the Germans haye quitted the ad- 
vantageous camp where they were, and gone in great pred- 
pitatioii to Norlingen, having abandon^ their magazine at 

The imperial envoy at the Hague has had a conference with 
the deputies of the states about the affairs on the Rhine, where 
they want men, money, ammunition, and provisions. 

That the emperor had offered the command of his army 
there to the elector of Hanover, who seems to decline it, but 
is solEcited by the English and Dutch to accept thereof; and 
'tis said the Danish troops in the Palatinate are to march thither, 
as also the Saxons lately taken into our service. 

The Swedes are upon quitting Saxony, and give out they 
are to march for Bohemia. 

The armies in Brabant are as they were : 500 of the French 
deserted to us in one day. 

Three regiments of foot, with the remainder of Essex and 
Carpenters dn^oons, are to embark speedily for Portugal. 

Mr. Pryor, late commissioner for trade, is made secretary to 
the bishop of Winchester, and Mr. Richard Duke his chaplain. 

The circuits are appointed, viz. the home, Holt and Tracy ; 
nudland, Trevor and Dormer ; Norfolk, Ward and Smith ; Ox- 
ford, Powys and Price ; northern, Blencow and Bury ; western, 
Powel and Ctould. 

Thursday, 19 June. — ^The last foreign letters from the Hague 
Bay, the states resent the French refusing some of their officers^ 
taken at Almanza, to come thither on their parol, they haveing 
never denyed it to them, tho some retum'd not again, but went 
mto their army ; upon which they resolvM to grant the same 
DO more. 

That the inhabitants of Bavaria begin to be troublesome 
there to the imperialists, several bayliwicks and some villages 
refodng to obey their orders. 


Some letters from Paris say^the earl of Gallway has got to- 
gether 6000 horse and 8000 foot, and cutt off the commumca- 
tion between the dukes of Orleans and Barwick, by seizing upon 
some passes ; and that the duke of Savoy is again indisposed. 

Sir Thomas Hardy, with a squadron of 14 men of war, lyes 
ready to sayl from Spithead, with the fleet of merchant ships, 
transports, and land forces for Lisbon. 

The lord Barrimore is ordered for Ireland, to command, as 
said, the rest of the troops to be sent thence for Portugal. 

Yesterday was a tryal in the queens bench court, between 
the lord Herbert of Cherbury and Salway Winnington^ esq., 
about the bayly of Bewdley, making a false return of a mem- 
ber to parliament ; and the jury gave it for the latter. 

Last night dyed Dr. Sherlock; and Dr. Godolphin, provost 
of Eton, will succeed him in the deanery of St. Pauls ; and Mr. 
Hare, 'tis said, in that of residentiary. 

The queen has made coll. Wade a brigadeer general, and 
given him a regiment. 

Saturday, 2i Jutie. — This day came in a Dutch post, wiUx 
advice, that the French army in Germany w^e march't towards 
Ulm in Bavaria, and raised vast contributions. 

That the king of Sueden was reviewing his army, but not 
certain whither he will march. 

That general Heister is arrived upon the Rhine, with several 
officers from Vienna, in order to oppose the French. 

Letters from Spain say the dukes of Barwick and Orleans 
were joined in Arragon, with design to beseige Lerida the 15th 
or 1 6th ; and that chevaleir d'Asfelt^ with the troops under his 
command, was march't from Xativa to reinforce them, having 
left 4 batallions to block up the castle, in which are 400 Eng- 
lish, who make a vigorous defence, and has left another detach- 
ment to block up Alcira. 

Besides the camps the French have in Dauphiny, they have 
10,000 men at Valence on the Rhosne under count de Bezons. 

The Vaudois had formed a design against the French troops 
in the valleys, but prevented by marshal Tesse. 

From duke of Marlboroughs camp at Meldert, June 26th, 
N. S., the two armies continue as they were ; 'tis said there is 
a great mortality among the French horse. 

And from Parb, that the duke of Savoy is very ill, has madq 


his vnH, and appointed prince Eugene goTemour of his country 
during the minority of his son. 

Thursday the French refugees, bound over for a ryot in Soho, 
were discharged. 

Tuesday, 24. June. — ^Yesterday's Dutch post advises from 
Turin, that the duke of Savoy was recovered of his late ihiesse. 

That the confederate fleet under sir Clowdesly Shovell was 
arrived at Final, to attend the motions of the army commanded 
by the duke of Savoy and prince Eugene, who are on their 
march to enter Dauphine ; the first has had great offers made 
him by the French king and the duke of Anjou to quitt the 
allies, but rejected the same ; 'tis generally beleived they will 
attempt by land, whilst the fleet block up by sea (on board of 
which are several troops) the French fleet at Thoulon, in order 
to destroy them. 

From Qermany, that the French army marching towards 
Ulme fell upon a party of imperialists commanded by general 
Janus, who made a brave defence, and that near 2000 were 
killed on each side. 

From Flanders, that both armies continue in their camps; 
and some letters say the duke of Marlborough has received an 
expresse from the elector Palatine, that the elector of Hanover 
had been prevailed with to accept of the command of the im- 
perial army on the Rhine, and declared that he will take his 
Swn forces from home along with him. 

Yesterday the bishop of Winchester was installed prelate of 
the most noble order of the garter. 

The same day was a council there upon some irregularities 
committed in Barbadoes and New England, particularly against 
Joseph Dudley, esq. governor of the last ; onely one side was 
heard, the other put off to that day fortnight. 

This day Thomas Rodberd, esq. and Mr. George Roffey, 
whom our lord mayor drank to, were chose sherifs of this citty 
for the year ensueing. 

Dr. Mills of Oxford, famous for the Greek Testament he 
lately pubUsh't, is dead. 

As also is Clifton Pack, esq. sherif of Leicestershire. 

Thursday, 26 June. — Last week the earl marshal held a 
court of honour, when sir James Collet, and several other gen- 
tlomen, were summoned to attend about taking coats of arms 


not belonging to them ; and the heralds office to be search't in 
order to give judgment against them the 15th of July, to which 
day the court adjoum'd. 

On Sunday the lord treasurer upon his knees resign'd his 
white staffe to her majestic, who return'd it to him again with 
the title of lord high treasurer of Great Brittain ; and 'tis said 
all patent places will be renewed. 

The wagerers upon the exchange give 20 guineas to receive 
100, if Thoulon be in the hands of the allies before the last of 
December next. 

Letters from the island of Borneo import, that the inhabitants 
fell upon one capt. Enatchbull, govemour of a factory there 
belonging to our East India company, and killed him with 40 
of his men. 

Yesterday our merchants had advice that 8 Dunkirk men of 
war, with 6 gallies and 1500 landmen on board, were seen off 
the Isle of Thanett. 

The last Dutch letters mention, that some of our officers be- 
longing to the hospital of Ghent, goeing with medicines, &c. to 
our hospital at Brussels, were mett and seiz'd by a French 
party, who took some medicaments from them, among which 
was mercury sublimate; and they supposing it to be sugar, 
mix't it with some liquors, and drinking thereof^ 4 of them 
swell'd and burst, and 'twas beleived more of them run the 
same fate. 

To morrow the new lieutenancy for this citty is to be open'd. 

Saturday, 28 June* — ^Yesterday the new Ueutenancy of this 
eitty mett, opened their commission, and chose sir Wm. Ashurst, 
mr Owen Buckingham, sir Jeffi*ey Jeffryes, sir Gilbert Heath- 
cot, sir Charles Thorold, and sir Samuel Stannier, collonels of 
the 6 regiments of train'd bands, in the room of sir Charles 
Duncomb, sir Francis Child, sir Wm. Wythers, sir Thomas 
Rawlinson, sir Thomas Cook, and sir John Fleet ; and elected 
Mr. Nich. Baker their clerk, and Joseph Hyde muster master. 

Forty soldiers in coll. Char. Wills regiment of marines are 
suddenly to be tryed for mutiny. 

Her majestic has given the bishop of Winchester the half 
years arrears due from that see. 

Last letters from Holland advised, that there had been a 
great mutmy among the commonalty at Geneva, which their 

July l.] STATE AFFAIRS. 187 

msgiatrateB bad mBch adoe to appease; bat baling overpowred 
tbem, executed some, baakh't othert, and deprived several of 
their freedom of tbe citty : and from Ulm, tbat tbe Frencb had 
kid the coimtry as £Bur as the lake of Constance mider contri- 
ha&m, and are fartifyenig Eldngen on tbe Danube, designing 
there a garison cf 5000 men. 

Yesterday several exchanged prisoners arrived here from 
Dover, who left Calais on Wensday ; and report the news there 
wasy tbat the English fleet were come before Thoulon, and tbe 
duke of Savoys troops had invested it by land ; but we ques- 
tioii the troth, for that tbe last letters mentioned that b«t part 
of bis fences had began thw march. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 1 July. — ^Yesterday's Irish post says the earl of 
Pembrcdce was arrived at Dublin, and preparing to hold the 
parfiament, bei&g to sitt as this day; in September his lordship 
returns hither again, which is the reason he keeps his place of 
president of the council. 

The farces there designed for Portugal are to be ship't off at 
C6rk aaod Kingside for the Isle of Wight, where they are to 
reodevouse with other troops to goe on board the transports 
under convoy ct la men of war eommanded by sir Thomas 

Same day orders were signed for the officers of the 6 regi- * 
ments reduced m Spain, to repur to the places appointed for 
them to raise new ones. 

Saturday last the dukes of Devon and Bucks had a tryal in 
the exchequer ; the latter sued the former for damages occa- 
sioned by a fire some time since in Arling^n house, and the 
jury gave tbe duke of Bucks 330/. 

Sir James Collet has brought a prohibition in the court of 
queens bench against the proceedings of the earl marshal, and 
Ibe earls council are to argue it to morrow. 

Last night an officer arrived here from the earl of Oallway, 
who gives an account that his lordship having gathered the 
brc^en remains of his troops after the battle of Almanza, and 
repast the Ebro, formed 6 new re^ments of Catalans, and put 
several English officers at tbe head of them^ and being rein^ 
forced by regular troops march't towards Lerida to cover that 
place; and that the duke of Berwick being advanced to the 


bridge of Tortosa, and endeavouring to possesse himself thereof, 
was repuls'd with losse of several men. 

We want two Dutch posts. 

Thursday y 3 July. — Last Monday was a tryal before the 
barons of the exchequer^ upon an information given some time 
since by Mr. Singleton, a land surveyor at the custome house, 
against a Suedish ship laden with wines, &c. from Bourdeaux, 
bound for Leith in Scotland ; and it appearing the goods were 
French, the ship was condemned, worth 1 2,ooo2., one moyety 
to the queen^ the other to the informer. 

The great tryal that should have been between her majestie 
and some merchants, about the first ships which came hither 
with French wines from Scotland after the union, is putt off till 
next term, and 'tis beleived the prosecution will drop. 

Orders are given to impresse none of the seamen belonging 
to the transports designed for Lisbon ; and yesterday sir Tho- 
mas Hobson went for Portsmouth to pay off the squadron bound 

The 6 new colonels of the citty trainM bands have made 
choice of their several regiments, viz. sir Wm. Ashurst, the 
white; sir Owen Buckingham, the orange; sir Jeffery Jeffryes, 
the yellow ; sir Gilbert Heathcot, the blew ; sir Samuel Stan- 
nier, the red ; and sir Robt. Beachcroft, the green; sir Charles 
Thorold having decUned the same. 

Oeorge Roffey, esq. has given bond to hold sherif of London; 
and this day Bonnet Swayne, esq. was chose the other, in room 
of Mr. Rodbard, who paid his fine. 

This days letters firom Dublin say the lord chancellor Free- 
man was to take possession of that office on Monday last ; Ro- 
bert Rochfort, esq., attorney general, made cheif baron, and 
Allen Broderick, esq. made attorney general. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 5 July. — ^^Yesterday Marion and the other two 
French prophets were tryed at guildhal, for pretending to 
divine inspiration ; the indictment was for blasphemy, sedition, 
and causing tumults among the queens subjects; and were 
found guilty of a misdemeanour for publishing 2 books, viz. the 
Cry of the Desart, and Prophetical Warnings. 

The Portugal ambassador here has contracted for 1000 horse 
at 14Z. 108. each. 

July 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 189 

Three hundred transports are ah*eady hired, and more tak- 
ing up, and all things to be ready to sul with the grand convoy 
next month for Lisbon. 

The remunder of the equivalent money for Scotland is to 
be sent thither next Tuesday in specie and bankbills under a 
strong guard. 

The earl of Westmorland is married to Mrs. Beaumont, a 
lady of a considerable fortune. 

Last night came in 3 Dutch posts, which say, from Italy, 
that our fleet was taking on board great quantities of provi- 
fiions, ammunition, and artillery, as also 7cxx> foot and 700 
horse, to land on the coast of Provence. 

That prince Eugene, with 25,000 men, was to begin his 
march the 28th past, and the duke of Savoy the same day with 
another body towards Dauphiny ; the French have raised all 
their militia, and have a garrison of 3000 men iu Thoulon, 
200 cannon on the works, the men of war secured behind the 
fort Royal, 1 2 fire ships, 1 2 bomb vessells, and 3 flat bottom 
boats, with batteries placed at entrance of the harbour. 

The German army is returned towards the Rhine, and 
joyned by general Thungen, and encampt near Philipsburgh, 
which has caused Yillars to march back to secure his retreat ; 
the army's in Flanders continue as they were. 

Tuesday, 8 July. — The last foreign letters advised^ that 
marshal Villars had received orders to send 10,000 men to 
Dauphiny ; that the governor of Schondorf was put under an 
arrest, and will be tried for delivering that fortresse to the 
French without opposition, who have blown up aU the fortifi- 

From the north, that the czar was angry with the Poles for 
not proceeding to a new election; was raising 40,000 men 
more ; and a treaty discourst of between him and the king of 
Sneden^ who, notwithstanding king Augustus, has agreed to 
lay down the arms and titie of king of Poland, forms new pre- 
tensions, and insbts on the guaranty of the queen of Great 
Brittain and states general ; and the Swedes publickly declare 
that when they quitt Saxony, they are to march for Silesia, to 
take satisfaction of the emperor for several a&onts. 

From Vienna, that there have been great heats among the 
malecontents in Hungary at their diets, between the Roman 


catholidkB smkI proteBtants, about banishing the Jesuites thence, 
and several of the protestants were killed. 

We are informed our court has receiyed letters from the 
duke oi Savoy and prince Eugene, that they had so ooneerted 
measures, that there was a great probability of their succeeding 
in the expedition against Thoulon. 

This morning the remainder of the equivalent money was 
sent for Scotland in 10 carriages, each guarded by 8 horse of 
the duke of Northumberland's regimeat. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday f 10 July. — Yesterday came in a Dutch post, which 
advises, from Final, that sir Clowdesly Shovel^ with 43 men of 
war and 57 transports, was arrived there, and on the 2oth past 
came on shore, where he had a conference of 4 hours with 
prince Eugene ; after which the first returned on board, and 
the latter to his army, being 24,000, and marching towards 
Nice, prince Heese Cassell with 14,000 towards Susa, and the 
duke of Savoy with 18,000 had entred the valley of Aoust; 
the French, from Antibes to Marseilles, are all in arms. 

Letters from Paris say, that prince Eugene had forced the 
paase La Fenestre, past the Var, and was within 10 miles of 
Antibes, before which place, 'tis said, our fleet is arrived ; and 
count Thesse marching from Susa mih all his forces to cover it. 

From Italy, that the imperialists have entred Naples ; that 
great numbers have joined them with z whole regiments ; that 
on the approach of 4 English men of war the viceroy fled to 
Oaeta, and a general confusion in that kingdom. 

From the Hague, that the elector of Hanover has accepted 
the command of the imperial army, brings with him 4000 of 
his own men, and 6000 more the king of Prussia has promised 

The wagerers now give 50 guineas to receive 100, if we take 

Some exchanged prisoners arrived from Calais report, that 
14 Dutch men of war lately mett to the northward the like 
number of French, and took 5 of them. 

8caurdayy 1% July. — Yesterday's Dutch post advises. 

From Geneva, that the movements of the duke of Savoy and 
prince Hesse towardei Dauphiny were but feints to amuse count 
Thesse, being since march't for Provence to join prince £u* 

July 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 191 

gene; 'tis said, his royal highnease receiTed firom Eoglaad 
50,0002. before be left Turin, with a pronuae of the like Bumm 
paid him upon bis approach before Toulon, to the end bis army 
may not want any thing during that expedition. 

From Vienna^ that the emperor had sent to his minister in 
Saxony, to know of the king of Sueden what is the real satis- 
£M^on he demands^ offering to referr the matter to the arbi- 
tration of the queen of Great Brittain ; and in the mean time 
has ordered the goTornment of Silesia to redresse the greir-* 
anees of religion complamed of by the Swedes; and that all the 
fortified places there and in Bohemia, furnish themselves with 
3 months provision. 

The Swedes have pack't up thdr baggage and are ready for 
a march. 

From the Rhine, that the French instead of repassing that 
river took possession of Heidleburgh, and sent for contributions 
from Frankfort, Mentz, Hailbron, &c., which they refused 

That the papists in Suabia were for accepting a neutrality, 
but the protestants against it. 

This day's Lisbon mail of the 9th says, a Genoese ship ar- 
rived there from the Streights, and mett our fleet off Toulon. 

That the Portugueeze army on the frontiers, as also the 
French, are gone into summer quarters; and the allies are 
preparing to retake Serpa and Moura, before the enemy caa 
rdeive them. 

Yesterday Mr. Benjamin Green, a brewer, was chose sherif 
(^ this dtty, in the room of Mr. Bennet Swayne, who swore 
himself off. 

The sessions at the Old Baily for London and Middlesex be- 
gan the 9tby and continued the loth and nth ; where several 
criminals were tryed, of which i received sentence of death, 
I burnt in the hand, 9 burnt in the hand and put to hard la- 
bour, pursuant to the late act of parliament, and 4 ordered to 
he whip't ; and next sessions to begin on Wensday, the 3d of 
September next. 

Tuesday^ 15 July. — Saturday the judges mett and gave 
their opinion to the following queries : whither 'twas necessary 
for her majestic to issue out new writs of summons to the lords 
of the parliament of England, before the meeting of the parlia- 


ment of Great Brittain ; and whither the parliament of Great 
Brittain shal be construed a new parliament : to the first they 
answered, that 'twas necessary to issue out writs of summons, 
in regard her majestie issued out a proclamation before the ist 
of May, that this shal be the first parhament of Great Brittain ; 
and to the ad, that it is a new parliament in all respects: which 
were signed by the i a judges. 

On Thursday last the East India company held a general 
court, and the committee, who adjusted the differences between 
the two companies, demanded 45,000/. as a reward for secret 
services, which occasioning some warm debates, the chiurman 
adjourned them. 

Yesterday an instrument was sent to the bishop of London, 
to confirm Dr. Godolphin dean of St. Pauls, in the room of Dr. 
Sherlock, deceased. 

Dr. Smoult, casuistical professor of Cambridge, is dead. 

It's said a quo warranto will be brought against the sword 
blade company, for interfering with the bank of England. 

The queen has ordered captain Delaval to embark on board 
sir Thomas Hardy's squadron, with rich presents for the em- 
peror of Morocco. 

The Scotch fleet of 40 sail laden vnth wines, &c. is arrived 
in our river. 

And 9 merchant ships, with 2 men of war from Barbadoes, 
are come in. 

Thursday, 17 July. — Yesterday our lord mayor and new 
lieutenancy waited upon the queen at Windsor, with a congra- 
tulatory addresse upon the union, and her majestie was pleased 
to conferr the honour of knighthood on James Hallet, and 
Charles Peers, esqs. 

Last night died sir Robert Clayton, one of our aldermen, and 
member of parliament for this citty. 

Lord Berkley of Stratton's lady is also dead. 

This day the earl of Derby, chancellor of the dutchy of 
Lancaster, held a court, and satt 5 hours passing the whole 
accounts of that revenue, which has not been done for many 

Same day came in a Lisbon mail of the 16th instant, N. S., 
which says they had letters from the earl of Galloway, of the 
oSth of May from Tortosa, and from Barcelona of the 9th of 

July 22.] STATE AFFAIRS. 193 

June, that they had reason to hope Catalonia will be defended 
against the enemy till new succours arrive. 

That the Fortugueze army is gone from Olivenca towards 
Moura, to recover that place and Serpa. 

That on the nth past the 4 regiments lately landed from 
Ireland were to march for Estremos, to joine the Fortugueze ; 
the marquesse of Fronteira^ who commands them, has but 18 
batallions and about 2000 horse, being obliged to reinforce the 
garrisons on the frontiers near Badajox, least monsieur de Bay, 
who is there, attempts any thing against Fortugal, whilst he 
was engaged in retaking Moura, &c. 

George Tilson, esq. is made auditor of the revenue and duties 
of excise, and new unpositions in Scotland. 

No Dutch post. 

ScUurdajfy 19 July. — ^Yesterday the old East India company, 
in a committee, agreed to leave to the lord treasurer to decide 
the difference for an immediate entire union with the new, and 
it's thought the 42,000/. demanded by the committee for mak- 
ing the agreement will be saved to the company. 

The same day Dr. Godolphin was installed dean of StFauls. 

Great interest is making in Cheap ward for an alderman in 
the room of sir Robert Clayton, deceased ; who left 5000/. per 
ann. to Mr. Clayton his nephew, and gave about 7000/. in le- 
gacies, of which 2500/. to St. Thomas's hospital. 

Mr. Richard Taylor, late paymaster of the million lottery 
tickets, who went off February last was 2 years with upwards 
of 8000/. of the exchequer money, and for whom a reward of 
200L was offered in the Gazet for securing him, is taken at 
Chester and bringing hither. 

Monday last was to have come on the farther complaint 
agsunst coll. Dudley, governor of New England, before the 
council at Windsor, but the hearing thereof deferred til after 

Edward Chilton, esq., attorney general for the island of Bar- 
bados, dyed lately on board the Ruby at St. Hellens. 

The Port letters bring nothing material, the westerly vrinds 
still hindring sir Thomas Hardy's sayling for Portugal. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 22 July. — ^By letters from Algiers^ dated 2 months 
since, we have an account that their troops were march't to 



attack Oran, a Spanish garrison in Barbary ; and from Tan- 
gier, that the emperor of Morocco had sent a reinforcement of 
5000 men to his army before Ceuta, and ordered the go- 
vernour of Larache to goe thither in person, and laid a fine of 
10 quintalls in silver upon one of his captains for haying sdzed 
two English ships, and to remain in prison till paid. 

The Scotch secretaries and merchants^ who lately attended 
the qaeen with an addresse about their ships bringing French 
wines hither from Scotland, imported there before the ist of 
May, were kindly receiyed, and her majestic promised them 
she would doe all that lay in her power to make them easy ; 
and yesterday held a council on that affair. 

The lord Altham, cosin german to the earl of Anglesey, is 
married to Mrs. Sheffield, natural daughter to the duke of 

Yesterday came in 2 mails from Ostend. 

Letters from Brussells of the 25th say the duke of Savoy 
had past the Yar, and satt down before Antibes with 8000 
men, and ordered the rest of his troops, which had joined 
prince Eugene, to march forward to beseige Thoulon. 

From Rome of the ist, that the imperialists had entred the 
kingdom of Naples without opposition, and within 16 miles of 
their capital. 

From Maldert, that the French had reinforced their camp 
with 8 bataUions from Mons, Charleroy, and Namur ; and that 
1 800 of our men, ordered for Maestricht, were countermanded. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday i 0,4 July. — ^This day came in 3 Dutch posts, which 
say the malecontents in Hungary have declared themselves a 
free people, and renounced all correspondence with the em- 
peror; who has offered the king of Sueden all satisfaction, 
delivered to him count Zobar, and count WratisLau is godng 
from Vienna to accomodate matters with that king. 

That the Poles have declared their throne vacant, and ad- 
journed the dyet for a considerable time, so not known when 
they will come to a new election. 

That the citty of Naples, with the 3 castles, had surrendred 
to the imperialists, the viceroy retiring to Gaeta, where were 
3000 Spaniards, against whom general Thaun sent a detach- 
ment ; vast numbers of people mett him, and march't before 

July %6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 195 

his army with loud acdamations of joy into Naples, where they 
pulled down the fine statue of the dake of Anjoy^ and threw it 
into the sea, and with mnch difficulty were restrained from mas- 
sacring the French minister and others of that nation. 

That the duke of Marlborough had received letters from 
prince Eugene and sir Clowdesly Shovell of the 13th and 
J 4th instant, which say the French having garded the passes 
of the Yar near the sea, several of our ships entred that river 
and beat them from their works ; and sir John Norris landing 
with 600 marines took possession thereof; after which the 
duke of Savoy, prince Eugene, and the troops with them 
passed over, the army to follow next day ; and in a council of 
war held on board the fleet, 'twas resolved to march directly 
for Thoulon, where 'tis said are vast quantities of all sorts of 
stores, 5cxx> brasse cannon, and 49 capital men of war in the 

Saturday t 26 July. — This morning came in two Ostend 
maHs, which brought letters from Paris of the 29th, that the 
oonfed^-ate army was % leagues off Frejuls waiting for the 
artillery and baggage, expected in a day or two, and then to 
march and passe the Luc in their way to Thoulon ; several 
places have paid contributions to the duke of Savoy^ and his 
men destroyed several vineyards by way of reprizall for the 
French burning the olive trees in the country of Nice ; they 
say the garison of Thoulon has been augmented with 13 batal- 
lions and ]o,ocx> seamen and militia; monsieur St. Pater, in 
conjunction with Dillon, to conmiand therein ; marshal Thesse 
is past by Riez with 26,000 men, but being too weak to stand 
before the confederate army, 'tis beleived he will passe the 
Rhosne, least his retreat should be cutt off. 

That YiUars has detacht 12 batallions and 6 regiments of 
horse from the Rhine, to be imployed in Dauphiny, Provence, 
or Languedock, or as occasion requires ; and expects the like 
number from Flanders in their stead. 

Both armies in Flanders are as they were, and Yendosm has 
caDed in all the safeguards round his camp, and designs to re- 
view his forces in order to decamp. 

Letters from Scotland of the 19th say there has been a tu- 
mult in the north at Dingwall, where 500 mobb in women's 
apparel insulted the synod of Rosse and Southerland assem- 

o 2 


bled there, assaulted the sherif, declaring they would join king 
James the 8th, whom they soon expect, and are very insolent 
since the battle of Almanza. 

This afternoon came in a Dutch mail. 

The Paris Gazette owns the duke of Savoy was marching to 
beseige Thoulon, which was well provided both by sea and land, 
haveing had long notice of the design ; and that sir Clowdesly 
Shovell was arrived in the mouth of that harbour. 

Tuesday, 29 July. — ^Letters from New England import, that 
1000 men on board 20 vessells under convoy of the Deptford, 
are landed at Nova Scotia belonging to the French, and when 
the letters came away we were plundering of it. 

This morning sir John Buckworth and sir Wm. Humphreys 
were returned by Cheap ward to the court of aldermen, for 
them to take which they please to succeed sir Robert Clayton 
as alderman of this citty ; Mr. Carter and Mr. Blackmore, who 
stood against them, losing it by above 40 voices. 

The new East India company have resolved to pay 4^. for 
every share, and made a general sale of tea and damaged 

The last foreign letters advised, that Villars having plon- 
der'd all the towns he could, and detach't great part of his 
army towards Thoulon, was preparing to repasse the Rhine. 

That the duke of Marlborough had sent brigadeer Palmes 
to duke of Savoy and prince Eugene to concert measures for 
prosecuting the war with all possible vigour to distract France. 

From the Hague, that the dispute about the bishoprick of 
Lubeck is at an end, prince Charles of Denmark renouncing 
the same, haveing in consideration thereof a yearly pension 
from England and Holland. 

Some letters say sir Clowdesly Shovell the 22d landed 6000 
men 4 leagues from Thoulon, with ammunition and other ne- 
cessaries for the confederate army. 

Mr. Toung, who arrived here expresse Saturday evening 
from Provence, says as he came by Frankfurt, saw the French 
burning and ravaging the countrey in a barbarous manner. 

Yesterday the lord Granville was taken with an apoplexy 
and dangerous ill. 

Thursday, 31 July. — The last foreign letters advised, from 
Leipsick, that king Augustus had ordered his cavalry to be re- 

Aug. 2.] STATE AFFAIRS. 197 

mounted, would send 4000 more into the service of the allies, 
and designed to raise 15,000 foot. 

From Poland, that the primate had publish't the interreg- 
nmn, and that kingdom seems now in greater confusion than 

From Rome, that the duke of Tuscany had offered the pope 
6000 men to be employed as he thinks fitt. 

The duke of Modena is raising several regiments, erecting 
magazines, and fortifyemg his towns. 

From Alicant, that they were so well provided with stores 
and provisions, as to be able to make a vigorous defence, in 
case the French attack them. 

Our court of aldermen have made choice of sir Wm. Hum- 
phreys to be alderman, in room of sir Robert Clayton, de- 

Wm. Jessop, esq. is made a Welsh judge, vacant by the death 
of Stephen Harvey, esq. 

This day the lord chancellor, lord treasurer, lord Hallifaz, 
the officers of the mint, and a jury of goldsmiths, mett in the 
exchequer to try the gold and silver coin, and it proved stan- 
dard ; after which a fire hapned in the essay office, but extin- 
guiah'd with little damage. 

Some exchanged prisoners arrived here yesterday from St. 
Male, and brought a letter, that the duke of Savoy had forced 
the passe of Le Luc the a5th, defeated Dillon's party, took him 
prisoner, and invested Thoulon the 27th. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 2 Aug, — Count Gallas, the imperial envoy here, 
bdbre he retum'd for Germany, presented a memorial to the 
queen in name of the king of Spain to this effect : 

That his catholick majestic hopes she will, in conjunction 
with the allies, send him succours to stop the progresse of the 
enemy ; he regrets that the action at Almanza was not under- 
taken at a more favourable time ; that he would have sent the 
6000 men of his own troops to act at opening the campagne, 
had the subsidies promised by her majestic been sent sooner ; 
he sets forth the infantry of the allies being entirely defeated ; 
he'el raise soldiers in Catalonia, provided may be furnish'd 
with money to pay them ; desires that experienced officers may 
be sent to command them ; and sir Clowdesly Shovell tran- 


sport forces from Italy to assist him ; complains that he was so 
little regarded in the army without authority ; that he judged 
himself uselesse there, but promises wonders, if her majestie 
will repose some trust and confidence in him ; and concludes 
that 'tis impossible to maintain himself long with so smaU a 
force against a Tictorious enemy. 

Port letters advise, that admiral Whetstone is sayled north- 
ward with the east country fleet ; that 31 ships from the Cha- 
ribby islands have been seen off Scilly ; and that a great fleet of 
merchant ships from Jamaica is arriTod on the coast of Ireland. 

One and twenty soldiers of coll. Wills regiment, condemned 
for mutiny, are to be sent to the West Indies. 

The admiralty have advice this afternoon, that or Thomas 
Hardy is sayled with a great fleet of merchant ships for Por- 
tugal, West Indies, &c. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, j August — Since my last came in 3 Dutch mails, 
which advise. 

From Marseilles of the 29th, that 15 of the confederate fleet 
appeared before that harbour, and some others sailed by, sup- 
posed for Languedock, where the Camisars are in motion ; as 
also in the Cevennos, where one Grisoll, a merchant, was lately 
broke on the wheel for corresponding with the allies. 

From Paris, that duke of Savoy on the 29th attack'd fort 
St. Catherine, near Thoulon, and repuls'd ; but next day they 
took it sword in hand, killing and taking 800 men. 

That marshal Tesse had placed 34 batallions between the 
town and hill of St. Ann, by which he could if need throw in 
forces, and had raised 32 batteries whereon are planted 780 

Tis said the duke of Marlborough has rec^ved an account 
from prince Eugene, that on advice M. Tesse was before Thou- 
lon with 40 batallions, and casting up intrenchments, 'twas re- 
solved in a council of war to attack them ; which they did with 
such vigour, that part retired into the place and the rest fled ; 
upon which they invested it, and were landing thdr artillery 
from on board. 

Some letters say they took abundance of their cannon. 

Flanders letters say Yandosm having detach't 17 batallions 
and 1 2 squadrons to Provence, duke of Marlborough resolved 

Auo. 9.] STATE AITAIRS. 199 

if pofisible to force them to a battle, and on the 1 1 th decamp^t 
in order theretoo ; npon which the enemy in great confusion 
broke np to gain the strong camp at Pieton, which he was en- 
deaTonnng to prevent ; so we expect to hear of action. 

Thursday, 7 August. — Yesterday came out her majesties 
proclamation, declaring what ensign or colours shal be bom at 
sea in merchant ships, or vessels belonging to any of her ma- 
jesties subjects of Great Brittain and the dominions thereunto 

Same day our merchants had an account that 7 of the Dun- 
kirk squadron mett our Russia fleet of about 60 sayl under 3 
men of war the loth past, and took 17, (among them a great 
ship of the czars ;) 'tis hoped the rest with their convoy are 
gott safe to Archangel : it's thought the French had notice 
where admiral Whetstone was to leave them, they appearing 
in sight the next day. 

The Morocco ambassador here, having led a loose life and 
run considerably in debt, which his master hearing of, was 
unwilling to goe home, though recalled, for fear of being 
strangled ; therefore had several times evaded the queens or- 
ders to be gone, but at last forced to obey, and yesterday went 
for Portsmouth to embark : the captain of the ship takes with 
him one Mr. Carbier, a Cambridge schollar, and a great pro- 
ficient in the Oriental languages, who goes under her majesties 
protection to improve himself in the Arabick. 

Letters from good hands at Oenoa import, that about 7000 
men, which lay at Orbassan, sett out the 20th July (S. N.) to- 
wards the valley of Perouse, to reinforce the duke of Savoy's 
army in Provence. 

IVom Turky, that a conspiracy was discovered the 26th of 
June, to murther the grand vizier, depose the sultan, and sett 
up his nephew ; for which several were strangled. 

The widdow of the late great Cook, of Norfolk, is dead ; as 
abo is Mr. Pooley, a gentieman of the temple and member of 
parliament for Ipswich. 

Saturday, 9 August. — ^The last foreign letters advised, from 
Batisbon, that 'twas said among other demands of the king of 
Sueden from the emperor, one is, that the districht of Leigh- 
tenstem, which belonged to the elector of Saxony's predecessors, 
be restored to the elector. 


Sir Thomas Hardy, with the outward bound fleet for Por- 
tugal, &c. are by contrary winds forced back to Plymouth and 

Last night came in a Lisbon mail, but brought nothing ma- 
terial, their army being in quarters, and the French and 
Spaniards quiet on the frontiers. 

Dr. Moor, the new bishop of Ely, is translated to that see, 
and his lordship has given orders for rebuilding and repairing 
Ely house in Holbom, which is ready to fall. 

Her majestic has appointed Wm. Hodges, of the Inner Tem- 
ple, esq. to be attorney general of Barbados. 

Mr. Taylor, lately taken at Chester for imbezilling to the 
value of 8000/. when paymaster of the milUon lottery tickets, 
has made his escape there. 

The parliament of Ireland have burnt by the common hang- 
man the postscript to Mr. Higgins sermon, being a dialogue 
between him and the archbishop of Canterbury, as a false, scan- 
dalous, and seditious Ubell. 

Sir Wm. Wythers and sir John Buckworth stand candidates 
for member of parliament of this citty, in the room of sir Robt. 
Clayton, deceased. 

Sir John Franklyn, one of the masters in chancery, is dead, 
a place worth 1500Z. in the gift of the lord chancellor. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday^ \ 7, August. — This morning came in 3 Ostend mails, 
from Brussells, 19 Aug. the duke of Marlborough on the izth 
advanced from Genap to Nivelle, and at same time the French 
marcht to Seneffe; upon which his grace detach't count Tilly 
with 412 squadrons of horse and dragoons, and all the grana- 
deers, to take post within musquet shott of that place, in 
order to an engagement next morning, when 14,000 more were 
sent to support them ; but the enemy retired in the night; our 
men fell upon their rear, killed a great many, and took about 
800 prisoners : the French are now encamp't at Cambron, and 
the allies at Soignies, from whence they design to march to- 
wards the Scheld, to force them to a battle. 

French letters say count Medavi with 5000 men arrived the 
6th at Aix ; and the 7th count Thesse with 10,000 soldiers and 
6000 pioneers marcht to Ambage, between Aix and Thoulon, 
where he will entrench ; has put a reinforcement into Thoulon 

Auo. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. 801 

with 100,000 crowns, and forced to goe thither to compoBo 
some differences between the commancUng officers. 

That the allies continue encamp't near Valette and St. Ca- 
therine's hill ; had done nothing against Thoulon the 8th, their 
fleet being driven out to sea by stormes, was not able to land 
their artillery. 

That the duke of Sayoy and prince Eugene have summoned 
great numbers of pioneers, with design to attack the entrench- 
ments between mount St. Ann and the town, by trenches. 

The duke of Burgundy is said to command in Proyence, which 
daily encreases, and the duke of Berry and count Tholouze yo- 
luntiers under him. 

From Turin, that all the forces in the valley of Aoust are 
gone to join the duke of Savoy, except 300a 

From Home, that Gaeta had capitulated. 

Mr. Bromley, knight of the shire for Worcester, is dead. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursdayj 14 Aug, — Yesterday came in 2 Dutch posts, 
which advise, 

From our camp before Thoulon, of the 30th, that they had 
made themselves masters of other eminencies besides fort St. 
Gadierine's, on which they planted cannon. 

From Turin, that the duke of Savoy had erected 3 small 
batteries on mount Vignette, from whence they could bombard 
Thoulon. That the fleet had taken 2 little forts, as also that 
of St George in the road, and were attacking the great one, 
the taking of which will facilitate their approach into the har- 
bour, where are 46 men of war of the line of battle, with 25 
frigats and fireships. 

From the Rhine, that the French have quitted Grermany, 
and repast that river, on advice that the elector of Hanover was 
comeing to head the imperial army. 

Letters from the Hague import, that if the duke of Marlbo- 
rough can't force Yandosm to a battle, he will undertake a seige. 

The czar still offers to come into the grand alliance, and fur- 
nishagreat number of troops ; but the allies are unwiUing to 
g^ve him a positive answer till they see the issue of the nego- 
tiation with the king of Sueden. 

Private letters from Paris say prince Eugene has so secured 


all the passes leading to Tboulon, that 'twill be yery difficult for 
the French to annoy the beseigers, who the 10th began to bat- 
ter the place with 30 heavy cannon. 

The goYemoors of St. Thomas's hospital have chose sir Tho- 
mas Abney their president, in the room of sir Robert Clayton^ 

Robert Eyre, esq., member for Salisbury, goeing the western 
circuit, was o'retumed in his coach near I^mceston in Cornwall, 
and broke his arm. 

Saturday y 16 August. — ^There are letters by the last foreign 
mails, which say, that in a council of war held on board our 
fleet, wherein the difficulties of the seige of Thoulon were de- 
bated, the duke of Savoy ask't sir Clowdesly Shovell how many 
men he could carry off, in case they were forced to raise the 
seige, who answered, 30,000; whereupon the duke replyed, 
15,000 were enough, for 'twas resolved to lose half his army 
before he quitted the same. 

And prince Eugene told his soldiers^ he would either take 
the town or lay his bones under the walls. 

From the Hague, that count Dhona, taken prisoner at Al- 
manza, was arrived there on his paroll, and given a particular 
account of the bravery of the English and Dutch troops in that 
action : the states regrett that all our scattered forces in Spam 
were not in the battle, and seemed not satisfied why they were 
then disperst. 

That the king of Sueden has promised all his forces shal quitt 
Saxony the 20th instant. 

From Nice, that Hieres was surrendred to the confederate 
fleet ; and from Turin, that 20,000 of the allies lie near Pigne- 
roll to invade Dauphiny. 

And that Cavalier was sent with a detachment to raise an 
insurrection in the Cevennes. 

Sir Thomas Hardy, with the men of war and merchant ships, 
are again forced back to Torbay. 

The duke of Devonshire, aged 72, lies dangerously ill of the 
stone and strangury, and has made his will, and received the 
sacrament from the bishop of Ely, and 'tis beleived will scarce 
Uve tiU to morrow. 

We want one Dutch post. 

Aug. 2 1 .] STATE AFFAIRS. 208 

Tuesday y igAtiffust — On Saturday the reverend Mr. Hare, 
chaplain to the dnke of Marlborough, was installed prebend 
residentiary of St. Pauls, by the honourable Dr. Godolphin, 
dean of that cathedraD. 

On Sunday the duke of Montague entertained at dinner the 
niarquesse d'^Alegre, one of the French prisoners, who being 
ask't what he thought of Thoulon, answered, considering the 
account the last Paris Gazet gave of that seige, he was in fear 
for that place. 

Yesterday morning dyed Wm. Cavendish, duke of Devon, 
lord steward of the queens household, knight of the garter, 
justice in eyre of all her majesties forests, parks, and chases 
on the north of Trent, and lord lieutenant of Derbyshire, &c.; 
has left his estate real and personal to his son, the marquesse 
of Hartmgton, knight of the shire for the county of York, and 
capbdn of the yeomen of the guard, with orders to pay his just 
debts, and for that end has all his Jewells, and the finest sett of 
plate in England ; his body was opened, and there was found 
m his bladder lo stones that occasioned the suppression of urine, 
of which he dyed. 

Six of the French officers at Lichfeild and Nottingham sett 
out this day for France on their parole. 

The Scots disliking our bank bOls desired specie for them, 
and yesterday 50,0002. in gold was sent under a strong guard 
to Edinburgh. 

The Portugal ambassador presses for speedy succours to 

No Dutch post. 

Thuraday^ 2 1 August. — Yesterday came in % Dutch posts, 
with advices. 

From Thoulon of old dates, except from Paris of the 22d, 
which say an expresse was arrived at Marli, who left that place 
the 17th, and gives account that the allies batteries from St. 
Catherine's haveing much damaged fort Lewis and the great 
tower near the harbour, Mareshal Thesse was resolved to dis- 
lodge them, and maroht with his whole force, attack'd that hill 
and carried it with the losse of 300 men ; but some letters from 
Holland say they were repuls'd, and that our fleet had landed 
above 100 cannon and mortars, with provisions, &c., and 70 
peices on batteries were playing with successe. 


The prince of Nassau Frizeland, bemg of age, is declared 
general of the Dutch foot. 

From the Upper Rhine, that the Germans and French are 
canonading each other, and not Uke to part without a battle. 

That an accomodation was in a manner agreed on between 
the emperor and the king of Sueden, by which the protestants 
in Silesia are to have their churches restored them. 

That the duke of Marlborough was the 25th at Soignies, but 
preparing to decamp towards Aeth ; upon which the French are 
decamping and reinforcing their frontier garrisons. 

The wagerers here take 30 guineas to pay 100, if Thoulon 
be not taken by the last of October. 

The duke of Devonshire ordered the following inscription to 
be on his tomb : 

Here lies William duke of Devonshire, a faithful subject of 
good princes, and an enemy to tyrants. 

Tis said the duke of Somerset will succeed him as steward of 
the household ; and the duke of Ormond the latter as master 
of the horse. 

The earl of Peterborough is arrived from HoUand. 

Saturday y 23 August, — This day came in a Dutch post; 
the Paris Gazet of the 27th says^ that on the 15th thirty com- 
panies of granadiers and 24 batallions beat the confederates 
from fort St. Catherines hill, forced their intrenchments they 
made to cover their camp, defeated 4 batallions, levelled th^ 
works, nayled up their cannon, and then retired, having been 
masters thereof 14 hours, with the losse of 2 captdns, and 80 
soldiers; the confederates had 1000 killed and wounded, and 
130 taken prisoners, and among them 2 collonels and several 
other officers ; and 'tis reported the king has received an ex- 
presse the seige was raised the 22d. 

But letters from Thoulon of the i8th say the allies had 
retaken St. Catherines hill, and the same day erected a 
battery of cannon and mortars, fired bombs and red hott 
bullets into the town, and sett the bishops pallace on fire, and 
attack't with greater fury the castles which defend the bay 
and harbour. 

That prince Eugene was returned with the reinforcements 
from Piedmont, and that a detachment of his forces near Pigne- 
roU had beseiged Perouse. 



Aug. a6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 206 

Letters from Lisle and other places say the duke of Savoy 
took fort Lewis and the great tower the 17th, and the i8th 
our fleet entred the bay, and played so furiously on the town 
and entrenchments for 2 dayes, that they capitulated the 20th. 

From the Hague, that the emperor upon the instances of our 
queen and the states has ordered 4000 men from Naples to 

That the duke of Marlborough was at Soignies the 29th, and 
the French at Cambron about a league apart. 

And that the great mogul is dead. 

Tuesday, 26 August. — On Fryday sir Thomas Hardy^with 
the fleet sett sail again for Portugall. 

Wm. Fellowes, esq. of Lincolns Inn, is sworn a master in 
chancery, in room of sir John Franklin, deceased. 

This morning came in a Dutch post, giving account that the 
French king had received two expresses, that the allies in a 
2d attack took fort Lewis, from whence they bombarded Thou- 
lon ; but a bomb from the citty falling into the said fort, sett 
their powder on fire and blew it up, which occauoned a great 
consternation ; and a high wind for several days hindring the 
landing of necessaries, and their powder and fireworks being 
consumed, and finding it impossible to gett into the harbour 
with their fleet, and understanding forces from all parts ^were 
comeing against them, broke up the seige the 21st in the 
night, march't back to Cuers, having put most of their guns 
and sick men on board; upon which marshal Tesse ordered 
Medavy to follow them, and if possible join d'Maine at the 
head of 12,000 boors, and secure the passes ; that about 100 
houses were ruined by their bombs, two old men of war sunk, 
(though some letters say the town and ships in harbour re- 
ceived great damage,) and their fleet sayled for Catalonia with 
some land forces; whereupon the French detachments from 
(Jermany and the Netherlands are countermanded, and Ven- 
dosm ordered those sent to Mens, Namur, and Charleroy, to 
rejoyn him. 

IVom the Hague, that there has been a conference between 
the prince of HohenzoUern, the imperial feild marshal, and 
Villws, in the German army, which causes speculations. 

That engineer general Blood is dead; and the king of 


Prussia's endeavours to unite the Lutherans and Calvinists has 
had such good effect, that they receiye the sacrament together 
in the same church. 

Thursday y 28 Augtiat. — Letters from the Hague import, 
that although the prince of Nassau Frizeland has been ad- 
mitted to the generalship of the Dutch inj&ntrj, yet the pro- 
vinces of Holland, Zealand, Utrecht, Guelderland, and Overys- 
sell, have resolved to exclude his highnesse from the council 
of state, where he claims a place as stadtholder, according to 
antient custom ; but those of Frizeland and Groninghen are for 

That the minister of the elector of Tryers has had a con- 
ference with that of Prussia, who declared that the Roman 
catholick princes of Germany were jealous of the close corre- 
spondence between his master and the king of Sueden, and de- 
sired the occasion might be removed. 

Mr. Stepney, our envoy in Holland, is expected here by the 
next pacquet boat, having the bloody flux, in hopes his native 
air may recover him. 

The duke of Marlborough is incampt at Attre, and Vendosm 
between Tournay and Mortagne, the Scheld behind him, which 
river his grace design'd to passe, to endeavour to force him to 
a battle. 

We have no fresher account from Thoulon than what was in 
the last. 

Letters from Bilboa of the 5th instant, 800 of our men taken 
at Almanza are at Oviedo in a miserable condition for want of 

Yesterday our admiralty had an account from Harwich, that 
6 French gallies from Dunkirk fell upon the Nightingale of 24 
guns and 10 coasters under her convoy, and after an obstinate 
fight took the frigat and 6 of the vessells. 

Saturday , ^oAuffuat. — Letters from Constantinople say the 
Turks are augmenting their troops, and made a new serasqnier, 
in order, as thought, to enter into a war, which the people are 
much inclined to, especially against the Muscovites^ who have 
demolished some of their forts. 

This days Dutch post brings no news from Provence, but the 
Paris letters own that the duke of Savoy made a very orderly 

Sept. 2.] STATE AFFAIRS. 307 

retreat from before Thoulon, by the same way be came, and 
the 25ih past the Argent. 

That marshal Tease was march't with all his dragoons and 
granadiers with a strong detachment of foot to join Medavi 
and observe his royal highnesse, who they expect will attack 
some other place. 

That an expresse was arriyed from Madrid, that the dutchease 
of Anjoa was brought to bed of a son. 

From Flanders, that the French are marching towards Espe- 
rieSy and the duke of Marlborough following them. 

From the Hague, that half the Suedish army will stay in 
Silesia, and the other march for Poland ; that count Wratislau 
has sent his treaty with the king of Sueden to the emperor for 
ratification, and his majestie stays till it comes back ; when he 
is gone, king Augustus designs a journey for Vienna. 

The earl of Portland with his lady are arrived here from 

The queen having held a general council upon foreign affairs, 
retum'd this day to Windsor, and designs for Newmarket the 
29th of September. 

Private letters from Paris say the French sunk 17 of their 
1st and second rate men of war at Thoulon, to prevent their 
faffing into our haads, and our bombs ruin'd 3 more. 

Tuesday, 2 Sq>t — ^Yesterday the corps of the duke of Devon 
was carried in great state thro' this citty to be interr'd at 
Derby, followed by about 80 coaches, the lord James Caven- 
dish, his youngest son, was cheif mourner ; the officers of the 
queen's household attended with the heralds at arms, who carried 
the ensigns of honour belonging to the family, and Dr. Rennet 
to preacli the funeral sermon. 

Mr. Walker and Mr. Hodges, both benchers of the Inner 
Temple, are dead. 

Yesterday's Dutch post advises, from Leipsick, that the 
treaty between the emperor and the king of Sueden was sign'd 
the 1st instant, England and Holland being guarantees thereof; 
and that his majestie had begun his march out of Saxony. 

From Warsaw, that the czar had summoned all his generalls 
to a council of war, and 'twas feared would destroy Poland with 
fire and sword, and then retire into his own country. 

From Portugal, that 6 French men of war were cruizing off 




Lisbon, to intercept our homeward bound merchant fleet ; and 
some of the letters say that king was ill of the small pox. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough was march't 
to Helchin; 400 French horse designing to attack his foragers, 
were totally defeated by 4cx> of our dragoons, most of them 
were cut in peices, and 128 taken prisoners; and there being 
no likelyhood of bringing the enemy to a battle, his grace was 
preparing for a seige. 

That the elector of Hanoyer set out the 3d to command the 
German army. 

That the want of successe before Thoulon was attributed to the 
not following prince Eugene's council, who was for attacking 
the French intrenchments of St. Ann before they were finish't 
but the duke of Savoy, &c. were against it. 

Thursday^ 4 Bept. — The last foreign letters advised, fronr 
Vienna, that the king of Prussia had agreed to let the emperoi 
have 10,000 more of his troops. 

That the emperor consulted his priests to know if ^twas law- 
full to consent to the reestablishing the protestant religion in 
Silesia, who answered, that it might be done thtrey according 
to the treaty of Westphalia; and that he had ordered his 
minister in Denmark to demand of that king 86,000 crowns 
for his contingent to the warr for the dutchy of Holstein, and 
70,000 more for the county of Oldenburgh ; to the first was 
answered, he could not pay it till the diet of the circle of Lower 
Saxony was held, and the other he might deduct out of what 
the emperor owed the crown of Denmark. 

From Geneva, that the Germans had destroyed all the 
orange, olive, mulberry trees and vineyards from Toulon to the 
Varr, so that that part of Provence will not recover it's losse 
for several years. 

Private letters from the Hague say, that the protestants 
princes are apprehensive of a secret treaty between the Roman 
catholicks ; and that monsieur Smetteau, the Prussian ambas- 
sador, was gone to Berlin to receive instructions about a new 
alliance between the queen of Great Brittain, the kings of Den- 
mark, Prussia, and the states general. 

The Antelope and Monk are added to the convoy for Lis- 
bon, which is to transport 1000 horse for the king of Portu- 
galls service. 

Sbpt. 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 209 

Mr. Shan and Mr. Phillips, lieutenants in the lord Mohuns 
raiment, quarrelled at Teovil in Somersetshire, and killed each 

Mr. secretary Harley has wrote to the duke of Devon to at^ 
tend her majestie on Saturday, to receive the white staffe as 
steward of the household, vacsmt by the death of his father. 

Saturday^ 6 Sept. — ^The last letters {rom the Hague say the 
'anoese envoy there strives to prevent the execution of a 

cret article, which he supposes is incerted in the treaty be- 

feen the duke of Savoy and the allies; whereby the latter 

igage to put his royal highnesse into possession of the town 

' SaTona, which he claims as his own, tho it has been a long 
me in the hands of the Genoese. 

From Cadiz, that the English governor of Gibraltar was 
svelling some heights near that citty, and adding new forti- 
cations on the land side, to secure that place from all 

Yesterday the Armenian bishop, who has been here some 

ne, set out for Harwich in his way home, being extreamly 
' tisfied with the generosity of the English to him, especially 

assisting him in the liberal sciences : has taken all materialls 
elating to a printing presse^ in order to sett up that art in 
that country. 

Two indictments are found at Hick's hall against a Switzer, 
who fired his master's house in St. James's street, one for felony, 
the other for robbery, and will be tried next sessions. 

One Dunn, a notorious rogue, who lately murdered a gar- 
diner at Fulham, after breaking into his house, is condemned 
to be hanged there in chains. 

It's said the duke of Devon will succeed his father as chief 
justice in eyre on the north side of Trent, and lord lieutenant 
of Derbyshire, as well as steward of the household ; and that 
his grace will be sworn of the privy council on Monday. 

We hear engineer Blood's regiment is given to coll. Wight- 
man, and that brigadeer Macartny is made a major general. 

No Dutch post. 

The sessions for London and Middlesex began at the Old 
Baily the 3d instant, and held the 4th and jth, where several 
criminals were tryed, of whom 2 received sentence of death, 
I burnt in the hand, 6 burnt in the hand and to be put to hard 



labour, 6 to be whipt, and i fined ; and the next seadons ap- 
pointed the 15th of October next. 

Tuesday, 9 8epL — Since the last two Dutch mails are come in, 
which advise, from Paris, that the duke of Sayoj had repast 
the riyer Varr and mount Tende, the French not being able to 
overtake them ; that 15 men of war are ordered to be fitted out 
at Thoulon with all speed to releive Gaeta. 

From Spain, that there had been a skirmish between the 
duke of Orleans and the lord Gallwaj, as foraging, in which 
the latter had 3cx> killed and 150 taken ; tho they own the 
allies being reinforced pursued them to their camp, but with- 
out losse. 

From Flanders, that the French army was retired within 
their lines between lisle and Ipres. 

That the duke of Marlborough uses all means possible to 
bring them to a battle before the detachments they made for 
Germany return ; that he had oi*dered the way leading to 
Tournay to be levelled for his army to march in 8 columns if 

That 40 heavy cannon and 40,000 fascines were arrived in 
his camp. 

That general Spaar, with the forces under his command^ was 
advanced to Menin to be ready to join our army; and 'tis given 
out his grace intends either to attack the French lines or be- 
seige Lisle or Ipres. 

From the Hague, that 14 Dutch East India ships, with 2 
English, were arrived in the Texell; and a 3d, called the Mary 
Catherine, is taken and carried into Dunkirk. 

And that the French squadron under Fourbin has taken and 
ransomed 1 7 of the Dutch outward bound Russia fleet. 

It's said the duke of Montague will have the garter of the 
late duke of Devon ; and the earl of Manchester, ambassador 
at Venice, made captain of the yeomen of the guard, worth 
1000/. per ann., in the place of the present duke of Devon. 

And it has been resolved in council, that the parliament shal 
sitt to do businesse the 23d of October next. 

Thursday, 1 1 Sept. — ^The last letters from the Hague say, 
that the states had received an expresse from king Charles at 
Barcelona, by which he declares his intended marriage with 
the princesse of Wolfembuttle. 

Srpt. 13.] STATE AFFAIRS. 211 

From Ykniiay that the Jew Oppenhom is ordered to get all 
things ready for the departure of that princesse for Spain against 

From the Rhine, that the elector of Hanover finding that 
the ba43kwardne8se of the German troops in coming to their 
general readevouz every year was occaMoned by being at the 
end of the campagne sent home to their respective countries, 
it's said his highnesse is promised they shal for the future be 
maintained on the frontiers, to be ready on all occasions. 

Major Hungate is made lieutenant coUond of the earl of 
Essex's dragoons, in the room of coll. Dormer, killed at the 
battle of Almanza. 

General Churchil is arrived here from Flanders. 

Our merchants have advice that the Langdon frigat, captain 
Holesworth commander, is cast away near Newfoundland; 
and of 96 persons only 2 1 got into the boat, and 1 2 of those 
starved, so that but 9 were saved, of which number was the 

Thomas Dodson, esq., member of parliament for Liskard in 
Cornwall^ is dead. 

Us said her majestie designs to fill up the vacant bishoppricks 
before she goes to Newmarket. 

The duke of Devonshire is sworn of the privy council. 

A proclamation by her majestie is come out, declaring the 
parliament shal sitt for the dispatch of businesse the 2t3d of 
next month at Westminster, requiring the attendance of the 
members of both houses. 

Saturday, 13 Sept. — ^The last foreign letters from the Hague 
say, that admiral Yanderdussen, having conducted the East 
India ships safe into the Texell, is putt to sea to endeavour to 
meet the Dunkirk squadron, which is speedily expected home 
with the plunder of the English and Dutch Russia fleets. 

That the states envoy in Denmark is ordered to complain to 
that king against the governor of his fort on the coast of Lap- 
land, who suffered the French .to seize their ships when they 
fled there for protection. 

Yesterday came in a Lisbon mail, which advises, from 
Catalonia, that the lord Gallway had got together a pretty 
good army; had ordered Lerida, Tortosa, and Terragoua to be 



That the French had lost I5cx> men in 5 attacks on Denia, 
upon which they drew off; and that major general Loyd is 

It's now said the design of sending reinforcements from 
hence to Catalonia is laid aside, and that a good body of troops 
is to be sent thither from Italy, commanded by prince Eugene; 
after which the lord Gallway is to goe with his forces for Por- 
tugal to act on that side. 

A squadron of 10 men of war victualled for 9 months is fitt- 
ing out with all expedition under m John Jennings, but the 
design not known. 

This day Dunn, condemned last sessions for killing the gar- 
diner at Fulham, was executed, and afterwards hung in chains. 

The parliament of Ireland have drawn up a representation 
against the Irish trustees of 1 1 2,cxx>{. which they charge them 
with, and will, it's said, be laid before our parliament, which is 
to sitt the 23d of October for dispatch of businesse ; a pro- 
clamation being come out for that purpose, requiring their at- 

No Dutch post. 

Yesterday one man, lately condemned at the sessions house 
for burglary, was executed at Tyburn ; and this day another 
at Fulham for killing a gardiner there, and was afterwards 
hanged in chains. 

Tuesday, i6Sq)t. — On Sunday came in a Dutch post, whidi 
brings letters from Berlin, say they have advice from Silesia, 
that the Roman catholick clergy violently oppose the restoring 
of the protestants to their churches, which may cause the Sweeds 
to continue some time in that country. 

That 50 Suedish horse had seized at Breslau 40 saddles, 
with great store of swords, pistolls, pouder, &c. design'd to be 
carried thence to Poland for the use of the Muscovites ; and 
that the king of Prussia had ordered 10,000 men to be rsused 
to carry on the war with more vigour against France. 

From Frankfort, that the elector of Hanover was arrived in 
the German army at Etlingen ; that Villars continues to en- 
trench his near Rastadt, and was likely to remain there the 
rest of the campagne ; threatens to block up Landau, and re- 
duce it by famine ; upon which a reinforcement of men, ammu- 
nition, and provisions was putt into the place. 

Skpt. i8.] state affairs. «1S 

¥Vom Parisy that the prince of Conti was come thither from 
Neufchastel, his pretensioiis to that soYoraignty being rejected 
by the states of that country, whom he threatned witb the 
French kings resentment ; that the French are repairing the 
forts, and augmenting the fortifications of Toulon ; have weigh'd 
up three of their loo gun ships, and hope to doe the like by 
the rest that were sunk. 

Yesterday died George Stepney, esq.; he was her majesties 
euToy extraordinary to the states general, and one of the com- 
miaaoners of trade ; ifs said he will be succeeded in the first 
by Richard Hill, esq. of the princes council. 

Mr. Squire, member of parliament for Scarborough in York- 
shire, is also dead. 

Collonells Hill and Bowles are arriyed here from Spain on 
their paroles. 

Thur9day^ 18 8q^. — ^The last foreign letters advised, from 
Vienna, that count Berezeni was gone for Warsaw to propose 
a union of Poland and Hungary on the behalf of the malecon- 
tents ; a body of whom are assembled near Odenburgh, to in- 
vade Austria and destroy it with fire and sword. 

From Italy, that orders were come to Millain and Turin^ 
&C. to provide quarters for the horse and foot returning from 

From Barcelona, Aug. 14th, that 400 French hussars having 
entred the valley of Bennaccarra, were all cut to peices by the 
Miquelets, except 30 who escaped. 

From Saxony, that the Suedes carry with them general 
Patkull, who is civilly used at the desire of several generalls ; 
that in case they fall into the Muscovites hands, they may hope 
for the same treatment. 

It's sud sir John Jennings with his squadron is to goe i/9 
the West Indies; and admiral Lake, with another squadron 
and a fleet of victuallers, will sail in a few days to releive sir 
dowdesly Shovell, who is to come home with the great ships 

The Sheemesse man of war, with 5 ships from Jamaica, are 
arrived at Eingsale, being seperated from the rest of that fleet 
in a storm the 17th past, and not since heard off. 

Saturday last capt. Welch, in coll. Allen's regiment, being 
lately casheer'd, shott himself; and this morning one Mr. 


Chamberlain, a steward of the duke of Montague's, stabb'd 
himself, and afterward cutt his throat, and his life is in great 

This day the two East India companies held general courts, 
when the lord treasurer'^s opinion concerning the uniting be- 
tween them was laid before them, to which they botii agreed, 
and ordered his lordship thanks for the same ; each company 
is to give security for all their debts and demands, and the old 
is to make a diridend of 'joL per cent. 

Saturday, 20 Sept. — Last night came in 2 Ostend mails^ 
which advise, from Naples, that king Charles had sent thither 
a patent constituting count MartinitE viceroy of that kingdom, 
count Thaun general of the forces there ; that the Oermans 
haye taken several posts about Gaeta, and hope to be soon 
masters thereof; a squadron of English and Dutch men of war 
being expected to help reduce that and other places in the in- 
terest of the duke of Anjou. 

Prom Frankfurt, that the elector of Hanover arriv'd the 
15th in the imperial army at Etlingen, and was buisy in re- 
viewing the same, and disposing all things for attacki&g the 
enemy, or to oblige them to quitt their strong caiifp near 

From Paris, that the duke of Orleans having forced the earl 
of Grail way to repasse the mountains, had with 25,000 men in- 
vested Lerida, which place is well provided, and has a garison 
of 4000 men ; that the duke of Noailles was to make a diver- 
sion towards Girone to favour that seige ; and that the forces 
which embarkt on board part of the confederate fleet at Toulon 
were landed at Barcelona. 

From Flanders, that the armies continue in the same posts, 
without any sign of action or enterprize ; the French are sud 
to be ill great want of forage, and obliged to fbtch it in waggons 
from Artois. 

Several proposalls have been laid before the treasury for 
raising of money this winter, and will be laid before the par- 

The squadron designed for the West Indies is to be joined 
by commodore Kerr at Jamaica with his ships, and to endea- 
vour to intercept the galleons, which are to come directly for 
France, under the convoy of monsieur du Quesne. 

S»T. 25.] ' STATE AFFAIRS. 216 

Sir Thomas Hardy, with a strong squadron, is ordered^ out 
immediately to soour the seas of the French men of war and 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 

Tueaday, 23 SepUmb. — ^Two Dutch posts are come in, which 
adyise, from Saxony, that the Swedes have entirely quitted 
that oountrey, past the Oder, and were in full march towards 
Lithuania ; the kings of Sueden and Stanislaus are arriyed in 
Poland; the ist, before he left Silesia, saw several churches 
there restored to the protestants, who have sent deputies to 
thank that prince for his good offices done them. 

From the Rhine, that the elector of Hanover has desired the 
states of the circles to adjust the winter quarters for his troops, 
and take measures about their contingents for next campagne. 

From Naples, that Pescara in the Abrusso has surrendred to 
the imperialists ; that the trenches were opened before Gaeta, 
and were to batter the place the 4th. 

From Paris, that the trenches against Lerida were open'd 
the 13th in 3 places, and that the lord Gallway was within 7 
miles drawing all his forces together to releive the place. 

From the Ebgue, that the duke of Marlborough was ex- 
pected there the 12th of October from the army, which would 
seperate in few days. 

And that 7000 Palatines in Italy, paid by England and Hol- 
land, are to be sent thence, with others, for Catalonia. 

Yesterday our common council mett, and they admitted Mr. 
Roffee, one of the sherifs elect for the year ensueing, to fine by 
reason of his indisposition, and to morrow are to chuse another 
in his room. 

The same night the corpse of Mr. Stepney was interred in 
Westminster abbey in great state, the pall was carried up by 2 
dukes, 2 earls, and 2 barons. 

Mr. Stanhope, late envoy at the ELague, is dead. 

The Suedish envoy has complained against D'Foe for reflect- 
ing on his master in his reviews of the 9th and 28th of August, 
and 2 of September. 

To morrow the queen and the court come from Windsor to 
Kensington, and the 30th set out for Newmarket, where they 
will stay 10 days to see the diversion of horseracing, &c. 

Thursday y 25 Septemb. — ^Yesterday came on the election of 


a sherif for this citty, in the room of Mr. Roffee, who fin'd, and 
the majority fell upon sir Thomas Peers ; bat be offering to 
fine, a common council was call'd to consider thereof, and npon 
a division it was carried by 6 that he should hold. 

The reverend Mr. Upman, fellow of Eton oolledge, and a pre- 
bend of Westminster, is dead. 

Tuesday an order was sent to Scotland to take into custody 
Daniel D'Foe, for reflecting on the king of Sueden in his 

The same night died John Tutchin, author of the Observator. 

The last foreign letters advised. 

From Neuchastel, that the king of Prussia's pretensions to 
that soveraignty were most prevalent ; that the king of Sueden 
has sent a letter in that prince's favour to the canton of Berne, 
and another to the French king, wherein he desires him not to 
intermeddle in that affair, but to let that republick have full 
liberty in their choice of a successor. 

That the duke of Marlborough, before he comes over, is to 
goe to several courts in Germany, to sollidt them to act more 
vigorously for the common cause next year ; and upon advice 
that the French intend to raise 50^000 men more, it's said the 
allies have resolved to increase their armies considerably, in 
order to put an end to the war. 

That the grand seignior hajs putt to death above 1000 per- 
sons concern'd in a conspiracy against him ; that the Turks are 
making great preparations for war, at which the Venetians are 
much alarmed. 

And from Millain, that no more dispatches will be received 
there from Rome, if that court doe not own king Charles the 
3d for king of Spain. 

Saturday^ 27 Sept. — This day came in a Dutch mail, which 
brings from the Rhine, that the elector of Hanover, having in- 
telligence that 2000 French horse and foot were encamp't some 
distance from Villars's army, detach't count Mercy with 1400 
horse and 1000 granadeers to attack them, which they did 
the 24, and defeated them, killing 700 on the spot, took 150 
prisoners, most officers, 1200 horses, 3 kettle drums, and 4 
standards, with the losse of 100 killed and wounded : the Ger- 
mans burnt the enemies tents and baggage, and retired upon 
approach of a great body of the French. 

S»T. 30.] STATE AFFAIRS. «17 

From Silesia^ that above 800 churches are already restored 
to the jNTotestants, pursoant to the treaty with the emperor ; 
the king of Soeden left but one regiment in that country to 
see the same performed, and march't irith the rest of his army 
towards Lithuania, whither the Muscovites are retiring ; that 
prince allows king Stanislaus i jo^cxx) crowns yearly, till Poland 
is in a condition to maintain his court; and some letters say he 
has sett count Zobor at liberty. 

From Flanders, that a magazine of forage is burnt at Ghent. 

The armies there continue where they were ; and the duke 
of Marlborough having settled the winter quarters set out the 
4II1 of October for the Hague. 

From Millain, that the duke of Savoy with part of his armjr 
was come near Suza, with design to beseige that place, or Pig- 

A Flushing caper has taken 2 French merchant ships richly 
laden from the South Seas. 

Upon advice that a chaplain of one of our regiments in Flan- 
ders is taken and committed close prisoner, orders are sent to 
Famham to doe the like to one of the priests taken some time 
ance with the bishop of Quebeck. 

Tuesday^ 30 Septemb. — It's now said, that sir John Jennings 
with his squadron is to sail speedily for the island of Mada- 
gascar, with commission to treat with the pyrates that have 
withdrawn thither ; they being willing to submit and give a 
great summ of money, provided they may have their pardons^ 
and leave to come with their effects for England. 

Fryday last Mr. Eeyn, closet keeper to the late king William, 
died in his coach goeing to Kensington. 

The reverend Dr. ELnipe is made a prebend of Westminster, 
in the room of Dr. Upman, deceased. 

Yesterday sir Wm. Withers was unanimously elected lord 
mayor of this dtty for the year ensueing. 

And this day the two new sherifs were sworn at the ex- 
chequer bar, Westminster, being attended by the lord mayor, 
aldermen, and several citizens, who were afterwards splendidly 
treated at Fishmongers hall. 

The Jamaica fleet are all come safely into several ports ex- 
cept 3 ships. 

By a Dutch homeward bound East India ship, oiir merchants 


haye advice, that she left 6 of their ships from thence under 
convoy of 3 men of war at the Cape of Good Hope, so that ihej 
are daily expected home. 

The old East India company have putt off their general sale 
to the a2d of October. 

Lieutenant general Lumley, and several other officers, are 
arrived here from Flanders ; and the yatchs, with some men of 
war, are ordered immediately for Holland, to bring over the 
duke of Marlborough. 

It's certain that some forces will be sent hence for Lbbon, on 
board sir John Lake's squadron. 

Yesterday the lord treasurer, with several of the nobility, 
foreign ambassadors, &c. went for Newmarket ; and this morn- 
ing the queen and prince sett out for the same place. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tkuraday, 2 Octob, — ^Yesterday came in a Dutch post, which 
advises, from the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough came 
thither the 6th, and had several conferences with the states 
general ; and next day went for the army again, from whence 
he will goe for Germany. 

That the Portugal ambassador presses the states for succours 
to be sent to Lisbon, who has been told 'tis expected bis mas- 
ter will act with greater vigour than heretofore. 

From Vienna, that the popes nuntio protested against the 
late treaty with the Swedes, for restoring the protestants to 
their churches in Silesia, against which the Jesuites exclaim 
very much. 

From Naples, that Pescara has surrendred to the Germans, 
and the duke of Atri, who commanded therein, is allowed 6 
months to declare for king Charles, or retire into France. 

From Italy, that the earl of Manchester has made his publick 
entry at Venice. 

That prince Eugene has taken the town of Susa, and was 
preparing to batter the castle with 31 cannon and 6 mortars ; 
that the duke of Savoy was with his army near PigneroU, from 
whence he march't the 21st of last month to attack Perouse, 
while some troops joined by the Vaudois drive the French out 
of the valley of St. Martin. 

French letters say the duke of Orleans being sick, ha3 bin- 
dred the seige of Lerida ; that the fitting out a squadron at 

Oct. 4.] STATE AFFAIRS. 219 

Tool<» is laid aside for want of stwes, which was destroyed by 
the alKes. 

Sunday the Suedish envoy had aadience of the queen, and 
desired her to be guarantee of the treaty with the emperor, in 
fikvour of the protestanta ; she said she thought that demand 
ill timed, but was willing to doe any good service to the kmg of 
Sueden : so it's thought she will doe it. 

Letters from Poland advise, that the two kings were march- 
ing directly for Warsaw, and that great numbers of the senators 
and nobihty had submitted to Stanislaus, who received them 

Saturday, 4 Octob. — It's said^ that on Sunday last in councii 
'twas debated whither to accept the offer of a great summ of 
money made by the pyrates at Madagascar for their pardon ; 
but rejected, to avoid the reproach our government might lye 
mider of violating the law of nations, if we should protect pub* 
lick robbers ; so that sir John Jennings voyage thither is laid 

Yesterday dyed William Petyt, esq., who was many years 
keeper of the records in the Tower, and not long since resign'd 
it by reason of old age, and is now enjoyed by Mr. Topham, 
member of parliament for Windsor. 

Several persons have been lately taken up here, and committed 
to prison, for sodomy, some of which have hang'^d themselves, 
and a great many more are accused of that abominable sin. 

The Port letters say several ships have been lately cast away, 
and others damaged in the late stormy weather. 

The last letters from Warsaw advised, that the czar was gone 
thence to his army in Lithuania, having ordered prince Men- 
likow to retire thither also upon approach of the king of 
Sueden, who is said to have with him a train of 78 large, and 
1 22 small cannon ; and that when his majestic saw the ruines 
and devastations committed by the Muscovites in Poland, he 
expres't much concern thereat, and said he would omit nothing 
to revenge it to the utmost, and designed to be in Warsaw the 
3oih past, and in Muscovy before winter, with his army. 

IVom the Hague^ they write that the czar having offered 
to make peace with that king, and restore all taken from him 
and Poland ; his majestic answered, that he would hearken to 
no accomodation till he had reveng'd the breach of solemn 




. J- .nrhinff their neigto^ 
treaties, disabled the Muscovites from ^^'^'Tforeiga o®^^^^ 
hours ever after, and obliged them to dismisse au 

in their armies. 

No Dutch post. Newmarket, that 

Tu^^y, 7 Oc«o6.-They write from ^ ^^^ ^^^ 

Thursday last the queens plate, ^^"^'v ^ lordship's ' 

by the lord treasurers horse ; and next day ^ j^turns 

beat the duke of Bedfords for 500I.: her maj 

thence on Saturday. . ^^^ ^tii aAvi^^o, 

Last night came an expresse b^^ mi^ii^.Ck 9^^ ^^'""^ 
that the Barbadoes fleet, under -'fl**'^^^ 
war, was safe arrived ther 

Our merchants have a 
bound Hamburgh fleet, se 
are taken by the French, 

Admiral Whetstone, wi 
homeward bound Russia r 

It's said the earl of 5 
France, has liberty to con 
his native country ; and 
captain Murray, with sor 
for coming from France ^ 

This day came in 2 D^ 

From Spain, that the 
in Portugal, but that thi 
the duke of Orleans as y 

That 30 ships of the 
before Cadiz. 

From Paris, that M. ' 
threatnens to releive Su; 
have advice it has actus 
Perouse to the duke of 

From Flanders, that 
army again on the lol 
the camp at Helchin tc 
tered in Flanders, the J 
on the Maese and Rhij 

Thursday, 9 Ocioh, 
port, that the true occ 




,t OS loa oioofl 



Oct. 1 1 .] STATE AFFAIRS. 221 

nejr thiiher was to conferr with the states about the measures 
to be taken the next campagne; his grace being willing to 
know their highnesse's sentiments thereupon, before he went 
to the elector of Hanover, who desired to have an interview 
with his grace ; those advices add, that they have desired him 
to presse his electoral highnesse to use his best endeavours to 
engage the empire to augment their troops; and in order 
thereto, to take into their service king Augustus's forces ; as 
also to dispose the landgrave of Hesse Cassel to leave his 
troops, or suffer them to be employed where the allies shal 
think most convenient ; and that his grace was to sett out last 
Saturday for the Rhine. 

From Lyons, that the French king haveing ordered captain 
Beauclair to give him an exact account of the deserters which 
came over from the allies while their army was in Provence^ 
the said captain being directed to give each of them 59., had 
returned answer, their number was about 1250. 

From Frankfort^ that Yillars army being so posted, that 
they can't be attack'd or forced to repasse the Rhine^ the 
elector of Hanover had ordered a line to be made from the 
valley of Gterresback to near Rastadt, to cover the country and 
his winter quarters, and about 8000 men are daily at work 
upon the same. 

The Amsterdam fleet of 44 merchant ships, which lately saild 
from London, were in a storm drove upon the French coast, 
and 18 of them taken. 

Brigadeer Ingoldsby, with several general officers, are ajv 
rived here from Holland. 

John Bromley, esq., knight of the shire for Cambridge, and 
Edward Cheek, esq., of Essex, are dead. 

Saturday 9 1 1 Octob. — ^Yesterday's Dutch post advises, from 
Vienna, that 'twas reported there the king of Sueden had sent 
to demand of the pope the crown, scepter, Jewells, and other 
things, which queen Christiana of Sweden left behind her, 
threatning, if refused, to take other measures. 

From Frankfort, that the bishop of Ausburgh had received 
an expresse, that the Germans bad taken Gaeta by assault, and 
made several great officers prisoners. 

From Paris, that there had been prodigious rains lately in 
France, which occasion'd incredible damage throughout that 


treaties, disabled the Musco?ites from disturbing their neigh- 
bours ever after, and obliged them to dismisse all foreign officers 
in their armies. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday f 7 Octob. — They write from Newmarket, that on 
Thursday last the queens plate, worth 100 guineas, was won 
by the lord treasurers horse ; and next day his lordship's horse 
beat the duke of Bedfords for 500^. : her majestie returns from 
thence on Saturday. 

Last night came an expresse from Plymouth, with advice, 
that the Barbadoes fleet, under conyoy of the Crown man of 
war, was safe arrived there. 

Our merchants have account that of 16 of the homeward 
bound Hamburgh fleet, seperated from the rest in a storm, 5 
are taken by the French, and 7 cast away. 

Admiral Whetstone, with his squadron, is sailed to meet our 
homeward bound Russia fleet. 

It's said the earl of Seaforth, a Scotch nobleman, now in 
France, has liberty to come over, provided he does not goe into 
his native country ; and letters from Edinburgh say, that one 
captain Murray, with some others, have been taken up there 
for coming from France without licence. 

This day came in 2 Dutch posts, which advise. 

From Spain, that the French had invested Cuidad Rodrigo 
in Portugal, but that the swelling of the Segra had hinder'd 
the duke of Orleans as yet from making any progresse against 

That 30 ships of the confederate fleet were come to anchor 
before Cadiz. 

From Paris, that M. Tesse had assembled i6,ocx> men, who 
threatnens to releive Suza; but letters from the Hague say they 
have advice it has actually surrendred to prince Eugene, as also 
Perouse to the duke of Savoy. 

From Flanders, that the duke of Marlborough came to the 
army again on the loth, which broke up the next day from 
the camp at Helchin to seperate: the English are to be quar- 
tered in Flanders, the Dutch in Brabant, and the Prusoans, &c. 
on the Maese and Rhine. 

Thursday^ 9 Octob. — ^The last letters from the Hague im- 
port, that the true occasion of the duke of Marlborough's jour- 


ney thither was to conferr with the states about the measures 
to be taken the next campagne; his grace being willing to 
know thdr highnesse's sentiments thereupon, before he went 
to the elector of Hanoyer, who desired to have an interview 
with his grace ; those advices add, that they have desired him 
to presse his electoral highnesse to use his best endeavours to 
engage the empire to augment their troops; and in order 
thereto, to take into their service king Augustus's forces ; as 
also to dispose the landgrave of Hesse Cassel to leave his 
troops, or suffer them to be employed where the allies shal 
think most convenient ; and that his grace waa to sett out last 
Saturday for the Rhine. 

From Lyons, that the French king haveing ordered captain 
Beaucliur to give him an exact account of the deserters which 
came over from the allies while their army was in Provence^ 
the said captain being directed to give each of them 5^., had 
returned answer, their number was about 1250. 

From Frankfort, that Yillars army being so posted, that 
they can't be attack'd or forced to repasse the Rhine, the 
elector of Hanover had ordered a line to be made from the 
valley of Gerresback to near Rastadt, to cover the country and 
his winter quarters, and about 8000 men are daily at work 
upon the same. 

The Amsterdam fleet of 44 merchant ships, which lately saild 
from London, were in a storm drove upon the French coast, 
and 18 of them taken. 

Brigadeer Ligoldsby, with several general officers, are ar- 
rived here from Holland. 

John Bromley, esq., knight of the shire for Cambridge, and 
Edward Cheek, esq., of Essex, are dead. 

Saturday, 1 1 Octob, — ^Yesterday's Dutch post advises, from 
Vienna, that 'twas reported there Uie king of Sueden had sent 
to demand of the pope the crown, scepter, Jewells, and other 
things, which queen Christiana of Sweden left behind her, 
threatning, if refused, to take other measures. 

From Frankfort, that the bishop of Ausburgh had received 
an expresse, that the Germans bad taken Gaeta by assault, and 
made several great officers prisoners. 

From Paris, that there had been prodigious rains lately in 
France, which occasion'd incredible damage throughout that 


kingdmn; the banks of tiie Loire broke down 3 mikB aboTe 
Orleans, by which many villages were carried away, much com 
and wine spoil'd, and thousands of people and cattle drown'd« 

From Brussells of the 17th, that the night before they had 
letters from Paris, that the castle of Suza surrendred the 5th 
to prince Eugene, in which and the forts about it w«pe great 
quantities of ammunition, provisions, and forage, the French 
baying made it for some time a place of arms. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough when there 
proposed the raising 30,cxx> men, one third at their charge, 
the other two at the charge of Great Brittain ; the Dutch are 
inclined thereto, as the best way to gain a good peace. 

The province of Holland have consented to the fitting out 
24 men of war for the next year over and above their former 

The duke of Savoy hath sent the duke of Marlborough a 
present of rich tapistry and pictures of leather gilt with gold, 
which the French king once offered him JOO,cx)0 crowns for. 

Sir Thomas Hardy is gone for Portsmouth to be tried on 
board a ship, for not attacking 6 French men of war he mett 
the last time he convoy'd the fleet to Lisbon. 

The queen is expected here from Newmarket on Tuesday. 

Tuesday, 14 Octob, — Sir Isaac Rebow, member of parlia- 
ment for Colchester, has obtain'd a patent, which is passing the 
seals, to allow him a penny per tun for some sort of commo- 
dities, and a half penny for others, to be paid by all ships that 
sail by Harwich, for the building and supporting 2 light houses 
near that port. 

Sir Thomas Hardy has had his tryal at Portsmouth for not 
fighting 6 French men of war he mett, when he convoyed our 
fleet towards Lisbon ; bat it appearing that he followed his in- 
structions, and might by attacking them have endangered the 
merchant ships, he was acquitted. 

A French privateer, with 45 men, being driven ashore in 
Wales and seized, the men are brought prisoners to Bristol goal. 

This morning died of the cholliok Dr. Freeman, dean of Pe- 
terborough, and rector of St Pauls, Covent Garden. 

The grand jury at Hicks hall have found bills of indictment 
against 5 persons for sodomy. 

Instructions are sent to sir Philip Meadows, our ambaasador 

Oct. i6.] state AFFAIRS. 828 

at Vienna, to preese the emperor to take off the prohibition of 
our woollen manufactures. 

The last post brought advice, 

From the Hague, that some letters in cyphers having been 
found amongst monsieur Ammonets papers, who was impri- 
soned on suspition of holding secret correspondence with 
France ; 'twas thought he would be put to the rack unlesse he 
discovers the contents thereof. 

That the king of Prussia had ordered monsieur Ammarat, 
one of his chief ministers of state, to be seized and sent to 
Spandau prisoner ; but the reason not divulged. 

That the states had wrote to his majestie, as also to the 
prince of Nassau Frizeland, (now at age,) exhorting them to 
accomodate matters touching the succession of ihe house of 

Her majesty is expected back from Newmarket on Fryday. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Thursday, 16 Octcb, — The archbishop of Canterbury have- 
ing represented to the French clergy how great a scandal the 
pretended French prophets are to religion, a minister and two 
of the elders of each congregation in London had a meeting 
last Monday, where, after several speeches upon that subject, 
^twas unammously resolved to prosecute the said prophets to 
the utmost rigour of the law. 

By Dr. Freeman's death, the living of Covent Garden is in 
the disposal of the duke of Bedford ; but the prebendary of 
St. Pauls and the deanry of Peterborough are in her majesties; 
and it's said Dr. Eennet stands fair for the last. 

Dr. Fuller, minister of Hatfeld, is dead, and his liveing, 
worth 800Z. per ann., in the gift of the earl of Salisbury. 

This day the corps of John Bromley, esq., knight of the 
shire for Cambridge, was carried thro' this dtty to be interred 
at Horseheaih in that county. 

The eai^terly winds still detain the duke of Marlborough'^s 
convoy at Harwich, as also 4 pacquet boats bound for Holland. 

One Vaughan and Davis are found guilty for falsdy accus- 
ing several persons of sodomy; ^twas plainly proved against the 
first, as also the other, being one of the gang, and a sweetner, 
he goeing to the innocent persons to perswade them to make 
up the same by givbg money. 


Brigadeer Cadogan is made a major general, and her ma- 
jesties eDvoy to the states of Holland, in the room of Mr. Step- 
ney, deceased. 

It's said the East India company will advance 2 millions of 
money at 4L 108. per cent, this next session, upon a fimd they 
shal approve of. 

No Datch post. 

Saturday, 18 Octob. — ^Yesterday Vaughan and Davies, con- 
victed of accusing several innocent persons of sodomy, were 
sentenc'd each to pay loJL, to stand in the pillory, and to be 
whipt from Temple Bar to Charing Crosse. 

Herman Bryan, the Swisse who robbed and fired Mr. Per- 
sode's house in St. James's street, is condemned to be hanged, 
and will be executed before that place; and one Smith, for 
burglary, at Tyburn. 

Lieutenant general Ingoldsby, who lately returned from 
Flanders, is to be one of the lords justices of Ireland, and com- 
mander of her majesties forces there, (the same post the lord 
Cuts had,) when the earl of Pembroke, lord lieutenant of that 
kingdom, comes for England, which will be soon after the rising 
of the parliament at DubUn. 

Brigadeers Palmes and Meredyth are made majors general. 

The vestryes of the French churdh in Leicester feilds, 
and 3 chappels of ease belonging theretoo, assembled on 
Wensday, when 'twas proved Mr. John Lyon, senibr, one of 
the ministers, was an abettor of the pretended French pro- 
phets; and he refusing to sign a declaration acknowledging 
them to be impostors, was forbid to preach or administer the 

The Muscovite ambassador has complained against Daniel 
De Foe, for the following expression in his Review of Thursday 
last : Money makes Christians fight for the Turks; money hires 
servants to the devil, nay, to the very czar of Muscovy. 

The East India companies are fitting out 13 ships for their 
trade, aboard of which goes an ambassador from her mi^estie, 
with rich presents for the new great moguU. 

Last night the queen and prince returned in good health 
from Newmarket. 

Two Dutch posts arrived, confirm the castle of Suza sur- 
rendring at discretion, and taking Gaeta by storm ; and fi*om] STATE AFFAIRS. 225 

Paris, that the marquesse de Baj had taken Cuidad Rodrigo 
by storm firom the Portugueeze. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Bailj the 15th and held the i6th and lytb, where 
leyeral criminals were tryed, of which 2 received sentence of 
death, ri were burnt in the hand and ordered to be put to 
hard labour, 6 ordered to be whipt, and 2 fined ; and the next 
sessions to begin on Wensday the loth of December next. 

Tuesday f 21 Octob. — ^Testerdays letters from Ireland advise, 
that 6 of our homeward bound East India ships, viz. the Tan- 
kerville, Hallifax, Hampshire, Loyal Blisse, Loyal Merchant, 
and Union, were arrived at Crookhaven, 5 of them upon the 
united trade. 

The same day 9 persons were convicted at Guildhal, being 
accused of unnatural lewdnesse; each fined 10/., to stand in 
the pillory, and give security for their good behaviour for 6 

Major general Wood is made a lieutenant generalL 

Dr. Fuller, of Hatfeild, is not dead, as reported 

A Lisbon mail arrived last night, brought nothing material; 
says their fleet, bound for England, sail'd from thence; and 
we hope the contrary winds have been the cause of their not 

Thomas Bing, esq., one of the commissioners of the navy, is 
to sail speedily for Lisbon^ to be commissioner of the fleet that 
IB to winter there. 

The earl of Sunderland has writt to the Muscovite ambassa- 
dor here, that he will take care the author of the Review shal 
be prosecuted for the reflection upon his master. 

Letters from Genoa of the 4th say they had account from 
Catalonia, that above 6000 of the nobility of that province, with 
great nmnbers of the militia, were march't to join the lord Gall- 
way, in order to raise the seige of Lerida. 

A vessel from Newfoundland says our ships there have lately 
had considerable advantages over the French, taken from them 
fort St. Peter, &c. 

This day 'twas currently reported at exchange, that our out- 
vard bound Lisbon fleet, with horses, &c. which sail'd from 
Spiihead about 3 weeks since, was mett by 15 French [men] of 
war ; and one of their convoys come into Ireland disabled. 



Thursday^ 23 Octob. — ^Testerdays letters from Dublin of the 
15th saj, that the Rojal Oak was come mto Kmgsale> much 
disabled, who, with the Cmnberland, Ruby, and Chester, oon- 
Toy to about 1 20 sail of transports, &g. bound for Lisbon and 
the West Indies, fell in with 14 French men of war off Sdlly, 
from 50 to 70 guns : that our convoy made a vigorous resist- 
ance to give time to the merchant men to escape, but 2 of them 
were taken, with some of the merchant ships, and the rest made 
the best of their way. 

The same day Davis and Vaughan, convicted of accusing 
innocent persons of sodomy, were whip't from Temple Bar to 

The admiralty have received an account that our homeward 
bound Russia fleet are safe on the northern coast of England. 

Several of our merchants are drawing up a remonstrance of 
their losses at sea, in order to lay the same before the parlia- 

Wm. Wright, esq., commissioner for the fleet at lisbon, is to 
be recalled, to make room for Mr. Jennings, and not Mr. Bing, 
as mentioned in my last. 

Tuesday night a fire broke out at a founders house in Hedge 
lane^ near Charingcrosse^ which burn't and destroyed 5 houses. 

This day the parliament mett, and the queen sent for the 
commons to attend her in the house of peers, where the lord 
chancellor told them 'twas her majesties pleasure they should 
return to their house, and chuse a speaker, and present him 
to her this day 7night ; and upon their return, Mr. Booth of 
Cheshire proposed Mr. Smith, the last speaker, and was se- 
conded by Mr. Montgomery, a Scotch member, which was 
unanimously agreed to by the house ; and when they present 
him, 'tis expected her majestic will make a speech. 

380 of the commons were sworn. 

Saturday, 25 Octob, — ^Yesterday, Herman the Swisse, con- 
demned for robbing and fireing his late master Mr. Persodes 
house, was executed before the same in St. James's street, and 
afterwards hung in chains on Acton common ; and denied to the 
last his being any wayes concerned therein. 

The inhabitants of Carolina have declared war against the 
Indians, by reason of their sideing with the French. 

On Thursday the duke of Devonshire was sworn, and took 

Oct. a8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 287 

his fiUliers seat in the house of peers ; the earb of Lincoln and 
Dorset being of age, took their pUces therein also. 

This day 7night, captain Munden, liveing at Horsy Down, 
hsng'd himself, but his wife comeing before he was dead cut 
him down; he continued mdancholly, and Tuesday morning 
went abroad, received 42L, and came home about noon, and 
hanged himself again and died. 

This morning the admiralty received an account from Ply- 
monib, adviseing that the homeward bound Lisbon fleet, con- 
sisting of 130 sail, was arrived there under convoy of the Bed. 
ford and 3 other 3d rate men of war ; on board thereof is an 
ambassador from the king of Portugal to the emperor, desire- 
mg him to hasten his sister to Lisbon, whom that king is to 
marry; several rich ships from Turky are come with this 

The last foreign letters advised, from Vienna, that count 
Wratislaw had orders to presse the duke of Marlborough and 
Mr. (Jeldermassen to endeavour to prevail with the queen of 
Great Brittain and states general, to send the Hanover troops 
in their service to the Upper Rhine, as likewise to persuade 
the elector of Hanover to winter in the empire near the army ; 
and from Ratisbon, that the states of the empire had resolved 
to remit within a month 300,000 florins to Franckfort, to be 
diqxNied off as his highnesse thinks fitt. 

No Dutch poet. 

Tuesday^ 28 Oetob, — A vessel belonging to Holstein, which 
left Brest the 22d, says the day before several French men of 
war brought in 3 English ships of 70 guns, each with a mer- 
chant man ; and anodier blew up in the engagement, being 
conroy to our late outward bound Lisbon fleet. 

Letters from Jamaica of the 25 Aug. advise, that the Nep- 
tmie sloop coming from the Spanish coasts, laden with gold 
and silver, being chased by 2 French privateers, was overset 
and lost; and 3 other trading sloops to the Spanish coasts, all 
richly laden, have been lately taken by the French, the whole 
losse computed at above ioo,ooo{. 

The Lisbon and Barbadoes fleet are comeing up the river, 
which will advance the customs considerably. 

Saturday night, Mr. Hamson of Hogsdon, a gentleman of 
a good estate, goeing home was rob'd and murdered near 



Moorfeilds ; and yesterday one Naylor was committed to New- 
gate for the same, having Mr^Hamson^s watch about him whea 

Our merchants design to lay before the queen their losses 
sustained this summer, and to desire her majestie that they may 
have better convoys for the future. 

On Sunday the admiralty received an expresse, that on 
Wensday night sir Cloudesly Shovell, rear admiral of England, 
in the Association man of war, 96 guns and 700 men, coming 
by the rocks off Scilly, struck in a fog and was caat away; 
there was on board him, his 2 sons in law, sir John Narbo- 
rough and brother, with some general officers, and a great 
summ of money ; the Eagle and Rumney are likewise missing, 
as also the Phoenix and Griffin fireships ; the rest of the fleet, 
being about 18 sail, are come safe to Spithead, under sir 
George Bing ; the remainder are left in the Streights under 
admiral Dilks. 

No Dutch post. ■ 

Thursday, 30 Octob, — Letters from Lisbon say the Portu- 
gueez have quitted the seige of Moura, and repast the Gua- 
diana, not being strong enough to take it before the marquesse 
de Bay could come to if s releif, who was marching in order 
theretoo ; since which the said marquesse has detach^t several 
regiments to reinforce the duke of Orleans against Lerida; 
and that the king of Portugal continues firm in the interest of 
the grand alliance, and promises to bring a good army into the 
feild next campagne. 

The French privateers have taken some Scotch ships with 
herrings near the Sound, goeing to the Baltick. 

Hugh Chudleigh, esq., one of the equerries to her majestie, 
is dead, and succeeded by coll. Britton. 

An expresse arrived last night from Plymouth, and brought 
account that not one person was saved [from] sir Glowdesly 
ShovelFs ship, (that his body was taken up,) and but one in the 
Rumney; no advice of the Eagle or firebrand fireship, and the 
Phoenix was upon the rock, not without hopes of getting off. 

This day the queen being come to the house of peers, sent 
for the commons to attend her, which they accordingly did, 
and presented Mr. Smith, their speaker, for her approbation, 
whom she accepted off, but made no speech ; after which the 

Not. 4.] STATE AFFAIRS. 5829 

lord chancellor aeqaainted both houses ^twas her majesties plea- 
sure they should adjourn to this day se'nnight. 

The commons being returned, Mr. speaker, with the mem- 
bers pres^ity took the oaths, subscribM the declaration^ and 
aign'd the association by law appointed, and adjourned to the 
6th of Norember. 

The archbishop of Canterbury prorogued the conyocation till 
to morrow fortnight. 

The earls of Lincoln and Dorset haye not yet taken their 
places in the house of lords, as form^ly wrote. 

Four Dutch posts wanting. 

Saturday, i Novemb. — ^Testerday parson Hickeringil pleaded 
to an information brought against him in the queens bench 
court for writing of libells. 

The same day we had adyice, that sir Cloudesly Shoyell^s 
body, which had been buried in the sands near Scilly, was 
tak^i up and put on board the Salisbury, embowell'^d and 
brought to Plymouth the 28th ; and ^tis said he is to be interred 
in Westminster abbey. 

Tis fearM the Eagle had the same fate as the Association 
and Rumney, hayeing no account of her ; the captain and 24 
men of the Firebrand fireship were sayed, as also were all the 
crew of the Phoonix, and the ship itself likely to be gott off. 

A Jersey priyateer has retaken from the French an English 
ship of 14 guns, with 50 horses on board, belonging to our late 
outward bound Lisbon fleet. 

The Royal Oak, Pembroke, Sheemesse, and Maidstone, are 
ordered to join the 3 men of war at Kingsale, and conyoy hither 
our 6 East India ships now in that harbour. 

This day Mr. Crawford, (a Scotch gentleman,) treasurer of 
Lincohas Inn, splendidly entertain'd in that hall most of the 
Scotch nobility, as also seyeral English. 

Bluet Wallop, esq. of Hampshire, a young gentleman of 4000/. 
per ann., is dead. 

Mr.Toung, one of the queens messengers, is dispatch't for Hol- 
land, with letters for seyeral courts of Germany, from whence 
he goes to Turin and Barcelona. 

The wind continueing contrary, we still want 4 Dutch 

Tu$&day, 4 Ncvemb. — Fryday last the hcmourable John 


Yerney, esq. son to the lord WiUoughby of Broke, knight of 
the shire for Lioicester, departed this life. 

Yesterday came in a Lisbon mails, which say, 40 of our mer- 
chant ships and transports, which escaped theFrendi squadron, 
were arrived there, besides what put into Viana and Oporto, 
and landed about 600 horse for the king of Portugal. 

This day arrived 5 Dutch posts, which bring from Paris, 
that the duke of Orleans took the town of Lerida the 1 2th by 
assault; and the prince of Hesse D'armstadt, govemonr thereof, 
retired into the castle, which makes a vigorous defence. 

The French king has augmented the 30,000 pistolls, he gave 
yearly to the court of St. Grermains, to 40,000 : and, 'tis said, 
has ordered all marshalls, peers, and other persons of distinc- 
tion in France, to furnish men and money for the army, as they 
did in 1672. 

From Millain, that some officers of the Palatine regiments 
have started new difficulties to protract the embarking of their 
troops for Spain, tho the transports lye ready to take them on 

From the camp at Etlingen, Nov. 4: the French army have- 
ing repast the Rhine, the elector of Hanover is sen<^ng his 
forces into winter quarters ; and the duke of Marlborough, 
haveing concerted the operations of the next campagne with 
his electoral highnesse, arrived at the Hague the 3d with count 
Wratislau from Germany. 

His grace has concluded a treaty with the king of Prussia, 
whereby the emperor, our queen, states general, and duke of 
Savoy engage, that in the war that shal be made on the side 
of Italy against France, special regard shal be had to the in- 
terest of the king of Prussia, in relation to his right to the 
principality of Neuschastell, the states whereof, 'tis beleived, 
have already chosen him their soveraign. 

Tis said the landgrave of Hesse Cassell and duke of Sax 
Gotha will recall their troops from Italy. 

The duke of Marlborough is expected to morrow. 

Yesterday the judges, &c. mett in the exchequer chamber, 
and named 3 persons for each county, out of whom her miyestie 
will pridL one ; those for Yorkshire are Wm. Vavasour, Henry 
Iveson, and sir Francis Lyster. 

Thursday^ 6 Navemb. — Paris letters say the French king 

Nov. 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 281 

bas ordered the parliament of Besanoon to declare that the 
country of Neufchastel, with its dependencies, not haveing paid 
homage to the crown of France, as they ought, being a fiefe 
(jiHie county of Burgundy, the same is forfeited, and reunited 
to that crown, and all the pretenders to the succession of the 
kfce dutchease of Nemours are summoned to appear before that 
parliament ; and the states of Neufchastel forbid to mtermeddle 
in that affair, which has much alarmed the Switz cantons; and 
the king of Prussia has wrote to the king of Sueden, acquaint- 
ing him therewith^ a league offensive and defensive being be- 
tween them, which may be a means to bring the latter into the 
grand confederacy. 

That 'twas reported that Catinat and Boufflers will command 
again next summer, and their horse to be augmented with 9 
Eoen to a troop. 

From Madrid, that the garrison of Ciudad Rodrigo being 
about 2000 men, are sent prisoners to Salamanca ; and that 
monsieur de Bay, with his troops, had entered Portugall. 

From the Hague, that king Charles's envoy there makes 
pressing instances, that the government of the Spanish Ne- 
therlands may be wholly putt into his masters hands, that 
the murmurings of the people (as he pretends) may be sup- 

No account is yet come of the duke of Marlborough's being 

This day the parliament mett agwi, when her majestic made 
a speech, which is printed ; and the commons swore many more 
of their members, and adjourned till to morrow. 

Saturday, 8 Novemb. — Yesterday the duke of Marlborough 
arrived here from Holland, and with him count Maffey, the 
duke of Savoy's envoy. 

The same day monsieur Marian and the other French pro- 
phets tryed at Quildhall, appeared in the queens bench court 
to receive sentence ; but there being a flaw in the record, the 
court ordered them to be brought up again on Monday ; they 
continue their meetings in Barbican, and claim the benefit of 
the toleration act, as other dissenters have. 

The house of peers have seded their committees to inspect 
their journals and priviledges as usual ; read a bill for releif of 
the poor, and adjourned till Monday. 


The commons have done nothing yet, but taking the oatha, 
and will enter on businesse on Monday. 

This days letters from Dover say that 20 French men of war 
have been seen off Beachy Head ; their design not known. 

The last foreign letters advise, 

From Hamburg, that the popish clergy in Silesia refuse to 
comply with the emperor's orders, to restore to the protestants 
the churches and revenues they took from them ; alledging it 
is only the pope who has power to direct in those affiurs, and 
have sent to Rome for his protection. 

From Paris, that a squadron of men of war, under monsieur 
Du Casse, sailed from Brest the 19th ult., supposed for the 
West Indies. 

That the French king hath offered the duke of Savoy to 
restore all he has taken from him, if he will agree to a neutra- 
lity ; and ordered a flying camp to be formed near Bezancon, 
to fall into the territoryes of Neufchastell, in case that succes- 
sion be adjudged for the king of Prussia. 

Tuesday, 1 1 Novemh. — ^Yesterday Mr. speaker reported the 
queen's speech, upon which the commons, nemine contradicente, 
resolved that an addresse of thanks be presented to her m»- 
jestie for the same, and to assure her that the commons of 
Great Brittain will effectually enable her to carry on the war, 
and do all that in them lies to improve the mutual advantage 
of the union. 

After which appointed their usual committees, and ordered 
out writs for electing members in the room of sir Robt. Clayton, 
Mr. Dodson, Mr. Verney, sir Joseph Tredenham, Mr. Pooley, 
Mr. Squire, Mr. John Bromley, and Mr. Wm. Bromley ; two 
writs for Yorkshire, in the room of the lord Hartington, (now 
duke of Devon,) and the lord Fairfax ; one for Suffolk, in the 
room of the earl of Dysert ; and another for Amersham, in 
the room of the lord Cheney ; the 3 last now peers of Great 

And appointed a committee to examine into Mr. Asgills con- 
finement in the Fleet prison ; then resolved. That every per- 
son, who by an act made the first session of last parliament for 
better security of her majestic and govemmenti is disabled 
from and after the determination of the said parliament, to 
sitt as a member of the house in any parliament to be there- 

Not. 13.] STATE AFFAIRS. «8» 

9&&r holden, is by yertue of the said act incapable of Bitt- 
ing as a member of the house of commons in this present par- 

And ordered the commissioners of prizes, transports, sick 
and wounded, wine licences, trade, navy, &c. to lay before 
them lists of the names of the said commissioners ; the clerk 
of the crown to lay before them a list of those who have bad 
any grants since the first of May last ; and the officers of the 
offices whereont any pensions during pleasure are paid to lay 
before them an account thereout ; and ordered the votes to be 

This day the addresse to the queen was reported, agreed to, 
and the house ordered to be called over this day fortnight. 

The earl of Kildare, sir Samuel Barnadiston, and the old lady 
Clinton, are dead. 

The French prophets are discharged. 

Sir John Leake is ordered out with a squadron of men of 
war, in quest of the French squadron on our coast. 

Thursday , 13 Novemb. — ^Yesterday the peers, upon amotion 
of the lord Wharton^ seconded and thirded by the lords Somers 
and Hallifax, resolved to go into a committee of the whole 
house next Wensday, to consider of the state of the nation in 
relation to trade and convoys ; and the commissioners of trade 
to lay before them what has been done touching the same since 
the last session of parliament. 

The commons received several lists of commissioners names 
of the prize office, trade, post office, &c., which were ordered to 
lye on the table. 

Afterwards attended her majestie with their addresse, who 
answered. Gentlemen, I thank you kindly for this addresse; 
the desires you expresse of taking all occasions to improve the 
advantages of our happy union, are extreamly agreeable to 
me; as you cannot give me a more sensible proof of your 
loyalty and aflfection to me and my government, than by your 
assurances of supporting me effectually in a vigorous prosecu- 
tion of the war ; so I make no doubt but that these assurances 
will have their due weight abroad, and be of the greatest ad- 
Tantage imaginable to the common cause. 

This day, in a committee of the whole house, the commons 
Toted a supply, and resolved to take into con^deration, next 


Toeeday, the lists and acoounts of commissioners names laid be- 
fore them from the seyeral offices. 

Mr. Duncomb, Mr. Dormer, and Mr. PoIIexfen have resign'd 
their places in the prize office to the lord treasmrer, on Tues- 
day, as did major Cbnrchill his of commissioner of the sick and 
wounded, being one of the candidates for Ipswich, in the room 
of Mr. Poolej, deceased. 

Majors general Withers and Rosse are made lieutenants ge^ 
neral; and oollonels Tatton, Salick, and Siburgh, brigadeers 

Admiral Churchill this day resign'd his flag as admiral of the 
blew, but keeps his place of council to the prince. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 15 Novemb, — ^Yesterday the commons resolved to 
goe into a committee of the whole house next Tuesday, upon 
the navy, and ordered a state[ment] thereof, as to what ships 
have been inGr^a£'d or diminish'd, and how, and what remain- 
ing, and where, since her majestie came to the crown, to be laid 
before them. 

As also what men of war have been taken from the enemy, 
or destroyed, and by whom. 

This day admiral Churchil laid before the house the ordinary 
estimate of the navy for the year 1708 : as also an estimate of 
the debts thereof as it stood the 30th of Sept. last. 

Mr. St. John laid before them an estimate of 40,000 men, to 
act in conjunction with the forces of the allies in the Low Coun- 
tryes, with the charge thereof, for the year 1708. 

As alBo an eBthnate of the men. troops of augmenta- 
tion, and of other additional forces, since taken into the service 
of her majestie and states general, with the charge thereof, for 
the year 1708; which were all referred to the committee for 
the supply. 

A petition of several merchants, complaining of the want of 
cruizers in the Channel and Soundings, praying that the house, 
in commiseration of their great losses which they and the na- 
tion in general have suffered, would be pleased, before too late, 
to apply such remedies as to them shal seem most proper; 
which was referrM to the committee for considering the tende 
of the nation. 

And ordered to be laid before them an account of all pen- 

Not. i8.] state AFFAIRS. 9S5 

«ioos during pleasure out of the reyenue of Ireland, or out of 
the profits of any offices of that kingdom. 

Yesterday the lord Townsend kist her majesties hand, for 
the place of captain of yeomen of the guard, in the room of the 
marquesse of Hartington, now duke of Deyon, and lord steward 
of the household. 

The duke of Bedford has giyen the liveing of Covent Gar- 
den, worth 400/. per ann., vacant by Dr. Freeman's death, to 
Mr. Loyd, of Pembroke hall, in Cambridge. 

The French have taken the Tuscan gaily off Beachy Head, 
bound for Leghorn. 

No Dutch post. 

Thiesdctjf, 18 Novemb. — Yesterday came out a proclamation 
by her majestic, for a general hat, to be observed throughout 
Great Brittain, upon Wensday the 14th of January next, for 
averting Gods judgments, and imploring his blessing on our 
armes and our allies, and our forces by sea and land. 

Yesterday in the house of commons a motion was made for 
repealing the game act, past last sesnon of parliament, and car- 
ried in the negative, 84 against 62. 

Complaint was made against one Phillips for sending a chal- 
lenge to sir Humphry Mackworth, and the said Phillips Oi*dered 
into custody. 

Then the house went into a committee for the supply for the 
fleet the next year, and voted 2,o20,oooZ. for that charge; 
idlowing 40,000 seamen, including marines, and 180,000/. for 
the ordinary of the navy ; which was this day reported and 
agreed to. 

Admiral Churchil delivered in a list of the royal navy, the 
14th ct Nov. 1707, with their complements of men and guns, 
and where they are ; and also an account of the numbers and 
rates of her majesties ships and vessells lost, and otherwise de- 
creased since 4th May, 1 702 : as also an abstract of the num- 
ber of ships we have taken and destroyed of the enemies, and 
how many they have taken and destroyed of ours since that 

Afterwards the house took into consideration the several 
lists and accounts laid brfore them from the respective offices; 
and ordered writs to be issued out for new elections in the 
room of Mr. Duncomb, Mr. Pollexfen, Mr. Dormer, Mr. Bur- 


rard, and Mr. Brewer, of the prize office ; Mr. Herbert, of the 
sick and wounded ; and Mr. Jessop, for taking a Welch judge's 
place since the ist of May. 

The consideration of the state of the navy was putt off till 

This day came on the election of a member of parliament 
for this citty, in the room of sir Bobt. Clayton, deceased ; the 
sherifs declared the majority of hands fell upon sir John Buck- 
worth ; but a poll being demanded for sir Wm. Withers, our 
lord mayor, 'twas granted; and when 'twas shut up for this 
night, sir Wm. had 963, and sir John 957. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday, 20 Navemb. — Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee upon wayes and means for the supply, resolved that 48. 
in the pound be laid upon land for the next year. 

Upon a motion made by Mr. Ward, they ordered the tryal 
of sir Thomas Hardy to be laid before them, to know why he 
did not fight the French squadron within his view, when he 
last convoyed our merchant ships to Lisbon. 

A petition of several Scotch merchants was read, complain- 
ing that goods and merchantdizes, brought by them into Eng- 
land since the xst of May, have been seized, and the petitioners 
under prosecutions, prayeing relief; and the same was referred 
to a committee of the whole house. 

Ordered Dr. Trimnel to preach before them the fast day. 

The lords were upon the state of the nation, her majestie 
present ; and after some hours debate, lord Wharton begin- 
ning, and seconded by the lords Haversham, Rochester, Orford, 
Sommers, Hallifax, &c., named a committee of about 80 lords, 
to sitt and hear what the merchants have to say about their 
wanting convoys and cruizers, when applyed to the admiralty 
for the same ; not lesse than seven to be of the committee, and 
to make their report to the house next Wensday. 

This day they chose the duke of Bolton chairman, and or- 
dered the merchants to attend on Saturday, with an account of 
their losses. 

The commons were this day in a committee upon the same, 
sir Richard Onslow chairman, when the merchants declared 
they had lost 90 ships in six months ; and the further hearing 
putt off to this day sevenight. 

Wot, 25.] /STATE AFFAIRS. «87 

A yessel arriyed at Minehead from Leghorn reports^ she left 
our Turky fleet off Lisbon, under the convoy of 4 men of war, 
steering for England. 

Sir Wm. Withers is 141 before sir John Buckworth on the 
poll, but not yet oyer. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 22 Novemb. — ^^festerday the peers considered the 
desires of the Scotch lords, that their eldest sons should be 
admitted to hear the debates of the house, and resolved. That 
the sons of the 16 Scotch peers for the time being shal have 
the same favour as the English; and their lordships allowed ten 
dayes time for bringing in appeals. 

Yesterday was a great tryal at the queens bench bar, the 
earl of Peterborough plaintiff, and sir John Oermain defendant, 
for part of the late dntchesse of Norfolk's estate in Northamp- 
tonshire ; and the jury gave in their virdict for sir John, for 
abont J400L per ann., but the tythes for his lordship. 

This day the committee of lords examined several merchants 
about their losses, and to proceed further on Wensday. 

The commons read, and ordered a second reading, the bill 
for 49. in the pound upon land. 

Afterwards went into a committee of the whole house, to 
condder of the petition of several Scotch merchants, and re- 
solved. That an addresse be presented to her majestic, that she 
will be pleased to order a nolle prosequi, to discharge the se- 
veral informations exhibited in the court of exchequer, relating. 
to goods imported into Scotland before the ist of May last» 
which was reported, and nomine contradicente agreed to. 

Admiral ChurchiU has not resigned his flagg, as re- 

Sir Henry Furnese is given over by the physitians, his dis- 
temper the twisting of the guts. 

Our lord mayor has carried the election for member of par- 
liament, by about 250 voices, against sir John Buckworth, who 
has demanded a scrutiny. 

Mr. Fane, of Barkshire, is married to Mrs. Stanhope, one of 
the maids of honour. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday^ 25 Novemh. — Yesterday the commons read the 
land tax bill a 2d time, and committed it for Wensday, and or- 


dered the members to bring in new lists of commissioiiers names 
for England and Scotland. 

After which, in a committee upon ways and means, resolyed. 
That the duties upon malt, and all mum imported, and all 
cyder and perry which shal be made for sale in Great Brittain, 
except malt made and consumed in Scotland, shal be continued 
from the 23d of June, 1708, to the 24 of June, 1709; which 
was thb day reported and agreed to, and a bill ordered to be 
brought in. 

Leave given to bring in a bill for securing the duties upon 
East India goods. 

The call of the house putt off to this day 7night. 

The report from the committee appointed to examine the 
matter relating to Mr. Asgill (one of their members) being a 
prisoner in the fleet, was read and recommitted. 

After which, Mr. Edward Harley presented to the house a 
book signed John Asgill, sometime since printed, pretending to 
prove that man may be translated hence into eternal life with- 
out passing thro death, &c.; several paragraphs of which were 
read, and a committee appointed to enquire into the author 

Major Wm. Churclul is chose member for Ipswich, in room 
of Mr. Pooley, deceased. 

Sir Henry Fumese is upon the recovery. 

Saturday the French prophets were found guilty a 2d time 
at Guildhall, upon some new matter, and will receive their judg- 
ment the last day of the term. 

Commodore Kerr is arrived at Plymouth with his squadron, 
from the West Indies, and some merchant ships from Jamaica, 
on board of which is a considerable quantity of bullion. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday^ 27 Navemb. — ^Yesterday the commons read and 
ordered a second reading of the malt bill. 

And this day ordered that it be an instrucfion to the com- 
mittee, to whom the petition of the Portugal merchants was 
referred, that they consider of proper encouragements to be 
given to privateers, and that the committee doe sitt de die in 

Then went into a committee of the whole house, to consider 
the state of the navy ; several merchants were heard about 


thdr losses for want of oonyoys and cruizers ; and after 3 hours 
debate, resolved to proceed further therein this day 7night 

Monday last. Hall the chimney sweeper, a most notorious 
housebreaker, was taken and committed to Newgate. 

Six Batch posts arrived, advise, 

From Paris, that the castle of Lerida, after a stent defence, 
and being reduced to 500 men, surrendred upon honourable 
terwB ; and the duke of Orleans was putting his troops into 
winter quarters. 

From ihe Hague, that the king of Prussia was declared 
prince of Neufchastel, the states thereof sworn fealty to him in 
presence of his ambassador ; and that the cantons of Berne 
and Zurich had resolved to stand by them in what they had 

Oeneral Yaubonne is dead of his wounds received before 

Some English frigats have taken a French man of war in 
the Strmghts. 

From the Brescia, that the imperialists next campagne will 
only act upon the defensive in Italy, by reason they will rein- 
force their army considerably on the Upper Rhine, besides the 
succours they send to king Charles. 

From Berlin, that the prmcesse royal of Prussia is brought 
to bed of a son, to the great joy of that court. 

And from Poland, that the king of Bueden is about calling a 
dyet in Poland, to have the protestants in that kingdom restored 
to their liberties. 

Saturday i 29 Noveimb, — Yesterday the court of queena 
bench gave sentence against the pretended French prophets, 
that tiiey stand tvrice upon a scaffold with a paper signifyeing 
th^ offence, pay 20 marks fine, and find sureties for their 
good behaviour for a year, and lye in prison til performed. 

Dr. Plumtre is made a commissions of the sick and wounded, 
in the rocmi of major Churchill, chose member for Ipswich. 

This days Dutch post advises. 

From Neufchastel, that 20 French batallions and 24 squa* 
drons are expected in that neighbourhood; upon which the 
canton of Berne had ordered several of their regiments to be 
in readinesse to march ; the popish cantons were to meet at 
Luoerne, and the protestants at Arau. 


From Hamburgh, that the king of Prussia had ordered 2500 
of his troops to hasten with all speed to Neufchastell. 

That the elector of Hanover makes some difficulty to resume 
the command of the imperial army next campagne^ unlesse fur- 
nished with great sums of money, the 6000 Saxons and the 
Danes in Bavaria. 

That the emperor's refusing the Hessians quarters and pas- 
sage from Italy thro' Tyroll is look'd upon very strange, con- 
sidering what service they have done him. 

French letters say, that king has ordered his troops on the 
Rhine and Flanders to be ready by February, and io,cxx> 
recruits for Spain, to rendevouze at Bayonne the middle of 
January ; and that the earl of Galloway, seeing no possibility of 
releiving the castle of Lerida, had caused several small posts 
leading to Tortosa to be fortified. 

Yesterday the commons read a 2d time the malt bill. 

This day^ in a committee of the whole house, debated several 
hours, whither there should be but one privy council in the 
kingdom of Great Brittain ; and carried it in the affirmatiYe, 
without dividing, and to be reported on Thursday. 

Tuesday, 2 Decemb. — ^Yesterday the pretended French pro- 
phets stood on a scaffold at Charingcrosse, and had been much 
pelted by the mob, had not the duke of Ormond ordered all 
the constables and beadles to be there and prevent it, because 
Mr. Facio, one of them, had been tutor to his grace'^s brother, 
the earl of Arran. 

The same day the house of peers ordered an addresse to the 
queen, that commodore Kerr may attend them when he comes 
to town. 

The commons also ordered an addresse, that the proceedings 
of the court martial for trial of admiral Whetstone be sus- 
pended ; and that she will be pleased to give directions that 
the instructions and letters wrote by the admiralty to Mr. 
Whetstone, and letters fi:H>m him relating to the convoying of 
the Russia fleet, and his cruizing before Dunkirk, be laid be- 
fore the house ; and ordered that the commissioners of trade 
lay before them the several papers and orders about the convoys 
and cruizers last year. 
• This day read papers from the admiralty. 

Examined admiral Whetstone at their bar, as to his convoy- 


ing the fleet laden with naval stores, and ordered him to attend 
on Saturday with his journal, when the merchants are likewise 
to attend. 

The call of the house put off to this day 7night. 

A committee of lords examined several merchants and flag 
officers about the miscarriages of the admiralty. 

Tis said major general Meredith is made governer of Tin- 
mouth castle, in room of coll. Villars, deceased. 

And John Henley, esq. is made treasurer to the prize office, 
in the room of Mr. Brewer. 

Agent Brerewood, who some time since combined with 
Pilkin, and cheated several merchants of great quantities of 
goods, for which he fled, is taken near Leghorn, and bringing 

Thursday, 4 Decemb. — Yesterday the commons read, and 
ordered a 2d reading, the bill for better securing the duty upon 
East India goods. 

This day gave leave to bring in a bill for repealing the act 
made in Scotland in the 3d session of the 1st parliament of her 
majestic, entituled. An act for security of the kingdom. 

Afterwards, in a committee on the union, resolved. That the 
militia of Scotland shal be under the same government as that 
of England, and to proceed further next Tuesday, when the 
house is to take into consideration the report relating to Mr. 
AsgUIs book. 

Sir Thomas Cook Winford is chose knight of the shire for 
Worcester, in the room of Mr. Bromley ; and James Cox, esq. 
for Rygate, in the room of Mr. Hervey, both deceased. 

Last night dyed of an apoplexy the lord Granville : sir Tho- 
mas Willoughby, knight of the shire for Nottingham, sir Phillip 
Monnox, member for Bedford, and coll. Vincent, who had a 
regiment of foot, are also dead. 

Robt. Barker, esq., deputy to the queens remembrancer of the 
exchequer, has resigned his place to Henry Stephens, esq. 

A whale 26 yards long was lately taken near Feme island, 
belonging to the bishop of Durrham. 

The two East India companys have drawn an abstract of 
their accounts, and left it with their books to two persons, whom 
they chose, to examine ; and then to report their opinions to the 
lord treasurer, in order to an entire union. 



Four men of war are designed for Scotland, to presse seamen 
for use of our navy. 

The earl of Pembroke, lord lieutenant of Ireland, was to em- 
bai*k as last Thursday for England. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 6 Decemb. — Yesterday the house of peers heard 
a cause between Mr. Calthrop and Mr. May, and gave it for 
the former. 

The committee of lords satt to examine the merchants losses, 
and ordered the princes council to lay before them all orders 
and instructions relating to commodore Edwards, who was taken 
convoying the Lisbon fleet. 

The commons read a second time and committed the bill for 
better collecting the duties on East India goods. 

Afterwards, in a committee, went thro' the land tax biU, and 
ordered it to be reported on Monday. 

In the evening the committee of priviledges mett, and chose 
Mr. Compton their chairman, and appointed the 1 7th to hear 
Mr. PoUexfen's petition against young Mr. Pauncefort's election 
for Great Bedwin. 

The lord Downe and Mr. Darcy are chose knights of the 
shire for York ; Lister Martin, esq. for Suffolk ; Wm. Jessop, 
esq. rechose for Alborough in Yorkshire ; and Paul Burrard, 
esq. rechose for Limmington ; Mr. Guybon elected for Rye, in 
room of Mr. Herbert, commissioner of the prizes ; and Mr.Tre- 
denh^m for St. Mawes, in the room of his father, deceased. 

The earl of Eildare has left his estate to the duke of Rich- 

Mrs. Wyvill, daughter to sir Marmaduke Wyvill, is made 
maid of honour, in room of Mrs. Stanhope, lately married. 

The earl of Pembrook is expected here this night from 

Mr. Hume, master of the wardrobe at Whitehal, is dead; he 
was also one of the examiners of accounts in the exchequer, 
which is given to Mr. Justice Railton. 

This day the commons, in a committee of the whole house, 
debated the affairs of the admiralty; read some letters, &c. re- 
lating to admiral Whetstone and the Russia fleet ; called in the 
merchants and examined them : several speeches were made, 
but the committee came to no resolution. 

Dbo. II.] ^TATE AFFAIRS. 248 


No Datch post. 

TSiesday^ 9 Decemb. — Saturday night the commonfi, in a 
committee, resolved* That for the future there shal be a suffi- 
cient number of men of war for the line of battle, and also con- 
voys and cruizers provided for the security of our merchant 
ships in the narrow seas. 

Yesterday the lords heard a cause between the countesse 
dowager of Radnor and sir Uichard Child, about part of her 
joynture, and gave it for the latter ; 27 against 22. 

Same day the commons, in a committee upon the greivances 
of the Portugal merchants, resolved. That they had made out 
their allegations, and ought to be releived. 

The house ordered a bill to be brought in to give full en- 
couragement to the American trade ; and an account to be laid 
before them of the war in Spain and Portugal ; what supplyes 
of men and money were sent thither, and how the latter dis- 
tributed ; and also how we lost the battle of Almanza. 

This day they debated whither to proceed against Mr. Asgill, 
or adjourn it to this day ynight ; and carried for the latter. 

The bill for better securing the duties of East India goods, 
reported and agreed to. 

Then went into a committee upon the union, whither the 
justices of peace in Scotland should be made, and act as they 
doe in England; and carried that it should be so: circuits 
twice a year there, and writts directed to their sherifs to return 
members of parliament. 

The lords heard part of the cause between sir Henry John- 
son and the late lord I^velace's creditors, and proceed further 
therein to morrow. 

Last night the homeward bound Virginia fleet arrived in the 

Greorge Ashby, esq. is chose knight of the shire for Leicester^ 
in the room of Mr. Vemey, deceased ; and John Bromley, esq. 
for Cambridgshire, in room of his father, also deceased. 

No Dutch post. 

Thursday, 1 1 Decemb. — Yesterday the lords putt off the 
state of the nation to Fryday ; and debated the cause of sir 
Henry Johnson and the legatees of the late lord Lovelace, and 
confinn'd the decree in favour of sir Henry. 

The queen has ordered the attorney general to prosecute 

R 2 

244 BRIEF RELATION OF [ 1 707. 

Mr. Lacy and sir Richard Bulkley, with the rest of the pre- 
tended English prophets. 

This day, Hall the chimney sweeper, and a other notorious 
housebreakers, were found guilty at the sessions in the Old 

The commons have past the bill for better collecting the 
duties on East India goods, and ordered it to be sent to the 

Putt off the state of the nation as to the merchants losses 
till Saturday ; and agreed to the resolutions of the committee 
about the union, viz. 

That there be but one privy council in Great Brittain. 

That the militia in the north part thereof be on the same 
foot with that of the south. 

The like for justices of the peace ; judges to goe the circuits 
twice a year as in England ; and writs for chusing members of 
parliament to be directed to the sherifs of the several counties, 
and returnable as here. 

A ship arrived from Antego reports, that on the 30th of Au- 
gust a terrible hurricane happ'ned there, which lasted 36 hours, 
did much damage to the leeward islands, and sunk 2 frigats. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 13 Deeemb, — Yesterday the commons finish't the 
report of the land tax bill^ and ordered it to be ingrost. 

This day the merchants petition to prevent a collusive trade 
with Portugal was reported from the committee, and a bill or- 
dered to be brought in upon the same. 

The bill for repealing and declaring the determination of 2 
acts past in Scotland, one for security of the kingdom, and the 
other about peace and war, ordered to be ingrost. 

After which they were in a committee on the affairs of the 
admiralty, but broke up without coming to any resolution. 

The lords reported their yesterday's resolutions to prevent 
miscarriages in the navy, that our seamen shal not be turned 
out of one ship into another without their pay, nor discouraged 
by the marines, and care taken they shal be well used when 
made prisoners ; and ordered copies of the said resolutions to 
be sent to the admiralty, navy, and sick and wounded offices. 

Captain Wild, commander of the Royal Oak, is sent for 
from Ireland^ to answer his conduct when the French attack't 

Deo. i6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 245 

oar outward bound Lisbon fleet, and 'tis said his ship given to 
Captain Walker. 

The sessions is ended at the Old Baily, where 9 men were 
condemned to be hanged, 6 for housebreaking, one for horse- 
stealing, one for a rape, and the other for stealing brandy seve- 
ral times out of a vault. 

Bills of indictment are found at Hicks hall against 2 book- 
sellers, for selling the book entitled, The Rights of the Christian 
Church Asserted. 

No Dutch post. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Bulj the loth, and held the nth, 12th, and 13th, 
where several criminals were tried, of whom 9 men received 
sentence of death, (of which 7 for burglary, 1 for horse steal- 
ing, and I for a rape,) 1 1 were burnt in the hand and to be 
put to hard labour, and 7 ordered to be whipt ; and the next 
sessions to begin the 14 of January next. 

Tuesday, 16 Decemb. — Sunday came in 4 Flanders mails, 
and this day 5 Dutch ; from Vienna, that our envoy had de- 
livered a memorial to the emperor, wherein her majestic took 
notice of the recalling some of his own troops, and others of 
the allies from Italy, when the common cause required them 
to be augmented to put the duke of Savoy in a condition to 
act offensively, and therefore earnestly desired none might be 
drawn thence ; and that they had an expresse from Constanti- 
nople, that the Turks make great preparations for war. 

From Naples, that detachments were gone to seize the French 
garrisons on the coasts of Tuscany, and some others to Sicily, 
in order to reduce that kingdom before any are sent thence for 

From Ostend, that 70 English officers and others forcing the 
master of the pacquet boat to put to sea in bad weather, was 
bulged, and all drowned except 12, colonel Townscnd one of 
them ; there were 4 English gentlewomen of the family of Blunt 
amongst the lost, who had been in a nunnery. 

From the Hague, that the states general had ordered a great 
gold cup and a gold box to be made, in which is to be inclosed 
a note for 4000 guilders annuity, as a present to their godson 
the young prince of Prussia. 

That the king of Prussia has assured the states of Neuf- 


chastel, that he had 20,000 men ready to assist them if oc- 

That the king of Sueden, with a smal detachment, had sur- 
prized a party of Muscovites, but being attackt by a greater^ 
retired and slightly wounded. 

Yesterday Cavendish Weedon, of Lincolns Inn, esq. hanged 
himself in his study, being somewhat low in the world. 

This day the lords read the land tax bill the ist time, as also 
that for repealing the Scotch security act^ &g. 

The commons ordered their serjeant at arms to fetch Mr. 
Asgil, a member, out of the Fleet prison, where he was in upon 
an execution, and that he appear in his place on Thursday, to 
answer the objections made against his book. 

Sir Thomas Willoughby is not dead, as was reported. 

Thursday y 18 Dec, — Yesterday the house of peers heard the 
duke of Bolton make the report of the losses the merchants 
had sustained this last year thro* the carelesnesse and misman- 
agement of the admiralty, as appeared by their depositions ; 
and the lords ordered the same to be considered on Saturday, 
and that a representation be laid before the queen and prince, 
in order to rectifye the Uke for the future. 

The same night the committee of priviledges heard the peti- 
tion of Nicholas Pollexfen, esq. against Mr. Pauncefort, chose 
for Great Bedwin ; and it appearing that 3 2. per man was given 
on behalf of the latter, they voted him out, and Mr. Pollexfen 
duly elected. 

Wm. HiUersdon, esq. is chose member for Bedford, in the 
room of sir Phillip Monnox, deceased. 

This day her majestic came to the house of peers, and gave 
the royal assent to the land tax bill, that for securing the duties 
on East India goods, and that for repealing the Scotch acts of 
security, and peace and war. 

After which she made a speech to this effect : That she was 
sensible of the readincsse with which they have provided so 
considerable part of the supplies; that it must needs give great 
satisfaction to our allies ; recommended to them an augmenta- 
tion of the troops in Spain, Portugal, and the army under the 
duke of Savoy, which she thought would be of the greatest 
use to the common cause ; and that as nothing was more essen- 
tial to the quiet and happinesse of her subjects, than bringing 

Dec. ao.] STATE AFFAIRS. 247 

the war to a safe and honourable conclusion ; so thought her- 
self obliged to look upon all those who were willing to support 
hear in it for obtaining that end, as the most proper objects of 
her fiivour and encouragement ; and recommended to them to 
confirm and improve the advantages of the union. 

The commons ordered a biU to be brought in to allow the 
merchants convoys, &c. 

Voted Mr. Asgills book blasphemous, and ordered it to be 
burnt by the hangman, and expell'd him the house. 

Yesterday 5 of the men condemned at the late sessions for 
burglary, and he for the rape, were executed at Tyburn. 

Saturday, 20 Novemb. {Decenib.'] — Yesterday the lords (the 
queen present) debated the Spanish war, and resolved to this 
effect : That no peace ought to be made with France till the 
house of Bourbon be extirpated, Spain and the Spanish West 
Indies secured to Charles the 3d ; and to addresse her majestic 
to write to the emperor to hasten his quota of men, &c. thither, 
and that prince Eugene may command the army. 

The commons read a bill for security of the merchants trade 
and encouraging privateers, by givmg the officers and seamen 
what they venture their lives for, and dissolving the prize 

After which, in a committee of the whole house, on the sup- 
ply, resolved. That 586,671/. be for maintaining the establish't 
forces in Spain and Portugal, including general officers pay, 
contingencies, and the charge of Oibralter. 

That 494, 689Z. be for her majesties proportion of subsidies 
payable to the allies. 

That 5cxD,ooo/. be for the augmentadon of her majesties 
forces to strengthen the duke of Savoy^ and making good the 
alliance with Portugall for the recovery of Spain. 

That 511,734?. be for guards and garrisons in Great Brit- 
t£un, and payment of invalids for 1708, including 5000 men to 
serve on board the fleet. 

Which resolutions were this day reported and agreed to. 

The house ordered Dr. Ayres to preach before them the 30 
of January. 

Her majestic came this afternoon to the house of peers, and 
past the malt bill ; and Monday next 'tis expected both houses 
will adjourn for a fortnight. ^ 


Sir Humphrey Edwin, one of the aldermen of Londoa, is 

The lord chancellor's lady is brought to bed of a daughter. 

This days Dutch post advises, that the Palatine troops are 
actually embarkmg for Catalonia. 

Tuesday, 23 Decemb. — Yesterday the commons agreed with 
the committee, that Nicholas PoUexfen, esq. was duly chose for 
Great Bedwin. 

And ordered Mr. Pauncefort, and Mr Bushel his agent, to 
be taken into custody of the serjeant at arms for bribery ; and 
ordered a bill to be brought in for better preventing the same, 
and other undue practices in elections. 

And agreed to the lords addresse, that her majestie would 
be pleased to presse the emperor to lett prince Eugene com- 
mand in Spain next summer, and send 20,cx)0 men, according 
to his promise, to assist the duke of Savoy ; that she would 
make no peace with France, till the French had quitted the 
Spanish dominions. 

And both houses attended her with the same this afternoon. 

Mr. Conyers, from the committee for the supply, reported 
the following resolutions^ which were agreed to ; that 100,000/. 
be granted to the duke of Savoy for 1707 ; 22,957/. 28. for 
the Hessian troops in his service; 12,284/. 199. %\d, for the 
garrison of Gibralter for 1706 ; 60,334/. 19*. 6^^. interest for 
debentures; 10,000/. towards the dock at Portsmouth; 3500/. 
for circulating exchequer bills ; 144,000/. for transporting land 
forces; 120,000/. for land ordnance; and 2120/. i8«. 6d. for 
captain Roch, instrumental in saving Londonderry. 

Both houses this day adjourned to the 7th of January. 

Last night the corpse of sir Clowdesley Shovell was interred 
in Westminster abbey, at the queens charge. 

Anthony Guidot, of Lincolns Inn, esq. is dead ; has left his 
estate to his nephew, and 5000/. legacy to the dutchesse of 
Marlborough's chaplain. 

Dashwood, esq., son to sir Robt., is also dead. 

Thursday^ 25 Dec. — The house of lords have sent to Scot- 
land for an exact list of the peers of that kingdom, in order to 
allow them priviledge. 

They have setled several committees, which are to meet on 
Monday, and sitt every /day to prepare matters for the house 

Dec. 27.] STATE AITAIRS. 249 

against the 7th of January ; but their chief busdnesse is how to 
encourage privateers ; to man out the fleet, and take care they 
be well yictualledi.they are also to consider how to erect a 
law exchequer in Scotland ; in order thereto, the barons of the 
exchequer here are to attend the committee. 

Yesterday dyed Heutenant general Shrimpton, goyemour of 
Gibralter, and member of parliament for Christchurch ; he was 
one of those taken at the battle of Almanza, and lately come 
over upon his parole. 

Sir Humphrey Edwin, deceased, left his son, who is usher of 
the money exchequer, upwards of 6ooo2. per ann. 

Sir Charles Peers and Mr. Lewen are candidates to succeed 
sir Humphrey, as alderman of Tower ward. 

A Dunkirk privateer, being cast away on the Goodwin Sands, 
the captain and 60 men are made prisoners. 

Two Dutch capers have brought into Plymouth a French 
privateer of 10 guns and 56 men. 

A new first rate man of war of 90 guns is almost finished at 
Blackwall, and will be called The Marlborough. 

Tis reported that sir John Leake will succeed sir Clowdesly 
Shovell in all his places. 

This day the admiralty had an account that our homeward 
bound Turky and Lisbon fleets, under convoy of 10 men of war, 
were arrived at Plymouth ; the ist said to be worth joo,oooZ. 

Saturday, 27 Decemb, — Yesterday came in a Dutch post, 
with advice from Venice, that the Tartars have defeated a body 
of Muscovites, and closely block't up Azof, which 'tis thought 
can't hold out long. 

That the Turks preparations for war are against the Musco- 
vites ; that the grand seignior had sworn by Mahomet and the 
Alcoran he would be revenged on the czar for taking on him 
the title of emperor of the Greeks. 

From Frankfurt, that the elector palatine presses the em- 
peror to put him into possession of the upper palatinate. 

That the dyet of the empire has not yet taken any resolu- 
tion about the military chest, and the 6ocx) horse, king Augus- 
tus offers to send to the Upper Rhine, and but little appearance 
of an early campagne on that side. 

That the king of Prussia has obtained from the king of Sue- 
den, that the duke of Courland be restored to his dominions, 


and that commissaries are to meet on both sides for that 

IVom Vienna, that the treaty with the malecontents is again 

That the emperor has named the elector of Hanover to be 
standard bearer of the empire. 

The prince royal of Prussia is preparing a great eqidpage to 
command his fiftthers troops next campagne on the Rhine. 

From the Hague, that the states have resolved to send to 
Portugal all their forces in Italy. 

Tower ward has returned sir Henry Pumese and sir Charles 
Peers to the coiirt of aldermen, to chuse one in the room of sir 
Humphrey Edwin, deceased ; they carrying it by 48 against 
Mr. Lewen and collonel Cash. 

The duke of Roxburgh is next week to be married to the lady 
marchionesse of Hallifax, daughter to the earl of Nottingham. 

This evening the earl of Scarsdale died. 

Tuesday, 30 Dec. — Yesterday's Dutch post advises, from 
Turin, that the duke of Savoy had received lately 70,000 pis- 
tolls from England, to raise 6 new regiments and 2000 horse ; 
that great preparations are making there for an early cam- 
pagne ; and 'tis said the duke will have an army of 40,000 

Genoa, 17 Dec, 9000 Palatines are sailed hence for Barce- 
lona ; the Spanish garisons of Orbitello and Stephano on the 
coasts of Tuscany have declared for king Charles. 

From Leghorn, that admiral DUks dyed there the f3th of a 
feavor ; and that capt. Hicks, as eldest officer, took upon him 
the command of the fleet. 

There is advice, that 1 7 French men of war were sailed lately 
from Thoulon, given out to meet the Spanish galleons; but feared 
to intercept the German troops bound for Barcelona, which 
place tis believed the French design to beseige, by reason of 
their making great preparations at Marseilles, &c. 

From Paris, that the town of Morella in Spain had submitted 
to the French, and the garison conducted to the lord Gallways 

That the duke of Orleans is arrived at Versailles, and some 
troops sent towards Nismes to disperse a body of Camisars in 
the Cevennes. 

Jan. I.] STATE AFFAIRS. 261 

From the Hague, that the imperialiflts have restored most of 
the Lutheran churches in Silesia ; and that the conference at 
Nirelle about exchange of prisoners was broke off. 

The earl of Scarsdale is succeeded in honour and estate by 
his nephew, IHcholas Leake, esq., except 1 200/. per ann., which 
goes to the lady Elizabeth Hastings. 

Sir Cyril Wych is dead ; as is also coll. Stanwix, member for 

Her majestie has ordered the regiments of Fasten and 
Barrymore in England^ and Wynns in Ireland to imbark for 

1707— 8, 

Thursday, 1 Januar. — IVom the Hague, that her majesty's 
guaranty of the treaty between the emperor and the king of 
Sueden^ about restoring the protestant churches in Silesia, be- 
ing delivered to the Suedish envoy there, the states are pre- 
paring the like to be delivered to him, that they may be both 
sent to that king at the same time. 

That the inhabitants of Neuchastel are very uneasy at the 
preparations of the French, who threatnen to lay that country 
under military execution, and afterwards putt it into the hands 
of the popish cantons, till the dispute about the same be setled 
by a general peace: 

A conge d'elire is sent to Chester for the dean and chapter 
to elect sir Wm. Daws their bishop, in the room of Dr. Strat- 
ford, deceased. 

And another to Exeter, to chuse Dr. Blackball in the place 
of sir Jonathan Trelawney, translated to Winchester. 

As also will one to Norwich, to elect Dr. Trimnell their 
bishop, so soon as he has preach't before the house of commons 
on the fast day. 

Tis said admiral Churchil and sir Stafford Fairbom will lay 
down their flaggs, being seniors to sir John Leake, who, His 
reported, will succeed sir Clowdesly Shovell in all his places. 

Wm. Shippen, of the Middle Temple, esq. is chose member 
for Bramber, in the room of Mr. Asgill. 

Coll. Worsley is appointed envoy to king Charles the 3d, in 
the room of coll. Stanhope, who is to command in Portugal. 

Yesterday the merchants had advice, that 7 French pri- 
vateers took 5 of our outward bound merchant ships, 2 for 

262 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

Lisbon, 2 for Leghorn, and 1 for the East Indies, off the coast 
of Sussex. 

Saturday i 3 Januar. — Thursday last Mr. Wm. Gregg, a 
clark in Mr. secretary Harley's office, was taken up by a mes- 
senger, and all his papers seized, for corresponding with 
France ; strict enquiry is made after other concem'd therein ; 
and this morning he was examined by a committee of council 
at the lord Sunderlands office, and committed to Newgate. 

Last night came in a Dutch post, with advice firom Italy, 
that the succours designed for Spain were detained some days 
upon advice that a strong French squadron was at sea, but 
were to sail the 19th, the s£dd squadron having only landed 
some ammunition at Roses, where the French are making a 
magazine in order to attack Barcelona. 

From Germany, that an alliance offensive and defensive is 
concluded between the czar and the Venetians against the 

That the emperor is resolved to have two armies on the 
Rhine, one under prince Eugene, the other under the elector 
of Hanover ; that count Staremberg shal command in Spain, 
count Thaun in Italy, and general Rabutin in Hungary. 

From Paris, that the king has resolved to make Thoulon 
impregnable ; for which he has assign'd 400,000 livres to pay 
6000 men to be employed therein. 

That the new levies are carried on with extraordinary dili- 
gence; and that the king of Sueden has sent orders to his 
ambassador there, to demand of the French king to release all 
the protestants of that kingdom out of the gallies upon the ac- 
count of religion. 

From the Hague, that they are raising at Stockholm 1 2,000 
men, and fitting out a strong fleet against summer. 

That the states having been desired to lend money to the 
chest of the empire, emperor Circle of Swabia, king Augustus, 
&c., they peremptorily answered, they would lend no more 
money to any of those powers. 

Tuesday, 6 Januar. — Yesterday the committee of lords satt 
to consider how to man out the navy; agreed upon heads for a 
bill to encourage seamen ; and had before them admirals Jen- 
nings and Bing, who gave their advice. 

Gregg is kept close prisoner in Newgate, no person suffer'd 

Jah. 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 253 

to come near him ; and a Frenchman is since taken up for cor- 
responding likewise with France, and also an owler on the coast 
of Sussex. 

The duke of Roxborough is married to the lady marchionesso 
of Hallifax. 

John Dryden, esq., knight of the shire for Huntingtonshire, 
is dead ; as is also the learned Mr. Hill, minister of the English 
church at Rotterdam, aged 82. 

Tis said the lord Dursley and captains Walker and Baker 
are to be made flag ofiicers. 

Major general Palmes is to goo envoy extraordinary to the 
duke of Savoy, and the earl of Stair to the king of Sueden. 

This day came in a Dutch post, from Genoa^ of the 24th past, 
that most of the infantry designed for Catalonia, were embark't 
at Vado, near Savona. 

From Basle, that the Switzers, taking umbrage at the great 
number of French forces quartered in Burgundy, have resolved 
to meet in a general assembly the 15th of January, to consider 
of their security; and in the mean time 4000 men of the troops 
of Bern are posted on the frontiers, and all their militia, with 
those of Zurich, are to be in a readinesse to march on the rst 
notice, to oppose the French in case they attempt any thing 
against Newchastell. 

From Poland, that the Swedes are in motion to passe the 
Vistula, and the Muscovites fortifyeing themselves in Li- 

The Prussian regiments designed for Germany have begun 
their march. 

From Paris, that the duke of Berwick, being on his way to 
France, was ordered to return for Spain, to push on the opera- 
tions for the next campagne. 

Thursday, 8 Jatmar. — ^Yesterday the commons ordered a 
bill to be brought in, to declare the alterations and extend the 
provisions in the act, 4th year of her majesties reign, for se- 
curity of her person, and the succession, &c. relating to officers 
being members. 

This day Mr. Bridges presented an account of moneys paid 
to the army, after which the house adjourned til Monday. 

The lords heard a cause between Price and Watkins, and gave 
it for the former. 

264 BRIEF RELATION OP [1707-8. 

And the earl of Scarsdale took his seat. 

Commodore Kerr attended, and ordered to be there again on 

An addresse or representation was agreed to for better man- 
ning the fleet. 

Last night her majestie declared sir Wm. Dawes bishop of 
Chester, Dr. Blaokhal bishop of Exeter, and Dr. Trimnel bishop 
of Norwich. 

Dr. Potter succeeds Dr. Jane as divinity professor at Oxford. 

Dr. White Rennet is made dean of Peterborough, in room of 
Dr. Freeman, deceased. 

Our lord mayor has ordered a list to be taken of all the 
watermen, with their senrants, that work on the river Thames, 
from Gravesend to Eongston, for raising 2000 men to serve on 
board the fleet. 

Besides the 3 regiments ordered for Lisbon, 4 others are to 
embark for the same place from England and Ireland. 

Yesterday one Clark, alias Yalere, was committed to Newgate 
for high treason. 

Coll. Etherege, of the first regiment of foot guards, is dead. 

The last Paris letters advised, that the Dauphin, duke of 
Orleans, Vendosm, &c. were solliciting the French king to re- 
move monsieur Chamilliart, his treasurer and prime minister, 
out of his places, for promoting the mint bills as destructive to 
that kingdom. 

Saturday, 10 Januar. — ^Yesterday the lords examined the 
author of the Postboy, for publishing in that of New Tears 
Day, that the lord Gallway had positive orders to fight the 
French at Almanza ; upon which he said he had it from above 
40 officers ; and the further examination putt off to Tuesday. 

Commodore Kerr attended, and ordered to be there again 
next Fryday. 

Sir John Lake is appointed to command the fleet next sum- 
mer ; is made admiral of the white squadron ; sir John Norris 
vice admiral, and lord Archibald Hamilton rear admiral; air 
George Bing admiral of the blew, captain Fairfax vice admiral, 
and captain Wager rear admiral ; sir John Jenmngs vice ad- 
miral of the red, and the lord Dursley rear admiral. 

It's said brigadeer Tatton will succeed major general Shrimp- 
ton as major in the first regiment of foot guards. 

Jas. 13.] STATE AFFAIRS. 855 

i,240,ooo2L is already paid into the exchequer upon the land 
tax, and 113,000/. upon the malt, at 5/. per cent. 

Thursday one Baud, a native of Piedmont, and under secre- 
tary to count Brianson, envoy of the duke of Savoy here, being 
accused of holding correspondence with France, his master de- 
livered him into the custody of 2 messengers, Chauncey and 
Chapman, who put him into a coach ; and it being night they 
came first out, and he slipt out at the other door and made his 
escape ; 'tis said a proclamation will be published with a reward 
for apprehending him. 

Mr. Claris, chaplain to the bishop of Ely, is to be minister of 
St. James's church, upon Dr. Trimnell being made a bishop. 

1 2,oco suits of clothes are made here for the king of Por- 
tugals army. 

Tuesday, 13 Januar. — Sunday hst George Brudenel, earl of 
Cardigan, being newly come of age, abjur'd the Romish reli- 
gion, and received the sacrament in St. James's church ; and 
yesterday took his seat in the house of peers, introduced by the 
lord chancellor. 

The learned Dr. Romphen, chief professor of divinity in the 
popish academy at Hildesheim in Germany, has lately re- 
nounced the same in one of the Lutheran churches there, and 
is now printing a treatise to prove the idolatry of the church 
of Rome. 

Yesterday the earl of Sunderland, Mr. secretary Harley, 
&c. gave evidence to the grand jury at Hicks hall against 
Gregg, about the intercepted letters he sent to monsieur Cha- 
milliard, principal minister of France, and is to be tryed on 

The same day the proclamation was published, offering 200L 
reward for apprehending Baud ; soon after which Mr. Wilcox 
and Mr. Smith, 2 messengers, took him in New street, near 
St. Martins lane, being discovered by his taylor to whom he 
owed 60/. ; he had a great knife about him^ and confest he de- 
»gn'd that night to have kilFd himself before the house of his 
master, the envoy of Savoy. 

Captain Gawne, an officer of Dunbarton'^s regiment, in king 
James's time, is also seizM for high treason. 

Tis said the marquesse of Winchester, son to the duke of 
Bolton, marquesse of Harford, son to the duke of Somerset, and 

266 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

the duke of Roxburghs brother, will have commissions for rais- 
ing 3 new regiments. 

This day the commons read the bill for securing of our trade, 
taking away the privy council of Scotland, regulating their mi- 
litia, &c. 

Two Dutch posts are arriv'd, which bring from Millain, that 
the troops for Catalonia are saiPd, but to reduce Sardinia in 
their way. 

Some letters mention' only 40CX) to be embarkM, and the 
other 6cx>o to follow. 

From Paris, that Villars is gone to command the French 
troops against Neuchastel, but the Switzers are prepared to 
oppose them. 

Thursday, 15 Januar, — Captain Smith, who was commander 
of the retaken Nightingale man of war^ has made a discovery 
of some persons who corresponded with France. 

Tis said Baud, under secretary to count Briancon, will be 
sent to Savoy to be tryed. 

Chauncy and Chapman, the messengers who suffered him to 
escape out of their custody, are suspended. 

Yesterday being the fast. Dr. Blackall preach't before her 
majesty, the bishop of Lichfeild before the lords, and Dr. Trim- 
nel before the commons; and this day both houses retum'd 
thanks to their preachers for their sermons. 

The commons read a 2d time two bills for regulating the 
militia in Scotland, and compleating the union; call'd over their 
house, and mark't down the defaulters, who are to attend this 
day fortnight. 

Tuesday last the lords satt late upon the state of the nation, 
and debated the war in Spain ; earl of Peterborough spoke at 
times near 3 hours, vindicating his conduct, and made it appear 
how he prest king Charles to goe to Madrid, but he took con- 
trary council ; and the further consideration referr*d to this 
day, when they read several commissions and papers relating 
to his lordship, and to proceed further to morrow. 

Last night the lady Spanheim, wife to the Prussian ambassa- 
dor, died here. 

Foreign letters advise from Vienna, that a general diet will 
be held at Presburgh in Hungary, in March, the emperor pre- 
sent, and safe conduct allowed to all the malecontenta to come 

Jan. 17.3 STATE AFFAIRS. 257 

and lay open their greiTanoes (except prince Ragotzi and count 
Berezeni,) in order to have them redrest. 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene is shortly expected 
there to concert measures for the next campagne, and give the 
states reasons why he can't command in Spain. 

The French privateers continue to infest our coasts. 

Saturday^ ij Januar, — Upon the examination of Baud, he 
denies having correspondence with France, but confesses he 
gave intelligence to some merchants sooner than ordinary, 
whereby they might lay wagers ; however, his master is re- 
solved to send him to Savoy, for betraying that duke's secrets. 

Yesterday the house of peers proceeded in reading the com- 
oiissions and papers relating to the earl of Peterboroughs com- 
manding in Spain, as also the queens instructions ; ordwed all 
other papers about the same to be laid before them, and ad- 
journed the further debate till Monday. 

Upon his lordships complaint that remarks were printed upon 
his conduct there, Brisco the printer, and Dr. Kingston the 
author, were ordered to attend. 

Same day the commons addrest her majestic to lay before 
them all letters and papers concerning the earl of Peterborough 
during his being in Spain. 

After which went into a committee to consider how to re- 
cruit the army and marines, there being about 15,000 men 
wanting ; and resolved, That a sufficient number of men be 
raised in England and Scotland, who have no visible way of 

This day the commons read the papers relating to Spain, and 
to consider them on Wensday. 

The lords this day committed Dr. Kingston to the black 

We bear the lord Isia, brother to the duke of Argile, Mr. 
BroodneU, and Mr. Owen will also have commissions for raising 
^ new regiments, besides- those formerly mentioned. 

This days Dutch post advises, from Paris^ that Villars with 
1^,000 men was marching towards Neufchastell ; and some let- 
ters say were come within 3 leagues of that place; from whence 
of the J 2th they write, that the canton of Berne had acquainted 
the French minister, that they had sent to Neufchatell only 
40CO succours, but if his master should attack them, would 


258 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

[send] 40,000 more, besides give passage to the confederate 
troops in Piedmont, and on the Rhine, to invade Burgundy. 

Tuesday, 20 Januar. — Yesterday the lords examined Dr. 
Kingston about the reflections he wrote upon the lord Peter- 
boroughs conduct in Spain, and discharged him fix)m the blaek 
rod, but ordered the attorny general to prosecute him. 

The commons, in a committee upon ways and means, re- 
solved, That 64O9O00/. be granted to her majestic, by way of 
annuities for 99 years, upon the customes and other revenues 
at 61. per cent., and that j«. be laid upon every white woollen 
cloth exported, and to proceed further on Fryday. 

This day, in a committee upon recruiting the army, carried 
it by 8 against a proportionate number of men to be raised by 
commissioners in each county; so 'tis believed they will be 
listed by 3 justices, as has been for some years last past, and 
where the former acts defective, to be amended. 

Yesterday Gregg was tryed at the Old Bmly for correspond- 
ing with France ; 9 of the judges were present, the 2 secre- 
taryes of state, &c., where he pleaded guilty to the indictment, 
after which, sentence of high treason was past upon him. 

Sir Charles Peers is sworn alderman in the room of sir Hum- 
phrey Edwin, deceased. 

Sir Wm. Gore, alderman of Coleman street ward, is dead. 

This day sir John Leak went post for Portsmouth, to com- 
mand a squadron to goe in quest of several French men of war 
on our coast. 

A Dutch post arrived advises from Paris, that the French 
troops advancing to Neufchastel were countermanded. 

That the duke of Barwick was gone to beseige Alcoy, within 
3 miles of Alicant. 

That the marquesse de Bay was drawing 24,000 men toge- 
ther to invade Portugal. 

And that 1 2 third rate men of war are equipping at Thoulon. 

From Vienna, that the difl^erence with the king of Sueden is 
like to be renewed. 

And that a marriage was negotiating between the emperors 
daughter and the duke of Savoy's eldest son. 

Thursday, 22 Jantiar, — Yesterday a committee of lords satt, 
in order to draw up heads for a bill to sett up a law exchequer 
at Edinburgh. 

Jah. 24.] STATE AFFAIRS. 259 

The house went upon the bill for better manning the fleet ; 
and as one encouragement for seamen to come in, those who 
senre her majestie in time of war, shal, when that is over, haye 
liberty to follow trades, and be free of any corporation in 
Brittain; and another, when any seaman returns from his 
voyage shall be justly paid, and have liberty to goe and see 
his friends ; but for those who refuse to serve in time of war, 
and able, shal be afterwards uncapable of ever working on the 
river Thames. 

The commons ordered a bill to be brought in for the more 
effeetoal making and better regulating the linnen manufacture; 
and another, for raising a sufiicient number of recruits out of 
such persons as have no real or personal estate, or visible way 
of livelyhood. 

Mr. Lowndes lately made a motion, that circulating exche- 
quer bills by the bank last sessions was next to a renewal of 
the bank ; and if they would now advance 8oo,oooZ. at 5Z. per 
cent., he thought they could not doe better than prolong their 
time ; and also, that if the East India company would advance 
1 ,200,0002. at the same interest, he was of opinion their time 
ought also to be prolonged, and to morrow the latter are to 
hold a general court, supposed on that affair. 

An under secretary of the emperors envoy here is seized for 
discovering some of his masters secrets to the French. 

We hear that sir John Leake, with 13 men of war, is sailed 
from Portsmouth. 

The Sun prize, a small frigat, is taken by a French privateer 
off the Isle of Wight. 

The commons this day in a committee went thro' the bill for 
compleating the union. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Badly the 15th, and held the 16th and 19th, where 
several criminals were tryed, of which 4 received sentence of 
death, one of them Gregg for high treason, 4 were burnt in 
the hand, 8 to be whipt for petit larcenies, and one was fined ; 
and next sessions ordered to begin the 25th of next month. 

Saturday^ 24 Januar. — Yesterday the commons heard the 
report of the bill for compleating the union, and divided upon 
the clause for dissolving the privy council at Edinburgh the 
1st of May ; those in offices were for continuing it till the ist 

s 2 


sessions of the next parliament, but carried for the clause, 197 
against 118. 

The house ordered an addresse to her majestie to issue out 
a proclamation for recruiting the army ; and as an encourage- 
ment for men to come in, every person throughout Great Brit- 
tain, who voluntarily list themselves, to have 4/., with leave to 
quitt the service at 3 years end ; and every parish officer 20s. 
for every man he brings in. 

This day the commons read the bill to encourage English 
privateers in America ; as also many papers about the affairs 
of Spain. 

The lords past their bill for better manning the fleet, and 
agreed to addresse the queen to order sir Thomas Hardy to 
attend them. 

It's said 2 officers of coUonel Paston's regiment are sent for 
up by the lord chancellor, for beating and abusing an attorney, 
who served a subpoena upon one of them. 

Thursday last was a general council upon the plantation af- 
fairs ; considered the complaints of collonel Dudley, governor 
of New England, and dismist them as frivolous. 

Yesterday the united India company mett, and agreed to 
lend the government one million of money without interest, pro- 
vided their term be made up (which is 6 years to come) 21 
years, and secure to them a fund they now have for 2 millions 
at 81. per cent. ; so that this million added to the other two, 
reduces the said 8/. per cent, to 5Z. 6s. M. per cent, interest for 
the whole 3 millions. 

One Crookshanks, roaster of a vessel, is taken up at Ports- 
mouth for ill practices. 

Yesterday a gentleman was seized in the stage coach goeing 
for Harwich, with several letters about him. 

Tttesday, 27 Jantuir. — Yesterday came out her majesties 
proclamation for the more effectual recruiting her majesties 
land forces and the marines, by allowing to the parish officers 
ao^. for every man they shal impresse, and 4L for every volun- 
teer that shal come in, with a discharge to every volunteer after 
3 years service, if desired. 

Yesterday the commons were in a committee upon ways 
and means, considered the East India companys offer to ad- 
vance a million of money, which they thought too little. 

Jah. 29,] STATE AFFAIRS. 261 

expecting 1,200,000/.; and after some debate, to be upon it 
Co morrow. 

This day they read the bill for recruiting the army, and, in 
a committee, went through that for appointing convoys and 

On Sunday, and this morning, came in 2 Dutch mails, which 

From the Rhine, that marshal Villars's designs were frus- 
trated, Fryburgh being to be delivered up to him by treachery, 
but timely discovered ; that the rains had so swell'd the rivers 
that he could make no attempt. 

That the popish as well as protestant cantons resolving to 
stand by NenfchasteU he retired towards Burgundy. 

From the Hague, that the emperor, at the pressing instances 
of the confederates, had agreed that prince Eugene shal com- 
mand in Catalonia. 

That the king of Sueden, with 10 regiments of horse, had 
defeated several parties of the Muscovites. 

That a British man of war arrived at Genoa the 14th from 
Barcelona, and says a German r^ment had defeated one of 
the enemies, killed 60, took the lieutenant collonel, 2 captains, 
and 380 prisoners. 

That Mawgridge the drummer, who some time since killed 
captain Cope upon the guard at the Tower, is taken at Ohent. 

This morning major Hunt arriv'd expresse from Spain, with 
advice, that 2500 of the allies taken at Almainza, and listed 
with the Spaniards, had deserted to us, and that king Charles 
was near 30,000 strong, and was sending a detachment to be- 
seige Lerida before 'twas fortifyed by the enemy. 

Tlvwriday^ 29 Januar, — Yesterday the judges mett in West- 
mkister hall, and appointed their circuits ; vix. the home, lord 
chief justice Holt and Mr. justice Tracy ; Midland, k>rd chief 
justice Trevor and Mr. baron Price ; Norfolk, lord chief baron 
Ward and Mr. justice Dormer; Oxford, Mr. justice Powpl and 
Mr. justice Oold ; western, Mr. justice Blenco and Mr. baron 
Bury ; northern, Mr. justice Powys and Mr. baron Smith. 

Same day the commons, in a committee on wayes and 
means, resolved, that if the united India company will advance 
i,200,ooo2. to the queen, instead of a million they offer 'd, shal 
have their charter prolongu'd to 2 1 years. 

262 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

The lords, in a committee, heard the complaints of several 
merchants agidnst commodore Kerr in the West Indies, for 
refusing to convoy their ships, particularly 2 rich sloops from 
Jamaica to some of the adjacent islands, without an excessive 
reward, by which they fell into the enemies hands ; and after 
some debate, resolved, That the merchants had made good 
their allegations; yeas 28, noes 17 : which was this day re- 
ported, agreed to, and the same ordered by way of addresse to 
be laid before the queen. 

Their lordships read a ist time the bill from the commons 
for rendring the union more entire and compleat, and ordered 
it a 2d reading this day jnight. 

Roger Tuckfield, esq. is chose member of parliament for Ash- 
burton, in the room of Mr. Yard, deceased. 

Dr. Brevall, one of the prebends of Westminster, is dead. 

Yesterday the Marlborough man of war of 100 guns was 
launched at Blackwall, having the effigies of that duke on 
horseback on her stern, with count Tallard under the horses 

This day the commons read a ad time the recruit bill ; and 
were afterwards taken up in hearing the papers relating to 
Spain and Portugal read. 

Yesterday 2 men were executed at Tyburn, one of them a 
horse stealer, condemned two sessions since ; the other for kill- 
ing the porter of the East India house. 

Saturday y 31 January. — ^Thursday night the comm<Mi8 satt 
late upon the affairs of Spain, and debated the question, that 
of the 29,395 Si^glish forces provided by parliament for Spain 
and Portugal, there were but 8660 in Spain and Portugal at 
the time of the battle of Almanza ; and the greatest enquiry 
was, where the rest were, or how the money was employed * 
several speeches were made, particularly by sir Thomas Han- 
more, Mr. King, &c. ; Mr. secretary Harley, Mr. Bridges, and 
Mr. St. John, spoke in favour of the ministry : at last the ques* 
tion was put for adjourning the debate till Tuesday; yeas 187, 
noes 172. 

Yesterday Dr. Eyres preach't before the commons, and the 
bishop of lincoln before the lords ; and her majestic being ill 
of the gout, had a sermon preach'd before her in Kensington 

Fbb. 3.] STATE AFFAIRS. 263 

This day' the lords were in a committee upon the state of 
the oation ; read several papers relating to Spain, and are to 
proceed farther on Wensday. 

The commons agreed with the committee to prolong the 
maited Eiast India company's term to 2 1 years, upon their ad- 
vancing 1,200,000^; 20% against 149. 

Afterwards, in a committee, went thro the security bill, ex- 
tending the government to Scotland. 

lis said 3 of the 4 tellers offices in the exchequer are already 
fidl upon the annuity^s voted this session, but the lord I^tzhard- 
ing will receive none at his till the act is past. 

Captain John Price of the Somerset is made commander of 
the Britannia, a first rate ship. 

Letters from Edinburgh say, about 30 Dutch merchant men, 
bound for the East and West Indies, goeing round the north of 
that kingdom, mett with a storm, and their pilots not well 
knowing that coast, 8 of them, viz. 6 East India and 2 West 
India ships, were stranded off Montrosse, but hoped some of them 
may bo saved, and the rest are come into Leith road to refitt. 

TWmfoy, 3 F^ruar. — Yesterday some managers for the 
united India company delivered to the house of commons a 
paper of the companyes submission to the resolution of the 
house on Saturday, viz. that they were willing to advance the 
i,200,ooo2. upon haveing their charter prolonged to 21 years; 
which paper being read, a bill was ordered to be brought in for 
that purpose. 

This day a motion being made touching the equivalent for 
Scotland, the same was referr'd to a select committee. 

The house went into a committee on the bill to prevent 
bribery, &c at elections, and made some progresse therein. 

And read a second time the bill from the lords for better 
encouragement of navigation, and rejected it. 

Then took into consideration the adjourned debate relating 
to Spain, and are like to sitt late thereon. 

Two Dutch posts arriv'd, say the Swedes have past the Vis- 
tula, and within 3 days of the Muscovites. 

That the duke of Savoy has reinforced Suza, upon the French 
marching more troops into Dauphiny. 

That the principality of Piombino in Italy had declared for 
king Charles, as also the isle of Sardinia. 


That the French have demanded 2 millions of livres contri- 
bution from the circle of Suabia, and 480,000 florins from the 
electorate of Mentz. 

From Paris, that the lord Galway dyed at Terragona the 
nth past. 

From the Hague, that if prince Eugene comes thither, the 
duke of Marlborough was expected to meet him ; and that the 
French in Flanders had formed some great design, suppoa'd 
either to surprize Brussells or Leige ; which the lord Auver- 
querke having notice of, 'twas hoped would be able to prevent 

The commons satt till 8 this night upon the affairs of Spain, 
and agreed without dividing to addresse her majostie to lay be- 
fore them the reason how there came to be but 8660 men in 
Spain and Portugal at the battle of Ahnanza, when provision 
was made for 29,395, ^^^ ^^^^ ^^® would prosecute the war with 
all vigour. 

Thursday i 5 Febr, — ^Yesterday the lords were again on the 
affairs of Spain ; examined upon oath brlgadeer Hans Hamil* 
ton and collonel Bisset, as to the number of our forces there ; 
and have reversed the lord chancellor's decree against the earl 
of Bindon. 

This day they read a 2d time the bill from the commons for 
better compleating the union ; and divided upon the ist clause 
for dissolving the privy council of Scotland, and carried it for 
the clause^ 50 against 46. 

Mr. Boyl acquainted the commons that her majestic would 
be attended with their addresse about the forces that were 
wanting in Spain last year at 5 this afternoon at Kensington. 

The house gave leave to »r Stafford Fairbom, or George 
Bing, and sir John Jennings, to attend the lords ; made a pro- 
gresse in the bill for appointing cruizers and convoys ; and or- 
dered the annuity bill to be engrost, having added a clause to 
make void all subscriptions taken in at the exchequer upon the 
same, till such time it passes the royal assent. 

Mr. Proby is chose knight of the shire for Huntington, in 
the room of Mr. Dry den, deceased. 

And sir James Bateman is elected alderman of Coleman street 
ward, vacant by the death of sir Wm. Gore. 

There are some letters which say the lord Gallway was ar- 

Fjb. io.] state affairs. 266 

rived at Barcelona in his way to Lbbon ; 8o that the French 
account of his dyeing at Terragona must be false. 

Mr. Millsy fellow of Ghristchurch in Oxford, is named to be 
bishop of Waterford in Ireland, upon the death of Dr. Foy. 

Thb momiag the admiralty had an expresse from Deal, that 
the Dutch squadron of 70 men of war, U^nsports, and merchant 
ships, were past through the Downs for Spithead, to join sir 
John Lake, and we expect to mcnrrow an account of his being 
sailed for Lisbon. 

ScUurday^ 7 Ftbr. — ^Her majesties answer to the commons 
addresse in relation to the wanting our complement of men ladt 
year in Spain and Portugal, viz. Gentlemen, what you desire 
shal be carefully examined, and I will send you an answer in a 
short time. 

Yesterday the commons past the annuity bill, and ordered that 
for regulating the militia in Scotland to be engrossM. 

This day heard commodore Kerr, who desired till Wensday 
to jostifye himself by witnesses, which was granted. 

Ordered an addresse to the queen, that she will be please[d] 
to take care for the better subsistance of the English prisoners 
in France, and get them exchanged so soon as possible. 

The lords past the bill for better compleating the union 
without amendments ; and on Munday hear witnesses for and 
against the earl of Peterborough's conduct in Spain, the lord 
Charlemont and several others being ordered to attend. 

Three of our flagg officers are at Spithead on board the fleet 
designed for Spain and Portugal, viz. sir John Leake, sir John 
NorriSy and sir Edward Whitaker, but at present the wind does 
not favour their sayling. 

To morrow sir Wm. Dawes, bishop of Chester, is to be con- 
secrated by the archbishop of York in Westminster abbey ; 
and Dr. Blackhal, bishop of Exeter, with Dr. Trimnel, bishop 
of Norwich, by the archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth. 

The last foreign letters advised from Berlin, that the army 
of the crown of Poland continue firm to the czar, having re- 
jected the advantageous offers made them by king Stanislaus. 

From Leipsick, that king Augustus has invited the French 
refugees to come and settle at Torgau, promising them great 
privileges, besides free exercise of their religion. 

Tuuday^ 10 Febr. — ^Yesterday the lords read the annuity 

966 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

bill the 1st time, and putt off the farther examination into the 
affairs of Spain till Wensday. 

Then, by way of ballotting, elected a committee of 7, to sitt 
when and where they please, to examine Gregg, condemned 
for corresponding with France, and addrest her majestic to lay 
before them all the papers and examinations relating to him ; 
the committee are, the dukes of Somerset, Deyon, and Bolton, 
earl of Wharton, lords Townsend, HaUifax, and Sommers. 

Her majestic sent a message to the commons by Mr. secre- 
tary Harley, in answer to their addresse, that care might be 
taken for the speedy exchanging our seamen, prisoners in 
France, viz. That she had giren orders in that matter some 
time since. 

Same day a court martial sat at Whitehal, duke Schonberg 
president, to hear a difference betwixt the earls of Peterbo- 
rough and Gharlemont; witnesses were called, but the cause 
not decided : a son of the latter was put under an arrest till the 
queen's pleasure is known, for striking captain Crimpenny, an 
officer of the earl of Peterborough, while the court was sitting. 

In the evening the committee of priviledges heard the petition 
of major Wythers against Mr. Tilney, member for Whitchurch, 
and voted the petitioner duely elected. 

A vessel from Scotland says the 6 Dutch outward bound East 
India ships, drove ashore near the Frith, are all lost 

This day the commons, in a committee, went through the bill 
for recruiting the army. 

Yesterday and to day we had it currantly reported, that Mr. 
secretary Harley had laid down, and that sir Thomas Mansell, 
comptroller of the household, Mr. St. John, secretary of war, 
and others, will doe the like ; but as yet there is no certainty 

Thursday i 12 Febr. — Yesterday the commons past, and 
sent to the lords, the bill for settling the militia in that part of 
Brittain called Scotland. 

John Bushell, concem'd with Mr. Pauncefort in bribery at 
Great Bedwin, was discharged out of custody payeing his fees. 

Mr. Pauncefort was brought to the bar, examined, and re- 
manded, refusing to tell who the person was that publickly gave 
money on his behalf to the electors. 

After which thev were in a committee of the whole house 

Fbb. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. 867 

upon the state of the navy and trade of the nation, about oon- 
Toys and cruizere ; examined the matter relating to commodore 
Kerr in the West Indies, who endeavoured to defend them- 
selres, but they voted the merchants had made their charge 
against him good. 

Her mijestie sent to the house of peers all the papers con- 
cerning Gregg, and this day the 7 lords, mentioned in my last, 
went to Newgate to examine him. 

The oonmions carried it by 6^ to make the river Tone na- 

Ordered the recruit bill, and that for the security of the 
merchants trade, to be engrost. 

Yesterday Mr. secretary Harley, and sir Thomas ManseU, 
comptroller of the household, waited on her majestic at Ken- 
sington and resigned their places; and this day sir Symon Har- 
conrt, attomy general, and Henry St. John, esq., secretary of 
war, did the like. 

lis said Mr. Boyle, chancellor of the exchequer, will be se- 
cretary of state ; Mr. Boscawen, or Mr. Dunch, comptroller ; 
m James Montague, the sollicitor general, to be attomy gene- 
ral ; and Spencer Compton, esq. secretary of war. 

Saturday 9 14 Febr. — ^Yesterday the commons past, and sent 
to the lords, the bill for recruiting the army, as also that for 
better securing the trade of this kingdom by cruisers and 

The queen being ill of the gout, these acts were past by 
conmiissioners appointed under the great seal, the annuity act; 
that for security of her majesties person, and government, and 
succession to the crown of Great Brittain in the protestant line; 
that for rendring the union more entire and compleat ; and to 
5 private bills. 

After which the house, in a committee on ways and means, 
had a proposal before them to raise 900,000/. more by annuities 
on the exchequer, which is to be considered on Monday. 

And this day were in a committee for encouraging pri- 

Mr. Boyl haveing accepted of the office of secretary of state, 
there will be a new election of a member of parliament next 
Fryday for Westminster : he has nominated Mr. Horatio Wal- 
pool and Mr. Greorge Tilson his under secretaries. 

268 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

A monumeDt is making for sir Clowdesly Shovel, at her ma- 
jesties charge, to be set up in Westminster Abby. 

Josiah Bm*chet, esq., secretary to the admiralty, is made se- 
cretary of the marines, in the room of Henry St. John, esq. 

The commons this day resolved to addresse her mqestie, 
that all accounts and debts due to the pubhck in Scotland, from 
^7 May 1689, to the 1st of May last, which have not been ac- 
counted for in the treasury there, and by them discharged, be 
laid before the house. 

Three Dutch posts arrived say, the Spaniards have quitted 
Oran in Africa to the Moors. 

That the English minister at Vienna had told the emperor, 
if prince Eugene does not command in Spain, her majestie will 
not pay him the 100,000 florins. 

And from Paris, that the duke of Barwick was sent for thi* 
ther, and, tis said, mil command in Provence ; that that court 
had advice, the Swisse cantons had determined the affair of 
Neufchastel, but the particulars not known* 

That the lord Gallway was not dead, as was reported. 

Tuesday, 1 7 Febr. — Testerday the lords putt off the exam- 
ination of the earl of Charlemont, and some other officers, about 
the affairs of Spain till Fryday. 

Read the ist time the bill for convoys and crnizers. 

The committee appointed to examine Gregg are drawing up 
their report ; we don't hear he accused any body. 

The commons ordered an addresse to the queen, that com- 
modor Kerr may never be again imployed, for illegally de- 
manding money for convoys, and obstructing the West Indian 

Afterwards, in a committee on ways and means, resolved. 
That a further summ, not exceeding 8o,ooo2. per ann., be 
setled for 99 years from Lady day next, upon the half part of 
the subsidies of tonnage and poundage, and other duties upon 
wines and merchantdizes imported, granted to king Charles 2d 
for life ; and by several subsequent acts continued till ist Aug. 
1712, be further continued for 96 years, and applyed for pay- 
ment of such persons who will riuse a summ not exceeding 
1,280,000 ; and that out of the said money provision be made 
of so much as shal be necessary to be reserved to make good 
the quarterly payment of the said annuities till these yearly 

Feb. 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 869 

funds can take place for discharging the same, and the residue 
i^plyed towards carrying on the war ; which waa this day re- 
ported and agreed to. 

After which the house agreed with the committee^ that Mr. 
Withers, and not Mr. Tilney, was duly elected for Whitchurch. 

Tis said a patent is passing for Mr. Smith, the speaker, to 
succeed Mr. Boyl as chancellor of the excheq^er, so soon as the 
parliament riseth. 

On Saturday night last a fire broke out at the Fountain tavern 
in the Strand, which burn't down that and 40 other houses. 

Yesterdays Dutch post advises, from the Hague, that the 
French are making great preparations at Dunkirk for a descent, 
some say upon Zealand, others upon Scotland. 

Tkuraday^ i^Febr. — On Tuesday her majestie sent positive 
orders to sir Qeorge Bing, lord Dursley, and other sea officers 
here, to hasten for Spithead, and put to sea with all the ships 
they immediately can, which, with 12 Dutch daily expected, 
will make about %% sayl, and endeavour to intercept the French 
squadron, fitting out at Brest and Dunkirk, with great quanti- 
ties of arms and other ammunition of war on board, designed, 
as supposed, [for] some sea port towns. 

Yesterday the commons agreed with the committee ap- 
pointed to consider methods for speedy determining contro- 
verted elections. 

That all matters which shal come in question touching re- 
tarns or elections shal for the future be heard at the bar of 
the house. 

That all questions at the tryal of elections shal, if any mem- 
bers innst upon it, be determined by ballot. 

And that all petitions, upon every new parliament, relating 
to elections, be delivered to the clerk of the house, and laid 
upon the table before the speaker be chose. 

Lord Cognisby delivered to the house her majesties answer 
to their addresse about the 21,000 men wanting in Spain,. 
which being very long, and printed in the votes, I omit men- 
tioning it. 

This day the commons past the bill for discovery of tho death 
of persons pretended to be alive. 

Ordered the agents of taxes to give an account what moneys 
the receivers general h&ve paid in, and what remains unpaid. 

270 BRIEF RELATION OP [1707-8. 

The lords beard a cause between tbe bishop of Carlisle and 
his dean, about the right of visiting the chapter ; the queen 
present^ and gave it for the bishop. 

Robert Walpole, esq., one of the council to the prince as 
lord high admiral, is made secretary of war, in the room of 
Mr. St. John. 

Lieutenants generall Stewart, Orkney, and Ingoldsby, and 
brigadeers general Shannon, Stair, Temple, and Tatton, are 
made comptrollers for clothing the army. 

Saturday, 21 Febr. — Yesterday the lords heard a cause be- 
tween Alston and Alston, and gave it for the appellant; and 
adjourned till Monday. 

The commons ordered an account of allowances demanded 
by and paid to receivers of the land tax for the two years last 
past, for guards and incident charges in bringing up the money 
in specie, to be laid before them. 

Afterwards, in a committee on ways and means, resolved, To 
raise between 7 and 8cx>,ooo/., being the last money they want 
this session, by continueing the duties on wines, tobacco, and 
other merchantdizes, for 2 years longer, viz. from 1 7 1 2 to 1 7 14; 
which was this day reported and agreed to, and a bill ordered 
to be brought in for the same. 

That for making the river Tone navigable was ordered to be 

Mr. Benson reported the method of ballotting in disputative 
elections at the bar of the house, which was agreed to, and balls 
ordered to be prepared for that purpose. 

Sir Edward Seymor is dead. 

Mr. secretary Boyl was this day chose member for West- 

Yesterday the lieutenancy of the citty mett, and sir Jeffrey 
Jeffryes not having returned such officers to them as they ap- 
proved of, they superceded his commission, and gave his regi- 
ment to sir Charles Peers. 

There has been great pressing this week for seamen to man 
out our fleet, upon suspicion that the French intend a descent; 
tho some think their design is only to amuse us, and hinder sir 
John Leake's fleet from sayling to Portugal, and which is de- 
tained at Plymouth by contrary winds. 

Tttesday, 24 Febr. — Yesterday her majestie came to the 

Fbb. 36.] STATE AFFAIRS. 271 

house of peers, and gave the royal assent to the following 
bilk; that for recruiting the army, erecting a workhouse at 
Plymouth, encouraging the dyeing woollen cloth in England, 
by laying a duty on broad cloth exported white, and to two 

Same day we had advice, that 9 French men of war and 1 8 
priTateers were saUed from Dunkirk, supposed to intercept 
our homeward bound Russia fleet, or attack the East India ships 
at Eingsale. 

This morning came in 2 Dutch posts, 

From Paris, that the elector of Bavaria, with 20,000 men, is 
to ^ye the allies a diversion, whilst Yendosme acts about Lisle, 
who, with the troops of the household, is speedily expected 

From Madrid, that all the recruits for the French troops 
were arrived in Spain, and those of the confederates embarked 
at Vado and Final were landed at Barcelona; and that the 
Catalans make great efforts for king Charles. 

From the Hague, that the states have given orders for se- 
curing Zealand and Dutch Flanders; and for fitting out 30 
men of war in all hast to prevent any attempt of the French, 
who make great armaments at Dunkirk, to which place the 
troope pretended to cover the workmen, who were to make 
lines between Lisle and Courtray, are marching to embark; 
and 12,000 fusees and 6000 pistolls are sent thither to be put 
on board for their sea enterprize. 

On the 29th, major general Cadogan had a conference with 
the states deputies how to defeat the same. 

That the emperor had granted the upper Palatinate to the 
elector palatine, who has quitted the tolls of Keyserwaert to the 
electorate of Cologne. 

The commons satt till 6 this night upon the Spanish affairs; 
debated the queens answer to their addresse about the defi- 
ciency of our forces there, and ordered thanks to her majestic 
for taking measures to restore the affairs of Spain, and for pro- 
viding foreign troops for that purpose. 

Thursday y 26 Fehruar, — Yesterday the lords agreed to ad- 
dresse the queen, setting forth the great losses the merchants 
have received this last year for want of convoys ; and all the 
papers and debates of the house to be laid before her relating 

278 BRIEF RELATION OF [i 707-8. 

theretoOy tliat the same may be prevented for the future ; and 
the lords with the whitestaves to know when she will be at- 
tended with it. 

The commons past, and sent to the lords, the bill for making 
the river Tone navigable. 

Mr. secretary Boyl acquainted the house with the arrears of 
the 13 Dutch regiments in the late warrs, which was referred 
to a committee. 

This day the commons read a ist time the annuity bill ; and 
heard at the bar of the house the election for Ashbuvton, and 
carried it by 4 1 for Mr. Tuckfeild against Mr. Quick the peti- 
tioner, by way of ballotting. 

This day an expresse arrived from Portsmouth, with advice, 
that sir John Leake, and the fleet bound for Lisbon, were driven 
back to Spithead. 

Tis said Mr. secretary Boil has given 500/. to the poorer sort 
of people lately burn't out in the Strand. 

From the Hague, that the states are apprehensive the French 
armament at Dunkirk is designed against Scotland, the pre- 
tended prince of Wales to embark on board the fleet, as also 
the duke of Berwick, who was daily expected from Spain: 
others say 'tis only a feint to hinder our sending forces to Por- 
tugal ; however we are fitting out men of war with all expedi- 
tion ; the lord Dursley and sir Greorge Bing say led on Tuesday 
from Portsmouth with i j ships, to join sir John Jennings in 
the Downes, who sayled the same day with 18 more from 
Margat; and 'tis said the lord Frazier, with 2 other gentle- 
men, are lately arrived in the highlands of Scotland from 

The Tuscan gaUy from Barcelona says, the forces from Italy 
were all landed there before she came away. 

Saturday, 28 Febr, — ^Yesterday came in a Dutch post, ad- 
vising, that the king of Sueden, with 600 cuiriassers, having 
drove several parties of the czars before him, enter'd Grodno, 
where acoo Muscovites by break of day next morning had like 
to have surprized him, had not a Suedish regiment came timely 
to his assistance; and that his majestie intends to form an 
army of 1 2,cx>o men on the frontiers of Silesia, for the better 
restoring the protestant churches there. 

That the king of Denmark has demanded of the French 

Mab, ^.] STATE AFFAIRS. 273 

enToy at Copenhagen satisfaction for the Dutch Russia ships 
taken last year by monsieur Fourbin, in one of his ports in 
Norway, and that the ships be restored. 

From Paris, that the Spaniards design to act on the defen- 
sive this next year in Catalonia, whilst the duke of Orleans 
bends his whole force against Portugal, to oblige that king to 
a seperate peace ; and that 9 men of war, with 3 batallions of 
militia and great store of ammunition, &c., arc sail'd from Thou- 
lon for Sicily. 

From the Hague, that the states have given orders for 7 
regiments to march toward the sea side, to embark on board 
the squadron, which is ready to observe the Dunkirkers, who 
continue their preparations for a descent, pretending to have all 
their troops on board by the ^oth of March. 

This day the commons debated several hours the bill from 
the lords, (occasioned by a dispute between the bishop of Car- 
lisle and the dean, Dr. Atterbury,) for avoiding doubts and 
questions touching the statutes of divers cathedral and col- 
legiate churches; and after a division of 166 against 1^6, com- 
mitted it in favour of the bishop. 

The admiralty have received an expresse, that sir John Jen- 
nings, with 25 men of war, is sayled to block up Dunkirk, in 
conjunction with the Dutch. 

The sessions began at the Old Baily the 25th, and held the 
26th, where several criminals were tryed, of which 4 received 
sentence of death, 1 1 were burnt in the hand, 7 to be whip't, 
and f fined and to stand in the pillory three times ; and next 
sessions ordered to begin the r4th of April next. 

Tuesday , 2 March. — Yesterday the lords heard a cause, and 
afterwards waited upon her majestic with their addresse, being 
25 sheets of paper, setting forth the mismanagement of the ad- 
miralty ; which, 'tis said, they will order to be printed. 

The commons past the bill for finishing St. Pauls church, the 
cupulo of which is to be covered with British copper. 

Read a 2d time and committed the bills for raising more 
annuities, to prevent dangers by fire, and that relating to 

In the evening the committee about courts of justice, Mr. 
Manley, chairman ; and Serjeant Hook, a Welsh judge, heard 
in answer to the compliant of the lord BuDdey against him for 


874 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

demanding presents : he told the committee, that notwithstand- 
ing his salary, allowed by the queen, of 300Z. per Min., twas 
customary, and his predecessors alwayes had from the town of 
Beaumaris some small gifts, and he desired no more than what 
they usually took : at last the question was putt, whither the 
lord Bulkley had made out his charge ; yeas 71, noes 6a : and 
then resolved, for any judge in his circuit to demand a present 
was illegal and arbitrary. 

This day the commons read the mutineers bill, and that to 
reduce attornies a 2d time; and then, in a committee, went 
thro the bill to encourage privateers in America. 

The bishops of Exeter, Chester, and Norwich were sworn in 
the house of peers. 

The duke of Somerset made a report from the committee of 
lords to examine Gregg, which took 3 hours reading ; and a 
committee was appointed to abstract the same. 

Mawgridge, who killed captain Cope, is brought to Newgate. 

Yesterdays Dutch post says, that 4 of their capers had taken 
II of the French West India ships out of 15 ; and that they 
had 14 batallions ready to embark, to observe the armament at 

And this day came an expresse from sir George Bing, that 
he lay before the mouth of that harbour, with about 40 English 
and Dutch men of war. 

Thursday J ^ March. — Yesterday a man condemned lately 
for burglary, and a woman for breaking prison, &c., were exe- 
cuted at Tyburn. 

A commission is passing for the earl Rivers to command 
again in Spain, whither he will be goeing by the ist of May, 
taking with him 10,000 men to recruit 6 regiments there, and 
near 10,000 Germans more from Italy are to join him. 

Yesterday the admiralty had an expresse from sir George 
Bing, that he and the fleet returned into the Downs, it not be- 
ing safe to lye before Dunkirk with an easterly wind. 

This morning came an expresse from Ostend, with letters 
from major general Cadogan and others to the duke of Marl- 
borough, &c., advising that the French were embarking 18 
batallions at Dunkirk, with 200 English, Scotch, and Irish 
officers, and great store of arms, where the pretended prince 
of Wales, with some Scotch peers, were arrived ; and designed 


to be ready to sail by next Saturday, as they gave out, for 

Her majestie has also received an expresse from the states 
general to the same effect ; some of the letters mention^ that 
when the prince took leave of the French king, his majestie 
told him he had done what he possibly could for him, wished 
him good successe, and hoped he should never see him again : 
that major general Cadogan had ordered jo batallions to em- 
bark at Ostend, which will be ready to sail as soon as the 
French ; an abstract of which letters were by the queens com- 
mand laid before both houses of parliament, who agreed in one 
addresse to her majestie, that they will stand by her with their 
lives luid fortunes, and that neither this nor any other attempt 
shall discourage them from prosecuting the war, till the whole 
Spanish monarchy be reduced to the obedience of the house of 
Anstria; and think themselves particularly obliged to the states 
general for their zeal and early inteUigence. 

The commons ordered a bill to be brought in to suspend the 
habeas corpus act, that suspitious persons may be taken up and 
detained in custody. 

Orders are sent to sir George Bing to look after the Dun- 
kirkers, and to all the Scotch officers here to repair immediately 
to Scotland. 

Saturday, 6 March. — Her majestie's answer to the addresse 
of both houses of parliament about the invasion was to this 
effect ; That she had such an entire dependance on the provi- 
dence of God, and so great trust in her subjects, that she 
hoped this attempt would prove fatall only to those who under- 
took it ; that she would have particular regard to their advice, 
and was pleased with the justice they had done the states ge- 
neral, in taking notice of their timely care for our safety and 
readinesse to assist us. 

The letters which came on Thursday from major general 
Cadogan say, he had intelligence 41 commissioners went from 
Scotland to France, on behalf of several of the nobility and 
gentry of that kingdom, to invite over the pretended prince 
of Wales, and bring with him a sufficient number of troops, 
officers, arms, and money ; and that the French king gave 4 
millions of livres for that purpose ; and if the duke of Barwick 
arrives time enough, he is to command in chief. 

T 2 

276 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

That 2 Ostend privateers lay behind the Sands, within half 
a league of Dunkirk, and 9 English frigats cruizing about a 
league distant from each other, to give notice with their guns 
to sir George Bing in the Downs when the French set sayle ; 
and in case the English fleet should roisse them, he was re- 
solved, with 10,000 men which were about Ostend, to follow 
them, the Dutch having furnished him with transports and men 
of war. 

Yesterday the common council of this citty resolved to stand 
by and assist her majestie against the pretended prince of 
AVales, &c. 

And this day a proclamation was published, commanding her 
subjects to seize him and all his abettors as tray tors and rebells; 
as also the horses and arms of all disaffected people. 

Most of the forces in England and Ireland are ordered 'to- 
wards Scotland. 

Dr. Beveredge, bishop of St. Asaph, died this morning. 

Tuesday, 9 March. — Yesterday the lords examined witnesses 
upon a petition of John Ferdinando Gary, who claims the title 
and honour of lord Hunsdon, a peer of England, altho he was 
born in Holland ; and the debate of his peerage putt off till 

The commons read, and ordered a second reading, a bill to 
^empower her majestie to secure and detain such as she shal 
suspect are conspiring against her person or government. 

Afterwards, in a committee, resolved, That all foreign cord- 
age shal have no drawback upon exportation; and that the 
duties upon coals exported be continued to the year 1715. 

This day heard the report from the committee relating to 
Serjeant Hooke, one of the Welsh judges, and cleared him ; 178 
against 130. 

Then, in a committee, went thro' the bill for avoiding doubts 
and questions touching the statutes of divers colledges and col- 
legiate churches, which chiefly concern the bishop of Carlisle, 
Dr. Nicholson, and the dean, Dr. Atterbury ; and there were 
two divisions upon it, and both carried by above 40 on behalf 
of his lordship. 

The lords past the bill for convoys and cruizors ; and with 
the judges agreed upon heads for a bill for further security of 
her majesties person ; one, that all persons in publick places in 


Scotland shal take the abjuration ; and another, that it shal be 
in the power of 2 justices of peace in England to tender the 
abjuration to any person, and upon refusal to commit them. 

Our 6 East India ships, with the Jamaica pacquet boat, and 
sereral West India merchant ships richly laden, under convoy 
of 7 men of war, are arriv'd at Spithead from Ireland. 

This day's Dutch post says, that the pretended prince of 
Wales was ill of the small pox at Dunkirk, where the Brest 
squadron had join'd him ; but Flanders letters say he was sailed 
for Scotland, the pope hayeing given him a great summ of money 
towards his expedition. 

Thursday, 1 1 March. — This morning early her majestic re- 
ceived an expresse from major general Cadogan at Ostend, 
adviseing that the French fleet, with the land forces and pre- 
tended prince of Wales on board, saiPd from Dunkirk last 
Tuesday at 3 in the morning northward, suppos'd for Scotland, 
and that he had sent 2 Dutch privateers to acquaint sir George 
Bing with it ; they have on board about 5000 men, besides a 
great number of English, Scotch, and Irish officers, and large 
summs of money to reward those that join them, with provi- 
edons for 6 months ; and that 1 o batallions under general Ca- 
dogan are following them ; upon which a council was soon after 
held at Kensington. 

The duke of Marlborough has ordered all the general officers 
to attend him, who are to be ready at an hours warning, with 
most of the forces in England, to march northward ; and mes- 
sengers are sent out to secure suspected persons. 

About noon came an expresse to the admiralty^ that th& 
French mett with contrary winds, and were seen between Yar- 
mouth and Lestoffe on the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk, and 
that admiral Bing was within 7 hours sail of them, with 50 
English and Dutch men of war. 

The queen came to the house of peers this afternoon, and 
past the bill for cruizers and convoys; for further security of 
her majesties person and government ; that for repealing the 
habeas corpus act; and the annuity bill for i,28o,oco^., the 
1st payment of which was immediately filled : and after made 
a speech, acquainting them with the Dunkirkers sayling, and 
the prince of Wales on board ; and that sir George Bing had 
notice thereof at 10 the same morning, and who was much su- 

278 BRIEF RELATION OF [1707-8. 

perior to them both in number and strength ; and hop'd, with 
God's blessing, to give a good account of them. 

After which the commons roted an addresse of thanks for 
her speech ; that they will stand by her majestie in defence of 
her person, government, and protestant succession, and what 
expence she is at in augmenting her troops, they will make 
good ; beseeching her not to be diverted from fcarrying on the 
war abroad in all its parts, and that she will, in a remarkable 
manner^ discountenance all such as have occasioned divisions 
between her and her faithful subjects, or raised jealousies in 
her of those who have served her in a most distinguishing and 
eminent manner. 

Saturday, 13 March. — Yesterday came in a Dutch post, 
with letters from Hamburgh and Poland, that the king of 
Sueden, at the head of 6000 horse, attack'd a far greater body 
of Muscovites horse, who fought desperately for some hours, 
but at last were forc'd to give ground, leaving their baggage 
and artillery to the Suedes. 

From Dunkirk, that the Brest squadron did not sail with 
admiral Fourbin for Scotland, (who took out a lower tire of his 
guns for expedition,) but staid behind to observe the troops 
major general Cadogan was embarking. 

From Ostend, that sir George Bing had sent thither 10 
men of war to convoy the said troops, who were follovring the 

Last night dyed suddenly sir John Turton, one of the judges 
in the reign of king William. 

The lord chief justice Holt is ill of a palsy. 

TTiis day the commons past the carryer's bill, with a ryder, 
allowing them more than 6 horses in bad wayes and up hills. 

In a committee, went thro' the bill for encouraging such of 
her majesties subjects in Scotland, who shal shew their zeal to 
her government by opposing or not following such leaders of 
clanns as shal take up arms against her majestie, by discharg- 
ing them from any fai*ther superiorities, priviledges, or payment 
of rents due to the superiours so forfeiting. 

After which, both houses went to the queen vrith their ad> 
dresse, to assure her of assistance in case of an invasion. 

There is no account since my last either of sir George Bing 
or the French fleet. 

Mab. 1 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 279 

The doke of Ormonds and earl of Albemarle^s troops of 
guards, duke of Northuinberlaiid''s royal regiment of horse^ 
and 600 of the foot guards, have orders to be in a readinesse 
to march at an hours warning; 'tis said, lieutenant general 
Earle is to command in chief, and all the officers here, whose 
regiments are in Ireland, are goeing thither. 

This morning % addresses were brought from Scotland, one 
firom the privy council, the other from the kirk, promidng to 
^tand by her majestie against all her enemies. 

Ihiesday^ 16 March. — The privy council of Scotland have 
ordered a fast to be kept the first Thursday in Aprill through- 
out that kingdom, to implore the mercy of God, and defeat the 
threatned invasion of the French. 

The horse and foot guards, mentioned in my last, begun 
their march towards Scotland yesterday ; lo regiments of foot 
more are already ordered that way, with a squadron of Essex's 
and another of Carpenters dragoons ; which, with the troops 
expected from Ostend, will make a body of 24,000 men ; the 
horse, tis said, are to rendevouze at York, and the foot at 
Newcastle, the ist of May, in order to enter that kingdom with 
a train of artillery of 20 peices of cannon now getting ready : 
we have there already 2500 regular troops, and 14 regiments 
in Irdand, viz. 3 of horse, 3 of dragoons, and 8 of foot; so that 
we don't apprehend any great danger from the pretender. 

Sunday came an expresse from Ostend, advising, that ad- 
miral Baker, with 11 men of war, who was to convoy our 
forces from thence after the French was gone in pursuit of 
the Brest squadron which sailed from Dunkirk, and that there 
was shooting heard. 

Ijast night came an expresse from Berwick, that our fleet 
was seen on Fryday off that place; and another this day about 
noon, from sir George Bing to the earl of Sunderland, dated 
Saturday morning, advising, that he was within sight of the 
French fleet off the Frith which leads to ^Edinburgh, and 
doubted not to prevent their landing men or arms, and hop'd 
to give a good account of them ; of which Mr. secretary Boyle 
immediately acquainted the commons, who thereupon adjourned 
till to morrow morning, without proceeding upon further busi- 
nesse ; and the pubUck stocks (which had before fell very con- 
siderably) are now advanced. 

«80 BRIEF RELATION OP [1707-8. 

And another expresse came this evening from Danbar, near 
the Frith, dated Saturday noon, that they saw a great number 
of ships, and Iieard much shooting ; by which we suppose sir 
George Bing had engaged the French. 

Thursday, 18 March. — Yesterday came an expresse from 
the earl of Leven, dated the 13th, at Edinburgh, confirming 
the French and P^nglish fleets being seen off the Fryth near 
each other, and shooting heard. 

That the citty of Glasco, &c. had shown themselves extra- 
ordinary forward to oppose the invasion^ and makes no mention 
of any insurrection in all North Brittain. 

The lieutenancy of London presented a very loyai addresse 
to her majestic upon this occasion, who was pleased to conferr 
the honour of knighthood upon George Thorold, and John Scott, 
esqs., two of their number. 

Yesterday the duke of Argyle, who is made a Ueutenant ge- 
neral, and has a commission to raise two regiments in Scotland, 
(besides that and the troop of horse guards he has already,) 
went hence for that kingdom. 

This day the lords agreed upon an addresse to the queen 
upon the report from the committees of lords appointed to ex- 
amine Gregg, &c., and in it is, that Gregg deserves to dye. 

After which their lordships heard a cause on a writ of errcH* 
brought by Wood, (formerly chose sherif of London,) upon a 
judgment obtained against him for refusing to hold that office, 
and affirmed the judgment. 

Last night dyed sir Wm. Craven of an apoplexy; William 
Walsh, esq., member of parliament, and gentleman of the horse 
to the master of the horse, is also dead. 

This morning came an expresse, that admiral Baker not 
meeting with the Brest squadron, which lately sailed from 
Dunkirk, was arrived at Ostend, to convoy the troops embarked 

At noon came another from Dunbar, dated the i5th, in the 
morning, that sir George Bing came up with the French fleet 
at 4 in the afternoon before, and made a chase fight to the 
northward till 7 at night, and Sunday morning was heard as 
much fireing from a greater distance as the evening before, 
at which time 'twas beleived the fight was renewed; and at 
coming away of the expresse, a ketch, with red colours, was 

Mab. 20.] STATE AFFAIRS. 881 

leen making for the Fyrth» supposed with particulars of the 

Saturday, 20 March. — Yesterday came an expresse from 
Edinbiirgh, that on the 13th sir George Bing was in view of 
the French fleet, chased them to the northward of Buccanesse, 
but in the night they all gott out of sight, except the Salisbury 
of 50 guns, which we took, and next morning perceiying them 
at a great distance from the coast and at sea, and our ships 
foul, the wind east north east, and beleiving they would be 
forc'd to return to Dunkirk, sir George Bing with his ships 
came back to the Frith : on board the Salisbury were the mar- 
qoesae de Levy, a French lieutenant general, and 700 men ; 
of which 250 were sailors, the rest officers and soldiers, the 
greatest part French, among them the lord Griffin and lord 
Clermont ; the prisoners report there were 12 batallions on 
board their squadron, and the pretender, the lords Middleton 
and Perth, with several other officers and gentlemen on board 
the Mars, monsieur Fourbin's ship. 

The same day we had letters from the Hague, that one of 
the French men of war, that lately sailed from Dunkirk with 
8 companies of foot for Scotland, was cast away on the sands 
of Newport. 

Captiun Awbrey Porter is made lieutenant collonel of 
Nassau'^s regiment of horse, in the room of collonel Polain, 

This day the queen came to the house of peers, and gave 
the royal assent to these bills: that for raising i,2oo,cxx:Z. by 
the East India company; the subsidy bill for raising 800,000/.; 
mutineers and deserters ; that for discovering persons who are 
dead ; that for avoiding doubts and questions touching the 
statutes of divers cathedral and collegiate churches, &c. 

The commons resolved. That whoever design^ by endea- 
vours to lessen the publick credit, especially at a time when 
the kingdom is threatned with an invasion, is guilty of a high 
crime and misdemeanour, and an enemy to her majestic and 
the kingdom. 

Some words having happ'ned between the lord Down and 
Mr. Monckton about the Yorkshire register billj of which the 
house having notice, made them promise not to prosecute the 


In the afternoon came an expresse, that our squadron, with 
the forces on board, bemg seen off Lynn, and orders bayong 
been sent to our northern ports for them not to debark, it's 
presumed we shal soon hear of their being returned to the place 
they came from. 

Tuesday, 23 March, — Yesterday the lords waited upon the 
queen with their addresse, setting forth the examinations of 
Gregg, &c., who, tis believed^ will be speedily executed. 

The commons ordered a clause to be added to the bill for 
making provision for electing the 16 Scotch lords to sitt in the 
house of peers in the parliament of Great Brittain^ viz. to ten- 
der the abjuration oath to all electors of members to parliament 
in England and Scotland. 

The same day came letters from Edinburgh, that sir George 
Bing continued in Leith road ; the prisoners taken in the Sa- 
lisbury are dispersed on board several of our ships ; that all is 
quiet in that kingdom; and conjectured that monsieur Fourbin 
was gone to Norway to take in fresh water, none of his fleet 
being heard of since sir George lost sight of them. 

Her majestic has conferred the honour of knighthood upon 
Thomas Johnson, esq., member for Leverpool. 

The lord treasurer has ordered all receivers generall, as they 
return up their money, to pay it into the bank of England. 

The lord Lovelace has kist the queen's hand for the govern- 
ment of New York and New Jersey, in the room of the lord 
Cornbury, recalled. 

Yesterday we had an account that our squadron and batal- 
lions from Ostend were seen off Newcastle, who have orders 
to lye between Barwick and Edinburgh, with tfadr troops on 

This day a proclamation was published, offering 30o{. for 
the apprehending James Ogiivy, esq., sett on shore with some 
others by the French fleet off Aberdeen. 

Tis said the lord Belhaven is taken up. 

Letters from Paris advise, that that king had ordered pub- 
Uck prayers throughout his kingdom, for successe of the pre- 
tended prince of Wales's expedition. 

Besides the French general officers on board, he has with 
him 4 of his own country, viz. Dorington, Richard Hamilton, 
Skelton, and Galmoy ; and for supporting that enterpriie, the 


king has giTen directionB for hastning further naval prepara- 
tions making in several of his harbours, beleived to be designed 
against Ireland. 

TIs said the doke of Marlborough will goe hence this week 
for Holland. 


Thursday, 25 March, — Letters from Scotland advise^ that 
the pretended prince of Wales dined on board the Salisbury 
man of war the day before she was taken ; there was found on 
board her 32,000/., and 1500/. worth of plate. 

That a fleet of 22 ships was seen last Thursday of Mont- 
rosse, supposed to be French ; that several suspected lords and 
gentlemen were taken into custody ; and some of the letters 
say the lord Drummond, son to the earl of Perth^ had got to- 
gether upwards of 2co persons on behalf of the pretender, near 
the Blair of AthoU in the highlands. 

Fifteen 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th rate men of war are appointed 
to lye off Dunkirk, under commodore Walker. 

Yesterday the lords, in a committee, went thro part of the 
bill for setting up an exchequer in Scotland, like to ours here. 

The commons past that for making further provision for 
electing 16 Scotch peers to sitt in the parliament of Great 
Brittain ; and this day ordered the bill for encouraging such 
of the queens subjects in Scotland, who shal shew their zeal 
for her government, in opposing or not following such leaders 
of clans that shal take up arms against her majestie, by dis- 
charing them from any farther superiority, privilege, or pay- 
ment of rent due to the superiours so forfeiting, to be engrost. 

The last foreign letters brought an account, that the elector 
of Hanover had dispatched fresh letters to several princes of 
the empire, pressing them to send their quota's of men and 
money with all expedition, that nothing might be wanting to 
retreive the glory of Germany. 

That prince Eugene was comeing to the Hague, to concert 
with the duke of Marlborough the operations of the next cam- 
pagne, and to morrow his grace sets forward for Holland. 

Major general Stanhope is preparing for Spain to command 
our forces there, and not earl Rivers, as some time since re- 

Saturday, 27 March. — ^Testerdays letters from Ostend ad- 


vise, that a French frigats were arrived at Donkirk from Scot- 
land, and declared that the English fleet had fallen in with 
theirs of the Fry th ; whereupon they made all the sail they 
could home, which news put a stop to the embarkation of a fur- 
ther reinforcement of French designed against that kingdom. 

Same day the earl of Glasco, high commissioner of the as- 
sembly of the kirk, with other persons of quality, went hence 
for Edinburgh. 

In the afternoon general Churchil, brother to the duke of 
Marlborough, was seized with an apoplectick fitt, and continues 
ill, which hinders his grace's going for Hollaiid til Monday 

The chief of the prisoners taken in the Salisbury (among 
whom we now hear are the lord Darentwater and his brother) 
are put on board a man of war and bringing hither, and the 
rest will be sent by land under a strong guard. 

The lord Lovelace being declared governor of New York, 
&c., her majestic has given his regiment to lieutenant collonel 

And 'tis said major general Meredith is made gentleman of 
the horse to the master of the horse to the queen, in room of 
Wm. Walsh, esq., deceased. 

Letters from BristoU say, that the Seveme galley, which 
came to an anchor there the :(4th from Leghorn, soon after by 
carelesnesse blew up, and the captain with most of the men 

This morning the admiralty received an expresse from cap- 
tain Griffith and captain Cornwall, two of our cruizers, that 
16 of the French squadron from Scotland, with land men on 
board, were seen goeing into Dunkirk on Thursday; that 
Fourbin mett with a storm on the coast of Norway, which 
much shattered him, and that her majesties ship, the Wey- 
mouth, fell in with them, and had like to have been taken by 
4 of their men of war ; so that 'tis now expected our troops, 
which lately came from Ostend, will be immediately ordered 

Tuesday f 30 March, — On Sunday came an expresse from 
Scotland, that the French fleet were gone thence, one of their 
ships haveing first landed 60 men in Murray Fryth, who 
bought several necessaries and then returned on board; that 


the troops from Ostend were preparing to goe back, and ad- 
miral Bing to sail for England. 

Yesterday, about 3 in the morning, the duke of Marlbo- 
rough, major general Stanhope, with many other officers, went 
for Margate to embark for Holland ; and the wind being fair 
ever unce, 'tis not doubted but they are sailed, having a con- 
Yoy of 9 men of war : 'tis said, that after his grace has conp- 
ferred with prince Eugene, he'le come hither again about some 
weighty affairs that are to be settled. 

Same day Gregg was brought at his own desire to the lord 
Sunderland's office from Newgate, and there examined; and 
soon after Mr. Chauncy, the messenger, seized in the court of 
requests one Mr. Leith, a Scotch gentleman, upon a warrant 
for high treason. 

Four members of parliament are lately dead, viz. George 
Fletcher, esq. for Cumberland, Edward Strode, esq. for Ilchea- 
ter, Charles Goreing, esq. for Steyning, and Thomas Bulkeley, 
esq. for Carnarvan. 

This day the commons ordered an addresse to her majestie, 
tnat she will give directions to the proper officers to lay before 
them an accoimt of what number of men have voluntarily listed 
themselves, or have been listed by the justices, pursuant to the 
late act of parliament for recruits ; and what summs have been 
paid out to the officers for bounty money, and to whom, and at 
what time ; as also when the orders were given out for recruit- 
ing and compleating the forces in her majesties pay. 

A Dutch post arrived here advises, from Flanders, that all 
the French forces from Scotland, except those on board the 
Salisbury, are returned and debarked at Dunkirk, and so very 
sick, that half of them are ordered into hospitalls. 

Captain Dent of the horse granadeers is killed by captain 
Morley of the same regiment, in a duel. 

Thursday, i Aprill, — ^Testerday was a debate in the house 
of peers, upon complaint made by the lord Langdale, a papist, 
of a breach of priviledge committed by the deputy lieutenants 
of the north riding of Yorkshire, who seized several of his best 
horses and kept them ; to which 'twas answered, It could be 
no breach of priviledge, by reason it was done for her majesties 
service, at a time when the pretender threatned an invasion of 
her kingdoms ; and their lordships ordered the duke of New- 


caade, lord lieutenaDt of that riding, to thank the deputy lieu- 
tenants for their care, and assure them 'twas no breach of 

The commons ordered an addresse to the queen to issue out 
a proclamation, requiring all justices, &c. to use their utmost 
power to put the act for recruiting the army in execution^ and 
show her displeasure to those persons who shsl dismisse any 
pa*8on so listed for money, or refuse listing such as are fitt for 
the service. 

4Ier majestic has ordered all the men of war in England to 
be fitted out, with the bomb vessells and fireships, and 10,000 
bombs and carcasses are getting ready upon some great design. 

The marquesse d'Leyy, a French lieutenant general, taken 
on board the Salisbury, has wrote to the queen for leave to 
goe to Paris upon his parole; but was answered, his request 
should not be granted, because there was a difference between 
such as were taken in battel, and those that came with the pre- 
tender to steal her crown. 

This day the commons ordered thanks to be given to the 
lord high admiral, for his great care in so expeditiously setting 
forth so great a number of ships, whereby the fleet under sir 
George Bing was Enabled so happily to prevent the intended 

In the afternoon her majestic came to the house of peers, 
sent for the commons up, past what bills were ready for the 
royal assent, made a speech to both houses; after which the 
lord chancellor prorogued the parliament to the 13th instant; 
before which time 'tis thought 'twill be dissolved, and writs 
issued out for chusing a new one. 

Saturday, 3 AprilL — ^There are some letters from Vienna, 
which advise, that the emperor has given leave to build 6 
churches for the protestants, besides those mentioned in the 
treaty with the king of Sueden, provided baron Stralenheim, 
his envoy, will desist from any further demands, and that there 
be no more disputes concerning the affairs of Silesia. 

From Narva, that the Swedes in Finland have by surprize 
taken the strong fortresse of Petersburgh belonging to the 

We have an account that admiral Baker is returned to the 
Ilumber, with the landmen and transports, in order to goe 

Apr. 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. «8T 

hack for OsteDd ; and that tdr George Bing, with her majestiea 
fleet from Scotland, is expected next Monday in the Downs. 

On Thursday the lord treasurer, with sereral of the nobility 
and gentry, went for Newmarket to see the horse races, &c. ; 
about Fryday next his lordship is expected back ; and Sunday 
following a great council is to be held, when 'tis beleived a pro- 
clamation will be agreed upon for dissolving the parliament. 

This day came in a Dutch post ; the Paris Gazett of the 7th, 
N. S., says, that the chevalier d'Rambiure, commander of the 
Proteus, returnM the 3 ist to Dunkirk, and reported that on 
the 23d about noon he arrived at the Fryth of Edinburgh, and 
count Fonrbin 6 hours after; the 24th they discovered the 
enemies fleet, which obliged them to sail towards Invernesse, 
the enemy after them ; and that the Proteus having lost sight 
of Fourbin, and not knowing his place of rendevouz, came back 
to Dunkirk : he adds, that while he was off the Fryth, a gen- 
tleman came on board and acquainted them that the nobility 
and gentry had signed an association in favour of the pre- 
tender ; that in all Scotland there were not 1500 men of a 
contrary opinion, and that a lord was at the head of 10,000 
men to receive him. 

Letters from Ostend say, that the pretender was not on 
board any of the ships that return'd to Dunkirk, and that 4 or 
5, besides the Salisbury taken, were not then come back. 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene arrived there last Sun- 
day, and the duke of Marlborough on Tuesday evening ; his 
grace is expected here again next week. 

The report of captain Morley killing captain Dent is false. 

Tuesday, 6 AprilL — Last night came in a Flanders mail, 
with the Brussels Gazet of the 13th, which says, letters from 
Ostend, &c. give account that the man of war, on board of which 
was the pretender, being seperated from the rest by an high 
wind and fogg, arrived the 7th at Dunkirk, where he landed, 
and sett out for St. Germains next morning. 

That the duke of Bavaria, with the French in general, are 
in a great consternation upon their disappointment in Scotland, 
which has altered all their measures. 

This morning came in a Dutch post, which brings from Na- 
ples, that most of the imperial horse there are ordered for 
Millain, and from thence to Spain ; and that a decree is pub- 


lished forbidding bankers remitting money to Rome, or to 
those who have benefices in Millain and don't reside npon them, 
and the money to be applied towards carrying on the war. 

From Brussels, that monsieur Chamillard was arriyed at 
Lisle from Versailles, in order to view the magazines, and dis- 
pose every thing for opening the campagne. 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene and the duke of Marl- 
borough have been in conference with the deputies of the 
states, the minister of Hanover, and others, and setled a nevr 
scheme for carrying on the war this campagne. 

That there had been such a crowd of people before the 
princes lodgings to see him, that the states ordered a guard to 
keep off the mobb ; however, his highnesse was forced to shew 
himself for their satisfaction, who was preparing to return for 
Vienna, and the duke of Marlborough for England, where his 
grace is expected the first easterly wind ; stays some little time 
hero, and goes back again. 

Tis said her majestic and the Dutch have agreed to take all 
the foreign troops now ready for service into their pay for 6 

Thursday^ 8 April, — From Venice, that the earl of Man- 
chester, our ambassador there, had complained to the regency 
of an affront offered to his character by some ofiicers of the 
customes, who went on board a vessel belonging to his lord- 
ship, and took away several things; upon which they an- 
swered, it was done without their knowledge, and that they 
had given ordera for punishing the said persons. 

From Vienna, that the states of Lower Austria have made 
the queen of Spain a present of 50,000 crowns, Upper Austria 
40,000, and Bohemia, Silesia, and Moravia 60,000 ; and that 
she is to sett out the 17 th instant, because the last exprcsse 
from Barcelona pressed the same, and brought advice that the 
confederate troops in Catalonia were in a tolerable good con- 
dition, and able to defend themselves till further supplies ar- 

From Dunkirk, that admiral Fourbin has declared his or- 
ders were to land in Edinburgh Fryth, and no where else; 
and that if he could have seized that castle, then to sett ashore 
the pretender, but that he missed his point about lo hours* 

The Alborough man of war has brought into Plymouth a 

Apr. lo.] STATE AFFAIRS. 289 

French privateer of i8 guns and 70 men, which, according to 
the act passed last session for convoys and cruizers^ if she is 
adjudged a lawful prize, our officers and seamen on board shal 
after condemnation (the queen's customes first paid) have the 
sole property thereof distributed among them, pursuant to 
the respective shares, as by her majesties proclamation to 
be issued forth for that purpose shal declare ; as also 5/. for 
every French man which was living on board at time of the 

Several persons in Scotland are outlawed and denounced re- 
bells for favouring the intended invasion ; and 'tis said the duke 
of Athol will undergoe the same fate, if he does not speedily 
surrender himseUl 

The lord Dover, a papist, is dead. 

Saturday y 10 April. — Yesterday came in a Dutch post, with 
advice from Constantinople, that the grand seignior is resolved 
upon war ; has ordered 40 frigats and 50 galleys to be equipt, 
but the number of land forces not known, nor against whom the 
expedition is designed. 

From Italy, that the pope still continueing to disown king 
Charles, the emperor has ordered the Germans to quarter on 
his territories ; and that most of the recruits for the imperial 
troops are arrived, and wait for the English fleet to transport 
them to Spain. 

From Zurick, of the 7th, that the affair of Neuchastell is 
adjusted till the war be over, and by it the king of Prussia's 
titie not questioned. 

From Paris, that the miscarriage of their enterprize upon 
Scotland was occasioned, not only by the arrival of the English 
fleet, but the Scots not shewing so great an inclination to de- 
clare for them, as the French court had been made to believe ; 
that near 2000 of their men dyed in the expedition, and the 
rest very infirm ; and that the pretender was gone for St Omers 
to make the campagne under the duke of Vandosm. 

The Prussian, Suedish, and other troops, are ordered to^ 
wards Hamburgh, to induce that citty to put an end to an 
unhappy difference fallen out between the magistrates and 

From the Hague, that the Dutch have appointed the 25tb 
instant for a day of humiliation and thanksgiving throughout 



the 7 provinces, to implore the blessing of Ood upon the arms 
of the allies, and return thanks to the Almighty for firustrating 
the French designs upon Scotland. 

That monsieiu* Overkirk being very sick, the states have 
('tis said) prevailed with the duke of Marlborough not to come 
to England for some few dajes, as intended, least the enemy 
in his absence should make any attempt^ and the common cause 
suffer for want of an experienced general. 

Mr. Symons and Mr. Palmer, brothers in law, of about 200L 
per ann., with 2 of their accomplices, were at Worcester assizes 
condemned to be hanged for murthering Mrs. Palmer, their 
mother, with her mdd, and afterwards fireing the house. 

Earl and Pendergrasse's regiments, with a batallion of the 
guards, are ordered for Holland. 

Duke Hamilton came this night to town attended by a me^ 

On Monday tis expected the parliament will be dissolved. 

Tuesday, 13 April. — This day both houses of parliament 
mett, and were by commission prorogued to the 27th instant; 
and on Thursday next will be a great council, when 'tis ex- 
pected 'twill be dissolved : some are of opinion that the writs 
will not bear date till after the first of May, at which time the 
privy council in Scotland ceases. 

The lord viscount Mountacute, a papist, is dead at his house 
near Midhurst in Sussex, and succeeded in honour and estate 
by his brother, Henry Brown, esq. 

Anthony Duncomb, esq., member of parliament for Heydon 
in Yorkshire, is also dead. 

The lord Dover by his will ordered his body to be buried in 
the Carmelite church at Bruges in Flanders, and, 'tis sud, gave 
1000/. to the monks thereof. 

Yesterdays letters from Edinburgh say, that several other 
persons were taken up, suggested to be favourers of the in- 
tended invasion, among them Mr. Fletcher of Saltown. 

The Salisbury, with some ships of sir George Bings squa- 
dron, are come into the Downs, being seperated from the rest 
by bad weather. 

The French ambassador at Venice acquainting that state 
that the pretender was landed in Scotland, and a revolution 
there and in England, they made rejoycings for the same; 

Ara. 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 291 

npoQ which srignior Comaro, their ambassador here, is forbid 
our court. 

The Herbert galley is arrived at Weymouth from Lisbon, 
and says, that sir John Leak, with his squadron, camo thither 
the day before he left that place. 

This days Dutch post sayes the French were forming a camp 
near Harlebeck of 12,000 men, upon which a body of our 
troops are ordered to obserre them ; that monsieur Overkirk 
continued ill. 

That prince Eugene designs to take Dresden in his way to 
Yienna ; that the duke of Marlborough was gone to Hanover, 
to oonferr with that elector about the operations of the cam- 

Thursday, 15 ApriU, — Letters from Venice say, that the 
earl of Manchester, our ambassador there, had embark'd some 
of his equipage on board an English ship, and 'twas beleived 
his excellency would return for England in a short time. 

From the Hague, that the elector of Hanover is expected at 
Frankfort the 24th, to concert matters with the duke of Marl- 
borough and prince Eugene, in order to hasten the Oerman 
forces into the feild; and those two generals are to meet the 
elector palatine and the king of Prussia upon the same affair ; 
the duke designs to be back again in 15 dayes, by which time 
the army in Flanders will be ready to open the campagne. 
' The earl of Albemarle is declared by the states one of 
their lieutenants general of horse, and monsieur Fagell of 

Yesterdays letters from Ireland advise, that 4 of our home- 
ward bound East Ludia ships were arrived at Oallway, which 
came in company with 3 others, but some dayes before were 
seperated from them. 

The duke of Oordon, earls of Murray, Seaforth, Traquair, 
Aberdeen, Marshal, Errol, and Nithisdale, viscount Kenmure* 
lords Belhaven, Eelsyth, Sinclair, and Balmerino, sir William 
Bruce, collonel Balfour, and several private gentlemen, are 
committed to the castle of Edinburgh : the duke of Athol, mar- 
quesse of Huntley, and lord Drummond, are sent for : the late 
bishop of Edinburgh, Mr. Dugall Stuart, and Mr. Fletcher of 
Saltoon, are confined to their lodgings. 

This day came in 2 Lisbon mails, the last of the 3ist^ which 

u 2 


says the forces with sir John Leake were all landed, and pre- 
paring for the frontiers to join the marquesse d^Minas. 

Tis said sir David Mitchel, one of the council to the lord high 
admiral, has laid down. 

Gregg was this afternoon brought to the sessions house in the 
Old Baily, in order to prepare to die. 

This night in council the parliament was dissolved, and a 
proclamation ordered for calling a new one ; 'tis said the writs 
will bear date the 2 2d instant. 

Saturday y 17 April. — Yesterday came in a Dutch post, 
with advice, from Frankfort, that 2000 French had past the 
Rhine, and a greater body following them ; upon which general 
Thungen sent an expresse to the elector of Hanover, and or- 
dered all the troops of the empire under his command to join 
him, not knoweing as yet which way the French will take. 

From Madrid, that the duke of Orleans, for want of money, 
was not yet gone into the feild, the bills he brought with him 
from Paris being protested, but he had received from thence a 
million of livres in specie, and promised another speedily. 

From the Hague, that the allies in Flanders have got ready 
a vast train of artillery and mortars, either to beseige a town, 
or force the French Unes, and in order to it they have laid up 
•vast magazines at Audenard and Aeth. 

From Paris, that the French king has ordered the duke 
of Bar wick to command the army that acts against prince 

Seignior Cornaro, the Venetian ambassador here, is prepar- 
ing to putt on board his equipage, intending to return home in 
A month. 

The easterly winds hinder the goeing back of the troops 
which came from Ostend. 

Yesterday a proclamation was published for dissolving the 
parliament, writts will be speedily issued out for chusing a new 
one, and it still holds they will bear date next Thursday. 

This day a form of prayer, by the queens command, was 
also publushed, to be used in all churches of London and West- 
minster, the 1 8th instant, and in all other places throughout 
England, &c., the 9th of May, to return thanks to God for the 
happy successe of her majesties councils and forces against the 
insolent attempt to invad(9 her kingdom.] STATE AFFAIRS. 298 

Sir Oeorge Bing, with 21 men of war^ arrived yesterday in 
the Downs from Scotland. 

The English, Scotch, and Irish officers, prisoners taken on 
board the Salisbory, are expected here this night, and will be 
comitted to the Tower. 

A warrant is sign'd for executing Gregg next Fryday. 

The 14th the sessions of peace for London and Middlesex 
began, at the OldBaily, and continued the 15th, where seyeral 
criminals were tryed, of which 2 receiyed sentence of deaths 
10 were burnt in the hand, and 2 to be whip't, and i fined 
and to stand 3 times in the pillory ; and the next sessions ap- 
pointed to begin the 20th of May. 

Tuesday i 20 Aprill. — Yesterdays Dutch post sayes the duke 
of Savoy's troops begin to be in motion, 2 trains of artillery 
prepared, and that his highnesse has been to view the fort the 
French had built not far from Suza. 

That prince Eugene had had a conference with the elector 
palatine, and gone for Hanover to meet the duke of Marl- 

From Flanders, that the allies are drawing together about 
Louvain, and the French near the Sambre, and that prince Eu- 
gene will command 30,000 men on the Mozelle. 

About 30 of the chief prisoners lately seiz'd in Scotland are 
ordered hither, 50 dragoons to guard them to Nottingham, and 
2 troops of the duke of Northumberland's horse from theuioe to 

Yesterday the lord Griffin, with the lord Clermont and his 
brother, (sons to the earl of Middleton,) and collonel Wauhop, 
taken in the Salisbury, were examined by the earl of Sunder- 
land and Mr. secretary Boyle, and afterwards committed to 
the Tower ; the marquess de Leven, and his marshall d'^camp, 
are to be sent to Nottingham, and the 250 French sailors, 
taken on board the said ship and now prisoners in Dover 
casde, are to be exchanged for so many of the ships crew of the 
Cumberland under commodore Edwards. 

lis said her majestic has been pleased to make the said cap- 
tain Edwards (who is daily expected from France) intendant of 
the marines at Plymouth, with a salary of 500/. per ann. for 
his so bravely defending the Cumberland. 


This morning at the sessions house bills were fonnd against 
captain Smith, Whoorwood, and Drake, (belongiDg to the Night- 
ingal retaken,) for pyracy, and to be tryed on Monday. 

The earl of Weemys and sir John Leake are added to the 
prince's council. 

Sir Charles Turner, member for Lynn, iB made one of the 
commissioners for trade ; and Thomas Middethwayt, esq., 
treasurer of the transports, in room of Charles Mason, esq., 

A warrant is past the seak for Mr. Smyth, the late speaker, 
to be cfaancelk>r of the exchequer, in the place of Mr. Boyl, 
now secretary of state ; and this week 'tis expected sir James 
Montague will be declared attorney general, and Robert £yre» 
esq. soUicitor general. 

This afternoon our homeward bound Hamburgh fleet came 
up the river ; one of them richly laden fell foul on a man of 
war, and immediately sunk, but the men sared. 

Hugh Boscawen, esq. is made lord warden of the stanneries 
for life, the lord Rialton haying resigned the same. 

The chancery oflice are buisy in getting ready the writs for 
new elections, which bear date tiio a2d instant ; soon after which 
messengers will be sent with them to the several sherifs. 

Thursday, 22 Aprill. — Yesterday Maugridge, the kettle 
drummer, who sometime since killed captain Cope upon the 
guard in the Tower, and after his tiyal escaped from the 
queens bench prison, but retaken at Ghent, was brought to 
Westminster Hall, where sentence of death past on him : 'tis 
said he will be executed next Wensday, with Gregg for cor- 
responding with France, and Buly condemned last sessions for 
murdering his brother. 

The same day 19 prisoners, taken on board the Sahsbury, 
most of them Irish officers, were brought by water to Whitehal, 
examined by the eari of Sunderland, and committed to New- 
gate ; 'tis said they will be trycd by a special commission for 
high treason. 

And in th' evening a captain, with a detachment <^ the 
horse guards, was ordered to attend this morning 22 French 
officers, taken on board the said ship, to Nottingham, where 
they will continue prisoners till exchang'd. 


Atb. 24.] STATE AFFAIRS. S96 

Ifr. Serjeant Nere, a Welsh judge, is dead; as is also or Peter 
Vandepntt, (formerly sherif of this citty,) who left an estate to 
the yalue of 8o,ocx>Z. 

Sir Gtoorge Bing has been to wait upon the queen and prince, 
and yery kindly received. 

The two parties in this citty hare had meeting, and fixt upon 
the gentlemen they design for their members of parliament, 
yiz. the whiggs on sir Wm« Ashurst, sir Gilbert Heathcot, dr 
John Budkworth, and sir Samuel Stanyer ; and the others on 
sir William Withers, lord mayor, sir Francis Child, sir Richard 
Hoare, and John Ward, esq. 

Sometime since a yessdi being taken by a French privateer, 
near the buoy in the Nore, on board of which was the money 
of the sailors paid off in the Monmouth and other men of war, 
to the losse of their feimilyes : 'tis said her majestie has been 
pleased to declare die will repay the same. 

A oooncil mett this night at Kensington, but being late before 
they rose, we could not learn what they did. 

Saturday^ 24 AprilU — Thursday night in council a pro- 
clamation was ordered (which was yesterday published) for 
calling a new parliament, the writs to bear teste the 26th in- 
stant, and returnable the 8th of July ; at the same time her 
majestie was pleased to tell the lord chief justice Holt, that she 
was glad to see him there after his ilnesse, but was so much 
eoncemed in his health, that she thought herself obliged to 
defidre him to take particular care of it, and, tho 'twas term 
time, to retire from businesse at present, that he might be here- 
after more serviceable to her and the nation ; and, 'tis said, his 
lordship designs for the Bath. 

The earl of Cholmondeley is made comptroller of the house- 
hold, in the room of sir Thomas Mansell, who sometime since 
resigned it. 

Tis said Dr. Fleetwood will succeed Dr. Beveredge in the 
bishoprick of St. Asaph, if hee'l accept of it. 

Mr. Charles Downing, who had the reversion of the patent 
for oomp^oUer of the customes here worth 1000/. per ann., 
has taken possession thereof, in the room of Mr. Backwell, 

liftynine prisoners from Scotland, of whom 24 are peers, 
are ordered hither^ 


A strong squadron of men of war is getting ready for the 
West Indies, to secure our plantations, and endeavour to make 
some attempt on the Spanish mines. 

Letters from Ireland advise, that the Hondiam firigat of 400 
tunns, homeward bound from the East Indies, was cast away 
at Killalla, but all the men saved, and part of her goods, tbo 
much damaged. 

Brigadeer Wade, and other officers belonging to our forces 
in Spain, are commanded for Portsmouth, to goe with the re^ 
emits about a fortnight hence for Idsbon, together with several 
other vessells laden with provisions of aU sorts, th^e heang a 
very great scarcity thereof throughout Spain. 

New orders were this week sent to the justices of peace for 
Middlesex, to prosecute all papists and nonjurors, who don't 
immediately take the abjuration oath. 

Ttiesdai/, 27 Aprill. — On Sunday came in 4 Flanders mails, 
which advise, that the deputies of the states had mustered the 
Dutch troops with great strictnesse, the officers being obliged 
to make oath, that the soldiers in their respective troops and 
companies are actually listed in the states service for the whole 
campagne; that the duke of Marlborough was expected at 
Brussells about Saturday next, in order to the speedy opening 
of the campagne ; that there is a new equipment ready at 
Dunkirk, and supposed that count Fourbin will shortly sail 
thence on some considerable design ; and the governor there 
keeps the gates shutt, not suffering the men of the Dutch or 
Danish vessels, who come there with goods^ to land. 

Yesterday the court of admiralty satt at the Old Baily, when 
captain Smith, Whorwood, and Drake were brought on their 
tryalls, but there being a mistake in the indictment, ^twas putt 
off till next Monday. 

Mr. Watson, son to the lord Rockingham, was last week 
married to the lady Eatherine Tufton, daughter to the earl of 

Sir William Oifford is made governer of Greenwich hospital. 

Mr. Gough, one of the pages of honour to the queen, has 
resigned that place, and her majestic has given the same to a 
son of sir Charles Hedges. 

Sunday, admiral Baker, with 1 1 men of war and a firesbip, 
returned into the Downs, having safely landed at Ostend the 

Ipe.29] state affairs. 807 

lo bataUions which major general Cadogan sent thence to 
Scotland after the pretender, and tho' so long on board, not jo 
of the men dyed on ship board. 

Yesterday and to day the writs urere sent oat for new elec- 
tions, that for Westminster b^ins on Monday next, and London 
ibe day after. 

This day a proclamation was pnbli^ed, commanding all the 
peers of Scotland to meet the 17th of Jane next at Edinbargh, 
and elect 16 peers to represent them in the parliament of Great 
Brittain on the 8th of Jaly. 

Thuradayy a^Aprill. — Yesterday Mawgridge, the kettle- 
drummer who killed captain Cope, was executed at Tyburn, 
as also Bayly for murthering his own brother, and Gregg for 
corresponding with France, which last was quartered, and his 
head to be sett upon Westminster Hall. 

Her majestic has appointed a general council to be held this 
day 7night, and in Whitson week the whole court goes to Wind- 
sor for this summer. 

The transport ships, with recruit horses, &c. for Holland, 
sayled on Saturday from Harwich. 

Sir John Stanley, secretary to the lord chamberlain, is made 
a commissioner of the customes, in the room of Mr. Hall, who 

Fonr men of war are upon the stocks at Deptford, and 8 more 
building in the adjacent yards. 

The earl of Hertford, son to the duke of Somerset, is gone 
for Flanders, to make the campagne as a volunteer. 

The election for this citty will not come on till the loth or 
Jith of May. 

It's said Mr. Cornish, one of the commissioners of the stamp 
office, has resigned that place to Mr. Richard Martin, one of 
the clothiers of the army, and gone to stand for member of par- 
liament at Sbaftsbury. 

This day came in 2 Dutch posts, which advise, from Millain 
of the 22d, that general Staremberg was gone for Genoa, to 
embark for Barcelona. 

That upon the arrival of sir John Leake, 3CXX) horse and 
several regiments of foot will goe on board the transports to be 
convoyed to Spain. 

That king Charles had got together 18,000 men under ge^ 


neral Noyelles, who were marching to cover Tortosa; and that 
the duke of Orleans pretends to inveet Teiragona by the be- 
ginning of May. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough returned 
thither last Thursday, and declared no journey had pleased 
him better than this to Hanover, and in 2 or 3 days will be 
goeing to Brussells to command the army which is ready to 
take the fald. 

ScUurday, 1 May. — Yesterday's Dutch post advises, 

From Genoa, that on the 22d past generalls Starembei^ and 
Belcastle sayled then in an Ei^lish man of war for Barcelona. 

From Vienna, that on the 23d the princesse of Wolfembut- 
tle was married to king Charles, the emperor being his proxy. 

I^m Paris, that the king had declared the duke of Bur- 
gundy generalissimo of his army in Flanders ; the pretender* 
the duke of Berry, and the duke of Vendosm generals <^ the 

The elector of Bavaria to command that on the Rhine, and 
the duke f^ Berwick under him, and Villars in Dauphine. 

From the Hague, that upon an expresse from Brussells, the 
duke of Marlborough went thence for Ghent last Monday. 

The French work hard on the fortifications of Charleroy,and 
make great preparations at Namur for some enterprize ; and 
that the transports, with horses, &c. from Harwich, are arrived 
in Holland. 

Lisbon, 15th April, lord Gallway, having received bills of 
exchange from sir John Leake, has paid the forces in her ma- 
jesties service in PortugalL 

From Edinburgh, that the duke of Athol had sent 2 phym- 
dans to swear before the council there, that he was so ill he 
was not able to obey their summons ; so that the report some- 
time since of his surrendring himself was false. 

Sir George Bing is made council to the prince, in the room 
of sir David Mitchel. 

And Craven Peyton, esq., master warden of the mint, in the 
place of sir John Stanley, now a commissioner of the customes. 

Mr. Cox and Mr. Cbolmley are again chose members for 
Southwark ; sir Isaac Rebow and sir Thomas Webster for Col- 
chester ; and sir Thomas Colepepyr and sir Robert Masbam for 


Thia day dyed Mr. Barker of Glooesiershire, member for 
Cricklade last parliament. 

Sobecnptioiui are beg^ here for raudng 400,ocx>2. to sett 
oat priTateers for America, to regain the rich trade of the 
South Seas. 

Tuuday, 4 Jfay. — ^Elections since my last are, for Gatton, 
sir George Newland, and Paul Docminique, esq.; Bedford, Wii* 
fiam FarreTy and William Hillersden, esqs. ; Bramber, lord 
^nndsor, and William Shippen, esq. ; Windsor, lord Fitzhard- 
ing, and Richard Topham, esq.; Rochester, sir Stafford Fair> 
bom, and sir John Leak ; Dover, Mathew Aylmer, and Phillip 
Pe^illion, esqs.; Bletchingly, Thomas Onslow, and Geoi^ Eve- 
lyn, esqs.; Rygate, sir John Parsons, and James Cocks, esq. ; 
Aylisbury, sir John Whitrong, and Simon Mayne, esq. ; Wen« 
dorer, sir Roger Hill, and Mr. Ellis ; Harwich, sir John Leake, 
and Thomas Frankland, esq. ; Derby, lord James Cavendish, 
and sir Thomas Parker ; Maldon, sir Richard Child, and cap- 
tain Richmond ; Al»ngton, sir Simon Harcourt ; Qaeenborough, 
sir John Jennings, and Henry Withers, esq. 

It's generally said Serjeant Whitaker will be a Welsh judge, 
in room of Serjeant Neeve, deceased ; and Mr. baron Smith to 
goe lord chief baron of Scotland, to settle the exchequer there, 
and to keep his barons place here, with an additional salary of 
500/. per ann. 

This days Dutch post says^ 20 batallions and 16 squadrons 
are coming from Germany to reinforce the duke of Burgundy's 
army in Flanders, and they to be supplied from those in 

That the allies have sent 1 600 men by sea from Alicant and 
Denia to Barcelona. 

That the French were marching towards Badajox to their 
army, to invade Portugal by the ist of May. 

That 6000 Sweedes marching towards Minsk were attacks by 
the Muscovites, who killed 3000 on the spot, took 30 standards, 
40 officers, and 2cx> soldiers. 

Duke of Marlborough is arrived at Ghent, prei)aring to take 
the feild, and that Vendosm was come to Lisle. 

That king Augustus had granted the 3000 horse prince £u« 
gene derired. 

That upon the elector of Hanovers complaint, the dyet of 


Ratisbon resolved to proceed with rigour against those who are 
defective iq their men and money. 

It's s^d the king of Sueden has rejected the czar's proposalls 
of peace. 

Thursday, 6 May. — Foreign letters advise, that king Phillip 
has ordered all the unnecessary plate belonging to the churches, 
monasteries, the grandees, and others of quality, to be called in 
to pay his troops this campagne, and promises repayment upon 
arrival of the galleons ; 'tis stud he will have an army of 45,000 
men to act against Portugal in 4 seperate bodies: that the 
Portuguese are drawing together their forces near Elvas to 
oppose them, so that in all probability a battle may ensue. 

That the duke of Orleans will have 52,000 against king 
Charles in Catalonia. 

Letters from Scotland say the dragoons, ordeced to seize the 
castle of Blair, belongmg to the duke of Atholl, and bring him 
to Edinburgh, are countermanded, upon a fresh certificate of 
his dangerous ilnesse, who has promised upon recovery to give 
security for his own and his vassalls good behaviour to the 

Yesterday duke Hamilton was admitted to bail, himself in 
io,oooZ. and 4 lords in 5000Z. each, but not to stir out of 

Tib said sir David Dabymple, and Mr. Scroop of the Inner 
Temple, are to be barons of the exchequer in Scotland. 

Elections since my last are, Eastgrinsted, Henry Campion, 
esq., and Mr. Lumley ; Cambridge, sir John Cotton, and Mr. 
Sheppard ; the university, Arthur Annesley, and Dixey Wind- 
sor, esq. ; Oxford, sir John Walter, and Mr. Rowney ; the uni- 
versity, sir William Whitlock, and Mr. Bromley ; Reading, 
Anthony Blagrave, and Owen Buckingham, esqs.; Woodstock, 
major general Cadogan, and sir Thomas Wheat; Amersham, 
sir Samuel Garrard, and Mr. Duncomb ; Great Marlow, lord 
Archibald Hamilton, and sir James Etherege ; Berks, sir John 
Stonehouse, and Mr. Nevill ; Leicester, sir George Beaumont, 
and Mr. Winstanley; Steyning, lord Tunbridge, and Mr.Wallis; 
Chichester, sir Richard Farington, and Mr. Carr. 

Saturday, 8 May. — Testerday at 10 in the morning came 
on a tryal before the barons of the exchequer, between Mr. 
Marriot, plaintiff, and the earl of Wharton, defendant, about 

May 1 1.] STATE AFFAffiS. 801 

the boundarieB of a mannor in TorkBhire, wherein there are 
rery rich lead mines ; the court satt all night, and like to doe 
so till 12 this night, 15 council and above 70 witnesses being 
on each side. 

A quarrel lately happened between two of the Scotch pri- 
soners ordered hither, viz. the earl of Enrol, (nephew to the 
earl of Perth, govemer to the pretender,) and the earl of Ma- 
rishaU, son in law to the said earl of Perth, and the latter dan- 
gerously wounded m the head by a bottle thrown at him by 
the former. 

Yesterday's Lisbon mail advises, that the Phoenix, an Eng- 
lish East India ship, richly laden, and thought to be lost, was 
arrived there ; and that the Spaniards had not yet attempted 
any thing agamst Portugal. 

Same day came in a Dutch post, which says there is great 
likelyhood of a battle in Flanders^ the French general hayeing 
declared he had orders to fight, his army consisting of above 
100,000 men, whom the allies are resolved to engage, which 
if they decline, tis beleived we shal beseige either Mons or 

Elections since my last are, Newcastle under Lyne, sir Tho- 
mas Bellot, and Rowland Cotton ; Calne, George Ducket, Edr 
ward Baynton, and sir Charles Hedges; Chippenham, sir 
James Long, and James Montague, esq.; Horsham, Charles 
Eversfeild, and John Wicker^ esqs. ; Shoram, collonel Loyd, 
and Anthony Hammond ; Great Bed win, lord Bruce, and Sa- 
muel Sambrook ; Andover, John Smith, and William Guidot, 
esqs. ; Huntington, Edward Wortley, and Francis Page, esqs. ; 
Waliingford, Gray Nevil, and William Jennens^ esqs. ; Bristol^ 
sir William Daines, and Robert Tate, esq. ; Wilton, sir Lam-r 
bert Blackwell, and Charles Mompesson, esq. ; Steyning, lord 
Tunbridge, and Mr. Fagg. 

Tuesday, 11 May. — Yesterday at the exchequer bar the 
jury, in the cause between Mr. Marriot and the lord Wharton, 
gave a verdict for the former, by which he gets 5000/. per 
ann. by the lead mines : 'tis said his lordship will bring an ap- 
peal next session of parliament into the house of peers. 
. The court of queens bench have ordered the lord Griffin, 
outlawed for treason, to be brought thither on Saturday. 
. Same day the court of admiralty satt, and Mr. Harwood, ar- 


rained for treaaon, petitioned that lieatenant Haslemere, an 
exchflng'd prisoner, might stay to be an eyidenoe for him; 
whereupon the tryalls were putt off to 2d of June. 

Last night several Scotch prisoners of state were brought to 
town, examined by the earl of Sunderland, and committed to 
custody of messengers. 

Dr. Royse, dean of Bristol, is lately dead. 

Mr. Nicholas Lechmore, being made one of her majesties 
council at law, took his place this day in the queens bench 

Mr. Palmer and Symonds, brothers in law, condemned at 
Worcester assizes for the murther of Mrs. Palmer (mother to 
the former) and her maid, were executed last Fryday, and 
denied the fact to the last, tho confest it before to the bishop 
of Oxford. 

A vessel arrived says the Dunkirk squadron, being 13 men 
of war besides privateers, were seen on the coast of Norway the 
4th instant. 

This day a proclamation was publish't to pardon all deserters 
in custody, and all such who return to their colours by 20th 
June; but that those who shal transgresse for the future must 
expect the utmost rigour of the law. 

The election for London came on this day, and the sberifs 
declared sir William Ashurst, sir Gilbert Heathcot, sir John 
Buckworth, and sir Samuel Stanyer, had the minority of hands, 
but a poll being demanded 'twas granted. 

A msul from Lisbon says sir John Leake say led 27 April for 

Elections since my last are, Bath, William Blathwayte, and 
Samuel Trotman ; Hythe, John Fane, and John Boteler ; Bury, 
sir Thomas Felton, and collonel Porter ; Sudbury, sir Harvey 
Elways, and Phillip Skippon. 

Yesterday was sworn a new privy councillor for Great Brit- 
tain, consisting most of the old members. 

And 'tis said duke Hamilton will be made a peer of Gtreat 

Thursday, 13 May. — Foreign letters advise, from Venice, 
ot the 6th instant, that the senate seems concerned the pre- 
tended prince of Wales did not succeed in his expedition, and 
lay the blame o( their rejoycing to the pope ; their fears are 

Hat 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 808 

increased hj reaaon their ambassador at the Ottoman Port has 
^Ten them an account that the Turkish fleet is sailed towards 
the Morea, with 50 yessells of war, 60 galleys, and 90 galliotSi 

From Dantzicky that the fight between the Swedes and MuEk 
coTites is confirmed, that about 6coo of the former were killed 
on the spot, but no account what losse the latter sustained. 

From Turin, that baron Wetzell, with the forces that goe 
on board sir John Leake's squadron, arie marched to Vado, on 
the coast of Ctonoa, where they take shipping ; the queen of 
Spain with her retinue embark at the same place. 

The Swedes, Prussians, and Hanoverians, who have invested 
the citty of Hamburgh, upon the magistrates thereof quarrell- 
ing among themselves, after reducing the same, will march for 
the Moselle. 

From the Hague, that the count de Millain, one of the most 
considerable lords in the Spanish Netherlands, had quitted the 
tVench service and come to Brussells ; and by the position of 
both armies in Flanders, we expect in a fortnight to hear of a 
battel between them. 

Tis said the French ship of 44 guns, lately taken by the 
Nassau, and carried into Gibralter, had on board goods and 
merchantdizes to the value of 40,000/. 

Major general Farington and captain Mordaunt are chose 
members for Malmsbury. 

The poll for this citty will end to morrow; sir John Buck- 
worth has declined it ; there is no doubt of sir Wm. Ashurst, 
sir Gilbert Heathcot, and Mr. Ward's carrying of it: the dis- 
pute lyes between the lord mayor and sir Samuel Stannier, the 
first of which had at closing the books this night 2610, and the 
latter 2541. 

Baturday^ 15 May. — ^This day the lord Griffin was brought 
from the Tower to the queens bench bar, and the soUicitor ge- 
neral demanded judgment against him upon the outlawry for 
high treason ; upon which judge Powell asked him what he 
had to say ; he answered, that he knew nothing of his being 
outlawed, was never in arms or council against his country, 
that his estate being incumbred was the reason of his godng 
into France, that he was ignorant of the record, and hoped 
they would allow him council to argue, if there was any error 
m the proceedings against him : the court told him they were 


eoancil for him^ that they had read the outlawry with care, in 
which was no error, therefore would by rule of court award 
execution against him ; to which he replyed, I have been kept 
a close prisoner, and no body allowed to come near me, and 
have nothing more to say, but throw my self upon her ma- 
jesties mercy ; so execution was awarded, and he remanded to 
the Tower. 

Two rich coaches and 40 liveries are making here for the earl 
of Galloway, her majesties ambassador to Portugal. 

Tis said some regiments of foot and 2 of dragoons are or- 
dered for the Isle of Wight, to goe on board the fleet, which is 
to cruize on the French coast this summer. 

The lord mayor, sir Wm. Ashurst, sir Gilbert Heathcot, and 
Mr. John Ward are chose members for London ; sir Richard 
Onslow and sir William Scawen for the county of Surrey. 

The barons for the exchequer in Scotland are now settled ; 
the chief baron is the earl of Seafeild ; baron Smyth, deputy 
chief baron ; Maitland and Scroop the other two. 

This days Dutch post advises. 

From Berlin, that on the 13th instant died the prince of 
Orange, son to the prince royal of Prussia, aged 23 weeks and 
5 days. 

From Hamburgh, that the mediation of the emperor is ac- 
cepted on both sides ; so 'twas hoped the differences there would 
be soon accommodated. 

And from the Hague, that our army in Flanders would be 
formed this day. 

Tuesday, 18 May. — Letters from Madrid of the 8th say the 
duke of Orleans, having called a council of war, had passed 
the Ebro with 8000 horse and 28,000 foot, march't towards 
Terragona to fall on the entrenchments there, where are 
6000 Germans and 3000 Catalans, and afterwards besrige 

That the duke de Noailles is gone with his army towards 
Gironne, and the marquesse de Bay with 14,000 men was near 

From Hamburgh, that the king of Denmark's resident there 
went out to the forces encamp't before that citty, to acquaint 
them (as said) that his master can^t suffer it to be bomburded, 
or compelled by force to receive in troops, and has resolved 

Mat 20.] STATE AFFAIRS. 805 

thai 1 2,000 of his men shal act against tliem, if they proceed 
to Yiolence. 

The defeat of the Sweeds is confirmed^ which has inclmed 
some of the Poles to declare for recalling king Augustus. 

From Antwerp, that the allies began to encamp the 21st, 
near Anderlech ; on the 23 the duke of Marlborough, with 
the lord Auverquerke^ went to view them, and, tis said, will 
march directly in quest of the enemy, who were to rendevouze 
the 25th at Mens. 

From the Hague, that the great master of Malta had raised 
24,000 men to defend the isle against the Turks. 

Port letters advise, that the Swallow frigat is come into Ply- 
mouth, and brought with her as prize a St. Malloe privateer 
of 22 guns and 85 men ; she parted some days since with the 
New England fleet, being 24 sayl, and convoyed by the Dept- 
ford, which are hourly expected. 

The duke of Queensbury is made a peer of Great Brittain, 
his title duke of Dover. 

Tis said the lord Berkly is to goe for Vienna, to congratu- 
late the emperor upon the king of Spains marriage. 

Yesterday the grand jury of Middlesex presented to the 
court of queens bench the book intitled^ The Bights of the 
Christian Church Asserted, and also the bookseller for sell- 
ing it. 

This evening 13 more Scotch prisoners were brought hither 
from Edinburgh. 

Thursday, 20 May. — By letters from Lisbon, which came 
in last night, dated the 16th instant, N. S.^ we have an account, 
that by order of that king the marquesse of Fronteira and ma- 
jor general Sanchey, with a body of 1 1,000 men, are march't 
towards the frontiers of Spain, where they are to be join'd by 
some reinforcements; after which they design to attack the 
marquesse de Bay, who is encamp't with about 8000 French 
and Spaniards near Badajox ; and that they have had no news 
of sir John Leake since he saiPd thence with the fleet for the 

From Ireland, that 3 of our cruizers have carried into Dub- 
lin the Jersey of above 40 guns, which the French some time 
since took from us, she having taken several of our merchant 
ships on that coast. 



Hamburgh, May 22d, the senate and oolledge of Burghers 
agreed the 20th to accept the mediation offered by the em- 
peror and directors of the circles of Lower Saxony, on condi- 
tion that England and Holland be guarantees of the treaty, 
but will admit of no troops into the city, the same being to be 
negotiated without the gates. 

By a letter from monsieur Geldermarsen, at the Hague, to 
the states envoy here, we have these advices, that the secret 
of the grand design was confin'd only to the elector of Han- 
over, prince Eugene, duke of Marlborough, and the feild de- 
puty, the said Geldermarsen, and that twas his opinion the 
French king would be soon forc'd to accept of a peace. 

Dr. Booth, uncle to the earl of Warrington, is made dean of 
Bristol, in the room of Dr. Royse, deceased. 

Duke Hamilton is gone for Edinburgh, to be present at the 
election of the 16 peers, which are to sitt in the house of lords 
here, and 'tis supposed his grace will be one of them. 

Lord Edward Russel, and sir William Gostwick are chose 
for Bedfordshire, and sir Edmund Denton and Mr. Hampden 
for the county of Bucks. 

It's said there is an order for the lord Gri£Sn's execution next 

Saturday^ 22 May. — This days Dutch post sayes that on 
the 26th the confederate army marched for Anderlech, and 
came to Halle, where general Overkirk has his quarters, and 
the duke of Marlborough his at Bellingen : that afternoon 29 
French prisoners were brought into the camp, being the re- 
mainder of 2 strong parties, whom the Brittains defeated near 
Soignies, at which place the French are encamped within 3 
leagues of us, and a battle is speedily expected ; their army is 
134 batallions and 214 squadrons; tis said they are 8000 
stronger in horse than we ; tis given out Vendosm is ordered 
to preserve Mens and Tournay, but not hazard a battle unlesse 
upon great necessity ; the allies make preparation for a seige, 
but the duke of Marlborough will doe what he can to fight 
them, who, 'tis said, are retiring upon advice that we were pre- 
paring to march. 

That the Danes refuse goeing for Hungary till paid 100,000 
crowns assigned them on Bohemia. 

That the elector of Bavaria is assembling an army of 50,000 

Mat 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 807 

men, with a great train of artillery, near Strasburgh, threat- 
ning to break thro the black forest; upon which general 
Thongen dispatched an expresse to the states of the circle 
of (sic) to desire them to take care for defence of the lines, 
which he can't undertake since the sending away of the Saxon 
palatine and some imperial troops to the Moselle. 

From the Hague, that the Hamburghers have agreed to ad- 
mit 10 companies of dragoons of the troops of the circles into 
that dtty, upon which two of the chief incendiaries are fled, so 
that 'tis hoped the differences wiQ be soon composed. 

The 25th instant, being the day which Mr. Lacy some time 
since prophecied that Dr. Emes, who dyed about Christmas 
last, should be nused from the dead, two regiments of our 
train'd bands are ordered upon the guard during the holydayes, 
to preyent any disorder which may happen by the mobb on 
that occasion. 

Duke Schonberg, and Mr. Smith, chancellor of the exchequer, 
are sworn of the privy council. 

Sir Orlando Bridgman and Mr. Hopkins are chose for Co- 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 20 instant, and ended the same day, being a 
maiden sessions : 5 were burnt in the hand, and 6 ordered to 
be whipt, and the next sessions to begin the 7th day of July 

Tuesday, 25 May. — This days Dutch post advises, from 
Constantinople, of the 5th instant, that the armament of their 
fleet by order of the sultan is suspended; that the captain Bassa 
was to sayl 'only with 6 gallys to the Archipelago, and that a 
Muscovite ambassador was arrived there, with a train of 150 
persons, to desire that court to protect and favour the Greek 

From Turin, of the 17th, that the duke of Savoy was form- 
ing an army of 6000 men near Pignerol, another of 4000 in 
the valley of Aousta, and a 3d in the valley of Susa of 30,000, 
where great magazines are erected, and abundance of artillery 

From Vienna, of the i8th, that the imperial court will 
speedily make over the Upper Palatinate to the elector pala- 
tine, the town of Ingoldstadt to be first delivered up, in con- 

I X 2 


Bideration whereof that elector is to yield the fortrease of Key- 
serwaert to the archbishoprick of Cologne, and furnish the em- 
peror with some jooo of men. 

From the Hagae, that prince Eugene was to be on the Mo* 
selle, with 30,000 men^ by the end of this month. 

From Hall, of the 30th, that the confederate army was sdll 
near that citty, the French near Soignies, and stretch as far as 
Brain, whereby they cover Mens and Charleroy : the duke of 
Burgundy has positive orders not to fight the duke of Marlbo* 
rough, or make any dangerous march, till the issue of the duke 
of Bavaria's designs against Germany be known ; but in case 
they can't be brought to a battle, tis beleived we shal attack 
Tournay or Ipres. 

Tis reported the king of Sueden has published manifestos on 
the frontiers of Muscovy, signifyeing he invaded the country 
only to restore them to their liberties. 

The privateers of Guernsey and Jersey have lately taken 23 
French ships laden with wine and brandy, &c. 

Essex and Carpenters dragoons, with 10 regiments of foot, 
are to encamp in the Isle of Wight, to embark on board the 
fleet on some secret expedition, under command of lieutenant 
general Earl. 

Her majestic, being afflicted with the gout, has putt off goe- 
ing to Windsor til Thursday 7night. 

Sir Gilbert Pickering and Mr. Palmer are chose for L^ces- 

Thursday^ 27 May, — Yesterday came out a proclamation 
by her majestic, appointing the distribution of prizes taken, 
and the bounty for taking ships of war or privateers of the 

liCtters from Poland say, that an expresse was arrived in the 
king of Sueden's camp from the czar^ who lies sick at Smo- 
lensko, but his Swedish majestic returned the letters back un- 

From the confederate camp at St. Revelle, on the 29th, our 
army came hither, and are within 2 leagues of the French, who 
still lie in their advantageous camp at Soignies to observe us : 
some officers, who have been to view them, say they cannot be 
attacked there: and the French threatnen to beseige Aeth« 
upon which we have reinforced that garrison. 

May 29.] STATE AFFAIRS. 309 

From Dunkirk, that 16 British men of war lye at anchor 
some distance north west of that harbour. 

Tuesday last the lord Dursley, with 22 men of war, sailed 
from St. Hollens with 2CX3 merchant ships bound for Lisbon, 
the East and West Indies ; and 'tis said rear admiral Baker, 
with 12 men of war, hath orders to join him, and that 20 
more are to be divided into 3 squadrons, and to cruize in the 

This day the old East India company made a dividend of 4L 
per cent., and all persons concerned summoned to receive the 

Mr. Strangwayes (son to coUonel Strangwayes of Dorsetshire, 
a gentleman commoner of Oxford) being some time since a 
shooting with a fellow collegiate, by accident his peice went off, 
uid shot his companion in the face, of which he died. 

The lord Raby, our ambassador at Berlin, is returned hither, 
and yesterday kissed her majesties hand, and goes back again 
in September. 

This day the children of the several charity schools in this 
dtty and suburbs, all new clothed, being about 4000, went to 
St. Sepulchers church, where Dr. Mosse preached upon the 

Saturday, 29 May, — This days Holland post advises, from 
Genoa, that general Staremberg the first night he lay in Bar- 
celona, hearing an assassine under his bed, called out, and his 
gentleman entring sword in hand took his master for the viU 
lain, and wounded him in his hand and body ; but more servants 
oomeing, the rogue was taken : this hind'red him not from sett- 
ing out for Terragona, where the allies are incamp't : and that 
the Dutch general, Noyelles, died of a quinsy, the 21st of April, 
at Barcelona. 

Frankfort, the 2d of June, the elector of Hanover is arrived 
here : the duke of Bavaria has ordered general Vivans, with 
5 regiments of horse, to force his way thro' the Black Forest : 
upon which general Thungen detach^t count Mercy with 7 regi- 
ments to prevent it. 

From Paris, that the duke de Novelles continues his march 
towards Catalonia, but the allies having 4000 foot and 2000 
horse encamp't near Gironne, 'tis thought he will scarce attack 
that place ; and 'twas said the elector of Bavaria had detach't 


30 batallions and 30 squadrons, under marquesse de Fremont, 
to the Moselle, where prince Eugene was expected in few dayes, 
and would be 30,cx>o strong. 

From the Hague, that on the ist of June, in the night, the 
French army broke up from Soignies, march^t to Mivelle, 
whereupon ours decamp't next morning, came near Brussells, 
and the day after past the canall over 3 bridges, and design*d 
to be that night at Louvain : many deserters came over to us, 
most Switzers. 

The French are now near Oemblours, and the armies within 
2 leagues of each other. 

Yesterdays port letters say a new man of war of 60 guns 
was launched at Plymouth ; and that Mr. Greenhil, a commis- 
sioner of the navy, was dead there. 

A person is seized near Thirsk in Yorkshire on suspition of 
being the man who murdered bis master, major Foulks, at 

James Lowther, and Lawson, esqs., are chose for the 

county of Cumberland. 

Tuesday, 1 June. — Sunday came an expresse from Ireland, 
that on the aoth 7 men of war from Brest appeared before 
Galloway, 4 of which attempted to carry off the 5 homeward 
bound East India ships there, but were so well received by an 
ensign of the lord viscounts Donerayle's regiment, who had at 
first but ao men with him in the fort, that he sunk one of 44 
guns, and forced one of 50 guns ashore, and 500 men in her 
were taken; the other 5 continue in sight of the harbour, but 
suppose will make no further attempt, the whole regiment be- 
ing ready to oppose them : the prisoners report, that the Dun- 
kirk squadron under Fourbin was also designed for that coast ; 
'tis computed the ensign and his men will gett, at 5Z. a man 
killed and taken, (according to the late act,) near 4000Z. ; and 
the lord treasurer is so well pleased at the action, that he has 
declared he will send over the said bounty money the first op- 

Yesterdays Dutch post advises, from Spain by the way of 
France, that there is an insurrection in Seville, and 4000 have 
taken arms to rescue themselves from the French slavery. 

That sir John Leake had fallen in with a fleet of French 
barks, laden with ammunition and provisions for their forces 


in Catalonia, and took 80, yalued at a miUion and half of 

And that 2 French men of war of 56 and 44 guns, bound 
from Thoulon to Cadiz^ were taken by two of ours. 

That 4000 French passing the mountains of Rousillion to 
join Noailles, fell into an ambuscade of 900 Germans and 6000 
MiqoeletSy who took and killed 1500 of them. 

From Flanders, that the duke of Burgundy's army had lost 
above 5000 men by desertion. 

This days letters from Yarmouth say, that 2 of our men of 
war, convoy to the colliers, have taken a French man of war of 
44 guns. 

Thursdaify 3 June. — From FranPc]fort, that the difference 
between the emperor and the elector palatine about the 
Upper Palatinate was not yet adjusted, upon which prince 
Eugene was resolved to stay at Vienna till the same was ac- 

The forces of that elector are encamped near Manheim, but 
have no orders to join the confederate troops till his demands 
are complyed with. 

From Cologne, that the king of Prussia is not satisfied with 
the excuses of those magistrates, for the affront offered his re* 
sident there by the students and mob when at his devotion, and 
has signified that he will maintain the prerogative of his minis- 
ter, and have due satisfSaction for the insult. 

Yesterday the common council of this citty mett, and the 
lease for holding Bartholomew fair expiring the nth of Au- 
gust, agreed, That for the future none should be kept for stage 
plays, raffling shops, &c. which tend to debauchery; but only 3 
dayes for the sale of leather and cattle, according to its antient 

The same day the court of admiralty satt for tryeing captain 
Smith, Mr. Drake and Harwood, for taking service under the 
French king : the two first were found guilty of high treason, 
and sentenced to die, the latter, proving himself only a passenger, 
was acquitted. 

A warrant is signed for executing the lord Griffin the i8th 

On Sundav next Dr. Fleetwood is to be consecrated bishop 
of St. Asaph at Lambeth. 


The regiment of the late eollonel Alnutt is given to sir Tris- 
tram Dillington, member for Newport in the Isle of Wight. 

The occasion of the report that 2 French men of war were 
sank and stranded near Galloway proceeded from the insurers 
of ships^ who procured a letter to be sent to Robert Walpole, 
esq., secretary of war here, pretending to be wrote by the 
lord viscount Donerayle, from thence^ where his regiment is 

Saturday y 5 June. — Lieutenant Haslet, taken in the Salis- 
bury^ being within the articles of Limerick, was carried on 
Thursday to Dover, in order to be exchanged ; as also father 
Augustin, chaplain of the said ship, who is to be set at 
liberty for the chaplain of the Hampton court, who for a 
long time hath been barbarously used in the dungeon at 
Dunkirk; and the Irish officers now in Newgate, tdcen on 
board the same, have orders to prepare for their tryals on 
the 2jth instant. 

Holt, a considerable town in Norfolk, was lately burnt by a 
French man, who travelled that country with a raree show ; 
some of his accomplices now in goal having confest it, and that 
Norwich, Braw, Watton, and Thetford, were designed the like 
fate, as also several other great towns in England. 

Yesterday the Scotch prisoners were brought to the earl of 
Sunderland's office, and examined by the lord chancellor and 
the two secretaries of state, and afterwards were recommitted 
to the custody of messengers. 

The queen with the court design next Thursday for Windsor. 

Tis said the lord Dursley, after landing his men at Lisbon 
and taken in provisions, will sail with 13 men of war to endea* 
vour to intercept the Spanish galleons in their return to Cadiz, 
with 8 millions on board. 

The lord chief justice Holt is in a fair way of recovery, and 
expected here in 10 dayes from the Bath. 

Mrs. Temple, one of the maids of honour, is married to Mr, 

Yesterday's Dutch post is wanting ; the last of which came 
advised from the Hague, that the king of Denmark highly re- 
sented the proceedings of the emperor and circle of Lower 
Saxony against Hamburg ; that his minister there had declared 
to those of England and Holland that his master would recall 


Ills troops in the service of the allies, or order them not to act 
unless the circle desisted putting troops into that citty. 

Tuesday, 8 June. — Sunday^s Dutch post confirms, from 
Paris, sir John Leake's taking the French barges goeing with 
provisions and ammunition from Thoulon to Catalonia, but 
sayes nothing of the account we have of our killing and taking 
1500 French out of 400, passing the mountains of Rousillon to 
join Noailles. 

The armies in Flanders continue as they were; several sharp 
rencounters happen between parties in foraging. 

The allies are forming a body of men under major general 
Murray, to observe the motions of count La Mott, who has a 
flying camp between Ipres and Lille. 

The French have a great many pioneers at work to repair 
the roads between Gemblours and Sombreffe, and give out that 
they will beseige Huy. 

The duke of Marlborough expects prince Eugene daily, and 
Maestricht is appointed the place to conferr between them. 

From the Rhine, that the elector of Hanover was arrived at 
Frankfort, and 1 1,000 Palatines troops were actually marching 
to join the army of the empire. 

Yesterday was a long tryal at the queens bench bar, between 
the bishop of Oxford and captain Wise of that county^ upon 
account of an old lease, supposed to be granted by a former 
bishop in queen Elizabeth's reign, to the value of 400^ per 
ann., and a verdict given for his lordship. 

Same day lord Drummond^ sir George Maxwell, and 

Murray, 3 of the Scotch prisoners, were committed prisoners to 
the Tower, and the lairds of Eair and Cardeen to Newgate. 

One hundred of large gallies are hired for transports, and 
50 bombardeers and engineers are ordered to the Isle of Wight 
to goe with the regiments on board the fleet. 

We have 27 English and Dutch men of war before Dunkirk, 
in which road lye only 7 French men of war, 2 privateers, and 
2 half gallies. 

This day the duke of Gordon, with 12 other Scotch pri- 
soners, were brought hither, and committed to the custody of 

Same day was a hearing at Doctors Commons, between sir 
James Chute and his lady, she sueing for alimony ; but whi- 


ther she will be entitled theretoo will depend upon the sound- 
ness of sir James's body, which the court have ordered to be 

Thursday, 10 June. — The judges have agreed upcm their 
circuits; viz. home circuity lord chief justice Holt» and Mr. jus- 
tice Powis ; midland, Mr. justice Powell, alone ; Oxford, Mr. 
justice Blencow, and Mr. justice Gould; western, lord chief 
baron Ward^ and Mr. baron Price ; Norfolk, lord chief justice 
Trevor, and Mr. justice Dormer ; northern, Mr. justice Tracy, 
and Mr. baron Bury. 

Her majestic hayeing been for some [time] indisposed with 
the gout, has deferred goeing to Windsor till recovered. 

Tis said the lord Griffin has petitioned the queen that he 
might have Dr. Hicks and Mr. Cooke to attend him in his last 
minutes, which was refused, being nonjurors ; but was told, that 
any bishop of [or] minister of the church of England, who had 
taken the oaths, might assist him. 

The admiralty had yesterday an expresse from the lord 
Dursley, that he had seen the West India fleet out of danger, 
and sent 5 men of war to Ireland, to convoy home the East 
India ships from GallVay, haveing on board plate, cochineel, 
and other rich goods. 

Tis said the Dover and Antelope (2 of his squadron) have 
taken % rich French merchants ships, laden with linnen, &c., 
bound for Martineco. 

On Tuesday was a tryal at the exchequer, between sir William 
Mansell and Mr. Bentham, a clergyman, for an estate of 5C0/. 
per ann., and a verdict given for the latter. 

A commission is signed, constituting Edward Williamson, 

Gregory King, and Yanbrook, esqs. commissioners, to 

state all king Williams's debts due to the civil hsts, officers, 
soldiers, &c. 

Five regiments are coming hither from Ireland, to join those 
which are to imbark on board the fleet. 

Yesterdays letters from Holyhead say, that the mail of the 
1st instant, which went hence for DubUn, and that of the 3d 
instant from thence hither, were both taken by 2 French pri- 

To morrow will be due two Dutch posts. 

Saturday, 12 June, — A Spanish merchant has received a 


letter, that monmeor du Casse, by order of the French king, 
has taken all the plate oat of the galleons, and put it on board 
his squadron, which consists of 12 French men of war, and was 
upon his return to France. 

The African company have advice, that the Queen Ann 
gaily from Guinea was arrived at Jamaica, with 600 negroes, 
ao tuns of elephants teeth, 10,000/. in gold dust, &c. to the 
?alae of near 2oo,ooo2. 

This week was a trial at the queens bench bar, between Mr. 
Anger, plaintiff, and sir Edmond Bacon, defendant, for a con- 
siderable estate in Norfolk, and a verdict given in favour of the 

Most of the Scotch prisoners of state are admitted to bail, 
except 7, who, 'tis said, will be prosecuted for high treason. 

Wensday last an underkeeper in Windsor forest, being dis- 
placed for deer stealing, shot himself, and died upon the spot. 

We are informed, that the French king has reclaimed cap- 
tain Smith, condemned here last week for commanding one of 
his ships, and threatnens, if he be executed, to make reprisals 
on the Hugonot officers. 

Collonels Holmes, Rooke, and Whetham, are made briga- 
deers general ; and brigadeer Lillingston's regiment is given to 
his lieutenant, coUonel Jones. 

Colonel Southwell has sold his regiment for 5000/. to collonel 
Hansam of the guards. 

The countesse of Orrery died this morning. 

Mrs. Hale, of Hartfordshire, is made a maid of honour, in 
the room of Mrs. Temple, lately married. 

We want 2 Dutch posts ; but 'tis generally beleived prince 
Eugene, with his army, will march from the Moselle to join the 
duke of Marlborough ; and if can't bring the French to a battle, 
will force the duke of Burgundy's camp. 

Tuesday y 15 June, — On Saturday the court of exchequer 
was moved by the lord Wharton's council to receive a bill of 
exceptions to the late tryal between him and Mr. Marriot, 
about the lead mines in Yorkshire, granted by the crown to 
the latter ; and the barons are resolved to consult all the judges 
about it. 

The lord chief justice Holt, being recovered of his late il- 
ncsse, yesterday took his place in the queens bench court. 


The same day a warrant was sent to the sherif, for behead- 
ing the lord Qriffin to morrow, and a scafiFold for that purpose 
is erecting upon Tower Hill. 

'Tis expected that sir Salathiel Lovell^ recorder of this citty, 
will receive a fiat this night to be a 5th baron of the exchequer^ 
baron Smith being gone into Scotland. 

Yesterday and this day came in 3 Dutch mails, which bring. 

From Genoa, that sir John Leake, with 47 men of war and 
frigats, was come to Barcelona, having taken about 130 French 
barks, with provisions, &c. and one of their convoys, goeing 
from Thoulon to Catalonia. 

The letters confirm the killing and taking 1500 French on 
the mountains of Rousillon. 

From Rome, that the Oermans having taken some of the 
outworks about Ferrara, the pope had sent to the French king 
for succours. 

The elector of Hanover arrived the 14th in the imperial 
camp, near Muhlberg, and had a conference with general Thun- 
gen, who is indisposed. 

The elector of Bavaria and duke of Barwick are gone to the 
Moselle with great part of their forces, having left 150CO men 
behind their lines. 

From Flanders, that the French seem weary of their 
camp; thought will soon break up: the duke of Marlbo- 
rough narrowly watches their motions, and has ordered all 
his officers to remain in their respective posts on pain of being 

The electoral prince of Hanover was come to Antwerp, to 
make the campagne under his grace. 

Thursday, 1 7 June. — On Tuesday night the council satt till 
I next morning, (the queen present some part of the time,) de- 
bating whither the lord Griffin, who stood attainted of high 
treason, and came with the pretender, and refusing to make 
any discovery, should partake of her majesties mercy ; some 
said he was forced from France against his consent', and that 
it was very rare to execute a man upon an outlawry, without 
allowing him a tryal : at last 20 against 1 8 were for reprieving 
him, which is accordingly done for 15 dayes ; and 'tis beleived 
he will be pardoned. 

The same evening Mr. Serjeant Level, recorder of this citty, 


was sworn a baron of the exchequer, and Monday next takes 
his place in that court. 

This day a commission was signed for serjeant Whitaker to 
be a Wekh judge, in the room of serjeant Neeve, some time 
since deceased. 

The earl of Bellamont dyed on Monday at the Bath, after 
5 months illnesse of the palsy^ and is succeeded in honour and 
estate by his brother, Mr. Coote, late a captain in duke Schon- 
berg'8 regiment. 

There is an order that no more brevets be granted to the 
officers of the army, or commissions bought or sold. 

The last letters from Jamaica advised, that admiral Wager, 
with 9 men of war^ was at the Havana, waiting to intercept the 
Spanish galleons. 

Sir George Bing sailed towards the Lands End to convoy 
some merchant ships ; afterwards goes for Ireland to fetch over 
the regiments, which are to serve in this summers expedition 
against France. 

The last Paris letters said, that the duke of Orleans being 
informed the allies had detacht a strong party to intercept 
his convoys, sent 3000 foot and 8cx) horse to surprize them, 
which they did in a village, killed 500, and took 600 pri- 
soners, with 1200 oxen, 6000 sheep, and 4000 hogs, designed 
for Tortosa. 

Saturday, 19 June. — ^Yesterday captain Smith was hanged 
at Execution Dock in Wapping ; he died a papist, and declared 
that his hard usage when a prisoner in Dunkirk, forced him 
agiunst his incUnation to take a commission in the French 

A duel was lately fought in Suffolk between sir Edmund 
Bacon and sir Robert Bich, and the former run through the 
body, supposed to be mortall. 

Her majestie has ordered that all the officers taken at the 
battle of Almanza^ and now here upon their paroles, doe forth- 
with repair to the respective places where they were obliged 
to return. 

The bishop of London has cited the dean and chapter of 
St. Pauls, with the other clergy, to meet the 22d instant, to 
choose a proctor to serve on the 8th of July in the lower house 
of convocation. 


The Hamburgh fleet, consisting of 47 merchant ships richly 
laden, is arrived in the Thames. 

The lord high admiral has ordered the Perigrine galley to 
be fitted out for bringing over the queen of Portugal from 
Holland, who is expected in a short time at the Hague ; and 
'tis said sir Stafford Fairborn, with 13 men of war, will have 
the honour of convoying her majestie to Lisbon. 

Sir James Wishart and captsun Fairfax are made of the 
princes council. 

This day Mr. baron Level took his seat in the exchequer ; 
'tis expected our court of aldermen will elect Duncan Dee, or 
Peter King, esqs. to succeed him as recorder of this citty. 

From Lisbon, that the 2 armies are encamp't upon a plain 
within 4 miles of each other; the Portugueese consisting of 
1 0,000 foot (2500 of them English) and 3200 horse ; the French 
and Spaniards 7000 foot and 3800 horse : so we may soon ex- 
pect to hear of a battle. 

Yesterdays Dutch post is wanting. 

Tuesday, 22 June. — ^Yesterdays foreign post advises, from 
Constantinople of the 7th past, that the French ambassador, 
persuading the grand seignior to break with the emperor, was 
answered, that he would inviolably observe the peace of Car- 
lowitz; and that if the Hungarians did not submit to their 
natural prince, he would assist his imperial majestie to reduce 
them to their obedience. 

The envoy from Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis, haveing lately 
entred into a treaty with the states general, about exchange of 
180 Dutch seamen that are slaves, is expected here to doe the 
like by 400 of her majesties subjects, in the same condition. 

From Spires, that the elector of Hanover had caused bridges 
to be laid over the Rhine, for passing that river, with intent to 
fall upon the French at Lauterburgh; but some letters say 
they had notice^ and were blowing up their lines in order to 
retire towards Strasburgh. 

From Paris, that the king had advice, prince Eugene, with 
18,000 men, was marching to join the duke of Marlborough; 
and the duke of Barwick^ with 30 batallions and 20 squadrons, 
was gone to join the duke of Burgundy ; and the elector of 
Bavaria, with the rest of the troops, was upon the march to 
observe the elector of Hanover. 


That the duke de Noailles was retired from the frontiers of 
Gironne, and made a detachment for the coast of Pi*ovence. 

Thej add, that the duke of Orleans had not laid seige to 
Tortosa, for want of ammunition and provisions. 

From the Hague, that the affair of the Upper Palatinate is 
fully adjusted; as likewise that of the duke of Savoy about the 

Both armies in Flanders continue as they were ; and prince 
Eugene is expected to join the duke of Marlborough as to 

From Scotland, that the 4 new lords chose with the I2 old 
ones to sitt in parliament are, duke Hamilton, earles of Rothes, 
Northesk, and Orkney ; those left out are the duke of Queens- 
bury, marquesse of Tweedale, earl of Southerland, and lord 

Lord Belhaven died here last night. 

The honourable William Feilding, esq.^ lieutenant of tlie yeo- 
men of the guard, having resigned the same, is succeeded by 
Chiverton Charlton, esq. 

Hiursday, 24 June, — Yesterday the 4 barons of the exche- 
quer dehvered their opinions in the case between the lord 
Wharton and Mr. Mariot, about the lead mines in Yorkshire, 
that they could not receive his lordships bill of exceptions for 
a new trial ; and, 'tis said^ the same will be brought before the 
house of peers. 

Two ships are arrived from the West Indies at Plymouth, 
and advise, that our squadron there waits to intercept the gal- 
leons, which were still in the Spanish ports. 

Sir John Leake is made rear admiral of Great Brittain, and 
m Stafford Fairborn admiral of the white. 

Dr. Barker, chaplain to the late archbishop Tillotson, canon 
and treasurer of the church of Wells, is dead. 

Seven regiments are incamp't in the Isle of Wight, and the 
rest daily expected ; and provisions for that expedition will be 
sent next week from the victualling office to Portsmouth to be 
put on board the fleet. 

This day the livery of this citty mett at Guildhal, and chose 
Charles Hopson, esq., the queens joyner, and Richard Guy, 
esq., vintner, to be sherifs of London and Middlesex for the 
year ensueing. 


Our squadron before Dunkirk is ordered to continue there, 
to prevent Fourbin's coming out of that harbour. 

Yesterdays Lisbon mail saith, the great fleet of merchant 
ships, which lately went hence with the lord Dursley, was ar- 
rived there ; and those bound for the West Indies with their 
convoy pursued their voyage. 

The last letters from Vienna feared the malecontents would 
surprize Moravia, and so penetrate into Bavaria, and reestablish 
that elector ; and that they had resolved to hold a general diet, 
to debate about chusing that prince for their king. 

And that a treaty was made with England and Holland to 
send 2 imperial regiments more from Italy to Catalonia. 

Saturday, 26 June. — The lord treasurer has appointed 
Richmond house, in the privy garden, to be fitted up for sir 
Phillip Meadows, and Mr. Brodrick, comptrollers of the ac- 
counts of the army, to keep their office ; and as soon as sir 
Phillip arrives here, the lord Berkley, of Stratton, is to goe 
envoy to Vienna. 

Complaint being made that great numbers of sea lieutenants 
and other officers are out of the service, many of them gone 
into foreign parts, and not only serve the confederates, but also 
the enemy ; 'tis said, orders will be given that no persons shal 
be preferred for the future till such officers are provided for by 
the government. 

Yesterday Mr. Manzer, surveyor of the customs at Deal, was 
indicted for perjury^ and tried in the queens bench court, be- 
fore the lord chief justice Holt, which was quasht, because the 
word (et) was incerted more in the said indictment than what 
appeared in the original record of the exchequer. 

This morning one Mr. New, an eminent attorny, flung him- 
self out of a window at his lodgings next Doctors Commons, and 
dyed upon the spott. 

This day a council was held at St. James's, after which the 
queen and court went for Windsor to reside till Michaelmas, 

From Plymouth, that the Bonadventure has taken a French 
ship coming from Martineco, valued at 30,000/. 

Tis said sir Robert Cotton, one of our postmasters general, 
by reason of his age, has resigned to Mr. Evelyn, of Wootton 
in Surry, (nephew to the lord treasurer,) who is to allow him 
500/. per ann. for life. 

Jun ap.] STATE AFFAIRS. 8S1 

Majors general Seymour and Gorge, and brigadeers general 
Wynne and Liyeeey, are to oommand under general Erie the 
II regiments of Finglifth foot, 2 of dragoons, and the 5 from 
Ireland, which are to incamp in the Isle of Wight to goe on 
boavd the fleet ; upon which the French are drawing down their 
militia towards the sea coasts. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday f 29 June. — ^We hear that the inhabitants of Guern- 
sey and Jersey have been alarmed, upon report that 14 French 
men of war, with landmen on board, were to make a descent 
on those islands. 

On Sunday a committee of council signified to collonel Griffin, 
that his &ther was reprieved to the last day of July, and after- 
wards it would be farther continued. 

Sir Stafford Fairbom, With 1 1 men of war, irill sail hence in 
aboat a fortnight for Holland, to bring over the queen of Por- 
tugal hither, where she will continue till September, when she 
will be convoyed by the said admiral to Lisbon. 

The board ot greencloth here is to appoint some officers of 
the household to attend her, as formerly done to the queen of 

Sunday's Lisbon mail advises, that the Portugueeze and 
Spanish armies, after haveing been some time in sight of each 
other, are goeing into summer quarters. 

Her mijestie has ordered all the Scotch prisoners to be bailed, 
except 4 who are accused upon oath. 

Letters fir<Mn Deal say the Fahnouth is sailed towards Dun- 
kirk to join the fleet there, which, including the Dutch sqmn- 
dron, consists of 30 men of war. 

The last Paris letters advised, that the pope's nuntio had had 
a private audience of the king, in which he threats of (sic) the 
emperor and duke of Modena to beseigeFerrara, and desired his 
aflsistance, which he promised, and has sent to assure him of 
speedy succours in case of need; and that the popes first 
minister has proposed a league between that see, the republick 
of Venice, the great duke of Tuscany, and the duke of Parma. 

Our merdiants by a ship have advice, that the pyrates of 
Madagascar have taken :z or 3 of our English ships richly 
laden, trading from fort St George to Suratt, Persia, &c. 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 




Thursday i 1 July, — ^Yesterday a cominission of lunacy was 
opened in the exchequer, brought by the lord Barnard against 
his eldest son, Mr. Gilbert Vane, who marrying a daughter of 
Mr. Morgan Randall, member for Guildford, hath since setled 
all his estate upon her after his fathers death : there were 5 
council of a side, 4 witnesses examined, and the further hearing 
putt off till to morrow. 

Same day the governour of Chelsey coUedge receired a letter 
from the secretary of war, that it was her majesties pleasure 
he make a draught of 600 men out of the said hospital, to 
serve in the following garrisons: 200 in Sheernesse, 200 in 
Tilbury, icx) to Landguard fort, and ico to Dover, to doe 
duty in the room of 6cx> men who are to goe on board the 
fleet from the Isle of Wight : and Mr. Lynn, of the war office, 
is made secretary for that expedition. 

The 80 colliers hired by the government, with the transports 
and vessells to take on board the forces, are ordered to sail 
towards Portsmouth; and^ 'tis said, the lord Dursley, with 13 
men of war, is to join the fleet imder sir George Bing, to putt 
the same in execution. 

This day the governours of St. Bartholomew's hospital pe- 
titioned the lord mayor, court of aldermen and common coun- 
cil, that that fair might continue 14 days as usual, least the 
rents of the said hospital should fall ; but rejected. 

Sir Richard Blackmore is sworn one of her majesties phy- 

The homeward bound Canary fleet is safe arrived in the 
river, under convoy of the Dartmouth and Greyhound. 

The earl of Orkney, lieutenant general, is ordered to embark 
immediately for Flanders. 

To morrow will be due 3 Dutch posts. 

Saturday y 3 July. — A proclamation by her majestie hath 
been lately published relating to the trade of Newfoundland, 
and requiring the execution of the act in 10 and 11 Wm. 3d, 
intituled. An act to encourage the trade to Newfoundland. 

This morning came in 3 Ostend mails, which say Vendosme 
having by fatiguing marches gained the Dender cm the 5th, 
broke down all the bridges over that river, cast up intrench- 
ments for security of his army, and to cover a detachment sent 
towards Ghent, which at opening of the gates that morning 

Jiilt6.] state AITAIRS. 883 

8iirpri2ed the place : in the evening the gorernour of the castle 
capitulated, and the garrison to be conducted to Dendermond. 

Next day La Motte posBOssed himBelf of Bruges, for want of 
force to defend it, and sent to summon Damm. 

On the 6th the allies broke up from Anderlecht, and en- 
camped at Asche, where prince Eugene came and held a council 
of war with the duke of Marlborough. 

On the 9th the army march't in 4 columns to passe the Den- 
der at Lissen to attack the enemy, but suppos'd they would re- 
tire over the Scheld at Westeren, and take shelter under the 
cannon of Tournay. 

Prince Eugenes army being 28,000 strong is past Maestricht, 
and hafltning to join ours ; upon which the duke of Berwick 
was coming with 15,000 foot and 3000 horse to assist the duke 
of Burgundy, posted near Alost. 

Tis said letters from the duke of Marlborough mention, that 
prince Eugene had actuaUy join'd him, and in his march from 
the Moselle had intercepted and taken looo of the enemies 

That the elector of Hanoyer, by swelling of the Rhine, had 
not yet past that river. 

IVom Paris, that the duke of Orleans on the 25th opened 
the trenches before Tortosa, the garrison being 4000 regular 
troops and 6000 peasants : count Staremberg with 18,000 men 
lies near Terragona, expecting a reinforcement of 3000 more, 
and then will attempt to rtuse the seige. 

That the duke de Noailles had detach^t troops to defend 
Thoulon, threatned by the duke of Savoy. 

An ambassador from the emperor of Morocco is arrived here, 
and has brought mih him 5 lyons as a present to the queen. 

Sir Walter St. John, aged 86, is dead. 

No Dutch post. 

Ikiesday, 6 July, — Yesterday morning the earl of Stair 
arrived here expresse from the duke of Marlborough, with the 
account of the battle fought last Wensday between him and 
the French, which began about 5 in the afternoon, and lasted 
till near 10 at night, with great fiercenesse^ in which the latter 
were totally defeated. 

The night before, major general Cadogan was detacht with 
30 squadrons, and 16 batallions, and 24 cannon for Oudenard, 

Y 2 


to passe the Scheld, and post himself in the village of Heine, 
and lay bridges for the whole army to passe that riyer, which 
the head of the army did about a in the afternoon ; the enemy 
having intelligence that great part of onr foot were not got 
oyer, their infiuitry in 3 lines advanced against ours, who had 
formed but one Ibie, designing to break us before we were in 
order ; but wee were supported by the horse till they were all 
formed, and then a terrible fight began between our right 
wing and main body and the French, with equal fury, till 18 
batallions and some horse were detacht by the allies from their 
left to fall upon the enemies rear, who perceiving themselves 
encompast and very much pressed, gave ground and fled, 20 
batallions and 40 squadrons following them ; the retreat of that 
part which retired towards Toumay and Lisle was cutt off, so 
forced to turn towards Ghent, whither 5000 of our horae were 
detacb't; 'tis said we took 7000 prisoners, but what more in 
the pursuit, and what number killed and wounded on both ndes, 
we impatiently wait for a particular account. 

Prince Naflsau Frizeland, aged 21, who takes the title of 
prince of Orange, was at the head of the Dutch troops all the 
while, and in the hottest of the action ; and the electoral prince 
of Hanover at the head of the Prussians : prince Eugene, with 
200 hussars his life guard, charged as a voluntew among the 
English, his army not being come up. 

This day came in an Ostend mail, the letters of an old 
date ; but the master of the pacquet boat had advice, that the 
princes of the blood, with a small retinue, were arriyed at 

Thursday, 8 July, — ^Yesterday the head baylif of Westmin- 
ster declared Mr. secretary Boyl and Mr. Medlicot duely 
elected members for that citty ; sir Henry Dutton Colt loosing 
it upon the scrutiny. 

The same day orders were sent to Portsmouth and the Isle 
of Wight, to embark the forces encampt there, and the general 
officers are gone down to take upon them the command tiiereof, 
but upon what expedition not yet known. 

A proclamation is published by her mi^estie for regulating 
the fishery of Newfoundland, according to tiie late act of par- 

The lord James Cavendish is married to Mrs. Tale, her &ther 

July lo.] STATE AFFAIRS. 826 

a rich diamond merchanty who some time since came from the 
East Indies. 

And his lordships sister, the lady Elizabeth Cavendish, is 
married to sir John Wentworth of Yorkshire ; as also is sir 
John Cotton, baronet, to Mrs. Herbert, grand daughter to the 
duke of Leeds. 

The lord Colerane is lately dead. 

This day the lord chancellor by writ prorogued the parUsr 
ment to the 9th of September ; as did the archbishop of Can- 
terbury the convocation to the 13th. 

No Dutch post or expresse since the lord Stairs arrival here 
on M(mday, who sayes the engagement was begun by Sabine's 
brigade of Welsh fiizileers, who fought and defeated 7 French 
batallioDS, forced them to beg quarter and lay down their 
arms ; that the electoral prince of Hanover had his horse shot 
under him as charging sword in hand at the head of a squa- 
dron of dragoons, and the collonel who commanded them was 
killed by his side. 

We had no English general officers killed. 

BCajor generals Meredith, Landon, brigadeer Barnard, eol- 
lonels Grove and Penny father wounded, the ist slightly in the 
cheek ; sir John MaUiews and captain Dean of the guards were 
killed ; and among the 7000 prisoners we took are 2 lieutenants 
generall, 2 majors general, j brigadeers, 30 collonells, 100 feild 
offic^^, and 400 others, and near 80 colours and standards. 

Saturday, 10 Jtdy. — ^The last foreign letters advised from 
the Hague, that the Straits of Magellan being become familiar 
to the French, by their often sailing thro them, have sent en- 
gineers to build forts on the most advantageous places in the 
Soutii Seas, by which the Spaniards wiU hereafter find it diffi- 
cult to dislodge them ; so that Peru and the rich mines of Po- 
tosi are like to be a prey to the French. 

That the Snedish minister at Vienna has orders not to sollicit 
any further the affairs of religion in Silesia, but inost on the 
declaration made to the imperial commissioners ; his majestic 
designing to take such measures as he shal think most proper; 
so that a new difference is IB^e to arise. 

Yesterday all the sea captains about this citty were ordered 
on board their respective ships on pain of being casheered. 

William Zulesteyn, earl of Rochiford, a peer of this realm, is 


dead, and succeeded in honour and estate by his son, the lord 

No Dutch post nor expresse since Monday by the lord Stayres, 
the wind being contrary. 

All the foreign ministers have been to congratulate her ma- 
jestie upon the victory. 

The earl of Sunderland has signifyed the queens pleasure to 
the archbishop of Canterbury, that he cause a thanksgiving to 
morrow in all the churches and chappells within the bills of 
mortallity, for our victory over the French near Oudenard. 

An exchanged lieutenant, who left Calais on Wensday and 
arrived here this day^ sayes the inhabitants there were in great 
consternation upon the news of their army being defeated. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 7th instant, and held the 8th and 9th, where 
several criminals were tryed, of which two received sentence of 
death, 13 were burnt in the hand, and 1 1 to be whipt, and one 
find and to stand in the pillory ; and the next sessions ordered 
to begin on Wensday, the 8th of September next. 

Tuesday y 13 July, — ^Three Ostend mails came in this morn- 
ing, and bring, from Paris, July 16th, by private letters from 
Spain, this court has an account that the seige of Tortosa goes 
on but slowly, coUonel Jones the governour making frequent 
sallies with successe ; and velt mareshal Staremberg, upon ar- 
rival of the forces from Qirone under the prince of Darmstadt, 
is resolved to venture a battle to raise the seige. 

On the 14th, at night, came an expresse from the duke of 
Vendosm, with an account of his defeat ; that 8000 of his men 
were taken prisoners, and 6000 killed on the spot ; which the 
king reading, broke out into an extasy. Still without successe, 
Spain! how much blood hast thou cost I 

Another expresse from Villars brings advice, that the duke 
of Savoy was marching with 2 armies, one to attack our fron- 
tiers by the valley of Susa, and another to make an irruption 
into the dutchy of Savoy, 

From Ghent, that on the 14th the French army march't 
thro' that citty in great disorder, with about 1 00 cannon, leaving 
22 batallions in that town^ encamp't along the canall of Bruges, 
(duke of Burgundy taking his head quarters at Belem,) and set 
5000 pioneers to work to make intrenchments to cover them. 

July 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 827 

Fire and twenty thousand Prussians, Dutch, &c. under ge- 
neralls Dopft, Fagell, and Lottum, being ordered to level the 
lines about Ipres, Lisle, and Toumay, succeeded with great 
dispatch ; and the latter, with 40 squadrons and 30 bataUions, 
came before the lines at Waineton, which they took with 4CX> 
French prisoners after 5 hours resistance: the lines of Comines 
and Yerrick were also taken after 8 hours dispute. 

The duke of Marlborough is not only making the necessary 
dispositions for beseiging Ipres, but also cutting off the com- 
munication between their army and France. 

Prince Eugene, with 4000 horse, is march't towards Brus- 
sells to join his own troops to observe Vendosm, while the duke 
of Marlborough puts his designs in execution. 

Thursday y 15 July. — ^Mr. baron Lovell, liaveing sent under 
his hand a resignation of the recorders place of this citty to 
the court of aldermen, they have appointed the 27th instant 
for electing another; and 'tis beleived Peter King, esq., coun- 
sellor at law, and member for Beeralston, will succeed him. 

Collonel Ja. Kendall, some time since governor of Barbadoes, 
dyed last week at Cashalton, and left his estate, value 40,000/., 
to his housekeeper. 

Mr. Mead, and other agents, are gone to the Isle of Wight, 
to pay off the regiments there before they embark, which is 
expected in 10 dayes. 

Monday lieutenant general Earl and sir George Bing kist 
the queens hand at Windsor, and went thence for Portsmouth: 
a patent is passing for the first to command in cheif the forces 
for the intended expedition. 

Orders are gone to Ireland for 50 French refugee officers on 
the establishment there, to be ready to march wherever her 
majestie pleases. 

This day one Benjamin Child, a quaker, stood in the pillory, 
for counterfeiting a goldsmith's note. 

This evening came in 2 Dutch posts of the same dates, with 
the Ostend mails of Tuesday last ; they confirm the duke of 
Marlborough's sending a great detachment towards lisle. 

Some letters say upon their approach that citty surrendred, 
and the garrison retired into the cittadel. 

That the French had agreed to pay 3 millions of fiorins con- 
tributions for the province of Artois. 


That lieutenant general Dopfib had defeated 5 BVench regi- 
ments goeing towards Toumay. 

And that our army dengned to break up again, and mardi 
towards the enemy. 

Saturday y 17 Jvly. — From Italy, that the duke of Mantua, 
aged ^6, dyed on the 5ih instantj being his birth day, of a 
fainting fitt, and leayeing no issue: the did^e of Savoy has taken 
possession of his countrey. 

Letters from Constantinople say, that the grand sognior was 
at the point of death. 

A general thanksgiving is appointed to be on Thursday, the 
19th of August, for our late victory over the French, near 
Audenard, when her majestie, 'tis said, will goe to St. Pauls, 
and hear Dr. Fleetwood, bishop of St. Asaph, preach upon that 

An officer in our army in Flanders writes, that 'tis in their 
power to invest which of the enemies towns they jdease, but 
have not battering guns nor mortars nearer than Sas van 
Ghent^ from wh^ice 'twill be difficult to gett them, so long as 
the French lye on the canal near Bruges ; and that a strong 
detachment was sent to inlarge the ways for our marching to 
Rousselaer to streighten them. 

Tis said their army is diminish^ at least 20,000 men since 
the battle. 

This night came in a Dutch post, which sayes our army was 
upon the march towards the French, who are intrench't up to 
th^ teeth. 

That a train of artillery is prepared at Delf to be sent to 
Ostend for our use. 

T^iat the garrison of Ipree made a furious sally to hinder our 
levelling the lines, but were repuls'd with great lease. 

The report of the taking Lisle is false. 

That a conspiracy had been discovered to the duke of Ber* 
wick, to deliver up Luxendmrgh to the alHes, who caused several 
of the burghers to be executed. 

From Paris, that ^ marquesse de Lambert was arrived 
there, with an account that Tortosa had surrendred to the dvke 
of Orleans upon honourable terms. 

Tis said the Muscovites have defeated 10,000 Swedes in Po- 
land, kiUing 6000 of them. 

July 22.] STATE AFFAIRS. 889 

Tuesdoffy 20 July. — ^A yeesell which left Jamaica the aad of 
May is arriyed at Bristol], and sayes the privateers of that 
isbuid latdy fell in with 13 Spanish sloops, and took 7 of them, 
worth a million of dollars ; and that commodore Wager lay off 
Porto Bello, to intercept the Plate fleet, expected speedily to 
siul thenoe. 

From the Isle of Wight, that general E2arl, haveing reriewed 
the foroes there, they began yesterday morning to embark for 
the expedition, taking with them but little baggage ; 'tis said 
orders are given for some men of war to cruize before Newport, 
to hinder the French sending provisions and other necessaries 
into that harbour. 

This evening sir Wm. Windham of Somersetshire was mar- 
ried to the lady Eatherine Seymour, 2d daughter to the duke 
of Somerset ; her fortune io,ooo2. 

From Falmouth^ that an English vessel is sayled thence to 
Si^Maloes, with 500 French seamen on board, to exchange for 
the like number of ours. 

The last foreign letters advised from the Hague, that a 
courier from Vendosm to the French king was intercepted, with 
letters expressing his fear of being surrounded on all sides, and 
deored his instructions which way to march. 

That the states have ordered the 16 towns, which have 
op^ied their sluyces and drowned their country to incommode 
the Frendi in the camp, shall for 3 years be exempted from 

Thai 8000 hOTse and dragoons, under prince Eugene, are 
mardiing into Fieardy to raise contributions, while the duke of 
Mariborough watches Vendosm; and so soon as lus heavy can- 
non comes up, will, 'tis said, beseige Ipres, and if the French 
endeavour to interrupt them, a general battle must ensue. 

Tkursdoffp %% Jufy. — ^Tefiterday came in one Dutch and two 
Flanders mails, whi<^ bring, 

From Ctoneva, that the duke of Savoy was penetrating into 
France thro' the Manrienne ; and general Schulemberg, with 
another body ol his troops on the side of the Tarantab, so that 
he invades Provence and Dauphine at the same time. 

Fr(Hn MiUain, that the 7000 imperialists were embark't at 
Vado, the queen of Spain went on board the X3th, and sir John 
Leake was ready to sail with them for Barcelona. 


That the death of the duke of Mantua without issue is like 
to occasion new troubles in Italy ; 3 German regiments march- 
ing thence for Piedmont are return'd to secure the strong 
places in that dutchy. 

That the elector of Hanover was at Muhlberg the 20th, 
the Rhine running still very high, and the French fortifye- 
ing the passes : they corrupted some bakers to poyson the 
soldiers bread, by which many dyed, but one out of remorse 
confest it; upon which, 7 of them were hanged in sight of the 

IVom Brussells of the 26th, that 20 mortars and about 70 
great cannon were arrived in their canaU, and ao more were 
coming from Maestricht, said to beseige Toumay. 

2000 of the wounded French in Ghent are dead, and Yen- 
dosm continues fortifyeing his camp. 

The forces in the Isle of Wight are embark'd. 

Dr.Edisbury, having surrendred his place of master in chan- 
cery, is succeeded by counsellor Mellor. 

This day a proclamation was published to direct the courts 
of justice in North Brittain to be kept twice a year, viz. the ist 
of October and the ist of May. 

Falmouth letters say the capt^ of the Lisbon pacquet boat 
saw off the Lizard 25 sayl of tall ships, which he supposed to be 

Saturday t 24 Jidy. — Thursday the Muscovite envoy, who 
is leaving this kingdom, was arrested in his coach in the 
Hay Market for a debt of 360^., which he has since paid, 
but complained to her majestic of the a&ont, who ordered 
the officers to be prosecuted, and promised him all possible 

The reprieve of the lord Griffin expiring next Saturday, 'tis 
said another will be granted till the parliament sitts. 

The earl of Staires is made a major general of our forces in 

From Edinburgh, that the Bonadventure had brought into 
Leith harbour a French prize laden with wines, brandy, &c., 
value io,ooo2. 

Our lord mayor, aldermen, and common council have agreed 
upon an addresse to congratulate her majestic on the victory 
near Audenard. 

July 27.] STATE AFFAIRS. 881 

Yesterday's port letters say our fleet, with the land forces, 
which embark't at the Isle of Wight, were at Spithead waiting 
for the yictuallers and tenders from the Downs. 

Last foreign letters said, the 40 squadrons of horse Vendosm 
ordered in the night to march from his camp, near Bruges 
towards Newport, are got between Dunkirk and Calais, in 
their way to join the duke of Berwick at Dovay to cover their 

That 6000 foot were to follow, and designed, if can, by such 
detachments to send off their whole army. 

Tis said the forces marching into France, under count Tilly, 
mett 1000 of duke of Ber wicks horse, killed 200, and the rest 
escaped to Lens ; and that the count, sending to the duke of 
Marlborough for farther instructions, was commanded to pro- 
ceed according to his first orders, which is said to be towards 
Amiens in Picardy, and that 15 batallions and 20 squadrons 
more are hast'ning to join and support him ; so then when they 
are joyned he will be 22,000 strong. 

Tuesday, 27 July. — Yesterday's letters from Dublin say, 
that one Mr. Forbes, who lately took his master of arts degree, 
bdng at a tayem, with several others, a health was begun to 
the glorious memory of king William, and when it came to his 
turn, he added, and the pious memory of Balfe, (who now 
hangs in chains for a rapparee and murther,) and being repri- 
manded, gave this reason, that Balfe dyed a papist, but king 
William of no religion: on complaint of which, the coUedge de- 
graded and expelled him, and a prosecution is ordered against 
him in the queens bench. 

Same letters add, that captain Cammock, in the Speedwell 
of 28 guns and 125 men, mett on the 13th off the highlands of 
Scotland 2 French privateers, one of 16 guns and 127 men, 
the other of 18 guns and 135 men, and fought them several 
hours : the 1st being much shattered got off, the other he 
brought into Garickfergus. 

The queen has ordered the persons who caused the Mus- 
covite ambassador to be arrested to beg his pardon upon their 

A gentleman, who left the Isle of Wight last Sunday, says 
the land forces have been embark'd several days, but not able 
to sail by reason of the stormy weather. 


That the forces firom Ireland were not then arriTod, nor any 
of the horses on board. 

Yesterday our lord mayor, aldermen^ and oommon council 
went to Windsor, with their congratulatory addresse for the 
late victory near Audenard ; her miyesty received them grati- 
ously, and knighted Randal Knipe, and Robart Dunkley, mer- 
chants of this citty. 

This day the court of aldermen mett to chuse a recorder, 
and elected Peter King, esq,, who had 14 yoicee, and serjeant 
Richardson having but 9 : three of the aldermen absent, vis. 
sir John Parsons, sir Thomas Cook, and or Charles Thorold, 
the latter indisposed. 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 

Thursday, 29 July. — ^This day major Blakeney, with a ser- 
jeant and 12 foot soldiers, went to Hamersmith, to sett them 
as a guard on the ambassador newly arrived from Morocco, by 
way of reprizal for Mr. Delaval, whom that emperor impri- 
soned in Barbary, till the return of his ambassador here last 
year, who on his arrival there, 'tis said, was torn in peices with 
4 horses, for not liveing when here according to the rules of 
their religion, as drinking of wine, goeing to St. Pauls on the 
procession day, &o,; which was done by an impeachment of ona 
of his retinue. 

Our merchants have advice from the East Indies, that the 
war is furiously carryed on between the sons of the great mo- 
gull, whidi much hinders our tmie there, and puts a stop to 
the worldly in the diamond mines. 

The Muscovite ambassador goes h^ice to morrow in the 
pacquet boat for Holland, refusing one of the queens yatchs, 
as abo jooo guineas, the usual pres^it to ambassadors, and» 
'tis said, those who arrested him will be prosecuted. 

Dr. TrumbuU, rector of Whitney in Oxfordshire, is dead« and 
his liveing of 700/. per ann. given by the bishop of Winchester 
to Dr. Richard Duke. 

Dr. Adams is made a prebeiod of Windsor, in the room of 
Dr. Fleetwood, now bishop of Si. Asaph. 

This day we had adrice, that our fleet, with the land forces 
on board, from the Isle of Wight, were arrived in the Downs ; 
and Essex and Carpenters dragocms are marcbu^ for Dover, 
where 'tis expected they will be by Monday, to embark on the 


transports in the Downs ; admiral Baker, with 5 men of war, 
being arrived there from before Dunkirk, supposed to assist in 
oonyoying the troops for the descent. 

To morrow will be due 3 Dutch posts. 

Saturdoffy 31 Jidy. — Last night came in a Dutch posts, 
with advice. 

From Savoy, that that duke had forced the IVench intrench- 
ments on the side of Dauphiny, and was marching directly for 
Chambery, and had sent 10,000 men to force a passe guarded 
by 4000 French under Medavi, and that Villars was getting 
together what forces he could to oppose them. 

From Strasburgh, that the elector of Bavaria, after several 
feints, had passed the Rhine with 30,000 men, a great train of 
artillery, and is incamp't along the Murgh, designed, as said, 
to attack the Germans, who will not decline a battle, the elector 
of Hanover bring advanced towards the pbdns of Radstat. 

From Genoa, that m John Leake was past by the coast of 
Provence for Barcelona ; and that the duke of Orleans had 
detach't 7000 foot and 1500 horse so beseige Denia, in which 
is a garrison of 3000 regtdar troops, and the castle so well for- 
tified that it serans impregnable. 

From the Hague, that 14,000 French had forced the Dutch 
lines in Flanders, and made excursions as fiu* as Schoondych 
and Groed, ruin'd about 1 00 fine houses, but the oountrey agree- 
ing to pay contributions, they retired. 

From our ciynp at Werwick, a Aug., 'tis confirmed count 
miy's defeating 800 French horse, and taking 200 prisoners. 

That the country of Artois had agreed to pay him 500,000 
crowns contributions^ and has hostages for die same> and is 
expected bBxk with his troops (as last Saturday) to join the 
army, who had orders to be ready to march the Tuesday fol- 

And that Boufflers and Chamillard were come to Lisle to 
animate tiie soldiers, and put the place into a posture of 

The earl of Peterborough has kist her majesties hand, and 
'tis beleived will goe governor of Jamaica. 

William Frankland, esq., 2d son to sir Thomas, is made trea- 
surer of the stamp office, in the room of John Evelyn, esq., who 
succeeds sir Robert Cotton as postmaster general. 


Ttiesdayj 3 Atiff. — Yesterday's mail from Jamaica, of the 
1 8th of June, says, that commodore Wager, with the Expedi- 
tion, Kingston, and Portland men of war, and a fireship, matt 
the Spanish galleons and other yessells, in all 14 sail, comeing 
from Porto Bello to the Havana; the ist engaged the admiral 
galleon, which after an hours fight blew up, having on board 
18 millions of peices of eight belonging to the duke of Anjou, 
and not above 1 7 men out of 700 saved ; then fell upon the 
rear admiral, and after 3 hours dispute took her, which, 'tis 
said, had 15 millions of peices of eight: she lost 90 men^ and 
we 14. The Eongston engaged the vice admiral, who running 
among the shoals, escaped with the rest, our pilots not well 
knowing them. The next morning we chased another on shore, 
the Spaniards blew up her stern and quitted her, and the 
Kingston and Portland are endeavouring to take out her cargo. 
Tis computed Wager's share will come to near 500,000^, and 
every saylor 500Z. 'Tis said Du Casse's squadron, which lyes 
at the Havana, waiting for the said galleons, is in a miserable 
sick condition. 

This day came in 2 Dutch posts, with advice. 

From Millain, that the queen of Spain the 19th past was 
sett on shore at Barcelona, and the troops debarking. 

From Savoy, that the French have resolved to quitt all that 
dutchy, and Yillars and Medavi being joyned will defend their 
own frontiers. 

Hague, Aug. 9 : four commissioners are sent to Gorcura to 
conduct the queen of Portugal thither. 

That ICO great guns, 20 mortars, 5000 waggons, &c., 
guarded by 40,000 men, have past the Dender near Aeth; 
and letters from the duke of Marlborough's camp say, Lisle 
was to be invested Saturday last ; and some, that prince Eu- 
gene, with 36,000 men, will at the same time carry on the seige 
of Tournay. 

Sir George Bing, with the fleet and transports, sayled the 
1st instant from the Downs towards Calius. 

Thursday y 5 Aug, — The last foreign letters advised, that 
the differences between the emperor and the pope are grown 
to such a height, that in all likelyhood they'l soon come to a 
rupture ; the latter has demanded 500,000 crowns of the citty 
of Rome, and proportionable of all his other towns, towards 

Aua. 7.] STATE AFFAIRS. 885 

the charge of his new levies, and the nobility and gentry send- 
ing in their plate to be coined to furnish him with money, at 
which the French court is extreamly pleas'd, and endeavouring 
to perswade him to excommunicate the emperor, and his bro- 
ther king Charles, in hopes 'twil prejudice die house of Austria 
in ihdr interests. 

That king Augustus of Poland arrived the 7th at the Hague 
incognito, with some few lords and great officers, and for the 
1 2th desigu'd for the army under the duke of Marlborough, 
where, 'tis said, he will serve the campagne ; and that his iiorse, 
10,000 strong in Saxony, have orders to be in a readinesse to 
march, supposed for the Netherlands. 

We hear her majestie designs to send an envoy to the czar 
of Muscovy, to lay before him the nature of the arrest of his 
ambassador, and to excuse it. 

This days letters from on board the Dover, under sir George 
Bing, dated the 4th^ say they arrived the 2d to the eastward 
of Bologne; at 4 that day mann'd the boats to land the men, 
bat prevented by icoo French horse, &c. on the shore, and 
our dragoons not being come up, they stood off; but yesterday 
the transports joyning them, they were all ordered to the west- 
ward of that place, supposed for StValery. 

Admiral Wager, before he fell in with the Spanish galleons, 
divided his squadron of 12 men of war, and placed them in 4 
stations ; the captains (as said) all agreeing, that whoever took 
any of them would all share alike in the booty. 

We hear there is nothing in the report mentioned in this 
day's Postboy, of a design against her majesties person at 

Saturday, 7 August. — ^Testerday''s Dutch post advises, from 
Paris, that the duke of Savoy having by stratagem drawn Yil- 
lars towards fort Barreaux, march't back, and posted himself 
in the valley of Briancon ; so that he has cutt off the latters 
communication from that place, £xiles, Perouse, and Fenes- 
trellad, which has caused a great consternation in the province 
of Dauphine. 

From Berlin, that a courier was arrived there from the 
Suedish army, with an account, that they had past the Dnieper, 
forced the Muscovite intrenchments, killed 10,000, taking all 
their cannon, baggage, and a great number of prisoners ; upon 


whioh the city of Mohilow surrendred, but don't mention iheir 
own losse. 

From Vienna^ that the Germans have had a oonaderable 
victory over the malecontents in Hungary, killing 4000 on the 
apot, and took 14 peicea of cannon, with many prisoners. 

From Flanders, that our army invested Lisle on Monday 
last ; prince Eugene commands on one side, and the prince of 
Nassau Frizeland on the other; in it are 13,000 men, com- 
manded by Boufflers: the duke of Marlborough covers the 
seige, in hopes 'twil bring the French to a 2d battle : the duke 
of Barwick is drawing towards it, and Vendosm in motion at 
Ghent, either to join him, or by way of diversion beseige Damm 
or Ostend. 

Last night Mr. Davy, the messenger, came from our fleet on 
the French coast, who went on Monday expresse from the 
queen to general Erie, whom he found on Wensday landing 
his forces between Somme and Bologne; 1500 were put on 
shore vrithout opposition. Upon his delivery of the expresse, 
the general ord«*ed his men immediately again on board, and 
when he came away they were under sail towards the Downs. 
Some think they are designed part for the West Indies, and 
part for Portugal, along with that queen, dayly expected 
from Holland. The dragoons are embark'd at Dover to join 

Tuesday, 10 Aug. — Sunday came in an Ostend mail, which 
confirms our beseiging lisle ; that the French army at Ghent 
are making vast preparations for a seige ; and that monsieur 
Chamillard, since he came to lisle, had sent to the Hague and 
to the duke of Marlborough, offering proposals for a peaoe. 

The queen of Portugal is not expected here fr<Hn Holland 
till the latter end of this month : upon the first notice oi hdr 
arrival, it's said, the duke of Somerset will be sent from her 
majestie to compliment that queen. 

CoUonel Hunter, govemour of Virginia, who was taken goe- 
ing thither by the French, is to be exchanged for the bishop of 
Quebeck, our prisoner. 

Lord Lovelace goes next month to his government of New 
York, in the room of the lord Combury, recalled; and several 
German families, ruin'd by the French in the Pidatinate, and 
came hither, are preparing to goe with him, and settle there. 

Aug. I a.] STATE AFFAIRS. 387 

A curious monament is erecting in Westminster Abby , at her 
majesties charge, in memory of sir Clowdesly Shovell. 

Captain Gookin recommended by general Erie to the qneen; 
as also William Penn is to goe governor of Pensylvania. 

Sir George Bing, with the forces on board, are alarming the 
coast of Normandy, and to land there in [if] an opportunity 
offers to their advantage. 

The Dragon is come into the Downs from before Dun- 
kirk, where lie 22 English and Dutch men of war to block 
up that hvbour, and watch the motions of Fourbin'^s squa- 

This day arrived 3 Lisbon mails, which say the earl of Gall- 
way, marquesse of Fronteira, and major general Sankey, held 
frequently councills with the ministers of Portugal, to forward 
preparations for the autumn campagne ; the army will consist 
of i5,ocx^ foot and 70CX) horse, and act offensively against 
Spain : and that the forces which lately landed at Barcelona 
are march'd to join general Staremberg. 

Thursday, 1 2 Aufftiat. — Tuesday night late came in a Dutch 
mail, which says the duke of Savoy has made himself master 
of the passes of mount Geneure, by which he may attack the 
forts of Fenestrelles and Exilles without disturbance, since the 
French can^t come at them but thro' the said passes, which are 
guarded by 6000 Piedmontese and 12 cannon; the taking of 
which places will prevent the enemy entring Piedmont. 

Confirms the victory of the Germans over the Hungarian 
malecontents ; as also that of the S weeds over the Muscovites; 
that king had his horse wounded under him, and lost 5000 
men, with general Wrangel; i2,oco Muscovites were kill'd 
upon the spot^ and among them 4 generalls ; 3000 taken pri- 
soners, with all their cannon and baggage; but letters from 
Berlin of the 12th say, that general Goltz, in the service of the 
czar, had brought a fresh body of forces to join their broken 
army, and stop't the progresse of the Suedes. 

That prince Eugene had caus'd 50^000 fascines to be got 
ready for carrying on the seige of Lisle ; summon'd in 1 2,cxx) 
peasants to work on the lines of circumvallation : the attack 
wUl be made in 2 places with 94 great cannon and 42 mortars, 
and the trenches to be opened as last Tuesday. 

That count Mercy being denied entrance thro Switzerland, 



with 10,000 men to join the duke of Savoy, was retaming to 
the camp of the elector of Hanover. 

Mr. Jacob Reynardson, a merchant of this citty, is made 
collector of the customes of Bristol, with 600L per ann., in the 
room of Mr. Sanson, lately gone off for a considerable summ. 

A ship arrived in 18 days from the Streights says, that a 
body of French, instead of beseiging Denia, was set down be-» 
fore AUcant. 

Sir George Bing still continues upon the French coast 

Saturday, 14 August, — Last night came in a Dutch post, 
which brings, 

From Berlin, that upon the late defeat of the Muscovites, 
the king of Sueden immediately ordered general Lewenhaupt 
and the Starost Minski to join him with their forces, to storm 
the trenches of general Ooltz, and afterwards penetrate into 
Muscovy ; it's said, that king refuses to restore Courland to the 
young duke, being resolved to annex it to Livonia, which, tis 
beleived, will be opposed by the king of Prussia, his guardian. 

From Frankfort, that the duke of Savoy, having some differ- 
ence with the pope, has confiscated all his revenues in his do- 
minions ; it's said he has taken Exilles from the French, and 
was attacking Fenestrelle. 

From Paris, that Villars was advanced to cover Briancon ; 
that orders were sent to the duke of Orleans to detach 10 
batallions and 10 squadrons for Provence, and the elector of 
Bavaria to march with all speed with the best of his troops to 

From the Hague, that great tumults are in the Spanish West 
Indies, upon the French ingrossing all the trade. 

That the electoral prince of Hanover at the battle of Oude- 
nard venturM so far, that a French officer clapt a pistol to hia 
brest, but was shot dead by an Hanoverian corporal; upon 
which another French officer rode up to fire at the prince, and 
the same corporal cut his head in sunder; for which he is made 
a commission officer. 

The trenches before Lisle were to be opened the 20th ; the 
garison makes frequent sallies, which cost many men on both 

The duke of Burgundy designs to undertake something exn 
traordinary, being ready to march, so soon as the frontier gar- 

Ato. 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 3S9 

riflons have joinM the duke of Berwick ; and the duke of Marl- 
borough is ready to doe the like upon his first motioD, and has 
sent most of his troops over the Scheld to observe him. 

Yesterday admiral Baker, with 9 men of war and 3 yatchs, 
sail'd for Holland, to bring over the queen of Portugal. 

Tuesday, 17 August — ^Madrid, a Aug. The duke of Anjou 
haveing received an expresse from the duke of Orleans, that 
he was to detach 10 squadrons and 10 batallions for Dauphiny, 
has ordered the viceroys of the several principalities of Spain 
to raise 5000 foot and 1500 horse, to be ready to march for 
Catalonia by the beginning of September. 

From Leipsick, that the. Muscovites give out they had not 
20cx> men killed and wounded in the late battle with the 
Sweeds, and resolved upon another engagement, for which the 
czar is drawing all his forces on the banks of the Dnieper, and 
into the lines of Mohilow. 

From Vienna, that an envoy is goeing from the emperor to 
the king of Sueden, to acquaint him that, in consideration of 
his request, he will allow the protcstants in Silesia to build 5 
churches -more than agreed on by the treaties of Westphalia 
and Alt Ranstat, without any equivalent, which he hopes will 
satisfye his majestie. 

The report of captain Delaval, our envoy in Barbary, being 
ill treated and confined, proving false, the guard is taken off the 
Morocco ambassador at Hammersmith. 

Yesterday we had advice, that the fleet under sir George 
Bing, being joined by the 2 regiments of dragoons, came to the 
bay of La Hogue on Wensday, next day landed 1 200 men, and 
preparing to put on shore the rest ; but the enemy having got 
together 9 batallions and 14 squadrons, and throwing bombs 
among our fleet from several forts and batteries on shore, 'twas 
judg'd impracticable to proceed, and the men ordered again on 
board, designing for some other place. 

Dr. Lamb, dean of Ely, is dead, and succeeded by Dr. Rode- 
rick, provost of Kings college in Cambridge. 

Our merchants have an account, that 2 ships of their home- 
ward bound Virginia fleet are come into the western ports, and 
the whole 40 sail but few leagues behind. 

Thursday, xg August, — Tuesday night late came in a Dutch 
post, which says, the trenches before Lisle were open'd the 2 2d 

z 2 


in 2 places, with losse but of 3 men ; that a cannon ball past 
thro' the apartment of the prince of Orange, and killed his 
valet goeing to shave him : a Spanish officer, with some of his 
men^ is come over to us, and says their consternation is very 
great : it's said the French king has sent orders to his gene- 
rals to attempt it's relief at any rate, upon which the dukes 
of Burgundy and Barwick are in motion ; and the duke of 
Marlborough has caused the roads to be enlarg'd from Hel- 
chin to Gavre, and designs to attack the former so soon as 
he marches, and on the first notice of likelyhood of an engage- 
ment, prince Eugene, with most of the cavalry before Lisle^ 
will join him. 

And it*s said 8000 Saxons are coming for Brabant. 

From Paris, that the king had received an expresse, that 
Villars had beaten part of the duke of Savoy's forces, kiU'd 
1 100, and taken 1000 prisoners, and laid seige to Exilles, which 
some days before had surrendred to the duke. 

This morning at 9, all the lords of the privy council, and 
others about town in their coaches and 6 horses, met at the 
Cockpit^ and from thence went to St. James's, and attended the 
queen to St. Pauls, where Dr. Fleetwood, bishop of St. Asaph, 
preach't the thanksgiving sermon for the victory obtained over 
the French near Oudenard, and their disappointment upon 
Scotland; his text was, Ezechiel cap. 36, vers. 22. In the 
coach with the queen were the dutchesse of Marlborough and 
countesse of Burlington, the prince not there, being unable to 
endure the fatigue : our lord mayor, aldermen, and sherifs met 
her majestie at Temple Bar, and conducted her to the cathe- 
dral of St. Pauls as usual: the tower guns were discharged : 
about 4 she returnM; and in the evening were bonefires, illumi- 
nations, &c. 

Saturday, 2 1 August. — Last nights Ostend mail of the 29th 
says, that on the 26th the duke of Burgundy moved with* his 
army from the canal of Bruges, towards Brabant, but after 7 
or 8 hours march returned to Deinse, between Courtray and 
Ghent ; next day retired again towards Alost, upon which the 
duke of Marlborough advanced betwixt Pont Esperies and 
Ascanaffe, his front towards Tournay, behind which Barwick is 
encamp'd, and all the garisons in French Flanders are drein'd 
to join him. 

Ato. a4.] STATE AFFAIRS. 841 

That on the 27th the batteries before Lisle began to play 
with great fury, and continue so to doe. 

A proclamation by her miyestie is lately publish% for en- 
couraging contributions to erect schools for propagating the 
knowledge of Christ in the highlands and islands of Scot- 

The Hamburgh fleet, laden with linnen, is arrived in the 

The new East India company have made a dividend of 32. 
per share to all the adventurers. 

A Jamaica ship arrived at Bristol says, Du Casse had taken 
6 homeward bound English merchant ships, worth 10,000/. 

The living of St. Olave^ Southwark, of 300/. per ann., vacant 
by the death of Dr. Haslewood, is given to Dr. Boulter ; and 
that of Dr. Lambs, in Hartfordshire^ worth 400^ per ann., is 
given to Dr. Kennet, dean of Peterborough. 

Sir Robert Marsham is married to a daughter of the late 
sir Clowdsly Shovell ; her fortune upwards of 40,000/. 

This day a proclamation came out for encouraging piety and 
vertue, and preventing and punishing vice, prophanesse, and 

Sir Geoi^e Bing was on the 19th between La Hogue and 
Cherburgh, alarming the French coast. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tu/esday, 24 August. — Lisbon, Aug. 20th: his excellency 
Paul Methwin, esq., with several officers, who have got leave 
to be absent for 3 months, went on board some days since in 
order for England ; the marquesse of Fronteira, being returned 
from making excursions in Andalousia with great successe, has 
daily conferences with the duke of Cadaval and the earl of 
Gallway, about opening the autumn campagne; and if the 
Spaniards cannot be forced to a battle, the seige of Badajox 
will again be attempted. 

The officers who are to conduct the queen of Portugal to 
Lisbon are ordered forthwith for Portsmouth, she being 
speedily expected from Rotterdam ; the rich bed presented to 
her by her majestic is the finest that ever was made, value 

It's certain that the regiments that are with sir George Bing, 


are to goe under the same convoy to Portugal, to enable that 
king to act offensively against Spain. 

One Callamy Bailey, an eminent silknian of this citty, hav- 
ing lately broke for above loOyOOoL, a commission of bankrupt 
was taken out against him, and he being examined thereon on 
oath, and it appearing he had forsworn himself, he is com- 
mitted to Newgate ; and, according to the late act of parlia- 
ment, he will at the next sessions be tried for his life, as being 
guilty of felony without benefit of the clergy. 

The Phoenix, with an East India ship, which hath been for 
some months past at Lisbon, are arrived at Portonouth, with 
several of the homeward bound from Portugall, &c. 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 

Iihuraday^ 26 Auffust. — ^Yesterday came in 2 Dutch and 2 
Flanders mails, which say, that on the 27th 85 cannon, 20 mor- 
tars, and ]6 hawitzers began to fire upon Lisle, in order to 
make a breach, and hope to be masters of the town in lo days; 
the same day a letter was brought to prince Eugene, in which 
was nothing but a peice of grey paper, which he threw away, 
but found himself ill ; 'twas taken up by his valett, afterwards 
by one of his adjutants, and at last by general Dopft, who all 
grew sick, then 'twas greased and given to a dog, who imme- 
diately died ; so not doubted but sent by the intreagues of the 
French to poison that gallant prince. 

That on the 28th, the duke of Burgundy joinM the duke of 
Barwick between Ninove and Enghien, having left 20 batal- 
lions at Ghent, Bruges, and Plassendale, where they are forti- 
fyeing those places. 

From Ostend, of the 3d, that they had past the Scheld with 
their whole army at Tournay, and were in sight of ours and 

Upon which prince Eugene drew off 8000 horse firom the 
seige, and joined the duke of Marlborough ; the French are 
near 20,000 superiour to us in number, having drein'd all th^r 
garrisons, and fill'd them with militia, and give out when we 
attack the counterscarp, which was designed as last Tuesday, 
they would fall upon his grace, who is encamp'd at Pont a 
Tressin on the river Marquette ; so that we speedily expect to 
hear of a battle. 

Letters from Leghorn, of the loth, say sir John Leake was 

Ato. 28.] STATE AFFAIRS. 848 

from Barcelona, with 30 men of war and 20 transports, 
to reduce Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean, for king 

From Oenoa, that admiral Wassenaer had orders to sail for 
Prorence, to assist the doke of Sayojr against France. 

From Tarin, of the 15th, that the garisons of Perusa and 
Exiles, about 1000 men, were brought thither prisoners of war; 
that the valley of St Martin, with 700 French soldiers, who 
were in the passes, had submitted to his highnesse, and 'twas 
expected would be soon master of Fenestrelle, the most im- 
portant fortresse on the frontiers of Dauphinj. 

Saturday, 28 Aug. — From Rome, that the abbot Rivarolo 
was not beheaded for writing satyrs against the pope, but dis- 
covering to the ailies the designs between him and the French 
king, to set the pretender on the throne of Great Brittain. 

From Constantinople, that the French were so far from be- 
ing in favour with the Turks, that the captain bassa [had] 
taken 2 French ships, and sent the men to the gallies. 

From Frankfurt, of the 26th, that the elector of Bavaria 
seems disgusted with the French court, and, it's said, will quitt 
the command of their army, and retire with the count de Arco, 
his general, to the Bath in Lorrain. 

From Hamburgh, of the 24th, that the Swedes have equip't 
some vessells at Gottenburgh to attack the port of Archangel, 
which the Muscovites are not concerned at, having some years 
ago erected a fort at the mouth of that harbour, well provided 
with men and guns, and no ship can come in but must passe 
within musquet shot of it ; and that some of their vessells have 
lately burnt 25 armed barks belonging to the Swedes on the 
eoast of Finland. 

There was a letter by the last post, which said the duke of 
Burgundy, finding he could not passe the Marque and engage 
the duke of Marlborough, designed to march towards Dovay, 
and encamp between that and Mortagne, resolving upon the 
reducing of Lisle, to hinder the further progresse of the allies. 

Brerewood the bankrupt, seized at Leghorn, is brought over 
in the Lisbon fleet, which is come up the river. 

Monday last the French took 7 of our ships off Scilly home- 
ward bound from Antego, &c., value 30,000/. 

It's said an expresse is dispatcht to the governor of Jamaica, 


to send the galleon taken by admiral Wager to England, where 
the silver on board will be coined, and every persons jost divi- 
dend paid them. 

A master of a merchant man, lately arrived from thence, 
says the value of the plate on board her was acknowledg'd by 
the Spanish prisoners of quality to be worth 7, millions sterling, 
and that blown up 3 millions. 

We want a Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 31 August. — Sir George Bing and general Earl 
having offered several times to land their troops about La 
Hogue, but there appearing 5C00 French foot and a body of 
horse, with some feild peices, 'twas not thought adviseable to 
doe it, and beginning to want provisions, and besides several 
sick men on board, they returned on Saturday to Spithead, 
where the queen of Portugal is speedily expected from Hol- 

Yesterday came in an Ostend mail, and this morning a Dutch 
one, which bring from Berlin, of the 29th, that the king of 
Prussia meets his betrothed princesse of Mecklenburgh Swerin 
in September, and the marriage to be consummated on St. An- 
drews day. 

That the plague rages very much at Warsaw, and many 
other places in Poland, as far as the frontiers of Prussia, and 
fear'd 'twould spread into that province, tho all precautions are 
taken to prevent it. 

From Switzerland, that the friends of the house of Austria 
have so far influenced the Switz, that, 'tis beleived, theyl not 
consent to the levy of the troops demanded by the court of 

From Spain, that there has been great differences between 
the French and Spanish general officers about quarters, inso- 
much that the duke of Orleans found it difficult to reconcile 
them ; and that king Charles's forces under Staremberg were 
marcht towards the French. 

From Turin^ of the 23d, that the duke of Savoy had taken 
Fenestrelles, which was look't upon by the French almost im- 
pregnable, and beseiged fort Mutin, which Villars threatens to 
raise^ by giving himbattle. 

From the Hague, that 9 East India merchant men are ar- 
rived in the Maese, and 1 1 more daily expected, i j of which 

Sbpi. a.] STATE AFFAIRS. 346 

belonged to Holland, and 5 to England: they sett out from 
Batavia under convoy of 10 Dutch men of war. 

That general Fagell, with 9000 men, had join d the duke of 
Marlborough ; that the seige of Lisle was carried on with the 
utmost expedition, a breach being made wide enough for 100 
men to enter in a brest, and 'twas expected an attack would be 
made on the counterscarp as last Wensday. 

Yesterday's Dutch post is wanting. 

Thursday, 2 Sept. — ^Yesterday arrived the mails from Hol- 
land and Ostend, of Fryday last : letters from Naples of the 
14th say, that 2 plots were lately discovered there, one against 
Gaeta, the other Pescara, which were to be delivered up to 
the partizans of the house of Bourbon: most of the conspirators 
are seiz'd, among them one Don Carlo, an ecclesiastick, who is 
to be beheaded. 

From Genoa, of the 23d, that a bark arrived there brought 
advice, which she had from others at sea, that sir John Leak 
came the 14th before Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, with 
2600 men under count Cifuentes, and bombarded the same to 
the 17th, when the governour retired, and the town submitted; 
and letters from Corsica confirm the same, but no account from 
Sandinia (sic). 

From Paris, of the 3d, that Du Casse was arrived at the 
harbour of Passage, on the coast of Biscay, with the Plate fleet 
from Vera Cruz, said to be worth 30 millions of livrcs; tho 
some letters mention the freight on board is little more than 
merchantdize ; the galleons that escaped commodoreWager have- 
ing staid behind at Porto Bello. 

That mareschal Yillars was returned to Brianson to secure 
that place, having not been able to raise the seige of Fene- 

From Flanders, that Thursday last the French advanced to- 
wards us as if they design'd to fight ; upon which the duke of 
Marlborough drew up in order of battle, prince Eugene having 
join'd him with 26 batallions and 72 squadrons: we left all 
the passes thro which the enemy were to enter the plain un- 
guarded, to induce them to come on, but they did not appear : 
upon which the prince return^ to the seige, and our army en- 
campt with the left at Perone, and the right at Noailles. The 
next day the prince ordered the counterscarp to be attackt. 


which after an hours vigorous action was taken : it's said we 
lost about 800 men and 200 officers and volunteers, and it's 
beleiv'd e're this we are masters of the city. 

Mr. Boucher, the gamester, is dead at the Bath. 

Saturday, 4 Sept ^This days Dutch post advises, from Tu- 
rin, that 3000 cuirasses, (being back, brest, and head peice for 
troopers,) bought there for service of the pope, were seized by 
order of the duke of Savoy, 

From Paris, that instructions are sent to Dn Casse in Biscay 
to land the money belonging to king Phillip, and send it by 
land to Madrid, and return with the fleet to Brest 

From the Hague, that the letters from Miilain and Gtenoa 
confirm Cagliari's being taken by sir John Leake, and there- 
upon the whole island of Sardinia declared for king Charles, 
which being a great magazine of corn, will supply Catalonia at 
cheap rates. 

Some of the letters mention an action has been there be- 
tween monsieur Staremberg and the duke of Orleans, and the 
latter worsted. 

That Neitra, in Hungary, has surrendred to the imperialists. 

That 85,000 peices of eight, lately sent from Cadiz to Ma- 
drid, were seized by 20 persons in disguise, and carried off. 

That the elector of Bavaria having detach't 6000 men for 
Dauphiny, the elector of Hanover was marching to passe the 
Rhine at PhiUipsburgh. 

From Flanders, that 4800 fuzileers and granadeers, with 
4000 pioneers and carpenters, made the attack upon the coun- 
terscarp of Lisle with such order and courage, that they soon 
took it, and lodg'd themselves on the covered way, (notwith- 
standing the terrible fire of the beseiged from their ontworks, 
and springing 3 mines, which killM us about 1000 men, among 
whom were 3 engineers, besides 1 1 wounded,) and without losse 
of time removed the batteries to the top of the counterscarp, 
for better enlarging the breaches upon the citty. 

Both armies continue as they were. 

Monsieur Chamillard is come to the French camp, with or- 
ders from court, (as-'tis thought,) not to fight, but put strong 
garrisons into the fortified towns. 

A colliery at Newcastle lately took fire, blew up, and de- 
stroyed in a minute about 80 persons. 

Sbpt. 7.] STATE AFFAffiS. 847 

If 8 B^d the lord high admiral has ordered commissionen to 
goe for Jamaica, and examine upon oath all the officers and 
seamen about the quantity of plate, &c. taken on board the 

Tuesday y 7 Sq>L — ^The last Flanders letters advised, that a 
body of French troops foraged very near our army, upon which 
the re^ments of Temple and How were ordered to attack 
them; and they did it with a great deal of bravery ; but pur- 
sueing them too far, and the enemy reinforced, they made a 
retiring fight, and return'd to our camp with the losae of about 
200 men and several officers. 

This days Dutch post brings, from our army, of the 13th, 
that on the i ith the French advanced in order of battle before 
our camp, and canonaded it, and that we gave them so warm a 
reception, that they afterwards retired ; 'twas beleived at first 
they came with design to fight, upon which prince Eugene, 
with 15 batallions and 76 squadrons from before Lisle, joinM 
our army, but they not falling upon us, prince Eugene with 
those troops return'd to the seige ; and "'twas expected would 
make a general storm upon the citty as last Saturday. 

Its said the enemy are casting up lines from the Scarpe to 
the Ley, to hinder our incursions into France, after we have 
taken the cittadell. 

From Venice, that the earl of Manchester was leaving that 
republick, and Mr. Cole, his secretary, is to reside there as the 
queen of Great Brittains minister. 

From Turin, that Fenestrelles surrendred the 2d instant to 
the duke of Savoy. 

From Millain, that sir John Leak was speedily expected at 
Naples, to take on board 4000 men under general Caraffii, with 
a train of artillery for the reducing of Sicily. 

From Vienna, of the 3d, that there is a great division among 
the chiefe of the malecontents, and that general Otzkay, with 
20cx> horse, is come over to the emperor, 

It^s said 4 regiments on board sir George Bing'*s fleet at 
Portsmouth, viz. Faringdons, Townsends, Macarty's, and Caw- 
feilds, will be ordered for Ostend, and the rest goe with the 
queen of Portugal to Lisbon. 

The lord Stanhope^s lady is lately dead ; as is also sir John 
Morden, an eminent merchant of this citty, who built several 


almshouses on Blackheath, and endowed them in his life 

Thursday, 9 8q>t. — ^The last foreign letters adyised, firom 
the Upper Rhine, that the elector of Hanover so narrowly ob- 
senres the French, that 'twas thought they'l scarce make any 
detachments, either for the Netherlands or Dauphiny, as de- 

From the duke of MarlborougVs camp, of the 13th, just as 
the post was coming away, the enemy made a movement, came 
nearer to it than had been before, the two armies vrithin can- 
non shot of each other, and "'twas expected upon prince Eugene^s 
storming the city of Lisle the French would attack us. 

Her majestic has ordered provisions to the value of 15,000/. 
to be sent and distributed gratis among the poor inhabitants of 
the Leeward islands. 

The Paramour, a vessel of 20 guns, is fitted out, in order to 
transport to Catalonia several German and Hugonot officers, who 
are to instruct the Miquelets in military discipline. 

This day the parliament mett, and were further prorogued 
by writ to the 21st of October. 

Yesterday we had advice, that our ships which block't up 
Dunkirk, coming to Deal, to revictual, monsieur Fourbin, with 
8 men of war and 3 privateers, sailed thence, and were gone 
northward, supposed to intercept our homeward bound Virginia 
ships in Leith road. 

This day from Portsmouth, that our 6 East India ships, 
which have been so long in Ireland, came thither under con- 
voy of 10 men of war, commanded by the lord Dursley ; and 
that the queen of Portugal was arrived in the Downs from 
Holland ; it's said she will go and reside at the duke of So- 
merset's seat at Petworth, till such time the regiments under 
sir George Bing, which sail'd on Tuesday for Ostend, (where 
they have orders to land,) return, and then goe all under one 
convoy to Lisbon. 

One Bowen is convicted at the Old Baily of murther, hav- 
ing sworn he would kill the next man he mett, and accordingly 
stabb'd a patten maker in 3 several places, of which he died. 

Saturday, 11 Sept. — Yesterday Dr. Hales, of Trinity col- 
ledge in Oxford, was chosen physitian to Bridewel and Bedlam 
hospitalls, in the room of Dr. Tyson, deceased. 

Srpt. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. S40 

The Botterdam fleet, with 2 frigats their convoy^ retum'd 
the 8th to Harwich, understaDding 5 French men of war (sup- 
poBed to be the Dunkirk squadron) were waiting to intercept 

The Antelope man of war has taken and brought to Ports- 
month a French privateer of 16 guns and 130 men. 

Two dajes since one Mr. Sambrook, a mercer on Ludgate 
Hill, shot himself thro' the head ; as did this day councellour 
Williams, hbrary keeper of the Middle Temple. 

This morning came in a Dutch mail, which advises, 

From Revell, that the king of Sueden, having obliged the 
town of Mohilow to furnish him with 200,000 crowns, and 
great quantities of provisions, arrived the 20th past within a 
league of the Muscovite intrenchments, so that a bloody battle 
is expected. 

From duke of Savoy's camp, Sept. 3d, that Fenestrelles sur- 
rendred the ist, to his highnesse, the garison, 800 men, were 
made prisoners of war : a bomb blowing up their magazine was 
the reason of it's being so soon reduced. 

From the Rhine, that the French are retired into the lines 
of Lauterburgh, and talk of sending the Bavarian and Spanish 
troops to the Netherlands. 

From Flanders, of the 17th, that the duke of Burgundy, 
finding it impossible to releive Lisle, put 12 batallions into 
Dovay, decampt the J5th before day without beat of drum, 
and march't towards Oudenard ; upon which the duke of Marl- 
borough did the like to observe them. 

The seige of Lisle is carried on with all vigour^ our men have 
taken 2 half moons^ and, private letters say, were to storm the 
town as yesterday. 

The sessions for London and Middlesex began at the Old 
Baily, and held the 9th, loth, and ended the nth instant, 
where several criminals were tryed, of which 3 received sen- 
tence of death, 1 1 were burnt in the hand, nine ordered to be 
whipt, and one fined ; and the next sessions to begin on Wens- 
day, the 13th of next month. 

Tuesday, 14 8q>t, — They write from Genoa, that the 
states of Catalonia have granted to king Charles supplies for 
raising 10,000 men, to enable him to act offensively against 
the French next summer; and the council of MiUain are 


about leYjing 2cx>,ooo crowns, to send that prinoe as soon as 

That sir John Leake was sail'd with his fleet from Sardinia 
to reduce Sicilj, having left the count de Cifuentes governor 
of that island ; all the Spanish forces there have entered into 
king Charles's service, and the French are carried to Naples 
prisoners, and that vast quantities of corn are getting ready to 
be sent to Barcelona for the use of our army in those parts. 

Our merchants have advice, that tho French fishery on the 
northern coast of Newfoundland has been destroyed by some 
Dutch frigats, who retook the Chester, an English man of war. 

The earl of Bradford, treasurer of the queens household, lies 
at the point of death. 

The grand jury at Hicks HaU have found a bill of indictment 
against Brerewood, the bankrupt, who some time since made 
his escape to Leghorn, but lately brought over and committed 
to Newgate. 

It''s said a marriage is concluded between the duke of Nor- 
folk and the marquis of Powys^s eldest daughter ; her fortune 
about 50,cx>o/. 

Sunday Peter Eing, esq., recorder of this citty, waited on her 
majestic at Windsor, and she was pleaded to conferr the honour 
of knighthood upon him. 

This day''s letters from Deal say the Kingsale and Maidstone 
men of war, with 3 transports, are sail'^d for Ostend, to join the 
squadron which convoy''d the forces thither. 

A Dutch post is just arrived, but so late, can^t learn what it 

Thursday, 16 Sqp^t. — The Dutch mail, which arrived late on 
Tuesday night, brings from the duke of Marlboroughs camp at 
Lanoy, of the 20th, that the French army was encampt be- 
tween Oudenard and Tournay, on the Scheld, over which had 
laid bridges, and were fortifyeing the villages of Marcoin and 
Piecque, in order to cut of our convoys from Brabant ; upon 
which his grace, the 19th at break of day, detach^t all the 
granadiers of his army, and 36 cannon, to attack them, but 
they retired upon sight of our men, and took up their bridges 
again : that at the taking of the counterscarp of Lisle, the 7th 
instant, we had 399 men kiUed, officers and soldiers, and 2268 
wounded, in all 3667. 

Sbpt.iS.] state AUTAIRS. 861 

AqcI yesterday^s letters from Ostend, of the 23d, bring an 
account, that on the 2otb, at nighty the homworks, and other 
outworks at Lisle, were taken sword in hand, after an obsti- 
nate fight of several hours ; the French were cut all to peices, 
haying no quarter giyen : it^s said we had in this sharp action 
near 3000 killed and wounded; among the latter, prince Eugene 
in the arm, (who led on the attack with 300 granadeers,) duke 
of Argisle, and earl of Staires, but slightly. 

That a general assault was to be made the 23d on the town, 
if not capitulate. 

From Germany, that the elector of Bararia, instead of goe- 
ing to the Baths of Lorrain, was march't privately with 10,000 
men to join the duke of Burgundy in Flanders. 

A mail arrivM this day from the West Indies, says admiral 
Wager, with the galleon he took, came to Jamidca the 8th 
July ; that on the 23d, captains Windsor and Bridges were 
tried by a court martial, for not doeing their duty in the late 
engagement with the Spanish galleons, were found guilty, 
turnM out of their commissions, and committed close prisoners 
till her m^esUes pleasure be known. 

The squadron of men of war are come into the Downs from 
Ostend, having seen the forces under general Earle safely 
landed there. 

There are several letters from France, which mention a 
battle between the duke of Savoy and marshal Villars in Dau- 
phiny, and the latter entirely routed, which we hope will be 

Saturday y 18 Sept. — Four new regiments are to be raised 
in Irdand, and to be commanded by the lord Slane, coUonel 
Jones, coUonel Brasier, and coUonel Delaune. 

Thursday last one James Collon was committed to Newgate 
for the barbarous murther of Jacob Hampson, esq. some time 
unoe, near Hogsdon, which he confest to one Mrs. Miller. 

The feild officers, and others in town, who are to serve in 
Portugall, have fresh orders to goe down to Portsmouth, and 
embark on board the squadron under sir George Bing. 

It^s said sir John Leake, with his fleet, is to continue all the 
winter in the Mediterranean, to secure our trade, &c. in those 

Henry Ayloffe, esq., remembrancer of her majesties court of 


exchequer, salary 500L per ann., died on Monday last, aged 
90 years. 

Count Cughna, the Portugal ambassador here, sets out on 
Monday for Portsmouth, to receive that queen, who is expected 
the first fair wind from Holland. 

The queen and court return from Windsor to Kensington 
the 25th instant; and the 5th of next month her majestie 
sets out for Newmarket, to take the diversion of horseracing, 

The last letters from Flanders advised, that king Augustus 
had offered to assist the allies with io,cx>o Saxons, provided 
they will subsist them in their march, and that the government 
of the Spanish Netherlands be conferred on him ; but was an- 
swered, "^twas too late for his troops to be any ways serviceable 
this campaign. 

We want a Dutch post, so have no fresh news from lisle ; 
and yesterday several persons upon the Exchange took 20 
guineas to give 100, if that town and cittadel be not in our 
possession by the 1st of November next. 

Tuesday 9 2 1 8ept — On Sunday came in a Dutch mail, and 
another from Ostend, but bring no fresh news from Lisle ; only 
confirms prince Eugene'^s being slightly wounded in the fore- 
head, and in a fSEur way of recovery. 

From Ostend, of the 28th, that the forces under general 
Erie are strongly intrenched at Leffenghen, on the canal of 
Newport, to keep open a communication between this place and 
our army; that L'Mothe, with 1800 French, designing to in- 
tercept a convoy of 900 waggons, goeing hence with ammuni- 
tion, &c. to Lisle, general Cadogan attacks him in the village 
of Oudenburgh, and after 3 hours dispute totally routed him, 
killing many, and taking several prisoners. 

Private letters vary much as to that seige ; some intimate, 
that the generals, having considered the great difficulties that 
arise, were of opinion to raise it, powder and ball being want^ 
ing ; but others, that the duke of Marlborough having sent 
fresh succours, and the aforesaid convoy being expected in the 
camp laBt Fryday, was resolved to push on that seige with the 
utmost vigour. 

The regiments of Hill and Macartney are ordered to embark 
immediately for Ostend. 

Sept. 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 853 

The earl of Bradford is dead, and succeeded in honour and 
estate by his son, the lord Newport. 

Yesterday died the lady Fitzharding ; she was greatly be- 
loved by her majestie, who had order^ a patent to passe, set- 
tling 1000/. per ann. on her out of the post office, for her faithful 
services to the duke of Glocester. 

Robert Lowther, esq. is made keeper of the stores in the 
Tower, worth 400/. per ann., in the room of James Lowther, 
esq., who has resigned. 

Letters from the West Indies say the inhabitants of Jamaica 
have fish't up a million of plate out of the sea, where the Spanish 
admiral was blown up by commodore Wager. 

A proclamation is come out by her majestie, against unlawful 
intruders into churches and manses in Scotland, and for main- 
taining the Presbyterian government there. 

Yesterday's Dutch post is wanting. 

Thursday, 23 Sept, — Yesterday captain Laycock arriv'd 
expresse from Ostend, with advice, that on the 27th iioo 
French being repulst by 600 of our men posted in Ouden- 
bourgh by general Erie, through which the convoy of 700 
waggons, with ammunition, &c. for Lisle was to passe ; the next 
day count L'Moth, with near 20,000 men and 24 cannon, came 
to the plain of Tourhout to intercept them there, but they 
having notice thereof avoided the same, and marcht by the 
wood of Winnendale, whither the enemy comeing, ..major ge- 
neral Cadogan fell upon them with about 14,000, and after 3 
hours fight, routed them, killed 3000 on the spot, took 1500 
prisoners, and 8 cannon, with 700 of our men killed and 
wounded ; and deserters from Bruges say above 50 waggons 
with wounded men were brought thither, and that L'Moths son, 
general Grimaldi, with several persons of note, were killM. 

And this day came in a Dutch post, which sayes the French 
army are intrenching on the Scheld, make vast preparations at 
Mens, and expect a great convoy from Dovay. 

That the duke of Marlborough, with our army, was encamp'd 
the 29th at Roucque, the right at Pont Marquet, and the left to 

From Lisle, of the 29th, that the beseigers daily advanced 
their works, and secure their lodgments for a general storm ; 
and 50 granadeers out of every regiment in the army are to 



assist upon arriral of the oonvoy from Ostend, which came safe 
that day to Menin, and the next expected in the camp. 

The French having form'd a design to put a supply of powder 
into Lisle, detacht the aSth at midnight 15 squadrons of horse, 
each trooper carrying a bag of powder ; but being discovered 
by our guards, they discharged at them, which alarmed our 
camp, who killed above 60, took 50, with a lieutenant collonel, 
a major, a captain, and 2 subalterns : they report this attempt 
was made on Boufflers sending to Yendosm that he bad not 
ammunition for above 4 dayes ; very few got in, and the rest 
fled back to Doway. 

The earl of Pembroke is married to the lady dowi^r <rf 

Saturday, 25 flfep^. — Yesterday one of the criminals lately 
condemned at the Old Baily for burglary was executed at 

The Rotterdam fleet, with 5 English East India ships lately 
arrived in Holland, are come safe into the river, convoyd by 
admiral Baker, who proceeded with his squadron for Spithead, 
having on board the queen of Portugal. 

Yesterday the two East India company's waited on ihe lord 
treasurer, and left it to him to unite them. 

It*s said the lord Cholmondley will be made treasurer of the 
household, in the room of the earl of Bradford, deceased; sir 
Thomas Felton, comptroller, and Edmund Dunch, esq. to sno- 
ceed the latter as master of the same ; and Mrs. Masham, mall 
keeper of St. James's Park, worth 500^. per ann., vacant by 
the death of the lady Fitzharding. 

On Thursday the bank of England ordered a dividend of 8L 
5«. per cent, to all adventurers in their stock. 

Yesterday 2ocx> barrells of powder were shipt off at the Tower 
for Ostend. 

This days Dutch post advises, from Italy, that admiral 
Leak was sailed to reduce Port Hahone, which is to be at- 
tack't by land by a detachment under general Stanhope from 

That the pope's troops in the Ferrarese have begun hosti- 
lities against the imperialists, seiz'd some of their cannon and 
powder on the Po, goeing from Mantua to Commachio ; and 
that general Thaun, with 9000 Germans, has orders to maarch 

Sept, a8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 355 

from Sayoy, (where the campugn is near ended by reason of 
the snows,) to fall on the pope's forces. 

From Berlin, that the king of Prussia has received an ex« 
presse from the king of Saeden, that a cessation of arms was 
near concluded between him and the czar, in order to a peace. 

Frcwi Flanders, of the iBtaf October, N. S., that prince Eu- 
gene was gone to Menin for recovery of bis health. 

That the convoy from Ostend arrived in the camp before 
Uale the 30th, where they have great plenty, and push on the 
seige vigorously : some letters say the beseiged desisted fireing 
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday last ; so that ^tis hopM we shal 
soon be masters of the town. 

Tuesday i 28 Sept. — Fryday last the queen of Portugal ar- 
rived at Spithead fi^m Holland, the next day she went ashore 
at Portsmouth, and resides at the house of Thomas Ridge, esq.; 
the duke of Grafton is gone thither to compliment her from the 
queen, as is the lord Delaware (groom of the stole to the prince,) 
to doe the like from his highnesse. 

They write from Scotland, that our Virginia fleet and Dutch 
fishery, under convoy of 1 2 English and Dutch men of war, are 
sailed thoioe homeward ; and that the east country fleet of 36 
sail, laden with naval stores, are arrived there. 

The regiments of Essex and Carpenter's dragoons, and se- 
veral odiers, are ordered with all expedition to embark for 

This day Charles Hopson, and Richard Guy, esqs., sherifs 
elect for this citty, were sworn into that office at Guildhall, and 
afterwards treated nobly by the old sherifs. 

It's said sir John Jennings, with i % men of war, is sailed north- 
ward, to intercept monsieur Fourbins squadron. 

That the Hastings has brought into Cork a French ship, 
laden with fish, worth 5000Z.; and the Antelope into Plymouth 
a privateer of 16 guns and 130 men. 

Her majestae and the whole court came this day from Windsor 
to Kensingtoa. 

The last foreign letters bring, from Frankfort, that there is 
a great sicknesse in the elector of Hanovers camp, of which 
above 1000 officers and soldiers are dead. 

From the Hague, that a prodigious quantity of ammunition 
is daily ship't off at Delft, Dort, &c. to be sent to the camp 

A a 2 


before Lisle, by the way of Ostend: and that Bouffiers had 
caus'd the magazine of powder, which was in the casUe, de- 
sign'd only for its defence, to be open'd, and made use of it 
several days. 

We want both Dutch and Flanders mails. 

Thursday, 30 Sept. — Yesterday sir Charles Dunoomb was 
unanimously chose lord mayor of this city for the year en- 

The lord Griffin is further reprieved to the 3d of November. 

Six engineers went last Saturday for Ostend, in order to 
assist in the reducing of Lisle. 

Yesterday came in a Dutch post, which brings, 

From Paris, that the allies have lost since they began the 
seige of Lisle, 6 lieutenant generalls, 18 majors or brigadeers, 
8co coUonels, lieutenant coUonels, or captains, 1800 subalterns, 
and i6,oco soldiers and wounded ; and that 'twill still hold out 
3 weeks longer : but they write from before the place, of the 
4th of October, N. S., that our men are now entirely masters 
of all the outworks, and filling up the ditches, in order to a 
general storm in 3 or 4 days : there are letters of the 5th, 
which say Boufflers offered to capitulate for the town, but re- 
fused except the castle be included. 

Eight batallions are detacht from our army to encamp on 
the causey ways of Dovay and Arras, leading to lisle, to pre- 
vent the French putting releife into that place ; and 7C0 dra- 
goons are sent to reinforce general Erie at Leffinghen, to pre- 
serve the communication with Ostend, whither a great convoy 
of cannon and ammunition is coming from Brussells by water 
for our army. 

Prince Eugene is perfectly recovered, and diuly in the 

That in the action between major general Webb and La 
Moth, the Spanish troops suffered most; lost near 5cxx> men, 
among them 3 general officers killed, and 4 dangerously 

From Genoa, that the confederate fleet has landed troops in 
Minorca ; that Port Mahone was blockt up ; and that general 
Stanhope is sailed from Barcelona, with 1 2 men of war, 4cxx> 
men, and 1 2 cannon, to reduce that island. 

The Virginia fleet is arrived in the river from Scotland. 

Oct. 5.] STATE AFFAIRS. 857 

ScUurday, 2 Octob, — Yesterdays letters from Portsmouth 
say the queen of Portugal was indisposed. 

That 2 regiments of foot are embark'd there for Ostend, and 
several men of men [war], having under their convoy trans- 
ports and store ships, laden with ammunition, &c., sailM the 
same day from the Downs for that place ; and a great train of 
artillery are shipping off at the Tower, to be sent thither with 
all expedition. 

It^s said, that orders are given to the soUicitor general to 
prosecute next term all such Roman catholicks, whose children 
are brought up at St.Omers, being contrary to the laws of this 

Thursday the two East India companies held general courts, 
the articles of union between them, signed by the lord trea- 
surer, were read and agreed to ; by which the old company 
are oblidg^d to pay all their debts in England, and deUver up 
their charter on or before the 25th of March next ; for which 
end they have call'd in loL per cent., to be paid by the 3Jst 
instant; and, "'tis said, 15Z. or 20L more will be speedily called 
in : all their effects in the Indies the united company are to 
have, and pay their debts there. 

The latter have ordered their members to pay in 15Z. per 
cent., for which to have bonds payable in May at 6L per 
cent, and 6s. premium, so that they'l have upwards of 8L 
per cent.: have agreed to pay their adventurers in shares, 
4/. 2s, 6d. each for all their effects in India, or on ship 
board, besides some china ware, silks, and a tally for 25,000^. 
upon the exchequer ; all which. His beleiv^d, will produce 2L 
a share more. 

The queen has putt off her journey to Newmarket for this 

We want a Dutch and a Flanders mail. 

Tuesday, 5 Octob, — Last night came in a Dutch post ; the 
letters from Flanders, of the 9th, say, that the duke of Marl- 
borough having notice Vendosme was posted with a great body 
of men at Oudenburgh, fortifyeing some castles, and casting 
up intrenchments to cutt off the communication between our 
army and Ostend, his grace marcht the 7th, with 60 batallions 
and 130 squadrons, to fight him; but upon our approach, he 
retired in the night under the cannon of Bruges, cutting the 


dykes and banks of the canal to drown the country, and hinder 
our pursueing bim. 

On the jth a great detachment was sent from our army to 
asmst in the general assault upon Lisle, which, ^tis said, will be 
carried on with 30,000 men ; the beseigers are haisy in fill- 
ing up the ditch, which is lao foot broad ; the enemy fire but 
slowly from the wall of the town, in which our batteries haye 
made a great breach, and in a day or two will be fit to storm ; 
deserters from thence report, that they have had 5000 killed 
and wounded, with sereral officers of note. 

From Turin, that general Thaun is gone post to conmiand 
the emperors forces in the Ferrarese against the popes troops, 
who have committed seyeral hostilities, and that a French gar- 
rison is admitted into Civita Vecchia. 

From Paris, that they give Lisle oyer for lost, and that the 
French king has ordered Doway, Arras, &c. on his frontiers to 
have new fortifications added to them this winter, and a line to 
be cast up from the Scarpe to the Lis. 

From Vienna, that count Snzindorf and the Suedish enyoy 
there haye entirely setled all disputes about the treaty of Alt 
Randstadt, to the satisfaction of the emperor, king of Sueden, 
and the protestants. 

And from Madrid, of the i8th past, that general Hasfelt, 
with 12,000 BVench, 27 cannon, and 6 mortars, was come before 
Denia to beseige that place. 

The Dutch post due yesterday is not come in. 

Thursday, 7 Octob. — On Tuesday major general Webb ar- 
riyed here from Flanders, being sent by the duke of Marlbo- 
rough, to giye her roajestie an account of affairs there, and to 
desire a supply of men and money ; upon which the duke of 
Northumberlands regiment, with most of the forces in these 
kingdoms, will be immediately sent to Ostend, where they will 
be joined by a body of Dutch from Holland, in order to dis- 
lodge the French from Bruges and Ghent ; and this day 14,000 
barrells of powder, and 12,000 bombs, carcasses, &o. were shipt 
off at the Tower for that seryice. 

It's said her majestic has presented him with looo guineas 
for defeating L'Motb, and to be made a lieutenant general ; and 
yesterday he wont to wait on the lord treasurer at Newmarket, 
from whence he goes to Harwich to embark for Ostend. 

Oct, 9] STATE AFFAIRS, 869 

The doke of Queeitebury, earls of Seafeild, Marr, Ranelagh, 
ttul lord Congnisby, are sworn of the privy counciL 

This day the queea and prince went again for Windsor, his 
highneese being indisposed. 

Yesterday a proolamation by her majestie was published for 
the sitting of the parliament upon the i6th of November next, 
for the dispatch of weighty affairs. 

The last letters from Paris say there has been a battle in 
Catalonia, between the duke of Orleans and marshal Starem- 
berg, but give no particulars ; yet private letters mention the 
former to be defeated, and retir'd to Saragossa, being attaekt 
in his camp by the allies. 

And from the Hague, that the electoral prince of Hanover 
had left our army to return home, as said, to prevail with his 
fisither the elector, and the king of Prussia, Sec. to withdraw 
their forces from Hamburgh, otherwise the king of Denmark 
threatnens to recall all his troops out of the confederate service, 
to compell them to it. 

Kg foreign mails yet arrived. 

Saturday, 9 Octob, — Sir George Bing sailed on Thursday 
morning from Spithead, with 17 large men of war and % fire- 
ships, for Lisbon, having the queen of Portugal on board, and 
a great fleet of ships under his convoy for that place, Turky, 
New England, &c. 

Last night came in an Ostend mail, and this morning 2 from 
Holland, which advise, that the communication between Ostend 
and Lisle continued openM ; that the two regiments of foot, 
with powder, &c. that sailed lately from England, were arrived 
at Ostend ; and that a new convoy from thence was got safe to 
our camp before Lisle, with money and provisions, and another 
was goeing with ammunition and stores, under a strong guard 
commanded by general Cadogan ; it's said, that garrison is re- 
duced to great extremities, having fed several days on horse 
flesh : Boufflers has caused new works to be made behind the 
grand breach, which the beseigers have begun to play upon 
from 3 batteries on the counterscarp. 

Letters from Genoa say count Tesse is sett out for Florence, 
not being able to persuade that republick to enter into a league 
with the pope. 


That s^ir John Leake and general Stanhope have redaced 
the island of Minorca, making the garrison of Port Mahone 
prisoners of war, after 5 dayes attack ; from whence, 'tis re- 
ported, that admiral is to sail to Civita Vecchia, to demand of 
the pope 100,000/., being the summ he presented the pre- 
tender, when [he] was to invade Scotland, and npon refusal to 
bombard that port. 

From Barcelona, that a great fleet of ships, laden with com 
from Sardinia, as also several transports, with the horses taken 
upon reducing that island, were arrived there for the service 
of king Charles. 

From Vienna, that the emperor is resolved to give the pope 
no longer time to prepare for war, and has ordered his troops 
to march directly for Rome. 

The countesse of Soissons, mother to prince Eugene, died at 
Bmssells the 1 oth. 

Tuesday^ 1 2 Octob. — The last foreign letters advised, from 
Rome, that several ships were getting ready at Thoulon and 
Marseilles, to carry supplies to the pope ; and count Tesse not 
only to be ambassador to him and the rest of the Italian 
princes, but also general of their forces, who demand to their 
assistance 12 men of war and 15 gallies of the French king, 
which will be granted so soon as the war is declared. 

From Leghorn, that 2 English frigats arrived there, re- 
ported, that admiral Leake, having reduced the island of Mi- 
norca, intended to sail for Lisbon with 6 of his biggest ships, 
and commodore Whitaker, with 1 7 others, were to goe to Naples 
to assist against Sicily. 

From the Hague, that a treaty is near concluded with king 
Augustus, to bring next spring into the service of the allies, 
1 2,000 Saxons, half of them horse, for which he is to receive 

Last Saturday 50,000/. was remitted to Ostend for the use 
of the army. 

Dr. John Battely, one of the prebends and archdeacon of 
Canterbury, is dead, and his spiritualities, worth 700/. per ann., 
is in the gift of that archbishop. 

Letters from Scotland, of the 7 th, say several persons of 
quality are commissioned to take cognizance of all the popish 

Oct. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. 361 

seminaries there, in order to suppresse them ; and the profits 
arising thereby, to be applyed for planting Christianity in the 
isles and mountains of that kingdom. 

This morning Mr. Loyd, the coffee man in Lumbard street, 
receiy'd a letter from the postmaster of Deal, adyiseing, that 
captain Crofts, of the Swallow transport, was come from Os- 
tend, and said, that on Saturday they had an account there 
the town of Lisle was capitulating ; but no Flanders or Dutch 
post being arrived, we can't tell what credit to give thereto. 

Thursday, 14 Octob. — Yesterdays Dutch post advises, from 
the duke of Marlboroughs camp at Rouselaer, of the 1 9th, that 
they had received a great quantity of corn from Dixmude, and 
waggons were sent to fetch more, so that provisions are plenty 
here, nor doe they want any before Lisle, nor ammunition, 
notwithstanding the inundation made by the French, which is 
two leagues broad; Vendosm continues behind the canal be- 
tween Ghent and Bruges, and the duke of Burgundy in divi- 
sions from Tournay to Oudenard ; they report, if all efforts 
fail to hinder our convoys, they will draw together to venture 
a battle to releive Lisle. 

This morning his grace received advice from major general 
Cadogan, that he had got over the waters above 1 600 barrells 
of powder, besides great quantities of brandy and other provi- 
sions, but that the springtides had swelled them so high, he was 
affiraid they should lose that communication. 

Yesterday died monsieur Overkirk, general of the Dutch 
forces, aged about 67, much lamented by the whole army. 

From the camp before Lisle, that all things were ready for 
a general storm, which the beseiged give out they are resolved 
to stand. 

From Italy, th%t the pope and 42 cardinals have resolved to 
raise money to carrj- on the war against the emperor, and have 
25,000 effective men ready. 

Marshal Tesse is to offer him from the French king 20,000 
more, and maintain them so long as it last ; and that the impe- 
rialists have defeated 500 of the popes troops. 

Dr. Cade is chose physitian to St. Bartholomews Hospital, in 
the room of Dr. Brown, some time since deceased. 


Sir James Oxenden of Kent is dead. 

On Saturday her majestic returns from Windsor. 


Saturday, 1 6 Octob. — Thursday sir Thomas Cooke, goTemor 
of the East India company, was seiz'd with an apoplectick fiti, 
but there is hopes of his recovery. 

Yesterdays port letters advise, that 32 Barbados and Vir- 
ginia ships, laden with sugar, &c., sailed from Milford Haven 
the loth for the Downs, where 12 homeward bound West India 
ships arrived on Thursday. 

By 2 Lisbon mails, which came in this day, we hear that 2 
Dutch men of war took off Placentia in Newfoundland a French 
privateer of 22 guns, and a man of war of 44 guns. 

That there has been no action on the frontiers of Portugal : 
the captain of the vessel reports, that he mett sir George Bing, 
with his squadron, having that queen on board, entering the 
Bay of Biscay. 

Mr. Daeth, an eminent merchant of this city, and father to 
the member of parliament for Canterbury, is dead. 

This day the queen and prince retum'd to Windsor from 

Mr. baron''s Smith and Scroop, two of the barons of the ex- 
chequer in Scotland, set out next Monday for Edinburgh. 

Yesterday sir Charles Duncomb, lord mayor elect, was pre- 
sented by the court of aldermen to the lord chancellor, before 
whom he took the usual oaths, and, 'tis said, will keep a noble 

This night arrived an expresse from Ostend, with an account 
that the town of Lisle capitulated last Monday, the garrison 
retiring into the cittadel ; there are letters also that Vendosm, 
with 20,000 men, forced the post of Leffinghen, and killed and 
took about 1000 of lieutenant general Erie's men. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the X3th instant, and held thj ]4th, i jth, and 
1 6th, where several criminals were tryed ; of which, 6 received 
sentence of death, 12 were burnt in the hand and to be sent to 
hard labour, and 1 to be whip*t ; and the next sessions ordered 
to begin on Wensday the 8th of December next. 

Tuesday, 1 9 Octoh. — ^Yesterday captain Moyser, aid d'camp 
to major general Stanhope, arrived here with an expresse of 
the taking of the island of Minorca, and castle of Port Mahone, 
in which last was found loo cannon, 3000 barrels of powder, 
&c., and the garrison of 1000 men are by the capitulaticm to 

Oct. 2 1 .] STATE AFFAIRS. 863 

be transported to France and Spain : we had about 50 killed 
in the expedition, and among them captain Stanhope of the 
Milford man of war, brother to the general, who was very in- 
stmmental in animating the seamen, and had a great share in 
the execution of it. And brigadeer Petit, for his great services 
there and at the seige of Barcelona, is made governour of the 
isle ; the reduction of which will in all probability hinder the 
Venetians^ Oenoeze, and great duke of Tuscany, entring into 
the league with the pope against the emperor. 

Same day arriv'd sir Richard Temple, with the articles of 
capitulation of Lisle, which deliyered up one of their gates last 
Tuesday; the substance of which is, that the town be surren- 
dred two dayes after ; that the horse who threw themselyes in 
with powder to goe out, but the garison which was in it when 
first invested to retire into the citadel, it being refused that 
the horse then in it should march out : for which good news 
the guns at the Tower were twice discharged. 

It's said monsieur le Roch, the Hugonot engineer, did more 
execution in 3 dayes before Lisle, than D'Meer, the German, in 
6 weeks. 

That the duke of Marlborough was maroh't towards Oude- 
nard, resolving if Burgundy stood his ground to fight him. 

Sir Charles Duncomb, lord mayor elect, being a batchelour, 
we hear has previdled with his neice, the dutchesse of Argyle, 
to take place as lady mayoresse at all his publick entertain- 

Yesterdays Dutch post is wanting. 

Thursday, 21 Octob. — Tuesday night in council her ma- 
jestic was pleased to declare sir James Montague, sollicitor ge- 
nerai, to be attorney general, and Robert Eyre, esq. to be 

The same evening sir John Leake and sir John Norris 
arrived at Spithead from the Streights, with 5 English men 
of war, and admiral Wassenaer, with 8 Dutch, leaving the rest 
of the fleet under admiral Whitacre in port Mahone ; nine 
rich Turky merchant men, who lay some months at Gibralter 
for a convoy, came with them, as also several other merchant 

This day the parliament mett, and were prorogued by writ 
to the i6ih of November, when they are to sitt. 


By 2 Portugal mails we hare an account^ that the fleet 
under sir George Bing, with that queen on board, was mett 
by the pacquet boat entring the river of Lisbon ; that the earl 
of Gallway, who at present acts as general of our forces there, 
and envoy extraordinary to that court, has paid all the troops 
in our service their arrears. 

That a Danish vessel reported^ that the French had landed 
in Antego, seized great numbers of cattle and other booty, and 
was sailed towards St. Christophers. 

This day the old East India company held a court at Clap- 
ham, in presence of Mr. Eure, deputy govemour (ill of the 
gout), which was occasioned by the indisposition of sir Thomas 
Cook, their governour. 

Her majestie some time since sent over 10,000 guineas, to 
be distributed among the soldiers who carried on the seige of 

The last account we had from the Hague advised, that the 
states general had ordered a present of 15,000 livres to mon- 
sieur La Roch, for his great services against Lisle. 

To morrow will be due 2 Dutch and 2 Flanders mails. 

Saturday J 23 Octob. — The last Lisbon mail advised, that 
1 1 French men of war, with land forces on board, had seized 
the island of Del Pico, one of the Azores, where, 'tis thought, 
they will fortifye themselves ; upon which 5 Portugeeze and 3 
English men of war were sent in quest of them, fearing they 
design to intercept the homeward bound Brazil fleet. 

Sir Charles Dunconib, lord mayor elect, is building galleries 
and seats in Guild Hall, to entertain the nobility and gentry 
the 29th instant ; and, besides the fine pageants and coach of 
state, he is making rich liveries for 1 2 footmen and 6 pages. 

Tuesday last sir Stafford Fairborn was married to a daughter 
of the lady Rookeby ; her fortune said to be about io,ooo2. 

The envoys of Denmark and Genoa, with the earl of Port- 
land, &c. are speedily expected from Holland. 

This being the 1st day of the term, duke Hamilton appeared 
in the queens bench court upon his recognizance, and moving to 
have his bail discharged, was ordered to attend again upon this 
day scvennight. 

Mr. Morton, the laceman, with several other tradesmen, 
bound over for arresting the Muscovite ambassador, likewise 

Oct. 26.] STATE AFFAIRS. 865 

appeared, and next week are to plead to the information ex- 
hibited against them by the attorney general. 

We want two Dutch posts, so have no fresh news from Flan- 
ders ; the last letters adyised, that the French had drowned as 
much land there as amounted to 60,000/. per ann. 

Tuesday f 26 Octob. — On Sunday came in 2 Dutch posts, 
with the articles of the surrender of Lisle ; that the French 
troops were marched out for Doway, and at same time the 
prince of Holstein Beck, the new governour, with 15 batallions 
and 2 squadrons of horse, entred the place ; that prince Eugene 
had ordered io,oco pioneers to level the works and repair the 
breaches : the taking of this place will be a million sterling 
per ann. losse to the French king, besides the trade with Dun- 
kirk in a great measure spoiled. 

The prince of Hesse Cassel, with 30 squadrons and 10 batal- 
lions, is gone to drive the French from Lens and La Basse, and 
make incursions into their country. 

That several persons are seized at Aeth and Antwei^), for 
designing to betray those places to the French, who have sent 
2600 waggons for Arras and Picardy, with a great convoy, to 
carry off all the com and forage on their frontiers, to prevent 
it's fsdling into our hands. 

This day another mail came in, which sayes Boufflers with 
3500 men entered the citadel!. ' 

The 28th a dispute happened between him and the prince of 
Holstein Beck about some works ; the first pretended to keep 
them as belonging to the cittadell, the prince claiming them as 
belonging to the town ; and both insisting on their demands, 
the latter acquainted prince Eugene therewith, who caused the 
French horse, which upon the capitulation retired out of the 
town, to be stopt ; whereupon Boufflers quitted his pretensions, 
and on the 29th began to fire upon the town, and they upon 
the citadel. 

The duke of Marlborough will continue at Rouselaer till the 
works are levelled. 

The prince of Hesse Cassel has taken possession of La 
Bassee and Armentiers, and is fortifyeing them for winter 

From Paris, that the prince of Hesse Darmstadt had sent 
500 granadeers over the mountains, and surprized and cutt off 


a batallion of the Spanish guards, encampt at Guardia on the 
frontiers of Catalonia ; and 

That there had been a fire for 9 da jes at Warsaw, which had 
consumed most part of that citty. 

Thursday^ a8 Octob. — ^The last foreign letters advise, from 
the Hague, that the Suedish minister there had acquainted the 
ministers of the congresse, that there was likeljhood of a peace 
between his master and the czar, which, if effected, they, inth 
other neutral princes, will mecUate a general peace. 

That king Augustus has receired 70,000 gilders, on account 
of the 12,000 Saxons, yiz. 30CO horse, 3000 dragoons, and 
6000 foot, he is to send next spring into the pay of Brittain 
and Holland ; and that he designs to goe over with the duke of 
Marlborough to wait on her majestic. 

From Genoa, that they are taking French officers into their 
service ; Mahoni, who is arrived there from Sicily, to be their 

We hear orders are sent to the West Indies for admiral 
Wager, with 7 men of war, to sail next month towards the 
Havana, and cruize there to prevent the goeing and coming out 
of the French squadrons. 

Yesterday Benjamin Bragg, the publisher of the Observator, 
was examined before one of the secretaries of state, about some 
passage therein reflecting upon the conduct of our army in 

The same day the lord chief justice Holt returned from the 
Bath in a good state of health. 

Prince George of Denmark, lord high admiral of Great 
Brittain, and generalissimo of her majesties forces, having for 
a long time been troubled with shortnesse of breath, was on 
Monday taken with spitting of blood, and swelling of his leggs, 
Tuesday night had convulsions, last night was scHnewhat bet- 
ter ; but this day, after one a clock, died at Kensington, to the 
insupportable grief of her majestie : his royal highnesse was 
born the 29th of February 1653. 

Yesterday three of the persons, lately condemned at the Old 
Baily, viz. two women for murthering their bastard children, 
and a man for murthering a woman at Wapping, were executed 
at Tyburn. 

Saturday, 30 Octob. — On Thursday night the lord chan- 

Nov. 2,] STATE AFFAIRS. 867 

oellor sign'd a oommission to continue the late prinoeB council 
in the affairs of the admiralty, till the queens further pleasure 
be known. 

Her majestie continues in health, tho very much afflicted at 
his royal highnesses death, which she saw ; but the lord trea- 
surer, with the bishops of Ely, Chester, ftc, use their utmost 
endeavours to asswage her grief. 

This day a council met in relation to the funeral, and agreed 
that he should be buried next week in Westminster Abby , after 
the same manner as king Charles the 2d, which was privately, 
at 1 2 at night. 

Some say the earl of Pembroke will succeed him as lord high 
admiral; and others, that 'twill be managed by commissioners, 
the earl of Orford to be chief. 

Yesterday the great solemnities and preparations, designed 
for the splendid i^ow of sir Charles Duncomb, our new lord 
mayor, were laid aside on account of the princes death ; and 
his lordship, accompanied by some of the aldermen in their 
coaches, went to Westminster Hall, where he took the usual 

Duke Hamilton's bail is discharged. 

This day came in 2 Lisbon mails, which say the queen of 
Portugal arrived there the 20th, after 8 dayes sail from the 
Lands End. 

That the marquess Fronteira, with 12,000 men, was prepar*- 
ing to make an incursion into Estramadura, and revenge the 
late hostilities of the marquess de Bey. 

That about 40 sail of the Brazil fleet were safely arrived at 
Lisbon, and the remainder, near 60 more, not farr off. 

That nr George Bing was gone to meet them: they are 
very richly laden, and among their cargo a million sterling in 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 2 Novemb. — ^This day came out a proclamation by 
her majestie, offering the reward of 20o2. for apprehending 
Robt. Balfour, master of Burleigh, for murthering Mr. Henry 
Stenhouse in Scotland. 

Yesterdays Dutch post advises, that the seige of the citadell 
goes on successfully; that we have taken the first covered way, 
and were to storm the 2d the 6th instant. 


That our men were reinforced at Lens and La Baasee, where 
prince Engene intends to winter his troops, and that the duke 
of Marlborough wiuts to see the reduction of the citadel before 
he forces the French from the Scheld, which the French ^ve 
out they will defend, and are drawing together for that, as 
thej pretend, a great council of war having been held at 
Toumay, where Yendosme and Chamillard were present con- 
certing the same. 

A detachment from our army has made a forage toward 
IpreSy took fort Bos«ngen, wherein the French bad 1500 sacks 
of corn design'd for Bruges, and brought off as much forage and 
proyisions as will serve the whole army 20 dayes. 

An exact list has been taken of our killed and wounded be- 
fore Lisle, viz. 3632 slain, and 8322 wounded, most part whereof 
are in a hopeful way of recovery. 

From Berlyn, that his majestic had received an expresse 
from Prussia of a battle between 10,000 foot and 3000 Suedish 
horse, under general Lewenhaupt, marching to join that king, 
and 24,000 Muscovites, under general Baver, and among them 
the czar; the ist defeated, with the losse of all their foot, 
cannon, and baggage, with 6000 waggons and carts, only 2000 
horse escaping. 

The report of a commission being signed to continue the 
late princes council in the administration of the admiralty, 
proves a mistake, her majestic now signing all orders relating 

Sunday night his royal highnesse's bowells were buryed in 
Ilenry 7 chappel ; 'tis said his body will be interr'd on Satur- 
day night ; that he dyed worth above 300,000^., all which, ex- 
cept some few legacies, he left to the queen, and on Sunday the 
court goes into close mourning. 

Thursday^ 4 Novemb. — From Turin, that Villars has laid 
aside his intended enterprize against Exilles, and put his troops 
into winter quarters ; upon which the Prussians are ordered by 
the duke of Savoy to follow the Germans to the Ferrareze. 

That count Bonevale, with 350 men and 6 cannon, mar€h*t 
from Commachio to Ostellata, where 1000 of the popes best 
troops and 1300 peasants were intrenched, and after an hours 
fight forced them, put all to the sword, plunder'd the town, and 
afterwards burn't it 

Nov. 6.] STATE AFFAIRS. 869 

Yesterday the earl of Marr, in the court of chancery, took 
the usual oaths as privy counsellor of Great Brittain. 

Same day a duel was fought in Moorfeilds, between Mr. 
Cullifordy (son to the commissioner of the customes,) and 
one Mr. Brown ; the latter was dangerously wounded in 4 

This days Ostend mail, dated last Sunday, advises, that some 
of our troops had surprized Dixmuyd, and were going to attack 
fort Eenoque, within 6 miles of Dunkirk. 

That the duke of Marlborough threatnens all the country 
about Ipres with military execution, if they carry off any corn 
or cattle to the French. 

That iixe ad counterscarp of the cittadel of Lille was taken 
the 8th ; our engineers have raised their batteries so high, that 
they fire into what part thereof they please. 

A Serjeant, who deserted from thence, informed prince Eu- 
gene, that the garrison was in very ill condition^ having but 
provisions for i j dayes, and powder very scarce. 

Yesterday the judges, with several of the privy councill, met 
in the exchequer chamber, and named 3 persons for each county, 
out of whom her majestie will prick one sherif for the year 

Saturday t6NQvemh, — Letters from Flanders advise, that Yen* 
dosm had caused several bombs to be thrown into Damm near 
Bruges, and appeared before Ostend with a body of troops ; at 
same time a squadron of horse was to march from Newport at 
low water upon the sands, to surprize general Erie's camp, to cut 
off his communication from Ostend, which he avoided by retir- 
ing into the outworks of that town ; but the French being in- 
formed several transports, laden with powder, lay in that har- 
bour, were preparing to throw red hot bullets into them, which 
'twas hoped would be prevented. 

They fortifye Bruges, Ghent, and Leffinghen, and are build- 
ing barracks for their troops along the Scheld. 

The French court is much concerned for the losse of Port 
Mahone, and are fitting out a great squadron at Toulon, as 
they say, for retaking it. 

From Edinburgh, that several Muscovite noblemen, related 
to the czar, are arrived there from Russia, on bo^rd the Ruby, 
in their way for London, to learn the British language and 



customs, and to know the reason of their ambassador's being 
arrested here. 

A committee of council have ordered the princes body to be 
brought from Kensington on Thursday, thro Hide Park and 
St. James, to the painted chamber by the house of lords, where 
he is to lie in state till Saturday, which night "^twill be pri- 
vately interred; the duke of Somerset to be chief mourner, and 
the canopy supported by six gentlemen of the privy chamber. 

'Tis generally said the earl of Pembroke will be made lord 
high admiral, and the lord Somers president of the council. 

Testerday^s Dutch post is wanting. 

Tuesday last collonel Lewis, of the guards, passing the new 
river at Ware in Hertfordshire, on horseback, was unfortunately 

Tuesday, 9 Novemb. — Yesterdays Holland and Flanders 
mails advise, that the detachment under the lord Stairs con- 
tinued at Dixmude, and intercepted all the com, &c. thereabout 
goeing to the French. 

That our army was in motion to cutt off the provisions sent 
from Dunkirk to Newport, thereby the better to starve' Ghent 
and Bruges. 

That we have taken 300 granadeers near Ipres, and our 
troops are making a line to streighten that town, St. Wynox, 
Furnes, Newport, and Dunkirk, and to hinder their communis 
cation with Ghent, &c. 

Some letters say we have surprized Furnes, in which was a 
prodigious quantity of provisions and forage laid up by the 
French for a magazine. 

From Lisle, that we play upon that citadel with 62 cannon 
and 27 mortars, and hope to be soon masters thereof. 

Monsieur Fourbin, with his squadron, is returned to Dunkirk 
from his northern expedition, without any prize. 

From Italy, that the Germans have taken Bondeno, making 
that garison of 1200 men prisoners of war ; and that the pope 
refuses the Venetians mediation for a peace, which the emperor 
has accepted. 

That 5000 French were lately landed at Mesdna, and a squa- 
dron of British ships arrived at Leghorn to take in all neces- 
saries, and sail for Naples to assist in the expedition against 

Nov. 1 1 .] STATE AFFAIRS. 871 

From Yieniiay that sir Phillip Meadows^ our envoy there, has 
pr^enied a memorial to the emperor, in favoar of the protest- 
ants in Silesia, which was backt by the Prussian minister. 

That the king of Denmark designs suddenly for Venice, as 
also king Augustus, but upon what account we know not ; tho, 
tis said, to take the diversion of the Carnaval. 

Some letters mention, that upon the king of Suedens hearing 
of the defeat of his general, Lewenhaupt, he attacked the Mus- 
covites in their camp, and, with the losse of about 4C00 men, 
killed 20,000 of them. 

ThuTBday, 11 Novemb. — Yesterdays Lisbon mail, of the 
9th, says, that most of their Brazil fleet were arrived, having 
ten millions of gold dust on board, besides other rich mer- 
chantdize, which very much adds to the puhlick rejoycmgs 
there for their new queen ; that two East India ships are come 
in with them; and the earl of Oallway, who is to head the 
British forces next campagne, has notified to the court, that he 
expects a reinforcement of troops from England by the begin- 
ning of February. 

Sir George Bing was also come into the river of Lisbon from 

The last Flanders letters bring, that the French have with- 
drawn all their brasse guns upon the Scheld, and planted iron 
ones in their stead; that the confederates have brought a 
great train of artillery, with ammunition, to Sas van Ghent, 
whither they have sent 8000 men to secure the country of 
Waes against the enemy, who threaten it with military exe- 

From Leghorn, that on the aSth past, admiral Whitaker, 
with %2 English and Dutch men of war, hospital and fireships, 
arrived there from Port Mahon, where they had left brigadeer 
Petyt, a French refugee, governour of the island for king 
Charles, who was adding new works to it, and making the same 
as strong as possible. 

Two regiments of foot from Scotland are embarkM at Sheilds, 
and saild for Ostend. 

Sir Thomas BAwlinson, one of our aldermen, is dead of a 

We hear a commission will be directed to the archbishop of 
Canterbury, lord chancellor, and lord treasurer, to represent 

B b 2 


thd queens person the i6th instant in tbe house of lords, to 
send for the commons up, bid them chuse a speaker, and pre- 
sent him to them for their approbation ; when the lord chan- 
cellor will make a speech upon the subject of their meeting ; 
and^ ^tis beleived, her majestic will not be there till the land tax 
bill be ready for the royal assent. 

Saturday, 13 Novemb. — Yesterdays Dutch post advises, 
from our camp at Rouselaer of 15th, that we are entire mas- 
ters of the first coyered way before the citadel of Lisle, and 
have erected batteries thereon, filling up that ditch, and baisy 
in draining the 2d ; that our men have plenty of provisions 
brought from Artois, &c. ; and deserters report, that the gar- 
rison begins to bo sickly for want of necessaries, and no likely- 
hood of their standing a storm. 

Upon advice that the French were in motion about Newport, 
the duke of Marlborough has sent a reinforcement of 6 squa- 
drons and 5 batallions, under brigadeer Evans, to join the earl 
of Stairs encampt at Loo ; the report of his taking of Fumes 
is a mistake; on the contrary, 2 batallions and squadrons of 
Prussians of his detachment fell into an ambuscade near that 
place, and were made prisoners of war ; but his lordship took 6 
companies of the enemy'^s granadeers upon his seizing Dixmude. 

It's said a great body of French are comeing from Alsace to 
Flanders to join the duke of Berwick, and make head against 
the allies in Artois. 

Last night one William Scot, a nonjuring Scotch parson, 
came to the lord chancellors, and asking for his lordship, the 
porter told him he was buisy, and could not then be spoke 
with ; the other said he would goe into every room of the house 
to find him, but being opposed, the parson snap't a pistol at 
him, which not goeing off, then with his cane struck the por- 
ter, upon which he was seized and committed to Newgate ; a 
bagonet was found under his coat: upon his examination he 
said he had been at the secretary's office to get a passe to goe 
beyond sea, but not succeeding came for one to his lordship. 

Our homeward bound Barbadoes fleet is safe arrived. 

The famous parsons, Hickeringil and David Jones, are dead. 

This night the prince is to be buried in Westminster Abby, 
in king Henry the 7ths chappel. 

Tuesday, x6 Novemb, — The last foreign letters advise, from 

KoT. 18.] STATE AFFAIRS. 873 

Millain, that the pope makes the dake of Savoy very advan- 
tageous terms to engage him against the emperor, and the 
French king does the like, but hitherto unsaccessfulL 

From Madrid, that 20 batalUons and 16 squadrons are draw- 
ing together at Valentia to march forthwith, having 6 cannon, 
6 mortars, &c. to beseige Denia. 

From the Hague, that the czar has sent the states a very 
obliging letter, that since they refuse to acknowledge Stanis- 
laus king of Poland, he has given orders for taking off the new 
imposts he caused to be laid upon goods imported into his coun- 
trey from their provinces. 

That the cartel for exchange of prisoners is agreed upon, 
and the French taken at Hockstet are to be set at Kberty for 
«the English and Dutch taken at Leffinghen, &c 

That prince Eugene's gentleman of horse was killed by his 
side before the citadel of Lisle ; the seige whereof, to save men'^s 
lives, is carried on by sapping. 

Last night the lord Wharton kissed her majesties hand in 
order to be lord lieutenant of Ireland. 

As also the lord Somers to be president of the council ; both 
which places the earl of Pembroke enjoyed, who is now to suc- 
ceed the prince as lord high admiral. 

This day the parliament mett, the lord chancellor, the lord 
treasurer, lord privy seal, duke of Somerset, and lord Chol- 
mondley, representing the queen's person, sent for the com- 
mons to attend them in the house of peers, where their com- 
mission was read; after which the lord chancellor ordered 
them to goe back, and chuse a speaker, and present him on 
Thursday for their approbation; accordingly they returned, 
and, nemine contradicente, chose sir Richard Onslow, and ad- 
journed till Thursday. 

Mr. Packer, who some time since married the lady Ashe's 
daughter, is committed to Newgate, for shooting % men ; he is 
supposed to be crazed. 

Thursday, 1 8 Novemb, — ^Yesterday came in an Ostend mail, 
with advice, that the elector of Bavaria was marching with 
about 20,000 men towards Brussells, either to bombard or be<^ 
seige that citty, and the better to cover his design had sent 
at the same time 7000 men to alarm Antwerp ; upon which the 
duke of Marlborough was on his way towards Oudenard, to 


passe the Scheld and fight the French ; and ordered g^ieral 
Erie to send 6 regiments from Ostend to Antwerp, to strengthen 
that garrison, as also BrussellS) which latter consists of 8cx>o 
men under 3 general officers, Paschal, Murray, and Wrangel. 

The princes of France threaten Ondenard at the same time 
when BrusseUs is to be attackt ; that a great detachment of the 
French attempted the confederate foragers near La Bassee^ but 
were repuls'd by the prince of Auvergne. 

From Lisle of the 23d, that we have made two lodgments 
on the 2d counterscarp, and hope to be masters of the dttadel 
in 7 dayes. 

From the Hague, that the earl of Manchester, our enroy at 
Venice, w&s arrived there in his way home. 

Yesterday Mr. Onslow, son to the speaker, was married to 
Mrs. Knight, a merchants daughter ; her fortune about 70,000/. 

Dr. Hascard, dean of Windsor, is dead. 

This day the commons presented their speaker to the lords 
commissioners, after which the lord chancellor made a speech 
from her majestic to this effect ; Hop'd they were mett with 
the same zeal of prosecuting the war as formerly ; that they 
would agree to a considerable augmentation, not only for re- 
pairing of ships, but building new ones ; acquainted them with 
our successes in Flanders, Port Mahon, &c. ; conjur'd them to 
avoid divisions; that they would enact such laws as would 
establish the union, encourage our mannfiEM^tures and trade 
abroad, and recommended to them the providing supplyes for 
improving the successes already obtained. 

After which the commons returned, took the oaths, and both 
houses adjourned till to morrow. 

Saturday, 20 Navemb. — ^Yesterday the lords read her ma- 
jesties speech, drew up an addresse of thanks for the same, also 
to condole her upon the losse of the prince, and ordered the 
marquesse of Dorchest-er to present it. 

Duke Hamilton deUvered in a petition of the marqnesse of 
Annandale, earl of Sutherland, and lord Rosse, &c. complaining 
against 4 peers unduely elected in Scotland, and then adjourned 
till Tuesday. 

The commons hitherto have been wholly taken up in swear- 
ing their members; 71 petitions touching undue elections have 
been delivered into the clerk of the house. 

Nov. 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 375 

Yeaterd&j the wardmoot of Castle Baynard made choice of 
sir George Newland, and William Lewin, esq., for the court 
of aldermen to take one to succeed sir Thomas Rawlinson, 

Same day the conyocation met, and as they were goeing to 
chuse a prolocutor, (which was likely to fall on Dr. Atterbury, 
dean of Carlisle, against Dr. Willis, dean of Lincoln,) a writ 
came from her majestie, and prorogued them to the 25th of 

Mr. speaker has made Mr. Brodrick (son to sir St. John) his 

The earl of Exeter has given the rectory of St Clements 
Danes, worth 500/. per ann., (vacant by the death of Dr. Has- 
card,) to his chaplain, Mr. Foster. 

A warrant is passing the privy seal, constituting the earl of 
Pembroke lord high admiral of Great Brittain. 

The last foreign letters advised, from Constantinople, that 
the minister of prince Bagotski, assisted by that of France, 
had with a great summ of money prevailed on the grand vizier 
to let him have 10,000 Arnots to serve in Hungary, which 
caused a tumult in that citty; but the grand seignior being 
informed thereof, immediately ordered Bagot£ski's minister to 
depart thence. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 23 Novemb. — Yesterday the commons resolved 
upon an addresse to condole her majestic on the death of the 
prince, and to assure her they will support her against all her 

Mr. speaker reported the queens speech; after which the 
house resolved, That an addresse be presented to her majestic, 
to congratulate the glorious successes of her arms and those of 
her allies, and to assure her that they will enable her to carry 
on the war with vigour, until the liberties of Europe be secured 
by a safe and honourable peace. 

The house debated whither their determining controverted 
elections should be by ballotting, and carried by 9 in the nega- 
tive; and ordered them to be heard at the bar of the house, 
and the votes to be printed. 

This day the addresses of condoleance and congratulation 
were agreed to. 

876 BRIEF RELATION OF ' [1708. 

Leave ^yen for a bill to encourage the woollen, linnen, and 
iron manufactures. 

Writs ordered for new elections at Cricklade, Salisburj, Har- 
wich, Carlyle, Truro, and St. Edmondsburj. 

Appointed the 30th instant to hear the double return for 
Dumfreis in Scotland, and this day 3 weeks for Maldon. 

A motion for a supply, and to morrow goe in a committee to 
consider thereof. 

This morning an expresse arrived from Ostend, sent by 
general Earl^ who had received account from a of his spies at 
Bruges, that the duke of Marlborough decamp't from Rouse- 
laer the 14, 0. S., and being joyned by prince Eugene, who 
left 30 batallions to block up the citadel of Lysle, march't to 
the Scheld, and by break of day the i6th, began to lay their 
bridges over, and by noon to paase in 3 columns, prince Eu- 
gene at the right below Toumay^ duke of Marlborough on the 
left above Oudenard, and prince of Hesse in the center at Pont 
Esperies, ten miles distant from each other; they were all 
ready to passe at the same time, and at each of the 3 places 
the French concluded our whole army was advancing ; about 
3 of the afternoon were all over^ beat them out of their lines, 
and took possession of their batteries, made 17 batallions pri- 
soners, took 70 cannon, with all their pontoons and heavy bag- 
gage; prince Eugene pursued them towards Toumay, and 
duke of Marlborough towards Ghent, and within 3 leagues of 
that place: the duke of Bavaria had made several assaults 
upon Brussells, and beat off with near 4000 men killed; at 
last they capitulated to surrender on Wensday, but upon our 
army coming towards him, he drew off and retired towards 

Tliursday^ 25 Novemb. — Last Tuesdays expresse from Os- 
tend advises, that the duke of Bavaria left 15 cannon and 4 
mortars, and all his wounded men behind him, when he retired 
from Brussels to Namur. 

That the French had seized all the boats at Bruges in order 
to their transport to Newport, but our men having cut the canal 
in several places, 'twil be hard for them to escape. 

Some letters say the duke of Bavaria was encouraged to at- 
tempt Brussells by his correspondence with some of the inha- 
bitants of that city to betray it. 

Nov. a;.] STATE AFFAIRS. S77 

Yesterday the commons carried it by 50 yoices for Mr. Farrer 
of Bedford^ against Mr. Conyers, to be chairman of the com- 
mittee for the supply. 

This day they resolved to grant a supply. 

Mr. secretary Boyl reported the queens answer to their 
addresse of condoleance ; That she thank'd them kindly, and 
that the concern they have expressed for her affliction is very 

To that of congratulation she thank'*t them for their hearty 
asBorance of asabting her in bringing this war to a safe and 
honourable conclusion for the ease of her people ; and as she 
does entirely depend upon the dispatch of the supplies necessary 
to that end, so she hopes God will still continue to blesse her en- 
deavoursy and her subjects, for the good of the common cause. 

William Lewin, esq. is chose alderman of Castle Baynard 
ward, in the room of sir Thomas Bawlinson. 

To morrow the lords are to consider the petitions of the mar- 
quesse of Anandale, earls of Southerland and Marchmont, and 
the lord Bosse, about their elections to sit in parliament, against 
the marquesse of Louthian, earls of Loudon, Rothes, and Sea- 
feild ; it is objected agunst the latter, that he ought not to sitt, 
because he has a place of profit, as being cheif baron of the 
exchequer in Scotland. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 27 Nov. — On Thursday night, in council, the earl 
of Pembroke was declared lord high admiral ; earl of Wharton, 
lord lieutenant of Ireland ; and the lord Somers took his place 
as president of the coundl ; of which the earls of Bivers and 
Essex were sworn. 

The sherifs wore likewise then prickt. 

Yesterday the commons resolved upon the same number of 
land and sea forces as the last year^ which was this day reported 
Mid agreed to. 

And ordered a bill to be brought in to prevent layeing wagers 
relating to publick affairs. 

The lords proceeded upon priviledge in relation to the 4 
Scotch peers petitioned against as unduly returned, and they 
are to sitt in the house till decided. 

Last night arrived 3 Dutch posts, as also the earl of Hert- 
ford, with an expresse from the duke of Marlborough, of his 


passing the Scheld, and releiying Brussells, viz. that on the 
26th count Lottum, general of the PrussianB, and the earl of 
Orkney, were detach't with 40 squadrons and 16 batallions to 
passe the river near Gavre, cost what it would, which they did 
next morning without opposition; the duke, prince Eugene, 
count Tilly, &c. passed the same morning at Eirkhoven, and 
marched towards Borchen, surprized and pursued the enemy, 
who would not stand ; so we could only kill about 200, and 
took about 800 prisoners, with some standards, with the losse 
of about 30 of our men ; upon which Bavaria quitted the seige 
of BrusseUs, leaving 16 cannon and 2 mortars, with all his 
ammunition, and 800 wounded behind^ and retired to Mons: 
he had about 2000 killed, and the garrison 300. 

Duke of Marlborough is encampU near Oudenard, lieutenant 
general Dedem on the other side the river, and general Hom- 
pesch at Menin, where they will continue till the cittadel of 
liisle is taken ; to which place prince Eugene is returned, and 
afterwards they will march towards Ghent. 

From Paris, of the 29th, that they had letters from Spain, 
intimating that the French had taken Denia. 

And this days Ostend mail brought letters of last Thursday, 
some of which say the citadel of Lisle had surrendred. 

Tuesday, 30 Novemb, — ^Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee, resolved, That towards the supply granted to her ma- 
jestic, an aid, not exceeding 49. in the d£, be raised for the year 
1709, upon all lands, pensions, offices, personal estate, &c. in 
England, Wales, and Berwick upon Tweed ; and that propor- 
tionable cess, according to the 9th article of the union, (oon- 
firm'd by act of parliament,) be laid upon Scotland: which 
was this day reported, agreed to, and a bill ordered to be 
brought in. 

The house heard the merits of the double return of William 
Johnstown, and William Paterson, esqs. for Dumfreis in Scot- 
land, and resolved, That the first was duly returned, and that 
the merits of the election for the said burrough be heard the 
2ist of December. 

This days Dutch post says the princes of the blood sett out 
the 2d o( December for the French court from Tournay, where 
Vendosm is ill of the gout, but ordered his army for Doway, 
to cover Artois ; that on the 4th the citadell of Lisle began to 

Dhc. a.] STATE AFFAIRS. 879 

be batter'd in breach, bombs thrown into it, and they hop^d to 
be masters of it by the loth. 

That the duke of Marlborough^ upon motion of the French, 
was drawing nearer Lisle with his army, to attack that citadell 
with the utmost vigour, haveing demolished the enemies works 
on the Scheld. 

Letters from Rome advise, that the marquesse de Prie has 
had 2 audiences of the pope, who now seems inclined to an 
accomodation with the emperor ; and that the Germans have 
taken Bologna, and blockt up Ferrara. 

The earl of Manchester is arrived here from his embassy at 

This afternoon Mr. Sare, a bookseller, was tryed at the sit- 
tings for the queens bench court, for selling a book, entituled. 
The Rights of the Christian Church Asserted, said to be writt 
by Dr. Tyndall, a civilian ; but several faults being in the in- 
dictment, he was acquitted. 

Thursday, 2 Dee, — ^Yesterday the commons read a ist time 
the land tax bill, and ordered a 2d reading on Fryday. 

Mr. Burchet, secretary to the admiralty, laid before the 
house a copy of the commission constituting the commissioners 
of the navy, the names of the commissioners in the outports, 
and the allowances made them ; which is to be taken into con- 
sideration next Tuesday. 

This day debated the petition of sir William Rich against 
Anthony Blagrave, esq., the sitting member for Reading, and 
upon a division carried it by 20, that the right of election was 
in the freemen not receiving almes, and the inhabitants payeing 
scot, which makes for the petitioner ; and the further debate 
adjourned to Saturday. 

The lords have putt off the further hearing the merits 
of the petitions of the 4 North British peers to the i6th in- 

The admiralty has received an account, that 5 Dutch men 
of war, and a fleet of merchant ships bound for Portugal and 
the Streights, are arrived in the Downs. 

Private letters from the Hague by the last post advised, that 
the duke of Berwick was gone for Strasburgh, in order to 
penetrate with 2o,cxx) men into Suabia and Franconia, and 
raise contributions there; and that the French ascribe their 


misfortunes this campagne in Flanders to the duke of Bargundy, 
who has all along 'thwarted Yendosmes projects. 

Yesterday*s mail from Ostend of Sunday last, says the duke 
of Marlborough was making great preparations in order to the 
retaking of Ghent and Bruges. 

Dr. Maningham of St. Andrews, Holbom, is like to succeed 
Dr. Hascard, as dean of Windsor. 

Saturday, 4 Decemb. — ^Yesterday the commons read a ist 
time the bill to prevent wagers upon publick affairs ; and the 
land tax bill a 2d time, and committed it for Monday ; and or- 
dered a clause to transferr the deficiency on the land taxes for 
the years 1700, 1701^ and 1703, to this present tax. 

And after debated whither the Scotch peers eldest sons should 
sitt in the house, there being an act in Scotland against it, and 
carried it, without dividing^ that they should not ; and^ 'tis said, 
new writts will be ordered^ in the room of the lord Haddo, lord 
James Johnston^ lord Archibald Hamilton, and lord Strathnaver. 

This day the house made a further progresse in the Reading 

The homeward bound Hamburgh and Virginia fleets are safe 
arriyed ; as also 2 East India ships, the Rochester and Albe- 
marle ; on board the last, it's said, is near 100 tuns of coffee. 

Yesterday the earl of Pembrook entred upon his place as lord 
high admiral. 

From Edinburgh, that the lairds of Kerr, Garden Eippen- 
dayy, Newton^ and Touch, were tryed for high treason, upon 
account of the pretenders invasion; but the jury found the 
crimes not fully prored, so they were acquitted. 

This mornings Dutch post advises, that Boufflers, seeing all 
the batteries ready to fire against the cittadell of Lisle, beat a 
parley last Saturday, upon which hostages were exchanged; 
and when the expresse came away, the capitulation was signed^ 
and one of the gates delivered up, but the terms not yet known; 
for which good news the tower guns were discharged, and at 
night bonefires, &c. 

On Wensday the duke of Marlborough design'd to march to 
invest Ghent on the side of Brussells, general Dedem between 
the Scheld and the Lys and the canal, and genial Murray on 
the side of Sas van Ghent. 

The French army continue between Valenciennes and Doway . 

Dbc. 9.] STATE AFFAIBS. 881 

Paris letters say their troops have taken the castle of Denia, 
and made the garrison of 900 men prisoners of war, and gone 
to beseige Alicant. 

An Ostend mail is also arrived, and brings letters, which say 
the French have quitted Ghent, and retired towards Newport. 

Tuesday, 7 Decemb. — This days Dutch post advises, that 
the capitulation of Lisle citadel consists of 18 articles, the most 
material one, that the garrison, about 40CX) men, should march 
out with all the marks of honour, 6 peices of cannon, and 2 
covered waggons, towards Doway, which they did the i ith in- 
stant ; but 3 general officers were detained as hostages for pay- 
ment of the debts contracted by the French. 

From the camp at Melle, Dec. J3th, duke of Marlborough 
marcht from Berlegem the nth to this phice; bridges imme- 
diately laid over the Scheld, and other preparations made for 
reducing Ghent, in which, 'tis said, the French have left only 
the Spanish troops, consisting of about 1 2,ocx> men, and posted 
a body of their own on the canal between that and Bruges, to 
hinder the allies passing the same ; our artillery is hourly ex- 
pected from Antwerp to Dendermond, besides the train which 
was to be employed about the cittadell of lisle is coming 
down to Lys; which preparations very much alaram the in- 

Prince Eugene is also come with his forces, and to post him- 
self between the Upper and Lower Scheld. 

From Italy, that the marquesse de Prie has had another 
conference with the pope, who still refuses to agree, least he 
should prejudice the church ; upon which the Germans, having 
taken fort Urbino, are marching directly for Home. 

Earl of Dorset is made constable of Dover castle^ and warden 
of the Cinque Ports. 

Oar homeward bound Lisbon fleet is arrived richly laden. 

This day the commons carried it by 18, 134 against 116, 
that Anthony Hammond, esq., being a commissioner of the 
navy, and employed in the out ports, was uncapable of being 
elected a member of parliament, by an act past the 6th of queen 
Ann ; so 'tis expected a writt will be ordered for a new election 
at Shoreham. 

Thursday, 9 Decemb. — The last foreign letters advised, from 
Rome, that an English man of war had taken one of the popes 


yeasells ; the captain declared he bad orders to sdze all ships 
belonging to his subjects, which very much startled him. 

That the Oermans continue their hostilities, turning out go* 
Ternours of places, and putting in their own ; but the pope pro- 
tests he will lose all before he will consent to the alienation of 
the least part of St. Peters patrimony. 

From Brussells, that above 100 brasse cannon were found in 
the citadell of Lisle, but yery Utile powder. 

Tis said there are great divisions and discontents in the 
French court and armj, and that the Dauphin has left the 
French court on account of madam Maintenon. 

By a gentleman lately come from Ostend, we are informed, 
that the effects and goods of the officers and inhabitants in 
Ghent and Bruges are daily carried to Newport ; and, "^twas 
beleived, the enemy only defend those places to make condi« 
tions with the confederate generalls, to save the inhabitants from 
the just revenge they have deserved, for their late treachery 
in betraying them to the French. 

Several engineers are ordered for the islands of Jersey and 
Guernsey, to repaur the fortifications there, and add to the same. 

It's s£ud the lord viscount Wenman is shortly to be married 
to the 2d daughter of sir John Packington. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee, made a further 
progresse in the land tax bill, and to be again upon it to 

They were all this day on the Reading election, not finished 
the same, but to proceed further thereon next Saturday. 

SoUurday, 11 Decemb. — ^Yesterday the commons, in a com- 
mittee upon the supply, went thro' the land tax bill, adding 
new commissioners names, and a borrowing clause at 6L per 
cent., and ordered it to be reported on Monday. 

This day they finished the election for Reading, and carried 
it for Mr. Blagrave, the sitting member, against sir Wm. Rich ; 
yeas 129, noes 82. 

On the 14th instant her majestic will begin to receive visits, 
the first time since the princes death. 

This day's Dutch post says, that 8 batallions are put into 
the citadel of Lisle, where were found 121 brasse cannon, 38 
mortars, and 100,000 lbs. weight of powder, but little pro- 

Dec. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. 888 

Ghent, Dec. 15th: our govemour has burnt the suburbs, and 
ordered every burgher to furnish himself with 6 weeks proyi- 
sions, and to bear arms, the last of which they refused. 

This morning the allies took the fort of Bed House on the 
Sas, sword in hand. 

From Barcelona^ that major general Stanhope has arrested 
the French and Spanish garrison at Port Mahone, bjr way of 
reprizal for their seizing ours at Xatiya, contrary to the capi- 

From the duke of Marlborough's camp at Melle the 17 th : 
this day prince Eugene with his troops joined us ; the chief 
magistrates of Ghent have been to wait upon the duke, and 
desire him not to bombard them, and answered^ 'twas in their 
power to prevent it, if they could prevail upon the garrison 
(14.000 strong) unmediately to quit the same, which wiU be 
attacked with 60 heavy cannon and 40 mortars. 

From Dresden, that on the 22d past, the confederated troops 
routed a strong party of king Stanislaus men, killed 3000, took 
8 squadrons with their standards, 4 cannon, 3 mortars, and all 
their baggage ; and the next day 50 companies of Wisnowisky's 
men deserted from that king to the crown general. 

Some letters from Lithuania say the king of Sueden, with 
30,000 men, had defeated 60,000 Muscovites, took their 
cannon, and recovered what was taken from general Lewen- 

Tuesday, 14 Decent. — ^Yesterday the commons, upon a mo- 
tion made by Mr. Pitt, resolved, nomine contradicente. That 
the thanks of the house be given to major general Webb, for 
the great and eminent services performed by him in the battle 
of Winnendale ; and Mr. speaker gave him the thanks ac- 

This day they debated the double return of Malton in York- 
shire, between Mr. Harrison and Mr. Worsley, and Mr. Palmes 
and Mr. Strickland, and the two last, without dividing, were 
voted duely elected. 

Ordered a bill to be brought in, to prevent the barbarous 
custom of seizing goods shipwreckt upon the coasts. 

And to morrow to be in a committee upon that part of the 
queens speech relating to the augmenting of our forces. 

The sessions at the Old Baily is over, where 5 men and 5 


women receired sentence of death ; and Mr. Packer, who killed 
a gentleman near Richmond, was found a lunatick. 

Our merchants have an account, that the Albemarl, home- 
ward bound from India, and laden with coffee, muslins. Indigo, 
&c., worth above ioo^ooo2., in a storm struck against a rock 
between Fowey and Plymouth, and only the men on board 
saved by her boats. 

Brownlow Sherrard, esq. is sworn gentleman usher of the 
privy chamber, in room of Mr. Harrison, deceased. 

Lieutenant general Erie is arrived here from Flanders. 

This day's Dutch post advises, from Paris, that the king is 
entirely satisfied with marshal Boufflers conduct, and has made 
him a peer of France. 

That he had sent for monsieur Callieres, and others qualified 
for embassies, to court, which matter makes it beleived that a 
treaty of peace will be sett on foot. 

That an expresse arrived there the i jth from Spain, which 
brings, that the town of Alicant had surrendred, and that the 
garrison was retired into the castle. 

The French are equipping two fleets, one at Brest, the other 
at Thoulon, to transport forces to Civita Yecchia. 

Villars is to command in Flanders, Vendosm being come to 

From Ghent, that we should be ready to fire against that 
place as Sunday last. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 8th, and held the 9th, loth^and nth; where 
several criminals were tryed, of which 10 received sentence of 
death, 9 burnt in the hand, 2 ordered to be whipt, and i fined; 
and the next sessions to begin the 17th of January next. 

Thursday, 1 6 Decemb, — Yesterday the commons read a 2d 
time, and committed the bill to prevent wagers upon publick 
affiurs ; heard the land tax bill, reported, and ordered it to be 
engrossed, fixing the borrowing clause only at 52. per cent, 

Then went into a committee upon augmenting her majesties 
forces, and after some debate, resolved. That the same be 
10,000 men, viz. 7000 foot and 3000 horse, all hired troops; 
and that a sum, not exceeding 22o,oooZ., be given for payment 
of them ; which was this day reported and agreed to. 

Dbc.i8.] state affairs. 886 

Afterwards the house examined some persons about false 
musters in the army, and ordered others to attend next 

Then heard several witnesses about sir Henry Colts election, 
and his petition against Mr. Medlicot's election for Westmin- 
ster, examined Mr. Huggins head baily touching the same, 
called in council on each side, and are like to sit late. 

Sir Thomas Littleton is chose member for Portsmouth, sir 
Cholmley Deering for Saltash, and Simon Stuart, esq. for 

Mr. Shute, of lincolns Inn, is made commissioner of the cus- 
tomes, in room of Mr. Clark, deceased. 

The lords were this day upon their priyiledges, as to the re- 
turn of the 4 Scotch peers petitioned against ; agreed that not 
aboYe 2 council should be heard of a side, no proxy^s allowed, 
and adjourned till Tuesday. 

About 8 this night the commons divided upon the question, 
that Mr. John Huggins, high bailif for Westminster, at the late 
election of citizens to serve in parhament for that citty, has, in 
defiance of the law, arbitrarily and illegally refused to tender 
the oath of abjuration, when required so to doe, and thereby is 
guilty of a high crime and misdemeanour : yeas 165, noes 154. 

And afterwards carried by one, to commit him to Newgate : 
yeas 155, noes 154. 

Saturday 9 18 Decemb. — This day's Dutch post advises, from 
Pans, of the 21st, that there is a misunderstanding between 
Yendosm and Boufflers, the first retiring to his country seat 
without speaking to the other. 

From Brussells, that upon the duke of Marlboroughs pub- 
lishing a declaration, offering the Spaniards in the French ser- 
vice the same posts, pay, &c. if [they] come over to us, has 
caused great jealousies between them in Ghent ; and count La 
Mott, conmiander thereof, has put Switzers into the castle, and 
tamed out the Spaniards, who are disgusted thereat: three 
attacks vrill be carried on^ and, some think, by way of sapping, 
by reason of the numerous garrison. 

From the duke of Marlboroughs camp, the 24th, the trenches 
are to be opened before Ghent this night ; 78 cannon are ar- 
rived, with 38 great and 26 lesse mortars, and vast quantities 
of bombs, &c., and hope to be masters of the place by the 



middle of January ; the French are assembling about Newport 
to give us a diversion. 

From the Hague, that the differences between the pope and 
emperor were fully adjusted. 

That the states hare ordered i j large men of war to be ready 
to sail in 6 weeks, to observe the squadron fitting out at Brest. 

From Millain, say the duke of Modena is inclinable to enter 
into the grand alliance, and furnish 12,000 men: 6000 of them 
he will maintain himself, and the other by the allies. 

Yesterday the commons past the land tax bill, and ordered it 
to be sent up to the lords. 

This day they resolved to addresse her majestic, to use her 
utmost endeavours with our allies^ to augment their troops as 
we doe. 

After which proceeded on the Westminster election, and 
about 7 at night carried it by 12, 154 against 142, that Mr. 
Medlicot, the sitting member, and not sir Henry Colt, the peti- 
tioner, was duly elected. 

Yesterday one Deborah Churchill, some time since found 
guilty of murther, was carried in a coach to Tyburn, and there 
executed for the same. 

Tuesday, 2i Decemb. — ^Yesterday dyed suddenly the honour- 
able Henry Thynn, esq., member of parliament for Weymouth, 
and only son and heir to the lord viscount Weymouth, without 
issue male. 

Same day Mrs. Hyde, mother to commissary Hyde, being 
arrested by one Broad, a bailif, and brought home to his house, 
fell into fits, and soon after dyed. 

By the order of the lord high admiral, preparations are 
making to equip a fleet of 30 men of war in the line of battle, 
by the middle of February, besides that which is in the Medi- 

Our merchants had advice this day, that the John and Tho- 
mas, richly laden from Jamaica, is arrived at Pembrook, and 
report that she parted from the rest of the fleet and the gal- 
leon the 14th instant ; and some letters meuti(m, that the lord 
Lovelace, who was goeing governor of New York, waa cast away 
in his voyage thither. 

The lord Wharton has made Joseph Addison, esq. secretarj 
of state for Ireland, Alexander Denton, esq., member of parlia- 

Dbc. 23.] STATE AFFAIRS. 887 

ment for Backingham, his priTate secretary, and Dr. Lambert 
his first chaplain. 

This days Dutch post brings, from Ghent, of the 25th, that 
the trenches were opened the day before at the attack, com- 
manded by count Lottum ; our men work't half an hour before 
the enemy perceiyed them, we lost 30 men, and had 70 wounded, 
and on the 25th the trenches were opened towards the castle, 
as also the gate of Brussells. 

This day the lords read a ist time the land tax bill, and or- 
dered it a second reading to morrow. 

The commons satt till 9 at night upon the election for Whit- 
church, and carried it, without dividing, for Mr. WooUaston and 
Mr. Bridges, petitioners, against Mr. Lewis and Mr. Tilney, 
mtting members. 

Thursday^ 23 Decemb. — Yesterday came an expresse from 
the duke of Marlborough, that our batteries being ready to 
fire with red hot buUets, and our mortars to throw bombs last 
Sunday into Ghent, count le Motte sent a trumpeter with a 
letter to the duke to capitulate^ which was granted, hostages 
given, and one of the gates to be delivered the next day, and 
the garrison to march out as yesterday with marks of honour, 
and conducted to Tournay ; that his grace was sending a sum- 
mens to Bruges, thro which the expresse came, having a passe 
from Le Motte, where he saw the French packing up their 
effects, supposed in order to quitt it ; for which good news the 
Tower guns were discharged, and at night bonefires, &c. 

From the Hague, that the palatine troops are marching 
home, on pretence of recruiting, which sudden departure dis- 
satisfies the states ; and that prince Eugene was to goe shortly 
for Vienna, but to return again. 

The lord high admiral has signed a commission, appointing 
Mathew Aylmer, esq. admiral of the red, and to command the 
fleet next summer. 

Captain Steele is like to succeed Mr. Addison in the secre- 
taries office, who goes secretary to the lieutenancy of Ireland. 

Yesterday the commons addrest the queen for all the papers 
relating to the lord Griffin, and Scotch invasion, to be laid be- 
fore them. 

Afterwards, in a committee, resolved, That for the speedy 
recruiting our land forces and marines, encouragement be given 

c c 2 


to the several parishes of this kingdom, for raising a sufficient 
number of men for the serrice of the year 1709, which was this 
daj reported, agreed to^ and a bill ordered to be brought in. 

The queen having appointed the same commissioners as were 
at opening this parliament to passe the land tax bill, they sent 
for the commons up^ past the same, and both houses adjourned 
to the loth of January ; after which the lord chancellor and 
speaker of the commons went with a congratulatory addresse 
to her majestie, upon taking Ghent, &c. 

Saturday 1 2^Decemb. — ^Thursday evening, when the speakers 
of both houses of parliament presented their addresse to her 
majestie on the reduction of Ghent, she was pleas'd to return 
this answer ; I give you many thanks for your addresse, and am 
extreamly sensible of the loyalty and affection of both houses 
of parliament upon all occasions. 

This day a prayer of thanksgiving was read in all the 
churches within the bills of mortallity, for our great successes 
this campagne. 

From Dublin, that her majesties ship the Assistance is ar- 
rived at Kingsale, having on board part of the silver which was 
in the galleon, and that the Jamaica fleet, with the rest of the 
Plate, was not farr off. 

This days Dutch post advises, from Berlin, of the 25th, that 
general Mazeppa had lately designed to have join'd the king of 
Sueden with his 40,000 Cossacks, and deliver up the fortresse of 
Basturin ; but it being discovered to prince Menzikoffe, he with 
a body of Muscovites took the said fortresse sword in hand, 
kiird 4000 of them; upon which general Mazeppa with 1000 
Cossack horse went over to the Suedish army. 

From the Hague, January ist, that their feild deputies bad 
wrote to the states general, that not only Ghent was delivered 
up, but the French had also quitted Bruges. 

That the enemies troops, with their engineers, are fortifyeing 
Arras, Dovay, and other frontier towns. 

And that the Muscovite ambassador has notified to the states, 
that his masters troops had defeated general Lubekkar, with 
i2,ooo Suedes, near Narva. 

Tuesday, 28 Decemb, — Lietters from Turin advise, that 
count de la Tour, plenipotentiary at the treaty of Reswick, and 
ambassador irom the duke of Savoy to king William, was dead. 

Dbo. 30.] STATE AFFAIRS. 389 

greatly lamented ; and that his highnesse had lately received 
60,000 pistolls from England, which had much forwarded his 
new levies. 

The duke of Wirtembergh has given orders for recruiting 
his troops, will raise 2000 men above his compliment, and 
10,000 ducats more than his share to the military chest, as an 
example to the rest of the princes of the empire. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough, at the 
pressing instances of the states, will not goe for England till 
prince Eugene returns from Vienna, to be near at hand in case 
the French should attempt any thing; and that they have 
given the imperialbts a considerable gratuity for their great 
fatigues this campagne. 

This days Dutch post brings, from Antwerp, 3d January, 
that the day before the French march't out of Ohent, with 6 
cannon, 4 mortars, and other marks of honour ; and that the 
duke of Marlborough had put 12,000 men, most English, into 
the town and castle, detaining 2 general officers for payment of 
the debts contracted since they took that place. 

Ghent, Jan. 3d : last night the duke received advice from 
Bruges, that the French quitted it the night before : several of 
the bui'ghers are come hither to beg his protection. 

That Boufflers was gone to Ipres, to provide for the defence 
of that place, which they feared the allies would attack in the 

Prom Paris, that money is sent to Spain to pay and recruit 
the army, his majestic designing to have a great force on that 
side^ to oblige the allies to send king Charles and the Por- 
tugueeze large succours, and thereby lessen their army in 

And that the French fleet at Toulon is fitting out with all 

Thursday, 30 Decemb. — From Madrid, that chevalier d'Has- 
felt had blocked up the castle of Alicant, not being able to 
carry on the seige by reason of it's scituation, and garrison of 
1000 men ; and that general Staremberg^ with 5000 regular 
troops, and a great many Miquelets from Terragona, had at- 
tempted to surprize Tortosa, but was repulsed with losse of 700 
killed and wounded. 

From Lieghorn, of the 7th instant, that a courier brought a 

890 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

packet, with orders for the British men of war there to sail 
forthwith for Barcelona; and from Genoa, of the i6tb, that 
commodore Whitaker was sailed accordingly. 

From the Muscovite camp, that the czar had issued out cir- 
cular letters to the Cossacks, to elect a new general in the room 
of Mazeppa, who, with 1000 horse, revolted to the Swedes; 
and they unanimously chose Shoropachi, who has taken upon 
him that command. 

From the Hague, that when the states writt to the duke of 
Marlborough, desiring him not to goe for England till the re- 
turn of prince Eugene from Vienna, there being no feild mar- 
shall of the Dutch troops to command in their absence ; and 
that several French general officers were come to the frontiers, 
where their forces are numerous, and more coming from Ger- 
many and Alsace, as if designed to give some disturbance, 
therefore his presence absolutely necessary; the duke an- 
swered. He should alwayes preferr the pubhck interest before 
his own, and would send to know her majesties pleasure ; and 
he, with prince Eugene, were speedily expected at the Hague, 
to concert measures with the states, before the latter sets out 
for Vienna. 

'Tis said the queen has consented to his stay there this win- 
* ter, and that his dutchesse is preparing to goe over to him. 


Saturday y i Januar, — This day her majestic did not receive 
the compliments of the nobility as usual, to wish her a happy 
new year, by reason of the princes death ; but on the 6th of 
February, being her birth day, she will appear in publick. 

Thursday her majestic sign'd a warrant for continueing the 
salaries to the princes servants during her life, provided they 
keep no pubhck houses. 

Sir John Leak, with a squadron of men of war, is to goe in 
a short time for the Streights. 

Our merchants have advice, that the Dunkirk squadron of 
18 men of war and privateers, were seen last Thursday off the 
coast of Sussex. 

A proclamation is printing, for the encouragement of sea 
and land men to enter themselves on board the fleet ; as also 
another for a general thanksgiving the beginning of February 

Jah. 4.] STATE AFFAIRS, 891 

thronghout Great Brittain, for our glorious successes last cam- 

John Fruigle, esq., knight of the shire for Selkirk, is to 
succeed Mr. Addison as secretary in the earl of Sunderland's 

The snows are very great here, and the Kentish mail, which 
should have come in yesterday, was lost by the severity of the 

The last letters from the Hague advised, that the council of 
state had drawn up a project, for taking into their pay 6coo 
additional troops, which was to be sent to the respective pro- 
vinces for their approbation. 

From Paris, that that king has demanded 10 millions of 
Hvres of the town house, to put in execution some great enter- 
prize ; and several men of war are fitting out at Port Lewis, 
Bochfort, and Brest^ their design not known. 

No Dutch mail. 

Tuesday, 4 Januar. — Sunday came in a Dutch mail, which 

From Turin, that besides the 1 8 batallions and 6 squadrons 
the French detached from the frontiers to Flanders, they have 
also ordered thither 10 batallions from Dauphiny and 7 from 

From Genoa, that the British and Dutch residents there 
have hired transport vessells to carry 7C00 foot and 2000 
horse for Barcelona. 

Frankfort, Jan. 3d : the duke of Berwick has ordered most 
of the French troops in Alsace for Flanders, whither their horse 
on the Moselle are also marching; they endeavoured to sur- 
prize Eeyserwaert, but were repulsed. 

From Stockholm, that the dutchesse dowager of Holstein, 
sister to the king of Sueden, aged 28, is dead of the small pox< 

From Paris, that commissions M*e given out for raising 40 
new regiments, duke of Bavaria to command their army in 
Flanders, and that 15,000 pioneers are ordered to work on the 
fortifications at Arras. 

From Antwerp, that 40,000 of the confederate troops are to 
be 80 quartered in Flanders, that upon occasion may join in 48 
hours ; zi batallions and 20 squadrons to be at Brussells, 9 ba- 
tallions and 13 squadrons at Ghent, the Danes at Bruges, the 

892 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

prince of Hesse at Mechlin, count Tilly at Leige, and tlie earl 
of Albemarle at Louvain. 

When the enemy quitted Ghent, about 3000 Walloons and 
Switz listed in the serrice of the allies. 

Hague, Jan. 7 : our admiralty have given orders for building 
12 men of war : the duke of Marlborough and prince Eugene 
are hourly expected here. 

Mr. Edward Hastwell, a quaker, an eminent merchant of this 
citty, is dead. 

Some of our men of war are ordered to observe the Dunkirk 
squadron, still off Beachy, supposed to intercept the homeward 
bound Virginia and Jamaica ships from Portsmouth hither. 

Thursday, 6 Januar.— Three proclamations by her majestie 
are newly come out, one for a publick thanksgiving on Thurs- 
day, the 17th of February next, in England, for the taking of 
Lisle, and the reduction of Ghent and Bruges ; a 2d to the like 
effect for the kingdom of Scotland ; and the 3d to encourage 
seamen and landmen to enter themselves on board her majesties 
ships of war. 

Foreign letters adrae, from Leipsick, of the ist instant, that 
the Muscovites give out the desertion of general Mazeppa, 
commander of the Cossacks, is of no ill consequence to them ; 
but other advices say, he has still a powerful party -among 
them, and is assembling a numerous body of troops for the 
service of the king of Sueden ; and that 6oco Saxon horse, 
taken into the pay of Great Brittain and Holland, have received 
orders to be in a readinesse to march for Flanders. 

From Berlin, that the king of Prussia is indisposed ; that his 
new levies are carried on with great diUgence throughout all 
his dominions, and the squadrons and batalUons quartered about 
the citty are to goe for Brabant, in the room of those returning 
to recruit. 

From the Hague, that the discourse of the French king's 
proposalls for a general peace encreases; he offering to the 
confederates, as mediators for the same, the kings of Sueden 
and Denmark, with the republick of Venice ; the truth of which 
time will discover. 

Tis said money and deaths are to be put on board the Peter- 
borough galley, to be carried to Gibralter for the use of that 

Jan. 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 398 

On Tuesday a distracted woman in White Cross street threw 
a qoantity of arsenick into a pot of broth prepared for 14 charity 
boys of Cripplegate parish, six of which are since dead. 

Two of the czars nephews are lately arrived from Moscow, 
designing to continue here some time, to inform themselves of 
the manners and customs of this country. 

The great frosts and snows hinder us from a Dutch mail, as 
also the coming in of the English posts. 

Saturday y %th Januar, — On 26th of December last it began 
to freeze, and so continued with snow every day, more or less^ 
till about Thursday, the 6th instant, when the snow ceased, 
which was then very deep, but it lay on the ground without 
the least thaw, and continued freezing till the 9th in the 
evening, when was a very great fogg, when the weather began 
to giye, and the snow to melt: it was very sharp, and the 
Thames was frozen over in several places, and people walkt 
upon the same ; and by the severity of the weather, two Dutch 
mails are due, so that we have no news from thence, and there 
are 8 posts wanting from the DoWns ; but letters from Ireland 
confirm the arrival of some of the Jamaica fleet at Eingsale, 
and the rest not farr off. 

Two priests, one a Lancashire, and the other an Irish man, 
were some days since seiz'd at Dover, coming from France with 
papers of dangerous cojisequence, and brought prisoners hither, 
and have been examined by the lord Sunderland, who committed 
ihem to the custody of messengers. 

This day came in % mails from Ostend, which advise, from 
Strasburgh, of the 3 ist, that the Jews have sent to Hunninghen 
from Switzerland, notwithstanding the resolutions of the em- 
pire to prevent it, 10,000 horses, and the duke of Berwick is 
expected there in 3 dayes to view and send them to Flanders, 
where the French design to have 200,000 men next campagne. 

From Paris, Jan. 6th, that the prince of Conti is recovered 
of his indisposition ; that there is great talk of a peace at Ver- 
sailles, and that the king had remitted 1,200,000 hvres to 
Flanders for marshal Boufflers to subsist his troops with, and 
an assurance that they should have more in a little time. 

From Brussells, that the French soldiers in Namur being ill 
paid, began the 2d to exact money and proviuons from the 
burghers, who endeavouring to preserve their own, the dis- 


order grew to a great height^ and the governor had much a'do 
to quell the mutiny, which lasted till the 6th, when he rec^ved 
some money to pay the garrison. 

And from Antwerp, of the icth, that the duke of Marlbo- 
rough and prince Eugene went thence that morning for the 

Tuesday, 1 1 Januar, — ^The loth, at night, the weather began 
to freeze again as hard as ever, it having not been a thorough 
thaw, but only some of the snow melted. 

Yesterday the lords appointed a committee to state the mat- 
ter of fact about the election of the 4 Scotch peers petitioned 

The commons ordered Dr. Felling to preach before them the 
30th instant ; and read, and ordered a ad reading next Wens- 
day, the bill for recruiting the army, which is said to be to 
this effect: 

That there shal be a general day when the justices of peace, 
or commissioners of the land tax^ (who may be empowered on 
this account,) shal meet, to list all such persons who shal volun- 
tarily come into the service; and on delivering them to the 
officers appointed to receive them, the said justices, or commis- 
sioners, shal draw a note on the receiver general, to pay each 
man immediately ^L, and that an account of such listing shal 
be weekly transmitted to the secretary ojT war ; and at the said 
general meetings the said justices, or commissioners, shal so 
subdivide themselves, that on fixt days the churchwardens, 
constables, &c. shal bring before them all persons distinguish't 
by the act, that 3^. be allowed the parish on every such listing, 
and the person Usted 208, ; and that the officer receiving the 
persons listed shal give a receit, expressing the name, age, &c., 
for whom he shall be accountable. 

This day the commons debated the double return of Sterling- 
shire, between sir Hugh Paterson and colonel Cuningham, and 
without dividing voted the latter duly elected. 

Ordered the house to be called over on Thursday 7night, and 
the absent members to be sent for in custody. 

Last week one Trot^ alias Carter, accused for counterfeiting 
the coin, as also malt tickets and bank bills^ was seized in the 
Strand, and committed to the Gatehouse. 

Tis said the king of Prussia has ordered a present of bia 

Jan, 15.] STATE AFFAIRS. 895 

picture, set with diamonds, to major general Webb^ for his 
signal seryice at Wynendale, whose troops he commanded in 
that action. 

Thursday, 13 Januar. — This evening the weather broke 
and a thaw begun^ there falling a very cold rain. 

Yesterday the lords debated the state of the nation relating 
to the Scotch invasion; several speeches were made by the 
lords treasurer, Haversham, Rochester, Wharton, &c., and the 
result was, that an addresse be made to her majestie to lay be- 
fore them all the papers about the same. 

The commons ordered a libell, which Mr. James Mountague 
produced, having this expression in it, That the church by the 
test has a security by iniquity^ and may not be secur'd by that 
which is evill, to be burnt by the common hangman, and the 
author and printer to be enquired after. 

In a committee upon the supply, resolved. That the duties 
upon malt, &;c. be continued for the year 1709, which was this 
day reported, agreed to, and a bill ordered to be brought in. 

Then heard the double return for Harwich, between sir Tho- 
mas Davall, and Eenrick Edisbury, esq. ; voted it void, and 
ordered a writ for a new election. 

The committee of lords were considering upon a method for 
hearing the elections of the 4 Scotch peers in dispute, but came 
to no resolution, so are to be upon it again to morrow. 

The earl of Weems, a peer of Great Brittain, is married to 
the late sir John Robinson's daughter, of Northamptonshire ; 
her fortune i5,ocx:^. 

The lord Idsburns lady, daughter to the late earl of Roches- 
ter, is dead. • 

Tis said Mr. Leshley, author of the Rehersal, will be prose- 
cuted for several passages therein. 

This evening, 'tis said, there are letters from New York, which 
say the lord Liovelace, their governour, with his lady and retinue, 
(reported to be lost,) were safe arrived there. 

No Dutch post. 

Saturday, 15 Januar. — ^Yesterday came in 2 Lisbon mails, 
which advise, that sir George Bing, with 9 men of war and a 
fireships, were sailed for the Streights, supposed for Port Ma* 
hon ; that 14 French men of war are arrived at Cadiz, beleived 
to ponvoy their galleons and merchant ships to the West Indies : 

396 BRIEF KELATION OF [1708-9. 

that the earl of Gallway had been much indisposed with the 
gout, but now somewhat better ; that the Guilford man of war, 
with the Expedition, were arrived at Lisbon, having on board 
about 300,000/. sterling, being part of the cargo of the galleon 
taken by admiral Wager. 

The privy council have ordered Mr. Samuel Buckley, author 
of the Daily Courant, to be taken into custody, for writing in 
this day's Courant a project for a lasting peace, by equally di- 
viding Europe, &c. among the several potentates, which may 
give offence to some of our allies. 

It's said, that part of the diamonds missing out of the ship 
Albemarle are found, and brought to the secretarie's office. 

Thursday Mr. Chace, an eminent grocer, said to be worth 
above 40,000/., was seized with an apoplexy near the custome 
house, and died immediately. 

Yesterday a duel was fought in Hide Park between William 
Levinz and William Jessop, esqs., both members of parliament; 
the latter run into the belly, but not dangerous. 

Same day the lords were upon their priviledges^ relating to 
the elections of the 4 Scotch peers, and adjourned till Munday. 

The commons were in a committee on the recruit bill, made 
some progresse therein, and to proceed further thereon upon 

This day heard the election for Bramber, between sir Cleeve 
Moor and Mr. Hale, petitioners, against the lord Windsor and 
William Shippen, esq., sitting members, and carried it upon a 
division by 6 for the petitioners. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 18 Januar, — A proclamation by her majestie hath 
been lately published, for the apprehending and seizing all 
stragling seamen and seafaring men, that shelter themselves in 
the inland counties of this realm, with a reward of 20^. for tak- 
ing up every such stragler. 

Yesterday the house of peers ordered Dr. Blackall, bishop of 
Exeter, to preach before them the 31st instant. 

The lord great chamberlain delivered her majesties answer 
to their addresse about the Scotch invasion, viz. That the letters 
and other informations relating thereto should be laid before 

The lord Mohun made his report from the committee ap- 

J AS. 20.] STATE AFFAIRS. 897 


pointed to methodize the papers about the elections and returns 
of the 4 Scotch peers, which their lordships this daj took into 
consideration, and ordered council to several points thereof to 
be heard on Fryday. 

Yesterday the commons ordered a bill to be brought in for 
preventing bribery and corruption, in chusing members of par- 

Made a further progresse in that for the speedy and effectual 
recruiting the land forces and marines. 

This day came on the merits of the election for Abington, 
between Wm. Hucks, esq. petitioner, and sir Simon Harcourt, 
the sitting member, and sat till 6 at night upon the same, 
when they voted that the right of election is in the inhabitants 
paying scot and lot, and not receiving alms or any charity^s, 
which seems to favour the petitioner, and are to be upon it 
again on Thursday. 

Five Dutch mails arriv'd, bring, from Paris, that ViUars is 
daily in conference with the king, and thought will command 
next summer under the duke of Bavaria in Flanders. 

From Genoa, that the British and Dutch cruizers have taken 
several rich prizes ; and the Germans make all the necessary 
dispositions for the conquest of Sicily before the end of the 
winter, that they may be in a condition to send timely succours 
to king Charles. 

The affair between the emperor and the pope not yet ad- 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene was gone for Vienna ; 
the duke of Marlborough retum'd last Fryday for Brussells ; 
and that the accomodation between the king of Prussia and the 
city of Cologne is concluded. 

Thursday, 20 Jantiar. — Letters from Genoa, of the 8th, 
advise, that major general Stanhope has received great remit- 
tances of money from England, for repaying our forces in 
Catalonia ; and some of the letters say, that king Charles had 
sent to admiral Whitaker to cruize on the coast of Italy, and 
seize all vessells, there being some likelyhood that the pope, 
with his riches, will retire to Civita Yecchia, and sail thence for 
Avignion in France. 

From Leipsick, that king Augustus's journey for Venice is 
laid aside, his new levies goe on with successe, and will have an 

898 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

army of a j,ooo men in April, and, some think, has thoughts of 
recovering the kingdom of Poland. 

That the czar's envoy was gone from Berlin to Dresden, snp- 
pos'd upon that account ; and that the Suedish envoy was gone 
after him, to persuade the king not to meddle therein. 

From the Hague, that the exchange of prisoners has been 
suspended by some difficulties started by the French, who, it's 
said, lost 35,000 men last campagn kili'd, taken, and by de- 

Sir George Rooke, late admiral of her majesties fleet, is dead, 
at his seat in Kent. 

Tis said the Windsor man of war arrived with the Dolphin 
at Barbados, being one of Wager's squadron, and seperated in 
a storm, has on board 400,000 peices of eight. 

The lord high admiral has signified to the merchants trading 
to Virginia, that 5 men of war will be ready by the 28th of 
February to convoy them thither. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee, went thro' the re- 
cruit bill, which is to be reported to morrow. 

The commons satt till 3 the next morning upon the Abing- 
ton election, when upon a division 'twas carried for Mr. Hucks 
against sir Simon Harcourt ; 180 and odd voices against 130. 

The sessions of peace for the city of London and county of 
Middlesex began at the Old Baily the 17th, and continued the 
18, where several criminals were tryed; of which, 2 received 
sentence of death, 1 1 were burnt in the hand, 6 ordered to be 
whipt ; and the next sessions to begin the 2d of March next. 

Saturday, 22 Jantuir. — ^Yesterday in the house of commons, 
in the afternoon, Mr. Compton reported from the committee, 
to whom the recruit bill was referred, they [the] seyeral amend- 
ments they had made, which were read, agreed to, and the bill 
ordered to be engrost. 

The lords heard 4 council argue as to the duke of Queens- 
bury's (now a peer of England) insisting upon a right to rote 
at Edinburgh for chusing the 16 Scotch peers »nce the union 
to sit in our parliament ; and upon a division 'twas carried by 7, 
57 against 50, that he had no right. 

This day the commons, nomine contradicente, ordered the 
thanks of the house to be sent to the duke of Marlborough, for 
his signal services the last campagne, as also the indefatigable 

Jan. 25.] STATE AFFAIRS. 399 

zeal he perseveres in for the good of the common cause, while 
he might with reason expect to be reoeiyed with all the marks 
of honoor at home; and that Mr. speaker give it him by 

The house resolved, That her majestie be addrest to give 
orders to ]ay before them the number of ships under sir 
George Bing and rear admiral Baker, upon the late inva- 
sion of Scotland, with the officers names^ and which of them 
are now in England, together with their joumalls upon that 

Then heard the election for Steyning, carried it for the lord 
Tunbridge, against Mr. Wallis, tbe petitioner ; and ordered a 
writ for a new choice, in the room of his lordship, now a peer, 
his father, the earl of Rochfort, being lately dead. 

Tis said her majestie has signed a warrant for the treasury 
to pay major general Webb io,oooZ. for his great performances 
at Wynendale. 

This days Dutch post says, the emperor has sent to count 
Thaun to march directly for Rome, and force the pope to 

Ttiesday, 25 Januar, — ^The frost that began on 26th of the 
preceding month, continued for above a fortnight with great 
violence here in England and in foreign parts, where several 
were froze to death in many countries, and there were very 
great snows; but about the 11 or 12 of this month the wea- 
ther broke, and the snow melted very gently, but in 2 or 3 
days after, before the snow was quite gone, it began to freeze 
again, and froze very hard after, and a good deal of snow fell 
again ; and this very day it snowed all day, and there was a 
very high wind, which blew the snow upon the ground up in 
the air like a whirlwind. 

Yesterday the commons past the bill for recruiting the army, 
and sent it to the lords ; after which were in a committee on 
ways and means ; proposals were offered to ridse money by ex- 
chequer bills, as also by prolonging the Bank of England with- 
out adding to their fund, but came to no resolution, and to pro- 
ceed further on Fryday. 

This day, upon a motion made by the honourable Mr. Wat- 
son, member for Ganterburj, a committee was appointed to 
draw up an addresse to her majestie, that she will not suffer 

400 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

her just grief so far to prevail, but will have such indulgence 
to the hearty desires of her subjects, as to entertain thoughts 
of a 2d marriage. 

The lords read the recruit bill 3 times, past it without any 
amendments, and to morrow the lords commissioners are ex- 
pected to give the royal assent thereto ; and, it's said, her ma- 
jestic has ordered warrants to be sent all over Great Brittidn, 
for the justices of peace, &c. to assemble forthwith, and put the 
same in execution. 

Lord Herbert, of Gherbury, one of the conunissionera of 
trade, died last Saturday of a feavor, and is succeeded in hon- 
our and estate by his son, Henry Herbert, esq., member for 

This days Dutch post advises, from Poland, that the crown 
general has resolved not to own king Stanislaus, and sent to 
recal king Augustus. 

From Flanders, that the French troops have suffered very 
much comeing thither from Alsace, and those from Dauphine 
die in great numbers by the severity of the weather. 

That the Spaniards desert so fast from Mens, that they talk 
of sending them all into France. 

That a regiment of 300 was reduced to 92, and both officers 
and soldiers murmur for want of pay. 

Thursday, 27 Januar. — The judges have appointed their 
circuits as follows ; home circuit, lord chief justice Holt and 
Mr. justice Tracy ; northern, lord chief justice Trevor, Mr. 
baron Price; Norfolk, lord chief baron Ward, Mr. justice 
Gould ; western, Mr. justice Powell and Mr. baron Bury ; 
midland, Mr. justice Powys and Mr. baron LoveU ; Oxford, 
Mr. justice Blencow and Mr. justice Dormer. 

Mr. Dobbins, the great chancery council, is dead, worth 
50,000/.; as also is the lord Conways lady, daughter to the 
present earl of Rochester. 

TIb said the earl of Weymes will succeed the lord Herbert, 
as one of the commissioners of trade and plantations. 

The lord chancellor has removed major Lee from being se- 
cretary of the commission of bankrupts. 

Several officers, lately arrived from Portugal and Catalonia, 
are preparing to return thither. 

Two commissioners, *tis siud, will be sent to Port Mahone, 

Jan. 29.] STATE AFFAIRS. . 401 

to take care of victualling our men of war in the Mediter- 

Eendrick Edisbury, esq. is chose member for Harwich. 

Yesterday the lords heard council and examined witnesses 
about election of the 4 Scotch peers, which will take up some 

The commons, in a committee, went thro the malt bill. 

And ordered all the papers and proceedings concerning the 
examination of William Gregg, lately executed for high treason, 
to be laid before them. 

The lords c(»nmissioners gave the royal assent to the recruit 

This day the house agreed upon the addresse to the queen, 
to entertain thoughts of a second marriage, and sent it to the 
lords for their concurrence, and the speakers of both houses 
are to attend her with it to morrow at 4 in the afternoon. 

Afterwards heard the petition of Mr. Paterson, against Mr. 
Johnston, member for Dumfreis, and voted the latter duly 

Our lord high admiral has ordered 6 men of war to cruize 
on the coasts of Dunkirk. 

Saturday y 29 Januar. — Letters from the Hague advise, 
from Paris, that count Tholouze had given orders that 15 large 
privateers of St. Maloes be fitted up to serve in the Thoulon 
squadron, which he is to command. 

That 7, Jews of Amsterdam have by March undertaken to 
provide 6000 horse, to mount the cavah*y in the pay of the 
states general. 

Mr. Hyde, nephew to the earl of Rochester, is made govern- 
our of Carolina. 

The lord chancellor has appointed Charles Allison, esq. to be 
secretary to the commission of bankrupts, in the room of major 


Yesterday the lords, in the case of the disputed election of 
the 4 Scotch peers, divided whether the sherif of Mid-Lothian, 
who administred the oaths to a lord^ prisoner in the castle of 
Edinburgh, upon which that lord granted his proxy for chusing 
the 16 peers, had power so to doe; and carried it by 4^ 56 
against 52, that the proxy was good. 

The commons, in a committee upon the union, resolved. That 


402 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

the lawB relating to high treason should be the same in both 

After which read a bill for preventing frauds in the duties 
upon stampt yelom, parchment, and paper, and to regulate the 
clerks and attorneys of the queens bench and common pleas. 

This day the speaker reported the queen's answer to the 
addresse about her manage, viz. The frequent marks of Sdij 
and affection to mj person and government, which I rec^^ *; 
from both houses of parliament, must needs be very acceptaliie . 
to me ; the provision I have made for the protestant succea^gn 
will always be a proof how much I have at my heart the futur^ 
happinesse of the kingdom : the subject of this addresse is of 
such a nature^ that I am persuaded you doe not expect a parti- 
cular answer. 

Upon which they voted her thanks. 

Yesterday the weather began to give and the snow to melt, 
so that it was a very gentle thaw^ and continued the same all 
this day. 

Tuesday, 1 Febr. — The thaw continues very gentiy, so that 
most of the ice and snow is gone. 

The officers, who are to raise recruits, are ordered to goe 
down to the several counties to be present to receive the new 
raised men, according to the late act of parliament ; and se- 
veral Scotch colonells, with other officers, are to set out in 
few days for Edinburgh, to encourage the listing of men in that 
part of Great Brittain. 

The 4th troop of guards, commanded by the duke of Argisle, 
being compleat, well mounted, and new clothed, adorned with 
broad silver lace, will shortly be viewed in Hyde Park. 

Letters from Scotland advise, that in a late storm there, a 
great fleet of Dutch merchant ships, which came about 2 months 
since from the Soundt, were either cast away, or driven to other 
ports, there being but 17 come in out of 74. 

And from the Downs we have an account, that 4 Virginia 
ships are missing, one of which had on board 800 hogsheads of 

On Saturday the commons satt till I2 at night upon the Or- 
ford election, and carried it by 52, 134 against 8a, that Wil- 
liam Thompson, esq., the petitioner, and not sir Edward Turner, 
the sitting member, was duly elected. 

Frb.5-] state affairs. 408 

This day they were upon that of Newcastle under Line, and 
carried it by 17, 160 against 143, that Crew Offley, and John 
Lawton, esqs., petitioners, and not sir Thomas Bellot^ and Row- 
land Cotton, esq., the sitting members, were duly chose. 

The lords went thro' the 4 Scotch elections in dispute, con- 
firmed 3, and Toted the marquesse of Annandale into the house, 
in the room of the marquesse of Lothian. 

There are 3 Dutch posts wanting. 

Thursday^ 3 Febr, — Yesterday the lords appointed Dr. 
TrimneU, bishop of Norwich, to preach before them the 
17th, being the day of thanksgiying for our victory^ the last 

The commons went thro' the malt bill, and ordered it to be 

This day the commons called oyer their house, some mem- 
bers were excused by reason of sicknesse, and other defaulters 
were noted down. 

The marquesse of Anandale, lord North and Grey, and the 
lord Ashbumham took the oaths in the house of peers. 

Earl of Sunderland laid before the lords several papers from 
the queen about the Scotch inyasion. 

The bishop of Salisbury's lady is dead, very much lamented 
for her charity and piety. 

Patrick Moncreife^ esq., knight of the shire for Fife, and sir 
Thomas Bellot of Staffordshire, are likewise dead. 

Dr. Maningham, rector of St. Andrews, Holborn, is made 
dean of Windsor, in the room of Dr. Hascard, sometime since 

Yesterday the bank of England held a general court about 
raising z millions and 500,0002. for the goyemment ; several 
debates arose thereupon, which caused them to adjourn till to 

This day came an expresse, that 3 men of war, with 30 mer- 
chant ships^ from Ijsbon and other places, were arrived in the 
Downs, and coming up the river. 

Next Sunday, being her majesties birth day, the court for 
that day will putt off their mourning, but no song as usual, nor 
any other publick entertainments. 

No Dutch post* 

Saturday^ 5 Febrvar, — The queen has declared the duke of 

D d 2 

404 BRIEF RELATION OP [1708-9. 

Queensbery and Dover a third secretary of state for Great 
Britain, his province being Scotland ; he has appointed Nicholas 
Rowe, esq. his under secretary. 

The duke of Argyle is sworn of the privy council 

On Thursday the East India company held a general court, 
and resolved to borrow io{. per cent, of their members to in- 
*crease their stock. 

There were letters from Paris, by the last Ostend mails, 
which positively say, that king had sent to recall 15 of his 
batallions from Spain ; and that there had been a great fire at 
Constantinople, which burnt above 1000 houses. 

Yesterday the bank of England resolved to propose to the 
house of commons to raise 2,5Co,cxx>/., the same to be circu- 
lated in exchequer bills, which are to carry zd, a day per cent, 
interest, and the bank to have 3^. per cent, per ann. for cir- 

They likewise agreed to raise 400,cxx)2. more in August 
1711, provided they may be established 21 years longer from 
that time ; and in case the government should have occasion 
for the last summ sooner, they'l advance it at 6L per cent. ; to 
enable them to doe this, tbey'l lay open their books for a new 
subscription of 2,2oo,ooo2. 

The same day the lords heard a cause between the lady Cart- 
wright and sir John Wolstenholm, about an estate, and gave it 
for the latter. 

The commons, in a committee upon the estimates for the 
land army for 1709, resolved. That 549,2352. be granted for 
guards and garrisons, including the marines. 

That i8o,ooo2. be granted for the office of ordnance for 
the land service; 49^310 for i years interest of Irish deben- 
tures ; and 3500 for circulating of old exchequer bills for 
I year. 

And that a supply be granted for encouraging the coynage. 

And this day gave leave to bring in a bill for naturalizing all 
foreign protestants. 

And appointed a committee to inspect the laws against pen- 
sioners and officers sitting in the house. 

And heard the election for Dunwich in Suffolk, and voted 
sir Richard Allen and lieutenant general Harvey, and not sir 
Charles Blois and Mr. Kemp, sitting members, duly elected. 

Feb. io.] STATE AFFAIRS. 406 

Tuesday , 8 Febr. — ^Testerday it began again to freeze very 
hard, and continued so this day, with a sharp easterly and 
north easterly wind. 

Yesterday came in 4 Dutch, 3 Flanders^ and 2 Lisbon mails, 
which advise. 

From Leghorn, that admiral Whitaker, with 13 English and 
3 Dutch men of war, 2 fireships, 3 bomb vessells, &c. arrived 
there, and were providing things necessary to transport 10,000 
men to Barcelona. 

From the Hague, that the emperors resident had received, 
by a courier from Vienna, an account of the accomodation be- 
tween his master and the pope, which he communicated to the 
states and foreign ministers ; it consists of 1 9 articles, the par- 
ticulars not yet known. 

From Flanders, that the French continue to make great pre- 
parations as if they would beseige Lisle, and the allies are as 
diligent in forming an army to oppose them. 

And that the duke of Marlborough was goeing to the Hague, 
to conferr with the states about the same. 

And that Boufflers was given over by his physitians at. 

The lord chancellor has, by order of the privy council, sent 
to the judges to delay fixing the circuits till further orders, 
which makes it beleiv'd thej'l be deferred a fortnight longer 
than usual, upon account of their advice in the house of peers 
touching matters of law. 

Colonel Edward Dent is made governor of Carolina. 

Yesterday the commons read, and ordered a second reading, 
a bill for preservation of the priviledges of ambassadors. 

This day they agreed with the committee, that 1,081,083/. 
be given for payment of our forces in Spain and Portugal. 

And are this evening sitting upon the merits of the election 
for Bewdley, between Henry Herbert, esq. (now lord Herbert 
of Cherbury,) and Salway Winnington, esq. petitioner, and are 
like to sitt late. 

Thursday, lo Febr. — The frost continues very violent, which 
began on Monday last, and yesterday and this day fell a pretty 
deal of snow. 

On Tuesday night the commons satt till near 1 2 upon the 
Bewdly election, and carried it by about 70, that Henry Her- 

406 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

berty esq. (now lord Herbert,) and not Salway Winnington, esq. 
the petitioner, was duly elected. 

Yesterday, in a committee on ways and means, resolyed. 
That towards rabing the supplyes the proposaUs of the bank 
of England, for lending 2 millions 900,000^. upon such terms 
and conditions, and upon such discount, and by such sub- 
scriptions as therein mentioned, be accepted, proyided the 
bank will nuse a further sum of 500,0002. to circulate exche- 
quer bills. 

This day the bank mett to consider the same, and resolved 
not to agree thereto ; upon which the commons agreed to their 
first proposall. 

Ordered a bill to be brought in for the Virginia merchants 
to exchange tobacco for French wines. 

Letters from Lisbon say, that the French have taken fort 
St John in Newfoundland by treachery ; made the govemor, 
colonel Loyd, with 100 English, prisoners, and destroyed our 
fishery for this season ; upon which sir John Jennings, who was 
cruizing off Portugal, had sent some men of war to endeavour 
to retake it. 

From Saxony, that the czar has wrote to king Augustus, 
that if he does not take this opportunity to recover the crown 
of Poland, he with the Poles wQl declare war against him, and 
insist on great summs for damages he has sustained in his 
quarrel, and invade his country ; and, on the other hand, the 
king of Sueden threatens him if he does. 

Abraham Stanyan, esq., our late envoy to the Swisse cantons, 
is returned hither. 

Wm. Jennings, esq., member for Wallingford, is dead. 

Saturday, 12 Febr, — The last letters from the Hague ad- 
vised, that the pope agreed to the accomodation with the ^n- 
peror, on condition he obtained from the maritime powers in 
alliance with him, not to insult his dominions, or bombard Ci- 
vita Vecchia, for his contributing to the pretenders invading 
Scotland ; and that his imperial majestic consented to his pro- 
posal, only to acknowledge king Charles of Spain, without the 
addition of cathohck majestic, since he is not possest of the 
whole kingdom. 

The queen has ordered an office to be fitted up at the cock- 
pit, for the duke of Queensberry, who succeeded the earls of 

Fm. 15,] STATE AFFAIRS. 407 

Marr and Loudon ajs secretary of state, and to have the same 
salary as the earl of Sunderland and Mr. BoyL 

Letters from the Downs say, that a Dutch privateer lately 
took a British vessel, with horses on board, off Bologne. 

Bobert Bertie, esq., brother to the earl of Abingdon, is mar- 
ried to a aster of the lord viscount Wenman. 

Rc^er Kirby, esq., sherif of Lancashire, is dead ; as also is 
sir John Wolstenholme, knight of the shire for Middlesex. 

The circuits are appointed to begin about the 15th of March. 

The bank will lay open their subscription books for the 
2,200,0002. next Fryday, or the Tuesday following. 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee upon the supply, re« 
solved. That 567,845?. be granted to her majestic, for her pro- 
portion of subsidies payable to the allies for 1709. 

And that 307,748/. be granted for the extraordinary charges 
of the war, not hitherto provided for. 

This day the commons heard the merits of the election for 
Hindon in Wilts, and carried it by 34 for Reynold Calthorp, 
esq., petitioner, against sir James How, the sitting member. 

No Dutch post. 

Tuesday, 15 J'e6r. — ^The frost, which began yesterday was 
sevennight, continues still very severe, so that tiie Thames in 
some places was frozen over. 

Yesterday the grand jury for Westminster presented to the 
court of queens bench May fair as a nusance to the said city, 
&c., to which the lord chief justice replyed, that he would ac- 
quaint her majestic therewith, in order to suppresse all irregu- 
larities in the said fair. 

Yesterday was a tryal at the sittings in the court of queens 
bench, upon an information brought by the attorney general 
against the bailifs and tradesmen, for arresting the czar's en- 
voy; the queens council set forth that 'twas a conspiracy to 
disoblige her majesties best allie, and endangering the loosing 
a most profitable trade to this nation : the jury, upon the lord 
chief justice's summing up the evidence, found the defendants 
guilty, and the matter specially to be argued upon the point of 
the priviledge of ambassadors : the earl of Sunderland, lord 
Hallifax, and 7 other peers, were present at the tryal. 

The same day the commons past, and sent to the lords, the 
malt bill, with a borrowing clause at 6L per cent. ; and read, 

408 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

and ordered a 2d reading, the bill for natoralizmg of foreign 

This day the commons were upon the election for Steyning, 
between the lord Belleu and Mr. Goring, (a double return); 
went thro*" part of it, and ordered, after Saturday next, that 
only one election should be heard in a week, yiz. on Tuesdayes. 

The lords read the bill against wagering, and adjourned till 

The earl of Salisbury is married to the lady Ann Tufton, 
daughter to the earl of Thanet. 

Sir John Leake, commander in chief of her majestie's fleet, 
is gone to Chatham, to hasten the fitting out the men of war 

Orders are deUvered by the secretary of war to the officers, 
who are to raise recruits throughout Great Brittain. 

We want 2 Dutch posts. 

Thursday, 17 Febr. — The last foreign letters advised, from 
Switzerland, that the differences between the Tockenburghers 
and the abbot of St. Grail increase daily, insomuch that the 
latter has engaged the imperial court to concern itself therein, 
and boasts they'l send troops to his assistance, which is yery 
disagreeable to the protestant cantons. 

And that the Suedes having evacuated Courland, the king of 
Prussia had sent troops to take possession thereof in the name 
of the young duke, whom he has taken into his protection. 

Yesterday our lord mayor, aldermen, and common council 
met, and resolved upon a petition to the parliament, that no- 
thing in the bill for naturalizing foreign protestants may inter- 
fere with the privileges of this citty. 

Same day the commons debated the 4th article of the union, 
upon the Scotch members desiring an addresse to the queen, 
to allow them a drawback upon salt, and a bounty pursuant to 
the said article ; but 'twas objected they got the ssJt together 
before the union, that it might pay no duty ; and the further 
debate adjourned till Monday. 

Mr. Boulter, a grocer of the citty, and executor of the late 
sir John Cutler, is dead, worth 150,0002., 'tis said, has left 
2000Z. per ann. to Mr. Boulter, a relation of him in Torkshire, 
and 2000Z. per ann. more to his nephew, Mr.Fryor, a pewterer 
in Gracechurch street. 

Fbb, 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 409 

This being the day of publick thanksgiving for the great 
snooesses of the last campagne, Dr. Manningham, dean of 
Windsor, preacht before her majestie, at St. James ; Dr. Trim- 
nel, bishop of Norwich, before the lords, in Westminster Abbey ; 
and Dr. Hare, before the commons, at St. Margarets ; and in 
the evening were ringing of bells, bonefires^ &c. 

No Dutch post. 

ScUurday, 19 Febr. — ^Yesterday Mr. John Billers was tried 
before the lord chief justice Holt, at Guildhal, upon an inform- 
ation brought by the attorney general, that the said Billers 
had, without either a reprieve from the queen, or any order 
from the lord mayor, (as he pretended to have,) brought one 
Read, a horse stealer, from Tyburn back to Newgate, on pre- 
tence of making large discoveries ; and upon a full hearing, the 
jury, considering Billers's great zeal and large expences to dis- 
cover house breakers, &c., acquitted him. 

Same day the lords heard a cause between the lady Falk- 
land and lady Russell, appellants, and Lytton Strode, esq., re- 
spondent, for an estate of ^oooL per ann., which sir William 
Lytton gave the latter by will, on condition he took on him the 
name of Lytton, and in possession by vertue of a decree in 
chancery ; and their lordships affirmed the same. 

The oonmions read the bill for exportation of tobacco, &c., 
and bringing in wines in exchange, and ordered it to be read a 
2d time next Thursday in a full house. 

This day the commons agreed, that towards raising the fund 
of 150,0002. per ann., pursuant to the proposition of the bank 
of England, the further subsidy of tunnage and poundage, 
commonly called the | subsidy, be continued from the expira- 
tion of the term last granted, payable to her majestic, her heirs 
and successors. 

After which they were upon the merits of the election for 
Ashburton, heard council on the behalf of Richard Reynel, esq., 
petitioner, against Roger Tuckfeild and Robert Ball, esqs., sit- 
ting members, and to proceed further on Tuesday. 

The lords read the malt bill the first time. 

Rear admiral Baker is appointed to command the squadron 
desdgned for the West Indies. 

No Dutch post. 

The frost, which began the 6th of this month, and was very 


410 BRIEF RELATION OP [1708-9. 

greati began yesterday to abate, and in the afternoon the wea- 
ther began to give, and this day continued very gentiy without 
any rain. 

Tuesday i 22 Fehr. — ^Yesterday the commons ordered a bill 
to be brought in^ for directing payment of the allowances to be 
made upon the exportation from Scotland of fish, beefe, and 
porky cur'^d with foreign salt, imported before the ist of May 

This day they finished the Ashburton election, and carried 

it by a great majority for Roger Tuckfeild, and Robert Ball, 

esqs., sitting members, against Richard Reynell, esq., petitioner. 

The countesse of Bristol is dead, and her jointure fiillen to 
the lord Digby. 

Our merchants trading to Russia have bought up a yast 
quantity of cloth, which they are working into suites for the 
czar^s army. 

The bank of England this day open'd their books for a new 
subscription of 2,200,oooZ. towards next years taxes, and in 5 
hours the whole was subscribed ; a 5th part of which was paid 
down, and a great deal more offer'd to be subscribed, but 

Major general Palmes, envoy extraordinary to Savoy, went 
hence this morning to embark for Holland. 

Four Dutch posts come in, and advise, from Rome, that the 
French and Spanish ministers have protested against the acco- 
modation with the emperor, and are retiring thence. 

From Paris of the 22d, that the prince of Conti, aged 45, 
was dead; as also Lovissa, princesse palatine of the Rhine, 
abbesse of Maubillon, in the 86th year of her age ; she was 
sister to the princesse Sophia of Hanover. 

That monsieur Barnard, a very great banker, was broke for 
3 miUions sterling, most of the king's money. 

From the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough, who ar- 
rived there the 19th, and went back for Brussells the 26th, had 
supplyed Lisle with all manner of provisions, and so well re- 
pair'd the breaches, that no danger was apprehended from the 
enemy ; and that the French had made some offers for peace, 
but rejected. 

Thursday, 24 Febr. — The last foreign letters advised, from 
Vienna, that there was an irreconcileable difference between 


Fbb. 26.] STATE AFFAIRS. 411 

prince Ragotzi and count Berezim, two of the chief of the Hun- 
garian nudecontents, the ist being for the Swedes, and the 
other for the Muscoyites. 

From Qenoa, that 5 British men of war had bombarded the 
town of Alicant, at which time they did the like from the castle, 
and, some say, succours were got into the last. 

From the Hague, that there is a great misunderstanding 
among the generals in France, the duke of Orleans refusing to 
act in Spain, and Yendosm in Flanders. 

This days letters from Lisbon, of the sist, say, that the 
Blenheim and Stringer gallies, 3 of our homeward bound East 
India ships, are safe arrived there ; and that a fleet of mer- 
chant men, under convoy of 5 men of war, were sailed thence 
for England. 

Yesterday the lords heard the opinions of the judges upon a 
writ of error, between sir Nich. Sherburn, plaintiff, and Robert 
Hitch, esq., defendant, and gave it for the latter. 

The commons divided about an addresse to the queen, to 
lay before them all pentions paid as well to members of par- 
liament as others; and carried it, 192 against 157, that it 
should extend only to members. 

This day read a second time the bill for naturalizing foreign 
protestants, and committed it for Monday. 

Also read a second time that for exchanging tobacco, &c. for 
French wines, and upon a division carried it by 4 ; 157 against 
J 53, to commit it. 

Thomas Renda, esq. is chose member for Wallingford, in the 
room of Mr. Jennings, deceased. 

The duke of Marlborough, having good assurance of prince 
Eugene^s speedy return to Flanders, is expected here in 2 or 
3 days by the way of Ostend ; and to morrow his dutchesse 
setts out for Canterbury to meet him. 

Saturday, 26 Febr. — ^Yesterday morning the dutchesse of 
Marlborough went for Margate, where she will stay till the duke 
lands from Ostend. 

Same day the lords were upon the papers relating to the in- 
vasion of Scotland ; and on Tuesday next will consider further 
the state and condition of North Brittain touching the union. 

The commons were in a committee on the mutineers bill, made 
some progresse therein, and to be again upon it on Munday. 

412 BRIEF RELATION OF [17138-9. 

This day resolved, That an addresse be presented to her 
majestie, to desire she will give orders for getting in the arrears 
of the land tax, and for obliging the receivers general to make 
their payments in due time. 

This days Dutch post advises, from Genoa, that sir Edward 
Whitaker, with 8 men of war, 17 transports, &c., sayled the 
loth from Leghorn for Naples, to take on board 3000 men for 

From Berlin, that the princesse royal of Prussia-had her lodg- 
ings burnt down, and narrowly escaped out of her bed. 

From Paris, that several persons, designing to goe off with 
the king's money, were seized and imprisoned. 

That the recruits for horse goe on with expedition, but the 
foot very slowly. 

That the king was expected at Arras, whose troops on the 
frontiers mutiny for want of pay. 

That they were raising a new forts on the Scheld, between 
Dovay and Tournay, and planting 64 cannon on the outworks 
of the latter. 

From the Hague, that '*twas confidently reported the French 
court had made new overtures for peace, proposing to deliver 
up Spain and the West Indies, and only to have Naples, Sicily, 
and Millain, for king Phillip ; but was answered, The whole or 

Tuesday, i March, — Fryday last the convocation mett at 
St. Pauls cathedral, and were adjourned to the 29th of April 
by the archbishop of Canterbury. 

Yesterday the court of delegates satt at Serjeants Inn, in 
Chancery Lane ; heard the cause between sir James Ash and 
his lady, the latter sueing him for alimony : the court allowed 
her 300Z. per ann., 120L costs, and to live seperately. 

Letters from Falmouth say, that the Lbbon fleet, and se- 
veral other merchant ships, with the silver taken by commo- 
dore Wager from the galleons, were past by that port for the 

Yesterday the commons, in a committee, went thro' the bill 
for naturalizing foreign protestants, and to be reported to 

This day they satt till near 7 at night, upon the merits of 
election for Coventry, between sir Orlando Bridgman, sitting 

Mab, 3.] STATE AFFAIRS. 418 

member, and Mr. Crayen, petitioner ; went thro^ part of it, and 
to proceed further therein on Thursday. 

The lords resolved to addresse the queen, that in any treaty 
of peace, care be taken that a good understanding be kept 
with the allies, that the French king own her majesties title, 
and the succession to the crown in the protestant line setled in 
Great Brittain, and that the aUies be guarrantees for the same, 
and that he cause to remoye out of his and his allies dominions 
any pretender to this crown ; and that none of the high allies 
receive any such pretender. 

Sunday afternoon the duke of Marlborough arrived at Rye; 
at some distance went out of the man of war into the boat, 
which carried him to shear, and narrowly escaped a French 
priyateer within gun shot, but past him undiscover'd, and this 
day came to St. James's. 

Uiursday, 3 March. — Yesterday the judges satt at Ser- 
jeants Inn, in Chancery lane, upon the special verdict against 
Brerewood, the bankrupt, and after hearing council found him 
guilty of the indictment : 'tis said he will be imprisoned for life, 
and stand thrice a year in the pillory. 

Same day the duke of Marlborough took his seat in the 
house of peers, and the lord chancellor, by order, made a 
speech to him, wherein he took notice of his glorious successes, 
and return*d him the thanks of the house for his great services, 
&c. ; to which he answered, that he was glad any of his services 
were acceptable to their lordships. 

Both houses agreed to the addresse relating to a peace, for- 
merly mentioned; and the commons added thereto, that for 
security of our dominions, and preservation of trade, care may 
be taken that the fortifications and harbour of Dunkirk may be 
demolished and destroyed. 

The commons ordered the bill for naturalizing foreign pro- 
testants to be engrost. 

And this day finish'd the Coventry election, and carried it 
by a great majority for sir Orlando Bridgman and Mr. Hop- 
kins, sitting members, against Mr. Craven the petitioner. 

This night at 6, the speakers of both houses waited on her 
majestic with the aforesaid addresse. 

Sir Thomas Felton, comptroller of her majesties household, 
and member of parliament for Bury, is dead. 

414 BRIEF RELATION OP [1708-9, 

Letters from Plymouth say the lord Durdey was sailed with 
7 men of war, to look after some ships which are missing, be- 
longing to the Lisbon fleet. 

All our 2d and 3d rate ships are fitting out with great ex- 

This day^ at Brentford, John Austin, esq. was unanimously 
chose knight of the shire for Middlesex, in the room of sb John 
Wolstenholm, deceased. 

The 26th of last month it began to freeze again very sharp, 
and since, it snow'd pretty much, and the weather hath con- 
tinued yery cold since, freezing hard in the night and thawing 
in the day, until this evening, when it did not seem to freeze. 

ScOurday, 5 March. — ^Yesterday Mr. speaker reported the 
queen's answer to the addresse of both houses relating to a 
peace, viz. I am of the same opinion with my two houses of 
parliament, in the several particulars of this addresse, as I have 
also been in aU other which they have made upon the same 
subject ; I assure you no care shal be wanting on my part to 
attain the end they have denred. 

This day the commons ordered one Brown to be taken into 
custody of the Serjeant at arms for arresting a servant of Mr. 

Putt off considering the papers about the invasion of Scot- 
land till Thursday; and ordered no more elections, except that 
of Midhurst, to be heard this sessions. 

Tis said, sir John Holland, knight of the shire for Norfolk, 
is like to succeed sir Thomas Felton, deceased, as comptroller 
of the household. 

Dr. Loyd, bishop of Worcester, is dead there. 

This days Dutch post advises, from Paris, that the French 
court have resolved to levy the poll tax 6 times this year, to- 
wards carrying on the war, pretending it shal not be raised 
again for 6 years to come. 

That the princes of the blood, and many of the nobility, have 
furnished great summs of money for the army in Flanders. 

That the Genoese have agreed to lend the king 5 millions 
of livres ; the provinces next to Flanders to furnish 20,000 
sacks of corn each, and send them to Dovay, Arras, and 

That the dauphin is to command in Flanders, and Yillars 

Mab. 8.] STATE AFFAIRS. 416 

under him, Burgundj and Harconrt on the Rhine, Orleans in 
Spain, Barwick in Dauphiny, and Noailles in Roucdllon. 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene is expected the 15th at 
Duseldorp, from whence he goes to Bruasells, where he will re^ 
side till the duke of Marlborough returns. 

Tuesday, 8 March. — Yesterday the commons read a 2d time 
and committed the bill for preserving the priTiledges of ambas- 
sadofTs, and other foreign ministers. 

And after a division, 203 against 77, past and sent up to the 
lords the bill for naturalizing foreign protestants. 

In a committee upon wayes and means, resolved. That se- 
veral duties be continued for making good the aQowances of ^L 
per cent, for circulating exchequer bills, as also for raising a 
fund to cancel the same, upon a continuation of the duties on 
the general mortgage of the exchequer. 

On Sunday sir John Holland kist her majesties hand for the 
place of comptroller of the household, vacant by the death of 
sir Thomas Felton. 

The report of the bishop of Worcester's being dead is false. 

From Plymouth we have an account, that the Assurance, 
Hampshire, and Assistance, 3 of our men of war, convoy to 
some homeward bound West India ships, but last from Ireland, 
were off the lizard attacked by 4 French men of war and 2 
privateers : the fight was very obstinate for 4 hours ; the As- 
surance was thrice boarded, and had 26 men killed^ 15 or 16 
of the French refugee officers, which lord Qallway had sent for 
to Portugal, as abo the 2d lieutenant, and about 40 wounded, 
with captain Toilet the commander : captain Tudor of the As- 
sistance (who stood firm to admiral Wager when he took the 
galleon) was killed, with 9 of his men, and several wounded : 
at last, the French bore after the merchant ships, and took 3 of 

The earl of Barkshire is married to Mr. Grahme, daughter 
of coUonel Grahme. 

A Dutch post arrived says, from Genoa, that the castle of 
Allicant has ruin'd most of the town, and the French have 
tum'd the seige into a blockade. 

That 3 English men of war had landed at Oneglia great 
quantities of woollen cloth, for the duke of Savoy's troops. 

From Flanders, that count Bergeyck has been 3 dayes at 


416 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

Hall, conferring with our generals about a peace; and that 
monsieur Roville is gone to the Hague upon the same subject 

This day the commons heard the election for Midhnrsty and 
carried it for major general Meredith, the petitioner, against 
Mr. Orme, the sitting member. 

Thursday y 10 March. — There were letters by the last 
foreign post, which advised, that within the island of Paris, 
some thousands of men, women, and children have been lately 
starved to death with hunger and cold. 

Tis said the czar of Muscovy, having had an account from 
his ambassador of the ill usage he received in England, has sent 
orders to his 2 nephews here to depart this kingdom within 10 

This day the appeal at the Old Baily was admitted against 
William Bowen, the custome house officer, for his murthering 
some time since the pattin makers apprentice on Tower Hill, 
and to be tryed for the same next term at the queens bench 

Yesterday the commons, upon a division, appointed that day 
month for going into a committee upon the bill for exportation 
of tobacco, &c. for French wines, before which ^tis expected the 
house will rise. 

And ordered a bill to be brought in for more effectual pro- 
hibiting the importation of French wines, and all other commo- 
dities of the growth and produce of France. 

This day the commons debated the matter about the invaaon 
of Scotland, and resolved, 186 against 76, That it appears to 
this house, that timely and effectual care was taken by those 
employed under her majestie at the time of the intended inyar- 
sion, and to disappoint the designs of her enemies, both at home 
and abroad, by fitting out a sufficient number of men of war, 
ordering a compleat number of troops, from Flanders, giving 
directions to the forces in Ireland to be ready for the assist- 
ance of the nation, and by making of the necessary and proper 
disposition of the forces in England. 

The duke of Montague, aged 71, is dead, and succeeded in 
honour, estate, and place of master of the great wardrobe, (worth 
30cx>{. per ann.,) by his son, the marquesse of Monthermer. 

The sessions of peace for London and Middlesex began at 
the Old Baily the 2d instant, and continued the 3d and loth ; 

Mab. 13.] STATE AFFAIRS. 417 

where seyeral criminals were tryed, of which 7 received sen- 
tenoe of death, 3 were burnt in the hand, and 7 to be whipt; 
and Thomas Brerewood sentenced to the judgment inflicted on 
him by act of parliament ; and the next sessions appointed to 
begin the 4th of May next. 

SeUurdajf, 1% March. — Yesterday the lords read a ist time 
the bill from the commons, for naturalizing foreign protestants, 
and ordered it a 2d reading on Tuesday, when Uie citty of 
London are to be heard by council, for a clause to be incerted 
touching the duties paid by aliens. 

The commons were in a committee upon the bill for punishing 
mutineers and deserters, and to proceed further on Monday. 

And ordered a bill to be brought in to regulate the militi^i 
of Scotland, according to that of England. 

This day were in a committee upon the trade to Africa, and 
came to some resolutions thereon, which are to be reported on 

A motion was made for printing the papers relating to the 
intended inyasion of Scotland, but carried in the negative, 164 
against 86. 

A proclamation is publish'd, directed to the heralds of North 
Brittain, pursuant to the late act of parliament, for keeping 
twice a year the circuit courts in the months of May and Oc- 
tober ; and that all persons concern'd appear by the 1st of 
May next before the judges of the said courts, at the several 
places mentioned therein. 

Dr. South, one of the prebends of Westminster, aged 80, is 

The yatchs are ordered to be ready by Monday 7night, to 
carry back the duke of Marlborough to Holland. 

Yesterday's Dutch post advises, from Genoa, that the duke 
de Telesa's secretary was lately hanged and quartered at Bar- 
celona^ for corresponding with the duke of Orleans, who gave 
him a daily pension of 25 pistolls. 

That general Stanhope was sail'd from Barcelona, with 2 men 
of war, for Port Mahone, to conferr with admiral Bing, and 
giving directions for strengthening the fortifications of that 
town and harbour. 

From Paris, that the dauphin assists daily in council, and 
seems impatient to be at the head of his army in Flanders. 


418 BRIEF RELATION OF [170&.9. 

Tuesday, 15 March, — ^Test^day tbe lords heard a Scotdi 
appeal from the dvil law, between Mrs. Roise, daughter of the 
lord Blantyre, appellant^ and her father in law, respondent, and 
gave it for the latter. 

The commons, in a committee, considered the report of the 
lord treasurer, about the damages sustained by the people of 
Nevis and St. Christophers, and resolved, That it doth appear 
to the committee, by the late invasion of the French, that their 
losses amount to upwards of 300,000/. ; and that it will be for 
the advantage to the trade of Great Brittain, that the inhabit- 
ants of the said islands be enabled to resettle there. 

This day, in a conmiittee, they went thro the bill for punish- 
ing mutineers and deserters. 

The lords heard council on behalf of this citty, relating to 
the bill for naturalizing foreign protestants ; after which ^ey 
past the same without amendment, 65 against 20. 

The lord high admiral has ordered several transports to 
sail for Harwich, to take on board the recruits designed for 

A ship arrived at Plymouth reports, that some men of war 
from sir George Ring's squadron appearing off Alicant, the 
French garrison in th^ town retired, and the castle releived. 

Yesterdays Datch post advises, that the French have laid an 
embargo on all their shipping ; and that monsieur Rouille, who 
came to Antwerp about a peace, was gone back to Paris for 
some fresh instructions. 

The states general have signifyed to her majestie, that the 
French are making vast preparations at Dunkirk and other 
ports for some expedition. 

Thursday, 17 March, — ^Yesterday the lords were in a com- 
mittee (the bishop of Salisbury chairman) upon the bfll for 
making the law the same in Scotland as here, in cases of trea- 
son, and to proceed further on Fryday. 

The commons, in a committee, considered the petition of the 
Tower hamlets, setting forth the sums of money they were like 
to lose by the seamen ; upon which the clerks of the navy were 
examined, as also the persons who complainM ; and the latter 
making good their allegations, the committee resolved. That 
timely notice be given in the Gazet, and on board the ships of 
war, of the time and place where the ships are to be paid off. 

Mab. 19.] STATE AFFAIRS. 419 

and that due care be taken at the payeing of the ships, that 
the seamen may have opportunity of applying their money for 
support of their families, and payment of their just debts. 

This day the resolutions of the committee, touching the 
African trade, were reported, agreed to, and a bill ordered to 
be brought in. 

Afterwards, in a committee, went thro' that for punishing 
mutineers and deserters, and ordered it to be engros't. 

Yesterdays Lisbon mail, of the 8th instant, advises, that bri- 
gadeer Sjanchy, with several other officers, were sett out for 
the firontiers, and to be speedily followed by the marquesse de 
Minas and earl of Gallway, and the secretary of the last to re- 
side at that court as minister of the queen of Great Britain, 
during his exelency's absence in the army ; and that the mar- 
quesse de Bay was arrived at Badagox, and turn'd out the 
governour on suspicion of his being in the interests of the house 
of Austria. 

Edward Dummer, esq. is chose member for Arundel, and 
captain Cornwall for Bewdley* 

Tis the general report this evening, that the duke of Marl- 
borough will be goeing for Holland in 3 or 4 days. 

Saturday, 19 March. — ^Yesterday the justices of Middlesex 
agreed to petition her majestic to give orders for the suppress- 
ing of May fair for the future, it having been for many years 
past a nursery for the corrupting of youth. 

This day came in a Dutch post, which advises, 

From Vi^ma, that on the 13th instant prince Eugene went 
thence for Flanders, having signed an act of renunciation of the 
government of Millain, which the emperor has given to the 
duke of Modena; and, 'tis said, the prince will be made go- 
vernor of the Spanish Netherlands. 

From Paris, of the 22d, that the funds being setled for their 
army in Spain, the duke of Orleans was to set out the 8th of 
next month for that kingdom, and the dauphin the 25th for 

From the Hague, of the a6th, letters from Lisle say, the 
price of corn and other provisions there is fallen ; that they 
have ammunition sufficient, not only for defence of that place, 
but also for the attack of some other. 

B e 2 

420 BRIEF RELATION OF [1708-9. 

That king Augustus's troops in the British pay have begun 
their march towards Brabant 

That prince Eugene arriyed the 22d at Cologne, and was ex- 
pected at Brussels the 26th. 

That upon the report of an approaching peace, the German 
princes have instructed their ministers to insist that Strasbnrgh 
and the 10 imperial cities and towns of Alsace be restored to 
the empire, without which France may at any time penetrate 
into Germany. 

That the allies in Catalonia have blockt up Roses, but some 
letters say the French have thrown into it a supjdy of pro- 

The commons have past and sent to the lords the bill agunst 
mutineers and deserters. 

Monday morning the duke of Marlborough sets forward for 

Dr. South is not dead, as reported, but upon recovery. 

Tuesday, 2% March. — ^Yesterday the lords were upon the 
bill for regulating tryals in cases of treason in Scotland, and 
resolved. They should be the same there as in England. 

The commons past that for regulating the clerks and attor- 
neys of the queens bench and common pleas. 

Afterwards, in a committee, on the affair of Nevis and St 
Christopher, resolved, That a supply be granted to her majesde 
to enable the late inhabitants to resettle there. 

The duke of Newcastle and earl of Thanet, having obtained 
a commission of the lord chancellor to inspect the datchesse 
dowager of Albemarl and Mountague for lunacy, this day sir 
John Bennet, with the rest of the commissioners, met at St 
Clements vestry, and examined several witnesses upon oath, and 
adjourned till Fryday. 

Next week the czars nephews, and other Muscovite lords, 
goe for Holland, being commanded hence by the czar, on the 
account of his ambassador's being arrested. 

The wind being contrary hinders the duke of Marlborough's 

Three soldiers are committed to Newgate on account of kill- 
ing one Mr. Dent, who happened to be with a constable, whom 
they also wounded, that was carrying a lewd woman to the 
round house in Covent Garden. 

Mab. 24.] STATE AFFAIRS. 481 

Three Ostend mails arrived advise, 

From Madrid, that ou the 29th past, the mine, so long pre- 
paring, was sprang at the castle of Alicant, blew up the whole 
bolwark on the town side, with some cannon and mortars, 
which destroyed most of the inhabitants and some soldiers; 
the French afterwards attacked it sword in hand, but repulsed 
with great losse ; and colonel Richards, the governour, is re- 
solved to hold it out to the last. 

From Paris, that their forces coming firom Germany to Flan- 
ders are countermanded, the duke of Burgundy being to attempt 
something of moment. 

From Brussells, that on the 27th prince Eugene arrived 
there, with major general Cadogan and several lords, who went 
to meet him. 

Thursday i 24 March, — Yesterday one man was executed at 
Tyburn, being one of those lately condemned at the Old Baily 
for robbing on the high way. 

The last foreign letters from Leghorn say, that a French 
privateer had taken the new Tuscan gaily, richly laden from 
Alexandria bound for England. 

And that the Swallow, a British man of war, return'd thither 
from cruizing in the Mediterranean, and brought with her 2 
French prizes laden with corn for Marseilles. 

From Vienna, of the i6th, that the Germans have lately de- 
feated 4000 malecontents, near the village of Bolgardi, killed 
1600, took several prisoners, their cannon, 70 colours, and 300 
waggons, with ammunition and provisions. 

Yesterday the lords commissioners, appointed by her ma- 
jestie, sent for the commons up to the house of peers, and gave 
the royal assent to the biUs for punishing mutineers and de- 
serters, that for explaining a late act concerning buying and 
selling cattle in Smithfeild, for naturalizing foreign protestants, 
and to 8 others. 

The lord Shannon is returned member for Arundel, and not 
Mr. Dummer, as lately mentioned. 

This day the commons considered the debt due to the navy, 
and ordered an addresse to the queen, that the commissioners 
thereof lay before them the reasons how it comes to passe to be 
so much in debt. 

Sir Thomas Lane, one of the aldermen of this citty, is dead. 


Letters from Edinburgh mention, that near 5000 men are 
already raised in North Brittain for recruiting our army. 

Two great bankers of Amsterdam, concerned with monsieur 
Bernard at Paris in discounting mint bills^ are gone off for a 
rast sum of money. 

If the wind be fair> the duke of Marlborough designs to mor- 
row for Holland. 

His grace has appointed Henry Beeston, esq., councellour at 
law, steward of the manner of Woodstock, and hundred of 
Wotton, in the county of Oxford, in the room o{ sir Simon 


Saturday, 26 March^ — The last foreign letters advised. 

Prom Prankfort, of the 29th, that the elector of Hanover, 
finding the emperor took but little care of bringing a strong 
body of troops into the feild on the Upper Rhine to oppose the 
Prench, intends to quit the command of the imperial army, or 
at least not to come thither till such forces are got together as 
will putt him into a condition to act offensively. 

Prom the Hague, that the states being informed the enemy 
procure from the frontiers of Germany great numbers of re- 
cruits for their troops, as well as horses for remounting their 
cavalry, have sent to their minister at Vienna particular orders 
to represent the injury done thereby to the conmion cause, and 
to insist that vigorous prohibitions thereof may be speedily 
made and publiriied thro the empire. 

Yesterday the duke of Marlborough past thro' this citty for 
Holland ; lay that night at Rochester, and this day design'd to 
embark at Deal. 

Same day the commons, in a committee on the supply, re- 
solved, That a sum, not exceeding 154,805: 07 : 05, be granted 
for the use of such proprietors or inhabitants only of Nevis and 
St. Christophers, who were sufferers by the late French inva- 
sion, and who shal resettle or cause to be reseiled their plan- 
tations in the said islands. 

This day heard council for the African company; after 
which read a 2d time and committed the l»ll for better im- 
provement of that trade by establishing a regulated company. 

The lords, in a committee, went thro' the bill for making the 


Mab. ^9-] STATE AFFAIRS. 423 

lawB relating to treason the same in Scotland as in England, 
which was reported, agreed to, and ordered to be engrost. 

This day Mr. William Tilson, a clerk in the lord Hallifax's 
office at the exchequer, put a pistol in his mouth and shot 

Tuesday f 29 March. — ^Yesterday the lords past the bill for 
regulating trials in cases of treason in Scotland, the same as in 

The commons read a ist time the bill for enlarging the 
capital stock of the bank of England, and ordered it a 2d read- 
ing to morrow. 

The same day the duke of Marlborough embark'd at Deal 
for Holland. 

Mr. Strahan the bookseller, Mrs. Bennet the printer, and 
Mr. Morphew the publisher of a weekly paper, called the He- 
hersal, are taken into custody for the same. 

Thirty seven marine soldiers of collonel Joshua Churchill's 
regiment lately deserted for want of their pay, 30 of whom 
were taken last Sunday and committed to the Savoy. 

Sir Roger Bradshaw has resigned his regiment to captain 
Tyrrell, of major general Cadogan's regiment. 

This day the commons read a ist time the bill from the lords 
for improving the union of the 2 kingdoms by making the laws 
relating to treason the same in both, and ordered it a 2d read- 
ing on Thursday: yeas 116, noe's 108. 

The lords were in a committee upon the bill for registring 
all deeds, conveyances, &c. in the county of Middlesex, and 
made some pro^esse therein. 

Two Dutch posts, arrived since my last, adrise, 

From Paris, that on the 29th that king was seized with a 
violent fit of the cholick, and his life despaired of, but being let 
blood, was upon the recovery. 

That on the ist of April, the prince of Conde dyed, in the 
65th year of his age, and succeeded by his son, the duke of 

That 2 rich ships from the Indies, on board thereof some 
millions of pieces of eight are pretended at court to be come into 
Rochfort, and a 3d, seperated from them, hourly expected. 

That great endeavours will be used to open the campagne 
on the Upper Rhine with all expedition, to keep back the 


forces of several German princes designed for the Nether- 

And that an order was sent by an expresse for 4000 o£ thdr 
best foot, and a great number of horse, who were under march 
out of Spam, to hasten for Dauphine, where they are to serye 
next campagne. 

Thursday, 31 March. — ^Yesterday the lords read a 3d time 
and past the bill for regulating the manufacture of woollen 
cloth ; and received a petition from the earl of Thanet, heredi- 
tary high sherif of Westmorland, relating to a clause in the 
attorneys bill about undersherifs, to support his right in the 
said county ; and upon hearing his lordship's council^ rejected 
the same. 

The commons read, and ordered a 2d reading, the bill for 
regulating the payment of seamen's wages ; and a ^d time that 
for enlarging the capital stock of the bank of England. 

And i^terwards^ in a committee upon the supply, resolved. 
That a further duty of 20s. per hundred weight be laid upon 
all worsted yarn, and 59. per hundred on all woollen yam, im- 
ported from Ireland, for 7 years. 

And that a duty be laid on all oyles made of foreign fish 
taken as prize. 

This day they read a 2d time the bill from the lords about 
trialls for treason in Scotland, and carried it by 8 for conmiit- 
ting it; 149 against 141. 

Some letters by the last post mention, that the French king 
has shut up his exchequer at Paris, and seized the effects of the 

That the Dutch have ordered their army to be reviewed the 
20th of April, and all captains, who have not their troops and 
companies compleat, to be casheered. 

That the states deputies at Lisle have publish'd an order, 
commanding all French deserters, and other foreigners, who 
can't give a good account of themselves, to retire thence in 24 
hours, or be treated as enemies. 

That a placart was published, requiring all merchants and 
others there, to resign or sell within 2 months what interest 
they have in equipping the enemies privateers at Dunkirk, and 
other harbours of France, on pain of death and confiscation of 
their effects. 

Apb. 5.] STATE AFFAIRS. 425 

And that the French forces returning from Spain are not to 
senre in Dauphine, as reported, but ordered for Flanders. 

Saturday, % ApriU. — The lady Betty Southwell, baronesse 
of Cromwell of Okeham, is dead ; and, 'tis said, if Mr. South- 
well, her husband, takes not upon him that barony, as tenant 
by the curtesy of England, then 'twill descend to her eldest 
son : she was daughter to the late earl of Arglas of Ireland, 
and lineally descended from Cromwell, earl of Essex, favourite 
to king Henry the 8th. 

Sir Charles Thorold, one of our aldermen, is also dead. 

Monday next the earl of Wharton, lord lieutenant of Ireland, 
designs for Winchindon, his seat in Bucks, and from thence on 
Fryday for Northampton, in his way to Dublin, and with him 
goe Joseph Addison, and Alexander Denton, esqs., his two se- 
cretaries for that kingdom ; tis said, his excellency will be made 
a knight of the garter. 

The commissioners appointed by the lord chancellor to en- 
quire about the dutchesse of Albemarl and Mountague, after 
examining several witnesses have found her a lunatick. 

Serjeant Weld is chose member of parliament for Bury, in 
the room of sir Thomas Felton, deceased. 

The duke of Argisle and major general Webb are made lieu- 
tenant generals ; die lord North and Grey, earl of Stairs, and 
sir Richard Temple, major generals ; and colonel Lalo a bri- 

This day the lords, in a committee, went thro the bill for a 
register in Middlesex, as also that against arresting foreign 

The commons past the bill for explaining the act for prevent- 
ing fires ; and, in a committee, proceeded further on the Scotch 
draw back bill. 

Tis said an expresse is come from the Downs advising, that 
our men of war convoyed the duke of Marlborough to the Maese, 
where lay a French privateer of 36 guns, who fired a broad 
side at one of the yatchts, where supposed the duke was, and 
pursuing her afterwards run herself on ground, and the men 
were all made prisoners of war. 

Tuesday y 5 ApriU, — Saturday night came in a Dutch post, 
and yesterday another, which advise, from Barcelona, of the 
2d past, that the troops of the allies in Catalonia will be soon 


in motion, and king Charles resolved to go in person into the 
feild, the reinforcements he expects, with those he has already, 
will make his army about 36,000 strong ; and, 'tis said, will 
open the campagne with the seige of Tortosa. 

And that the rovers of Algiers having lately seized an Eng- 
lish ship, the British men of war which were at Barcelona, are 
sail'd towards the coast of Barbary to demand satisfaction, and 
if denyed will then bombard their citty. 

From Naples, that a Tartan had brought in there a Genoese 
ship, which had on board the goods and Jewells of the mar- 
quesse of Balbaces, viceroy of Sicily; and cardinal Grimani, 
their viceroy, had secured them for king Charles. 

That on the i6th admiral Whitaker sailed thence with the 
troops, artillery, ammunition, &c. for Catalonia. 

Some letters from the Rhine mention, that king Augustus 
offers to command the army there, in case the elector of Ha- 
nover declines it. 

From the Hague, that prince Eugene arrived there the 8th, 
and the duke of Marlborough the night following, who, with 
the states deputies, had a long conference next morning about 
monsieur Rouville's proposals for peace; the particulars not 
known, but, 'tis said, were rejected, and the army ordered to 
take the feild so soon as possible. 

We hear sir John Norris is goeing out of the Downs, with a 
squadron of men of war, to lye before Dunkirk, where, some 
letters by the last post say, are a great number of accoutre- 
ments for horse, and several vessells laden with clothes and 
tents for soldiers, as if they intended another invasion. 

Sixteen Scotch peers, and several English, have entred their 
protests in the lords journalls against the bill for regulating 
tryals in cases of treason in Scotland. 

Thursday, 7 AprilL — The last foreign letters advise, from 
Frankfort, of the 7th, that the French in Alsace threaten to 
passe the Rhine, and ravage the upper circles, which puts them 
into a great consternation ; and the more because 'tis appre- 
hended the army in the empire will be lesse numerous than last 

That 200 barrells of powder, and 1500 cannon balls, were 
sent thence to Landau, the governour thereof being apprehen- 
sive the enemy will lay seige thereto. 

Apr. 9.] STATE AFFAIRS. 427 

From Lisbon^ that some British ships, goeing up the Straights, 
forced 2 French men of war, the one of 40, the other of 50 
guns, on shore near St. Lucar, and both lost. 

Yesterday the earl of Wharton went hence for Winchenden^ 
and from thence on Monday to his government of Ireland. 

The regiments of lord Traylly and colonel Bowles now at 
Plymouth are ordered for Portsmouth, to join admiral Baker's 
squadron of ici men of war, and then sail for Cork to take on 
board 3 more regiments, viz. lord Inchiqueens, Gore's, and 
Whetham's, supposed to recover our settlement at Newfound- 
land, which the French lately took from us. 

John Ward, esq., member of parliament for this dtty, is 
chose alderman of Candlewick ward, in the room of sir Thomas 
Lane, deceased. 

The Tuscan gaily, reported lately to be taken by the French, 
is since come into Dover peer. 

Yesterday we had an account that Fourbin's squadron from 
Dunkirk, of 6 privateers and 7 men of war, were seen off Scar- 
borough in Yorkshire, supposed to intercept our fleet of colliers, 
and that from Stockton laden with corn, butter, lead, &c.; and, 
His said, sir John Norris is ordered in quest of them. 

This day the commons, in a committee, went thro' the treason 
bill, and carried it by 27, 137 against 110; and added a clause, 
that no person in England or Scotland upon conviction of trea« 
son forfeit his estate, but descend to his heirs. 

Saturday y 9 Aprill. — Yesterday'^s foreign letters advise, 
from Paris, that the departure of the princes and duke of Or- 
leans to their respective commands was putt off to the loth of 

From the Hague, that the states general, being sensible of 
the great scarcity of com in France and Spain, have forbid all 
persons exporting any out of their provinces thither, or to have 
any concern in sending com thither from other parts to any of 
the enemys countrys whatever under severe penalties, and the 
ships of neutral nations to give double security not to carry 
into the enemies territories the corn they shal buy up in those 

Yesterday colonel Grant, knight of the shire for Invernesse, 
was married to Mrs. Smith, one of the maids of honour, and 
daughter to the chancellor of the exchequer. 


Sir Godfiry Copley, member for Thirsk in Yorkshire, dyed 
this morning of a quinsey. 

Yesterday Lewis de Doras, earl of Feversham, who was ge- 
neral of king Jameses army, chamberlidn to queen dowager, 
and knight of the garter, dyed of the gout in his stomach, 
aged above 70 : by which the honour and mannour of Grafton 
in Northamptonshire comes to the duke of Graflton ; 30002. per 
ann. (which came by his lady, who was one of the daughters 
of sir George Sends) falls to the lord Rockingham, who mar- 
ried her sister; 'tis said, his estate at Holmby in Northamp- 
tonshire reverts to the crown ; the place of master of St. Ca- 
therine's, near the Tower, worth iooo2. per ann., is also vacant 
by his death. 

This day the commons past, and sent to the lords, the bill 
for regulating tryalls in case of treason, and carried it by 66, 
141 against 75, with the clause for taking away the forfeiting 
of lands. 

The report of the Dunkirk squadron being out was occa- 
sioned by 4 French privateers attacking some of our colliers, 
3 of which they took, and forced 3 others on shore. 

7W«cIay, la April. — The 23 marines of coUonel Churchill's 
regiment, condemned by a court martial for desertion, are sent 
under a strong guard to be put on board the fleet designed for 
the West Indies. 

Sunday captain Hyde, muster master to the triun bands of 
this citty, threw himself out of a window 3 pair of stairs, and 
immediately dyed : the coroners inquest have brought him in 
non compos. 

Yesterdays Dutch post advises, that 12 French men of war 
were sailed from Brest northward. 

From Paris, that the ceremony of the states of Spain taking 
an oath to the prince of Asturia^s, as heir to that crown, was 
put off from the 7th to the 25th instant, by order of the French 

From the Hague, that monsieur Rouille'^s secretary was re- 
turned from Versailles, with that king's answer to the demands 
of the allies, whereupon 9 deputies of the states were 2 hours 
in conference with the duke of Marlborough, the result not 
known ; but our army is ordered to be in the feild the begin- 
ning of May. 

Apb. 14.] STATE AFFAIRS. 429 

Same day the lords threw out the marquesse of Lindley's 
bill, for inclofiiiig an house and the 4th part of the park of 
fiayington in Essex. 

The lords put off the reading the commons amendments to 
the treason bill, when all the lords are to be present ; and this 
day read a first time the bill for enlarging the capital stock of 
the bank of England. 

The commons, in a committee, went thro the coinage biU, 
and ordered an addresse to the queen, that she wiQ be pleased 
to consider the clerks and officers of their house, in lieu of the 
loflse of fees by the general naturalization bill. 

This day the foot, N^ 120 of the Scotch troop of guards, 
richly habited and accoutred, march't thro^ the citty, com- 
manded by the earl of Crawford, and were, viewed in Hide 

The horse of the said troop, commanded by the duke of Ar- 
gyle, have not yet received their accoutrements. 

ITiursday, 14 April, — The last foreign letters advised, from 
the Hague, that the duke of Marlborough had had several con- 
ferences with the Muscovite ambassador, about his being ar- 
rested in England, which is in a fair way of accomodation. 

From Dantzick, that the magazines of com are exhausted, 
and so scarc